Weight Loss Support - My new mind set (Secret to an amazing excersize program)

05-30-2009, 03:14 PM
I appreciate everybodys feedback on my non donut incident lol.

So I started my new eating plan on tuesday and I feel amazing. I am taking phetermine which helped me jump start it. I am now feeling ok with the meds so I can begin excersizing. My coworkers and I found this amazing 90 day body make over sort of program. It is called p90x. It is very difficult and you do it every day for an hr -an hr and 20 minutes. But let me tell you it is insane. You feel AMAZING AFTER. There are different levels. I am on level one hehe. cause i wasnt very active. It is expensive if you buy it from the website but I got mine for $40 on craigslist and I downloaded the book offline for free (legally). So for the past 5 days I have been eating meat and veggies for lunch and dinner. for breakfast I eat egg beaters (my preference) and turkey bacon from south beach. then if im hungry to snack I eat fruit or veggies. But im not very hungry to snack. I also drink water or crystal light. Im not a fan of diet soda. I prefer regular so I stay away completely. I am finally at that stage where food does not control me. I control food. I do have to talk myself out of eating something but hey if it works who cares. I would like to help anyone who needs it because I was that girl who tried everything. no joke. there is not one diet that i didnt try. They always used to work for 3 days and then I would get bored. But anyways I hope everybodys weekend is going good. xoxox Breanna:dizzy: