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06-07-2009, 09:50 PM
So anyone else a big fan of Muscle & Fitness Hers??? I love it, I used to read it years ago back 2001-till they changed it. And even had a subscription! But then Shape's company bought it from the Weider's and change the format to look just like Shape and then their subscriptions must of died and they announced they were closing up shop & stopped the subscription service! >:| and for a lil' while there only had seasonal issues...

But finally someone there came to their senses. And now they are back to bi-monthly (lately) and even have the subscription cards in their magazine. I buy it off the rack still becuz they canceled my subscription years ago! (argh!) And I'm even starting to like it again. For awhile there when it was like Shape V.2.0 I quit buying it cuz I could just buy Shape instead. But now it is more about the muscles again and less about frivolous girlie things. It's still all Hers though. This new format I think found that balance between M&F and the Hers part! :)

Anyways... I think I might get a subscription again but am worried about it's stability as a magazine. I like Oxygen too. But idk if I'd want a subscription to that. While I don't mind reading Oxygen or that other one... i forget the name I think it's called StrengthRx or somethingRx.??? I really don't know. But as I was saying I like those ok, but I think they are too flashy for me. You'd think as much as I read these mags, I'd be like those 127/135off season type of gals... but I'm not. I'd like to be though!

Which ones are your favs and why? I'm starting my life again as a regular strength trainer and want to be back involved with the culture it brings too! ;)

06-08-2009, 10:36 AM
I think Oxygen is the best what out there right now. JMHO.

06-10-2009, 10:18 AM
fitness rx - i like thatone too, but its hard to find

i had to have an intervention recently of my 5 year supply of oxygen, m&f hers, shape, fit, fitness, self. It was bad. I had subscriptions and bought others off the shelf. I had about 6, 2 foot high stacks in the corner of my room that had to be thrown out when I noticed a carpet beetle invasion this spring. My googling indicated that they can profit from magazine and newspaper stockpiles, so we threw everything out when I found some bugs in my stacks. So I'm on restriction. I had the same issue with M&FH and being a subscriber. They ended the script service and sent us some hoaky magazine instead to finish out our term - health something. I didn't like it and we had no choice, so I understand your concern. Maybe just do the 1 year at a time so there's not a lot to lose if they go under again. I'm glad they're back also - they SEEM to not be all about the supplements or "4 page special ad report" like oxygen is. Altho oxygen recently said in an editor's column that they'd be cutting their fashion and beauty sections in favor of more industry news and fitness articles, so there's still hope for that one.

06-15-2009, 03:53 PM
I'm an M&F Hers fan. I actually found out one of the girls in the mag lives not to far from me. I emailed her and she emailed me back, pretty cool.

06-15-2009, 08:53 PM
I like Oxygen, but I've read so many over the years that each issue is beginning to seems the same.


06-23-2009, 06:07 PM
I also was a huge fan of muscle & fitness hers, I hated the new format, I didn't know they were back. I will have to check it out again.I have been thinking about oxygen now, My husband bought me a subscription to SELF, bless his heart, I read it because I get it. but I hate it, these girls who show you how to do exercises, would blow away in the wind, I don't see any muscle tone or strength. I thought SELF was an exercise magazine. But having read it......

06-24-2009, 03:10 PM
Women in the bodybuilding community are beginning to rebel against Oxygen, it has started recommending 1100-1300 calorie diets and talks about "toning" without "bulk". This goes completely against what the target audience has been in the past (I suspect the new target audience has changed). I have been a fan in the past BUT I refuse to subscribe to that magazine anymore.
I am also sick of Tosca Reno and her excessive commercialism of the magazine (for those who do not know, her new(ish) husband is the publisher). I am still a big fan of Alicia and Maggie but will check them out independently of O2.

For now, I will continue looking at bodybuilding websites and share tips/secrets/recipes within that community (and here, of course!). Muscle & Fitness Hers is not nearly as bad and I really love some of the recipes, but I find the exercises are too machine-based.

06-24-2009, 03:17 PM
I like to pick up a magazine for entertainment but I try not to see it as anything more. I don't get any subscriptions nor do I buy a magazine at the store. I just look at one while I'm out for minute or two and put it down. If I were to get a magazine it would be more boring...like Backwoods Home or something. :D

I never even knew there was a Muscle & Fitness Hers until a couple months ago. I don't believe I've ever seen one. I agree with Mel, I think if you look at a few Oxygen magazines you've pretty much seen them all.