30-Somethings - 30 Somethings Weekend Chat: Sat/Sun, 6/13-6/14

06-13-2009, 09:45 AM
Mornin' All! :coffee:

Any plans for the weekend? We had a Cub Scouts BBQ last night. Tball today will be cancelled because the field will not be drained. :rolleyes: Dinner at mom's tonight - Pork roast, mashies, veggies. Robby has a playdate with his little buddy that he doesn't get to see often tomorrow. We're going to a park we haven't been to before, but the boys are bringing their bikes. Hopefully the weather holds up! :crossed:

Have a great weekend all! :wave:

06-13-2009, 10:27 AM
Sounds like a fun filled weekend, Lauren! We went to a school BBQ last night. The kids all had a blast running around. They had a huge inflated slide, burgers dogs, spin art, a cool band, face painting, the hs robotics team doing demos, ice cream and more! It was from 5:30 until 8:30. I gotta tell ya, I was ready to go about 7 but we stayed until the end cuz Bella was having so much fun.

AND, for once, we have NO PLANS this weekend!!! Woot! I need to just chill and read after all the running around I have done all week. So, got up early and got in my HOUR of cardio and have plans for a lil tennis with the man later. So, that should do it with fitness....now if only I can stay away from the sushi bar....and real bar;)

Hope everyone has a smashing day!!!

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06-13-2009, 08:43 PM
We always seem to have plans, even when we don't have them! DH went to work bright and early this morning, and I got up, did my workout (30-day shred) and thinking about the nice, hot shower I'm entitled to. Then it's off to make some groceries and clean the house.

For whatever reason, I'm on a plateau, so this week coming, my goal is to find a way to break through it. I haven't seen such a flat line since I watch Flatliners when it came out to video.

Restarted the Metformin. I had a big think about it, and there is definitely a reason why the doctor put me on it. Even if I'm not seeing results, I think they'll come soon. And restarted my food diary. I've given myself a 12-week challenge to lose 7kg for my birthday. I know there isn't much left to lose (about 20kg), but sometimes it feels like 20kg is SO much!

Tuesday will be an interesting day: I start relief teaching at one of the local high schools. It's only for the day, but it'll give me a better understanding of how the school system works down here and what my new career will be like.

06-14-2009, 10:37 AM

06-14-2009, 12:02 PM
Good Morning! School is finally out and I am on summer vacation. The last few months have been rough, but it is all good now. :) I am now waiting for hte coffee to kick in and then go for a run before it gets too hot.

I haven't lost any weight since Feb, but I haven't gained any either and so I feel pretty good about that. Plus, I have been really running and improving the way I feel. I am so close to goal weight and I am goiing to have to really work at losing the last few pounds. I can't seem to find the motivation for it though. Maybe this summer....

06-14-2009, 01:07 PM
Mollz, What is Metformin? I an uneducated. Great job on getting in the workout. How many min. is the 30 day shred? I am doing about an hr 15 min every day. Also, where did you start your food diary? I use my fitness pal and LOVE it! I track food and exercise there. Just keeps me on track!

Lauren: Mornin' to YOU! Hope you had fun at the BBQ and were able to stay OP somewhat. I have sooooo much trouble at BBQs. Lately, I have been bringing a greek salad and I know I can have that (plus a hotdog or something). Did you son enjoy his play date? Bella LOVES having them...I think I should set up a second home at the park..;)

Riley: Looks like you have done FANTASTIC! I am sure if you keep on plan and run you will lose those last pounds. It just takes awhile sometimes. I switch it up when I hit a plateau and that usually works. Summer is a great time to get that done. Good Luck and nice meeting you!

Ugh! I am tired. Just finished my workout and ready to maybe do some weights in a min. I was OK yesterday food-wise but not perfect. I made BBQ ribs and had a few with some baked beans and asparagus. Sooo good. I stayed in control and had just 4 ribs. Was great after a nice day at the beach with the fam!

Well, Have a great day, everyone! I should get those weights out...again..UGH!

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06-14-2009, 05:16 PM
Mollz, What is Metformin? I an uneducated. Great job on getting in the workout. How many min. is the 30 day shred? I am doing about an hr 15 min every day. Also, where did you start your food diary? I use my fitness pal and LOVE it! I track food and exercise there. Just keeps me on track! [/B]

Metformin controls insulin levels; I'm not diabetic, but my gyno recommended it because it helps some people lose weight. The biggest problem that my blood sugar drops and I have to eat- usually I have something sugary with something healthy: jam on a piece of wholegrain toast.

30 Day Shred is 20 minutes, but holy ****, it's a great workout, especially if you put in 45 minutes to an hour of walking a day.

My food diary is a notebook that sits on my desk at home. My Fitness Pal seems like a good site. I'll have a looksee this morning.

I'm on this stupid plateau right now, so I need to push through it. Any suggestions?? After a while of seeing the same weight on the scales (a month now!!), I just want to see it move- just a little. Get to 86.8 by the end of the month instead of 87.4.

06-14-2009, 05:33 PM
Last June I established a great work out program and followed WW religiously and I lost 40 lbs by January. I kept the workout program and I am really proud to have worked up to running 4 miles 5x a week, but I no longer follow WW for eating. I just got so tired of counting points and watching every little thing I put in my mouth. So, I've been maintaining since then. I don't want to go back to counting points/calories/fat and all of that, but it seems I can't lose weight without a strict diet. I wish I could monitor food without an obsession about it. :shrug:

06-14-2009, 08:34 PM
Mollz, So, have you taken Metformin awhile? I just started alli a few weeks ago. So far no "treatment" effects. I am pretty good at maintaining a 1200 cal per day diet and I have no real fear of going over in fat but it does 2 things for me that I have noticed. It FORCES me to make the right food decisions. For instance, I went out to dinner with friends at my FAV Mexican restaurant where I almost ALWAYS get the fried Chimichanga and I ordered a grilled taco salad for fear of those treatments. Second, it allows me some of the more full fat or reduced fat items that I would have avoided..such as, cheese, some red meat, tuna, Jimmy Dean Lean breakfast sandwiches, etc..So, its only been 2 weeks and I have no idea if it "works" but I have lost 3 lbs and am pretty happy with that!

Suggestions for overcoming that plateau..You should mix up the workout. I LOVE wii fit and have been doing massive stepping. I just put on my ipod and dance step for a half hr. Then I hop ova to my home gym and do 15 eliptical and 15 bike at high intensity. I finish with some weights and DONE! Once I hit a plateau, I plan on throwing in some old FIRM dvds...they kick my butt too but in a diff way.

Riley, I am not (in my mind) following a super strict diet. I LOVE pizza, wine, chocolate, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, sushi, ugh...I could go on and on...I picked the Mediterranean diet as a guide line. Lots of fruit and veggies with lean protein and whole grains. PLUS, you can have wine AND chocolate...BONUS! I used to own a wine shop so I LOVE pairing wine with food and I really like a lot of flavor. This was big for me. I am doing lots of great low cal meals that pack in as much flavor as possible. A big for me is really cutting down the eating at restaurants. 3 yrs of owning a retail shop, you could often find my family eating out upwards of 10 times a week. I would get out of work often at 6:30ish and not be home til 7 and the temptation to pick something up or order take out or delivery would be too great. Since selling the store, I have focused on my other business and have really limited restaurants. I still go out with friend but with 50 lbs to lose, I am ordering as light as possible and actually prefer my home cooking. I can pack in the flavor and still deliver a low cal, low fat meal better than the chefs in town. I am sure you know with all you have lost, the key is to maintain that balance and I really APPLAUD you on maintaining!!

G'Night Ladies!!

06-14-2009, 09:31 PM
Hi All,

Wow, Robby & I had a great day at the park. It's a gorgeous, huge park with a beach (have to be a member from that town), playground, ball fields, and a walking/biking trail all the way around it. It has got to be over a mile around. The boys rode their bikes all the way around! They played on the playground, had snow cones. It was jsut perfect. And look at all that exercise I got! :D Robby fell asleep within 5 minutes of leaving the park! :lol:

Tomorrow it's back to the grind...:wave:

06-14-2009, 10:53 PM
Hey everyone! The weekend is over but it was a busy one. I'm looking forward to things going back to a normal pace tomorrow.

The weather here has been really rainy for days and days and days. I'm hoping to see some sunshine this week!