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Muffin Top 3
06-01-2009, 01:22 AM
Hey guys!
Hope you're all motivated and sticking with you're plans!

So I had a quick question. Does the brand of green tea you purchase make a difference as to the results it will have with your weight loss?
Basically does the "no name" $2.00 brand have the same affect as the ones you would by from an Asian supermarket?


Muffin Top 3
06-01-2009, 01:23 AM
Also does it always have to be green tea? or can I use mint tea, lemon tea etc.

06-01-2009, 02:19 AM
Green tea is green tea. I personally prefer to get my herbal/Green teas from Bigelow or Celestial Seasonings because of the taste quality. But it really isn't much of a difference. I mean, if you buy no name green tea, it's not going to make you gain weight or something, it just has a different label. I get some of my tea from the asian supermarket because there aren't any random flavor fusions and the tea is somehow better tasting.

But long story short, don't worry about it. It's not so much the brand as the flavor you choose. And as long as you are drinking herbal or green teas you should be fine. Black teas stain your teeth and don't have all those fun antioxidants.

06-01-2009, 11:43 AM
Also does it always have to be green tea? or can I use mint tea, lemon tea etc.

Mint tea and lemon tea aren't really tea - not made from tea leaves. They're what you call herbal "teas."

Those may be good for you in their own right, but when they're talking about the anti-oxidants and benefits of tea, they're talking about actual tea. That would include black, green, oolong, etc, which are all real teas. Green seems to be the favorite right now, but they're all full of good stuff.

Muffin Top 3
06-01-2009, 12:59 PM
Thanks so much. That really helped a lot.