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06-04-2009, 02:09 PM
Hi Everyone,
I know this has been covered before but I am still too new on this site to figure out how to look for it.
Awhile back there was a thread on what people did with their protein powder and there were a bunch of shake recopies that you all were using. Does anyone know how I find that older thread?
If not I am wanting to start doing protein shakes in my plan but don't want to get gross stuff and then not use it. So if the thread is gone maybe if you can give me suggestions on the following:
1. What is a good protein powder and where do I get it?
2. How do you use it or favorite recopies with it.
3. How often or when do you use a protein shake meal- can it be used more than once a day or should you really only use it once?

These seem like silly questions but I am really trying to get on track and my mornings seem to be the worst. So trying to find something that keeps me kicking till my mid morning snack. Thoughts and suggestions welcome!!
Thanks All:D

06-04-2009, 02:31 PM

i use protien powder everyday..the one i use is called the elance and its by bodywise. It comes in choclate or vanilla..and its truly yummy. it has only 120 calories if mixed with water. i put two scoops, in the magic bullet with ice and 1 cup of water and it taste like a choclate milkshake..or if i want to add more calories to it, i have also used lite choclate soy milk, light vanilla soyu milk, or regular milk.. some things if tried:

choclate dessert moose very yummy
mixing the choclate and vallilla
choclate pudding
added peanut butter

the list is endless, and the other day, i made icecream with it, and it was amazing...

its not avalible in stores, and you do have to by it from a distributer, and its avalible in the US and canada. If you want more information PM me and i can give you the email address for the lady i get my product from. Oww and its not bad for price wise campared to some out there.


06-04-2009, 03:41 PM
I use Genisoy SOY Protein powder. I put it in smoothies, & Chile.