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06-07-2009, 05:56 AM
Im new and Would also like to try this can I have examples of what some of you eat in a day? The more examples the better, And Do any of you combine it with a diet like south beach or weight watchers? Thanks:)

06-07-2009, 10:44 AM
One of my favorite breakfasts is quick and yummy and around 300 calories. It's also balanced almost perfectly at 40% carbs/ 30% fat/ 30% protein. I buy "The Alternative Bagel' in Sweet Wheat by Western Bagel Company (I buy these in the refrigerator case right next to the cream cheese at Walmart). They are lower in carbs and have lots of fiber in them. I spread a wedge of Laughing Cow Light Cheese on the bagel (bought in bulk at Costco) and top with 6 slices of Rose Brand Canadian Bacon (also bought in bulk at Costco). It takes 1 minute to make and is totally portable.

I also make stuff like Mediterannian Chicken Pizza, Antipasto Salad, wraps of various kinds, Steel Cut Oats with fruit, smoothies, Stir Fry, and other stuff. I try and keep the ratio of carbs./fats/proteins mentioned above.

I don't follow it everyday now because I've learned how to incorporate it into my life BUT while you're trying to figure it out, you might consider looking at the Eat 2 Get Fit recipe plan. I subscribe to it and have access to lots of tools plus hundreds of recipes that are perfectly scaled to my calorie intake needs and balanced for carbs (40%)/ fats (30%)/ proteins (30%). When you're just starting and unsure about portions and what to eat, this is a huge help. It does cost like $40 for a year but you can try it out for 2 weeks for free if you type in 'free' as a coupon code (I think that's the right word).

It totally takes the guess work out of what can/should I eat and how much can/should I have? They even have a way of sorting them so you don't get recipes for stuff you WON'T eat in your rotation (I hate fish so I won't want to make/eat anything with fish in it), generate grocery shopping lists and ways to substitute ingredients. I've done it long enough that I've now learned how to remake some of my favorite foods to balance for calories and nutrition requirements. Still, I have come to enjoy many of the recipes enough that I still make them a lot.