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06-01-2009, 04:39 AM
Hello & :welcome: to the Back In Kindergarten thread!

"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

You are welcome to join us in our chatter about life and our weight loss journey!
So please grab your coffee/water/diet coke etc. and pull up a chair and join us!

:coffee: :cofdate: :beach: :lol3::cheers: :sunny: :bubbles:


06-01-2009, 04:47 AM

I went ahead and started a new thread. I figured it was time, the last one got kinda long and it is a brand new spanking month! :D lol.

Well the house is all completed. At least unpacked. Now clean, yeaaah not quite, but it will get there, just the normal typical everyday crapola. lol.

I went ahead and just decided to just do the cook out as planned. I figured most people probably won't show up anyways, but at least I made the effort. :D Plus why should I cancel it just because there are a few "nuts"?? :lol:

Anywho, I'm beginning anew here, so I will start the individuals from this point on. I think I pretty much covered all your replies to me, thank you all for your wonderful comments. I did read them all. :)

Big :hug:

OH & P.S. --- I FINALLY FINISHED ANGELS & DEMONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D YAY! :cp: lol. Now I am going to re-read The Harry Potter book before the movie comes out, then I'm going to read Stephanie Meyer's, "The Host". I wish I had Harry Potter with me, I could go ahead and start it. But alas, I do not..........sigh. lol. I have "The Host" with me, but I really want to read Harry first................decisions decisions..........lmao!


06-01-2009, 02:25 PM
just thought I would pop in here and mark my spot........(don't worry, if I make a mess, I will clean it up) LOL

Brandon is on his way to school, Marissa is laying down, and Logan is watching Spongebob and eating a slice of pizza!

The Wings won last night, so they lead the series 2-0.....which means they are 2 games away from winning the Stanley Cup again!!!!!

I am going to sit down and figure out when the local fireworks displays are and writ them down so that we can figure out when the ones that we want to go to are.

Francie~ I used to love my days of the week underwear! I got so mad if my mom would pull out the wrong pair!

Jules~ We use a back pack for a diaper bag. But we are going to take the kids to the Air Show at the local military base in August, and you can't take back packs in there, but you can take in diaper bags.

06-01-2009, 02:48 PM
Sassy~You should skip reading HP and just read The Host..LoL!! But thats just what I think, lol. Unless you're a fast reader. Omg, the new HP movie looks sooooooooooooooo good!! And it will be shown in 3D too!!!!! AHHH!!!

Mindee~LOL!!! In the summers, I'd get lazy and wear my days of the week undies on different days, lol.

06-01-2009, 03:05 PM
LOL...apparently we all had days of the week undies! I was rebel too FRANCIE and would wear Tuesdays on Friday, or Saturdays on Wed :lol: Not like anyone would see them. I always wanted to wear thongs and said when I lose weight I will but the idea of something of the crack, ummm, no thank you! I will leave them to you missy! Funny about your mom, I would wear polka dots.

SASSY...I was gonna say why not have the get-together just to have fun. Of course with all the work you have to do it may not be fun to you. I always enjoyed things like that, didn't care if anyone showed up (but they always did) I planned on having fun so...hope it all turns out well and you do have fun!

MINDEE...hoping your Wings win!

JULES...I guess I thought you had a good day because you were getting things done. It's always boring here on the weekends...everyone works but me so it's just me and the dog, sometime daughter and I will do something but not often, not on the weekend.

Hello to everyone else :wave:

Had a fun day so far. Had to pick up Josh and take him to work, and have to pick him up and take him home later. Wasn't going to Chase's game since it is so close in time to Cambries and hers is about 25 minutes from his. But since I have to take Josh home we will stay until time for Chase's game and then head over to Cambries so a long evening for sure. But...we had a fun time at the pool this morning...the water was sooooo cold! Cambrie had a BLAST! Got her down for a nap and getting ready to do my sculpt and burn dvd and jump in the shower to get this chlorine smell out of my hair, ick.

Have a good day!

06-01-2009, 04:01 PM
Happy Monday! I tried to do individuals last night..first my computer froze up and then Firefox crashed. I have never had that happen before. I just gave up. This morning I deleted lots of garbage and cookies...don't know if anything was my fault or just the server, but it seemed a good time to clean house.

I hope your week has started off well. Mine is about 50/50.. LOL.. Weigh in found me down 1 1/2 pounds, but still not down to my usual 170. Cristina I am kicking myself for gaining this weight back again and again. I would be positively skinny if I had kept off all the weight I have lost and gained.

I planted 50..yes 50 bulbs this morning. I will be surprised if my legs are not stiff and sore from all the bending. I am sure the squirrels will get some of the bulbs, but I figure if even 20 come up I will have a nice selection. (lillies) Last night I planted a flat of annuals around the fountain.

The cheese logs/trays and veggie tray were time consuming, but not hard. Everything went over well. The party at the lake was nice and relaxing. The first time DH's siblings had all been together in awhile. His sis was celebrating 50 years married. Yesterday DGD's graduation open house was really nice. Lots of family, friends and oh my, all her friends. Oh yes, the new baby was there so I got to sit and hold him for awhile. Haven't talked to my DD today, but I imagine she is just pooped out from all her preparations. Right in the middle of everything they showed their that was more stress.

Anyway...with visiting with the in-laws Sat. and my daughter/family Sun. I realized just how blessed I am to have so many lovely and loving people in my life. I hope you all are as blessed.

Cristina- Yay for the scales going are doing great once again with the exercise. I am trying... Have fun this evening with the games and running.

Mindee- Hope you find lots of fireworks to take the kiddos to. I imagine you are able to keep the family busy for the summer. Will you have both boys in school next year? Did I read that somewhere?

Sassy- I am sure you will have a good time at the cookout. I figure if someone doesn't come it is their loss. I am having a bunch of peeps here the 20th and am looking forward to it. Just have to plan a menu.

Francie- I got a kick out of reading about your "underwear adventures." Hey, that would make a good novel. LOL.. I would like to hear more about the Coast Guard idea. I would like my grandson to join. There is a base near his mom's home in northern CA.

Jules- Hope things are good at your place. Have you ever planted Walker's Low Catmint? I saw it planted in front of a store last year and asked what it was..bought some and it didn't do much. This year it is beautiful and good size. I have 3 bushes. It is growing in an area that gets little filtered sunlight.

Susan- Glad you got moved and hope it doesn't take too long to feel like home. I don't have Myspace anymore so didn't see your pics. :(

Katy- Do you have lots of plans for the summer? The parade sounded nice.

Kathy- Hi, is your kiddo home for the summer now?

I am sorry..grabbing at straws here since I am too lazy to go back and read the last thread again.

My legs ARE starting to hurt up the back from that bending. Thanks goodness I had a bulb planter or I would still be out there digging holes.

Have a pot of green beans cooking and will toss in some red potatoes. DH is grilling chicken breasts. Yum!

06-01-2009, 08:27 PM
real quickee..just a hi & bye, but wanted to do a quickstop!!
hubby wants the computer...

06-01-2009, 10:48 PM

Another night, another $. lol. At least after tonight I only have one more night then I'm off again. (my short week)

Francie -- Nah HP will be a fast read. I think the Host will take longer as its a lot longer. Yeah I can't wait to see the new HP! :)

Cristina -- Guess I was the "odd ball" here, I never had "Days of the Week Panties" lol. Yeah that is what we're planning on doing. Just going on ahead and doing the cook out anyways and who ever comes comes and who ever doesn't, misses out. lol. Glad you had fun at the pool with Cambrie.

Jules -- Hi and Bye! :wave:

Well I am all alone...........:( lol. My coworker is sick + has pink eye. :tired: So she went home, which is fine by me because I really don't want pink eye! lol. Anyways, its just gonna be Harry & me tonight and tomorrow, so I'll probably get it re-read very very soon. lol.

Big :hug:

06-02-2009, 01:05 AM
Hi everyone.

I have to go back to read what I missed, as it was quite a busy weekend, but I did want to say hello.

Sue - the kids don't get out until June 26. I have been thinking that I should maybe take 3 of my nephews for a couple weeks. Also my niece needs a babysitter for the summer, so I guess she will be here for a month or so....I'm tired just thinking of it.

Sassy, I too am going to reread Harry Potter before the movie comes out. Actually I probably have time to reread them all. Hope your night at work goes fast.

Cristina - I hope you and Josh enjoy your time together, even if it is just a short time. He probably needs it. Glad you had fun at the pool. I bought a new one today, so that we can set it up out here.

Jules - Hope you had a great day. My hubby has spent alot of time on ebay, says he is looking for carpet for the boat, but when I turned the computer, he was looking at remote control helicopters. Like he needs another one of those.

Francie - Have you read The Host? What is it about? After I finish HP I am going to start on Twilight. I think that I am going to watch the movie first though.

Mindee is there a game on tonight that you are watching? What team are they playing against? Hope your team wins.

Susan - Good luck with your new house. Are you moving farther away from your ex? Or will you be almost neighbors?

Ok I am going to catch up now.

06-02-2009, 01:33 AM
Cristina~You should just get a thong, just one. Like a really really sexy one!! They really are comfy. You cant even feel them. Now with the butt huggers aka briefs, for some reason...those just always get bunched up, LOL. I hate them!! I do love boy shorts! They're totally cute!!!

Sue~That would make a good novel, LOL!!! The Misadventuers in my Underwear, LOL!!! doesnt sound right, lol. Hahahaha!!!!! I ment it it to be like, the girl has some weird adventures while wearing different kinds of undies. And then towards the end, she finds the perfect undies, as well as the perfect guy..and they all live happily ever after. LOL!!! I dont know much else about the Coast Guard right now, sorry. I'll know more when Fonzo knows more.


Sassy~I will tell ya something..The Host is a little slow...but it does pick up in the middle. And its really good. I wish she'd write another one.

Kathy~DONT WATCH THE MOVIE FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please please please please promise me that you wont watch the movie first. You HAVE to read the book first!!! Trust me, okay?? It will be worth it!!

The Host:

Melanie Stryder refuses to fade away.

Our world has been invaded by an unseen enemy. Humans become hosts for these invaders, their minds taken over while their bodies remain intact and continue their lives apparently unchanged. Most of humanity has succumbed.

When Melanie, one of the few remaining "wild" humans is captured, she is certain it is her end. Wanderer, the invading "soul" who has been given Melanie's body, was warned about the challenges of living inside a human: the overwhelming emotions, the glut of senses, the too vivid memories. But there was one difficulty Wanderer didn't expect: the former tenant of her body refusing to relinquish possession of her mind.

Wanderer probes Melanie's thoughts, hoping to discover the whereabouts of the remaining human resistance. Instead, Melanie fills Wanderer's mind with visions of the man Melanie loves—Jared, a human who still lives in hiding. Unable to separate herself from her body's desires, Wanderer begins to yearn for a man she has been tasked with exposing. When outside forces make Wanderer and Melanie unwilling allies, they set off on a dangerous and uncertain search for the man they both love.

I got that from Steph's offical page.

Did anyone watch The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brian?? It was sooooooo funny!!!!!!!! He's gonna be a great Tonight Show host!!!

06-02-2009, 02:39 AM
Hello............struggling to stay awake. :tired: Dunno why...........just tired. :yawn:

Kathy -- I am reading Harry now. I think I should have re-read the entire collection. Because my mind is foggy on some parts that reference back in time. But I have already started it, so I shall continue. Maybe I'll reread them all again after I read the Host.

Francie -- Great another book that starts out slow? UGH don't think I can handle that! LMAO! Just teasing! I have Harry started, but I'm so sleepy I can't read or I'll really fall asleep, so just trying to keep awake until lunch time when I can go out and walk, it usually wakes me up! I have the tonight show taped for lastnight. I'll watch it when I get home in the morning.


06-02-2009, 03:44 AM
Sassy~The Host is totally worth it though!!! Believe me!!! It's really really good!!! I let my friend "borrow" it and I havent seen it since. So I'm gonna have to ask for it back..cuz I wanna re-read it. I wish I could read my HP book..but I can't, cuz I have no idea where all my Harry Potter books are at, lol.

OKay...I'm gonna go to bed. My back pain finally stopped hurting. But now my leg hurts, lol. Life is weird that way huh?

Oh no wait!! I just remembered something that I wanted to share with you all. Earlier today, Fonzo & I got into a stupid fight. In the middle of it..I threw my phone at him, and told him to order some pizza. He told me to check our bank account to see how much money was in I went online and checked, then told him. Well..after he ordered the pizza, his card got declined!! Weird huh?? I walked into the bedroom to see what was taking him so long with the order..and found out that he was on the phone with the bank. Turns out, we had less money than what we thought!!! Pretty weird huh?? So I jumped back online..and checked out all the transactions..and there was one that we had no idea where it came from!!!!!!!!!!! So we called the bank back up, and found out that it was made while we were fighting!! Clearly it didnt come from us, since we were yelling at each other in our living room, and not out somewhere with spending money!! So I highlighted the info and searched it. And it took me to this website called Rip Offs!! And the effin thing was a scam!!!!! They somehow got MY card number and spent our money on something. So the bank dude cancelled my card, and said he'd send me a new one. And since the money was still pending, they cant do anything about it. But in like 24 hours or whatever..once the money goes through to them..they're gonna catch the bad dudes and give us our money back!!!!!! We got over our stupid fight asap..and were just really upset by it all. It just feels like a total violation. I'm gonna get my new card soon. I just dont understand how this happened..I mean, I'm always very careful with the websites I buy stuff at. I ALWAYS make sure that its protected. I feel like crying again..its very upsetting. Thank God we caught it early!!!

06-02-2009, 04:17 AM
Sassy~The Host is totally worth it though!!! Believe me!!! It's really really good!!! I let my friend "borrow" it and I havent seen it since. So I'm gonna have to ask for it back..cuz I wanna re-read it. I wish I could read my HP book..but I can't, cuz I have no idea where all my Harry Potter books are at, lol.

OKay...I'm gonna go to bed. My back pain finally stopped hurting. But now my leg hurts, lol. Life is weird that way huh?

Oh no wait!! I just remembered something that I wanted to share with you all. Earlier today, Fonzo & I got into a stupid fight. In the middle of it..I threw my phone at him, and told him to order some pizza. He told me to check our bank account to see how much money was in I went online and checked, then told him. Well..after he ordered the pizza, his card got declined!! Weird huh?? I walked into the bedroom to see what was taking him so long with the order..and found out that he was on the phone with the bank. Turns out, we had less money than what we thought!!! Pretty weird huh?? So I jumped back online..and checked out all the transactions..and there was one that we had no idea where it came from!!!!!!!!!!! So we called the bank back up, and found out that it was made while we were fighting!! Clearly it didnt come from us, since we were yelling at each other in our living room, and not out somewhere with spending money!! So I highlighted the info and searched it. And it took me to this website called Rip Offs!! And the effin thing was a scam!!!!! They somehow got MY card number and spent our money on something. So the bank dude cancelled my card, and said he'd send me a new one. And since the money was still pending, they cant do anything about it. But in like 24 hours or whatever..once the money goes through to them..they're gonna catch the bad dudes and give us our money back!!!!!! We got over our stupid fight asap..and were just really upset by it all. It just feels like a total violation. I'm gonna get my new card soon. I just dont understand how this happened..I mean, I'm always very careful with the websites I buy stuff at. I ALWAYS make sure that its protected. I feel like crying again..its very upsetting. Thank God we caught it early!!!

BIG :hug: Glad you caught it before they went on a total shopping spree!!!

06-02-2009, 12:32 PM
Sassy~Thanks. I'm glad we caught it too. But its still messed up. I hate it so much!!

06-02-2009, 02:25 PM
Francie- My daughter just last Friday checked her account and noticed a few different charges for 29.99 and 39.99. She called the bank and found out someone had used it online at a quick cash site. They canceled her card, but won't give her money back because she can't prove she didn't do it. Can you imagine? I think there were 4 charges. She is livid and out a chunk of money. She doesn't have any idea how they got her card numbers either.

06-02-2009, 05:04 PM
Sue~Omg..thats so messed up!!! Can't she just say that she didnt do it?? I mean, you'd think she'd remember where she was when it was made, right? They can tell her the time and date of it too.

Why is it so quiet around here?? HELLOOOOOOOO

06-02-2009, 05:05 PM
Not sure why I signed in as I don't have time to post, ugh! Busy, busy, busy! Will try to play catch-up tomorrow sometime, sorry.

Hope everyone is having a good day! :D

06-02-2009, 07:36 PM
Cristina---it's nice to see you post even if it's just hi & bye!!

Francie--that terrible-hope they can catch the person that made the charge. I can't look or post at work anymore--we are being monitored.

Sue-can your daughter make a police report about her missing money--there should be someway to trace it back.

Kathy--he wanted to look some kind of car or motorcycle part and then check out old cars on he needs more--he will have to build another pole barn...

Sassy--have fun with Harry!!

well I have to go water the garden and mow the least it gets my steps in!!

Suzy, Katy, Mindee--hope all is well!!

06-03-2009, 08:33 AM careful!!

So we bought the 4th season of Weeds last night!! I'm so addicted to this show. The new season starts on monday!! YAY!!! I cant wait!! We're almost done watching season 4. Finally having Showtime pays off!! LoL!! And we got HBO we'll be watch season 2 of True Blood. I'm so glad Fonzo liked the show, otherwise I'd be really sad. He doesnt care too much for Twilight, but at least he liked True Blood, lol.

Anyways...I got really sick last night (still sick now actually). I almost had a panic attack..but thankfully, Fonzo just rubbed my back so I fell asleep before it could grow into a full blown attack. Then sometime in the AM..the effin power went out!!!!!! I didnt wake up when it happened..but I did open my eyes long enough to see that the tv was off. I fell asleep with Friends on, and I know I didnt turn the tv off, cuz I couldnt find the remote, lol. Crazy storms. I hate being asleep and missing it!!! LoL!!

Well..I've rambled long enough. I'm gonna go back to reading. Maybe I'll fall asleep again. Or maybe not...we're gonna watch more Weeds when Fonzo come home for lunch, so I do wanna be awake for that!!

06-03-2009, 10:41 AM
Happy Hump Day!

Not alot going on here today. Just have to try and get the housework done. Have lots of laundry I need to get done also. How fun.

Francie - :hug: I hope you feel better quickly. Ok since you asked so nicely I will read the book first. So many people were dissapointed with the movie after they read the book, I thought I might do it backwards. My DD says that I will be dissapointed either way. Terrible about the bank charges. Do you use paypal?

Jules - :rofl: Its for your DH collection of course. We have our own collection out here. But now he has DS#1 into it to. Turn on the computer here, DS or ours and it is on ebay with car parts or cars of some kind. Hope you have fun outside. DH has Cole riding the lawn mower cutting the grass. I told him he can't complain then when it isn't done perfectly.

Hi Cristina - glad that you popped in. Hope that you had a fun day even though it was busy. Also hope that you get a relaxing day today.

Sue - I told DH that he had better be careful. He uses paypal for ebay all the time. I certainly hope that someone doesn't end up with our number. I hope that your daughter is able to go to the police and make a statement.

Sassy - Were you able to stay awake until you went for your walk? :cheer: that you are still walking. I've been golfing a little...that counts for some walking right?

Mindee - I noticed on the tv guide that there was a hockey game on last night. Did your team win?

Susan - Are you getting settled into the new house?

Katy - I looked at your training guide....Wow. That would be a very big accomplishment to finish that.

Well I guess I had better go and get some kids ready to get out the door. Of course noone wants to go to school today so I might be in for a little fight with them.


06-03-2009, 10:52 AM
Kathy~I liked the book a lot more than the movie. The movie was okay, it could've been better. I still enjoyed it though. The next movie looks really good!!! Even better than Twilight!! I hope that it actually is better than Twilight, lol. Just read the book with an open mind, forget what everyone is saying about it, okay?? I use PayPal for some things, but not for everything.

06-03-2009, 02:57 PM
Hi all...I'm afraid it's a quick hello-goodbye form me today. I am reading posts, but we are really busy with end-of-school-year activities...then there's a class and a camping trip. I figure I'll have time to breathe sometime in mid-July.

I have been keeping up with my training, though my plan is to spread that 8 week program over the entire summer. I'm going to have interruptions with school and trips. I downloaded a podcast called Podrunner that has music to listen to that keeps you on the training beat and alternates walking and running, slowly increasing the running. That is supposed to have you 5k ready in about 8 weeks, but I'm taking that slow as well. I would be ecstatic if I could run a 5k sometime this fall...I've never done that before so I am cautiously optimistic.

Francie - we love Weeds, but we've only seen the first two seasons. We're going to watch season 3 pretty soon, then hopefully season 2 of Mad Men - love that show!

Cristina - had to take I May be Going to **** book back...just couldn't handle her writing style. Too much forced I'm reading The Women, by T.C. Boyle. It's a better fit for me right now...does the **** book get any better after the first 3 chapters?

Hi to Sue, Kathy, Mindee, Susan, Sassy and Jules...and anyone else reading this! Have a great day!

06-03-2009, 05:08 PM
It has been quiet in here because I haven't been around!!!!

Sorry for this quick post from me, I slightly breezed through everything since I am in the process of getting the kids laundry and blankets done!

We had Logan's IEP done today and he is now OFFICIALLY in school! I have to send in the papers for their transportation on Friday to school, and then they will be all set to go! They will more than likely get put into the same class since transportation will be making the decision. But their teacher did tell us that we can write a letter to the person in charge and express how we feel about them being in separate classes. She then said, that we may get stuck with providing transportation for one in the morning and then picking the other one up in the afternoon.

Tomorrow is Brandon's class picnic and Tommy and Brandon will be making Rice Krispie Treats tonight for it! We are all going to the picnic, so I am going to make sure that the batteries are all charged for the camera, so I can get tons of pictures!

Not really sure what else to put in here.....The Wings are still playing, they lost last night, but they are still ahead in the series by one! They have to win four games and they are already half way there! So, I am actually on my way to go and see when the next game is after tomorrow night!

Oh yeah, things are better now between me and Tommy. We are actually back to where we should be. I sent a friend of ours a couple of text messages to explain some things on my end, and I haven't heard back from him, and I am not sure if I will at all. But we are going to be moving forward that covers that.

gotta run, the kids pop corn just got done popping! oh yeah, tomorrow after the picnic, we are going to talk with the owner of this place we live in! if we sign a new one year lease, our rent will only go up to $587 a month, which is less than what a one bedroom in this complex is going for. BUT we have some issues that we need to get addressed first before we even do anything else!

06-03-2009, 09:22 PM

Just popping in to say a really quick hello to all, Mom, Cole and I are headed out to play a round of golf. Have to enjoy our nice weather as it is suppose to get chilly again tomorrow. Don't know what is going on around here with that. Anyway, hope you all have a great evening.

06-03-2009, 11:10 PM
HI ladies...Just a pop in from me tonight. I am off to look up some health related issues and then plan to read for a bit. It is chilly here and I want to curl up in the nice warm bed. Will be gone all day tomorrow, so will catch up when I can.

06-03-2009, 11:31 PM
Just wanted to stop by and say that I have a new baby cousin!!! I'm not sure when she was born (because I havent been on facebook for awhile, lol)..but she's soooooooooooooo cute!!!!! I'm guessing she was born at the end of May. Her name is Chloe Elizabeth!!

06-04-2009, 12:54 AM
just thought I would stop back in before heading to bed!

we have Brandon's class picnic in the morning, so I better get myself and a sleeping Tommy to bed. he took tomorrow off so that he would be able to attend the festivities! I have the camera batteries all charged, and the camera holds 390 pictures with the memory whatever I can put on the actually camera. I am not planning on taking that many pictures, but I will probably do my normal silent picture taking like I did last summer at our BBQ's around here.

oh, and to touch back on the issue with our friend that I sent the text messages to.....we did end up talking and every thing is like it should be.

well, off to bedidy by for me! see you all tomorrow!

06-04-2009, 02:19 PM
Goodmorning Chickees

Just popping in before I run to town and get some groceries. We are having company over for supper, so I guess I had better figure out what we are going to have. Mindee I hope that you have fun at the picnic. You will have to post a couple pictures.

Hope everyone enjoys the day. :grouphug:

06-04-2009, 04:11 PM
well, we got back from the picnic about two hours was a lot of fun and both Marissa and Logan are relaxing! Brandon just went with Tommy to get the bike tire for Logan's bike. we just went and got things squared away with the owner of this place in regards to some issues that we wanted taken care of before we signed a new lease.

we are actually paying less than what a new tenant pays for a one bedroom...which is nice, but we have some minor issues with some of the things in here.

oh yeah.....I have also figured out that I am going to go to school online starting hopefully in the fall while the boys are in school. I mentioned to Tommy that that is my plan and he was really excited. The only thing that seems to peak my interest in the online college that I have been in contact with is medical billing and transcription...and there are a lot of places that will let you do it from home.

06-04-2009, 04:55 PM
Hello all...

FRANCIE...first, CONGRAT'S on your baby cousin! Love the name(s)! Glad you guys got the bank stuff fixed...we had the same happen and if anyone is wondering, umm, the poilce wouldn't do anything. V's info was stolen twice...the second time we had no idea where this person got the info. He/She tried to steal about or a little over $1000! V was checking the account like he always does and asked me what I bought, lmao! I would go spend that much money. Anyway...the person paid their cable and ultilites with it, or rather tried. We did get the money back, took a few days but we did and got the overdraft charges paid as well. But...this is soooo stupid and really pi$$ed us off. You have to file a report with the police before the bank/visa will do anything. But Visa does not pursue these sort of cases because they would be out more money than it's fees etc by taking the people to court. So this person who tried to steal our money out of our account got away with it, sort of. It's crazy I tell ya! Anyway...hope the storms have passed.

KATY...ugh, no, I don't think so. If you didn't like the first three chapters of the book you most likely wouldn't have liked the rest. Of course me being the goofball I am I liked it, lol. I think it just depends on my moods, but this book wasn't so bad for me...didn't hate it or even dislike it like some reads in the past.

MINDEE...glad the picnic was fun, or I gathered it was fun. Cheap rent is always good!

KATHY...I think next week will be a slower one for sure. Just seems I have been driving and driving and driving...geez, could have been to the west coast by now with all the driving I've done in the last few days, and more tomorrow! Taking a break over the weekend for sure though! Have fun golfing with your mom and son.

HI to everyone else, SUSAN, JULES, SUE, SASSY and anyone I missed-always feel like I miss someone :wave:

I've got to get my exercise in so I didn't take a nap today like I wanted to, plus I am trying to get laundry done. Anyway, back on track and want to stay there! Even if I am tired as ****. Oh well, the weekend I will catch up on my sleep and relaxation. Next week for sure the games will be cut back because I am not driving to a game every day. Besides it is supposed to rain :crossed: Lol

Won't be on tomorrow...we (DS#1, DD, & GD) are headed to Oklahoma City tomorrow for a PowWow. Haven't been to one in ages and DS was going to go so again, I kinda invited myself and DD, and since I am watching Cambrie she has to go to. It's only a 2 1/2 drive there but we will be gone all day and I know I will be too pooped to get on the computer by the time we get home. Do plan on starting the day off with my usual walk so at least that will get done before leaving. Hoping to do a dvd too but not sure. After I pick up the little one we need to get home and eat and then get ready to leave by 9 a.m.

Anyway...need to get going. Laundry to do, dvd and weights to get done by then it will be time for an early dinner and get Cambrie ready for her t-ball game.

Take care all, see ya later gators :wave:

06-04-2009, 06:31 PM
Cristina~Geez, talk about major drama there. I dunno if we'll have to file a police report. Fonzo's going to call the bank again tomorrow. This is all very annoying now. I bet it was someone in like a different country who took our money too. Grrr!!! I hope you have a fun and safe trip!!!

Anyways...its a sucky day here. Fonzo has duty until 9pm. It's been raining off and on all day. I loathe the rain. I did however finish off my book that I started reading last night. I'm reading another book right now. It's called...Pride and Prejudice and Zombies..LoL!!! Its by Jane Austen & Seth Grahame-Smith. Here's the summary:

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains." So begins Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, an expanded edition of the beloved Jane Austen novel featuring all-new scenes of bone-crunching zombie mayhem. As our story opens, a mysterious plague has fallen upon the quiet English village of Meryton-and the dead are returning to life! Feisty heroine Elizabeth Bennet is determined to wipe out the zombie menace, but she's soon distracted by the arrival of the haughty and arrogant Mr. Darcy. What ensues is a delightful comedy of manners with plenty of civilized sparring between the two young lovers-and even more violent sparring on the blood-soaked battlefield as Elizabeth wages war against hordes of flesh-eating undead. Can she vanquish the spawn of Satan? And overcome the social prejudices of the class-conscious landed gentry? Complete with romance, heartbreak, swordfights, cannibalism, and thousands of rotting corpses, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies transforms a masterpiece of world literature into something you'd actually want to read.

Sounds totally weird right?? Wait until you see the

06-05-2009, 12:03 PM
Good Friday Morning!!

Francie--Ry love all things Zombie but I am not sure about that one....I like the name Chloe too. ANother rainy day--no wonder it reminds you of Washington...Ry says at least when it rains in WA there's no humidity...and he says when they say it's humid in WA there have no idea of what real humidity is..the kind that when you walk out in the middle of summer and actually feel wet when it's not raining..that's real humidity...

Cristina--I bet you will have lots of fun...stay safe...that's terrible about the card theft but good you got the $ back.

All these stories about theft problems..I don't have one but one of hubbys friends had his house broken into and several things stolen--you won't believe how they got caught--a stupid criminal story for sure...there were three people that went on a robbing R's house they stole guns and several other items including a credit card that had not yet been activated. One of the three was a 17 year old girl who's first stop was at Radio Shack to buy a prepaid cell phone "using" her fathers new credit card....the clerk didn't bat an eye and sold it to her...she went to a few other stores to continue her shopping spree until the card declined....all caught on tape at each of the four stores one store in between the clerk refused to process the card with the different name--told the girl her father had to be with her to use it....she then used the phone which the police used to track her down...she gave up the names of the other two guys involved...all three were charged with theft and one felony of taking stolen guns across state lines.

Mindee--the medical transcriptionist is a really good choice...two of my old coworkers took that course and both work at home with their young children...after the kids went to school one of them is now working part-time in a medical office making good money.

Kathy--but when they add to their collection it's ok cause they can "sell" the stuff later and get their money back...;) I like miniature golf, but I have never played on a big girl course...I have to go to the grocery store myself....

Sue--it's chilly here with all the rain...I am waiting for some sunshine....

Katy--I went to the website and am thinking of trying the c25k program--there's several 5k in the trisate area I live--I'd be happy to be able to walk/run one in the fall and just finish it before old classmate Bernadette says she wants me to join her next spring on a half marathon....yikes..that would really be something!! Not even getting my walking outside done with all this rain..

hey Miss SuzyQ--hope all is well with you!!!

Well my grass is growing way too high..all this for Friday errands...

06-05-2009, 02:05 PM
Jules~The book is kinda weird so far. I never read Pride & Prejudice, but I saw the movie, lol. I'm sick of the rain. I feel so down. I need the SUN!!! I hate humidity!! It makes my hair all poofy. I remember when I was in NYC, it was pretty awful. I will take the dry heat over humidity any day!!!

So..I had a dream that I was gonna get my hair cut. I'm guessing that my dreams are telling me something, lol. My hair is long enough to put up right now..and I kinda dont like that. So I'm gonna get it cut short again, and probably get some bangs. I miss bangs!!! LoL!!! OKay...I'm done being shallow, lol.

06-05-2009, 04:46 PM
Francie--It's suppossed to start getting nicer tomorrow and Sunday and Monday be even and my garden need sunshine!!! I got tow books at the library--the new Anita Blake one (all the vampire talk...) and Plum Spooky..

06-05-2009, 07:20 PM
Jules~Which book did you get?? I love those books!!! I think I'm gonna give up on my current book..its cool, but boring at the same time, lol. Plum Spooky was pretty good too!!!

Okay...I'm gonna go...I'm watching Rachel Getting Married.

06-05-2009, 07:29 PM
Skin Trade,,,I think...I will have to go look...Teri is rereading the series from the beginning again

06-06-2009, 02:32 AM
well, we got the IFSP in the mail for Marissa. They claimed that they had no way of reaching us (which is PURE BS) so they had the IFSP without me and Tommy present. They claimed that they sent a letter, which we never received! They want us to initial the IFSP and send it back immediately if we agree with it. We told them that we had questions on it, and we were not going to be able to do the services in the school district building when the time came because we had two older children that would need to get on or off the bus depending on if they go in the morning or afternoon, and that we would NOT be able to do that.

I even sent the one lady an email telling her that we would even find the person that would be able to do the services in the home, and I NEVER got an email back from her! I am going to call the lady that wrote me this last letter and sent the IFSP and I will let her know that we didn't receive the letter about the IFSP, and that the other lady had my email and that she could of asked me for an alternate number, but she never did! I told Tommy about it, and he said tell the lady to stick it and we will figure something else out for Marissa.

The funny part out of all of this........they have Marissa starting in home services on the 11th of this month, but I have to call the lady in regards to setting every thing up. It just infuriates me to no end!!!!!!

06-06-2009, 01:45 PM
Sorry I have been MIA again. I just don't and haven't felt tip top for a couple days. I will post again when I feel better......hope things are great for all of you. I do hope everyone is enjoying summer like weather.

06-06-2009, 01:54 PM
Oh shoot...I just hit the esc button and deleted my post :lol: Okay then, let's try this again, geez!

JULES...well, I am glad they caught them, that is crazy! I will never understand what goes thru a persons head...where they think that they are entitled to other people's stuff. Get a job and work for it like eveyrone else does! Hope it's a nice day in your neck of the woods! I need to mow too, ugh. The backyard is starting to look like a jungle.

FRANCIE...we HAD to file report with the police in order for the bank to give us our money back. Plus, we wanted this person to get in trouble for what they did. but they didn't so...and they are probably still out there doing it. Just don't understand if why they wouldn't do anything. Anyway, thank you and we did have a good time! Hey, did ya get your hair cut yet? I hear ya about the humidity...I hate it!

MINDEE...not sure if I missed something, but what is IFSP? Hope they get it straightened out and glad that Logan will be going to school this year, bet he is excited!

SUSAN...where are you lady? Miss you :hug:

Hi to everyone else :wave:

The Pow Wow was great! Had some great dancers.

Nothing going on here in the land of oz. Going to catch up on sleep today and loads of reading. Finished The Late Bloomer's Revolution and liked it and started Such a Pretty Fat or Why Pie is Not the Answer...wanting her other book Bitter is The New Black and will probably get that much money and too many books I wanted. Anyway...

Went for my walk this morning and going to do my sculpt and burn dvd in a little while along with some weights. Then I am going to sleep some more, lol..and finish up my laundry and then do my toe and fingernails.

Anyone get into watching Harper's Island? I hate that they changed the night, keep forgetting about it...not the greatest show but I saw the first one and they reeled me in, lol. I keep thinking it's the dad doing all the killing :dunno:

Well, I am outta here...may check back later, if not...take care and have a great weekend everyone! :wave:

06-06-2009, 01:55 PM
HIYA Sue...feel better soon! :hug:

06-06-2009, 04:36 PM
Francie- I forgot to say that DD couldn't even file a police report...her theft was under $500. The bank would only tell her to change her account. Grrr... The culprits were spending like 39.99 at a time on quick cash sites...I do not know what that is, but the total was 400 and something..just under $500. So she is just screwed. She was going to the bank to talk to a higher authority this maybe they did something. I haven't talked to her again yet.

When we had checks written against our account we had to get the police involved, change the account and all. We have never heard if they caught anyone, but the bank made good on our money...thank was over a thousand.

DD's they just got her account number somehow and used it online.....

06-06-2009, 05:20 PM
Pretty quiet around here today...guess I am the only one with nothing to do, lol.

Okay, gonna go get some reading done...have a good weekend all.

06-06-2009, 05:40 PM
Cristina--I got sucked into Harpers Island--I agree that it's not the greatest but I want to see it through--here's a link;more--hope it works. Not sure why the latest one doesn't have the link to watch--spoiler for you it's not the Dad.....or the brother in law.....that's who I though it was--for some reason I am thinking the short british guy or Abby's ex Jimmy--only because Jimmy is the least likely suspect.....How was the Pow Wow?

Mindee-how frustrating...

Sue-sorry your not feeling well

hubby's bellowing again--gotta go...

06-07-2009, 11:04 AM
Happy Sunday!!!

06-07-2009, 11:06 AM
Okay, let's try this again...signed in to post, hit the post button and it took me to the sign in page again...signed in and my post was gone, nice. Anyway...

JULES...yeah, I have no clue who it could be. I too thought Jimmy at one time but I don't understand the connection and why he or anyone would be killing the people in the wedding. Of course with shows like these sometimes there doesn't need to be a connection, lol. We will see...hey, do you know how many episodes are left? I can't remember when it is supposed to end. The Pow Wow was good...we really enjoyed it. Oklahoma City is only a 2 1/2 hour drive and it went pretty fast, as well as the time we spent there too! Had the son take his camera to get pix and and soon as he puts those on a CD for me I will put them on myspace. His camera is better than mine, ours has a 2 second delay so by the time you snap if the person isn't still you won't get them. Hey, good job on the 2 pounds gone! :bravo: Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

I am going to go fold some laundry and possibly do a load, then get back to my reading. I am wanting to get close to finishing this book today. Most likely won't but I will get pretty close, hopefully. Other than that, not much going on with me today.

Have a good one!

06-07-2009, 11:07 AM
Hiya Jules...Happy Sunday to you too!

06-07-2009, 02:10 PM
Cristina--sometimes I think it's the groom...other times the groom's friend Sully, then there's the money that Uncle Marty stole that seems to cause death...first uncle Marty...then the brides dad paid the ex off with the money and the ex died...then they found the money and Booth died while getting rid of it..the other friend took it and he dies in the latest one....and then everytime I pick someone they die...I am beginning to wonder if Abby is really Wakefield's daughter....simce her dead mom came to the island to get away from him....

06-07-2009, 08:15 PM
just thought I would take a second to get somewhat caught up on here.....

Tommy and the boys went for a bike ride. I am here at home with Marissa because she was sleeping when they left. now when they get home, it will be bath time because me and Brandon have to get up early in the morning because he will be getting on the bus at 7:55 in the morning! not looking forward to getting up early and not looking forward to having to deal with him
since he doesn't like mornings that well.

I am going to be starting South Beach in the morning. I am going to be very diligent about it all! I am also going to be taking it past the first week or two on the phase one and go from there! I am very determined to make it past the first phase.

06-07-2009, 10:54 PM
Hola Chicks. :wave:

Nothing new going on here. Same ole same ole. Been kinda bummed lately, dunno why really. I guess maybe I feel like I'm in a rut? Need to change it up a bit. Hopefully the cookout this Friday will help! :)

Big :hug: to everybody!

06-08-2009, 04:50 PM
Hello all...

JULES...omg! Same here, daughter and I were just talking about it and thought the same thing...Abby is Wakefields daughter. And like you, every time I think it is someone they end up dying. I am getting impatient like daughter...she will usually look up a movie or show to see how it ends, lmao. This is one that has me so confused, and it all over the place I have no clue and I WANNA KNOW! We will see...hope you are having a good day.

MINDEE...sending you good vibes on SB. And hoping getting up so early isn't too bad for ya...maybe once you get used to it. :dunno: I've been getting up early since having kids and they are all grown now and I am still not used to it, lol.

SASSY...same here too, same thing, different day. I was in a crappy mood but not letting anything get me down. Went to bed with a headache and woke with one, ugh. Anyway...hope you feel better.

SUSAN...where are ya missy? Hoping all is well with you and the Gabster. :hug:

Same with everyone else too, hoping all is well with everyone.

They changed hubby to second shift starting today. Going to be weird until we get used to it, going to be weirder for him than me. Just not used to him being around during the day.

I did get my walk in this morning and that's about it. I am hoping to do a dvd after Jeopardy. :crossed: and some weights. Can't let the hubby being home during the day some days get me off track. But we went to Sams Club to get some stuff and had lunch together..something we hardly do.

Later gators :wave:

06-08-2009, 05:00 PM
Cristina--Did you get caught up on the show from the link...I may go back and watch them all again and see if I can see something I missed...I am totally confused too..I can't find anywhere that gives a spoiler for the will get used to hubby--maybe he will take walks with you

Sassy--hope your cookout turns out well...

Mindee--I still don't like getting up early

gotta go--hi to everyone not posting!!

06-08-2009, 09:48 PM

Cristina -- Thanks. I feel better today. Just was in a "funk" yesterday for some reason, probably because it was my 1st day back to work and its my long week. lol.

Jules -- Thanks, now it says there is a chances of T'storms early. Yay. I hope it passes by early. I'd rather have everybody OUTSIDE. lol.

I walked 2 laps at lunch lastnight! :woohoo:

I hope you all are well.


06-08-2009, 10:41 PM
Sassy--WTG on the walking--fingers crossed the storms miss you or go through quick...

my stinkin glasses broke....they gave me contacts and I had to go to Walmart and pick up glasses.....Teri was suppossed to meet me to be my "fashion consultant or critic" and tell me what pair I loved but shouldn't choose....the contacts will do for now and I will go back in a few days for the glasses....the receptionist was a real little witch.....everyone else was as nice as can be....

06-08-2009, 11:13 PM
Just stopping by to say hi real quick. I'm not feeling good at all. My muscles are KILLING me. I was on my feet most of the day cleaning, and my feet and everything else hurts!! Fonzo is sick, he took some meds and went to bed early. I took some meds too, but they havent kicked in at all. Ughhh..and I took them like 3 hours ago!!!!!! Maybe this pain is worse than anything, I need something stronger. Like a muscle relaxer..OoO..I wish I had one.

Okay..hope all of you had a good weekend. I'm gonna go lay down and watch some more friends.

PS. I FINALLY made the cheesecake. And omfg, it was like a little piece of heaven. The chocolate chips were sooooooooooo good in it. The crust was Mmm Mmm Mmm good!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I actually like the crust better than the actual cheesecake. I'm very proud of myself. It pays being broke around this time. Thats when I usually make my food from scratch, lol. I'm a pretty good cook/baker, lol.


06-09-2009, 12:23 AM
too much drama around this place we live!

we never did get our new flooring done I moved every thing by MYSELF for nothing! now they are supposed to be here tomorrow.....and if they are NOT, I will be going to the office at 10am on Wednesday because the bank will be here!

we are now looking at getting a dog too. we are also going to look into getting our carpets changed since all they did was shampoo them when we moved in, and you can feel the floor buckling underneath it. Plus, it is separating by the kitchen!

06-09-2009, 12:49 AM
Hola, again. lol

Jules -- I hate when my glasses break. I can't find my contacts so I am stuck with my "emergency" glasses that look like Sally Jesse Raphel's when mine break. :lol:

Francie -- I hope your meds kick in soon, cheese cake sounds good. :drool: Hey I finished re-reading Harry Potter so now I have started "The Host" so far, not too impressed, but you said it was slow in the beginning, so I'll give it a chance.

Mindee -- Sorry about the drama.......hope your floors and carpets get done. :)

K Big :hug:

06-09-2009, 01:14 PM
Hello chickies...

JULES...I started watching the show thru the link thinking I missed something but it is Saturdays show that I saw. I only missed part of one a couple of weeks ago and daughter filled me in. Sorry about your glasses. Sounds like me and my daughter...I always take her with me to get her opinion...more times than not I listen to her. I don't think I could ever wear contacts...never tried them.

FRANCIE...would you like to share the recipe for your cheesecake? I have wanted to make one by scratch for a long time but haven't yet...but you are making my mouth water. Hope you and Fonzo feel better. :hug:

MINDEE...hoping you get the new flooring and carpet to boot! Will be like living in a whole new place! Got my own drama going on over here too! Well, sort of...I'm not playing into it so it's all on you know who. Back to not babysitting and this time it is for good because I told C the last time I would babysit again on one conditon...that they better not threaten to get someone else to babysit if they get mad, she said okay, yeah right...I refuse to go thru this every other freaking month. But yeah...hoping your drama is over soon!

SASSY...glad you are feeling better. I have wanted to donate my old glasses for so long but I keep thinking, what if I lose the ones I have? Of course I could donate one of the old pair :dunno: We need a backup for sure. And now that I know I can get a new pair every two years (I thought it was every year) I plan to do so...then I will start donating. Anyway...I always loved SJR and her red glasses ;)

A big HI to everyone else :wave:

Nothing going on here today. I actually miss having that little girl around, gives me something to do and makes the day go by faster. Oh well, must find me a job even if it is a volunteer postion...gotta do something other than exercise and read. And speaking of exercise...

Got my walk in early and getting ready to do my sculpt and burn dvd, plus weights. Other than that...nuthin going on.

Have a good one!

06-09-2009, 02:37 PM
:wave: to everyone.

I weighed in at 147 this morning, it was a eating weekend w/ Rach here. We went out for Chinese yesterday and bought 3 containers of hummus w/ some Harvest chips. *sigh.
I will get back on track today, it feels good to indulge sometimes!
Put a cinnaberry rinse in and now I am a redhead. lol

anyway- off to work. It will take forever to catch up, sorry. Beck came in 4th out of 14 teams at the dragon boat races! Yay,Becky.

chat more tomorrow!

06-09-2009, 04:48 PM
There ya are Ms Susan...

Yay to Beck! 4th is awesome! :bravo: You know, one day I am going to try some hummus...I see it everywhere, in magazines and cookbooks that is. A redhead eh? Wanna share a pic? Have a good day at work!

Hello again to everyone else :wave:

Going to go check out a couple of things online, put some ribs in the crockpot and see the hubby off to work. Did my sculpt and burn and now just need to get some weights done!

Later chickies

06-09-2009, 06:54 PM
Holy crap..its seriously storming right now. My cats are all freaked out, LOL!!! I was holding Sassy when this huge crack of thunder happened..and her body tensed up and she almost scratched me, lol.

Sassy~Keep with it..I promise, it gets better.

Cristina~It's actually my grandma's recipe..I dunno if I'm allowed to give it out. I'll ask her though.

Okay..gonna go sit near the window and watch the storm.

06-09-2009, 08:39 PM
Franice--it stormed really bad--one of my coworkers kids called to say they got hail--they are on the frederick/washington county line not too far from Camp David

SuzyQ-my hair is a little redder than usual and another coworker ended up darker than usual--we joked we should have mixed the two together and it might have been closer to what we both wanted. I love hummus too!! and feta cheese....hubby doesn't like either though he loves chickpeas....wtg Beck!!

Cristina--Hummus is basically made with chickpeas....and it's really good...fresh is best...some of the stuff that comes premade isn't all that great. Teri always picks out my frames for me...I kind of like having the contacts again, I didn't get them last time...must have missed something when they explained it. I have astigmitism (sp?) and need progressive lenses both...they don't make contacts that work well that do both and what they do is really expensive. All I need is the contacts and a pair of reading glasses from Walmart. You should try the contacts, most offices will give you a trial pair to try. Gosh, C is a little bratty's not right what she does to Cambrie...I feel for you...glad Teri doesn't act like that with Dominic.

Sassy--we found my BIG glasses and hubby picked on me for awhile about them...

Mindee--sorry about the drama--hope you get the updates done soon...

Hi to everyone else!!

06-09-2009, 11:36 PM
Hola all.

Well I added on to what I usually walk at lunch. DH calculated it and its "Roughly" a 1/2 mile, but for me and my short little legs, it probably is closer to a mile. lol. But I figure anything is better than nothing! DH says I can have his pedometer since he found that his phone has one :rolleyes: I just need to remember it!!

Cristina -- Yeah I think that is us too, we get a new pair every two years too, so I def need to get another pair then donate my "sallies" ;) Mine aren't red like hers, they are pink, but the same style! lol. I still have my very first pair of glasses, for some reason I can't get rid of those...........

Suzy Q -- Mmmm Chinese sounds good. I don't like Hummus, my husband LOVES it, I tried it, just didn't like it much.........:shrug: Oh so your a red head too, eh? Well I'm not "red" I have a "reddish tint" :p lol

Francie -- I'm sticking with it, but I dunno just not into But I trust ya! lol. I am thinking, "What the heck am I gonna read after I'm done with this one???" Any suggestions???? Oooooooo I love watching storms........I always said I'd be that stupid @$$ that has the camera running while the tornado is coming!!! hee hee.

Jules -- Hey girlie, well us "Big Glasses" chicks can stick together, right??? How is everything going???

Hello to everybody out there! :wave:

06-10-2009, 09:45 AM
Good morning!

JULES...yeah, she is a witch and I've had my fill. And all because I said "No" Yeah, they never think about the kids and what this does to them, just so stupid. And as much as I want to be a part of my sons know, I think I would rather they just stay mad at me and never talk to me least I wouldn't have the drama from the witch. actually both of them because she won't talk to me...she tells Josh to call and do all the dirty work. Anyway...tired of talking about them and this crap so...thats what I have too, astigmatism. I will have to try some hummus! are right! And walking is better than nothing at all! 1/2 mile is good! :carrot: I love pink! Bet the glasses are cute! you, I would be on the deck or wherever trying to tape a tornado! I've never seen one and I think I would like to at least once, lol.

FRANCIE...I guess I will just have to do without the cheesecake :( Lol It must be good if it's a secret recipe that can't be shared! :) Hope the storms passed. I know our Ernie dog, the first sound of thunder and he is gone...under someones bed, poor dog. I HATE the 4th of July, it is the worst on him. Need to get some doggy tranquilizers (sp?) to calm him down because it will be starting soon. We have some neighbors that save up fireworks from the previous year so they are doing them before they actually go on sale and will do so up until the day after the 4th. Anyway...

Okay, going to go and do my Slim and Thin dvd. Got my walk in and then later I am going to do some of the BL dvd and some weights. Trying to get the majority of it done this morning though. The hubby and I are headed out to do some shopping for him later. He is needing work clothes bad so...

Have a good Wednesday!

06-10-2009, 12:54 PM
Hi gals! I've missed a few days, so I'll need to play catch up a little. We are heading into a very busy stretch here, so I'll try to pop in when I can, but if you don't hear from me by's time for search and rescue, lol!

Hummus---I make it sometimes with lots of olive oil and garlic. I have made it with tahini, but I don't keep it on hand, so I just use what I have and it seems to taste just as good. I love it with lots of garlic and some kalamata olives...not so great for the carb-counting howevah..:P

I did my C25K this morning, then 15 minutes of strength training on WiiFit, so I feel good and ready for the day. Tomorrow is a biking far I am keeping up with the training program and not feeling too many aches and pains, yay!

Today is the kids' last day of I am doing things at both schools...tomorrow we veg out and start getting ready for our camping trip.

Have a great day everyone!

06-10-2009, 01:47 PM
Jules~It didnt hail here, I checked, lol. I love big glasses!!! LoL!! My mom used to have some.

Sassy~It does get I wasnt all that into it either when I first read it, but I kept with it..and got really into it, lol. Its more SciFi than anything else. You should read the Anita Blake series next. Theres like 17 books or something like that, lol. Or read Sookie Stackhouse..theres only 9 books I think.

Cristina~20 bucks says she got the recipe out of a mag and just lied to me, lol. You know..when we moved, we got this spray that calmed down the cats. It's like some stress free stuff. You just spray it around the car or house or whatever..and it calms them down (obviously, lol). I'll have to see if it works for dogs too. We didnt wanna drug up our cats on the way over here..and it worked fast!! They slept most of the time. And only complained when they needed a stretch. We also used it when we moved into our new place. They were a little confused, lol.

Katy~Where you going camping at??

06-10-2009, 02:10 PM
Jules..heres a pic of my mom wearing her big glasses (and the little baby is me:p)

lol..I just noticed that my grandma has big glasses too. i think she still has the same big glasses too!! haha!!

Man, I miss my mom & my aunt..

06-10-2009, 04:05 PM
Red hues, not a redhead all over, I correct myself!

I love hummus but it doesn't love me, plus the chips too. I was 148 this morning. I swear. I am disguested w/ myself.

Hi and bye Katy! Where are you going camping?

better go, time is ticking and it is the 1st day of summer vacation for Gaby so I have things to do. lol

06-10-2009, 08:30 PM
SuzyQ---have fun with the Gabster!! Glad you popped in!!

Francie--yup--those our the ones...mine were in light blue--Teri has a family portrait hanging on her wall with me wearing them and my 80's feathered hair and the ruffled shirt....Your parents look so happy in the pic!!! Your mom and aunt were both so beautiful!! You love Edward, I love Jean Claude....

Sassy--Dominic actually broke my big glasses too after hubby and everyone let him play with them after teasing me unmercifully about them....I just finished one of the Anita Blake books called Skin Trade...she is toning down the erotica...back to more story instead of sex--though there's still alot

Katy--wtg on the C25k...I am very interested in starting--don't really have anywhere to bike though :( -- have fun camping...

Cristina--hugs to this point I really think you would miss little Miss Cambrie more than Josh....just remember...however bad it is for you...think how bad Josh must have it living with her and her moodiness....enuff of's it going with hubby being home?

Sue--hoping everything is ok with you!!

Mindee--being awfully quiet missy...

well, off I go...have a great night all!!

06-10-2009, 11:37 PM
Jules~Actually..its just my mom, aunt & uncle in the pic. I dunno where my so-called "father" was. Maybe he was the one taking the pic. You know, he didnt even want me. He wanted my mom to get an abortion. Psh, I wonder why I'm still trying to find him. of right now, I like Richard. But my friend said he turns into an @$$..soo..who knows. I'll let you know when I finish the book. LoL!! And I only like the book Edward. The movie Edward is okay, but eh. LoL!! I like movie Jasper a LOT more!! haha!!

06-11-2009, 12:40 AM
I am back!

I am not trying in any way to be quiet, I have just been trying to keep the kids occupied now that school is out. And then I usually don't get on the computer until really late....and half the time I just checked my email and then sign off to go to bed.

Tommy's hours are all over the place.....but it is nice!

The flooring got done yesterday and it looks great! It really brightens up the whole apartment and honestly makes the apartment look bigger! Our furnace has been acting up and I had the office manager write up a work order for yesterday, and it didn't get done today! I went into the office, while the owner guy was in there, asking when it was going to get done. The maintenance supervisor came in, the office manager told him that I was just in there asking when it was going to get done and he said "I am going over there now." He drove past our place, but that was it! The owner guy and the office manager are supposed to be gone tomorrow, and the supervisor is supposed to get to it tomorrow..other wise I am supposed to track him down! BULL CRAP! I am NOT going to track him down for nothing! If he doesn't come over tomorrow and look at it, I will go into the office on Friday and really let them have it! I will only allow the other maintenance guy, who is our friend, come into the apartment to fix anything!

06-11-2009, 01:59 PM
It's Gaby's 1st day at day care so I don't have much time. She is doing a swim camp this week and tonight is surfing. Knarly.
Might take her to Portland this Friday night because her father is working and I am too.
wi is 147.6, every ounce counts! lol I have been too lazy even to make my salad.

k- sorry for the poor attempt to keep up.


06-11-2009, 03:44 PM
Francie...your mom was pretty, love the big glasses! I never had big glasses, of course I've not been wearing glasses for long...about 11 years I guess. I'll have to try some of that spray stuff for sure.

Jules...oh, I will miss Josh but you are right about Cambrie...I am already missing her. The sad thing is her birthday is this month :( They just need to really, really grow up. Hubby is doing a day job to stay busy because he is not liking the change's just weird but so far it's okay. Apparently it is just supposed to be a temporary thing...July 16th I think he will go back to the other line :crossed: and then back to days. How's the little guy doing? I love that little hat in you avatar, and Dominic is getting so big!

Mindee...hope they came by and fixed it!

Katy...enjoy your camping. I would love to go and just relax for about a week somewhere. That's the problem I think, don't know where to go. Good job on your hard are doing great! :carrot:

Susan...I would love to be at 147, and yes, every ounce counts! I am struggling to get back down to the 181 I was at before I decided to have a major binge, so stupid, still kicking myself about that, sort of, lol :kickbutt: Try not to work too hard! Hope Gaby likes the daycare and enjoys the swim camp and surfing...sounds like fun!

Kathy...hoping all is well with you and yours.

Sue...hoping you are fine, as well as your mom. it tomorrow that you are having your get-together? I can't remember and am too lazy to go back and try to find it. Hope you have a great time!

Feeling like I missed someone...sorry if I did :wave:

I decided to take a free day today...from exercise that is-sort of, lol. Because I did go out and mow the backyard. It was cool and cloudy and I thought it the perfect time to do it...almost done and the stinking sun decided to shine, lol. Made it very hot! Anyway...nothing going on with me. Had errands to run and laundry to get done and that's about it. I feel so sleepy/tired today so i am going to go take a nap before jeopardy and then read some. I was hoping to be finished with my book sooner but haven't read much this week so far. Always tomorrow :D

Have a good day :hug:

06-11-2009, 05:56 PM
Sorry I haven't checked in. Mom had her injection on Mon. and after a day of feeling poorly she is doing better. I had mine Tues. and have felt pretty bad again. They say it takes a few *fingers crossed* for us both.
DH and I went out of town with his sis and her hub yesterday and just got back. The car ride was the most un-comfortable for my ribs. I just need to get up and move often....
Dr. seems to think I won't have to come in for another injection, but I can if I am still having pain. I plan to NOT..unless it is dire pain. LOL...

Nothing else for now...just taking it easy. Planning my line of attack for exercise and eating. Dr. told me to eat 1500 cal. and aim for 250 minutes of any type exercise a week and I would drop (like I haven't done this before)

06-12-2009, 01:48 AM
well, I am here!

I just got done writing a letter to the big shot that sits in the office! this place has gone to **** in a hand basket, and something had to be said about it. So, I wrote a letter to the guy, let Tommy and a friend of ours read it, and off to the office it went.

We have been having issues with our furnace continually running even after it goes through the cycle of warming the house up. so, I would have to go into the kids closet and turn the switch off. I went in on Tuesday to get a work order written up for it.......I went into the office on Wednesday to check on the status of the work order and was told that the maintenance guys had it. Cool, so I went back home. I talked to the office manager later on that night, and she had asked me if the maintenance supervisor had come over to look at the furnace. I told her no to which she rolled her eyes and said for me to come into the office on Thursday. Then she remembered that she wasn't going to be in the office that day, so she told me that I would have to chase him down in order to find out if he was going to get it looked at. I told Tommy that I shouldn't have to chase him down because that isn't my job! After I went into the office on Wednesday, mind you the big shot was sitting in the office, I came back home and found out that the office manager had confronted the maintenance supervisor on if he was going to come over because I had just been in there. He told her "I am heading over there now." She asked me if he had come over, and I told her that he hadn't.

So, I am not sure what will come of the letter but I also complained about the drama that has been going on in here, AND the way he treats the other maintenance guy (who is our friend) and the office manager. I am sure that I opened a can of worms, but I know DARN well that we are NOT the only people that feel this way!

06-12-2009, 08:34 AM
Good morning, all...

SUE...hope you feel better soon. :hug: That has got to be a pain in the arse, no pun intended. Hoping you don't have to have another shot.

Okay, so I was up bright and early, well, early go for my walk. I thought I heard thunder but decided it wasn't and I was just hearing things, lol. Then saw lightning...thought, it will be okay to walk anyway...I'm up and damn I am walking! Ummm, no...mother nature had other plans. Walked in the cul de sac next to our house and big drops landed on my bagged the walk and it is raining now, but not bad. Hoping in a hour or so it will be okay but just watching the news and don't think so. So...treadmilling it today I guess. I am up and have no plans of going back to bed. Would rather take a short nap later than go back to bed now. Anyway...I am up early with nothing to do, lol. Actually, I am going to do my sculpt and burn dvd. Can't do the weights because the hubby is sleeping and I don't want to wake him...they are in the basement which is under our bedroom.

Hello to everyone :wave:

Hoping everyone has a good Friday!

06-12-2009, 09:22 AM
quickee for me--had to get a few things done before I have to run into work...yuck...waiting for hubby to get back with his vcar stuff so I can go...want to get done so I can go get my little Dominic!!!

sue--hope you and your mom are feeling better...

BBL for the rest of the indys...

06-12-2009, 10:52 AM
Good Morning!

Jules - have fun with sweet little Dominic!

Cristina - thanks for the FB add, sorry you didn't get your walk in. I can relate to the binge recovery process as I have been through it many times...yuck. You are doing great..and doing it while handling stressful family issues...that's hard work. I am trying to make a plan so that I don't over do on the camping trip. Keeping my fingers crossed. I am taking my running podcast, so I can keep up on that part of my training program.

Mindee - ugh hope you get your apartment issues straightened brought back memories of when we lived in our nightmare apartment. We were there for six years and it wasn't so bad up until the last year or so. We had a neighbor with a dog, who would not scoop the poop, so DH bagged it all up one day and hung the bag on the their front door. Then they started letting the dog out by himself...a great Dane with abad attitude, mind didn't do squat...oh so glad those days are over.

Francie - love the pic of your mom - what a beautiful woman :)

Susan- hey - don't work too hard..are you on FT now? Are you settling into your new house..I loved the pics you put up..great view and a very nice house. I'll have to come visit you sometime :)

Sue - hope your shot pain clears up soon and you can be you think the shots are helping? I hope so...

HI Kathy and Sassy! Hope you are having a nice day.

We are camping at South Beach ( Can't Wait! And to pack

06-12-2009, 12:09 PM

Hello everyone.

K now I have to go and get ready for the dentist. I have the hottest dentist, don't mind going to see him at all. But he is leaving at the end of the summer, and I would have to drive 90 minutes if I wanted to go to his new practice....Darn dentist.


06-12-2009, 06:26 PM
Katy!! Have fun camping, I need to click the link and be ready to be jealous...

Kathy--hey there missy!! You have been missed!!

oh no..there goes hubby hollering for me again....I just sat down!!!

06-13-2009, 01:37 AM
just a quick one from me, but the letter was put into the office and the big guy called in on Friday and said he wasn't going to come in. so the letter is sitting there and waiting for him to come into there to get it.

we have been so busy that we have been so tired by the time we get home or get the kids in bed!

06-13-2009, 08:14 AM
Hey Just a Quickie.........

Had the cookout yesterday, it was lots of fun. Everybody came who said they would, they all got along and had fun -- well at least I hope! Hee Hee!



06-13-2009, 09:04 AM
Happy Saturday...

SASSY...glad the cookout was fun for ya!

JULES...hi/bye :wave: Tell the hubby you need your computer time!

KATY...have fun camping! I would love to camp at the beach, so nice and relaxing I bet! You'll do great! I love your pic on FB, you and the dd! Such a great picture.

KATHY...hi and bye to you too! :wave:

MINDEE...isn't that usually the way it goes, hopefully when he gets the letter something will be done! :crossed:

SUSAN...don't work too hard today missy.

SUE...hope you are feeling better today.

FRANCIE...where are ya lady? Must have gone to the beach!

Okay, so I got my walk int his morning. For some reason I woke up and got up right after I turned the alarm off. Normally I turn it off, roll over and end up falling asleep. Then, jump out of bed at the last minute and head out the door half asleep, lol! Today, wide awake and felt so refreshed...such a good feeling. Getting ready to do my sculpt and burn and then nothing but weights to do later. Other than that not a lot going on today. Going to get this house in order and cleaned really good-having an open house tomorrow. Already not starting off good because our realtor is out of town and so there are no signs up yet and won't be unless she plans on doing it about midnight tonight. I honestly think she has given up on us/this house. But yeah, no advertising at all, no signs up early so we will see...trying to stay positive about it but I think too, I have given up on it. Anyway...

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

06-13-2009, 12:34 PM
Happy Saturday from beautiful sunny Indiana. We have the windows open and the curtains are blowing in the breeze. The neighbor is mowing so the smell is wonderful...even the sound is not annoying today. lol

I think I have a new attitude and I can tell you it has to do with feeling healthy and PAIN free for the first time in ages. I rode the bicycle this morning and after 1 mile I was almost in tears because I did NOT hurt. Just felt wonderful!! Now, I am praying that it lasts and is for real.

Mom has gotten some relief from her pain this time also. She is walking every morning, not far, but getting around. She has done 1/3 mile every morning and is going to do it twice starting tomorrow. She wants to work up to 1 mile. I am proud of her for even doing 1/3 at 81 years old.

Cristina- Good luck on the open house. I know what it feels like to give up on the sale. Things will happen when you least expect. Good job on your exercise. I am aiming for 35 minutes a day starting Monday...some type exercise anyway. Doesn't sound like a lot when you say it...but doing it? ugh. LOL

Sassy- See, you worried for naught. The cookout was a success. Now that should make you have more confidence for next time. Good job on the walking also.

Mindee- I hate hassles of any kind and the kind where I need to confront someone..ugh. But I sure would not chase down someone who was supposed to be doing their job. No way. I hope everything gets done and you guys don't feel like you have to move. That is a bigger hassle. Did you get going on South Beach? I have never made it far on that (or any) actual eating plan excepr calorie counting. Don't know why.

Katy- I remember camping and I used to love it. This DH, not so much. Therefore it is a thing of my past. My girls remember it fondly though and both have camped with their families. We always camped and is a big thing around here. Mom loves it and is content just to go to our local park and fish in the stream for an afternoon. I hope you and your family have a lovely time..these are the days when memories are made, so enjoy!

Susan- Hope you are having a nice week-end. HAven't heard much more about pool man...did that fizzle? Or have you moved on to bigger and better fantasies? Maybe a real thing or two?? Enquiring minds want to know.

Francie- Hope you week-end is going smoothly also.

Kathy- Ah, I see you are now fantasizing about your dentist..hmm, is it worth a long drive to continue?? Hope the visit went well.

Jules- I think about how fast your Dominic has grown and get a little sad...they just sprout up so quickly. My great-grandson was here last week and he is already changing so much. He was a month old. 9 1/2 pounds already. I got a smile and a coo out of him though and that was precious.

I made a nice healthy breakfast this a.m. before I rode the bike. Then I made a Mexican dip to take to the card game tonight. Washed a load of laundry and washed dishes. The only thing I have left to do is sweep the floors. Then DH wants me to help him hold something in his shop....don't know the details. He is building us a walnut bookcase for the side of the fireplace. It is looking really beautiful, so I am anxious for him to finish. I will post pictures when it is in place. Should look great as the mantle is also walnut as is a table on the other side of the fireplace. He is so handy...I think I will keep him. :)

Off to play cards tonight and then a lazy day tomorrow. After a busy week it is welcome. Next week we only have 1 busy day. Mom goes to the kidney doc Tues. a.m. and I go to my dermatologist Tues. p.m. I might watch Mason for 3 hours one day if his mommy and daddy's shifts overlap. (secretly hoping) :)

Hi to anyone who might pop in or that I missed. Hope you all have a great day and an even greater Sunday.

06-14-2009, 12:51 PM
Morning -

Busy weekend w/ work. I still want to mow tonight and take Gaby for swimming!
Manage to w/i at 142.8 this morning - yippppeeeee. I feel better.
I am glad you are pain free Sue :)

I'll have to caych up tomorrow when I have more time. I only have a 15 minute break right now!

06-15-2009, 12:27 AM

Well another fun filled week at work. YAY. lol. At least this is my short week. But DH has his colonoscopy on Friday......yay.

I am soooooo tired. :tired: I didn't sleep well. First it took me FORREEVVEERR to fall asleep, then my husband snored among other uh-hum "bodily functions" :p

Cristina -- Thanks. Yeah I am so happy it went well. Hope all goes well with your open house.

Sue -- I am so happy for you and your mom that you are feeling better. :) As for the fresh cut grass smell yeah can't hack it, I sneeze my flipping head off! hee hee. Yeah I worried myself over nothing on the cookout. All went well. Weather held out. It was cloudy at first, then the sun broke through. Everybody had a great time.

Hi Suzy Q.........Bye Suzy Q :wave: lol.


06-15-2009, 03:01 AM
a quick one from me for now!

For some reason, even though I check the notify me button on each new thread, I am not getting any emails to get me to come over here.

I did manage to get my siggy together at least something short for now so you all know who I am when I get on here! I will work on something else here when I get a chance to but the kids keep me going nonstop these days!

we took them to a new park on Sunday. I will get the pictures up on both myspace and facebook here when I get a chance to do so. I am thinking of talking to a friend of ours and see about us and him and his family going there and I will take some pictures of him and his an outdoor photo shoot kind of thing. I don't think that they have had a family picture done since their second son was born, and this park is just great for shots! they have things set up where you can have your wedding this park is the perfect spot for shots! I am going to talk to him and maybe set it up as a surprise for his wife. I will let you all know how that goes.

Well, we shall see what the outcome from our letter is! I am going to talk to Tommy because our bathroom flooring needs to be replaced, and I am not sure if he wants me to be the one to go into the office or if he wants to.

06-15-2009, 09:59 AM
Just a quick Hi and I wanted to say... (

06-15-2009, 05:22 PM
Wow, no posts today...well, have a good one :wave:

06-15-2009, 07:36 PM

Happy Birthday Katy!!!!!!

06-15-2009, 07:45 PM
Sorry, I am still behind. I just am scattered w/ trying to get use to G being home now for the summer.
I did buy a weedeater and have been working outside today. I love yardwork! I am so glad to have a yard to work in again.

06-15-2009, 09:59 PM
Hi Everybody!! :wave:

Happy Birthday, Katy! :bday2you::celebrate::hb::bday2::gift::woo: :balloons:


06-16-2009, 11:27 AM
:carrot::carrot: Happy Belated Birthday Katy!! Hope you are having a great time! :hug:


06-17-2009, 12:04 AM
Hello. :wave:

UGH I feel like a sponge that has been squeezed out multiple multiple times......:p I got to work, ate my dinner, which wasn't the best of choices I'll admit, but still nothing major.......well after I um "got rid of it" all in the bathroom.........:barf: Yay. Soooooo here I am at work, can't go home because my coworker is leaving early and already made the babysitting arrangements, so oh well, I'll live. :lol3:

On another note -- Francie -- I think I am finally at the good part in "The Host". I was reading it early this morning at work and it is getting good now......finally! lol.

Big :hug:

06-18-2009, 08:01 PM
wow.,'s been really quiet round here....I am off to mow grass...

06-18-2009, 10:29 PM
Happy Thursday. It has been quiet here. I guess that means everyone is busy, having fun, and enjoying life. Right??
Had to take mom to the Dr. this a.m. then go for my dermo check-up. Mom got a good report and I had to have another spot cut off..this time my thigh. Hopefully it isn't anything to worry about. Will know in 10 days.
I have been able to ride the bike every day..some days more than others due to rain. Today I managed 2 miles. It is getting easier.
My weight is slowly going down..and I mean slowly. The ribs are really feeling better which makes me feel like moving more. SO far so good.

Just lots to keep busy and will be in and out for a few days. Talk to you later!

06-19-2009, 09:59 AM
Sue--Hey there lady!!! Glad your Mom got a good report--and glad your ribs are feeling better too!!

We got good news and bad news about Mom....the bad news is there are still two lumps the size of peas after all the treatment....the good news is that there are only two lumps left and all the rest are gone. We go back in three weeks to find out if she has to do more chemo or they will be just surgically removed. She's hoping for the surgery....

Well...going out to work on the yard some more and then off to the grocery store, post office and library--will get Dominic a little later...

06-19-2009, 10:56 AM
Good Friday...

Hiya Jules, Sue and Sassy :wave:

Jules, hoping they do the surgery. :hug:

Sue, glad for the good report.

Sassy, hope you had a good night at work.

Still keeping up with getting up at 5:30 and the morning walk...heat/humidity and all. Trying to get on and stay on track with things but it is proving hard with the hubby home and running around...but I am still working on it and refuse to give up.

Anyway...had to go and have some lab work before my physical the 29th if it happens. My doc is ready to deliver her baby any day now so we will see. Got the lab done anyway. Just waiting around now to go run some errands and do some shopping. Have to go find the little one something for her birthday. I found her a locket online yesterday, a little cheap silver one for $20...she is always messing with mine and wants to wear if so I told her months ago I would buy her one. Plus she loves her music so I am looking for a cd player and bag to carry it in. Have to go have my sunglasses readjusted again, and drop off the recycling and call it a day. Actually, have to come back and do my sculpt and burn and then can call it a day. Oh, went to see Hangover yesterday...too funny. Hadn't been to the show in a while so it was nice to go finally. Well better get going.

Have a good day

06-19-2009, 07:52 PM
Cristina--you've been busy--lockets are always cool...maybe a charm bracelet too...

well, Mom will be going to John Hopkins in Baltimore for surgery, the doc isn't waiting the three weeks he said....we go this coming week for consultation adn to set up the surgery date....

06-20-2009, 08:19 AM
Good morning!

JULES...I am happy to hear the doc is not going to wait 3 freaking weeks! And hoping your mom doesn't have to go thru chemo again. Many hugs and prayers.

I am up too freaking early! Of course went to go for my walk and it had just started raining, ugh! Hoping it passes because the sun looks like it wants to humid again, ick. Decided to not go back to bed...may have to take a nap later but whatever. I am going to do my dvd and most likely a walk on the treadmill...don't want to wake anyone so the treadmill may have to wait. Just want to get it done and out of the way...damn rain.

I have GOT to get a handle on this eating...I am outta control! The funny thing is, I don't know why. I know I am a stress eater but there is not stress, sort of. I just keep eating like there will be no tomorrow! And the more I eat the more disgusted I get with myself.

Nothing planned for the day. Was thinking about going to an antique mall but I've had my fill of running around. Have to go to V's dads tomorrow so that's a hour drive...pooped from all the driving. At least I am not driving around the little tyke or going to games all over the country side anymore. Anyway...going to exercise, straighten up the house, do a load of laundry, nap and read.

Hello to everyone wherever you are Have a wonderful weekend :wave:

06-20-2009, 12:59 PM
Hi gals! I'm back! Had a great time at the beach...we all got sunburned and eaten by mosquitoes, but still very happy to have had a whole week away. Thanks for the birthday wishes...we went to the aquarium for my birthday and had a great time.

Can't stay, I'm afraid, expecting company any minute. Jules ..thinking of you and your mom..hope surgery goes well and she doesn't have to have chemo again ((((big hugs))))

BBL :)

06-20-2009, 02:19 PM
Just making my rounds before signing off the computer for the day, thought I would stop by and see if anyone posted.

KATY...glad you guys had a wonderful time camping. I told the hubby we have to go...maybe when he's off for the week or two we can go for a couple of days and take the grands. Sounds like you had a nice BD as well...enjoy your company, and your day/weekend!

So the rain has quit, for now and the sun is shining. Can't walk though, too hot and humid and I HATE humid! Makes for a very wet walk! in my sculpt and burn, biggest loser dvd and getting ready to do a 20 minute walk on the treadmill. Spacing it all out so I don't get tired and quit. Of course I've always done well with spacing the exercise out. I am back to doing that, and have also decided to do WW again...this time stick with it! Not sure why I quit this last time...just know I go long enough to get on track so I can do it at home. Home is the problem that I am working on. I did good when I bought junk or sweets in the house, and bought lots of fruits and veggies! Anywho...

Hoping everyone is enjoying their day! Come out, come out wherever you are :D

06-20-2009, 03:12 PM
Stop the Insanity Cristina! :)

I have been kind of off in my eating too, ever since I moved.Wasn't doing the salads and kind of winging it for lunch at work. Noticed I was hungry all the time and eating impulsively. So, I dragged my tush to the store the other day and picked up salad stuff and started to get back on track.

I guess we just need a plan??? lol Sounds simple, huh?? Winging it just doesn't work for me.

Jules - Thinking of your mom and you , hope all gos well.

Katy - Nice to have you back. I was in your area Wednesday and left Gab w/ her Daddy D, she is ready to come home w/ her Daddy M tonight. I miss her!! Glad to hear you had a great time away.

anyway - :wave: to everyone.

W/I was 141 this morning but it always goes up and down. I just want it below 145. I haven't even had breakfast so need to go eat.

chat more later.

06-20-2009, 03:58 PM
And I am back again, lmao...just can't stay away. Anyway...went and signed put and me being the goofball I am forgot I was going to go sign up for WW...geez, not sure where my head the clouds I suppose. Anyway...I did it! I signed up for WW, printed out my monthly pass and will go to a meeting Monday I think. I sy I think because there's another place that has meetings at different times M-Sat, and Thurs is looking good with all the different times. I'll decide come Monday...but I took the first step-again! I refuse to quit so...

SUSAN...glad to see ya posting! Was beginning to think everyone went camping with Katy! Yeah, if only it were that easy huh? Well, you are still doing are at 141 after all missy and that is great! Take care and try not to work to hard. Love your avatar...gonna have to go find something like it. ;)

Okay, thinking I did everything I set out to do when I signed back on-for the third time.

Have a good one ladies!

06-20-2009, 10:23 PM
Cristina ~I found the avatar on photobucket under *summer*. There are pages and pages and I just picked it because my time was almost up on the computer, but I like it too, thanks :). Good for you on joining WW! What are you reading these days?? Speaking of camping, I want to go. My girls have never been camping.

I just had some tuna casserole for a late lunch. I had oatmeal and yogurt for a late breakfast. I am just late today! I wish I was pregnant. I so want a baby. lol
anyway - easily sidetracked. I cut my hair short and added a Hazlenut rinse to take the red out. It seemed too harsh before. I also bought some cute shirts at the 2nd hand store, one has a tie dye look w/ a girl fairy on the front and back. Gaby was delighted she giggled when she saw it. I feel like I am turning into a 60's hippie. ha ha.

anyway - off to the store to get some diet squirt. I need to pick Gaby up and maybe we will go to a movie, treat ourselves. I might go back into Portland tomorrow and spend the day.

k-:wave: adios chickies.

06-21-2009, 11:09 AM
Suzyq--I like tie-dye. How short did you go with the hair? some pics!!

Cristina--good for you on rejoining WW--thought about it...that's about as far as I got...

Katy--sounds like you had a great time...

with all this rain the phone and the internet are in and out...I am also doing bad with mindless grazing...stressed about Mom...

Teri's 22nd bday was yesterday....she's going to Hershey Park today and then to Ocean City with Dominic this coming week...well I got a fussy boy..he's still cutting those molars...hope he's better for Teri and JR at the beach...

06-21-2009, 05:15 PM
Happy Fathers day to all our fathers in our lives!

Jules - My hair was cut right above the shoulders. I think the lady missed it up a tad because it was suppose to be layered and one side is definitely different from the other. lol I will just walk around with my head tilted. ha ha
I have thought about joining WW too at times, the thought passed though - ha ha.

I have Gaby today, can you believe that?? Her dad is being his odd self so Gaby is trailing me around. I mowed and we are going to go swimming in a second. I was thinking of taking her out to dinner, Mexican sounds good.....hmm, and a mango margarita, yum.

I guess that is all, just trying to relax and enjoy my days off.

:wave: to everyone!

06-22-2009, 01:22 PM
Good morning...

Just a quick hi, I am so sleepy. Going to go and nap for a hour or so in a few minutes. I woke up at 2 a.m. and did not fall asleep until after 4:22, ugh! Had to get up at 5:30 to walk...did get it done. Dozed off for a few minutes longer so didn't get out the door until a little after 6 but I did it so...then did my 40 minute scultp and burn and later I have the biggest loser sculpt to do...gotta get back to where I was with the toning.

WW was a drag. I thought I would try a new place thinking I didn't want to deal with the super duper happy lady, lol...I'll take her over dead any day :lol: No offense, and I am happy there are 80 year old women out there still getting around like they are 60 but...I felt like a baby there and I am OLD! Just didn't do anything for me so going back to the chipper, young gal next week...thinking I can do that. To top it off I am up some, again, ugh! But then I knew that...that is why I went back after all. So I am at a whopping 194 :yikes: But it could be worse I guess least I am doing something about it before it gets worse.

JULES...a late HAPPY BIRHTDAY to Teri! Hope it was a fun one for her! Try not to graze too much...I know it's easier said than done with the stress eating. Hugs to you :hug: did you ladies make it to the show? What did ya see? I just finished Shelter Me and liked it, and now I am reading Belong to far so good. I think I picked some good ones this time.

Hello to everyone else :wave:

K...I am going to go to a couple of places before signing off and get off this thing at noon and take a nap, otherwise I may not make it thru the day.

Have a magnificent Monday! ;)

06-22-2009, 03:27 PM
Cristina - I don't know what I am reading, lol. I think it is called Think again, or Look Again. It is a mystery about a journalist having adopted a little baby and she notices a missing boys picture on a flyer and she looks into that and realizes the adoption might not have been legal.Something like that. lol
I am almost done w/ it. We didn't make a movie, we spent 2 hours at the pool yesterday and after that we went home.
She (G) started her swim lessons this morning and I am trying to keep an open mind but the instructor will never be as good as the Pool Man. Never. :o

Good Luck w/ the WW!!! Hope the next visit goes better!

Just had a whopper jr at BK, 370 calories, it wasn't even worth it. Ick.

anyway, my day off. Think I will spend some time cleaning and working in the yard. taking G back to the pool for open swim at 1pm. Back to work tomorrow! yay. I need a schedule.

:wave: to eveyone.

06-23-2009, 09:12 AM
Okay ladies, you know the drill...DO NOT POST HERE! Head on over to the new thread, wow-#80 already! We will have to celebrate when we hit the 100 mark! :D See ya there :wave: