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06-16-2002, 05:02 PM
Hi Everyone,
OK Monday tomorrow and I will get out my WW CD, dust it off and start again.
AND, my BIG promise of the week, is that I am going to weigh myself on the scales at the gym so I can really measure if my weight is going up or down. My scales are so inaccurate it's hopeless.

06-16-2002, 05:05 PM
PERTUN??????Oh someone take me outside and shoot me:dizzy:

06-16-2002, 08:22 PM
I thought that was kind of a goofy subject :lol:

06-16-2002, 10:21 PM
I think the trick for me is to actually use my exercise machine!!!

I am with you geneve though!

Soapies, eh?


06-16-2002, 11:40 PM
I had a good week. I'm down another 1.5 pounds and I've lost over an inch around my waist! :D
I also had my second week at the Sunday Market. It's going pretty well. Sales were up from last weekend.
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

06-17-2002, 09:12 AM
The post and the soapies clued me into this being our group so don't fret geneve!

I've had a miserable few days as far as eating/exercise goes. So far off plan it is not funny. I've given myself a swift kick and going to do LOTS better today.

Okay this is a bit personal so if you find it more info than you really want to know than move on...yesterday me and the dh were, you know, and I was on the bed unclothed, (well I would be wouldn't I) and my belly hangs so much it actually wapped against my thighs. I just about died when I heard that noise. Well I made a huge vow right then that I would do something about this gut of mine. And during, you know, my whole body was jiggling and wiggling in a manner that was really horrible. Talk about feeling like jello. It was not pleasant. I think this was the first time I've felt really really BAD about being fat. I know there have been times when I've been unhappy about that but I've never really felt like I hit rock bottom. Well I think I'm there.

Well enough moaning, I've got to get going on this TODAY!

06-19-2002, 12:40 PM
Is everyone having a good week?
I get to have dinner out with friends tonight. I've banked 10 points and got to pick a restaurant with a lighter menu. If I play my cards right I might get to have dessert. :lol:
I've been to the gym with the kids the past two days. I think I'll take today off since I woke up feely pretty stiff and achy. :(

06-20-2002, 11:24 AM
Hi all. Things are not too bad here. I spent 3 1/2 hours Tuesday night moving a huge pile of topsoil off the road and into my front yard, spreading it out and laying down 34 rolls of sod. It was quite a job. Yesterday I was not a sore as I thought I would be though this morning my abs were really sore but I think that is more from the ab work I've been doing in an effort to get rid of the jigglies!

Drake is brilliant as usual. He is sitting up really well now though he does topple over once in awhile. I can get him to sleep now without formula though he does seem to like a little water before he goes to sleep. I think sucking on the bottle calms him down a little bit. He is still not taking any food thicker than puree though which is starting to concern me a bit. He is 9 months now and should be eating thicker foods. He'll eat mashed banana and peaches okay but when I try the 'junior' baby foods, especially the meat stews he can't keep down the chunkier vegs even though they are about the size of a small pea and very soft. I tried some of that baby pasta mixed in with some pureed squash and he kept that down barely. He gagged a couple of times in between and after the second time I gave up with the pasta and was just happy be didn't barf it all up. That happened the other day, he was doing okay with a chicken stew, I was mashing down the chunks as best I could and he'd gotten quite a bit down but I gave him just one spoonful too much and it all came back up. Oy what a mess! If anyone has any suggestions as to what I could try to start getting him used to thicker foods I would love to hear them.

I'm doing okay too. I've been sticking to my expanded exercise program except for the day I did the lawn work. I knew I was going to be doing all that so I skipped all my exercise.

Take care all.

06-20-2002, 04:21 PM
My first son was a choker. He could choke on anything. Some kids are just really finicky about texture. I wouldn't worry about it right now. Just try to keep introducing a variety of foods and he'll get the hang of it. :)

06-22-2002, 03:30 PM
Hi everyone, sorry I've been away for a bit...more of that later.
Jen, your wobbly story is very close to my heart. I know DH couldn't care less but I care and I find it hard to expose my acres of rolling flesh these days, which is a shame for both of us I guess....not that tere is much daylight time when one or other of the kids isn't screaming for our attention!
Leo is still teething and it's really getting me down. he wakes up very early and takes ages to go off to sleep (he's been sobbing himself to sleep for almost 45 minutes as I write, with one check in and a cuddle from me when he was screaming). Virtually no sleep in the day either. He's also become ridiculously clingy, screaming when DH, Ted or myself leave the room. My right shoulder is siezed from carrying him about and by the time mid day comes I usually have a stress headache augmented by the strain on my shoulder and neck muscles. Obviously I have been dealing with this by stuffing myself with coffee and biscuits.
I have made a few begging pleas to my folks to help out, but they aren't interested.
And DH wants another one.
AND while I'm on about my personal problems, the doctor gave me a new IUD which is supposed to reduce and eventually stop heavy bleeding...and I have been bleeding and spotty with swollen feet ever since.
Baby still crying so i'd better head on up the stairs again.
Hope you lot are doing better!

06-22-2002, 04:41 PM
It is hot here and I dont' feel like doing anything! My kids come and cling to me asking for frozen treats. They feel hot and sticky. We just got a freezer and I want to run to the store and fill it with frozen treats!!!!!!!! maybe that will cool them off.

Our basement is also cooler, but my husband has a HUGE ping pong table he made in the middle of it cutting down on the size and making it less pleasent to be in there. I think the next job is to clear out that table, lay a second rug, put the chairs around so we have seating, and hang out there! (right near the ice pops)

The Farmers market might be expanding their crafts to include toiletries and bath items. If they do so I will reapply and sell there. The woman was very nice when I talked to her earlier this week. Phew! I have so much money tied up in packaging now I really NEED to sell. It helps that some of my friends are addicted to the body mousse and purchases have trickled in.

Jen, I too understood your moment. I call these 'defining moments' I have had many.

Two summers ago I made a big decision to make a change and then a month or so later I ended up getting pregnant. :?: My defining moment then was the feeling that because of my size, people would not take me as seriously as a job applicant. I am a teacher, and you wouldn't think that matters, but people really tend to carry a lot of baggage regarding weight and someone who is over weight. I just have to gather back my resolve and get it to stick without another baby!


06-23-2002, 04:47 PM
Hi all of you. Another horrid day withthe baby, up at 4.30 after a night of grizzling and the odd spine chilling scream.
A day of defining moments, as you ight say, Barb.
It's an interesting idea, that our dieting events re preceeded by events that make us see reality rather than the soft focus I tend to use for my ife. I have been thinking about it all day today and I have been amazed how many times in the day I shut down those moments before they have time to make me feel bad about myself.
And with that in mind I am going to start (yet) another thread, which I will try to spell properly. lol !
I want to write them down, every day if I can so I can make a record of how much, and how often i tell myself I want to lose weight.
If you wantto join in, feel free.I'm just seeing of a bit of lateral thinking can help me get in control of this.

06-23-2002, 05:16 PM
Geneve, I'm really sorry to hear that Leo is being a beast (not on purpose of course but a beast none the less). Just remember that teething does end eventually.

Speaking of which I think we are heading into some more of that with my own Drake. He has been so good for about 2 weeks and now is turning beastly again. Waking up in the night (2 times) last night and being difficult to get to nap during the day. Took me a hour and a half this afternoon even though he was exhausted.

Barb, it is boiling hot here too. I bought an air conditioner for Drake's room as our house has no central air and I knew he wouldn't be able to tolerate the heat. It is doing a good job of keeping the top floor cool and eventually it sinks downstairs anyway so it is okay down there too. It is the first summer here that it has been some what comfortable during this unbearable heat. We have a smog and humidity alert going on in this area so frankly I'm just staying in as much as I can. I took Drake out for a walk this am, just a short one and I needed to cool off in the shower when we got back, I was just dripping with sweat.

Also with all this talk of selling bath products I am now extremely curious to buy something from you Barb. The only thing is that I have extremely dry and sensitive skin. Do you have anything that would be suitable?

How are all the baby's doing out there? We know all about Leo and Drake, how are the other little darlings doing?

Take care all.

06-23-2002, 11:06 PM
Now how could I have forgotten this? Isabelle took her first steps!! Well actually she has been taking occasional steps for awhile now but i haven't counted it as her walking because there was no conscious try there. This time there was! It was on her 13 month birthday. :D She still drops down to crawl because she can get around very well that way. Oh yes she can also go up and down stairs.......something I really don't want her testing out too much so I tend to keep the gait up to keep her off all but the first step.

We did get out basement into a nice sitting area. Well nice as in cooler, but not nice as in nicely furnished :( That is ok I don't really want anything too nice down there because the boys just crawl on it anyway. The cement floor now has two rugs on it so it is super soft, just right for some of their wrestling matches. NOw when they wrestle in the living room I can send them down there to do it and not worry they will clonk their heads.

I also stocked the freezer with some frozen treats and put PLENTY of ice in our freezer. I have suggested to the kids that half an ice cream sandwich is really a great treet and then they can have another at another time. Cagy on my part because half of an ice cream treat is probably 2pts so if I happen to have one it isn't as big of a deal as if I had a full ice cream. :D

Geneve, I really don't think it is a bad thing for us to turn off some of the negative self talk. Really we DO need to feel good about ourselves. If we use rose colored glasses for some of the nasty stuff that is fine! Sometimes it isn't even the rose colored glasses I need but a nice blurring caused by some wine :D

I am trying to fight this heat with lots of ice water. Who knows maybe the drinking of water will reduce my appetite. :)

Geneve, I am joining you on the other thread, however do you mean to have that run parellel to this one?

Jen, I private messaged check it.


06-24-2002, 09:23 AM
Well done Isabelle!
And yes, I do intend both threads to run...I started the other one so I could remind myself why I'm doing this and then look back at it on the days I cannot motivate myself.
I was reading a book by Patrick Holfors the nutritionist today.He doesn't believe in calorie counting, or indeed many of the other popular weight loss methods, he had some very interesting ideas. The book I have is called the optimum nutrition bible, and was recommended to me by the nutitionist at the place where I learned reflexology.
He is big on eating stuff like pumpkin seeds, no tea, coffee or caffinated soft drinks and no calorie counting. Lots of fruit, but you have to be careful which ones, he belives in keeping blood sugar constant so you have to avoid things with quick release sugars like melon pineapple and bananas.
This way of eating is supposed to be very healthy and result in weight loss you can keep off (I can lose weight but tend to put it all on again plus more as soon as I stop dieting), so I may give it a go.
I'm not that far into the book and there is a special weight loss one I'm going to get too. I'll let you know.

06-24-2002, 10:09 AM
I have heard many people complain about taking weight off with a diet and then gaining it all back and then some. I haven't really dieted in my life (thus the great size) but when I do follow a plan like WW I find I have to obsess about food. I guess that is part of the territory. In the past I either watched what I ate or worked out quite a bit. Two summers ago (when I had decided to lose weight) I combined the two. Of course I became pregnant in there so I had to stop. Really I wanted to continue even then but EVERYONE seemed to say I should stop. Shame cause I am now even larger. :(

Today is the last day of school. My oldest took some lotions and soaps in for his teachers. He seemed so thrilled with the idea. He custom picked the scents for each one. My kids do seem to like the scents, and they have definate likes and dislikes. I guess one of the perks of making this stuff is we always have nice presents for people. :)

It is so hot once again today I think I will have no problem getting lots of water in. I sit here with a tall glass of ice water instead of coffee. I still need to make the coffee, but the water is very nice and tastes perfect. I am so glad we got the big freezer because now I can keep lots of ice in the house. :D

Have a good day folks!


06-26-2002, 02:18 PM
Hi, Well it's actually hot here too. It doesn't happen often so I'm making the most of it and spending time in the garden.
Leo wants you to be next to him all the time, and lots of carrying which is hurting my back. I'll be glad to go on holiday next week and have a few extra hands to help. If you want to see where I'm going check out I bet it won't look like that by the time we leave!
Had some friends over for dinner last night, and to my horror found out we had finished off 5 bottles of well as the food. I put in an extra effort at the gym but I fear the worst.
oooh to be skiiny now that summer is here. Mind you, if I tried I could be in time for next summer. Motivation I have, now where has my willpower gone?

06-26-2002, 03:26 PM
Geneve, your link didn't work for me.

I have found the secret to loosing weight! Just sit in the heat and you don't FEEL like eating. Unfortunatly it doesn't affect my children the same way. I think I spent most of the day feeding them, and most of it was exasperated, "Ok, You can have a cookie"

Isabelle is napping and the boys are in the basement watching a video. All is calm and right with the least until John gets home.

Barb (sucking down the ice water and drinking diet cokes with LOTS of ice.........I love our new freezer!)

06-28-2002, 11:04 AM
Drake has been a major grouch for the past 3 days. tuesday I was bawling my face off by late afternoon because I was ready to lose it. When he has started teething before it hasn't last this long or been this bad. I'm hoping the worst is over though as he went for a nap at the usual time unlike the past few days when he was all over for his naps, when he would take them. I've managed to keep my eating in check. I was this close to buying a DQ blizzard yesterday at the mall but go lo fat popcorn instead. I just isn't the same though!

07-03-2002, 10:04 PM
Hallo, I guess I am talking to myself :D

Well just in case anyone pops in...Drake and I are going for baby swimming lessons week after next. Should be loads of fun. I haven't been in a pool in ages. Had to buy a new swim suit. Actually managed to fit into a size 18, that really made my day.

So what's new with all the mommies out there?

07-03-2002, 11:46 PM
Jen, I am here I am reading all of the posts. I just didn't have much to say myself.

I am still dying in the heat. I wonder do you folks think the heat affects us more when we are heavy? I remember always not liking the heat (or really humidity) but these past few years I just don't want to move because I sweat so much.

Swimming lessons sound nice. I haven't signed Isabelle up for anything like that, because honestly I would have to go in the pool myself. I just hate the thought of getting in and out of a wet swimsuit while a baby wanders around. I LOVE swimming but for some reason being with a baby in the pool doesn't seem like swimming to me. :(

We saw our small towns attempt at fire works. The show lasted about half an hour. I say our small town, becasue my sister said the NYC fireworks are the best. I bet they are. They do broadcast them on tv though so even if you aren't in NYC you can still watch from afar.

Jen, I haven't forgotten. :)


07-04-2002, 10:22 AM
Thanks Barb, I'm glad someone is out there! Happy 4th of July to all the Americans. Hope it goes smoothly and calmly.

I'm not enjoying this heat much either. Yesterday we went out for a walk at 7 am as that was about the coolest it was going to be and spent the rest of the day indoors except when I ran outside to put the sprinklers on to water the garden. We only have a/c in Drake's room but if we put a fan in the hallway it keeps our bedroom cool too. I think it does affect heavy people more because our bodies have to work that much harder to cool us down. Another great reason to lose weight!

Take care all.

07-04-2002, 10:50 PM
Well maybe that can be my motivation to lose weight!

That and buying smaller bras. :)


07-05-2002, 12:21 AM
I had a pretty good day today. My husband took the kids to the zoo this morning so I could make soap (had a minor disaster). This afternoon we went to a BBQ at a friend's house. Lots of kids, lots of food. I tried very hard to keep track of how many points I had. I made a low fat pie to bring so I could have dessert but my husband left it at home! All in all I still did pretty well. :) Tonight I make more soap.

07-06-2002, 02:40 PM
Good news! I've been giving Drake the stage 2 veggie and meat mix with some little lumps and he's not gagging!!! YAY!!! I'm so happy that he is finally keeping it down. As well last night I gave him a small piece of bread and butter and he ate about half of it with no problems. He's been in a really good mood these past 2 days, likely because it is not as humid as it was earlier this week and hopefully his teething pain has abated. What's up with everyone this weekend?

07-07-2002, 10:18 AM
We had a wedding to go to. My husband's Nephew. It was simple and the kids were cute with their younger cousins. There were huddles of cousins the older teenage and college student groups and the younger under 10 group.

We got back very late because we had a picnic at my husbands parents that evening and then we went to some stores (john's appeasing me) so we got back at midnight. Everyone is tired today and I suspect it will be a very quiet day. At least I hope so.

I could use a motivation here of all John's nieces who have perfect bodies......... but I won't, cause I never looked that good. :D


07-09-2002, 09:23 PM
Drake has finally figured out how to move himself around. He's doing 'the inchworm' pulling himself by his arms and sort of wiggling his butt and knees to get going. He can really move when he wants to now. I've got to start doing a lot ot baby proofing now that's for sure.

Barb - don't worry about those nieces, someday their hips will explode too!!

I haven't been at my goal weight since I was about 13 or so but I really do think it is attainable so there is no reason why I can't have the body shape that I want. I think right now I am probably about the same height or maybe a couple of inches taller than when I was 13.

How is everyone doing this week?

07-15-2002, 04:03 PM
took Drake is Aqua Tots this morning, a swim class at the rec center. he seemed to like it okay, didn't cry at least. There were a few babies that were. On the other hand he really didn't splash around very much but he doesn't during his bath either. It is everyday for 2 weeks so if he seems to grow into liking it I can take more classes for the rest of summer.

07-16-2002, 10:19 AM
Hi there, Meowna. We are a bunch of newer moms who post about weight loss as well as what is going on with the kids. The more the merrier. The board has been a bit slow lately, probably every busy enjoying the great weather. It is supposed to get hot and humid again here over the next couple days so I'll probably be indoors a lot. We went for a walk at 7am as it was nice and cool, probably the nicest it'll be until Thurs. How is it out in BC?

07-16-2002, 06:25 PM
Hot, Hot, Hot here in BC!! I am on Vancouver Island. Was 89* in the shade at lunch time here. Took the babe swimming last nite, he had a ball! Was great to cool off! Good exercise too, Jay is a big guy 90cm long, 14.06 kg. So takes alot to hang on to him, he is a busy guy too. He was pooped out after, me too. Well gonna go start supper, having tofu tonite, gonna pretend it is a steak.:lol:

07-16-2002, 08:51 PM
It is really hot here too, it is 84 in the house right now, but I haven't had the a/c on all day. It is just a small unit for the baby's room but if we put a fan in the hall we can direct some cold air into our room at night to make it bearable. Drake (my 10 month old baby) has taken to biting me on the shoulder when he is upset and I"m getting very upset by it. He is really starting to nip hard and hurt me. any suggestions anyone? Mostly I'll just say, ow, no biting and hold him away from my shoulder. I'm trying to put him to bed earlier in hopes that he will sleep longer. Sounds weird but apparently it works. I'm tired of being up every morning at 5-5:30am.

Do you like living on the island? We were in Vancouver a few years ago, just mostly saw the touristy places but didn't make it to the island.

07-17-2002, 10:06 AM
Hi Everyone,
Sorry it's been so long, but we got back from holiday to find all kinds of weird stuff had happened.....the PC was bust and needed a new hard drive, the rabbit had gone (no sign of where or how) and other odd bits...SO have been busy trying to get things in order and work out what happened. I though we might have had a break in but nothing has been taken (as far as I can tell).
Anyway, the holiday was good, we did loads of things. Leo did his first solo walk across the room (but has failed to capitalise on it, he just wants to crawl).
I'm still exercising like mad, not only at the gym, but I've also started delivering the local paper, much to the amusement of my friends and family.I don't care, it makes me walk for another 4.5 hours a week.I may still weigh as much as Lennox lewis, but at least I'm getting the muscles too!
Oh well, must dash, have a million e-mails to wade through.
I've missed you all.

07-22-2002, 02:00 PM
Getting hotter here.......I'm in shorts, and it's not a pretty sight.:(

07-22-2002, 04:34 PM
Who cares? Being comfortable is what counts. My legs look worse than some 90 year old ladies I have seen because of really nasty varicose veins but I wear shorts all summer and just don't give a darn.

It is hot here too, waiting on a thunderstorm that is probably going to hit soon, hopefully it will cool things down some. tomorrow is supposed to be cooler.

07-23-2002, 04:59 AM
I'v enoticed more people wear shorts that side of the pond. generally only skinny women do here. DH wear shorts most of the year and is considered eccentric.
Must tell you, he has started cycling the short distance to work and has lost 21lbs in 3 months. I hate him!

07-23-2002, 10:59 AM
Well I think that it is cooler in England than it is here so you wouldn't get used to wearing shorts all the time. for example it was about 104F here yesterday with all the humidity (or 44C if you read your temperature in Celcius) . Today it is nice, much cooler but I think we are just so used to wearing shorts all summer for those really hot days we just wear them all the time.

About 6 weeks til I go back to work. Argh! I'm not really looking forward to it. In some ways yes, but in most ways no. I hate the thought of leaving Drake in daycare but on the other hand it will be nice for him to be around other kids more and for me to be having adult conversations again. Also I"m starting some university courses over the computer that I'm looking forward to doing in the autumn.

07-23-2002, 11:55 AM
Our postman wears shorts all year long, we really don't get cold enough here to have to bundle up. The odd time we get snow for a day and then it is gone in another day. I miss snow sometimes! It has been really hot here too 38*c :devil: I was up early here, opening windows and doors trying to cool off the house as we are in for another heat wave. I also miss thunderstorms, we have had only 1 in over 7 yrs!! I keep hoping with this heat we will get a real banger but nope, sighhhh. I am down 6 lbs woohooo. Drinking tons of water, and swimming with the babe, even mall walking (they got air conditioning hee hee). I had to work when my older kids were small, I know how hard it was to leave them with a sitter. This is the first babe that I am actually gonna raise as a stay at home mom! I do miss having my income, not to mention adult conversation and wearing real clothes I throw on whatever is comfy, unless we have a Dr. appt or such. Well I hear my dog barking away, I should go attend to him. Have a great day Ladies and send some thundershowers MY way.:^:

07-23-2002, 12:51 PM
Hello folks!

Geneve my husband is like that he can start to play soccer again play a few days a week and loose any extra fat almost immediatly. However he is skinny to begin with..... (It ain't easy being a large woman married to a naturally slender man. I can actually put my fingers around his ankles they are so small! Thankfully my family is different, and my boys will get my families build -I hope!)

It is hot here too, making it hard to do anything. Sometimes I think if we had air conditioning it would be better. However each year I also tell myself it really is only a few days a year. If it cools down at night it is always easier, cause your house isn't as hot first thing in the morning.

I am not slender but when given hot weather I will wear shorts. I also find the right skirt will keep me cool. The trick is to stay modest and still not heat your entire body up.

Jen, I envy you seeing other people at work. I think it will be nice. As an added advantage I always found it easier to watch what I was eating when I ate lunch at a specific time. It just sort of built in a control there. Drake will enjoy being with other kids too. I am not saying it will be easy, but I think you will find some very nice advantages.

What classes are you going to take? I would love to take some classes, unfortunatly my husband isn't willing to pay for them. He thinks I have enough education and he hates that I am not earning any money right now.

Now as far as my little side business goes. I got my domain name and now I have to get a website up. My sister thinks by October, I was hoping sooner but hey the price is right. Meanwhile no word on the Farmer's Market and I am only selling by word of mouth. I do plan to get into some of the craft sales in the area at Holiday time.

Isabelle is now toddling around confidently. She is so cute! Her hair is curling in the humidity so she has blond curls. She is also starting to use some gestures, sounds, and (dare I say) words to communicate. It is so much fun watching her grow. She seems to be the adored one. She still has only 6 teeth though. ;)

Ok enough blathering from me. I have been getting more water and have been trying to make better food choices.

BTW, Meowna, we just had a lightening but lots of rain. It seems to be cooling things off some. :D Oh yea, and Welcome!


07-25-2002, 11:14 AM
Baby is driving me NUTS!!!!! He's supposed to be napping right now so I can have an hour worth of sanity, instead he is having a fit (not literally) in his crib so this is about all I have time for. ARGH!

BTW I am taking courses to complete my nursing degree at university.

07-25-2002, 02:04 PM
Came back from swimming and Drake had fallen asleep in the car seat. I was actually able to get him out of the car and into the house and into his crib without him waking up so much that he couldn't get back to sleep. He was so wiped out even during swim class while he was floating on his back he had his eyes closed and was rubbing at them. Poor little guy. I wish I knew why sometimes he doesn't want to go to sleep and be so tired later on. He is almost wired sometimes when he gets super tired.

07-25-2002, 02:32 PM
In our house we call that "Beyond the beyond" Once they get that tired you have to force them to sleep and they will fight you all the way.

BTW, us adults get beyond the beyond too. Just don't try to talk about money when that happens. :)

07-25-2002, 09:32 PM
Please go to a new post partum thread and let's close this one out. The new thread is called: POST PARTUM HOTTIES .