Diet Blogs and Journal FAQ and Help Forum - New blog doesn't show up in "Updated Blogs" on the side bar

Hermit Girl
05-22-2009, 11:20 AM
Is this because when making the blog I chose not to have my blog searchable by search engines? I did however, allow members to post. I'd just like to be a part of the Latest Updated Blogs list so I can recieve and give support each time I post. I really have tried everything I know of , but don't know how to do this. Thanks in advance.

05-22-2009, 12:04 PM
I just changed my settings and checked. If you choose the block search engines feature you don't show up on the updated list. I was on the list, changed it, was off the list. When I changed it back I popped back onto the list.

Suzanne 3FC
05-22-2009, 12:06 PM
That's right :) Search engines find pages by following links. If you are not linked, then they can't find you, but it also prevents your link from appearing on the updated list. You can change it by clicking the settings link on the right side of your blog admin panel, and choosing the privacy tab.

Hermit Girl
05-22-2009, 12:26 PM
I would love to be linked within 3Fc, but not googled . I want to be able to write private stuff about my life, but only have 3fc members read. So, there's no way it looks like. That's okya, I've just put a link to Updated 3FC blogs on my blogroll, and I can go there manually, just one more step, but worth the internet privacy. Thank you