20-Somethings - I had the skinny girl lunch at PF Changs today.

06-10-2009, 12:14 AM
A rep took us out to lunch at P.F. Changs today.

I LOVE pretty much everything on their menu. I was really tempted to get something tasty like the Chengdu Lamb, but I fought it today and ordered the Buddha's Feast. This usually comes with tofu but I asked for grilled chicken instead. It came with a cup of chicken hot and sour soup.

Buddha's Feast is very nice descriptor that translates to "steamed vegetables," the same steamed vegetables I can make in my microwave at home. I'm calling it the skinny girl meal because my rail-thin coworker always raves about various restaurants, but whenever we go out to eat she almost always orders the steamed vegetables (or a salad) with a side of sauce and continues to rave while she eats it. :rolleyes: So today I had the steamed vegetables too because I know myself and I stick to my diet better if I eat a filling dinner at home rather than blowing all my calories at lunch with a rep, even if it was a free meal.

I came home and looked at their website. PF Changs has a very good pdf document under "Menu" on their website that outlines nutrition info. They even tell you how many servings come in each portion they serve at the table. The hot and sour soup was only 90 calories, very reasonable. I did indulge in 1 chicken lettuce wrap appetizer that we shared as a group. I read the nutrition info on that and wow, I wouldn't have guessed it would've been so high for some ground chicken and water chestnuts (322 calories!). Glad I only had one. I ate half the rice and brought the rest home to mix in with my lunch tomorrow.

06-10-2009, 09:09 AM
Sounds like you did "dining out" right! :) The portions they give at restaurants are always so big anyway, and you get your money's worth too by taking half home for the next day's lunch/dinner.