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06-16-2002, 11:03 AM
Good Morning!!!!
Just wanted to get motivated early since I havent been around in a while...All is going well...#2 had the stomach virus since 2am soo we took shifts cleaning up and babysitting..I guess it was more like practice!!!!!:smug:

Bailey--I would lose money working at Target!!!!I love to shop at the Super Target we have here..My profit margin would be down the drain!!!:D U have such energy!!!!!Good luck finding your niche!!!

Lauren-Soo glad FIL did soo well with the surgery...He has been through alot with his heart...Take it easy and dont overdo!!!!

Everyone else have a GREAT FATHER"S DAY!!!!!!Treat that man special today!!!!!!!

06-17-2002, 09:56 AM
Hi All,

Wow, everyone must've been busy this weekend?! Thanks for starting the new thread RR! :D

I cleaned and had company over Saturday, and I slept half the day Sunday! Not very eventful. Not feeling too great this AM.

FIL finally got switched to a normal bed yesterday. He was in the cardiac recovery type ward up until then because his blood pressure was way down. DH is sick again, so he's calling the doctor to see if he can get in today. So we probably won't go see FIL until at least tomorrow night, when he's got 24 hrs. of antibiotics in him.

Not much else to say, have a great day all!

06-17-2002, 01:56 PM

Well, I didn't miss many posts while I was gone. What are you all up to??

Stayed op over the weekend. WooHoo. And mil only made one comment (to me anyway) about my weight ~ "you know, you look a little better now that you've gained some weight back." oh gee, thanks!

Lauren - happy to hear your fil is doing well.

Liz - cool about all of your turtles!:D

Bailey! - So glad to hear from you! Congrats on the Kaplan & the Target gigs. DS took a Kaplan course to prepare him for the LSAT. ~ Good luck on the dream job with the toy company! ~ Hooray for the $100 win! :eek: ~ Hope you stick around here now!

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06-17-2002, 04:17 PM
Wow, it's really quiet in here. I'm watching the dark clouds roll across the sky hoping it's not raining when I go home in just a little while. I'm having a good day so far. I hit the gym this morning and tried to jog 3 miles but after 1 my butt said it was done -- time for walking. I had a big semi-healthy dinner last night so I think that was the reason. I still managed 30 min on treadmill and 30 on bike. DH sat next to me on the bike and made me laugh -- he's got massive legs and can ride at an average of 12-16 level while I ride it at 6 and sweat like a cow. :D

Bailey, welcome back!! Congrats on the $$ win. I quit playing all that stuff cuz I never win anything. Good luck with your dream job -- I have my fingers crossed for you. Hopefully with your connection you can get it.

Rabbit, good job staying OP. Sorry about MIL's comment -- you gotta love 'em!! We were hoping for baby turtles when we saw a female laying eggs early this spring but this weekend I checked the nest and the eggs were dried up and brown. They probably weren't fertilized. Oh well...maybe next time.

Lauren, glad FIL is doing better. Now hopefully DH will get well soon. When it rains it pours!!

RR, stomach virus?? Yuck!! There's just some things I don't want to practice. :lol: I hope #2 is feeling better and you got caught up on your sleep.

Where is everyone else???? Stop lurking and say hi! :)

06-18-2002, 05:14 AM
Finally I have some time again to see how you're doing!

Hi RR, glad to see you back again! It's always nice to hear how you two are doing. Same goes for karen!

Lyssalou, I think you're doing a great job with the girl! It may make all the difference for her!

Bailey, I've been thinking about getting a second job, too. It's so difficult to make ends meet. Only I don't know what exactly yet, basically I'm thinking about changing my job altogether (for a better one). Nice to win 100$! I hope you treasted yourself!
And, NO, Lifing muffins to your face is NOT exercize! Try carrots instead...
dream job vibes, dream job vibes, dream job vibes...(please do the same for me...)

Tech alum, keep going!

Rabbit, why the gain? food or water retention?! Keep your goals in focus and realize these things are normal, everyone hits the plateau now and then. try to stay away from temptations (ok, ok I realize this is not so easy, but you can do it!)

Lizzard, how are you doing, keeping up te workouts this week as well? I like the tortoises as well, they really eat everything and are very funny. was afraid Yoda would't make it because he's (she's?) so small and young (last year's nest), but he attacked the lettuce like it was going to eat him if he didn't!

These are the things I haven't done that I was supposed to be doing:
1. Staying op (but didn't pig out, either)
2. Didn't go to to the gym enough (only 2 times this week, what with tv and running around every night).
3. Spend time with BF, (so in stead we had a good talk yesterday at 02.00)
4. weigh myself, still have no scale, clothes fit kinda ok, however

These are things that I have been doing:
1. eating healthily if not exactly dieting
2. making some extra money
3. feeding the turtles (they're toirtoises actually)
4. being nice to BF
5. working at getting famous....

all in all not bad eh?

The TV thing was really funny, we went on location the whole saturday. the basic thing was to show the faults in some guides about Athens, so we went: to restaurants that were praised and had actually been closed for years. the old airport (in one guide there was a very good description on how to get there, only we have a new one since March 2002, so it was deserted....). I tried to pay with Greek drachmes (as 3 out of 4 guides said I could do) somewhere, but we have the Euro now through Europe so this guy looked at me like I was an extreme idiot.
It was a very warm day so I got really hot and sticky towards the end, which was 01.30 at night (!), but all in all it was an experience! Today we're doing the final thing, which is a kind of interview, only today is SO hot (36 celcius).

Tell you about it tomorrow....

:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: (wish I was THAT cool!)


06-18-2002, 06:35 AM
Wow...I wish I could say "I made a little trip to Athens today"....That is my dream vacation..One day possibly!!!

GG--Today is "BE NICE TO BF DAY!!!!"....I married my boyfriend but some days I still call him that!!!Good Luck on being famous and getting that dream job!!!Makes life much better..I have been on a great job for 17yrs now...I get frustrated but wouldnt leave!!!Of course, I may not return after being off 3 months for maternity!!!!:D

Lauren--Man, I am having stretching pain in my left groin really bad....Tried to do the treadmill but it felt like my belly was being lifted from that groin muscle(any professional pg women with advice????)....I am at 14 weeks and that little booger was right at the front when I heard him/her last night...148 and loud and strong!!!!:smug:

Hello to all...Running late again as usual!!!!!!

06-18-2002, 11:00 AM
Hi All,

I'm feeling pretty good today, even packed my gym bag to go to Curves. I have not been there in over a month. First I didn't go because of the stretching crampy feeling in the beginning of PG. Then I felt all m/s crappy. Now I'm still a little yucky, but mostly just exhausted! I have to get back though, and DH is bugging me to get back. He's right, I'm not mad at him or anything. I just have to go and try at least.

RR- I just read that there will be another stretching/pulling stage, so you're right on target! Hope I can get back into the exercise habit before that hits! I'll be 10 weeks Thursday!! Man, time really flies!! Hey I have a question for you...I will be seeing the NP next visit, not the Dr., do you know what she'll be doing, or what she's allowed to do?

GG- Nice to see you! Sounds like you had a blast in Athens! Maybe you and BF could have a water fight to spend time together and keep cool?! :D

Liz- Good for you jogging a whole mile!! The most I ever jogged (in my adult life!) is like, once around a track! :lol: It is very invigerating though, I'd love to be able to do it again someday.

Rabbit- Congrats on staying OP!! :D Huge accomplishment...especially in the face of a comment like that from MIL!!

Hi to everyone else!! :D Have a great day!!

06-18-2002, 12:01 PM
Hello All,

Had a really busy weekend. We had MIL and FIL over for dinner on Friday since they were showing their car on the weekend and wouldn't be free. Plus K decided to volunteer to sit their dog this week/end and we wanted to make sure she'd be ok with ours...Anyway it went well. Then I worked Sat, and was so glad I was in a building (not all jobs I do are) since it was raining, of course to pay me back I was outside yesterday in the rain :( . Then Sunday we went out to my folks for dinner.

It was kind of funny, Sat we went to one of our usual resturants, (which we don't go to as often as we used to since we're trying to cut back on eating out), and the bartender made a point of coming over to our table to ask K if he's been loosing weight and tell him he was looking good. He was embarrassed but I was proud for him. Wish I was doing as well even if he thinks it's taking too long. At least he hasn't gained back what he lost and then sat there :o .

Hopefully WW goes well tonight. I'm having a hard time telling anymore. I didn't journal which I need to do, but with all the walking I'm doing at work and the fact I'm back on a schedule I should be doing better... But AF arrived today (finally) and I'm feeling bloated and icky. We'll see.

Rabbit- sorry you found what I lost. Hopefully I don't find it again this week.

GG - to funny about the tour guides. Glad you had fun even if it was a loooong day.

Baily - Welcome back! Sending dream job vibes your way :D.

LBH - good luck getting back to exercising!!! Glad your FIL's doing better.

Liz - Congrats on making even 1 mile, that's better than lots of people do.

Well, I need to go up and start working on getting stuff ready for my sister's baby shower. It's this weekend and I'm helping my mom out.

Have a great one all!!

- Tech :spin:

06-18-2002, 01:30 PM

A few more posts today - hooray!:D

I'm staying OP still, but no loss so far. :( Had a beginning sewing class last night - it was fun.

Liz - hooray for all of your exercise! Running is so hard. ~ Too bad about the eggs. I just saw my neighbors turtles this morning. ~ Love 'em, huh? I really don't like my mil. I get along with her fine, but I don't personally like her & am so glad we don't live close. She's way too negative.

Greek - I don't really know about my gain. I'm hanging in there. ~ Tv thing sounds fun.:cool:

Lauren - enjoy curves! But don't do more than you can handle, especially since you haven't been in awhile. Just take it slow and easy. That's my thought anyway!

Tech - what a nice compliment for dh! Good luck at your weigh in this week.

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06-18-2002, 01:33 PM
Hi again everyone I hope to be posting regulary again soon. I have written a few post and then my comp. crashes before I get to post it.
I have gained back up to 215 from my 209. Why can 6 pounds come back so fast and I worked so hard to lose it? I havn't been walking and have been drinking soda again is why.
I was served with court papers Friday the 7th by my ex. He is taking to to court for Child Support. He makes $70,000 a year not counting what his wife makes. She is a Dental Hygenist in an upscale Portland office.
I am not working being as my step-daughter is a special needs child. Megan is on a Ketogenic diet for her epliepsy. She has to be watched non stop. A day care is out of the questions for her. When she was in one before she was always beat up. Kids would hit her, trip her one time they cut her hair with scissors.
I love working and staying at home has been very hard on me. WHy my ex decided to wait until I wasn't working? He is an a@@. My new hubby is self employed and ex belives we are rich! lol
My ex has a 40,000 truck, 3 credit cards with $6,000 on each, a new camper payment of $225. OK we filed bankruptcy during the divorce. How do you accuire that much debt that soon? Does that show who had the outrageous spending habits of us two?:lol: I have no credit cards, no car payment, I drive a 88 Nissan that I bought for $500.
OK I had fun reading the post and wish all of you the best. I am sending out good job vibes, better PG feeling days, better MIL comments, better walking eatting vibes and any thing else?:lol: Daphne

06-18-2002, 10:51 PM
Well, my 5th child may be gone. Her dad decided not to bring her home after his Father's Day weekend with her. Apparently the custody of this child is not clear cut. He objects to having her tested to see if she has any learning disorders, unless it means moving her up a grade. Which is not what the school is offering to do. I don't think he sees the benefit in her being here with me and my kids either. She really needs a lot of help, and if her dad isn't willing to get her that help, she is in real trouble.

I think the only reason he agreed to letting her live with my neighbor in the first place was because he was in prison. Now he is out, and I am not convinced he will let her come back. Supposedly (according to the girl) he is a very abusive, and promiscuous. I am worried sick about her, and her safety. But I don't feel that I have the place, or the real info to do anything about it, except PRAY!

BTW, she is 11 1/2, and she looks like she is 13 ( I think it was LBH who asked that.)

Anway, maybe I will be able to check in in the next few days, and actually post, if she doesn't come back.


06-18-2002, 11:56 PM
Hi guys. Well, I'm not doing well on the diet. DH has been away for the last week and a half for his reserve duty. To make myself feel better, I have taken me out to dinner every night. Including dessert of course. It will take me a month to catch up again. OK, here are my goals for tomorrow(gotta take this one day at a time)

1) JOURNAL, JOURNAL, JOURNAL. I know it helps and I haven't been doing it.
2)COME HERE AND POST!! You guys really keep me on track and I've been doing everything but coming here.

OK, gotta go now, I'm exhausted. I will catch up tomorrow.


Backfor 2002
06-19-2002, 12:01 AM
Hi all, I am far too busy with everything going on. I tell you going on vacation reaks havoc with everything.

I have read everything and am sending you all congrats, special thoughts and sympathy. (whoever needs what). I will have time to catch up tomorrow or thursday.

Take care!


06-19-2002, 12:01 PM
hi y'all.

I overate yesterday and was not op. I have enough activity points to cover it, but that doesn't seem to work for me to use them. I have had the hungries this week. I think I need to start measuring everything again (and give myself a little kick in the patoot).

Dab - it sure comes back on a lot easier than it goes off! Why do we do that to ourselves?? ~ Sorry for all of your troubles with the ex.

Lyssa - I'm wishing the best for the little girl.

Karen - lol on the taking yourself to dinner!:lol:

Nanci - Hello! Let us know what's up with you when you get a chance.

starting OP all over again.

06-19-2002, 06:29 PM
Good Afternoon all!!!!
I hear some thunder soo I think that means rain soon!!!We can use a little everyday....My summer time mud race is comming but I think it will be out this year:( ..I am too afraid to be running in swamps almost 5 months pg!!!!

Lyssa--Sorry about the little girl...Let us know what happens..That is too sad......

Have a great evening all!!!

06-19-2002, 06:56 PM
Hello All,

Well, WI wasn't pretty I gained back 1.6 of the 2.2 I'd lost the week before. So I guess you could say I'm back on my roller coster. I'm hoping it was just AF (I started mon. pm and WI was tues.) but at least it has me back to journaling. Let's hope this week goes well. :D

Rabbit - good luck getting back on track!

Karen - Too funny about the dinners :lol:, I had the opposite problem last time K went out of town. Good luck with tomorrows goals :)

Nanci - yea but vacations are worth any havoc they cause :D .

DB - I don't know why it comes back faster than it goes off, but that's definately true. Good luck getting back OP.

RR - I don't think I'd like running through mud even not PG!!!!

Lys- hope everything works out with the kid, situations like that can be really sad :(

Well, should go get something done tonight. But will probably bum until K gets home :s:

Have a great day all!!

- Tech :spin:

06-20-2002, 09:22 AM
Hi Everyone!!

I'm back again! I've been around the whole time, reading and lurking but I had been feeling bad about my eating so I was taking a break. A good break not a bad one. I would eat well for a few days and then just go a little crazy for a couple of days. Not too bad, I've certainly learned that my new pigouts are not near as bad as my old ones. Last weekend we went to a friends Saturday night and I had three slices of pizza, a cookie and a little bit of snacks and felt bad but it wasn't really so bad. I did drink a lot of regular non-diet soda so maybe that was why I felt so guilty. And Sunday we had a Fathers' Day barbecue and I had some snacks and one hamburger, some potato salad and dessert. Again, not great but not as horrible as I felt. So Monday morning I decided this would be a great week and it has been so far and I got on the scale this morning and it read 149!! I was so happy to be back under 150 and so I felt I deserved to come back and post!! I don't know if the last three days have been so good or my weekend wasn't so bad but I couldn't be happier about the number this morning. I'm just going to really have to keep it up to be there. If I plateaued around 145 (or less would be nice) for a while then I think I could stop myself from going back over but 149 is still too close. Anyway, that's where I've been - eating and feeling guilty but still in charge!

Otherwise we've just been packing and shopping for the new house which is fun. We take posession on the 2nd of July and move in on the 18th - so exciting.

I've written so much I don't have time to reply to everyone but I'll come back later.

Have a great day,

06-20-2002, 11:55 AM
I'm back for a bit. We spent 5 days in Cleveland and leave tomorrow for Nashville. After that I get 2 weeks home before I go to Philly and my DH goes to Baltimore.

At least I'm maintaining. No gain and no loss.

Hello to everyone.
- jul

06-20-2002, 01:47 PM

Well yesterday I measured everything. That has got to help. Plus I am trying the"wendie plan" that I read about on ww's site. Basically it is about alternating your points daily so your body does not adjust to one pt value. Sounded interesting, so I'm trying it - I like trying new things.:D

RR - I'd say this is not the year for the mud race!

Tech - sorry about the gain.:(

Elisa - hi and welcome back! Cool that you are under 150.:cool:

Jul - nice to have you check in! Enjoy your travels.

OP since 6/19/02

06-20-2002, 02:39 PM
Rabbit - I had heard about the "Wendie Plan" too and I thought it sounded really interesting. A lot of people seemed to say that it helped them get out of a rut or a plateau. I can't remember where I read about it (somewhere on this site actually) but maybe you can post the details if anyone wants to try it. I had thought I'd try it when I hit a plateau and then forgot. Keep us posted on how it works for you and good luck!!

06-20-2002, 02:50 PM
HI ALL! I guess I am back for now. Have heard nothing from the girl. I just hope she is ok. I have no way to get a hold of her, and her "aunt" isn't trying to reach her right now. But I will tell you if I hear anything!!!

The scales are doing the bounce routine between 150, and 155. AF is here, so maybe in a few days I will be at 150 and stay there for a while. I have had a problem lately with Mr. Good bars. I have only been eating 2 little snack bars at a time which is only 80 calories, but I would rather be spending those 80 calories on something more substancial. Oh well, at least I am not eating whole candy bars like I used to.

Well, I found an answer to my depression. The dr. was going to put me on Zoloft, which I didn't want to do, but I needed to be off of St. John's wart for 2 weeks before I tried the Zoloft. Well, the day before the Dr. told me to take Zoloft, my friend read an article about how light affects seratonin uptake, and told me about it. So I decided that during the 2 weeks I would try increasing the light in my house; which before I kept my house pretty dark (few lights, and the curtains shut). Now I have all the lights on in the livingroom and curtains open. I feel great!!! There have been a few days that I was lax in turning on the light, and I could tell the difference. Oh, and PMS this month was way better!!!

Rabbit - I do know that your measurements can change even when your weight doesn't. I hope that will help you stay focused, and I hope you do good on your new plan.

Jul - Hope you are having fun!!! And Maintain is definitely better than a gain!!!

Elisa - I am aiming in your weight direction!!! I hope we both get/stay under 150 permanantly!!! If I get there, it will be the lowest I have been in 10 years. The move sounds exciting. I hope all goes real well for you.

Tech - AF has a way of doing that to a person. That's where I am right now too. So, by the end of the week I hope we both see big losses!!!

RR - I think I would be afraid of the mud race anyway. But PG would definitely rule it out!!!

Nanci - Welcome back from vacation. Did you have fun?

Karen - While you are eating out, remember that there are healthy choices even in the restauraunts, and that their portions are huge. Save some for the next day's lunch. And my favorite... McDonald's Chicken Ceaser Salad Shaker is only 100 calories!!!

06-20-2002, 05:25 PM
Hi All,

It's soo nice to see more people back and posting! The life has come back to our board! Hey, what do you all think of like, a question of the day, or trivia a couple times a week or something to keep us entertained? I've seen it on some other boards and it seems like fun.

Lyss- Sorry to hear about your little girl. I hope everything turns out alright for her. Hope AF brings the scale down for you! And that's a step in the right direction just eating a couple snack size candy's! As far as the depression, that's great that opening the curtains and lights has helped you, I've read that before...I think it's the natural sunshine that's supposed to help, not sure about aritificial lighting. I remember seeing a light that was being sold somewhere that mimiced natural light just for that purpose. If you still feel you need it, go ahead with the Zoloft though.

Rabbit- I remember reading something about that Wendie plan awhile ago, good luck with it, it does make sense.

Jul- Nice to see you! Sounds like you're crazy busy these days!! Enjoy your upcoming break!

Elisa- Glad you delurked! You know, 3 pcs of pizza really isn't that bad when you think that it could've been something much worse!!

Tech- Sorry to hear of the gain, but it sounds like there's a good chance it was the hag!!

RR- Yeah, uh, no mud race for you this year!! (Like Refman would let you anywhere near it!!)

Nanci- Hope you get caught up soon!!

Karen- How are those goals coming? When is DH coming back? You're having salads for all those dinners, right? And air-popped popcorn for dessert? :p

Brat- Nice to see you! Hope everything works out with the ex.

I did go to Curves Tuesday night. Went around twice before I was too pooped. Didn't get my clothes packed for tonight though. It did feel good to get back, tired as I was, so I will try to get back to it more regularly.

Think I hear thunder out there, may have to slip out of work a few minutes early, to avoid the storm...more like to close my windows!! :rolleyes:

Have a great evening all!!

06-20-2002, 11:04 PM
Hi guys. Well, not so good today. However, we got out of school early tonight so I went to the grocery store and picked up some healthy fruit and stuff. I have planned for tomorrow, but I had already made plans to have dinner at a very unhealthy restaraunt in the evening. It's a small polish place and they only have pierogies, stuffed cabbage and kielbasa. Oh, well, I guess the beet soup is healthy.......PPPUUUKKEEEE!!!

At least I will have healthy breakfast and lunch.

Will catch up later!!


06-21-2002, 04:16 AM
Hi everyone!

I have had a very busy week so did't have much time to write. Have not been op (SAY something!!!!), but reasonable according to my fitday log. Have been following all of you, though.
No more TV for me (thank god, it really pooped me out, although it was fun), hope to go somwhere this weekend, it's holy spirit day. I have a wedding and a christening to go to, today and tomorrow so it's ging to be fun! Only, no Greek party goes without food.... OK I will keep to the grilled ans salads....Tell you about it on Monday.
I had a very good OP day yesterday, AND fries! I made them myself, they're called "guiltless fries" and they taste really good! The recipe is in the food! section under one of my threads easy and quick recipes. I felt doubly ok, because I did have the fries and did not have to feel bad about them because they are very low cal!!!

My colleague here (Greek-American from NY) just got a box of Havana cigars. I don't smoke, but she gave me one anyway because I just Love the smell...It's lying on my keybord as we speak...

Lyssa, very sorry for the girl, we can only hope...Good you found out about the light, doctors are sooooooo easy today with prescribing drugs for these kind of complains!

Karen, eat something you will really enjoy and get back to op again, once in a while is ok I guess.


have a wonderful and OP weekend:cool: Vassiliki from :devil: ly hot Athens

06-21-2002, 06:06 AM
Well, I have had a "pop" of the stomach this week, so non maternity wear is now out!!!!!:D It is kind of nice that people ask"RU pg???" instead of just feeling heavier....THank goodness for hospital scrubs!!!!I had to move to the medium pants and I took the next step in ordering the "panel"!!!!!!!

It is great to see everyone again!!!Elisa-Yeah on the house!!!Take some pics and let us see it!!!!!

Have a great day...Off to work!!!!

06-21-2002, 12:38 PM

I had a one pound loss last night at weigh in. I've been charting my progress for the last 7 weeks and in that time I've lost 4.5 (really 4.6) pounds. That's a little over 1/2 pound per week, not stellar by any means, but I'm moving in the right direction. Maybe this wendie thing will help. I definitely think it will help that I am weghing & measuring everything again. That'll keep me honest!;)

Elisa - I went to pointingmywaytoanewlife.com to get info on the wendie plan. There are different sites though - if you go to google.com and type in wendie plan, it will bring some up.

Lyssa - the light thing is interesting. Ds had a roommate at school for awhile who had a special light he had to use in the winter for light therapy. ~ I started doing measurements again at the beginning of my 7 week chart - forgot to do them at the beginning of June - will have to remember at the start of July.:dizzy:

Lauren - the only scarey part of the plan is that on your super high day you are supposed to have 10 points over your maximum.:o Makes me nervous. You stay within your weekly point allotment though - at the high end.

Karen - Beet soup??!?? Oh no.

Greek - what is holy spirit day? ~ It is also warm here - in the 90's and with a lot of humidity.

RR - I'm sure those scrubs are a lifesaver!

have a great weekend all!

OP since 6/19/02

06-22-2002, 12:12 AM
Well, not much new here. We got a loan, that will hopefully help us get a second car. We really need it, too. Being stuck at home with four kids and no transportation in Houston is not fun.

I am not wanting to look at the scales at all until AF leaves. I know I am still doing really well on my diet, and that helps, but when the scales stop going down, it brings me down. The good news is, I am in need of new clothes!!! Most of my clothes are just too big on me now.

Rabbit - I know you are doing good. I think keeping your metabolism guessing may be a good idea. If it doesn't know how much food it is going to get, it doesn't know when to slow down and get satisfied with a perticular weight.

RR - What an exciting time. It is definitely nice when people can tell that the fat you've got is all baby. Enjoy your glowing phase!!!

GG - Busy weeks are good at getting us off plan. Just remember, when life settles down, you can get back on point, and stay there. I will have to find that "guiltless fry" recipe, sounds good.

Karen - How was the polish food?

LBH - Glad you went back to Curves. Exercise is definitely good for you right now.

06-22-2002, 11:44 AM
hi all.

I have a party to go to today so I planned today as my SHD - super high day. Makes me nervous still! The day before & the day after a SHD are SLD. Af stuck her head out this morning - no wonder I've been having the hungries.

Lyssa - hope you find a car you want. Not having transportation is tough. ~ Congrats on needing new sizes!! ~ I think it should be good to eat at difft. point values - it requires control though!

have a great weekend girls!:cool:


06-23-2002, 12:28 AM
Dh got his car (well, technically he gets it tomorrow morning) and I got some clothes. When I started this new way of life, I was barely able to fit into my size 16's. Tonight, I bought size 12 jeans. They are a little snug, but they fit better than my 16's did back in January (I had to lay down just to zip them up). I also bought a size 10 so when the 12's get too big, I already have a pair of jeans. So, size 3, here I come. :)

Rabbit - I hope you enjoyed your party!!!