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05-31-2009, 09:28 PM
those of you who have families might not understand. BUT

my refrigerator is full of food. i don't want it there. i don't know what happened!!!!! now, that may sound silly, but i don't understand it!!!! someone with 'normal' eating habits would take a peak and say that there's enough in there for 3-4 days. but I KNOW that there's at LEAST a week's supply on hand, and i doubt that i'll get through it!!!!

i'm amost afraid to open the door, but i have to in order to grab the milk for tea!!!!

since mom passed away and i've moved and started to calm down and heal from the past few years, my food attitudes have changed [are changing? not quite sure], and i'm happy if i have a handful of this, a couple of pieces of that, and nearly empty shelves. but NOW, there's sliced ham and sliced chicken [deli stuff - only 1/4 pound of each, but they're IN THERE!!!!], and extra containers of yogurt [they've been on sale] and veggies and fruit.and cheese.

at least, tomorrow's food is all packed - deviled eggs, less than 1 cup of chicken salad, garden grown lettuce, 1/2 c cucumbers, 1/2 cup yogurt with strawberries, some cheese for the ride home, 1/2 c watermelon, measured out crackers.

bread's in the freezer for safety!!

gotta get a grip!!!!

05-31-2009, 09:32 PM
Just remind yourself -- if you crave it now, it will still be there later, tomorrow, etc. Shopping day is my worst day -- because I get that "last supper" mentality and on my worst days, will eat all the "good stuff" before the night is over. The fear of not having it available becomes irrational, it's CRAZY!! So, if you have to -- make a list of the food and alot it out for the week -- "ham sandwich lunch tomorrow, etc.". So you know you will have it, just not all at once. Good luck dear. :hug:

06-01-2009, 07:32 AM
Is there any way you can freeze it ? btw, it sounds like all healthy stuff to me, don't be so hard on yourself girlie, it takes time to break habits like that. I came from a family of 9, cooked for a family of 9. Now that we are only 3, .... 20 years later I'm still cooking like I'm in a family of 9. Its not easy... I just try to freeze alot of stuff.

Its ok... it really is. Your doing amazing Jiffy, just slow down a bit, it will come.


06-01-2009, 07:45 AM
Jiff, I am frequently in the same boat. It kills me to throw out good food. I usually end up making a lot of soups which hangs around too long and then I have to throw IT out! Of course, there's always the compost heap for the veggies and I have been known to leave some meat outside for the cats who hang around my barn.

06-01-2009, 08:55 AM
At least your stuff sounds healthy! You said the magic word "Sale". If I see a sale on something and discounted sticker, I'm a big sucker for that stuff. I just might need it down the road. My fridge is a disaster. I open a jar of SF jelly and of course it takes months to use it, same with condiments and salad dressings. The kids left: Amish chocolate chip cake, mushrooms, celery, carrots, cukes, hummus, plus a couple of loaves of white bread. I froze a carrot cake with only a couple of pieces gone. What does, "Don't leave anything here mean?!" LOL!!

I am making whole wheat hummus bread today. I can't seem to throw anything out so I will have my SIL come over and take a bunch of it. And I don't think that I will still be able to see my shelves. :(

I hate leftovers and since hubby has gone back to work, he will be taking those in his lunch everyday!!! YIPEE!!!

Meggie Girl
06-01-2009, 09:21 AM
Sorry to hear about your mum passing. It can be very stressful. Don't worry too much about the types of food in your fridge, for the most part they sound pretty healthy AND you still have to eat. In Australia, Yoplait and Nestles both do a no fat yoghurt which is low cal, low fat, low GI and actually tastes pretty good. I'll measure out a small serve after dinner (only 100g) because I'm not hungry but it replaces dessert so my poor old brain and/or gut doesn't feel hard done by.

The other stuff, chicken, ham and salads- there all good guys just do it in moderation. The meats can go into a high veg stir-fry which also tastes pretty good, just don't use oil/fat - a bit of cooking spray on a non-stick skillet should do the trick.

Be happy with your new improved you. I don't know what you've been through with surgery - I'm too much of a chicken to go done that road, but you've worked hard to get where you are, regardles of the road taken. To lose the amount of weight which you have done, deserves a medal. Stick with it. It's all right to have food in your fridge as long as your've made healthy head choices.

Let us know how you get on, we are here for you.:hug:

06-01-2009, 03:19 PM
Your freezer is your friend Jiff! Can you freeze the meat or make a quiche and freeze that
or Quiche cups for quick single serve?
My thought is have a chef fest and freeze the lil bastids!
Leenie I only know how to cook for 4! J and I are just 2 not counting the cats and turtle
Luckily he eats for 2 ;)
Ruth My soups hang around for EVER! till J put a moratorium on them!
Worst case Scenario Jiff! I'll send dh over to clean you out! It will take maybe an hour lol

06-01-2009, 03:57 PM
thank you, folks. i KNEW you'd understand. i also have 3 pieces of barbecued chicken [really yummy - lots of garlic and herbs on it], and some veggies. i've hidden the crackers. don't know where the peanut butter is. there's some good cheese in there, too.

i get so tired of soups - i made a large pot of chicken stock and gave it to a friend who has 5 children at home [ages 14 to 25]. and over the weekend, i took some stuff out of the freezer [while looking for OTHER stuff] and left it on the counter and forgot about it!!! so THAT got dumped.

really. FOOD ISSUES ARE HUGE here.

06-01-2009, 03:57 PM
send him over, Kier!!!!

06-01-2009, 04:17 PM
J can do the eating you and I will go yarn shopping!
I refuse to buy PB unless it's requested! It's a big old trigger for me