30-Somethings - When you find yourself 'stuck', what do you do?

06-04-2009, 10:20 AM
I am trying not to freak out but now I'm starting to freak out. I joined a challenge for the summer to keep me motivated and moving. I'm totally motivated and I've been working hard. I upped my exercise by adding weight training 3 days per week (about 35 minutes per session). I also do 5 days of cardio for 45 min.- 1 hour.

My eating has been okay- I think. I've been eating the same way I've been eating through the loss of the 30 lbs. but it is clearly not working. The day after I added weight training my weight went up by a couple pounds overnight. I thought it was water weight but instead my weight is up and STAYING up. It's been 10 days! Obviously I have to re-lose the darn pounds and I'm pissed. I wish I wouldn't have started weight training- it's messed everything up.

So, I'm in this challenge. I'm motivated to do well and I'm working hard. The first week I got to show a stinkin' GAIN and I'm still basically floating around in the same weight range so I'm unlikely to show a loss at the next weigh in either. This is NOT what I had planned. I can feel myself freaking out and I don't want to freak out. I feel like I'm failing when everyone else is succeeding and I'm not sure why I can't move forward.

I'm not after huge losses each week, I'm totally cool with half a pound a week but this mysteriously gaining weight then NOT being able to lose it is really starting to get me discouraged. I can't 'quit' because then I REALLY start gaining and all the work I'm doing right now is for nothing. I feel so stuck! Work hard for nothing or give up and get even fatter than I was before. I'm in a tunnel- someone help me see the 3rd alternative that my freaked out self is missing.

06-04-2009, 12:14 PM
Sounds to me like you're just gaining muscle...not fat...so to speak b/c you've added weight training. Just keep at it all...you'll get there! :wave:

06-04-2009, 09:27 PM
I am with you, Bin! I lost my first week and then started adding weights and BAM! Nothing....FOR 3 WEEKS! I am discouraged too but I really think that if I keep it up, next week, I'll lose. I can feel my muscles and know I am building those. Try envisioning your fat melting away and having nice toned muscles underneath. All those muscles will be burning fat faster than just doing cardio. Just give it a few more weeks. Take measurements (I bet you are losing inches). That should keep you motivated and moving forward. Keep it up, girl! You are doing AWESOME!!!