Dieting with Obstacles - PHYSICAL CHALLENGES ~ June's Thread

06-01-2009, 08:07 PM
:wave: WELCOME EVERYONE ~ Please join us in our thread: to give support and encouragement; to share ideas, and/or just chat with one another about everyday issues ...

This special thread is for anyone with any kind of physical obstacle and/or challenge like SB, CP, MS, MD, PK, Lupus, Osteo, Arthritis, Rheumatism, or any other condition (s), whether genetic or acquired (like injuries), that causes some physical limitations and/or difficulties.



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06-01-2009, 08:40 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ I was a bit late starting our new June thread; but had lots of good reasons for that, and didn't get in today until now. First our car stopped working yesterday and DH was fit to be tied (complicated story); and then he was so anxious this morning that he accidently let NIKO get away from him and then didn't realize that he did it ...;)

Anyhow, we spent the entire morning roaming about looking for our lost boy, only to find out he was right next door, just like I had told DH twice that he likely was. This has happened to us twice now. DH says that he went there and couldn't see him; but truth is, that he just went to the edge of the property becuz he was afraid of the neighbour's big shepherd-husky dog that they told him was viscious!

So, guess who found him ... yeppers ... MOI! I went down there a couple of times, but he was behind their garage, so we couldn't see him from the street or laneway. They have their dog tied to a chain behind the house and garage so nobody can see him unless they go all the way around the back. Anyhow, long story short, on my third looksee (around noon), our boy came bounding out, but the poor thing was injured.

During their 3 hour ruccous together, he sustained a bad tear/cut on his right ear so we ended up with blood all over our kitchen: the cupboards & countertop, the fridge, washer & dryer, the walls, and our floor ... you get the idea. Even on me (my face) as I tried to halt the bleeding; I used an old trick ... PEROXIDE -- it's the only thing I know that works, and it did ...

Anyhow, that took me another hour plus to wash all that up and myself; then NIKO just crashed out and slept the rest of the afternoon as he was totally exhausted from his excursion, and so was I from all the cleaning.

Then nice mechanic from our garage did a house call (came to our house) and fixed our car too -- turns out it was just what I thought, just a silly little FUSE!!! All that fussin' and worryin' and it was just a tiny, itty bitty fuse!!! ;)

Then DH finally showed up in a taxi he had to hired to deliver the generator we had ordered. We think that the trailer wiring is what caused the fuse in the car to blow, so we won't be hooking that up again any time soon. So ... we have had a very busy day. I just got supper in the oven at 6:30 and suddenly remembered that I hadn't put up the new thread yet. My mind had finally cleared enuff to remember it by then.

MEOWEE ~ thanks for the SHOUT OUT to remind me also ... glad to hear that some progress is being made in some direction with your health problems. Hope the tests can help your doctor find out what is really wrong; and am sending up more prayers for you as well ...

HEY PURPLE ~ will be back after dinner to finish this post; as it's ready and we are very late tonight ...


06-01-2009, 09:49 PM
:wave: HI PURPLE ~ dinner is all done and the dishes cleaned up as well. Made myself a tea and came to finish up my post for today. We have had :rain: almost all day on and off; cold and damp here. The sun tried to peak thru a couple of times, but couldn't stay out for long with big black clouds pushing their way through continuously ... you are having much nicer weather than we are at this time!

Be back in a sec ...:dizzy: I had to go back to the other thread to read your post again ... haha! I should explain about DH a bit more -- whenever our car breaks down he gets really upset (read that as super-hyper, frustrated, anxious, and so forth), so that ends up stressing me out too (trying to calm him down and assure him that everything will be fine).

DH has many, many wonderful qualities, but certain things send him over the top (as he is only human) -- and when our one and only vehicle breaks down, that really gets to him. We have had 3 different vehicles in the last 3 years, so you can understand why he gets upset. You are very fortunate to have your car plan where you get a newer car every so often.

Re: making the beds properly ~ that is a job that takes a long time, so don't envy you that you had to do 60 beds in one day. I was fortunate to get it right the first try, but I saw others who weren't as fortunate as me, and ended up with the same consequences as you did -- my, that same rule goes on worldwide! eeks ...

Yes, some workers would leave notes on their desks "DO NOT TOUCH MY DESK!" and we just laughed becuz that was one less desk that we had to clean each day -- so we'd say thanks, and just move on, and count our blessings one by one ... ;)

I hope everything goes well for your DH's teeth surgery next Tuesday; I know that he really doesn't want to have all his teeth removed unless absolutely necessary ... I will send up some prayers for a successful surgery and quick healing as well!

Well, Dh is off to bed early; says he is simply exhausted and I don't doubt it as he rode his bike all over town trying to find our boy (NIKO) today ...

It's :rain: outside again; and quite hard, as I can even hear it on the roof! Hope all you ladies are well and that you all have A TERRIFIC TUESDAY!!!

:hug: ROSEBUD:hug:

06-01-2009, 11:17 PM
BUMP ~ just bumping up the thread to keep it visible. I have asked RUTHxxx to put this new JUNE thread up as a red sticky at the top of the page for us when she comes in next ...

Have a great evening ladies ... :hug:

06-02-2009, 04:59 AM
Hi Ladies

Just a quick post before I go for my treatment, so it is rather early so I hope this all makes sense once I have written it. The weather still remains beautiful so because of the weather our furry baby will have to stop here. Normally he comes with us and after I have had my treatment I pop out to him let him have a little stroll up the street. Today I will feel a little lost without my baby. I have made sandwiches to take with us to eat at lunch time. All I need to do on returning from the the centre is pop some gravy on for dinner to reheat it. Then open a tin of fruit to have as a dessert.

Gosh it is hard to believe that we are into June that is 5 months gone in a flash. This month it is fathers day as well, so need to get a card and gift for him. Men are so much harder to get gifts for than women I find in my experience. Then we both have dental appointments this month, I have 2 doctor visits and we pick up our car. So full of appointment this month. I finished my letter to DH Auntie yesterday then forgot to post it when I went out to take my daily walk. So taking it with us today so can drop into the post office on the way home.

MEOWEE Nice to hear from you, Sorry your still going through your mill with your chest. At least you are being sent now to a specialist so hopefully things will start to look up and move forward. I really hope you get better soon :hug: You made me smile about your at home cat scan ;) hope the CAT scan gets to the bottom of things

ROSEBUD Sorry to hear that NIKO has had a run in with a local dog, I hope he is on the mend soon. We are fortunate that our dog is a real home bird. Never goes out the gate despite it being open on occasions. I think it is to do when we first moved here he decide to leap over several fences of private then panicked as he didn't know his way back. So the next thing I hear is him crying pitifully at the top of his voice. So here's me knocking on a neighbours door asking can I have my dog back please, Beat asking for your ball back ;) After that little escapade it put the wind up him and he has never strayed far from the back door. Though he has a habit when we are walking him at the minute to poke his nose through peoples gate, needless to say he has had a run in or two with cats. You would think he would learn but oh no he just seems to do it all the more!!

Good job you have some first aid knowledge it sure does come in handy when in emergencies like that. When we first had Rizzie he had barely for the first 19 months of life been on anything but grass. So his paws were so soft and prone to cuts. So in the beginning after the first one took him to the vets and saw they would do nothing different to me. So after that point I would dress them myself. Good job Rizzie will do anything for DH so he would ask him to be good for me and he just lay there and let me dress them. He was so good despite the nasty cuts at times.

Glad your car is sorted and it maybe did not turn out to be as expensive as first though it might with it being a fuse. It is a blessing it is on the road again for you both. At least you think you know the culprit the generator so shall be able to avoid the same problem. Yes it is hard when a loved one gets so frustrated about something. This in turn uses up your energies persuading them that it is going to be fine, and it can be sorted. I use to go out with someone prior to DH and his nature was very much like that. It is so exhausting calming them down. Fortunate DH is seldom like this. Like you say we all have our good and bad points none of us are perfect.

I must run only a short time before I go now so take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

06-02-2009, 09:36 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we had a nice day today with quite a bit of :sunny: too; as the day progressed, the clouds rolled in, but NIKO and I even sat out on the deck for a while, and it was quite pleasant (I only had to wear a shawl as the temps were only in the 50's at the time, but by afternoon, they had risen to 60F).

We had spagetti & mini-meatballs and a cucumber salad for dinner tonight; boy, my stomach must be shrinking, becuz I measured that pasta and both DH and I felt stuffed. NIKO even had some and there's just enuff left for my lunch tomorrow too.

GOOD NEWS ~ when DH took the car to the garage to pay the bill, he noticed something else wrong and they fixed that too, so the first bill for the house call was $40.00 but with the other repair, it came to $85.00 which wasn't too bad overall. And -- DH spent the entire day trying to figure the lights on the trailer and EUREKA -- he gottem' and he says that he's very tired from going through all those wires over and over. I know that he's so happy the he got them working right so we can use it now.

PURPLE ~ the mechanic doesn't think the fuse problem had anything to do with the trailer; he says that these new electronic cars act up like this all the time, and he gave Dh some advice to help him out. The fuses blow as a matter of course and the sensors can be a pain in the butt! ;)

Hope you had a good trip to the tank; and that RIZZIE isn't too put out that he couldn't go with you this time. We take our NIKO everywhere we can; he's so good in the car that we can leave him in there and he's good as gold. In the summer, we leave the windows open for him and DH always parks in a shadey place for him as well. If it's "screaming hot" outside, we don't go anywhere anyways -- we just stay home with the A/C on ... :lol:

Last summer, we tried to pick cooler days to go to the lot; in the spring and fall, we watched for warmer days. That system worked out pretty well for us, as there were no air conditioners way out there. We have noticed that the temps out that way are somewhat cooler than over here all the time, but that has it's advantages too. When it's cooler, we just take a sweater and a warm jacket with us just in case.

Yes, I am the calmer one of the two of us in our marriage -- DH is the panicker. I am so glad for you that your DH is that way and so helpful to you too. My DH is quite helpful and I am grateful for that as well.

HIYA VAL ~ how are you doing way up there? We usually hear from you at month-end; and we missed hearing from you lately. Drop by and let us know how things are going with you and your job and your health. Hope all is well with you! :hug:

Well, DH got a lot done today; he even made a ramp for our generator (to roll it into the trailer). We have been watching the weather forcasts to see when we can next go up to the lot. Some are predicting rain for tomorrow, so we'll have to wait and see when the next nice day will be. DH has cut up some wood to fix the stairs at my Dad's cottage; he was hoping to have them done before my Dad and wife come this year.

Well, it's time to go put my legs up and have my tea. Take good care ladies and we hope that you all have A WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

06-03-2009, 11:33 AM
Hello fellow chicks

Well what a difference a day makes, yesterday the weather was baking you and today it is freezing you. They say today the weather people that maximum temperatures of 15c, I think they lie ;) It seems much colder than that maybe due to the breeze.

Yikes I did not get out of bed until 10.15am this morning :fr: I was shocked to see the time. I think it was a combination of the weather and having to be up early yesterday. Not that I was too late into bed as I was feeling shattered anyway. There was 4 of us having our oxygen treatment at my time this week. There is room for 7 but anymore than 5 it gets cramped. It gets to the point where you can't stretch your leg out for fear of kicking someone else. With 4 of us plenty of elbow and leg room to stretch out a bit. Sitting in a chair for 90 minutes is not as easy as it seems. Not like sitting in your armchair. These are chairs from coaches comfortable but not after 90 minutes of sitting there.

DH and I went out for lunch and I had stew very nice it was too. It always tastes nice when someone else does it. Then posted the letter eventually to Cyprus of Auntie's which I keep forgetting. The post office was just a stones throw away from the cafe we had lunch in so easily in walking distance. We took a stroll up there and fortunately no queue in the post office. Tomorrow is weekly grocery shopping day and then on to the dentist in the afternoon. Hopefully nothing will be found :crossed: and that will be it for another 6 months when it is my check up again.

ROSEBUD The meatballs and spaghetti sounds lovely I really like that meal. Sounds like your tummy is shrinking if you felt really full after it despite measuring portion out. You may find that you will have to weight out less pasta in the future if that is the case you have made progress that you can really see. I know I had to tweak mine down at some point as I was finding the same thing. It may not look a lot on my plate but oh boy does it fill my tummy. Plus with our regime of eating we know in 2-3 hours time it will be time for a snack again so never long without food. My SIL says all I do is eat and can not see why I lose weight but the secret is what sort of food and quantity ;)

Glad car was sorted and the bill was not too painful. Plus the mechanic gave some advice to DH about the car to help him out in the future. I am afraid I have to put my hand up I am the one who panics in our partnership. My DH is the one who calms me down, I whittle and worry about things too DH reckons I concoct a one if I haven't got one to worry about. My Dh say I keep him grounded and out of mischief ;) They(family) say he changed so much when he started his relationship with me and all for the better they tell me :o No magic formulae that I can put my finger on for this transformation but he makes me very happy :hug:

what do you use the generator for? Most people here do not have one maybe if they go caravanning. Hospitals and such establishments will have big ones for standby on power cuts etc.

Well it is time to go and rest before I start our tea. We are going out tonight to play cards. So take care ladies till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

06-03-2009, 11:08 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ the day started out cold with a bit of rain, but eventually things cleared up a bit later in the day. We decided to go shopping this afternoon as we hadn't been in a while and I was out of fresh veggies and fruits. I managed to get in quite a bit of walking while at it.

We have decided to wait for better weather to go to the lot; we'll just have to wait and see, as the forecasts have been way off lately. Just did the usual around here (daily stuff mostly); as a certain visitor (whose name is TOM) has been here way too long and has been a big pest, I'm afraid. Has been 8 weeks since he was last here, so when he does come by, he ends up staying way too long and becomes extremely troublesome. ;)

Here's a link to a post I wrote about BINGING; I used to have this problem at one time, but I am much better now. This post shares some of the methods I used to change this. Thought I'd share this list just in case someone found one of the tricks/tips helpful in their journey ...

HI PURPLE ~ yes, my DH is the panicker and I find it funny when you say what your DH says. I often say something similar to my DH -- "I swear, if you don't have something to fret about, you will create something!" :lol: How interestingly similar that trait is.

We are going to use the GENERATOR for a power supply to cut our wood as we build a shed, fix the stairs, and build the cottage. BTW, I must explain, when I say 'WE' ... I really mean DH. I just do the planning, save the money, draw out the details, and manage the site and work progress. I'm the head hauncho or site supervisor really; and the head cook too.

DH just takes his time and does things at a very leisurely pace, as I don't want him hurting himself; and we are planning things out to make it as simple and easy as possible by using tools that help him. We are looking at buying an all-purpose air nailer that will do all the nailing for DH, so there is no strain on his shoulders. His air compressor pushes air through a hose and that pushes the nails out of the air gun; DH just has to aim and shoot. So, we are taking our time and looking around for the best all-purpose air-nailer that we can find ...

We spent the better part of the morning looking for a book (his car repair manual) that DH lost. I'm telling you -- I do not exaggerate one iota when I say that "the man's memory is a seive." We spend more time each day looking for things that my DH has misplaced than any other activity. This is hard on me, but now I am starting to go with the flow. I have felt impressed lately that there is no point in being annoyed or frustrated by it; he can't help it, as he has had this problem since long before I met him, but many people we know, do not understand how severe this issue is for him.

DH also gets very upset with himself that he can't find things and that he is always misplacing them; but I am starting to see a pattern. He gets distracted very easily and often sets things down without thinking. We spent the other morning looking for that same book; and he thought he'd be smart and put it away this time, but then forgot where he put it. He put it in one of his dresser drawers; so I asked him to please put the book in the bookcase, as that is more appropriate. :dizzy:

Anyhow, it is time to go put my feet up and rest a while; time to do a puzzle too. Hope you all had a good day today and that you have A THOROUGHLY ENJOYABLE THURSDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

06-04-2009, 11:51 AM
Hi Ladies

Weather today is cloudy but not too cold that chilly wind seems to have disappeared. So much warmer today generally. The horrible wind we had blew the petals off my peony. I had a look at the peony and I do not see any other buds this year so my one and only flower has gone :( The hosta this year looks vibrant but constant battle with the snails who also seem to like to munch on it like it is going out of fashion ;). Around where we live it is a haven for slugs and snails maybe this is due to the fact many people have shrubs in their gardens which is suppose to attracted them. I know when it has been raining and we have walked in the evening you must keep your eyes to the pavement else your treading on snails galore :barf: or slugs for that matter which is equally as gross.

Just returned from shopping and popped it all away. Just enough time for a cuppa and to brush my teeth before off to the dreaded dentist :D Though to help distract me I have decided to post on here. Must remember to take my book with me to read in the waiting room. The dentist is an old victorian house that has been converted at some point. It still has a lot of the oak wooden panelling visible. Also the stain glass window in the door which is nice to see these features. On the outside of the building in the stone work there is about 3 or 4 swans carved into the stone work at the corner of the house. These served no purpose other than to be decorative and I think they look rather pretty. In its hay day this would have been a quite impressive house own by someone with a bit of money. It is set in a plot with a little bit of land which is good for town house.

Tomorrow I am going to Mum and Dad's when I say I it is really we as my DH drives us their. So the day will be spent with my parents then go on to play cards in the evening. A fortnight as certainly whizzed by and it does not seem that length of time since we were last there. It is nice to go and if the weather is good we will go into town and have a look round there. Since I lived in that town some 20 plus years ago it has changed virtually beyond recognition. Not to mention the different road layouts and one way systems that were not in operation when I was in my late teens. Though it is a small town with not all the big chain stores it still has some of the individual small town shops which are interesting to go round. The town is nice a flat so easy to walk round plus in a small area so good for me who can't walk so far.


Phew breath a sign of relief as I return from the dentist to find that I have nothing wrong and do not have to return until 6 months time. Today I have had a couple of xrays done and a polish. So I feel much happier now that is over.

I had just typed out all my post and was just reading through to check for errors then puff my browser encountered an error and wanted to shut down. Now normally I would have put this on a word pad to stop errors like this but absentmindly I have forgotten. I had part of the post on a word pad as I had to save prior to going out

ROSEBUD Your DH and I are so much alike in creating imaginary worries to whittle over as we have nothing really to worry about. I have believe it or not got better over the past few years. Though amazingly quickly I can go down that route without thinking about it and have myself in a state over nothing really.

I have come out in sympathy with you with your TOM as I started on Tuesday with my monthly cycle. I have heard that during the menapause thought the mentrual cycle can be haywire to say the least. I have changed I used to be heavy now I am light (not that I am complaining like) Whether that is due to the fact I do no heavy lifting etc now or some unknown factor to me.

Rizzie is dropping hints about as subtle as a brink that he want to play ball. Now dropping the ball in the lap has not worked he has resorted to dropping it on my keyboard :fr:

Good idea about buying a nail gun as they are called here, it should protect your husband shoulder much more than the traditional hammer and nail method.

Must go as I am going out tonight and I want to have a shower to wash my hair. It is far easier to wash it in the shower rather than any where else with it being down to my tailbone. With washing it now it will not be dry when I go out tonight but it will not be too far off it. I let it dry naturally as I always do. So bye for now and hope to come on tomorrow moringing for a flying visit. Take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

06-05-2009, 12:44 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, the day started out with lots of :sunny: so we decided to go out to our lot to do a few smaller jobs but things didn't go quite how we had planned. In the end, we discovered that GOD had a better plan so things have been changed a bit for us. DH decided to put in some better stairs as the ones there were hurting my legs and feet and giving us grief in general (they made it hard to get things in and out of the place).

Anyways, big dark clouds rolled in with terrific winds and would blow our stuff all over and downpour; so we ended up having to bring everything inside so quickly and delayed. This happened 2 or 3 times, so we finally just gave up and decided to come home. Just before we left, I told DH what we really need here is a ramp; that would be safer and more practical.

So we came home and I asked DH to go talk to a construction friend of ours and he suggested we put in a ramp; so we laughed as I had already thought of that. Anyways, him and DH are going to take a look and see if they can put a nice ramp in there so that all of us with bad knees and feet and legs (which is almost everyone in my family) will have no difficulty getting in an out of this high above ground cottage.

People often forget that steep, high stairs put a huge amount of strain on your feet and knees; and isn't good for anyone with bad knees or feet, as it can make the condition worse; prevent healing of injuries; and even provoke old injuries as well. So NIKO and I will be staying home to do some laundry and housework for a few days while DH and a professional fix this big problem.

HI PURPLE ~ gee, sorry you lost your one and only PEONY on your PEONY BUSH; the ones we have here usually produces dozens and dozens of flowers. Is it a new bush? Maybe it needs some help, like mulching or some food. Here the peonies are quite prolific and hardy; I told DH that I would like to get a peony bush for our lot. I can't wait to see how our Lilac and Spirea bushes do this year. Most of our other trees are doing well, especially one large fur tree in the front yard.

I would also like to look for a CRAB APPLE TREE as I like to make apple butter; it's been a while since I made some, but would really like to find a tree like this as they aren't as big and grow pretty fast, so I'm told. My grandmother had one on her old farm and we saw that it was covered with lovely apples and the birds were having a feast from it last fall. We were told that someone bought the old place last fall; don't know who it was though.

Oh ... that would be yukky; slugs and snails all over the place. I wouldn't like that much either; they say they like damp and wet climates and England seems to be ripe with that kind of weather.

I also like to do my hair in the shower too; I find it so much easier. I used to try and do it at my kitchen sink, but that aggravates a bad disk in my upper back too much, so I can't do it that way anymore. I prefer to have showers as they can be 5 minutes or 30 as you like; and I have a nice geri chair in my tub which is very handy too. DH prefers showers too, so we are putting a walk-in shower in our cottage.

Oh, my ... it is getting very late; we didn't get home until 9 pm tonight, so we had hamburglers which can be made very quickly. Had my tea while posting, but it's time to rest for the night. Take good care ladies, and I hope you all have A FANTASTIC FRIDAY! :hug:ROSEBUD

06-05-2009, 10:47 AM
Hi, Everyone! Gosh, a new month already and I haven't been here in what seems like forever:(. The "busy's" are getting me, I guess. We've been helping out at church prepping for VBS next week, so it'll be a busy week then also (I'll be helping with the snacks for the kids). Doing better tummy-wise and eating too, even though we ate out at fast-food joints a couple times this week. We're starting to get warmer weather-in the upper 70's some days, but upper 60's to low 70's others-but I've been trying to walk as much as possible. Legs start to tingle after a bit and now it doesn't seem to go away in a couple hours like it used to. It's been keeping me awake at night after we take an afternoon or evening walk, so I guess I need to revise my schedule and do the walking in the mornings to see if the leg numbness and tingling will be gone before bedtime.

After helping all week at the church, we are taking today for ourselves and may go to the pool, so I can:beach: and the boys can :swim:. We don't get to go often, but it's really a nice pool when we do get to go-it has big water slides and a 0-depth kiddie end for the little ones. I should ask the grandkids to come down sometime too.

Rosebud-I'm sure glad that you and your DH found Niko and fixed him up ok. Poor little thing. And, also that you got the car/trailer issues resolved and especially that it did not cost too much! Cars and their issues just drive me :crazy:! Fortunately, DH has the "gift of understanding all that is auto" and can fix darn near everything that could possibly go wrong with one. But, I had to laugh when you were describing your DH and panicking, as my DH is also the more high-strung one of us. He's also the one who loses everything he touches! I found out early on that it was dangerous to let him handle the checkbook, as it ended up thrown away off restaurant trays a couple times before I "took over":dizzy:. He just seems to "forget" what he's doing and where things are a lot of the time. We've had to make special key racks, and cubbies for his work stuff, so he knows to put certain items in certain places so we don't have to rush around scouring the house trying to find whatever's missing, but we still end up searching for his watch frequently, which makes me want to scream! I don't dare let him get the could end up anywhere!

Purple-Kinda continuing what I was saying to Rosebud, I think our DH's may all be related:lol: or maybe it's just a male thing and we females will just never understand how to organize the male creature! I read a hint about slugs, but haven't tried it yet for mine (we get the little nasties here too and they sure do some damage on hostas). They like beer, so cut the top off a beer can and place it so the top of the can is level with the ground-you have to kind of bury it, but leave the top open and exposed. Put in some beer and the slugs will go in to get the beer and can't get back out. I'm going to have to do this soon, as we ended up with some slugs that were 3-4 inches long last year after munching on my hostas all summer:eek: Hope you enjoy your visit to your parents!

Meowee-so sorry you're still not feeling well. You've been in my thoughts and prayers. I really hope the specialist can come up with a cause and treatment so you'll be feeling better soon. Summer's a terrible time to feel poorly! Take care and rest plenty.

Well, I'll try to get here more frequently. I miss you all when I don't have time to stop in. Everyone take care and have a really nice Friday and weekend, too!:D

06-05-2009, 06:42 PM
Hi Ladies

My plans to come on here this morning went pear shaped as I end up going to my parents earlier as we had a plea from my sister about one of her daughters lap tops. I have just arrived back from them so that is the reason I am so late on coming on here. So sorry no time for any personal replies this evening so will do that tomorrow all being well. Today as been a rather nice day but the heavens opened this evening at about 7.30pm. when we got home tonight it was fine by then but the skies looked so black we knew it was a race against the impending rain. We were lucky and got back indoors without getting wet. I have put our stuff away that I take for the day. Like the dog's lead, my makeup bag etc so now it is relaxation time.

I noticed today reading the local paper of my parents home town that a pair of peregrine falcons have nested on the local church of saint Wulfram's which has a impressive spire and many people think it is a cathedral. The pair of birds have hatched a couple of chicks. It is becoming uncommon bird to see in the UK. This bird is protected species and there is a fine for disturbing the nest or prison sentence or both of those punishments.

I will endeavour to drop by tomorrow but I am going to head towards my bed now and go for a little read. Not that much reading will be done as I am tired been a long busy day. So till next time take care ladies and have a wonderful weekend

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

06-05-2009, 08:31 PM
Hey Rosebud :) Thanks for thinking of me. May was a particularly stressful month because I had three mortgage payments coming out of two paycheques AND my brother, who met a 37 year old on the internet decided to spend a week in Winnipeg to meet her for the first time. The thing that bugs me is that he maxes out his financial resources and then has the guts to ask me for help. Hopefully within the next few years we'll be able to go our seperate ways.

I am still really struggling with energy levels.... and work is well, the dream job is actually a smoke screen. They want me to do all the grand things in my job description with a zero budget and no resources. I'm still trying to reconcile what this means for my health and how long I can work here. I'm going to give it a solid try.

i hope you all have a good weekend. I need to go nap....

06-05-2009, 11:16 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ nice to see so many of our friends drop by on this lovely Friday! :D Our day started off hot and humid, but some clouds came in and cooled things down; by this evening, we had some :rain: but I'd rather have that than horrific heat and humidity which makes it hard to breathe.

DH rans some errands; mailing our monthly bills (love it when all the bills are paid and sent out early); and picked up a few things we forgot the other day. DH and the Building Contractor went out and looked out at the stair issue so he could do an estimate; him and DH came to a deal and the price sounds very, very reasonable for us, so I am elated that we are gonna get our ramp out there soon.

Our landlord had some more gravel put on our laneway to fill in all the pot holes, so DH was out there first thing spreading it further to the back to fill in all the holes. A helper came over to rake it and discovered that DH had already done it: that DH is an early riser. NIKO woke him up at 5 am this morning and DH decided not to go back to bed cuz he'd just toss and turn; so as you probably guessed, now he's zonked and has retired early. :lol:

HIYA VAL ~ nice to see you drop in; oh, I think of you all the time and wonder how you are doing. I know the other ladies here think of you often too. I know what you mean about having a job where they want you to create miracles without the magic wand! ;) Every place has a tight budget these days, but they still want you to do more than is really possible.

TIP ~ All you can do is take advantage of FREE resources like PUBLIC RELEASES to newspapers (who are always looking for free sources of articles); don't overlook magazines like OUR CANADA which are always looking for story lines esp about towns; free air space on radio stations for community events; free time on local TV stations for community events; your public library has many FREE resources too; and you can get those magazines there for free too and the addresses to send articles about your town or events or happenings are in them also.

THE INTERNET could be a great source for communications as you could have your own website; there are many free sites that help you create your own websites for free. I'm not exactly sure exactly what areas you are responsible for in your town; but maybe your town has it's own website already (and if it doesn't, it should) where you can post interesting announcements or articles pertinent to your job.

I really hope that your health gets better and that you can find creative ways to do your job like taking advantage of bulletins boards, community events and celebrations, and other government agencies, and volunteer organizations to promote your town in a positive way. Please do keep in touch, as we love hearing from you and really care about your well-being.

HEY PURPLE ~ see you are having a busy day too; glad you had a nice visit with all your family today. We had some new visitors to our town this week too. We have a big lake in the center of our town, so usually we get Canadian geese, mallard ducks, loons, and some other kinds going through, but this week, we had some new geese (called BRANT GEESE) drop by for a short while on their way up to the far north.

DH and I have seen snow geese fly by, but never land; and we have lots of cranes coming here now too. It seems that more and more birds are coming here to rest and nest all the time; some stop on their way to the artic, but many are coming here to roost as well. We just love that as we are avid bird watchers as you know.

HI RONNI ~ our temps are warming up too and the leaves are finally unfolding on our trees with all this rain we've been having. The buds have been there for some time, but the rain and temps have to be just right before they open up and let those leaves out. :lol:

Sounds like a good thing to do -- taking your kiddies to the beach: fun for the whole family. Glad your DH can fix all your car problems as they can be very expensive today. DH knows a lot about cars, but these new fangled electronics and wiring have not been his specialty at all (although with a few tips from our mechanic, he did manage to get those trailer lights working; it's just a long, arduous and tedious task).

HI MEOWEE ~ hope you are starting to feel a bit better; and taking good care of yourself ... prayers ascending for you still!

Well, it's time for me to go make myself a nice big cuppa tea and put my feet up; maybe do a puzzle or some reading tonight. We had a nice light dinner of deli BBQ spit chicken again tonight (leftovers) and so we'll be having a roast likely this weekend if it isn't too hot.

Take good care of yourselves ladies, and please do have a fabulous weekend ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

06-06-2009, 08:50 AM
Hi Ladies

Good morning and hope your all enjoying your weekend. Today here is very cold and damp. Oh yes how could I forget that wet stuff call rain we seem to have buckets loads of that today. I have a lovely aroma wafting through the house this morning as I am in the process of making soup. I am making a new type of soup this morning which is called cabbage soup. Many of you may have made it in its many disguises. The reason I have decided to make it is two fold really. Firstly I seem to have a glut of cabbage as my mum gave me a couple the other day. Secondly I thought I would make a soup ready for Tuesday when DH has had his operation on his gums.

Tomorrow DH said he would take me out for Sunday lunch lucky me. Though today for lunch I have cooked sweet and sour turkey with a bought sauce which is in a range of less fat, sugar etc. We have had it before and it tastes rather yummy. I think it will be tinned fruit for or maybe a banana for our afternoon snack of around 100 calories.

Tis nice that today I have more time to sit and answer your posts with many of us popping by I can do the replies justice. Right here I go just bear with me as I reply as I know I tend to waffle on :o

MEOWEE I have been thinking of you during your time of ill health and hope your feeling a wee bit better. I hope the CAT scan at the hospital was able to shed some light on the way forward for your treatment. It is tough at times like this but hang in there as there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

RONNI Nice to hear from you as I know you are busy at present. You will have to excuse my ignorance as I do not know what VBS is in the churches calendar. More than likely I will know it once you enlighten me but I can not for the life of me think of what the initials stand for :dizzy:

Glad your tummy appears to have settled down as it is so miserable when you have problems in that area. I know as I have said on previous occasions with having a tummy ulcer. My DH has irritable bowel syndrome but not as severe as I have read that others can suffer with this condition.

I can not offer a lot of advice regarding the pins and needles that you are suffering in your legs after walking. Though it seems that you may have cracked the nut on the head about trying to do walking in the morning to allow time for it to easy off during the day. So hopefully then it will not keep you awake at night. If it persists maybe having a word with the team that manage MS as they maybe able to give you some advice or medication to lessen those symptoms.

I know your right about how we will never under our men and their visions of organization. I bet they got secret lessons when they were at school on organization and how to baffle the female species :lol: but you got to love them nevertheless :hug:

Thanks for the tip on the slugs and snails. Though judging by the amount that is in my garden I better get applying for a brewery license as there are hundreds of there little critters. I put down the pet friendly slug and snail pellets and the next morning I can walk round the garden and count upwards of 60 snails alone never mind the slugs :dunno:

VAL So good to hear from you as I know you are busy balancing work and health which is a difficult business.

It must have been a difficult period financially for you with having 3 mortgage payments coming out of 2 wage packets. It really stretches you financially and you have to tighten the belt.

I think many people in your sort of position are put in impossible positions to want the earth but do not have the financial resources to achieve this. Sounds like Rosebud has given some sound advice.

It is horrid trying to battle the fatigue side of MS. I hope you find some happy medium in trying to balance work and this crippling part of the disease.

ROSEBUD I hope that your able to put a ramp into your cottage as that will make access so much kinder on the knees. It will not only benefit you and your DH but other family members who have mobility issues or pain in their knees on climbing. I am lucky at the minute as I have only 2 shallow steps to the back door and one deeper on at the front. Though it may have to have a ramp fitted in years to come if my mobility deteriorates.

:T that apple butter sounds nice. I have never heard of it but image it would make a nice spread on bread. Is it only made from crab apples this recipe? Not sur how old this peony is as I did not put it in. The plant is not very big so I imagine it needs a we bit of help with a bit of feed. Here you find they are not very hardy and the flowers tend to come off in the wind or the rain.

I love to see lilac trees they are pretty either the white or purple variety. My grandma use to have one white and one purple in her garden. She had quite a big garden which us kids use to run round the lawn playing.

Yes washing hair over sinks or baths causes havoc with your back so much easier to go in the shower to do this task. I also have a walk in shower I find them so much easier to use. I would need assistance to get into a bath or shower over a bath. Even a shower with a lip would cause me a problem so a walk in shower allows me to do it all by myself. I hope you are able to get one soon as I know you will both love it.

Never heard of brant geese so took a look at the internet for so further knowledge on them. The look a little similar to the Canadian geese that I see sometimes in the UK at certain parts of the year. They look very pretty and an impressive sight to see.

Time to go ladies dinner awaits for me to get cracking on so till next time bye bye

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

06-06-2009, 09:49 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we had an odd mixed bag of weather today; a little :sunny: and a little :rain: all day long. DH took some more wood out to our lot today and did some tidying up and prep while he was there for a couple of hours then came home as the rain wouldn't stop. He was gonna do the last short row of cross blocks, but we'll just wait for another time. He and the contractor will be putting up the ramp this week sometime as well.

I just stayed home as the cold, damp weather is hard on my muscles in my back, knees, legs, and shoulders (all my old injuries are terribly aggravated by damp, cold weather). I had a nice OP day and dinner -- a lean pork chop steak with salad with tomatoes and cuke slices; and Dh had hamburger steak, which he prefers.

HI PURPLE ~ yes, you can make apple butter using any kind of apples you have on hand; it is especially nice with a mix of sweet & tart apples. You can make it plain or add a bit of sugar or sweetener like splenda and cinnamon to it. Apple butter is just prepared apples (cleaned and peeled and cut into chunks) cooked until thick and creamy. I just add 1/2 cup pure apple juice or water, and cook with the sugar or substitute; adding the cinnamon at the end. You may "can" it (put up in clean jars) or just freeze it in small, sealed containers, which is much easier. I'm sure if you google APPLE BUTTER, you will find hundreds of good, simple recipes for this delightful treat which is very nice on toast, bagels, scones, and english muffins.

BBL ... be back in a sec ...

06-06-2009, 10:54 PM
I'm back ... :lol: Decided to do a new post as the other one moved to a new page and I couldn't look back to answer the previous posts ...

Yes, peony flowers are delicate; maybe a wind break would help it (like a trellis on one side to temper the winds). Many people plant them along their house (on the south side) or a wall, but I have seen them out in the open too. If the plant is small, that means it needs some help; the best thing to try is some food and adding some more soil or mulch around the base to help it. Most peony bushes should grow to about 4 feet high and round as well.

Our lilac bushes are one plum pink and one light purple; we may get a white one in the future, but the spireas are mostly white, except the one that is a plum pink, which we put where we buried our girls last year (as a special marker for them). Your sweet & sour turkey sounds nice; hope you have a lovely Sunday lunch tomorrow with your DH.

VAL ~ I meant to mention about your mortgage payments; sounds like you are making double monthly payments to pay your home off faster (my parents did that too), but it does put a greater stress on your finances. I realize that the triple payment thing can happen 1 or 2 times a year; maybe you could put $20 dollars away each month into a savings account and just let it sit there for those weird times like that. I know that you are strapped as it is, but planning ahead can help a lot.

Well, DH has already hit the hay after getting up early this morning; he is an early riser, but then gets tired earlier too. Someone called us tonight to ask us if we wanted to sell my mini-tiller; can't imagine why they thought we would want to sell it when I just bought it brand new last year. It is only a small one meant for small gardens or hedge gardens; it's not good for starting a large new garden. They could rent one or should invest in a good one down the road; with food prices souring here, gardens are becoming more and more popular now.

We already have a garden here all along the south-west side of the house; it is framed in with large post beams, and is more than big enuff for the two of us. We also have some drums that we will eventually put out at our lot, but we plan on just having some small hedge gardens around the east and south sides of our cottage in the future.

Well, that's all the news for tonight; already had my tea while posting and now will go and put my legs up and do a puzzle and some reading. Take good care ladies and do have A SPLENDIDLY SERENE SUNDAY!!!:hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

06-07-2009, 01:07 PM
Hi Ladies

The weather today still remains in the same ilk as yesterday. It has rained none stop today and it is more like a November day rather than a June one. Temperature maximum is suppose to reach the highs of 13c :brr: it sure does feel cold after days of 20c to 22c.

Today DH took me out for lunch at the local cafe which does lovely home cooked meals. I can select a fairly healthy meal of chicken breast with a selection of vegetables. I forego the roast potatoes and yorkshire pudding. We then went on for a little trip out of about 30 miles from our home to a place called Leicester. Here we went to a cash and carry place to have a look around. Purchased a few items but it sure did take up an afternoon. I have done my daily exercise by walking around this store. It is huge and by the time I have walked around I am shattered. I have enjoyed my afternoon out nevertheless. Tomorrow I am going to do my big grocery shop before DH has his operation on his gums. That way I will have all the food in for the next week or so until he is back on his feet. So now we are going to be eating soft food after Tuesday lunch time. When I say we I mean DH but I will be eating the main meal of the day with him plus the soup for tea.

Just washing our Rizzie's coat, and blankets from the car as they had started to have a horrid whiff about them. I wash all his stuff on a regular basis to keep the smells that pets create down to a minimum. Talking of Rizzie's he ate like a horse yesterday so I expect for the next few days he will only pick at his food. He does that will eat really well then go for days with virtually nothing. Often to the point you start getting concerned then one day he is a bottomless pit that you can not seem to fill.

ROSEBUD Just took a quick peek on the internet and found a few apple butter recipes. I even saw one without adding sugar or sweetener instead they used frozen grape juice or frozen apple juice to replace the sugar/sweetener. Do you make yours in a slow cooker? Why I asked this was I spotted a method for using this type of cooking to make it. My slow cooker though is a big one so I would need a big volume to cover the bottom properly and not burn the mixture. No doubt our grand parents cooked it on top of the stove and kept an eye on it during the long cooking process.

It sounds like your old injuries maybe arthritic . Why I say that is often people with arthritis have pain during cold damp weather. No doubt as we all get older it is something we can all be prone to getting in our joints. Mum has a joint in her finger which is starting to get misshapen is painful during wet and cold spells. Here finger originally was injured as she had an accident in the kitchen with a knife. She had a nasty cut on her finger requiring hospital treatment.

There nowt as queer as folk is the saying that comes to mind when you told us of someone wishing to buy your mini-tiller. The mini boggles as to the way some people think. Like you say why an earth would you wish to sell it. If you did there would be an advertisement in a local paper telling others of your wishes.

Wow is it nigh on 5pm already the day has whizzed by so quickly. Time for me to do a vanishing act to the kitchen. To start making tracks on tea. Nothing is ready with going out for dinner. Often I have it ready to use but not today so I have to start from scratch. So till next time bye bye and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

06-07-2009, 04:20 PM

The visit to the specialist on Thursday was not destined to cheer me up . . . he is definitely thinking in a direction that does not include either Asthma or Pneumonia . . . I'm trying to stay calm until we see the results of the CAT scan (tomorrow; Monday) and the Bronchoscopy (Tuesday). They seem able to stick lighted tubes just about anywhere these days. :shrug:

06-08-2009, 12:42 AM
:hug:HEY MEOWEE ~ try not to think anything worse than that (bronchitis, asthma, emphysema) until you do hear the results of those tests; that's what they are for -- to detect something so they can help you and to eliminate others. Also, when you do see your doctor, be sure to ask lots of questions; don't leave yourself in doubt about anything. That way there won't be any misunderstandings, or cause for undue anxiety. We're here for ya -- and prayers are continuing for you and your health ... :hug:

HI PURPLE ~ sounds like you and your DH had a lovely day; yes, I remember Leicester (I read a book by one of your authors who bodes from that city). That's nice that you have so many nice little cafes where you can get a good homestyle meal; wish we had that kind of regular place here. We do have one place that offers chicken and ribs, but it is a bit pricey, so we couldn't go there too often (just on special occasions like my 50th birthday last fall). We may go out for our wedding anniversary as this will be our 20th this year (June 14th).

I have made Apple Butter on top of the stove and baked it in the oven; and liked it both ways. With the oven method, the butter comes out a little bit darker from the roasting but is very tastey with a more caramel flavor to it. I liked the stovetop method too; it tends to be lighter in color and flavor but doesn't take as long to make (you have to watch it more closely though to make sure it doesn't scorch). The crockpot method sounds interesting; and yes, I usually use 'pure' apple juice in mine and I would imagine 'white' grape juice would work well too as it is quite sweet too. You could always just use sweeter types of apples along with the pure apple juice as well; let me know which method you try and how it turns out.

My DH went out to our lot very early this AM and finished off the last cross-blocks for the floor; he so wanted to get that done, as that was supposed to be finished last fall, but the move interfered with that and we had to do it this spring. So ... all the prep is now ready to start the floor; and he was so happy and was home by noon.

DH has to take some friends to see a doctor in the city again; I was going to go but seem to have picked up a stomach bug of some kind. Couldn't finish my dinner tonight; felt sick and nauseated, so slept for few hours and then felt better. My tummy is not perfect yet, but I had some tea while posting and it seems to be feeling a bit better.

Well, that's all from here for now. NIKO, DH and I sat out on the front deck for a little while this afternoon until a cold, damp wind came by with some clouds and that didn't feel too good. They are forecasting sunny weather for tomorrow, but that's what they said for today and we had clouds pretty well all day. Hopefully, they've got it right this time and we all can enjoy a nice day tomorrow.

Take good care of yourselves, ladies ~ and we hope you all have A SIMPLY MAAVELLOUS MONDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

06-08-2009, 11:01 AM
Hi ladies

Much nicer day weather wise today no further rain as yet, though the clouds have started to roll in this afternoon so we could be in for a shower later today. We went shopping this morning, but prior to going I popped all Rizzie's blankets, coat, and sheet back in to the car. It certainly smelled a whole lot sweeter than they did.

I have been a busy bee for the earlier part of the afternoon preparing for DH having his operation tomorrow. I have made a milk jelly (strawberry flavoured) and made a plain orange jelly with mandarin oranges in. I thought that both of these would be soft enough with having surgery in his mouth. He has bought some squash (not the vegetable :D but the name we give fruit drink which you dilute with water) today as he though maybe hot drinks might be difficult. I know he is not very keen on cold drinks and much prefers a cup of tea or coffee for that matter. Today he has shown signs for the first time that he is quite worried about tomorrow which is understandable. I know I would be in his position it is only natural. Nobody likes having something done that is going to cause pain afterwards.

I am so close to finishing a book that I am reading that I will have to take another book with me tomorrow to start at the MS centre whilst I am having treatment. Plus to have when DH is having treatment, as I will be waiting in the waiting room until it is all over for him. So I will have a good couple of hours reading time alloted to me tomorrow. Not that I am complaining as I love to read.

I hope to have a shower shortly and wash my hair so that it is dry for bed time. We will be having a late tea today after having a big lunch for us at dinner time. If we have a lunch like this we forego the tea and supper that we traditionally have and merge them together. This seems to work for us very well and we eat around 7pm.

MEOWEE I would like to send you best wishes for your Bronchoscopy and your CAT scan which you are having over the next couple of days. Like you say it is amazing where they can stick light tubes. It always fascinated me when I was a student nurse during my general placement. I went to go and see a lot of these procedures as they were not part and parcels of psychiatric nurses work.

Like Rosebud said try not to get yourself worked up about the diagnosis it really might be something simple which is easily treated. Will be thinking of you during this time.

ROSEBUD We are lucky that a home cooked meal costs £4.00 and if you are a senior citizen then the meal costs £3.00 which I think is reasonable. They are dishes you were brought up on growing up. So plenty of vegetables and something like a casserole, pork steak, lamb chops. They also do salads if you want to be ultra healthy. Plus they do not come with any dressing on which can sting you calorie wise.

You have been married for many years. Something that many couples getting married now will not achieve. They often think everything is going to be a bed of roses when we know it is not. We all have our little rough patches but it is working through them together that gets you through. My DH and I have been together for 12 years in October. Mum and Dad it is 49 years this September. Talking of 50th it will be my parents 50th wedding anniverary next year and my DH will be 50 in April.

I would like to give it a bash making the apple butter when it comes to be apple season here in the UK when I can use a mixture of cookers and eaters. Not sure what method I will be using to cook it yet.

I hope you get better soon from your tummy upset. It is so miserable when you get a mystery tummy bug. I seem more prone to tummy upsets than my DH who seems to have an iron stomach ;) He does have IBS but that affects him seldomly and he has got better at knowing the early symptoms and taking appropriate medication which nips it in the bud. He used to have the habit of wait and see. We meant a full blown attack and pain for days. So after numerous bouts of this he has learnt the lesson the hard way to take medication early to catch the symptoms.

Time to go and put my feet up for an hour before I get cracking on with a shower. So take care ladies

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

06-09-2009, 12:28 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ I just stayed home today and did laundry and rested whilst DH was a busy bee. First he tried to help our landlord get his riding lawn mower going so he could cut our grass, but turns out they need a new part first. Then he took our friends to the city for the last appointment with a specialist.

I went to the trouble of making a nice big baked chicken breast dinner and they didn't get back until after 7 pm, and after they had gone out to a fancy restaurant and had dinner before coming home. Anyways, I made boneless, skinless chicken breasts with broccoli, baby carrots, cauliflower, green beans, onion slices, and baby new potatoes in a nice light mushroom cream sauce. It was lovely and we have enuff leftover for another night too.

My stomach flu has graduated from tummy yukkiness to diarrhea tonight. DH said he had that yesterday, so it is definitely something we both have. So I just took it a bit easy tonight; and my abdomen doesn't feel just right yet. Our ramp is supposed to be made on Wednesday; yeah, can't wait! Then later on in the week, if we find a nice day or two, we want to start putting up a small storage shed at the lot for our stuff (only about 8' x 8').

PURPLE ~ prayers and best wishes for your DH as he prepares for his surgery on Tuesday; that all will go well for him and that he won't suffer too much. You are taking good care of each other like the best married couples are supposed to. It sounds like you and your DH married late too (at 37 y/o + 12 = 49).

I married at 30 y/o and DH was 41 y/o. This was my first and only marriage but DH was a widower (sadly, his first wife had passed away when he was only 37 y/o, as she was born with a severe congenital heart problem which many surgeries were just not able to fix).

Anyhow, you are indeed fortunate to have wonderful homestyle meals like that available at your cafes, and for such a good price. DH said his friend bought the three of them dinner tonight and it came to $50.00 total, and he only had a burger and fries even though it was a more formal restaurant. I asked him why he didn't have a proper meal; and he said he didn't want to get something too expensive as what they ordered was very expensive and they were paying the bill as a thank you to him for taking them there.

You know I told you about the meal of chicken and ribs that we had on my 50th birthday -- that cost us $50.00 also and we just split one dinner between us. We had one rack of ribs and 1/4 chicken split in two with bake potato and one salad (as Dh didn't want one as he doesn't like salad). Now you know what I mean about being pricey. Now that was my birthday, so we expected to pay more, but we couldn't afford to do that all the time.

I am disappointed that we don't have a place here that offers homestyle cooking like you can get there; and healthier meals that don't cost such a ridiculous price as I mentioned. I used to work in a place here that you could get a nice dinner for only $10.00 but they closed up and moved away some time ago. Oh well, maybe some day ...

Well, that is all the news from here for now; it's getting late and I want to get my legs up for a while and do a puzzle. Take good care and DO TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOURSELVES, LADIES ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

06-09-2009, 12:13 PM
Hello fellow chicks

It is a day of two halves. This morning it was sunny this afternoon it is cloudy. Though it is not too cold when the sun is not out.

I have been for my MS oxygen therapy today. I was speaking to a first timer of using the treatment today. He was not in the dive that I use on a weekly basis but in one of the lowest depth they do. They do a 8 metre dive which is used by the younger children with maybe autism or cerebral palsy. Otherwise adults tend to start at a depth of 16 metres, then progress to 24 metres and then finally to 33 metres. I found the most benefit at 33 metres though this is not always the case with everybody it is finding a happy medium that your body is comfortable with. Apart from the depth of pressure the dive is exactly the same just takes a wee bit longer of course to get to 33 metres as oppose to 16 metres.

ROSEBUD Thanks for your prayers regarding my DH. Well off he trotted to the dentist for him to do the procedure only to find bad news. The dentist can see that the infection has spread even further in his mouth and the planned procedure for today would not cure the matter. So DH had to book to see his own dentist to discuss what he would like to do. He has to see this specialist dentist in a months time. Today DH said dentist was poking and prodding about in the area of this infection. The dentist managed to burst one of the abbesses that is visible. When I look in his mouth not that I know exactly what I am looking for I can definitely see 3 lumps in the top gum. There has been 2 for a long time but obviously a 3rd has made an appearance. So DH came out of the dentist with a smile beaming from ear to ear as he had escaped the procedure for another few weeks at least. Talk about jammy monkey ;) getting out of the procedure for now. Just had to give DH some pain killer called Ibuprofen 400mgs as his mouth now sore after dentists encounter with it. I know this is not the name given to the drug in Canada or US for that matter. I think it's named advil as one of the names I have heard.

I knew my DH a while before I was to go out with him. I was living in a shared house with him which was broken up into bedsits. At that time I was going out with another man and had been for 7 years. When I had the shock of my life when I read a letter from him saying he had left me. I never saw it coming and I was devastated at the time. My DH helped me pick up the pieces of my life and things just blossomed from there. So DH would have been in his late 30's and me I would have been early 30's. By the way I do call my better half DH but in actual fact we have not married :o Though all but in paper that is what we are husband and wife. He calls my parents Mum and Dad. He said it was so nice to have a mum again as his own mum had passed away. I am a great believer that things happen for a reason and you may not see it at the time what god has in store for you. I know now that now DH and I are a partnership he has coped with the MS wonderfully. I feel certain that the man I was going out with before was a great panicker and worried worse than I did. He would get himself worked up to the point where it would cause vomiting. I know that he could not have coped with this illness and given me the support I needed. I am thankful now that the relationship did come to an end and I have a wonderful man who cares so beautifully for me. I know he has given up a lot for me and can't do the things he use to. Though he doesn't complain. I know I am so lucky and feel very blessed to have him by my side.

We never think of the possibility that our husband or wife will pass away at such a young age leaving you a widow or widower. It is nice that your DH has found love again and I am sure that his what his first wife would have wanted. I know that is what I would want for my loved one left behind. To get on with their life and if love comes around again for them I would be pleased for them knowing their was someone to look after him in that special way.

Sorry to hear that you both have iffy tummies with the Rodney Trotters ( Cockney rhyming slang for diarrhoea ) I hope the dawn of a new day finds it better for both of you. It sound like you have both shared the same bug.

I know how your DH felt about not picking something to costly on the menu when someone else is paying. You do not want to feel like your taking advantage of their good nature. I think I would have done the same as your DH in his position, choose a meal that was the cheapest I could see.

Well no further news to tell you. So I am off to the kitchen to make a drink . So till next time take care ladies

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

06-09-2009, 06:51 PM
Well, hello, everyone! We have just been busy, busy, busy and it's only Tuesday! Good days at VBS and lots to do there. I help out in the kitchen, getting snacks ready, but the kids assemble the snacks (different age groups each day) and then we feed them all as a huge group (over 100 today) and then the clean-up begins, but it's not too bad. Although, there were a lot of mini-chocolate chips and raisins on the floor today to vacuum up!

Purple(your name's always in purple, so I thought I'd shake things up a bit:lol:-VBS is vacation Bible school where they come for 3 hours each day for 5 days and learn Bible stories, sing, do games, snacks, and just have lots of fun learning about God. We have a program on Friday evening where the kids get to sing and show their parents some of the things they've done during the week.

Ick, just thinking about your slugs gives me the willies. I don't think we've ever had that many. You would probably need a case of beer to drown the little nasties! It's too bad the dentist couldn't fix your DH's infection. Even though he'd have been in pain from the surgery, now he has to wait longer for whatever solution they come up with. I hope they find a fix soon.

Rosebud-I hope you and your DH are both feeling better quickly. And, before I forget, have a very Happy Anniversary! 20 years is a wonderful accomplishment! Ours will be 19 in October (but there are days I wonder if we'll actually make it:rollpin::frypan::kickbutt:;):lol:

Sounds like you're making some progress on all the projects, too! Your DH must be like that Energizer Bunny-going and going and going! Of course, that's good because we all know what happens when a man has too much spare time on his hands........only trouble:lol:

Meowee-Hoping to hear good news. You're in my thoughts and prayers. :hug:

Val-I sure know how you feel about money issues. Seems there's never enough to get ahead a bit. Hard when family is in need also or just thinks you're the bank. Try not to let him take advantage because your needs are important, too :hug: Hope you're getting some rest.

Well, must go as the boys think I've gone on strike as dinner's not ready yet:lol:! DH has gone to Minnesota to check on his dad who had to be taken to the hospital last night-don't know if they're going to be able to do the chemo as his heart seems to be weakening as well as the kidneys.

You all take care and have a nice evening and Wednesday!

06-09-2009, 10:49 PM
HI RONNI ~ Yes, I often refer to my DH as the ever-ready bunny; on good days, he just seems to go, go, go ... ;) DH will be helping out the contractor tomorrow; so glad that the ramp will be put up at my Dad's cottage so I can get in and out without hurting my knees and always feeling like I am going to fall.

I want you to know that every couple has up and downs in their marriage; don't let anyone fool you, Ronni. We have our spats just like any other couple, and usually they are over something very silly and small and all too often, altogether UNimportant (so I try to move on quickly).

My DH has many wonderful qualities, but he has faults like anyone else (as do I); but we have learned that you must forgive each other quickly, if you want to enjoy your marriage and life with your chosen partner. You have children also, and that brings a whole new dynamic to the marriage (more things to disagree about). :lol:

Sounds like you had fun helping out at the VBS (vacation bible school); I think that's great for the kids and they can always use more help. I think that's terrific that you have discovered a hidden artistic talent while doing those posters. Who knows -- maybe a part-time business doing signs and decals, plus posters and murals, could be in store for you sometime in the near future! :D

:hug:^^Prayers^^ continue for your FIL and your DH, and all his family (and you) too, during this difficult time ...

HI PURPLE ~ sounds like your DH was fortunate today and missed the surgery. I hope he isn't suffering too much pain tonight though. I wonder what his dentist will opt to do for him now? One of my brothers had to have all his top teeth pulled this year and they gave him a false plate; sadly, either way, it involves some kind of operation and some pain.

My stomach was much better today; but now my feet are throbbing from all the walking I did today, as we decided to go do some shopping early this week. The rest of the week is booked already; at least we never got any rain even if the clouds hung over us all day. Tomorrow they are predicting a mix of sun and clouds; let's hope they are right.

DH went and picked up my CRAB APPLE TREE today; we got a really good deal -- it was less than I had expected $52.00 + taxes = $58.25 total. It is really tall; I'd say at least 12 feet, so that is a really good start, I'd say. The pot was quite dry, so we put it in larger big, round plastic bin (they call them apple bins here) and gave it some food and lots of water with the hose (in the bin too, so it can drink some up itself).

HI MEOWEE ~ hope you are feeling better today and the results from your tests were good. Prayers continue for you that the doctors will figure things out and get you on your way to total restoration right soon ...

HIYA VAL ~ hope you are having a great week up there and that you are feeling stronger each and every day!

Well, that's all the news for now; hope you ladies have A WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

06-10-2009, 10:52 AM
Hi ladies

Good afternoon fellow chicks. it is a cloudy day with no rain but it is not cold outside. So that is not too bad on the weather front.

DH has been to the dentist at midday today for a consultation with his own dentist to see which way forward he wished to go with his treatment. Unfortunately the news it not good now due to the spread of the infection. He has had previous root canal treatment so he is now facing a double extraction :cry: in two weeks time. Kindly the dentist is making a plate so there will not be a visual gap at the front.

Heres for the smile of the day ladies I forgot to tell you of one of the trials and tribulations of losing weight. Never have I had a problem keeping garments up as they to be honest have been on the tighter side. Well I was out and about on my travels when I had a real red face moment :o My underskirt before I knew what was happening was round my ankles :rofl: Good job I and DH can laugh about it. It is just something I had never experienced in my life a wardrobe malfunction. They never tell you this when you lose weight that their maybe roads your will tread that you have never been down.

Well I have a bit of time so I will catch up with everybody now I can give my personal posting justice. Yesterday I was just shattered as per normal after treatment at the oxygen tank. Today I have been ultra organised so I have more time.

RONNI Well I have learnt something new as I found out that I did not know what VBS where after all. I know that religious organistions do run groups in the summer but there is not really a religious overtone to the activities here in the UK. It is more to provide a safe environment for the children and to keep them off the street with its bad elements. I noticed for the first time that the Salvation Army run a before and after school club. Only because the children were in the shop with the Salvation Army leaders supervising them. All the children where wearing bright colour tabards to make them easily visible to the people in charge. I know that these before and after school clubs provide meals for the children as well if required

Gosh 100 children no wonder the hoover was working overtime after the group had gone. I know how much mess one child can make let allow a group that big then add food into the equation yikes :fr:

It sounds like your school children have already broke up for the summer holidays. Our children in the UK have about another month of school before that happens. Our children get 6 weeks off during the summer. Then roughly every 6 weeks they get a week or if it christmas or Easter which are the longer and get a fortnight off. I know our school terms are different. I know that your children are home schooled so I do not know if you are so up on the school holidays.

I spare a thought each day for you and your family regarding your FIL wondering how you are all fairing. My thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

VALDINE I hope your managing to balance work and rest. I know at the minute you are really struggling with the fatigue that can come from MS. I know that at one point it was rather crippling in my life. So changes had to come about of realizing I was not superwoman. I could not keep up with everybody else no matter how hard I tried. If I do not watch out I can still have the mentality of trying do do what others do in a day. Oh yes I might be able to do it for one day. But the next day I am good for nothing.

MEOWEE My thoughts have been with you over the past few days have you have been having your CAT scan and bronchoscopy. I hope you soon start to feel an improvement in your health. Now that the doctors have done some investigation I hope this will help them plan your course of treatment to get you well again.

ROSEBUD DH last night was in a little discomfort but the pain killers I dispensed him seemed to take the majority of that away. So after the visit to the dentist today DH is now going to have a partial plate for the missing top teeth. I really hope he is able to get on with it. I had a plate many years ago, a temporary one until I could have a bridge done. It took some getting use to I must admit. My sister has had one since she was about 16 as she lost her two front teeth.

Your not having much luck healthwise at the minute. Glad your tummy is on the mend. I hope your feet stop throbbing soon. We try to do exercise and it can be difficult with aches and pains.

Last night walking was a bit difficult for me for some reason both my feet swelled up. I checked it was ankle Oedema (edema I know is other spelling your familiar with) with a simple check to just press the swelling in the foot. If it leave an imprint in the ankle of the finger then it is Oedema. The only time I normally get it is on long journey on a bus.

Like you were saying to Ronni we all have our ups and downs in life. Like you say arguments are usually over something so silly and trivial. I can forgive and forget quickly where as my DH takes longer than me. Children are another element to a marriage that I am sure can create issues between loved ones. Gosh I just got to thinking my sister and her husband have been together I think either 18 or 19 years this year. I know like me they have their ups and downs.

Sounds like an excellent deal on the crab apple tree. In a few years time you will be able to harvest a little fruit off it to make your home made apple butter. To my knowledge very few people grow a crab apple tree here in the UK. If they are going for an apple tree it will be of the bigger variety either the cookers or eaters. To be honest I have never heard of anybody using crab apples here. I presume they are the same as what they are here in the UK. Crab apples to us are very tiny apple which are way to bitter to eat on their own.

Right off to finish off my last chore for the day then it is put my feet up with a cuppa. Until we start tea later. We are off out to play card but yesterday we cancelled due to how DH was feeling. So till next time take care and have a lovely Wednesday

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

06-10-2009, 10:41 PM
:wave: HI EVERYONE ~ well, DH and the contractor managed to get started on the ramp just after lunch and were finished by 3:30 pm. The contractor also secured the deck to the house better as he noticed that it wasn't fastened correctly.

A few small things need to be done which DH can do by himself like put on the sealer and paint. This fellow gave us a very good price as well. They said the ramp is very secure and DH says it even helps him with his bad knee as well. I knew that everyone would benefit from this ramp being put in ... :)

NIKO and I just stayed home today; and I got caught up on some light housechores, and did some research on the net about trees and some other things of interest. DH was so happy that he got such a good deal on that tree that he wants to go back and see if there is another one that I might like.

I had been saving up TOONIES over the winter to buy this tree and thought it would cost much more than that. I would really like to find a tree with pink blossoms and I think I saw one when we went by there the other day. DH said they had many different ones to choose from; so it would be worth it to go have a looksee!

It is supposed to get hotter as the week progresses, so DH is out in the shed chasing down our Air Conditioner which is no easy feat, I must say. First he has to unload our generator, put some stuff in the trailer, then go after the A/C on a shelf at the very back of the shed. Oh yah, someone thought it would be a good idea to put it at the very back. Guess DH will be sleeping very well tonight! :lol:

PURPLE ~ Sorry that your DH has to have those two front teeth removed, but maybe it is for the best in the end (no more suffering over and over again). One of my siblings had to have his top teeth pulled for the exact same reason.

I did some research on the net about our new tree today. It is called a DOLGA CRABAPPLE TREE, and normally a tree 10' or taller goes for $120.00 or more, so we really did get a bargain. Plus the Dolga is a self-pollinating pollinator which means it reproduces by itself and can pollinate any fruit trees within a 100' foot range (like other apple trees). This tree grows to about 20+ feet and has pretty deep pink buds that lighten and turn to white when they fully bloom.

The apples are one of the sweetest available and can be picked right off the tree and eaten; and they can be used for all the same things regular apples are used for like jams, jellies, pies, desserts, and can be mixed with other apples too. This kind ripens earlier than other apple trees (in August). The apples are the size of small plums (larger than normal) and become a bright red and even turn dark burgundy purple as they ripen. The leaves turn to yellow in the fall. My info says that becuz our tree is so tall already that it could blossom and fruit this year if we get it planted soon.

I hope all you ladies are having a great week, and that you also have A TREMENDOUS THURSDAY!!!... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

Here's some pics of what the tree is supposed to look like full grown; plus the apples, and the pretty blossoms that some say when a wind blows by, it looks like snow is falling ... :D PS ~ not sure why, but you seem to have to click on the numbers to see the pics today for some reason.

32635 32634 32636

06-11-2009, 12:48 PM
Hello and good afternoon

Been a busy day for me in the kitchen. I have seemed to spend a lot of time in there today. Apart from making lunch today and prepare snacks etc for the rest of the day. I have made another batch of soup. This one is butternut squash, carrot, potato, onion and parsnip. I have flavoured it with some curry powder for a bit of bite to it. Must admit there is a nice aroma coming from the kitchen from it. I have also prepared all the vegetables that I will need for the next couple of days and popped them back into the fridge to store them.

Was good yesterday and had a day on plan. So far so good another day on plan so far fingers crossed. I am trying to string quite a few on plan days together as I have been a little naughty over the weekend. So nows the time to nip it in the bud and come back down to earth with a bump. So hopefully days on plan will counteract some of my really bad choices.

Weather wise today has been a nice day much pleasanter than the previous few days we have experienced. I hope the weather still stays nice as friends of ours are going away in their caravan for the weekend to Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire. They were away last weekend near Newark again in Nottinghamshire. They went to Lincoln on the Saturday but Sunday the weather spoiled itself and it bucketed it down with rain. Not much fun hitching up the caravan to the car in the pouring rain.

ROSEBUD Really please that you have now got a ramp fitted to your home which will benefit both of you. Like I often say to people we are not getting any younger and things like this will prove useful in the future when our mobility can be even more impaired.

I hope your able to find another pretty tree with blossom to go with your excellent bargain of the crab apple tree. We have several people around where we live with different blossoms or flowering trees. The two that come to mind is the cherry blossom and magnolia. Both which are visually beautiful but I do not know what price they come out too. I also love the miniture japanese maple I know it is not a flowering tree but the beautiful colour leaves that I like. Again I am not sure of cost but I think a Japanese maple is a little more on the pricey side.

Yes shame about DH and his teeth but as you say it will get the problem solved and he will be eventually pain free. Last night a fragment of tooth broke away from one of the teeth. So I took a look to see the damage done. Oh dear the abscesses look really bad in my opinion and he is fortunate that he is not in more pain.

Yes I bet the air conditioning will soon need to be on as the days get hotter for you. Is the air conditioning built into your new home or is it a portable unit like my own. Very few homes here have the air conditioning as we do not have the high heats that you experience. Shops and shopping centres have air conditioning. Plus other big public places will have it also which is bliss on our really hot days.

No further news from my part of the world. Time to go and see to a bit of tea before we venture out to play cards. So till next time take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

06-12-2009, 12:41 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had a mixed bag of weather today -- some sun, but mostly clouds and some rain; after dinner tonight, the skies finally decided to clear up until sunset. Hope tomorrow is nice becuz we want to go up to the lot and finish some things off and get that storage shed started.

We have been waiting to go up there for at least a week now; and I can't wait to see that ramp and try it out. DH said he is so grateful for it as he has a bad knee and thigh that have been giving him some terrible grief lately with stiffness and aching. He went and picked up some wood today to start the base frame for the shed, so he was very bushed tonight.

I thought I saw my Dad & SM drive by tonight. I think they just arrived around dinner time. Often we don't know they are here until after they arrive, but they did say they would be up in the first or second week of June, as long as SM felt well enuff to come.

PURPLE ~ your soup sounds wonderful; I made up some penne pasta today for lunches (want to have a tuna salad for lunch tomorrow) for something different and cooler for the summer. I had some pasta that I wanted to use up; bits of this and that (different kinds) that are perfect for salads. DH isn't into salads of any types, so I just make them for myself and make him something else.

Our air condtioner is a kind of portable unit, but we have to find a suitable place for it in this new place as the windows in the main rooms aren't suited to an air conditioner. You can buy indoor units with just window hoses but the one we have has to go into a window; so we may have to put it in the porch window or the back bedroom which isn't very handy or economical. In the last place, we had it in one of the livingroom windows and would just close off the other doors to save on hydro, but we haven't solved this issue for here just yet ... hmmm ... I know the last tenants used one as we saw it, but we just don't know where they had it (I think they had it in the back porch and just left the kitchen door open). :dizzy:

Anyways, I just stayed home and rested up today while DH went and got some more wood for the storage shed we want to get started at now. We still have lots of time to do the floor, so we thought we'd do the shed now so DH wouldn't have to keep dragging stuff all over the place as that takes up so much time and energy that is wasted each time we go there.

So ... we hope that all you ladies are feeling better; prayers going up for MEOWEE and VAL and RONNIE -- that your health will be restored more and more each day! PLEASE DO HAVE A FANTABULOUS FRIDAY, LADIES!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

06-12-2009, 09:30 AM
Hi and good afternoon

We woke up to a glorious sunny day though chilly first thing this morning must admit. Not warm enough for air conditioning their is enough of a breeze to make it comfortable.

Just finished eating lunch of lamb (some I had in the freezer from a previous lamb dinner), then I did it with new potatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and dwarf beans. I have for a snack today one of our frozen banana desserts that I made last week. So looking forward to that later on. So at present I am just drinking my coffee before tackling those pots from dinner. Today is my 3rd day on plan so fingers crossed that I will achieve a string in a row of on plan days. I have found that the soup to be a good filler and stop me from feeling so hungry. I have save some of my calories till later in the evening when I get the munches and that seems to have paid dividends. I have been incorporating yoghurt into the menu, plus the soup as suggested in the diet tips. I hope that this will become part of my meal structure more to aid the weight loss or maintenance which ever I maybe in.

The ankle oedema that I was experiencing seems to have gone after two days but I did take many potty breaks in one day. So it must have been getting rid of the excess fluid in my body. I did also try to elevate my feet more to aid drainage. Fingers crossed these preventive measure seems to have worked in my favour.

Today I feel quite tired and think I will end up going to bed this afternoon for a sleep to help me get refreshed. I had a good nights sleep and was in bed for just before midnight and got up at 9.15am. But I still feel I need more sleep, this is the fatigue aspect of MS that sometimes hits me. Don't know if I over did it yesterday so now am paying the price. Must admit that I had a touch of diarrhoea this morning though my tummy feels perfectly fine now. So not sure what that was from, I know I can get it when I am on TOM but that is not the case now.

ROSEBUD Hope the weather panned out to be good so that you could go to the lot and try out the ramp on your cottage. I am sure it would be nice for you to see how things are progressing there. Not only that you get to spend time with your DH even if you can not do no heavy work other than play the roll of the good supervisor ;)

I hope your parents are able to come over and that your SM health is stable enough for the visit. I am sure it would be nice to catch up and spend some quality time together. How many miles are you apart? For me I am very fortunate that it is only 30 miles away which is nothing compared to the long distances that many families have in places like Canada and the USA.

Hope your able to find a good solution to save hydro with the air conditioning unit. We have a portable unit like yourself but have no real good solution to the hose. Here our windows have security hinges that prevent you from putting it out the window as they do not open wide enough for the hose to go out off. The only room we can put it out of the window is in the bedroom as we had a break in through that window and it was replaced. It does prevent you from opening it too wide so people can not just come into your home. Though from the inside this one window you can override by pressing a button and hey presto it opens fully. So we usually end up putting it out the kitchen door. Not ideal by any means but for the amount of times we use it we incur the expense of the air conditioning unit and only use it when the heat is really getting to me.

Today we have no plans to go out or about anywhere so I am going to relax as much as I can now. I have made a dinner for tomorrow with cooking extra vegetable and all I have to do now is slice some pork from this joint I cooked. The pork was from a bigger joint that I placed in my freezer so that it could be used at a later date. I have been trying to use stuff up from my freezer as you can get so much stuff in there that you just don't use it up. So all my meals this week I am using up things from my freezer except for the vegetable accompaniment which I have used fresh ones. I am starting to see some space in there for once ;) Every so often I will do this and real run my freezers down. I must admit now I have space I now to need to do an inventory of what is in there and so I know how to plan meals from there. I do have several meals that I have made extra and frozen. These come in handy for my treatment day as it is my version of a ready made meal.

Now my tummy is much more settled down I want to make a mild curry with turkey and vegetables. This I will then pop back in freezer for my ready made meal collection. I do know that I seem to have about 3 Bolognese sauces as I counted them yesterday. I know I have a selection of muffins or scones as well. Talking of scones I think I will take them out for a treat for Sunday tea. Not too naughty as they are no added sugar and made with wholemeal flour. I put a smear of jam and instead of cream I use thick low fat yogurt. I don't put much yoghurt on either but it has the look of a cream tea even if I am fooling myself ;)

Right time to go and tackle those dinner pots unless my kitchen fairy has done them for me ;) So till tomorrow have a lovely Friday and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

06-13-2009, 05:42 AM
Hello fellow chicks

Today I have done my washing over night ready to peg out on the washing line this morning. You’ve guessed it theres no sun in sight :D and I don’t think it will dry much outside. To be honest so far it looks more like rain so looks as though it will be drying indoors :yes: or in the tumble drier clothes that are suitable.

Last night I watched a programme from the internet on the BBC site (which is a television channel broadcast here in the UK) as the title of the programme alured me to it. It was called “when diets go wrong” it had an interviewer on the programme that was famous for her role in a British soap called Hollyoaks. The interviewer Mikyla Dodd spoke to various people who had experienced various side effects from different diets. Like those whom had taken diet pills bought from the internet and taken them with horrendous side effects. One lady could have lost her hands and her feet due to the fact the blood supply was going only to her major organs which we all know are situated in the torso.

There were ones which I felt did not deserve to go under this title though on the other flip of the coin. One was taking a tablet which is prescribed by the doctor and you are monitored by them throughout. You will be told of the side effects of taking too much fat in your diet. So it is up to you to do your best to stay in the appropriate amount so this side effect does not occur. I know of people on this site who have successfully lost weight this way and it was an in informed decision to go down this route.

Another was the Atkin diet which has its own thread here on the 3fc site and many have again been successful in losing weight via this method. They were mentioning the side effects which you will experience at the beginning (I think this is the case but I am not that familiar with the ins and outs of this type of eating plan) which is keytones and maybe smelly perspiring. Even though it did have eating plans which I felt should maybe have not been in there over all it did point out the pitfalls and avocaated it be done the healthy way through healthy eating and exercise.

Last night for tea we ate the soup I had prepared the day before which was made from mainly carrots and butternut squash. So it is very orange in colour due to the vegetable used. I have blended the vegetables used and it is nice and thick. It also flavoured it with a touch of curry power and I must admit we both like it. I suppose because I have been on a bland diet for so long and I am just able to tolerate mild curries without side effect. I must admit it is so great to have the odd dish which is a little bit spicy though I am being sensible and still having a relatively bland diet. I think my tummy would not tolerate a spicy diet after months of none it would be a shock to the system. So slowly is the way forward I think as I would hate to go back to before and the days of abdominal pain that I have experienced in the past. I have now strung three complete days of on plan of healthy eating :carrot: here’s to another day to make it four.

Need to pop to the shop very briefly with DH to get some bananas (we tend to have at least one a day) though neither of us likes them when they become too ripe. The riper ones are always used in other ways as I hate to waste food. I use them to sweeten muffins or in our frozen banana desserts or for making mock banana ice cream. What I call mock banana ice cream is a banana which has been peeled and sliced and then lay on a flat tray in the freezer to freeze. Try not to have any piece touching the other as when it comes to blitzing them in the blender the iced banana will be too thick for the blades. Use them in a few days of popping them in there. Take out of the freezer let them defrost just slightly them pop into a blender and blitz. This when blitzed correctly will have the consistancy of soft ice cream. This is nice on its own for a snack or dessert. If you just have a tiny portion you then can have it with either fruit or jelly (jello). It has the taste of really banana ice cream without the cream or the sugar for that matter. The calories are far better ones than that from dairy ice cream I am sure.

We also need to purchase the weekly television magazine which on our weekly grocery trip last Monday I could not buy as this week’s edition does not come out on the shelves till Tuesday. Then I need some cocoa powder the unsweetened variety. I purchased some cocoa about a week ago only to find that I had purchased the wrong variety. Why I was first concerned was on opening I could see little tiny white grains through out the dark chocolate powder. I looked further on the packaging and low and behold sugar. It must have had a fair amount in the cocoa powder as it was high on the ingredience on the package. So here that means it has more than the other ingredience the higher up the list.

Was woke up this morning, not by an alarm clock oh no but by the workmen diggers at the back of our house where at present they are building a school. Not that I am complaining as they have been acceptionally quiet really considering how big the school is and they work 6 days a week on it from 7-30am in the morning till between 4pm – 6pm depending on the light of the day. In the winter months it was always 4pm but now it tends to be the later time.They constructed a blue solid metal fence all the way round partly for security for the site. Then they built a mount of earth higher than the fence which in my opinion acted as a buffer for the sound keeping it too a minimum. There is only a day which I found a bit grating sound wise and that was when they were driving metal plyons into the earth for the foundations of the school. The workers did warn us that they would be doing it so we planned to be out for the most of the day which we did. So we only had a short period of time with this horrid banging noise.

The traffic calming humps at the front of the house now have been completed for about a week to 10 days. We think it has reduced the volume of traffic down our road that was using it as a cut through to the other main road which adjoins it. It is just taking a little while to get use to work trucks using the hump outside our house as it now clatters their tools etc as they pass over. Not that they are speeding or anything like it but no one could get over it quietly in that type of vechile. So I keep think someone has had an accident and drove into another vechile. I am sure after a while that type of noise will drift into the background and I will not be aware of it. I know my sister used to live next to a railway and she became virtually immune to the sounds of the trains. Where as if when I stayed I was acutely aware of them and their activities throughout the day.

Hello :wave: to ROSEBUD, VAL, MEOWEE, RONNI, NUMPSTER] (oh gosh the mind has gone blank :rofl: I can’t think of any more names who use our thread) so sorry if I have missed you out. I hope your all well and enjoying your weekend off. Time for me to tackle the breakfast pots and go and get out of these night clothes. So take care ladies and catch up with you later

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

06-14-2009, 12:03 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we've been out to our lot for two days, and did manage to get a few things done. We planted our new crab apple tree and watered all our other trees as there hasn't been near enuff rain this spring. All we have been getting is short light sprinkles and our ground is too dry. Only the lower areas are doing really well, and sad to say, that it looks like we lost a few trees this year.

Gee, just a lack of rain for the spring; and even though we thought we were smart and put most of the trees near the east and south trenches, we have lost some. So we will be hauling water out each time we go to water them until some rain show up. We planted the tree in a place that we noticed had nice green grass around it and DH said that when he dug the hole that there was water in it, so it was a good spot (as trees need lots of water). From what we can tell, the back of the lot seems to have more water, as most of the healthy trees are in the back half of the lot.

PURPLE ~ thanks for keeping our thread alive why I was away. I was just so tired last night that I didn't come on my PC or get any reading or my puzzle done; I think I fell asleep within 15-20 minutes of putting my legs up. We just love the new ramp; it is so easy to walk up and down. DH just loves it for carrying things in and out; it is so handy. The only thing we want to do is buy some nice top rails to put on before we finish it. DH didn't have one long enuff for that, so they subbed with two shorter ones for now; but we will pick up one long nice one instead. I think it would look really nice with some rattan xxx sheething along the side as well.

We took our BBQ out there as well, so we can make some things to eat when we want something different. Today, I made a pasta salad and that was very filling. One day, I had tuna in it and another I put small cheddar cheese and turkey pepperette pieces in it. I added coarsely chopped cucumber, celery, onion, and tomatoes, with a bit of relish and a lite dressing; and this was very tastey.

We had good weather both days, but sadly those nasty buggies have finally come out and were trying to have us for lunch. :lol: We were actually very fortunate that they were two weeks late coming out this year. So we had to put on some bug goop to protect ourselves. I did manage to get in a bit of walking -- am going to have to build up my endurance again this year. Last year, I was doing really well, but the move set me back some. I will just have to take my time and increase a bit at a time. Maybe by the end of summer, I'll be back where I was.

Speaking of your 'Odema', I was having a problem with my right calf again; the scrape on my shin is getting smaller; it is about the size of a dime now, but one spot yesterday started draining profusely (not infection though, just water); I was a bit concerned, so today I let it air for awhile, then put a fresh bandage and put a large wrap around it. Well, along with some urgent prayers over the day, that seem to do the trick as the draining stopped and things are looking much better.

We are wondering how your DH managed to secure your air condtioner to your kitchen door? DH checked, and ours would fit both the kitchen and livingroom doors, but DH is wondering how one would secure it there without damaging the door itself (as we are renters only). He says that it could possibly fit into one of the bedroom windows, but that wouldn't help us in the main area of the house where the heat seems to accumulate more in this house (mainly from the western sun from supper time until sunset).

My Dad and SM live about 400 miles south of us, so we see them about two times a year. As long as they are well, they try to come up here each spring and fall to visit and stay in their place here (at his old farm); my Dad also has two brothers that live here as well, so they come to get away and visit family as well. We don't travel that much becuz the vehicles we have had in the past weren't that reliable, and my health wasn't that good for the last few years.

I am slowly starting to feel better in many ways, but my walking isn't back to where it needs to be yet for me to feel comfortable travelling places. We are hoping that my legs and health will improve over the next couple of years. I am doing better than I was last fall and early spring, and with this new ramp in -- it has given me a new hope that I can even improve my health this year, as long as I don't overdo it.

We are gonna take a rest and stay home tomorrow; and then see what kind of weather we may get next week. DH is still vascillating about what he wants to do first (he tends to be a bit undecisive at times); and so we will have to discuss it again and make a decision that he feels comfortable with. DH really found the bugs and heat in the late afternoon were bothering him, so we may try to go out earlier in the day, and look for cooler days to go out and stay home on the really hot days -- or something like that.

Well, that's about all the news for now; time to go put my legs up, as they need that as I did a bit of walking but didn't get a chance to put my legs up at all today. So, take good care ladies and we hope that you all have A MARVELLOUS MONDAY, and a wonderful new week, as well!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

06-14-2009, 06:28 AM
Hi ladies and good morning

Well I turned out to be very wrong about the weather yesterday it ended up being very cloudy first thing then the sun can out and I managed to get every thing dry. Plus I washed our towels and then the bed linen and dried them all outdoors. So all in all it was a very successful day on the laundry front :yes:

I was busy yesterday with little chores here and there. I stripped and remade the bed of course. I cleaned the bathroom and toilet. I bleached our cutlery which have white handles and they can get very stained over time. We had a lovely evening walk my DH and I which I thoroughly enjoyed. I had a shower and washed my hair so by the end of the day I was pretty exhausted. Needless to say thought I would sleep very well. Though instead it took me forever to get off to sleep. :dunno: I was tired but I just couldn'tít sleep whether I was overly tired I just donít know. Very seldom do I have bad nights like that so it is an one off.

Well on a down note my 4th day of healthy eating didnít quite go to plan as I ate a piece of cake yesterday :o. Though to compensate I trimmed down our calories for the rest of the day to do some damage limitation. Hopefully the walk burned a few calories off as well for my bad choices. The food for the rest of the day was healthy and on plan if that scores me some brownie point ;) For today we are going out for lunch at the cafť just up the road from our house. I will be having chicken and vegetables for dinner.

I have just been browsing my television magazine and noticed that there is a programme on called ďcasualty 1909Ē this is a true life series following a London hospital in the year of 1909 from hospital records from that time. There have been previous programmes but of earlier years of something like 1906 and 1907. It is fascinating to see nursing at the turn of the century and how strict they were. Not only that how hard they worked. Though to be honest a lot of their procedures and attention to detail I was trained in the same manner. This is because I had nurses whom where in charge of ward where from the old school. They may have been strict but they were fair plus you knew where you stood with them. To be honest they made me a little fearful but I fully respected them. Gosh and matron put the fear of god into you with her ward inspections. She would even do one on Christmas morning but you did not know what time she was coming so I couldn'tít relax until she had been. Plus also pass her close scrutinising eyes which missed nothing believe you me. She would check every nook and cranny for dirty. She would check drug trolleys, nursing notes and ensure that patients looked nice. This is because on this type of ward I was on they had dementia so we dressed our ladies and gentlemen. So that is why she would look over each one to see they were clean, tidy, nicely dressed, no buttons missing or holes in garments. Definitely no ladders in tights or stockings. The worse thing to find was anyone with food stains on their clothing (I know this from another nurse who got her wroth for this misdemeanour. )

ROSEBUD When you did not post I kind of thought that you must have been so tired after going to the plot. I know you said you were going there health permitting. Glad you got to see and use the ramp that has just been constructed there. It is such a pity due to the poor rainfall that you have lost some trees. Like you say until the rainfall makes an appearance you will have to lug water up there each time you go too keep the others alive.

Good idea about taking the barbeque to the lot so that youíre able to cook some food outdoors and eat el fresco. Nothing like eating outdoors the food seems to taste that touch nicer for some reason. Until like you say you become dinner for someone else namely the bugs. The bugs are not bad here as you describe in Canada though I am not very keen on wasps. I think this stems from an encounter as a child with one which crept up my trouser leg then started to sting me. I then started to scream and pat my trousers profusely which in turn just aggravated the wasp which stung me even more. By the time my parents came and sorted me out I had been stung about 7 times. Though I did encounter one wasp or bee when I was younger. My mum and dad were decorating their bedroom I went to ask to have a sweet. They said I could so off I trotted downstairs and got the sweetie tin. It was kind of big for me so I sat on the dinning room chair and placed the tin on the dinning table. Though unknown to me there was a wasp or a bee for that matter on the chair. Needless to say the wasp or bee didnít take to kindly to that and stung me in the posterior. Apparently I screamed blue murder scared my parents half to death. Who come racing down the stairs at 90mph to see what had happened to me. So me and things that sting do not mix overly well :D.

Gosh your calf sounds painful and know wonder you sent up a few prayers when you had all that watery liquid oozing from it. My oedema is much better since I have elevated my feet a little throughout the day to drain the water from my feet. It wasnít so much the swelling that bothered me but the tight feeling that it gave my feet. Making it difficult to walk due to the taut skin across the top of my foot. It certainly had made me think even more about a lady at a whist drive we go to. She has one of the worse cases I have seen in her leg, ankles and feet. How an earth she walks I donít know but more over she must be in constant pain from it. She never complains though not once she is a wonderful lady.

When we use the air conditioning unit it is not secured in anyway we just trail it out through the back-door. So it is far from ideal and not so economical to say the least :nono:. The kitchen still remains hot full stop but the rest of the main room; hall way is nice and cool. We shut the two bedroom doors and bathroom so that it has not too bigger area to cool. We cool the hall way as that is where my DH PC is situated. Well at least for now it is situated in the hall way though if I become wheelchair bound we have made plans what we are going to do. We are going to convert our little bedroom into a computer room and get rid of the double bed in there. Then the double bed will be replaced by a smaller bed settee. The secondary bedroom is not used much only when we have guests and even then we use it and give our guests the master bedroom. We are in the same position as you as we are renters also but our landlord is the council. So you can't go knocking holes into anywhere you please. Else we would be evicted from our home and out on our ear. So like you we respect the home but that can leave you with some dilemmas which would not happen if the house was yours.

I am pleased for you that you are starting to feel better in so many ways. People often ask do I feel better now I have lost weight. I often reply not really. Though I think now looking back I do feel different just was so slow that I did not wake up one morning and everything felt rosy. So there was no defining moment like that. Though more subtle ones like my skin looks healthier. I have more energy to do things, I suppose as I am not lugging around an extra 120+lbs. I am happier person not that I was ever a sad one. Though what I mean to say is I did not realise how bothered I was about the size I was. I pretended to others it did not bother me but also I was fooling myself. Talk about playing ostrich and sticking my head in the sand. Other things have now become more pleasant as a result of the weight loss and that is clothes shopping. Plus I now take care of myself more not only from the point of view of what goes into my mouth but from the one more attentive to what I am wearing ensuring everything matches down to my jewelry.

I am sure as time goes on you will start to have more and more things your will notice that have improved. Yes it takes time to build up your strength and stamina. Though slowly does it, I know how hard it was in the beginning for me as I spent most of my day I suppose sedentary. So the word exercise came as a shock to my system to say the least. Though I am glad I stuck with it as you have other benefits as it elevates your mood and just general well being. I know that I gave my body years of abuse with fuelling it with often plain rubbish and overloading it with too many calories. I figure that it is not going to recover overnight from the years of abuse I gave it.

When I have watch a television programme about people whom have abused their body with food or alcohol. Yes their organs look better with a few weeks of healthy living but what it shows it takes quite a bit of time for them to get to fully recover. Often people are so shocked to see that how bad their heart, liver etc are in. I suppose as we do not see them we just kind of deny we are doing anything too them. Yes I saw I was overweight but that is as far as I went I did not want to think about what I had done to myself. It is a hard pill to swallow to say yes it was my fault that I am this way but once I had admitted it too myself. I was prepared to tell others what I weight which was the hardest thing I have ever done. It was my defining moment and the point I started treating myself a whole lot better. Oh I am far from perfect but I am a lot better than I ever was.

Well time to go now further news at the moment plus I appeared to have wrote an essay :lol: So enjoy the rest of your weekend whatever you maybe doing. So take care ladies till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

06-14-2009, 10:44 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ Our day started out with a mix of cloud and :sunny: and fairly nice temps; but by this afternoon, some rain clouds came our way and it started raining. We also had some rain last night and I sure hope lots of that fell on our trees out at our lot. Before it fell, DH managed to get our lawnmower going and did a touch up of our front and side pieces for our landlord. His riding lawnmower couldn't go in some places, so DH did them with our regular mower, which thankfully is a self-propelled lawnmower that I bought DH for a birthday present many years ago (as it really helps take the load off his shoulders).

Well DH remembered before me that it was our 20th Wedding Anniversary today; I had totalling forgot about that and he reminded me upon waking. I got to pick the celebration dinner and I chose a healthier Chinese dinner of two different kinds of lean meat with mixed veggies dishes (one with bean sprouts; and one with things like broccoli, peppers, carrots, celery, onions, and mushrooms); DH picked chicken balls and fried rice (actually it's just sauteed rice with chicken and green onions). We have a nice oriental place here that is actually owned and run by a nice, young Vietnamese couple, and they really make nice fresh dishes here. They use big chunky veggies and very lean meats which I just love. So you can indulge your taste buds, but in a very healthy way at the same time.

PURPLE ~ I'm not really sure what you mean about how you run your Air conditioner out the kitchen door. You must have the kind with a hose then? We don't have a portable unit with a hose, but I am considering buying one, if the temps get too hot as we could just put the hose attachment in the front livingroom door window. Here they come with a small window attachment which just fits in the window opening (about 8-12' high and wide as the window); and the hose attaches to that. Then we would just have to open the window on the screen door to let the exhaust go outside. DH measured the porch window and it is way too small for an A/C, so we have to find another solution. Don't worry, I will find one if it gets too hot in here. That is one thing that really bothers me now; hot and HUMID air, as I just can't breathe well in that anymore.

I haven't got a pole to put my line on here, so I am thinking of getting one of those rotating round lines to put right beside my back porch. They don't cost too much, but we have to budget each thing for each month; so that on the agenda for next month as is the A/C issue, so we'll see how it goes. We have done very well this month with the car repairs and the ramp, but we are still doing A-OK! Good thing I have had many years of budgeting practice ... ;)

WOWIE ~ you certainly did have a busy day yesterday; many little odd jobs can indeed fill up a day for sure, but you feel so good to get them all accomplished -- then you collapse in bed exhausted that night and sleep very well! :lol:

DH did that today and has already conked out on me already, as he did many little jobs outside today too. He was just happy to get that lawnmower going for another year; it was just the seal on the gas tank was blocking the gas flow, so he will eventually have to pick up another one, but usually the carborator gets dirty and gives him grief, which is quite common actually. He also dug up the dandelions along the little garden and put gravel in its place; so that also probably tired him out, but it does look really nice. Now, if I could only find my basket of seeds and my tulip bulbs .... hmmm.

BOY ~ it was interesting reading about your MATRON that did all the care inspections; oh yah, can relate there, and she was a fussy one indeed, but on some of those points, you can surely see why (ie the drug trays are very important). It is kind of nice that she cared so much that the patients were being so well looked after, becuz honestly, in my career, I saw some neglect that I really didn't admire. We had one head nurse who was just like your matron, and she gave all the nurses such grief and bad nerves; but on the other hand, I worked in places where they were the opposite and way too lax -- much to the detriment of the care of the clients, and to me, that was worse.

So, I think that it needs to be somewhere in between ~ efficiently making sure that the patients are well-cared for and safe, but not overdoing it, until you drive all the nurses and support staff into "Homes For The Bewildered" themselves. :lol:

Only in the far north, do we have a huge pest problem in the early spring (especially the month of June); in the southern parts, they don't have as many trees or water around, so they don't have as many bugs as we do up here. I always tell DH that is one question I will have for GOD when I see him face to face -- why all those horrible skitters (mosquitoes), midgies, and black flies???

I know that the birdies and bats do eat some of them, but not enuff for my liking. I know in your bush areas that you do have midgies too, becuz I used to watch a cooking show called "THE TWO FAT LADIES" that came from England, and one time they went to a place where some workers were cutting trees and took some food to the men; and they said the bugs were horrific. Again, it's really a matter of where you are. All the woods and bush here have lots of bugs; but as the heat of July and August comes, that kills most of them off ...

I was born in the south and we mostly had bees and mosquitoes; and I don't like either of them. I have one itchy skitter bite on my arm that still bothers me today; acts up now and then. We just have to remember to use our 'BUG GOOP' (repellents) and wear our mosquito net hats, which we forgot we had up there until last night. The old memory plays havoc again! ;)

Well, it's time for me to go make my evening tea and put my legs up for awhile; hopefully tonight I may finish the puzzle that I have been working on for three days. I did pretty good keeping on plan this week; not perfect as we did each have a treat this weekend, but hopefully over all things will improve as I go along.

:hug:TO MEOWEE and VAL ~ hope both you ladies are feeling better this week. Prayers continue for all of you, including RONNI and our dear PURPLE!!!

I just noticed that I was totally confused about what day it was yesterday; both here and on another thread. I thought it was Sunday yesterday and here it was only Saturday. Haha! Hope all you ladies have a super Sunday evening and now I do hope that you all have a MARVELLOUS MONDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

06-15-2009, 11:46 AM
Good afternoon fellow chicks ;wave:

Today the weather does not know if it wants to be cloudy or sunny :sunny:. Though no rain :rain: at has appeared today, so many neighbours taking the opportunity to dry their washing outours.

Managed to complete the ironing yesterday evening before our late tea come supper. I did this whilst watching our weekly dose of Robinhood which I had prerecorded onto our freeview hard drive. Not sure if you are aware what a freeview box is so forgive me if it is a case of teaching grandma to suck eggs :lol: A freeview box works best with a digitial arial and it gives you a selection of free extra channels apart from your normal 5 channels which are on analogue. You can have various sorts of freeview boxes depending on how much you wish to pay. We paid a wee bit more and it allows us to record programmes on to its own hard drive. You can record upto 2 programmes at once plus view one prerecorded programme that you have previously recorded. You can also watch the programme that is already being recorded and you do not have to wait for it to finish. One other feature ours has it allows you to pause the television say if you are watching a film for example and need to go for a potty break. Then start the programme whenever you are ready but it starts from the point you paused the programme. Excellent feature if someone telephones or knocks at the door so no missing a favourite programme or interesting article.

This morning took the opportunity to wash our little baby rizzie much to his annoyance. Though he has the poorest aim in the doggie world when it comes to doing his business. You can guarentee he tinkles all over his paws. Mind you I think he is confused :?: to what sex he is half the time he forgets to cock his leg up and just squats :o. So this is where the problem lies unfortunately but there is very little I can do to try and alter this behaviour :dizzy:. To be honest he is well behaved in general so no complaints :no:.

ROSEBUD Glad there was a little rainfall for the sake of your trees, though I am sure you could do with a bigger down pour. (preferably during the night)

Yes the self propelled lawn mowers are much easier on the arms and shoulders. My DH has a petrol mower which is not bad on the arms etc. When I was steadier on my feet I could manage to do it. Though could never empty the grass from the collection basket as it was too heavy for me. Sounds like DH has been a busy bee again, I reckon he has a secret battery somewhere on his person as he is always on the go ;)

Yes our air conditioning unit has a long hose which is concertinas up when not in use to reduce storage space. So the hose we just trial out the door so let the hot air out of the rooms and let the unit put cold air into our living space.

Like you say it sure does take up your day all those little chores. They don’t sound much when you say them but they are time consuming nevertheless. Today I am really flagging as for a couple of reasons. Firstly because I have now had two nights in a row which I have had poor sleep which is highly unusal? Secondly it is getting to be time for my treatment and I am need of topping up with oxygen again which is tomorrow.

Watched the first in the series of the casualty 1909 one of the thing it said was life expectancy was 45, :fr: nearly the same age as myself now. Shows how much medicine has progressed in that time. It also highlighted the dangers of the anethesia as it really was still in its infancy. The hospital in question became one of the first to have doctors specially dedicated to anethesia and to have 24 hour cover with one of these trained doctors. Also the final thing that was documented at the end of the programme was it told you that child protitution was not that uncommon and girls as young as 10 :fr: which is a very frightening thought.

Our matron was strict but did not make me into a nervous reck. One nurse did and she was the divisional nurse manager of the psychiatric wards. (She was not higher than matron so lower on the pecking order) This lady took a dislike to me and was never off my back. Unfortunately I use to get bronchitis every winter sometime 3 or 4 times. I also use to get asthma along side this bronchitis so on inhalers to help me to breathe. I was so breathless all the time, not to mention how grotty it makes you feel. So I was off sick 2 or 3 weeks at a time as I was just too poorly to work. Nine times out of ten one course of antibiotics was never enough to clear it. Numerous occasions I had to go for a xray to see if there was something else going on. I think also in hindsight it was the beginning of my MS with the way I was feeling and some symptoms I was feeling. The only way I can describe how I felt at time due to this lady in question was she made my life a living ****. It got to the point when I had had enough of her picking on me that I had the union involved and they where wonderfully supportive. They protected me and it got to where she was not allowed to see me on my own. When the union was involved she backed off, I so wished I had gone to them earlier. People often asked why didn’t I leave I was stubborn and I would not give her the satisfaction of saying that she had driven me away. She ended up leaving before me, ironically on grounds of ill health. Not quite sure the ins or outs of it but she was losing her sight to the point she was unable to do her job.

I remember the show the two fat ladies but unfortunately one of the ladies passed away. Yes we do have more of those midgies and buggies near trees there must be something that they must like there.

I have done pretty well overall on keeping on plan there has been only one day that it went up the duff :rofl: So we have done great between us, such a shame I saw the piece of cake that seemed to have my name on it and was calling me :D Today had a lovely meal at lunch time we had mainly a vegetable curry of carrots, butternut squash, onions and a very tiny amount of turkey. Both of us said afterwards we would not have minded if it had been vegetarian as the curry tasted so nice. Tea is made for tonight nothing fancy but a sandwich just need to do some peaches and yoghurt in a bit.

Time to close and go and make a drink my throat is very dry. Though before I go I will say hello to :wave: VAL, MEOWEE, RONNI and a big thanks to ROSEBUD for the prays :hug:. So till next time take care not sure if I will manage to come on tomorrow with treatment though I will try.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

06-15-2009, 10:11 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we went from intermittent rain to hot, hot, hot!!! Sizzlin' Hot!!! So, I decided to just stay home as this weird cold keeps comin' back; the symptoms just make you feel vert tired, feverish, hot, queezy, a bit weak, and congested. However, the symptoms come and go.

PURPLE ~ sorry you've been having trouble sleeping; last night I did too, so that is probably why I felt tired today, but the heat makes me feel even worse. When I was younger, I could stand the heat more (they say that is so for everyone, esp kids), but now it makes me so tired. We have all the windows in the house wide open (well, as wide as we can get them to be, that is). DH says that he is sure our air conditioner will fit in our bedroom window; well, at least we'll be cool for the night-time, although I think I'll dig into some of my savings and buy a small portable with a hose for the livingroom area just for the really sizzling days of July and August. We think it may be a good idea to put a blind up in the kitchen window as well.

I hope you get to your oxygen therapy tomorrow as it helps you so much. Gee, I stayed home today and still managed to get bitten by a few skitters anyways. All the long grass across the road was being cut today, so they probably came from there. An elderly gentlemen has been working on his place and an empty lot for two days; DH did some finishing up here and the neighbour's next door (who doesn't have a lawnmower).

I think your FREEVIEW BOX is similar to what NA calls TIVO; it sounds very similar although I have never seen it or used it -- I have just heard people talking about it. DH and I had enuff of a time just trying to learn how to use our VCR's (video cassette recorders) and DVD players. :lol: Now they have come out with something new again (actually quite a while ago) for us to learn, that is, if we could ever afford that, which I doubt very much.

DH says that it took all day just to cut the grass on our place and then he did the grass at my Dad's place as well. It was quite hot out there, but some nice clouds did come by to cool things down a bit. DH said he was exhausted by mid-afternoon, so decided to come home.


Well I spent the day making a big pot of homemade potage which is veggies chopped small (3 medium potatoes, 3 celery stalks, 3 carrots, 3 onions, 3 tomatoes, 3 cups shredded cabbage, and 1 cup broccoli stems (or green beans; whatever you have on hand). I also added 2/3 cup baby peas, becuz I didn't have any barley or lentils (1/3 cup). I added these veggies to 3 liters of water, 3 tbl chicken soup base, 3 tbl onion or beef or veggie soup base, 3 tbl parsley, 3 bay leaves, 3 tsp thyme, 3 tsp garlic and onion powder, 3 tsp salt and black pepper, becuz I like it hot). I just brought this to a boil and then simmered it (covered) for up to 3 hours; then I mashed some of the veggies to make it thicker. I had some for lunch with a slice of whole grain bread and it was very yummy.


I also made a homemade SUGAR-FREE chocolate custard pudding today. I made it with some thawed frozen bananas (4 small) with 1/3 cup sweetener, 6 tbl cocoa powder, 4 tbl corn starch, 2 x-large eggs, 1 tbl vanilla essence, and 2 cups skim milk. I combined everything but the milk with a whisk; then on medium-high heat added the milk and heated and beat until thick; and it was quite thick, but I like it that way. This made 8 x 1/2 cup servings and is a lot cheaper than store bought.

Anyways, time to put my legs up and have my tea; take good care, ladies; and we hope you all have A TERRIFIC TUESDAY TOMORROW!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

06-16-2009, 06:33 AM
Hi Ladies

Well yesterday the skies went really dark and gloomy then we had a short sharp thunderstorm. The thunder upset our Rizzie so his day wasn't such a good one as it started off me bathing him which he hates with a passion. Fortunately it was very short lived so Rizzie soon settled down. Today it is partially sunny and cloudy one of those kind of days.

Yesterday unfortunately I started with some abdomen pain which has continued through the night and is still with me now as I write this. So I have either a hot wheat bag or heat patch on the area. The heat therapy works well and takes most of the pain away. Though what finally decided I best not go for oxygen therapy today is the fact I had a blocked nose. Nothing like a cold, but I seem to have symptoms a little like hay fever. Though I just have the streaming nose no runny eyes or anything like it. I knew a gentleman once a nurse in actual fact who suffered so bad in the summer with hay fever he looked as though he had a permanent cold during the summer. So I have nothing so severe as that just a runny nose as I said. So I thought it best not to go for oxygen therapy with my nose as the slightest problem like this it catches you out and you end up with pain in your ears having to stop treatment.

I have been trying to complete a computer game that my DH bought me it has something like 500 games to play. This is as the game is based around the Egyptian pyramids and there are 7 of those in this. Each pyramid has 3 levels to contend with contains 72 games in total. Not including the 8 bonus games each level. Each pyramid has a different type of game. Some are easier than others to complete. Each level as been that much harder to complete than the other. I have something like 80 games left to complete the puzzle so that will keep me out of mischief for a while. When I have completed that there is a bonus pack which my DH got for free as he bough this game. The game was I think £8 which I think considering how many games and how long it takes you to complete it is excellent. The bonus game is the same size as the original game so many hours of game play.

The other thing I have been doing to relax is play a game on face book. It is where you build a farm and go up the levels. It is quite addictive, more than I thought it would be :o It was the reason I joined face book as I had seen my DH playing on this and it is a simple game to learn to play.

ROSEBUD Thanks for the recipes they look both rather nice. I like the sound of the chocolate puddings as I am always on the look out for sweet things for my DH. The only thing not sure about is the bananas do you blitz them down with a hand blender or something like that or just leave them in slices.

The vegetable pottage is a great recipe which is nearly vegetarian apart from the chicken stock though I suppose you could use vegetable stock if you where serving a vegetarian. My nephew you see is vegetarian so if he comes to dinner I have to cook something meat free for him.

The type of free-view box that we bough pans out about the same price as a dvd recorder or cheaper to be honest. Though technology is moving on all the time and the new gadgets are way out off our price brackets. The new thing for watching dvd's is a player called a blue ray player. But they are like mega expensive or at least they were. We noticed that they were coming down a bit in price.

Tomorrow morning I am off to see the doctor not about my tummy. It is my 18 month tablet check regarding my repeat prescription. If you have have anything on repeat prescription every so many months you have to see a doctor by law before they will issue another prescription. This is to stop tablets beginning given out for years on end when they are not needed.

No further news at the minute, so time for me to go and get dress I think and do the odd chore. Though I am not doing too much as I am on the house on my own so don't want to fall. DH at the MS centre doing his voluntary work. He left me in bed this morning as I wasn't feeling so grand first thing. Though I feel heaps better than I did.

bye for now and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

06-16-2009, 10:39 AM
Hello, Everyone! We've got the rain today and cool temps, too, for now, but I think tomorrow will be much warmer and probably humid, too. DS2 is gone to South Dakota, so it's just DS3 and me during the days and I was hoping to be able to take him to the pool, but the weather is just not cooperating:(. He has an optometrist appt. today, so we'll be out and about for awhile. Like the rest of you, I'm feeling so tired lately-just can't seem to get enough sleep, so if I sit down in a chair in the evening, I fall asleep trying to watch tv!

Purple-It does sound like you have a little allergy issue. I have some allergies to grass & tree pollens and I just get stuffy when those pollens are high. Sometimes, I also get red, itchy eyes which make me look like I'm crying all the time. Awhile back, I seem to recall you asking if heat made my MS symptoms worse and I can say a definite yes on that. Just taking my walks makes my legs tingly and numb and when we go to the pool, sitting in the direct sun and getting warm gives me all kinds of numbness and creepy-crawly feelings on my back, legs, and face. Very annoying as it lasts for a couple days and makes it really hard to sleep. So, I hope you're feeling better quickly:hug:. Oh, another thing-had to laugh about your Rizzie not raising his leg. My sis has a male golden retriever and he has always squatted to pee also-I wonder if it's due to being 'fixed' as a young puppy? He's a nice dog, but has a splenic tumor and only a short time left:cry:.

Rosebud-those recipes sound delicious-I'm always unsure of what herbs and spices to put in things, so I don't experiment much-usually follow a recipe very closely, except I can't use garlic at all, as it causes me to have migraines. But, adding parsley and the other items you mentioned sound wonderful! Oh, and
:celebrate:HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!:woo: Sorry it's a little late.:o

Meowee and Val-been thinking about both of you and hoping you are feeling better and getting rested.:hug::hug: for you both!

Well, have a great day, everyone!

06-16-2009, 11:43 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had a very busy day today; and I managed to get in a good amount of walking as we went shopping for a portable air condtioner, and we did find one on sale (although I had to push to get the sale as the cashier then tried to charge me full-pin; but I stood my ground as the salesman had assured me it was on sale so we went and got the cash and went back to buy it). In the end, I did get the sale, but had to remind them that they cannot advertise the sale with a big red tag and then charge us something way more when we get to the check out.

I also picked up a blind for the kitchen window; the selection in this town was very poor (could only find one and it isn't quite wanted, but it will do for now until I can find what I really want to put there). We picked up a few groceries while we were out, so that's why I got so much walking and we even went and picked up some new wood to start the frame on the cottage today! :carrot:

Sooo ... we spent quite a bit of money; but I dug into my savings and bought the Portable A/C becuz I just could not stand to go thru the hottest months without a little help. I am already hot enuff now that I'm into my menopause years, so I need all the help I can get right now. Here's a picture of our new Portable Air Conditioner -- you can see how we have the hose running outside through the front door window. The window kit came with the air conditioner and has an extension piece for bigger windows too.


We had the AC on for a little while until the temps outside were cooler than in here; so then we turned that off and opened the windows for the night. So hopefully we are all set for the summer now; and have no more things that we need to buy. ;)

HI PURPLE ~ sorry that you couldn't make it to your oxygen treatment today, as I know that you like it. I agree with RONNI that it almost sounds like a kind of allergy. I know that when I even put a bit of skim milk on my cereal (like this morning) that I get a runny and stuffed-up nose. I may have to try another kind of milk like soy and see the difference ...

Our little Sweetie was a girl doggie as you may remember, but she often would lift her leg as if she was a male; the reason for that is that when she was little (a puppy) there was only one other dog around; and he was a male. He would come by, and visited her all through their lives; and she just imitated him. Often dogs learn things by watching those around them.

Gee, I hope that pain in your stomach goes away; hope your ulcer isn't acting up again. Maybe you should mention that to your doctor when you see him this week again as well. Yah, sometimes it is nice to have a day to yourself; esp when your spouse it normally with you all the time. Sometimes, DH goes off by himself to the lot, or the old farm to fetch our stuff, or doing one of his hobbies, or helping one of his friends -- that way we get some time to ourselves and don't get on each others nerves too much.

RE: the PUDDING ~ I think for banana pudding, I would use fresh mashed or whizzed bananas; and for the chocolate custard, next time I am going to try it with no bananas, and just use sweetener. You would definitely have to whiz the bananas to make them smooth -- I didn't this time, so it was a bit squiggly. But I have to say it tasted quite sweet, so next time, I may cut the sweetener down too (becuz as it cooled, it got sweeter).

RE: the POTAGE VEGGIE SOUP ~ that soup is really, really nice and you could definitely use a veggie broth; I think some recipes don't even add the soup bases, but I do as I find that they just give the soup a bit more flavor, esp when you aren't using any meat, like this one. You can get a veggie soup base as I have seen them at our local grocery store here; and after the veggies have simmered for awhile more flavor comes out of them too.

RONNIE ~ you don't have to put the garlic in if you don't like it; the French put it in as it gives lots of flavor to many foods and is good for you, but the soup will taste just as lovely without it, I'm sure. You can also put less salt & pepper in this soup -- it is all a matter of personal taste. Thanks for the anniversary wishes; boy, has time flown by fast. There have certainly been some ups and downs, but as a lady said to us today; as long as you can still smile at each other after 20 years that is a good sign.

HI MEOWEE ~ (aka Linda) -- am still lifting you up in prayer that your lungs will get better; that those tests will get to the bottom of things so your doctors can help you, and that your health will be restored as soon as possible ...

HIYA VAL ~ hope you are having a good week at work and your health is improving all the time ...

Well, I am going to have to get my poor legs up and rest them for at least a day or two now -- I'm sure that they will be very tired and sore tomorrow. Take good care of yourselves ladies; try to get lots of rest and have yourselves A WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

06-17-2009, 07:57 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ it was very, very hot here today, the thermometer even said 91F at one point, but the sun may have caused that, however it was 86F inside so it might have been right! I stayed indoors all day and didn't have to put my new A/C on until 3 pm, so that wasn't too bad. It is supposed to cool down this evening, then we can turn it off.

DH was exhausted from the heat when he got home today; he did well and got the outside frame of the floor done today (a lot for such a hot day). So, we just had a cool supper of a sandwich (me: ham, cheese, tomato, lettuce). I found a can of cooked navy beans in my pantry today so rinsed them well, and added them to my French Potage Soup, and had some for lunch by itself, and it was quite filling.

Just did small housechores today, becuz as I thought, my feet were very sore, but not near as bad as I had expected them to be, so there was some improvement there. They are expecting more fiercely hot days for awhile, so I am going to be staying home and finding something else to do for this week.

That's all the news from here; gonna go put my feet up for awhile. Take good care of yourselves ladies and have a terrific Thursday. :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

06-18-2009, 11:33 AM
Hi ladies

Busy day some how yesterday so didn't get to come on here. So tried my best to come on today. The weather still remains cloudy with little bursts of sunshine though they are very few and far between.

Have been shopping today in two supermarkets which are in close proximity so makes that easy for us. Did a small shop this week as I am trying to use more stuff out my freezer as I know there is quite a bit of food in there. I sorted out the bigger freezer the other day so I knew what sort of dishes I could produce from them.

Went to the doctors in the morning to have my tablet review. This went visit was eventful when a patient came in and seen by the doctor was seriously ill. The doctor was racing around get all sorts of medication from the chemists next door. Also getting staff to call the ambulance for the patient. It was a child of about 8 years old with breathing difficulties. The ambulance crew just came as I had been called by my doctor. I also told the doctor about the trouble I had with constipation. She suspects that the reason I have trouble is due to my MS and the nerve damage we get from the condition. I also explained that I had a couple of attacks and I was not seen by the MS doctors which she was very surprised. Even more surprised that I did not have steroid therapy at least for one of my attacks. She said also why did I not come and see them about my attacks. I explained well if the specialists did not want to see me then I thought that my own gp would not want to see me either. She told me if I was in this position again then I was to visit them and she would get me on the appropriate treatment by putting a pressure on the specialists to see me :lol: So now I am on medication for my constipation and do not feel so isolated if I should have an attack in the future. With God's grace hopefully not but sometimes he has plans for us we don't understand at the time.

RONNI Your probably right about having an allergy issue which is only mild really and I can live with it. It does not encroach badly into my life so I can do most things that I want.

It seems you have the symptoms that are common with MSers the tingling in the legs with exercise which takes some time to go. The tiredness due to the heat and the horrible sensations in limbs are strange to describe but certainly are horrid.

You may have something in about when a dog is "fixed" our Rizzie was neutered at 2 years old after he was mounting everything that moved :o The operation put paid to that behaviour but I can't remember if it changed his toileting habits. Sorry hear about that your sisters dog has only a short time left. This is the sad part of keeping a pet the saying goodbye. This is as they become such a part of the family and certainly helped me when times have been tough.

ROSEBUD The picture of your new air conditioning unit looks similar to ours with having the pipe that goes out through a window or similar opening. Good that you managed to get a deal on it. Shame that you didn't quite get the blind you wanted but managed to get a replacement for now.

My tummy is back to normal now, did mention it too my gp funnily enough but she said it was my ulcer just flaring up over some food or little too much fat. It is such a balancing act I must admit, I had been having some spiced food lately maybe I over did it and had a wee bit too much :o So I have been eating bland and this has worked wonders.

Thanks for your tips on the recipes that you had posted it certainly helped.

Another big date on the calendar with having Royal Ascot which is a horse racing meeting which is covered on television. It is as much as about the fashion as it is about the horse racing. They have a ladies day and a mens day. The men mainly dress in top hat so very formal looking. The ladies should have a hat on which is ostentatious. There are bets on what colour the Queen will wear so as I said all about fashion.

Sounds like it is getting pretty hot in your part of the world and you have your air conditioning unit just in time. I hope your legs are feeling a bit better after your walking. You don't realise how much you do when you shop it isn't until you finish that you then feel it in your legs.

VALDINE Hope you managed to get some rest this past weekend and recharge those batteries. I know how hard working and balancing having ms can be.

MEOWEE You still remain in my thoughts daily wondering how you are. I hope the test you had have revealed the way forward for your treatment. I hope you are feeling a wee bit better now.

No further news now and time to have a rest before going out this evening.

Take care ladies till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

06-18-2009, 04:47 PM
Hi, everyone! We had a nice day away yesterday, as DH had a conference to attend and asked us to go along. Spent the day shopping at some places we hadn't been in a very long time at a huge mall near Des Moines. Found a nice shirt to match some capris I have and some piano music to challenge myself with. Then, we took DH out to Red Lobster for early Father's Day dinner. Had wonderful grilled shrimp with baked potato (just can't ever give those up!) and salad and DH shared some of his crab and lobster, too. Yummmmmm!

Then, had storms last night, even a tornado about 45 miles north of us, but just high winds, rain, lightning, & thunder here, thank goodness. Picked about a gallon of strawberries from the patch, also-hmmm, sounds like it might be snack time!

Hope you are all doing well and have a great day!

06-18-2009, 11:14 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had disgustingly HOT weather today; went up to 95F and over a 100F in full sun! :yikes: It was not pleasant for us in the late afternoon; sweat was just pouring down my legs. We both had a shower to cool off and that helped for a little while. WE have never seen temps this hot in June; at least not that I recall, but my memory isn't as good as it used to be. :lol:

Just stayed home and did laundry and house stuff; so glad I did. Not much else going on here. For some reason it is often cooler outside than in this house; can't seem to get a good cross breeze goin' thru this place. This poor little Air Conditioner can't even touch this heat problem. DH was very annoyed how HOT it gets in this place. Went out to the freezer and it was boiling in the shed too; we definitely will have to get an new, small freezer and put it in our spare room. Our hydro bill is going to go thru the roof, I'm sure of it.

Hope you all have a FABULOUS FRIDAY! Take good care :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

06-18-2009, 11:17 PM
:wave: HI RONNI ~ glad you and your family all had a nice trip and some fun while DH was at his conference; nice perk of the job -- family can go along and do some shopping. That sounds like a good place to eat; a very healthy dinner, nevertheless ...

Hope you and yours have a great weekend too!


06-18-2009, 11:20 PM
:wave: HI MEOWEE ~ hope you are getting lots of rest and that you are feeling a bit better. Keep on those doctors to get to the bottom of that wheezing ... Prayers continue for you; hope you'll be well again and back posting again soon! :hug:

06-18-2009, 11:22 PM
:wave: HIYA VAL ~ hope you are having a very restful weekend coming up; hope work is going better for you as well. Lifting you in prayers for strength and good health! :hug:

06-18-2009, 11:35 PM
:wave: HI PURPLE ~ I am very envious of your cool weather right now; I kept telling DH that I don't mind the cooler weather, and this is exactly why. It is easier to put on a sweater or wrap yourself up in a comforter (big soft blanket) than try to get cooler. Our poor little A/C is struggling in this place; I have never been in such a HOT place as this in a long, long time.

Our last place was on the east side and it was much cooler than hear. We are on the west side and that evening sun just roasts you. In the winter time, it sets in the south-west corner, so it doesnt' come to the northwest side like it does now. The porch and sheds feel like a furnace. We can now see why people keep leaving this place; the summer is worse than the winter here. Oh well, we went hunting for our fan and can't find the biggest one of them all: our BOX FAN has gone missing like many other things in this move. Rats, that was a very good old fan and could cool a whole room. We'll keep searching for it.

DH was hot and tired; so it was best for him to go to bed early. We tried to cool off outside, but the bugs were nasty and got me about half a dozen places, so decided to come back in and sit right in front of the fan.

Yes, the back of my calves were definitely feelin' those walks the other day; but I had to get those things done. We needed this cooler -- just wish I could have got a bigger one now (more power, I mean); but we'll just have to make do for this year and see what happens. I told DH I am about ready to turn the spare bedroom into my livingroom; think I may get my PC hooked up in there becuz it is cooler in there than out here.

Hope you have a lovely Friday and nice weekend too. Send us some of that rain and cool weather; we sure could use it. Take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

06-19-2009, 11:25 AM
In the Good Old Summertime . . . yep, Summer officially begins this weekend. Hope if finds everybody in good spirits . . . :grouphug:

Personally I don't call it one of my favourite seasons -- hate the heat, the humidity, and the bugs. :mad: And I'm feeling doubly bad right now. Still have the coughing and wheezing and constant back pain and it seems to be getting more difficult to catch enough breath lately. Hopefully the bloodwork on Monday and the Liver Biopsy on Tuesday will shed some light on things. :crossed: Blood sugar levels are also terrible at the moment although at least the yeast infection problem that usually comes with these high BGLs is missing.

On a slightly better front . . . I got the Begals home from the vet again and so far, no more urine puddles in the kitchen. I'm keeping all the cats our of the bedrooms and bathrooms at the moment and they are not happy about it. They (the Bengal twins) are supposed to go in for a follow up on this coming Thursday to be sure the bladder infections have gone completely. Wish they were a bit more cooperative about getting into their carriers.

On a "maybe good; maybe not" front -- I've been seeing "onderland" numbers from the scale for the past couple of days -- unfortunately, I fear it has more to do with the health situation than with anything I've been doing conciously.

Will try to check back soon . . . :wave:

06-19-2009, 01:34 PM
Meowee-:hug: I do hope the docs can get a handle on what's going on. You are sure right about summer finally starting-seems we went from winter to summer with no real spring in between! The heat has been bringing storms here every evening and some in the mornings too:( No swimming this week. Seeing onederland should lift your spirits some! Just try to eat as healthy as possible to help fight off whatever is attacking your body. You and your kitties are in my prayers!

Rosebud-Do you have ceiling fans? If not, would your landlord consider putting some in? They really help in the heat, keeping air circulating and helping the a/c work more efficiently. Some cool treats to try: freeze fruit juice or pudding like popsicles, freeze chunks of fruit with some juice and club soda in little dishes and eat semi-frozen. Hope things cool down some for you soon! Here's a reminder of winter for you! :snow4:

Hi also to Purple, Val, Beverlyjoy, and Numpster Hope you all have a great day!

06-19-2009, 09:33 PM
RONNI ~ thanks for the great ideas on how to cool down. Yes, we have one ceiling fan in the livingroom (where the A/C is) and got it working non-stop, but there isn't one in any other room. We actually have two ceiling fans of our own; and I had said to DH that I would really like to put one in the bedroom, but they have this big 4-foot florescent light in there -- identical to the one in the kitchen. I don't know what the landlord would say about us putting it up there and taking down the big light temporarily; and I don't know if they ever painted under that light?

We did a touch up on the walls after they laid the new flooring, but I really wanted to do the whole room beforehand, but we never got the chance. Anyhow ... that's something I'll have to push DH about; there must be a way to suspend these A/C in the windows as our neighbour put one in his sliding window sometime today. Guess my DH just doesn't know how to do that, and I may just have to put a fire under his butt to get him to find out! ;)

Thanks for the reminder and the laugh about the snow! I had taken some pics from our old place in the wintertime and put them up as screensavers; some of them came up today and I thought ... awwwwe ... that looks so cool and comfortable ... not! But would feel better.

BTW -- my prayers for clouds and a wee breeze were answered today; it didn't go about 82F and we had a nice breeze all day and it's nice and cool in here tonight as well. DH sure appreciated the cooler weather today as well.

Hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

06-19-2009, 09:43 PM
:wave: HI MEOWEE ~ nice to see you back here and posting again. I'm glad the tests for far show nothing major; so my prayers are being answered for you. Will pray that nothing really bad shows up in the rest. Speaking our your feline friends, I have been wondering if maybe you are just ALLERGIC TO THEM!!! :lol:

My BIL is terribly allergic to cats and cat dander and cat hair, etc. Your symptoms could definitely be attributed to that. They used to have 3 cats, but are not down to one (as they were terribly elderly and sick). So I haven't heard about as complaints about his allergies lately. So ... I think that maybe your doctor may be suspecting the same thing.

Our NIKO has been losing lots of hair since the really hot weather has arrived; we are picking it up and vacuuming daily. I vacuumed the rug and livingroom this morning and by this afternoon, I saw clumps again. :dizzy:

Anyways, I sure hope thru a process of elimination (and possibly tests) that they get to the bottom of the issue, so you can find some remedy. If it turns out to be the cats, keeping them out of the bedrooms and bathroom is a super idea, even if they don't like it -- in time, they will get used to it.

Try not to fret too much; often it can just be something simple like that and we get all worked up for nothing. Hope you have a more peaceful weekend, now that some things have been eliminated for you. Take care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

06-19-2009, 09:57 PM
:wave: HELLO THERE ~ well, I prayed really hard for cooler temps, some clouds, and a nice breeze; and we got all three! I'm sure that I wasn't the only one saying these kind of prayers last night. So ... today was much more pleasant than yesterday. The temps hovered in the low 80's; and the humidity wasn't too bad either, plus we had a cool breeze wafting into the kitchen all day.

I opened the bathroom door and turned the fan on all day, to suck the warmer air out thru the roof vent; and that seemed to help a bit. In our old place, we used to do that with our stove vent, but the one here doesn't go anywhere ... :dizzy: I mentioned to the landlord that I guess the fan is just there for show, becuz it's not there for functionality; but he just laughed!

HI PURPLE ~ hope you and your DH are having a nice FRIDAY NIGHT! Maybe going out to play some cards tonight, I'd bet. I made up some penne pasta and had a tuna, pasta salad for lunch; and then ended up having Spagetti with mini meatballs for dinner; a bit more pasta than we usually have in one week, but pasta salad makes for a nice, cool lunch. I think we'll have pork chop steaks for dinner tomorrow night.

HI TO VAL ~ hope you have a fun weekend planned with some of your friends up there in Thompson. How are the temps up there right now? Hope they are cooler than here, but today was much, much nicer; and we hope it stays this way. We sure could use some rain up here though ...

Take good care ladies ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

06-20-2009, 11:45 AM
Hi Ladies

It is nice to drop by and read everyone's posts but I am afraid I quite under the weather at the minute. I think the real root of the problem is that I am missing my oxygen treatment I normally have weekly. I seem to have very little energy in the pot I am afraid. Only a few days to go then I can top up.

Weather is overcast and cloudy today though not raining. The weather folk said it would rain so I didn't do my washing and typical it has not rained. I think with the gentle breeze that is blowing I would have managed to get it dry oh well maybe tomorrow.

Yesterday I went to see my parents and had a lovely day. Plus a wonderful dinner cooked by my father as per normal. I really enjoyed the fresh fruit salad we had for dessert very tasty. I managed to do some exercise yesterday by walking the dog with DH. Though need a break so sat on the wall of the bus station and watched the world go by. Gosh it opened my eyes to some of the outfits of today, I must be so dated and old fashioned :D My taste is very classical I suppose. I like to wear skirts very much on the long side. For two reasons one to as I do not like them short I don't want to show my next days washing ;) and secondly I like them on the longer side to cover a few scars I have on my legs. I have one from a fall on a bus before I was diagnosed with MS. I think really that was the first point that I realised that something was not quite right. I got up from the fall on the steps of the bus and it wasn't until about an hour and half that I went to have a potty break at work. Whilst in the ladies I though I would take a look at my shin which I had banged in the fall. :fr: I found my black jeans was soaked in blood and I had a deep gash in my leg. I had a mild discomfort from the wound nothing really. Though the depth of the wound I should have felt a whole lot more. This was due to the lack on sensation in my legs, they were not completely numb or anything like that but they certainly had reduced sensation. It took months to heal up and left horrid scar. Now fortunately it has faded now to a silvery shade but that took a very long time to go to that state.

Yesterday I found a white blouse I liked from a shop which was not expensive which had a little decoration of flowers on the collar. It was was I was looking for to go with several of my skirts. I have skirts which have quite a bit of decoration in and they need to be the star item. The blouse will go with it will out competing with it.

No energy to answer everyone posts I am afraid :cry: I hope soon I will have a good burst of energy that I can utilise by writing to all of you. Until that time I am thinking of all of you and nice that so many of us have stopped by recently so I can catch up with all your news. It has raised my spirits reading your posts and coming up to speed with your announcements.

Take care ladies till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

06-20-2009, 05:03 PM
HEY PURPLE ~ sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather today; will send up some prayers that you will feel well enuff to go to your next oxygen therapy session next Tuesday. Don't worry about answering each one of us each day if you are tired; your post was very nice just the way it was.

When I have a bit of extra time on my hands (like when DH is out and about doing some of his own things; like right now, as he's busy helping a friend with something), I will come in here and do a few extra posts and do some lurking and reading in other forums, just to pass some time and hopefully learn some new tips that might help me tweak my plan a bit better. I love to read the success stories in the 'GOAL' forum as well; and find them so encouraging for me too.

We went out shopping today. Our local department store has expanded the grocery section there and now have fruit and veggies too, and many of the prices were less than half that of our local grocery store. I picked up some really good bargains today, so we stocked up just a wee bit. On top of that, I was able to get in some much needed walking today.

Well, we have been praying for rain -- and the heavens opened up and it rained all night long. It didn't let up until around noon today, so that's when we went up town (during a break). Sure hope lots of that rain fell on our trees out at our lot cuz they sure needed it. THe only downside is that it is very humid here right now; and that makes it harder for me to walk and both DH and I have back pain when it rains (which doesn't help the walking much); but I pressed thru it, and made it all the way around.

I discovered something really great about our new A/C machine; it is a 3 in 1 -- which means, it is a 3 machines in 1 machine. It has three seperate functions ... air conditioner, dehumidifier, and a turbo fan. I took out the manual and read it the other night, and learned that I just had to remove the hose and we have our very own turbo fan, and wowie ... they aren't kidding. I can also put the dehumidifier on by itself as well; but need to brush up on the instructions on that one yet.

I was mulling through a catalogue yesterday and discovered that they are now making 5 in 1's too: A/C + dehumidifier + turbo fan + heater + air purifier; but that one costs a bit more. DH was also impressed to learn that you can now get lawnmowers with AUTO STARTS; as one of our elderly neighbours bought one last week so he could cut his own grass. He just took his time, and did it all over a few days and it looks great from here; it also gives him something to do with his time. I think it's great that they are coming out with things like this to make our lives simpler, esp seniors and others like us, who have physical challenges that make everyday living a bit more difficult.

Gee, PURPLE ~ that was quite a bad accident you had when you injured your leg; glad that it finally healed up for you. My shin looks like it is trying to heal over this week, but when I had a shower the scab softened and it started leaking again. Now it is dry again and I hope that it can heal from underneath once and for all; it is very tiresome to keep waiting for this to heal up completely.

Well that's all the news from here for now; boy, my butt is getting sore so it's time to get up and walk around. I am trying to do that every so often to have better circulation and get some walking in around here. Hope it works for me, as I would really like to see a few pounds come off this summer.

Take good care ladies and have a great weekend!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

06-21-2009, 07:51 PM
Hi ladies


It is getting late my neck of the woods, I thought I'd drop by as I am waiting for my medication to kick in. It seems to take longer and longer now for it to take effect. I do hope it doesn't have to increase though I know that might be a possibility in the future.

I am afraid Rizzie is poorly now and I have to contact the vet tomorrow. This has happened once before many years ago. He has an ear that it swollen and painful to touch. This is a pool of blood that has accumulated in his ear. It is either caused by scratching his ear or just shaking his head. He more than likely will have to have an operation :( It has happened in the opposite ear to before, so if they have to operate he will have a matching ear. His other ear is all crinkly inside a bit like the cauliflower ear that rugby players or boxers get. It is not noticeable on Rizzie as his ears droop down.

Still remain under the weather so it is a matter of riding it out until I get my oxygen therapy. So apologise no personal replies I'm afraid.

DH took me out for dinner to help me with feeling tired. It was much appreciated I must admit. When I cooked yesterday I made sure I made extra so that I could reheat the meal tomorrow to help me out till I am back on my feet.

At the moment my sister is in Ireland with her family they had gone over for a family wedding which was yesterday. Not sure how many days they have gone for. It is such a long journey for them they go by car and ferry. This means it is something like 13 hours in total. Rather them than me I am afraid it sound to exhausting for me.

Well time to make tracks to my bed catch up with you soon. Till next time bye bye.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

06-21-2009, 08:17 PM
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers ladies. I appreciate the support.

Things are good here. I took several days off last week to drive 7 hours south to Winnipegosis, MB -- pick up and Mom and drive to Winnipeg the next day for a Coldplay concert (really great band from England - I think)

I've been working all weekend thanks to a local festival and National Aboriginal Day -- and now my parents are staying with us for a week. They're going to help out with changing my water tank and some stuff around the house.

hope you all have a great week -- remember to use sunscreen. It's beautifully hot up here now FINALLY. (it was wonderful in winnipeg) unfortunately the heat drains my energy faster then i would like. ah well!

oo hey i bought running shoes -- i'd like to be a runner now that I've had to stop focusing on weight loss. hope you all have a great week. take care of yourselves!

06-22-2009, 04:06 AM
HEY VAL ~ it's so nice to see you drop by; glad things are going OK for you. Good idea to take a holiday break; some places will let you take a week here and there throughout the year, and that can be very helpful too. Glad your weather is warmer for ya; ours is just a little too HOT for us -- well over 100F again today and 90F indoors. All the windows here are too narrow and not well placed, so we are having a heck of time cooling this place down.

We have all the windows open and it's still 80F in here even though it's only in the high 60's F outside right now. I fell asleep on the sofa in the evening and woke up, so thought I'd try to come in and see who came by and put in a small post. I know what you mean about the heat -- it wipes both DH and I out these days: probably our age and hormone related for me too. It might be wiser to sleep during the day and stay up during the cooler part of the evenings right now. Our boy, NIKO, was sleeping in our back porch as he finds it cooler out there ~ smart boy (must be hot with all that fur too).

Was talking to my Dad tonight and he and our SM will be heading our way early next week for a visit, then they are heading out east for a holiday to see friends after that. Glad your parents are up for a visit; hope you all have a great time together this week. DH is gonna see if he can get my Dad to help him put in our other A/C in the master bedroom while he is here???;)

Are you gonna starting jogging now; you could do stop and start (jog then walk, jog then walk) that I hear lots of folks tryin' these days. Hey, might not be a bad idea to focus more on maintaining for now VAL; maybe your body is happy at this weight, as you are a pretty tall young lady.

So glad things are getting better for you, and that we can be a support to you too. Take good care and have a great week too!:hug:

06-22-2009, 04:20 AM
HIYA PURPLE ~ as you can see, it is the middle of the night and I am up and posting; but it is so much cooler here right now than in the latter half of the day. We are working on ways to get it cooler in this place. DH is gonna pick up a taller fan tomorrow (hope there are some left) that we can put in front of our livingroom window to such cool air in this place; air circulation seems to be a big problem here.

MY DAD and SM are comin' up next week for a visit and then heading out east for a holiday; that should be a big trip for them too, but they take their time and stop over at motels whenever they get tired.

Sorry to hear RIZZIE isn't feeling well; let me know when his surgery is and I will send up some prayers for him too. I like to surround everyone with prayers for stuff like that including our pets.

I had some leftover spagetti, so I cooked up some BL & SL chicken breasts and melted mozzarella on top (a recipe from EZMONEY) and DH just loved it, I must say. I was supposed to use MARGHERITA Ragu Sauce, but I cheated and used what I had (I add basil, oregano, thyme, parsley, onion, and garlic to all my tomato sauces); and it tasted quite good anyways. Just reheated the spagetti in the microwave and served the nice chicken breasts on top.

Just a couple of days left and you'll be able to get a treatment; am praying that you'll be feeling perfectly enough to go this week. That was so nice of DH to take you out for dinner tonight. Get lots of rest over the next few days; prayers continue for you too ... :hug:

06-22-2009, 04:22 AM
:wave: HI MEOWEE ~ hope you had a nice weekend, and that you have a good week coming up too. Prayers still ascending for you, your health, and your cat family ... ;)

06-22-2009, 04:28 AM
HI RONNI ~ hope you and your family had a good weekend. Did you get any swimming in this weekend? We are trying many ways to keep cool here. We had one heavenly day of rain and cooler temps but it was horribly HOT again today. That's pretty bad when you are hoping for the rainy days to come.

I am fast becoming like MEOWEE in that summer is NOT one of my favorite seasons anymore. The other three have now topped my list, and I really don't recall spring lasting too long this year; it kinda got skipped a bit (shortened by quite a bit) ... :lol:

Anyhow, hope you and yours have a great week; and prayers for a trip that is coming up (thought I heard about one on that other thread) ;). Take good care ... :hug:

06-22-2009, 05:05 PM
Hi ladies

Has remained a cloudy day today though we did get a few spots of rain just as I was putting the bin out for collection tomorrow.

I feel a wee bit better today so prayers must have had some effect upon my health. I have done the bare minimum today really. I had already a plated meal to reheat my version of a ready meal. Though far healthier I am sure. I did make 4 little sugar free jellies. I had saved some yoghurt pots from a yoghurt's that I think were either 150g or 200g. So a little bit bigger than some. The pots are rather sturdy so are good to save to make your own yummy desserts in. I am going to take a sugar free jelly and a framage frais yoghurt to the ms centre tomorrow (yoghurt 60 odd calories depending on which flavour). The other jellies that are left I will have them Wednesday.

On Wednesday it is D-day for DH this standing for dentist day ;) He is going to have his teeth extracted this day. Lets hope this is an end to all his troubles. I know he has suffered even though he doesn't always say.

DH sister yesterday did a charity walk called walk for life which is to raise funds for the cancer research charity. My SIL and her friend both completed the walk and more importantly raised funds for this charity. Phoned her today to speak to her. She is feeling it a little today more over the fact she tried to do it at break neck speed to beat a neighbour down the road :lol:

Well I will give you an update on our Rizzie, well visited the vet today. The vet drained his ear by sticking a needle into it. It made him squeal poor thing but all over in 30 seconds. Though DH had to hold him tight and I talked to him to sooth him. The vet had drained I think something like 10 ml which is equivalent to two teaspoons. She said it was good it was in one pocket and it was small. The vet made a big fuss of him afterwards and really Rizzie lapped all that up. Prior to going in Rizzie was making that much noise in the waiting room, I think this is as he has a good memory and knows what vets do :lol: So DH took him outside the vets when he had proceeded to howl in the waiting room. It is really embarrassing when your dog is like that. Well at least he did not do what one other dog did as he entered the vets whilst his owner was at the reception booking him in. That little doggie decided to cock his leg up at the counter :o For the next few days several times a day I have got to squeeze his ear this is to ensure that the ear tissue bonds back together as at the moment it has separated. Not looking forward to doing this as it will be painful for him but if it stops him going under the knife then it will be worth it. Must admit he must feel lots better as tonight I made him some scrabbled egg (no seasoning like salt or pepper) mixed it with his dog biscuits. Wow ate virtually the lot in one go, though he must be hungry and this his third day with very little food inside of him. No doubt he just did not feel like eating as he was poorly. Never though he would eat the lot nearly especially as I had made it from 8, yes eight eggs. I know once my vet told me a light diet was either plain chicken or scrabbled egg. No chicken here so scrabbled egg where on the menu. If this treatment does not work then Rizzie has got to have an operation which is more risky obviously in an older dog.

Well I think that is all the news my end of the world. Though firstly a big ty goes to ROSEBUD for keeping the thread alive and healthy. So time to wind down for the evening as I will be having an early night due to treatment tomorrow.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

06-22-2009, 10:08 PM
Purple-sure hope you and Rizzie are both feeling better and your treatment goes well tomorrow. Will also be praying for your DH and the dentist later this week.

Rosebud-am hoping you get cooled down soon. Our temps got up in the 90's today, so we did go to the pool this afternoon after getting our chores and errands done. It was very crowded, as everyone else had the same idea! It is very hard to do anything when it gets so hot, so I have to do any gardening or lawn work in the early morning.

Val-I'm sure it's nice to have your family visiting! We're going to see my dad, aunt and cousins later this week for a few days-they live in SE Indiana, about 10 hours away from us-so we're all excited to get away from the stress and have some r & r. My sis is a runner (and very thin, of course), even with her MS. She has done several marathons and just loves to run. Unfortunately, I didn't get that gene:lol: Enjoy it and take care of yourself!

Meowee-sure hope you're feeling better!:hug:

Spending most of my time getting ready for our trip, as well as altering some cheap capris and pants I got at garage sales and making them into shorts for this hot weather. Had to get more thread today, as I never, ever have the color I need when I do any sewing:dizzy: Well, hope you all have a great Tuesday and rest of the week if I don't get a chance to come back here!

06-23-2009, 12:57 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we had another scorcher again today. Would you believe 110F in Northern Ontario, Canada? I have never heard of such a thing. That is what the temps were when I went to MEXICO when I was just 16 y/o. LOL. It was 90F inside today -- really suffocating. Although, I prayed for some clouds and a breeze and sure enuff, there was whispy and puffy clouds all day and a mild breeze. Oh my, what would the temps have been without them? I do not want to know ...

We had the A/C on and it could only get the livingroom down to 86F and the kitchen 82-83F, but by dinner time ... forget it. The heat in here was hotter than outside by 8 pm, so we opened up all the windows. DH did go get 2 of those fans on a stand, and we have one in the livingroom window right now trying to bring the cool air in; and hey, I think it's actually starting to work. :D

We just had a sandwich for dinner as it was way too hot too cook. I just had a toasted tomato with those nice flavorful ones that tastes like field homegrown tomatoes. Around 9 pm, I had 1/2 cup Yogurt Ice Cream (only 2 grams of fat); really tastes just like ice cream though.

PURPLE ~ I admire how energetic you are even when you are tired. Today, I didn't do anything but meals & dishes and I changed the bed linens to a much lighter set. DH went to the old farm and picked up some more of our wood. Oh, we had a nice surprise this morning ... my uncle G came by and told us not to buy any windows for our cottage and that he had enuff to do the whole place (and they are good ones too).

I think I might have been mistaken; my Dad and SM might be coming this week; would you believe -- it was so hot in here, and now I forget if he said this week or next? :dizzy: My brother also called this morning; was nice to hear from him; and he had to have 3 more teeth pulled today too. Seems the time for teeth pulling this month ...

Glad RIZZIE is feeling a bit better; that must have been a relief to him to get his ear drained. Our NIKO's ear healed up very quickly but there is a tiny scar there as a reminder. He doesn't like this hot weather; sometimes he goes behind the sofa/couch -- I guess he finds it cooler there.

Hope you feel well in the AM and get to your therapy session tomorrow for a much-needed boost to your system. It is supposed to get slightly cooler as the week goes by; oh, I'm so very glad.

RONNI ~ glad you got some swimming in; maybe DH and I need to find a secret swimming hole to dip into this summer. Like you say, many places are so popular that they are crowded and anything but private. Yes, I agree .... do any outside work in the AM; that's what we do too. We planted some onion sets and flower bulbs on the weekend; we are a bit late, but they will come up eventually.

:wave: HI to MEOWEE, and VAL, and NUMPSTER and her DH ... hey, where are you guys? Gone on a holiday or what? The whole family is asking me ... ;)

WEll, that's all for now, I want to put my legs up for a while before hitting the hay. Maybe do a puzzle too. Take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

06-23-2009, 01:59 PM
Hi ladies

It has been a gloriously sunny day here in the UK. This meant we could not take Rizzie with us to the centre (well he waits in the car and then I come out to him and let him have a little walk) as I had hoped but the weather being so warm the poor dog would have been cooked.

Did the treatment yesterday as the vet had said to unite the ear back together. Unfortunately on getting up this morning not good news the ear had filled up with blood again. Not as much admittedly but enough not too be right. Contacted the vets today and he is booked into surgery on Thursday. So no food from 6pm tomorrow night till it is all over with. The operation only costs £150 :fr: yesterdays treatment was £21. So working out rather expensive. One little blessing is that he is insured and most of the bill will be paid by them. We have to find the first £60 and there after the insurance company takes up the tab.

Today had my oxygen therapy :cp: so tired today as per normal from tomorrow I should start to feel the benefits. Spoke briefly to two newcomers today who started there oxygen therapy yesterday. They will start at the smallest pressure and work the way down the pressures. During this time you are suppose to keep a little note of how you feel on certain pressures. This in turn will help you make the final decision when it comes to having treatment weekly you will have some idea which pressure works best for your body. The gentleman said already after only one treatment he had noticed the difference in his walking and energy levels both positive I might add. So it looks promising that it will proof beneficial for him his girlfriend had not found this. Though I told her this is OK as I did not feel anything until I had done about 4 or 5 dives. In the beginning they recommend that you have your dives close together as possible and start at 16 , then progress to 24 and then 33. I think it is foot the measurement, I have 33 foot dive.

Tonight I and out going to play cards very shortly this is the night we give a lift to an elderly lady. I know how important going out is too her and she really looks forward to her evening of cards every week. The last time DH and I played was on Friday. It won a prize as I had some good cards that night or if I didn't my partners pulled me out of the proverbial quagmire. I won a little sum of money at this whist drive. Any money we win we always put in the saving fund. It is surprising how it builds up overtime plus we put our small coinage in frequently. We have quite of bit of small coinage in the UK. We have the 1p (p standing for penny or pence)2p, 5p, 10p, 20p. We have other coins as well which are the 50p and the £1. So if you don't watch out you can end up with a pocket or purse full of change.

I am watching on television a series on the BBC about 4 women whom commit a robbery by double crossing one of the woman's husbands. They went on the run and have found a sleepy hollow in a village in Scotland. It is a fictional place name but one thing I love the stunning views of the beautiful countryside. There is other plots going on at the same time so lots to keep you interested in. Initially it reminded me of a book that was turned into a tv series called widows by Linda La Plante (not really sure of spelling). I like to have a murder mystery who done it time of programmes that keep you guessing. There is an actress well know for her role in one foot in the grave her name is Annette Crossby. She is a brilliant actress and able to pull off this character who is one over the 8 most evening. You would really believe she is absolutely drunk as a skunk. Anyway I will not spoil any of the plot for you in case Canadian TV or US TV have purchased the show.

I really must get my rear end in to gear else I will not be ready to go out and I can't possibly have my DH waiting for me otherwise I will never live it down;) You can guarantee it is normally me waiting for my DH.

Take care now and catch up with you soon

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

06-24-2009, 12:21 AM
PURPLE ~ glad you made it to your oxygen treatment today, but sorry to hear that RIZZIE's ear is acting up again requiring surgery; but hope that will fix the problem for good. Maybe he broke a blood vessel that can't seem to heal; poor thing. Hope you all had a fun night playing cards; that's so nice of you to take your lady friend to the games.

Well, we had another scorcher today; except the daytime was nice. Sadly the clouds moved on and so did the breeze and it was roasting and so humid in hear from mid-afternoon until now. The temps are still 86F in here tonight, but we did find a solution for part of our problem. We decided to put the new A/C in our master bedroom as it is smaller than the kitchen and living areas, so it is working like a charm. DH had no problem putting the adapter in that window and right away the temps dopped down from 90F to 80F and I'd bet it has fallen even further. DH has gone to bed and so welcomed the cooler room.

I just came in here for a quick note and then I'm off to bed early as this humidity makes it hard for me to breathe. I even took a shower but the good effects only lasted a few minutes, it seems. I sure hope this is not a sign of what kind of summer we are going to have this year; I may want to run away ... LOL ... oh, but to where? That was once one of our advantages living in the north -- the weather was cooler; but not this week.

Anyhow, gotta go, but hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow. I can just start to feel a light breeze trying to come in the front window; I have been praying hard. Take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

06-24-2009, 11:08 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ it's another scorcher here today; but prayers were answered for relief. During dinner, a nice mini-storm passed through and cooled things down for us ... aaahhhhhhhhhhhh....

DAD & Gracie are up now; they arrived today and dropped by for coffee. Grace is looking pretty good I think, albeit a bit slower when she walks. They will stay for a short visit and then continue on out east to visit friends. Nice to see her in good spirits and they both looked good overall.

Not much to report; just did general tidying in this hot weather; we brought in chicken for dinner (just had chicken and salad); keepin' it light tonight in this terrible heat. Drinkin' lots of cold water and that sure fills you up fast. I think I might start drinking some water before my lunch and dinner and see if that helps fill me up too (I'm gonna start with 1 cup cold water).

Had to unplug my computer during the storm, but snuck on now that things have quieted down. Take good care ladies, and do keep cool :cool: ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

06-25-2009, 01:05 PM
Hi ladies

I am doing a quick drop by as I have a spare minute. Ty Rosebud for keeping the thread going yesterday in my absence. I was busy yesterday doing the grocery shopping, then in the afternoon DH had his tooth out. Then had to go back to the dentist as I had forgot my handbag there :o

DH mouth is sore and I think he is feeling it more today than yesterday. Plus his IBS is playing up today. Maybe due to worrying about the dentist and the forthcoming operation of Rizzie. So had taken medication for both ailments which is very rare for DH to take anything. It is like trying to get blood out of a stone to get him to take a pill in fact I think that would be easier :D

Talking of Rizzie he had his operation today and has pulled through. He was given an antibiotic injection and pain killers for today. Then tomorrow I have to start giving him some medication for more pain relief.

He is feeling sorry for himself and took him a good hour to settle down he was up and down like a cat on a hot tin roof. He was given a collar to wear but this just upset him more. So I am now observing him every where he goes and then the collar will have to go on at bedtime as I can't see what mischief he might get up to. I have taken a couple of photographs to let you see what it looks like with about 12 stitches in poor thing. There is a hole left to let it drain and not fill up again.

Just heating up some soup I made yesterday I have got cabbage as we both like that one. Plus needing a soft diet with DH having an extraction. At dinner I did chicken and rice with a low fat soup as dressing very nice. Then we had some stewed apples for dessert.

So now i have two invalids in the home now ;). Which will be keeping me out of trouble for the next day or so. time to run the soup is now done. Till next time ladies take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

06-26-2009, 12:08 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well we had a lovely day today; started out with sunshine and some clouds with a lovely breeze. Later on in the day it started to get hot (about 90F) but then some nice clouds brought some coolin' rain in with a cool breeze and we have been feeling great all night. Thank you GOD! Prayers answered ...

HI PURPLE ~ wow, those are big pictures of RIZZIE's ears; oh, poor thing, sure had lots of stitches in that one ear. I bet he feels out of sorts; probably not sure what is going on with his ear. They often feel that they have done something wrong when they haven't. Prayers that it all heals up quickly for him. :hug: to RIZZIE.

Boy, you do have your hands full, don't you? Hope DH is feeling alright, but only one tooth at a time isn't too bad. I faintly recall my last extraction, and it healed pretty fast for me. I have one filling that fell out in the spring and I have to find a dentist to go to and we only have two here and things didn't go too well for me at either place last time I went there. I'm a bit miffed about where to go now. I may choose to go outside of town yet; and I can only wait so long, as I was waiting for better weather before deciding where to go.

I had steak with mushrooms & onions & kniblets corn for dinner with a bit of minced coleslaw and DH had a hamburger. I cooked some new potatoes at noon for our lunch and put some away in the fridge to heat up later in the week if it gets too hot. From now on, we have decided that if it is going to be very hot that we are going to switch meals (lunch and dinner) and have our cooked dinner at noon instead; then have something cold and light later in the day. We did this a few times this week and that helped a lot.

Well, DH has a busy day planned for tomorrow, so I will stay home with NIKO and get some laundry caught up and do some light chores for the day. We should have a nice cool sleep tonight.

PS ~ I heard from my sister NUMPSTER this week and she is going very well; she has lost some weight, and her diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol are all back in the normal range. She has been working hard, and doing very well. She and her DH just came back from an awesome posh weekend in NIAGARA FALLS; and they had a great time there.

:wave: to MEOWEE, and TGIF -- VAL, and RONNI, and NUMPSTER & her DH ~ hope you all are having a great week, and a FABULOUS FRIDAY tomorrow!

:hug: ROSEBUD:hug:

06-27-2009, 04:07 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had gorgeous weather today; almost perfect (73F with a nice breeze and lots of clouds to keep the sun from getting too hot), I would say. It's supposed to be nicer like this for the next few days to a week.

DH went and picked up some more wood and brought home our tools, then cut some grass (just our small front yard). We have some more pretty flowers blooming in our front yard -- pretty yellow snapdragons. We had a few daffodils but with lack of rain, they died pretty fast; so DH and I are trying to help them along inbetween rains now. We did plant some yellow and orange/red Gladiolas on the south/west garden as well; hopefully they'll come up for years. I am going to look for other kinds of perennial bulbs to plant too.

Well, I ate well today (I switched and had a pasta salad for lunch; and a cupasoup with a whole grain corned beef sandwich for dinner). I also tried to do a bit of walking; and had to lug out our two garbage cans as it was G-day (and DH forgot), and I managed to carry them all the way (albeit one at a time), so my hand weights are giving me some strength in my arms after all. :carrot:

DH and I were so tired that we both fell asleep right after dinner, so I woke up at just after 1:30 AM. Realized that I hadn't posted today; so came in for awhile; guess I should mozy on back to bed soon. Take good care ladies, hope you are all well ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

06-27-2009, 08:41 AM
Hi Ladies

Today is a very grey and overcast a complete opposite to yesterdays sunny day. Though it is not cold so pleasant enough.

ROSEBUD I did not drop by yesterday as I had overdone it the day before on fruit and needless to say what that did with me :o I can be like a kid in a sweet shop where fruit is concerned and I have a sweet tooth so substitute sugary confectionery for fruit. Just sometimes I do not know when to stop so suffer the consequences. You would think I would know better but I still do it. I think with Rizzie's and the worry on that front I munched mindlessly through the fruit instead of going off the rails as I would have done in the past.

I still use food as a coping mechanism if I am not very mindful, I wish this would be a cycle I could break away from. Though I suppose a life times habits are not going to go over night. It takes times to learn new strategies as I learnt with the journey of giving up cigarettes.

Like you say I think Rizzie's is baffled as to what is going on and can not piece it together. During the day he has no collar on so he does not knock me over as he has a bull in a china shop attitude. He does not care he can not fit through that space he just keeps pushing his way through. When he is a dog of of 44lbs which is very muscular they certainly do have some strength. So now Rizzie is on "suicide watch" a term from nursing where someone is watch every minute of the day for fear what they may do. In his case scratch his ear, so far no problems in that area. Last time we took the collar off and did the same thing. Like you said a lot of stitches not that you can see what they have done from that side of his ear. The other is the incision which has been kept open by those stitches for it to drain and keep it from filling up again.

DH is feeling better though very self conscious that he has a gap in his teeth until the false plate is made to cover this. For some reason I think though it is the fact the infection is now out, he has been very tired and sleepy. He is taking a nap as I write this on the sofa. Rizzie's curled up in his chair so I have a matching pair ;)

I see you have switch your meals around a bit this week and it has help. I try to have mind that way round. So that you eat lighter toward the end of the day. Though the heavier meal is earlier at noonish we give ourselves more time to burn the calories off from it. I am glad it seems to be working for you and your DH for a different reason the hot days your experiencing.

Good news about your sister Numpster that she has lost a wee bit more weight. Thus as a result her other health issues have fallen back into normal range which must be wonderful. It just goes to show that life style changes can bring rewards. I was very lucky that my weight had not brought about other health issues but there for the grace of god go I. It was only a matter of time before they were effected big time. I know that if I had continued the way I was I would be in a wheelchair sooner that was necessary. My mobility was rapidly dwindling away from me and that was the big kick up the behind that I needed.

The past few days there has been a programme on showing what homelessness is really like. 5 well know people went to live in the streets with nothing with that the clothes they stood up in and a sleeping bag. The stars were given clothes to wear to help them blend in. It is surprised that only one person was recognised in the streets. It shows how anonymous you become when your homeless. They lived on their own for 3 nights and 3 nights with another homeless person. The last 3 were spent in a hostel for homeless people. With the economic climate as it is the potential for more homeless people than ever. It certainly opened my eyes up and sit up. It was very thought provoking and that is good.

No further news, plus trying to cook and type at the same time. Typical woman mulititasking ;) lets hope I don't burn the dinner :o So bye for now till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

06-28-2009, 01:48 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ hope you all are having a great weekend. We had a cooler morning but it did get hotter than they expected this afternoon; but thankfully, by evening clouds rolled in and saved the day, cooling things off for us.

DH did some more of the crossbraces on our lot for a little while, but then the heat was too much, so he came home early. I told him to just do stuff for a few hours (taking lots of breaks) and then come home BEFORE it gets hot from now on, as there's no hurry and his health is more important to us.

We had hamburgler's for dinner on whole grain buns; and just had a quiet evening at home tonight. Not much going on here right now, so not much to report really. I felt a bit sickly when I got up (really early) this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. It must have been my sugars acting up; either too low or high or sugar spiking; but by lunch time they were back at 5.2 which is very good, and I felt much better.

PURPLE ~ Our NIKO tends to be the same way; when him and I are going thru a door at the same time, he tends to push by me like there's no tomorrow and I say, 'what's your hurry, pal?' LOL! I must say that he is quite protective of me though and cares about me a lot; so he may just wanting to go ahead and pave the way; or maybe not? :lol:

That show about homelessness sounds interesting; I have always cared about that issue. I really hate it when I hear of someone dying becuz they were living on the street in the winter here. It's sad that in a country as big and rich as ours that everyone doesn't have a decent and affordable home to live in. The rents here are deplorable, and that makes if more difficult for low-income people.

Anyways, time to put my legs up; have been skitter hunting for the last 1/2 hour or so; got three of them that already had my blood in them, but they kept comin' after me for more ... those bloodsuckers, but I got them, in the end; and I always say to them, 'that's what you get for biting me'. Ok ... so I'm a bit weird, but DH thinks that's funny and laughs.

Have a Super Sunday, everyone ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

06-28-2009, 09:56 PM

:woo: HAPPY BIRTHDAY VAL!!! :woo:

Hope you had a lovely 25th ...
That makes it a quarter of a century!
Did you do something special? I sure hope so.
Sorry, for being a bit late, but better late than never they say.
I always appreciate that people think of me anytime ...


06-29-2009, 11:02 AM
Hi Ladies

Firstly :celebrate: :bday2you: :celebrate: belated happy birthday to VAL Hope you had a lovely day and was able to do something nice on this special day.

This week is proving to be a busy week in our normally quiet schedule with some days having two appointments on the same day. Gosh what a hectic schedule that I would not like to have to keep up on a regular basis.

Today we have picked up our new car and gave our old one back. We had a quick hand over of vehicles and it went smoothly. Only I forgot to take the log book from the old car so have to drop that in tomorrow. The new car is a model called a Volkswagen Touran a picture of one can be seen at the bottom of this post. Our colour is that of in between gold and silver so very unusual to describe to people.

This afternoon we are off to the vets for a check up after the operation to see that everything is going smoothly. Has far as we are concerned everything is fine so hopefully the vet is happy too. Today I have had to fill out the insurance claim form and have to hand that into the vet for them to fill out their bit.

Tomorrow I am off to hospital nothing serious just my visit to my MS clinic which happens very infrequently but nevertheless I like to keep on the books so should I have a problem at least they know who I am. Then it is on to my MS treatment of oxygen therapy.

ROSEBUD I have had to use the air conditioning unit several times over the pass few days. Even though it has been cloudy it has been very humid which has me looking for the cooler spots to function. For the first time in 3 year we have air conditioning in our car. Our old car did not have it but it was all we could afford at the time. So the past three years we have saved hard to make sure this car had air conditioning for both our comforts.

DH went to the computer fayre yesterday to get some ink for my parents printer. I just stayed in the cafť and had a coffee. Found some comfy chairs and read my book. It was really busy but the car park is organised by staff plus they ensure only blue badge holders are the only ones to park in the designated disabled bays.

Dropped my repeat prescription in today to the doctors as it is that time again that I need replenishing with some of my pills and potions. It seems to come round quick that monthly trip. If it wasn't for one tablet all my others are on 2 monthly supply. Though by law they are not allowed to dispense me anymore than a month due to the fact it has paracetamol in the preparation of it. Not sure what name is give to this drug in US or Canada. Though it is a drug not know to have an antidote if you take an overdose of it. Overdose can seriously damage the liver.

Sorry to hear that you have felt nauseous despite having a good blood sugar level. Having a blood sugar level of 5.2 is good and shows that you have it under control. I hope this bouts of nausea passes never to return.

you can keep you skeeter I am fortunate not to have those where I live. Though I have been abroad where they use to dine on me regularly. I sure I had a invisible sign on my saying bite me I'm tasty ;) They would leave my parents alone and go for me every time.

Today my sister has been to hospital for her pre operative checks. Then she goes in on the 9th of July I think for the actual spinal operation.. I know she has to have a scan as well of her spine. I hope this operation does the trick for her. Even if it only makes her pain bearable for her and manageable with drugs at worse case scenario it will make a whole lot of difference to her. It is going to be a long recovery and her DH plus eldest daughter will have to rally round to help her. DH is good in the kitchen so they won't starve ;) I only wish I could do more to help her than I can. You feel so helpless to help her when before I would have stopped over and ran the ship so to speak until she was back on her feet.

Like you said about your health being precious so do all you can to preserve it. Many people do not realise how precious a thing it is to one and it can't be bought either. Oh it can give you access to better health care money but at the end of the day it can't by the health only try to fix the problem or manage the symptoms

Well no further news and must start to make tracks anyway as it is just about time for the vets. Good job Rizzie doesn't know he was going else he would hide. Needless to say he will embarrass us whilst he is down there making the most noise as is doggy possible :o he normally does when we go. Plus staffies are vocal any road round people and milk it for all it is worth. They are renown for this type of behaviour though they are very friendly socialable dog who are very loving. Not to mention great with kids.

Bye for now and take care ladies

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

06-30-2009, 12:45 AM
HI LADIES ~ We had warmer weather today, but late this afternoon, a lovely breeze came and cooled things down for us. We had a downpour almost all of Sunday, so we have a new batch of skitters and noseeums out tonight; yikes ... my Dad and SM stopped by for a chat and I was bitten dozens of times. So I made a homemade remedy and put them on my bites (just very warm water with javelle in it and hold that on for a few minutes and it seems to help take the burning away).

CONGRATS PURPLE ~ on picking up your newer car; that looks like a nice one. Many people have that light silvery-gold color of cars and vans here; I like that color -- kinda reminds you of winter sunshine.

Like you, I seem to have this invisible sign on me, that says 'bite me -- I'm nice and juicy!' :lol: My SM said that they weren't biting her; so you see, they do single me out for some reason. Some say it's body heat becuz we are fluffy or perfume smells on us, but I don't know; I do know that whenever I am cooking, they smell it and come arunnin' into the kitchen.

Sent some prayers up for your sister that her surgery will go well without complications and that she will heal quickly. Hope that RIZZIE's ear is healing up good too. My sugars seem to be back in line and I'm feeling better today; only seems DH had one similar dizzy spell during dinner last night, but none since for either of us. Maybe the heat or a bug of some type, but I got him to take an aspirin, just in case.

Anyhow, can't believe how time flies by when I'm typing; I'm late getting my posts done tonight. Take good care ladies and hope you have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

06-30-2009, 11:23 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ The weather was overcast when we got up so we thought it would be a good day to go shopping; they were expecting rain, but we managed to get all our shopping done just in time. Just as we pulled away to come home, the rain started and it :rain: all day on and off with a few :sunny: spurts here and there. We have a really nice breeze ever since around dinner time. We also had a mini-storm but it passed through fairly quickly, but I unplugged my PC just in case and then came on tonight when it seemed like it had all stopped.

Picked up a lot of veggies and other basics as we were getting pretty low in the pantry. We made a lot of purchases last month, so it was good that we saved a bit on the groceries. So we picked up all the basics to restock once again; and we got some really good deals as well.

My Dad came by again today and stayed for a few hours yakking away. He may need DH's help again tomorrow to move a vehicle to his cottage for him, but only if SM doesn't feel up to driving tonight. They aren't staying here too long becuz they have a long trip out east and back home to go yet; I think that trip will take them about 3 weeks in total. I'm just so glad that she is feeling well enuff to take the trip at all, becuz she really wants to see her best friend once again.

I made a nice beef stir-fry stew with lots of lean beef and veggies for dinner tonight and it was quite yummy. I had some meat in the freezer that needed using up before I wanted to buy any to replace it and it worked out well.

We bought a big CANADIAN Flag Umbrella becuz July 1st is tomorrow and that's the day we celebrate our country's birthday with fireworks and stuff. I like the idea that it can be used as a flag and umbrella at the same time; double duty for your $buck$ -- if you know Canadians at all, you know that saving money is a national pastime here ... :lol:

Well that's all the news from here for now; DH has already flopped out and so had NIKO, by the looks of it. It's nice and cool in here tonight; the new stand fans we bought are worth every penny we paid for them. We got a good deal on them too; and we have been using them more than the A/C -- go figure. I told DH that is likely what would happen. So far we've only had to use the A/C 2 nights since we put it in the bedroom, but I'm glad it is there as we still have all of July and August to get thru yet.

Hope all you ladies are doing OK; feeling well and enjoying the summertime. It's time to put my legs up as I did lots of walking today while shopping. Ran into a friend while out today -- we had a good chat and did a bit of shopping together as well, and that was fun.

Take good care ladies, and hope you all have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

07-01-2009, 04:13 AM