Weight Loss Support - Back from PerogyVille, part deux...

05-29-2009, 11:23 PM
Hi all!
So by now you are all SICK of hearing about my trip, so I'll keep this short :)
I got back, was up a little bit, am having a tough time because I am homesick, and am not 100% OP yet...but on the upside, the arm flabble has healed up just fine!

SO, to get out of this FUNK, I signed up for a 30 day Hot Yoga Challenge that starts on Monday -- 30 classes (90 minutes each) in 30 days! Which means one class a day, OR as my DH suggested, 24 days of sloth and 6 days of 5 classes a day! Hahaha!

Wish me luck!

And I WILL be back 100% OP tomorrow. These dips in motivation and determination are part of a normal lifestyle change process, I think, so I've decided this time to proactively manage this back from moderate to low motivation back to HIGH motivation! And I think such a challenge will definitely help. SO not easy, but SO necessary, because if I keep going on with a little bite here and another bite there, I'll be back at Bryant Lane/Penningtons before I know it, and that would suck...

Thanks for listening!