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06-11-2009, 06:49 PM
It has been 1 month since I started SB and I lost alot within that month (15.5 pounds) and now I am almost back where I started....with only losing 9.5 pounds for the first month. I am pretty sure I understand the diet, just not so sure about the yo yo fluctuation.

Menu for me is as follows:
breakfast: slice of SB banana nut bread or 2-3 slices turkey bacon
snack: pistachios 25-30 or salsa
lunch: ham and 2% cheese sandwich on whole wheat
dinner:grilled chix breast, green beans

*Also when I started P2 I added whole wheat bread the first week and grapes 10-15 the second week. Since I started P2 I lost 6 pounds and gained it back!


06-11-2009, 06:58 PM
Well, you may not be eating enough or the right things. I do not see any dairy at and no beans. Salsa as a snack is fine but should be with veggies. You should still be eating 4 cups of veggies per day as well. Protein could be too low as well. Have you run your foods and quantities through That may show you where you are off balance. What is your daily calorie intake?

I'm sure the other Beachies will be along with more suggestions. Hang in there! You still lost over 9 pounds which is excellent for one month.

06-11-2009, 06:59 PM
I am very tired alot as well!

06-11-2009, 07:22 PM
I agree on lack of veggies. I have a hard time with that....not a big veggie lover and too much hummus and veggies on P1 has turned me off. Green beans, corn which I don't think is allowed, is about it for me. Celery and PB is a snack for me as well. As far as beans go I do not like any except green beans and refried beans. What is is the importanace of beans and is there anything else I can do in place of beans? I thought I was eating too much chesse. Menu list is only 1 day. I always have cheese on my sandwiches and salads and string cheese is usually my snack to make sure I don't have too many nuts.

06-11-2009, 08:00 PM
Hi, Steph. It's sad that you don't care for many vegetables, as they are an important part of this plan, besides being full of vitamins, nutrients and fiber. Have you tried roasting them? They are a lot more palatable that way. Just line a baking sheet with foil sprayed with olive oil, place your veggies in a single layer on the foil, spray again, and season with garlic or the the seasoning of your choice. Bake at 425* for around 20 minutes or so. You can roast any vegetable, and I just love them cooked that way.
The reason beans are recommended is because they are full of good carbs and fiber that will help keep you satisfied and feeling full. You don't have to include them in your diet if you don't care for them, but they are so good for you and will help prevent you from feeling tired and rundown.
Be careful with the amount of cheese you eat, because it's high in calories.

I agree with Ruth, that losing 9+ pounds in a month's time is great! Congratulations!

06-11-2009, 08:28 PM
I cannot believe you have tried every vegetable, both raw and cooked in various ways and don't like any but corn and beans. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, my best advice is be open to changing the way you are eating. If you continue with your old foods, you are setting up for failure. Just my opinion but I learned to like a whole lot of new foods and I'm successful.

06-11-2009, 09:16 PM
I agree with quilter. You need to try new things in different ways. It's important on SB and for general health to eat more veggies. On SB you need to eat 4 1/2 servings daily. You also don't have any dairy, not enough protein for breakfast, no fruit but several servings of grains. The banana bread is pretty high caloric. I would eat it only as an occasional treat. Are you incorporating some healthy fats besides the nuts? You need to get a couple tablespoons daily. I would post several days worth of menus here for review.

06-11-2009, 11:43 PM
I agree as well! Veggies are super important!!

06-12-2009, 05:50 AM
personally i like veggies so its not an issue but have you tried v8, tomatoes (more people like them) what about salad is that an option with your meal.

06-12-2009, 08:06 AM
Hi Steph:sunny: and :welcome3:

I agree, 9 pounds is certainly substantial and you're headed in the right direction. I'll leave the specifics of your food to some of our SB folks who have been OP longer than I.

I have been OP for 7 weeks now, and have lost 13 pounds. I think that since you weigh less to start that you might see slower progress. I try to remember that I didn't create this weight overnight and that SB is about living a healthier lifestyle. When I eat healthier, I will feel better and lose weight.

I, too, have experienced very low energy, and I don't like breakfast. I take vitamins every morning and have a protein/green shake. I separate my vitas a week at a time, so its fast. I now have a great energy level through the morning and definitely notice the drain if I don't follow my routine.

For lunch, I pretty much have the same thing every day. It started as a soft boiled egg spread on 1 slice of Ezekial bread, and a big salad. Now I just fry the egg in a bit of olive oil. It works because I don't have to think about it. I get my protein, vegies, a small amt of healthy carb and no salt.

I make several days worth of salad in a tub so I can just grab it. I add cabbage, sliced zucchini, cucumber, radish and green onion. I find it an easy way to get the vegies in.

Where nuts and cheese are concerned, I identify both as higher fat foods. I am really careful with both, because I know I have the capacity to go overboard. My nuts are raw almonds because they have no salt.

Have you looked at any of the frozen vegie combos? Green Giant does a low fat broccoli in cheese sauce? It may have sugar though. I always add vegies to those combos reduce the cheese content. I haven't done that this time around because I'm getting enough vegies already.

Beachgal made reference to Ezekial breads in the link to SB friendly foods. I am sticking with them right now since they are super healthy. Buying healthy bread can sometimes be a challenge because the packaging can be misleading. Alot of breads that say whole grain actually use white flour as their main ingredient.

Best wishes! I think the key is to make healthy changes and then stick with them.

06-12-2009, 11:51 AM
Really, you're doing great! Don't lose sight of what you've accomplished!

I'm not a veggie person either, which makes this diet more of a challenge. Not that it's not doable...but it gets boring. I like a lot more veggies raw than cooked (green peppers, cukes, etc.). So for me it's 1-2 salads a day with mixed greens and what I DO like. When I go "cooked," it's green beans, and the occasional sweet potato fry (baked).

I don't like beans either except baked beans and B&M have some with Splenda and not sugar. I eat those once a week or so but I have decided that I need to learn to like more, so I'm going to work on that.

Keep going - I figure a little boredom is OK as long as I keep losing. :cool:

06-12-2009, 09:05 PM
Having been on SBD for over 2 years, here's my "work day" foods..which may help you a bit..(on the weekends I do the big breakfast bit, ie, eggs with fresh herbs on top, chicken or turkey sausage, cheese, fruit, ezekial bread toast etc)

Breakfast: A turkey and spinach sandwich on either ezekial or flat out bread..and if I have any left over veggies, I cram in as many as I can fit into the sandwich. I also bring a piece of fruit (often a banana) for breakfast. I eat this in my classroom after hitting the gym at 5 a.m. I really think that early morning gym thing helps me gives me a lot of energy to deal with second graders all day long! I also treat myself to the steam by the time I get to work at 7, I'm all pampered and ready for breakfast!

Because I teach, no time for any morning snack, but that breakfast takes me through till lunch with no problems (I'm too busy to think about food anyway!)

For lunch...a HUGE and I mean HUGE salad of spinach, leftover veggies, and maybe some turkey or leftover chicken etc..(whatever I have leftover in the fridge) and some yogurt or fruit. (my co-workers are amazed at the big lunch I bring...some of them are on "diets" and bring nothing but yogurt for know, the kind with 22 grams of sugar??..then maybe a pack of chips out of the machine..ouch!)

I make my breakfast and lunch the night before and it's ready to grab in the morning. Only takes me about 10 minutes to slap it all together.

For dinner..usually some kind of grilled chicken or more likely seafood and some grilled veggies and maybe another salad. Sometimes grains like quinoa or ww pasta or brown rice, beans, but not every day on the grains...maybe every 3 days or so. (I try to plan out something fun for our meals the week before..) I ONLY cook with olive oil.
Then for a dessert later, maybe a fudgsicle or peanut butter or popsicle..and usually more fruit. I try to make sure dinner is never boring or repeated too often.

On Sundays, I try to cook a big wok full of veggies with onions, peppers, garlic, creole seasoning etc...then I can quickly add that to salads, my breakfast sandwiches etc. I DO NOT eat itty bitty portions either...I eat tons, but it is mainly veggies, then protein, then grain.

I don't take any vitamins (or any kinds of prescriptions etc) have tons of energy and I'll be 54 in a couple of months.
EAT, EAT, EAT!!!!!!

06-12-2009, 09:58 PM
Following Cat's example I'll list what I eat daily. I have maintained my weight on SB for a little over a year now (a feat I have never so easily accomplished before). I eat about one additional fruit and one additional grain in maintenance than I did in Phase II.

Oat bran cereal (1/2 cup dry) cooked, 1/2 cup FF milk, Splenda, cinnamon and 1 Tbs. of almond butter, 8oz. spicy V-8. (Occasionally eat a large veggie omelet with no cheese)

Huge salad with baby greens, carrots, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, radishes, etc. with either chicken, salmon or turkey (about 3 oz.) with a serving of RF cheese or a boiled egg (if I haven't had eggs for breakfast). Sometimes I eat the cheese for a mid-morning snack and skip it for lunch.
I use 2 Tbs. of SB ranch dressing on the salad. I also eat either a serving of SF pudding or a 1/2 cup of FF greek yogurt and one serving of fruit. Sometimes I eat a can of Progresso Lentil soup instead of the salad.

Usually a tall skinny hazelnut latte at Starbucks (just FF milk with SF syrup) and some carrots with a couple Tbs. hummus.

Typically a 5-6 oz cooked chicken breast (or other lean meat) cooked in olive oil with onions, peppers, mushrooms, zucchini. I frequently steam brocolli and/or cauliflower and eat a lot of it. Enough that I am pretty stuffed. I also sometimes add NSA pasta sauce or maybe some RF cheese to the meat I'm eating.

Either a Mocha Ricotta Creme or a slice or two of Ezekial bread with another Tbs. of almond butter

I am rarely hungry when I eat this way and I vary it enough that I am not bored with my meals. I get plenty of dairy, healthy oils, lean protein and an abundance of produce. Now that I am maintaining, I can splurge and eat occasional off plan treats without any damage to my scale readings. I've also dropped my cholesterol over 30 points and my HDL's are in the 80-90 range.
ETA: I'm 52 years old and never felt better. Don't need my daily heartburn meds anymore.

06-13-2009, 10:50 AM
Thanks for all of your responses. Tomorrow is grocery day and I haven't given up. Veggies for me are tough. Especially because I am only cooking for one person. I find that when I buy fresh veggies I can't eat them quick enough before they go bad. I haven't really checked out frozen veggies yet. Especially brocoli and cheese because I figured it had too much sugar in it. The diet has increased our expenses for groceries, but I definately do not want to be wasting any food. Any veggie ideas that you have would be great. I thought about maybe cutting some up and freezing them raw, but I don't think that would work. I add plenty of veggies to my salads. I think that my menu is just getting boring and I am having a REALLY hard time with breakfast. Eggs are okay, but I don't have time for them and I have somewhat high cholesterol. I don't have much time in the morning and I can't eat turkey bacon every day because it takes 4-5 slices to fill me up. I thought about trying the breakfast bars. I need something to take on the go and some new menu items. I check this website daily, but I am such a picky eater that I don't find much I like so I tend to eat the same things every week....lots of salad, grilled chicken, small filet, hamburger, turkey hot dog, grilled pork chop and deli sandwiches, snd occasionally tilapia.

06-15-2009, 08:02 AM
A couple of easy things to eat in the morning are lf or ff cottage cheese and greek yogurt. Both are good with a variety of add-ins - fruit, salsa, nuts, etc. Cat has the perfect on the go breakfast and many of us do eat leftovers. I had to get over the breakfast food vs. non-breakfast food rules I had and life is much easier since. I don't think you would be a fan of my breakfasts - usually sauteed or nuked veggies (broccoli, asparagus, squash whatever is in season or in the freezer), salsa and a big scoop of homemade refried beans. When I have a busy day I add a veggie sausage patty for a little more protein.

Green bags can be your friend when it comes to fresh veggies. Make sure the veggies are dry and put them right into the bags. They work wonders. If you pass any produce stands on your commute they are also a great resource. You can buy as little or as much as you want and fresh veggies just taste better.

The more you can push your own boundaries on what you will and won't eat, the easier it will get. Try adding small amounts of new foods to things you already like. My mother is still amazed that I eat lots of eggplant. I hated it my whole life and we had many eggplant battles when I was a kid. When I started SBD I realized I needed to bulk the veggies in pasta sauce and chili. I would chop the eggplant really small and put it in first so it would disintegrate in the cooking process. Over time I actually learned to like it and now I can eat grilled slices without anything on them. This is a lifetime process so just work away slowly at old habits :)

06-15-2009, 01:02 PM
Steph, our chicks have done a great job giving you lots of wonderful tips! I agree with them: 9lbs+ loss in a month is GREAT at any weight, and especially when you don't have much to lose, though I understand how hard it is to regain what you thought you lost. :cheer3:

Though I understand the feeling about vegetables, the truth is that they are key to this plan and, truly, to losing weight successfully on most plans. The reason? They fill you up but have very few calories. On top of that, they have a lot of nutrients and are good for your health. I hated almost all veggies when I started SBD. I didn't even like green beans! So you're ahead of me, chica! ;) Check out the How To Eat More Veggies When You Hate Them All!!! ( thread in the FAQ for a description of how I learned to love vegetables (seriously...LOVE!) and lots of great tips from the chicks on how you can do it too. You can also check out books like Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld for tips on how to hide veggies in food (meant for kids, but it works well on us adults that have kid-like food interests! ;) ).

When you get to eating more veggies, check out the Best Veggies to eat... (
thread. It'll help you pick those that are most nutritious.

As for beans, there's nothing wrong with refried beans! They are delish and totall SBD-safe on all phases as long as you get the Fat Free or Vegetarian kind (basically, you want to avoid eating lard :fr: ). I eat them ALL the time--and one of my favorite ways is to put half a can in a microwave-safe dish, add a little salt and garlic powder, then micro until hot. As soon as I take it out, I add some LF cheese and SF salsa and stir until the cheese melts. It's total comfort food. :love: Try that for your snack instead of plain salsa. It'll fill you up, take away a lot of that tiredness, and help you be healthy and regular. Good stuff, beans! ;)

06-15-2009, 01:52 PM
If you have a grocery store near you that has a salad bar you might be able to try a bunch of different veggies pretty easily. From a salad bar I found out that I really like artichoke hearts and hearts of palm.