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06-09-2009, 05:11 PM
I keep thinking that something will throw the magic switch, and I'll be able to get back into the losing mode that I had when I was a regular visitor to 3FC before. It has not worked that way, so I am just going to establish some basic goals and work my way up into full-fledged weight loss mode.

1 - I will check in here at least three times a week. Not necessarily post, but spend enough time on the site to maintain motivation and confidence that this is a battle that can be won.

2 - I will exercise half an hour per day with exceptions granted only in extreme cases.

3 - I will be mindful of what I eat.

4 - I will weigh every morning. (I know this is controversial, but it's what works for me.)

Soon, I will be ready to log what I eat again and start preparing more nutritious meals and set specific exercise goals. But not yet, and that's okay.

Finally, I will set an initial weight loss goal of five pounds. Despite all of the evidence to the contrary - including my own experience - I have the mindset that the scale will always go up, and I will have to buy bigger clothes. Five pounds - no matter how long it takes - will convince me otherwise.

So, here we go. Accountability.

Thanks to everyone for their faithful posting. I didn't respond to anything, but I spent so much time on here reading about other people's journeys that I had to force myself to just post and get on with life - lest I miss my work-out today when I'm highly motivated to do it!


06-09-2009, 05:24 PM
Laurie Dawn!! Welcome back!

I recently returned after a long absence and substantial regain. Argh. We can get there, though, if we put our minds to it.

Glad to see you here again!

06-09-2009, 05:25 PM
Hello, hello. So good to hear from you again. Welcome Back. I'm thrilled you've returned.

Sounds like you've got a good plan in place. We're here for you for accountability and whatever else you may need. :)

06-09-2009, 05:30 PM
Sometimes the only thing that keeps me OP is knowing I will be getting on the scale the next morning. Every morning. No exceptions. (Which is to say, I'm a daily weigher too :D)

Welcome back! Glad to hear you're making some steps toward getting back on track.

06-09-2009, 05:46 PM
Welcome back Laurie. You list of goals loooks great! Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

06-09-2009, 06:01 PM
Welcome back! :)

06-09-2009, 06:23 PM
:goodluck: I just restarted again too!We can do it if we are persistant:)

06-09-2009, 07:17 PM
Welcome back Laurie! Stick around and let us know how things are going for you.

06-09-2009, 07:33 PM
You know, sometimes, a big, total, all-at-once change is what works. And sometimes baby steps are the trick. I've been in both places, and if you can listen to yourself and do what you need, whatever that is for you at this moment in time, then you've got what you need. :)

06-09-2009, 07:49 PM
LaurieDawn - This is good! You have some goals. Take it one step at a time and then ramp it up when you are ready. You will get that back!

06-09-2009, 09:22 PM
Welcome back! It looks like you are off to a good start :)

06-09-2009, 09:26 PM
welcome home! I find that just reading about other people's struggles and triumphs really helps when I'm feeling like a slug.

06-10-2009, 04:10 AM
Yay, Laurie! How fantastic to see you again!

I like the sound of your plan and know you're going to be successful. :)

06-10-2009, 12:00 PM
Laurie, I've missed you! :hug:

06-10-2009, 12:34 PM
yeah welcome back!!! take that five pounds and murder it girlie! yay!!! We're all here for hugz or butt-kicks, whichever you might need on a given day :D

06-10-2009, 03:12 PM
Y'all are the best! So many familiar names - so many new people. What a wonderful community this truly is. Day 2 into this - and Day 1 was by no means perfect - and I'm already feeling so much better. How could I get seduced by the sway of the "freedom" of being able to eat whatever I wanted and not maintain a consistent exercise program? That side of the fence is not greener - and my weight is higher now than it's ever been. Thanks so much for the welcome, and I can't wait to renew relationships and develop new ones!