Weight Loss Support - Need advice upcoming vacation what to eat??

05-29-2009, 08:56 PM
So I started this journey in January and as of today I have lost 40 lbs. I still need to lose about another 30lbs to be where I was happy with my body. My question is I keep associating my upcoming trip to Vegas with being able to eat what ever I want. The girls at work say to eat what I want and get back on the wagon when I return. Hubby says I should not do this and keep eating like I have been and treat this as a new life style change. I know if I eat and gain I will be super depressed. I know I need to just eat right like I have been but I guess I just need to hear it from others telling me to stick with it...:D

05-29-2009, 09:08 PM
STICK WITH IT. Vacations are going to happen. If they are an excuse to "pig out", then how have you really changed your life? And how are you going to keep the weight off? Or do you want to cycle up and down and up and down 15-20lbs all the time?
It is hard to get back on the wagon if you intentionally give yourself permission to jump off...and don't forget, those who don't live your life or who haven't lost the weight that you have may not have the same motivation for you to keep the weight off...

05-29-2009, 09:23 PM
Thanks, honestly I know if I go and pig out I will be depressed when I get back and see all my hard work gone. Sometimes I think those who told me to pig out may actually want me to pig out because secretly they may be a tad bit jealous at my progress. I have this one lady at work calls my office everytime a rep brings in a fatty treat. You know just to let me know it's there. Ugh how annoying at her trying to sabotage me. I just say no thanks because I know what she's doing. I will not give her the satisfaction in tempting me. If anything it's funny because she actually helps me to say no.:lol: If she only knew...

05-29-2009, 09:25 PM
I don't know how long your trip is but I don't think this is necessarily an all or none sort of thing. I think DH is on the right track though. I would focus on setting a few goals of moderation. What kind of exercise do you want to get in? Can you make a commitment to a certain number of meals that might be out of your usual calorie range? Can you choose a really special meal to savor and enjoy and stay on plan the remainder of the trip? Can you commit to making breakfast and lunch and snacks clean and not worry so much about dinner? Vacations are going to happen and few, if any, of us get as many as we'd like. It is a special thing and at the same time, most of us cannot afford days and days of specialness. :) You need to consider what you are and aren't willing to do.


05-29-2009, 09:25 PM
Unfortunately, most people really are clueless about weight loss and maintenance. It really does entail a lot of effort and dedication, as it won't happen on it's own. I think the girls at work don't realize how hard you've worked to get off those 40 lbs. 40 lbs!!! A week in Vegas, eating "what you want", could very well wipe out a nice sized chunk of that nice sized loss.

I know if I eat and gain I will be super depressed. I know I need to just eat right like I have been but I guess I just need to hear it from others telling me to stick with it

Stick with it. Eat right.

Don't let a little vacation stand in the way of your hopes and dreams. Giving yourself permission to "eat what you want", could really be a disaster in the making. You're eating will most likely be "off" regardless, since you are not at home. Do your best. Have a plan in place for how you will deal with the meals and you are sure to be fine. I find that no matter what the situation, I am much more confident and do much better having a plan in place, even if it's not my usual plan.

Enjoy your vacation. There's lots of fun to be had and it doesn't necessarily have to revolve around food.

05-29-2009, 09:26 PM
You really gotta look out for those saboteurs -- you know, the ones who yell "Donuts are here!" or "Have the last one, we're just going to throw it out anyways" (like you are a human garbage can or something...) or "you can AFFORD to have just one" OR "lets all go out to eat today"...
Keep true to your plan. Pick your meals wisely. Really set limits on treats. And be prepared to deal with a small bump up in weight because you really can't control EVERYTHING in someone else's kitchen.

Let us know how it goes!


05-30-2009, 02:05 PM
this Q spoke to me, since I just took a short trip to Philadelphia, and I can have the mentality of a trip means enjoying all the good food! I just had indulged in a couple of treats for my birthday, so I DID NOT want to come back with a big gain staring me in the face.

I did let myself have a treat meal (was not super indulgent), and a sweet. But stuck to salads otherwise and did a ton of walking. I'd planned fun things I wanted to do that didn't revolve around eating. I'm super glad I did that, as this week it was much easier to get back on plan, and I've even lost a lb.

have a great time!

05-30-2009, 02:30 PM
I'm so glad I ran into this post. :D I'm going on a cruise next week and I've been so worried about my diet. I too, use to indulge myself when on vacation, especially on a cruise. You are surrounded by food 24 hours a day. Everything looks so good, especially the desserts.
Reading your posts are helping me stay in check. I've lost almost 15 lbs in a month and am very encouraged to keep losing, I don't want this, or any vacation to break my streak. Thanks for your post Kaysmomma.:dancer:

05-31-2009, 10:55 PM
You should look at your upcoming vacation as a "test" of your will power. Do you really want to keep on losing weight, or are you only fooling yourself?