LA Weight Loss - Friends and Losers Thread June 1-7

06-01-2009, 10:27 AM
Good Morning!

Hope you guys all had a great weekend! Here's to an OP day!

06-01-2009, 10:51 AM
Happy Monday to everyone! Hope you had a great weekend :) I'm heading back to work this morning after being out sick for a week....yikes! I can just imagine how backed up the work is (especially since it's month-end)! I'm hoping to get out of work at a decent time today so I can go to a water aerobics class. Weigh-in this morning and I am down another 0.6 pounds IN SPITE OF the prednisone, for a total weight loss this past week of 3.2 pounds...YAY!!!!

06-01-2009, 11:53 AM
morning all.

06-01-2009, 02:06 PM
Hello All :)

Jillian - I know I'm a little late, but I had the same issue when I had #2, I lost a good amount of the weight pretty quickly, but couldn't fit into jeans that fit before... but then a couple of months down the road, it was so wierd, my hips narrowed back and they fit... so just give it time...

I don't know who was talking about raving rabbids, but if anyone can suggest a wii game for a 12yo boy - my oldest is having a bday this week and I'd like to buy him a game that he could enjoy with his little sis and bro (6 and 5)... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

On the diet front... I've been walking in my neighborhood lately, its more like climbing and I feel great about it. Also been weight training my upper body every so often. weight is pretty much holding steady, the best part is that I can actually look in the mirror and think I look ok most of the time, paying more attention to that than the scale, which is good!

06-01-2009, 03:44 PM
Hi everyone!
So a total of 5 workouts last week! Pretty happy with that :) I hope I lose lots during this 30 day challenge but also keeping track of body fat % and inches to see if there are changes there if the scale upsets me lol.
Anyway...few too many treats on the weekend...gotta stop going totally nuts on the's okay to allow for a little cheating but it seems like I just go off plan every Friday and every MOnday I get back on. At least I exercised this weekend though! And I will make a goal to be better behaved on weekends :)

06-01-2009, 03:46 PM
Hey gang.. Another week here in sunny New Mexico!

Will be a weird one for me later on, as Liz and the kids are heading to California to attend the HS graduation of our nephew... They'll be gone Thursday, Friday and returning Saturday night.

Hope you all have a great week!!

06-01-2009, 08:58 PM
Dan, Hope you can enjoy the peace and quiet. I have a nephew graduating this year too.

Kristin, I've found that if I think "its ok to cheat a little" I end up cheating a lot. Then instead of losing weight, I just manage to lose during the week what I overate on the weekend. So you are totally right, and totally not alone in needing to do better on the weekend.

Suzanne, one more pound makes 10. :carrot:

I had a weekend of intense yardwork redoing a brick walkway, ripping out plants and trimming some back and installing a really cool fountain that looks like a little waterfall next to our little rock wall... hard sweaty work and today I'm moving kind of slow, but so is my DH. It was so hot here this weekend too. Too hot to feel like eating much.

06-01-2009, 09:56 PM
Hi! I don't usually post much on this thread but I am always reading, I am trying to kick the diet pepsi this is day 3 of no diet pepsi, wish me luck i am starting to think thats another reason why I was stalling with my weight loss and I am going back to the purple menu as I lost more weight on that when they switched me to the numbered plans I seem to stall... so I am going to give it another try and see what type of results I get with it...

Repo girl
06-01-2009, 10:14 PM
Barbara- Wow, sounds like you have been busy. I would love to see pictures of your fountain!

06-02-2009, 12:44 AM
Hello All :)

I don't know who was talking about raving rabbids, but if anyone can suggest a wii game for a 12yo boy - my oldest is having a bday this week and I'd like to buy him a game that he could enjoy with his little sis and bro (6 and 5)... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

That was me... I think a 12 year old boy would love that game (yea so I find the same things funny that they do) The only thing depends on his parents. If they are on the stricter side, they may not see the humour. There is one part of the game where you're locking the bunnies in bathroom stalls and they are grunting. My daughter and I were cracking up but not everyone appreciates potty humour.

We just got Carnival Games and that would be perfect to play with the younger girls. Though he might find it a little boring depending on his interests.

Speaking of Wii... I've been doing Fit for 5 days now and am actually down according to the Wii balance board scale - 3 lbs! It tells me my center of balance is off and I put more weight on my right leg. I feel it today after doing the yoga, right leg is fine but left one is very sore.

06-02-2009, 09:16 AM
Liza, that's great! 3 lbs!
I'm still plugging away at my 30 day challenge on EA Sports Active. I am now into the jumping squats and jumping lunges (I'm pretty sure the devil created these exercises). Anyway, really enjoying it, not seeing much on the scale...I think I wayyyy overdid it on the weekend. We'll see what Friday brings anyway.
In the meantime I am freezing it my office! It seems as soon as it gets above 10 degrees they turn off the heat and switch on the AC.....I HATE AC...course I am always cold and it is never TOO hot for me :P

06-02-2009, 09:33 AM
hello everyone. just thought i'd pop in and say hi while i had a few spare seconds.
hope everyone's week is off to a good start. :)

06-02-2009, 11:02 AM
Very cool! Alexandra has been digging the Wii fit, but Liz and I have only worked with it occassionally..

As for games, my 8, soon to be 9 year old son, Danny, LOVES this game called "Blox - something".. Darn if I can remember the name.. It might be a little much for a 5-6 year old to comprehend.. Also, the NERF blaster game is a LOT of fun...

That was me... I think a 12 year old boy would love that game (yea so I find the same things funny that they do) The only thing depends on his parents. If they are on the stricter side, they may not see the humour. There is one part of the game where you're locking the bunnies in bathroom stalls and they are grunting. My daughter and I were cracking up but not everyone appreciates potty humour.

We just got Carnival Games and that would be perfect to play with the younger girls. Though he might find it a little boring depending on his interests.

Speaking of Wii... I've been doing Fit for 5 days now and am actually down according to the Wii balance board scale - 3 lbs! It tells me my center of balance is off and I put more weight on my right leg. I feel it today after doing the yoga, right leg is fine but left one is very sore.

Mama Nicole
06-02-2009, 12:55 PM
Hi Friends,
I am a breadstick making fool today. I have been baking them for a couple of weeks now.......they are for DD's graduation party on Saturday. Thanks and I hate you, JerseyAmy for the recipe. They are soooo good that I was stupid enough to offer to make and bring them to the party.......I only have 15 dozen left to make......have 18 dozen made. Yes, I am crazy. I did make them half the size, so I get double the amount out of each recipe.....but still, it is a lot of baking. After tasting them, I just couldn't bear to buy bread for the party.

We leave for Wisconsin on Friday morning......once we get there, I have to decorate the cakes my mom has made. We are a bunch of food makers. I guess I didn't realize that until I started typing it. It makes us sound like total nut jobs......:lol:.

Anyway, I will try and check back in soon.......I have been such a slacker on WL and motivation and such.........just too busy I guess. It's a good busy though :)

Ok, back to kneading :)

06-02-2009, 01:43 PM
Ok, so I'm back up 1.5 lbs after the big 3 lb loss... but that's still 1.5 lbs down in a week so I'll take it.

On the Fit game, I like the yoga the best. I tried the aerobics this morning and they just didn't do it for me. The step aerobics didn't go so well for me and I hurt my foot when I missed the board - I'm not the most coordinated person. Though I know the goal is to improve in all of those areas. For the Wii I'm looking to work on my upper body since I get my cardio and lower body work out when I run with the dog.

Darn my foot hurts. I dropped a razor on my toe in the shower too.

Dan- have fun in Cali!

Nicole - have fun decorating those cakes! mmm cake. Someone brought an orange cake in at work yesterday and I admit, I did have a teeny little sliver of it.

Barbara - sounds like a good hard working weekend. I bet everything looks great!

Kristin - I'm one of those who always turns the AC on at work :) In my defense, it's a converted warehouse and as soon as that air goes off it gets so stuffy and I start yawning and get exhausted. When it's cold, I keep moving. Also my studio in there is tiny and packed with electronic equipment so it gets HOT fast in there.

Hi Katie!

Hi Jillian!

Ok, off to work.

06-02-2009, 03:40 PM
Well I have successfully avoided the office birthday cake for the 3rd time in the past week! YAY!

06-02-2009, 03:58 PM
Well I have successfully avoided the office birthday cake for the 3rd time in the past week! YAY!

that's awesome! :) here's your reward:
i made a dark chocolate fudge cake with chocolate ganache on sunday! it's calorie free!

06-02-2009, 03:59 PM
Good Tuesday afternoon to you all!! We have a wii and I think we would not have survived winter without it. My children enjoy the Guitar hero stuff, the guitar,microphone and drums it is very fun and something more than on child can participate in at a time. I do not have the wii fit, I do however do the boxing on the sports part sometimes and it works your arms out at first until you know how to box. I like the Dancing with the stars game too. For young kids I am not sure I have a 6 year old and he does the guitar hero and loves it, he also likes the baseball games because he likes the little bat.

This week is going by slow, i am having a lot of work issues and supervisior issues can not wait until my vacation I need a break!!! Hope everyone is doing well and staying on plan.

KristinX- great job on resisting the cake very hard to do sometimes

Jillian- how did the MIL visit go???

Nicole- the breadsticks sound great, sounds like everyone is going to enjoy your hard work

To everyone I missed hello!!!

06-02-2009, 05:17 PM
haha Thanks Jillian! That looks delicious!!!

Off to do my workout while BF cooks dinner :)

06-02-2009, 07:18 PM
thanks everyone for the game ideas - you guys really make me want to ditch the birthday gift idea and buy myself a wii fit!!! But I keep telling myself I need to be OUTSIDE! I need to break out of my shell and just get active outside! and besides, I'm always freezing now so the warmth will do me some good...

06-02-2009, 09:04 PM
Here is our little fountain.

06-03-2009, 12:16 AM
Hello everyone!

I am coming back to these boards to find motivation, support, and some good ideas! I was successful on LAWL back in the Spring of 2006 (I lost about 40 lbs.) but then I became pregnant and gained it all back...well I now have a beautiful 2 year old daughter, but because it has been 2 years and 4 months since her birth I am now starting to realize that I cannot keep calling it 'baby weight' and it is time to claim the poundage as my own...So, I know that LAWL and the elliptical trainer worked for me before and I am ready to try it again! But I am really worried about no longer being able to get the lites...those carmel crunch lites were the key to my success! I was able to avoid cheating so long as I had my two "candy bars" to look forward to...I am a chocoholic...yeah, the chocolate cake pick is making me drool...does anybody have any suggestions regarding bars they use in place of the lites that are tasty (aka do NOT taste like cardboard)? Any info would be hugely appreciated! Thanks so much!

06-03-2009, 09:42 AM
Good morning. Hope everyone has a Wonderful Wednesday!!! Hope everyone is doing well and having an on plan week. I have done well except for last night we had a date night first one in 4 months and we went to TGI Fridays and I had the dragon fire chicken. It was on the low fat plan, except for the sauce he should be ok, grilled chicken, brown rice and brocoli. I also indulged in Frozen yogurt too, which most of that is on plan just not as low-fat as they should be. I did drink some extra water and have done 20 minutes of cardio the past 3 days so I hope there is no damage and of course you know who is getting ready to visit this week...Anyway I need to step up the exercise but it has just been so incredibly humid here definately no evening walks.

Barbara- your fountain is great it looks very professional and is a wonderful addition to your yard.

Emmasmamma- you could try the luna bars or ordering the la lites on ebay I ordered some and they were great- jsut check the expiration dates with the seller. Also If you scan down there is a thread about lites/bars that has some suggestions and comparisons.

Jillian- your cake looks delicious!!

06-03-2009, 09:47 AM
My BF ate my very last Chocolate Mint LA Lite bar! I am sooo MAD! Probably my fave and impossible to find more :(

06-03-2009, 09:54 AM
Hey guys!

It's nota good day today. I am up 3.5 pounds. I have been exercising sooo much with tennis that I am hurting!

My kitchen is out of commission as my sink is in the process of being repaired. As a result I have been off plan. Back OP hopefully tomorrow when i can have my sink (with the filter) again!

Have a great day guys!!

06-03-2009, 11:08 AM
morning all.
DD had her first t-ball game of the season, she has so much fun with it. it's too cute to watch 5 and 6yr olds attempting to play! :) it was a bit chilly because of the wind, but overall, ok.

thanks for the comments on the cake..and if you can believe it or not, i haven't had a piece of it either! yay me!

the MIL visit was good. she loved holding the baby and i got a few extra naps in, so that was nice.

i still haven't gotten my exercise started, but will after my check up next week. i swear! ;)

if anyone is into praying, would you mind keeping me and my family in your prayers..i don't want to get into it or discuss it, but any prayers would be much appreciated right now.

oh and i think i'm getting some type of allergy too. i found that i was allergic to pine when i lived in NC, but not sure what it is now. but my throat is very sore and my face hurts. it feels like sinuses, but not sure. so that's been sucking for me the past few days. ick.

anyways..i really need to get to the store--for diapers, wipes and formula..i hope baby X cooperates, otherwise i may just wait until DH gets off work.

hope everyone has a good day!!

06-03-2009, 12:12 PM
Julie- I love walking outside far better than exercising on my poor dusty treadmill. For me, it just feels better. I also get more uphill then if I was at home. I have been walking about 4 nights a week.

Barb- Your fountain is beauiful. I love to be in my yard but I don't really have a greenthumb. I actually just bought a few rose bushes on the weekend and planted them. I hope I don't kill them!

Jillian- Ohhh Chocolate cake!! It looks so delicious.....

Amy- You are probably feeling bad about the weight gain but it happens to all of us. With your kitchen circumstances, it makes it a littler harder. You will get back on track!

Yesterday I went to my doctor for an issue I am having and he told me that either I am going thru early menopause or I need to start cutting down on some of my caffiene and sodium intake. I sure hope its not early menopause because I am only 42 years old. So today I am drinking my decaf tea. Its just not the same as my starbucks expresso. I don't know if I can do this!!!

06-03-2009, 01:38 PM
Hi all - I can't remember when I last posted - deefinitely not this week, and maybe not last week either! Life has been pretty crazy lately with family functions, friend functions and work. Whew!

I've started walking in the early morning before work, because I haven't been getting to the gym in the evenings since I am taking a 5 week long course. I am normally not a morning person, but this has been working out really well - it is just so peaceful in the AM. I am wiped out by nighttime, though - gotta get to bed earlier now.

I haven't read the old posts, so I'm not sure what everyone is up to, so I'll just wish you all a great day!

06-03-2009, 03:59 PM
Hello everyone, It is beautiful here in Vancouver 23c/73f.

Hope you have a wonderful day. I have been on the plan but some how I am stuck, I am working out and probably that's why, although I feel the difference in my cloth and I feel great.

All the best to all of you.

06-03-2009, 05:29 PM
Hi Amy and Carolita, I always tend to gain just a couple of pounds when I start some new exercise program. So you'll probably see the scale start back down soon.

Jillian, How did you resist that lovely cake? You must be feeling quite strong.

Kim! Good to see you posting!

Joan, I had a friend who started going through menopause at 36, so it can happen. I think that there is a blood test that they can give you to tell if that is the case I think.

I'm still doing my modified carb plan (so the cake looks especially tempting and forbidden). I am doing the Schwartzbein plan, which you get a small number of carbohydrates in a day. In fact I think it is kind of similiar to the LAWL FF plan, as I can have about one piece of fruit or a very light starch 3 times a day. I guess I'm such the carb addict that even when I go low carbs, it is not too low.

06-03-2009, 06:49 PM
Hey all. I have not posted often on here, but I am trying to motivate myself to reach out for support and encouragement, so here I am! Weighed in yesterday and lost another 2 pounds -- YEA!!! I am starting to feel the difference in my clothes and others have noticed! It feels good to be back in control.
I got the new updated Rapid Results progra.. hopefully it will make things easier!
Have a good rest of the week!

Mama Nicole
06-04-2009, 02:29 AM
Hi don't even want to know what I've been up to.......ok, I'll tell you.........baking.........a lot. And I haven't been as good as Jillian......I have been tasting it..........a lot. And Jillian..........honey, I hope everything is ok. You have me a bit worried.......but I am trying to to. Hang in there.......whatever is going on in your will get through it :hug:. your gardening and waterfall. I am so into that stuff right now. My neighbors think I am nuts, I think.

Kim, Kim, Kim........good for you for early morning walking. Morning really IS peaceful. I am not a morning person, but whenever I do get my butt out of bed early, I wonder why I don't do it more often.

Well, this week has been a wild one already with the kids out of school. We got a new pool, and so we have had all the neighborhood and beyond kids over this week. Last night, we made dinner for nine kids. Tonight, I made them all go home by 5.

Well, it is late, and I need some sleep to function properly tomorrow. I can't really make errors with this whole kid centered job I have going. I'll check in tomorrow :)

06-04-2009, 01:03 PM
Barbara – LOVE the waterfall!

Nicole – I wish we had a neighbor like you so I could send my 3 over!!!

I have to tell you guys a funny story – the other day I went to the gym on my lunchbreak –I challenged myself to stay on the ARC trainer (like an elliptical, but harder) for a whole hour! I did it and the screen said I burned 750 calories! My whole shirt was drenched!!! When I got back to my desk I felt as if I could fall asleep at any moment, I had eaten lunch earlier, but just picked at it because it was free lunch that I didn’t really care for so I ate my sandwich that I had packed to get some of my energy back… I was literally slurring my words I was so exhausted!!! It was pretty funny – I felt good about doing it, but probably won’t do that again!!!

Today my oldest baby turned 12 years old… its just crazy how fast they grow up!

06-04-2009, 01:56 PM
hello all.
i think i have allergies. i still have a runny nose and my sore throat is now scratchy and my whole face hurt yesterday, but i took an allergy pill and now it doesn't hurt anymore. but the scratchy throat and runny nose are still here.

anyways..DD has another t-ball game tonight, hopefully it's not as windy as it was on tuesday.

thanks nicole for the encouragement. i sure do need it, pretty badly.

hope everyone is having a good day.

06-04-2009, 02:11 PM
I am sticking to plan this week and continuing the 30 day challenge but the scale is still showing a gain...grrrr. Either I was REALLY bad on the weekend or the mixture of TOM on it's way and antibiotics is showing a false gain?
Either way...I'm not gonna give up this time....just keep plugging along and hope I get a good loss next week!

06-04-2009, 06:11 PM
Krisitn-Don't be discouraged. I think it's awesome that you are still doing the Wii.
Nicole- Wow would I love to have a pool in my yard. Too bad I am in Canada in a province that only sees a few months of summer.... Just as I planted my pots, they are calling for a possiblilty of snow Saturday, that really sucks!
Jillian- I am also thinking of you and just said a little prayer for you at work that things will work out for you whatever is going on in your life.
Well I should go. It's a hectic day at the office.


06-04-2009, 06:44 PM
Hello all.I can't believe tomorrow is Friday already.This week has gone pretty well all things considered.My daughters are bouncing off the walls because we are taking them to see 10 Years in concert tomorrow night.I have been doing the wii and going to the Ymca every other night.Feeling pretty good since we are starting to get on a regular schedule.I have been busy silk screening a large T shirt order for the past few days so there hasn't been a lot of time to cheat on food.Hope everyone is having a great day.

06-05-2009, 09:54 AM
Well....I am a little mad...I was really good this week (if anything I didn't eat enough) and I GAINED a lb. However, I am pretty sure it had more to do with TOM coming and being on antibiotics that caused it so I am not letting it get me too down. Just concentrating on having a good weekend and hopefully the scale will move down next week!

06-05-2009, 11:31 AM
Hi all! Just stopping in to say hello. It has been very busy as I had surgery a week and a half ago. I went in for vein stripping developed an infection, went on meds (I loathe antibiotics unless absolutely needed) and have to go back in today for the surgeon to drain things... nice. It has been tough having no support and being on bed rest with 4 kids.... I am so overwhelmed and behind but taking it one day at a time.

Although with the up gain of surgery and meds, I managed to still get down 3lbs this week by staying exactly on plan. I realized I do so well when I am at home for days on end, I can stay in control, so summer should be good for me.

Loved reading the updates, just could not sit at the 'puter long to respond. Hope you are pop and enjoy your weekend! *hugs*

06-05-2009, 12:04 PM
Take good care of yourself Elizabeth. Enjoy your weekend. I'll be thinking of ya.
I have to run as it's going to be a busy day. Have a great weekend everyone!!


06-05-2009, 12:04 PM
Yes it is finally Friday.I have been doing pretty good all week.This morning my I went and bought doughnuts for my daughters and before I new it I had eaten 2 of them.Oh well onward and upward.Hopefully I will burn then off dancing at the 10 Years concert tonight.Hope everyone has a POP day.

06-05-2009, 01:09 PM
Hey guys!

I am in NJ at my mom's for the weekend, it was nice to get home! I left DH in VA bacheloring it up. I miss him though! I know you veterans are going to say how cute it is and how you'd love a weekend away from your DH....

Anyways, just when my mom, sister and I finished breakfast and coffee, my mom got a phone call from her doctor regarding her cancer screenings. She has lumps in both breasts. She had lumps removed back in 95 I think, but they're back. Not good. I don't even know what to do. I am so upset. First things first is to get her eatting better. She is an LAWL veteran as well, but has gained back like the best of us!

Well, off to help her develop a plan.

06-05-2009, 01:39 PM
hello all. this week has flown by.

lori--it's national donut day (i saw it on the early show this morning!) so don't beat yourself up too much! ;)

amy--so sorry to hear about your mom. i'll be praying for you and your family. and i know what you mean about being away from your DH..i'm the same way, but maybe that's because my hubby is in the military and i value every second i have with him..

anyways..not much else with me. i'm getting my first TOM since having the baby. :( i haven't had one since July. sucks to have it back! i guess that's why i've been craving chocolate all last week! ha!

06-05-2009, 06:11 PM
Jillian, I did send a little prayer out for you and your family. TOM already? Geez, it seems like you should have a bigger break than that.

Kristin, I always, always gain a bit right before TOM no matter how good I am or what I do. Don't let it get you down.

Amy, I still miss my DH when one of us is away. He brings me coffee in bed almost every day. I hope your mom's lumps turn out to be nothing serious. Most lumps are not serious.

Nicole, Sounds like your house is a hub of activity.

We are having our deck rebuilt right now, so it is really great to go home and see what they have gotten done each night. We had thought of doing it ourselves, but I'm so glad that we didn't. Better to have a lower amount in the savings account than to get injured on the 20 foot off the ground deck. I was having nightmares about it and my DH was totally obsessed with how he was going to have to do it.... our first quote was so high that we had no choice, but we scaled down what we wanted done and got another quote from someone willing to do it for about a fifth of the original quote. Whew! We signed them up immediately to come and do it. I think the first guys were just having the same leery feelings about that high up deck that I was having.

06-05-2009, 06:53 PM
Isn't it funny how different quotes can be? My parents are re-building their deck right now too and their first quote was outrageous...then they got a quote for 10 grand less. So now they are adding a hot tub hahaha. I'm gonna live on their deck I think :)

06-07-2009, 09:31 PM
Hi all, hope you week has been going well. Mine has been the week from ****. And I've got the stress eating to prove it!! To top it off, I've got PMS like a big dog (figure of speech, I really have no idea whether big dogs get PMS or not) and I need to step away from the Snickers bars. I dread weighing in tomorrow...