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05-28-2009, 09:08 PM
I've never set out to go down in total pounds of body weight, quite the opposite. However, here's a small breakdown of a few things I'm TOTALLY stoked about.
3 years ago:
Overall Weight: 98 Body Fat%: 23% Cardio Endurance: Moderate

1 year ago:
Overall Weight: 101 Body Fat%: 21.7% Cardio Endurance: Moderate

6 Months ago:
Overall Weight: 102 Body Fat%: 19.7% Cardio Endurance: BAD

Overall Weight: 104 Body Fat%: 18% Cardio Endurance: Jogging :)

Overall Weight: 110 Body Fat%: 12-15% Cardio Endurance: Running

I know none of this seems too relevant or impressive, but in high school I weighted 98 lbs and STILL had a moderate amount of body fat. Now I've gained at least 6 lbs of muscle, and the more muscle I pack on the more I notice I don't have to fight as hard to get my body fat % down. As a personal trainer I'm SO self conscious in front of clients, because I look more like most of my generally in shape clients than the other trainers.

:carrot: Yay veggies!

05-28-2009, 09:37 PM
YEAH for you! It really is about being fit and healthy, isn't it. When I was thin I still "felt fat" because I was squishy. This time becoming fit is the ultimate goal. Losing the weight is just part of the journey.