100 lb. Club - OK so all that rah rah rah I did? pfft

06-08-2009, 01:01 PM
I weighed myself this morning and lost a half a pound.

:mad: :mad: :mad:

something isn't right here.

well I did have my birthday yesterday and indulged more than I should have, but other than that, it was really a good week! I may have had a day or two where I had a *little* extra but nothing huge, and I tracked all week.

I am on the Pill, and I am due for the monthly next week (probably wed. or thurs) so maybe that's it. I even "cheated" and weighed myself one day last week at a different time (later than usual) and I was down like 3 lbs.


06-08-2009, 01:10 PM
GRRR everyone puts so much stock in that number and its actually an average. I use the scale as a guide, is it going in the right direction? And even then its unbelievable.

In general I live a low salt diet but I travel a bit and I can't control the salt content in food I am eating out with. I came home one weekend and per the scale I weighed 8 lbs heavier than when I left. Like a miracle 2 days later I lost all that.

Making a 3500 calorie defecit (1 lb) is quite an accomplishment, making a 3500 calorie gain takes work too. So if you really think from the 3 lbs you were down you at 8750 calories extra than you have work to do. Otherwise eat normally for 2-3 days and weigh again.

06-08-2009, 01:13 PM
Our bodies are keeping tabs on those calories even if we're not......

well I did have my birthday yesterday and indulged more than I should have, but other than that, it was really a good week! I may have had a day or two where I had a *little* extra but nothing huge, and I tracked all week.

Okay there. How much extra are we talking here? Unfortunately, it doesn't take much to erase any "good" efforts we've put forth. Without a doubt, one "off" day can definitely derail the other 6 "good" ones. We are trying to create a calorie deficit. We do that one day at a time. Appox. 3500 calories below what we burn will provide us with a pound of weight loss. Every time we create a 3500 calorie deficit, we lose a pound. Let's say we create a 500 calorie deficit every single day. We do that 6 days in a row - that's 3000 calories burned - or almost a pound gone. But on that 7th day, we don't create that 500 calorie deficit.

There goes that should have/could have/would have been one pound gone. Depending on how many calories we consume on that off day, we've not only wiped out our potential to lose the pound - we may create a calorie overage or surplus - and now gained weight - not lost.

That's why people who eat off plan even one day a week often find they do not lose weight... And why consistency and staying on plan 7 days is a week is SO important.

But of course, it could just be a normal fluctuation or your expected TOM.

It's really hard to clearly figure out what caused this and what caused that. You can't. You'll drive yourself needlessly batty.

Oh and how is stepping on the scale "cheating"? I think daily weighing is a good thing. That reality check first hing in the morning. That AWARENESS that is needed to be health/weight conscious. And you learn what "your" normal fluctuations are.

Anyway, STICK with that program and the lbs WILL come off. And let's celebrate the fact that you lost 1/2 lb. A 1/2 LB!!!!! :smug:

Alana in Canada
06-08-2009, 01:19 PM

I'm sorry the stupid scale is discouraging. From what you've said, I totally agree that the scale is masking a loss--either it's masked from yesterday's indulgence--or the TOM coming up.

That said, however, perhaps yesterday's indulgence ought not to occur again until you are finished losing? If it's going to discourage you and bother you--then perhaps it isn't wise. If you want to include that sort of thing--then realise it'll just take longer and 1/2lb is fantastic!

Do keep on plan. You know you can! As many say: what other choice do you have? And if you don't--what will the scale say then?

06-08-2009, 01:26 PM
YOU KNOW ALL THE REASONS,but it is still discouraging. I know. The scale made many of my days miserable.I am stopping worrying about the scale. I am getting weighed only once a week.Good luck!:)Tracy

06-08-2009, 01:31 PM
but I still figured I'd lose a pound or so.

well one thing good is that I am buying myself a bicycle today - I am not working at the moment but I told my mom I was trying to save for one, and she gave me a check for $150 (the one I want is $250).

so THAT should DEFINITELY help.

and i totally agree - no more "off plan" at all.

the extra was -- a piece of apple pie and ice cream, and a roll for the burger I was having. Also, my mom made hamburgers and I'm not really sure of the fat content...

06-08-2009, 01:47 PM
What you can definitely say is, lesson learned. That's so worth it in the long run. There will be hundreds more days (sorry) when you'll have the choice of eating that *little bit* or staying on plan and getting healthy. This week you've seen the results of one option, next week you'll see the results of the other, for sure!