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05-19-2009, 10:48 PM
Hello & :welcome: to the Back In Kindergarten thread!

"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

You are welcome to join us in our chatter about life and our weight loss journey!
So please grab your coffee/water/diet coke etc. and pull up a chair and join us!

:carrot: :beach: :cp: :cofdate: :grouphug: :beach: :broc:

05-19-2009, 11:16 PM
just thought that I would start us a new thread!

We are getting Marissa and Logan tested now, because we were more or less a little passe with Brandon. I wish we would have stuck to it all when he was younger and then he could have gotten the help a lot sooner! But he is doing great now!!! I actually got some information from his teacher about summer programs that will help him with his speech and such. So, I am going to be sending some emails and looking online at these places. I am wanting to have someone that is flexible enough to come to the house, that way Tommy won't have to miss work or my MIL won't have to come over here to take us.

I am trying to catch up on the computer, my email, and such, as well as watch the Wings game......the game is tied now at 2 and is going into over time!

05-20-2009, 11:45 AM
Hola all,

Just stopping in, thanks for all your well wishes. I feel a little bit better, AF is slowing a tad bit, but still heavy. It was REALLY heavy lastnight..........but I'll spare you the details. lol.

I'm going to go get my mom today. I was gonna wait until tomorrow since AF arrived in FULL RAGING force, but figured may as well go and get her and she can at least hang out with me at the house..........

Have a Good Day!!!! :beach:


05-20-2009, 02:33 PM
Just stopping by to say hi.

05-20-2009, 02:48 PM
Good Wednesday!

Yesterday was **** day at work, I swear. I guess that is why you should only work 5 days in a row and not 6......everything was annoying me. lol

Francie -Blue Angels sounds like great fun to watch. Sounds familiar, they must come out here to Oregon for the air show that happens once a year. Glad you were able to go see them!

Mindee- A lot of the sports activities have scholarships available, have you had a chance to look into that for the kids? I took the kids once to a church camp over the 4th of July even and was able to get it at a affordable price that I was able to pay. I also had a friend that was on a tight,tight budget that spent all year lining up summer activites for the kids that was no cost to her through scholarships. Anyway, just a thought, with some digging and a few phone calls I bet you could find all sorts of things available to keep the kiddies busy for the summer.

Sue- omg- cabbage sounds soooo good. I love cabbage. I have moved so much over the years and have tossed things out I don't have much now. lol I have a friend that has lived in the same place for 7 years. She told me my address is in pencil now. haha. Hope this is the last for awhile at least.

Katy - You're brave. I haven't been in the pool since 1990. lol I loved to swim though. Good for you! We should be having a sunny weekend :)

Totally had a brain fart. I forget what everyone wrote. argh.

k- lets talk me. :D

Watched DWTS and really wanted Melissa to win but Shawn was just as good I thought. Haven't seen anything on Jillian. 30 guys is a lot, I think I will wait til it gets down to 8 men.
Had bean soup at work , 2 bowls! It was good ,tad salty though w/ ham in it. I need to get back to my salads today. I still need to get signed up for the gym, didn't do that yesterday. I was too busy being mad. lol
And tonight is swimming , oh joy. I get to sit there and pretend I am a teen drooling over a boy in class.


:wave: to everyone else! Hope all you ladies are having a good Wednesday.

05-20-2009, 04:25 PM
well, today was Marissa day to get tested. it all went well.....her hearing is fine, but she is behind in speech. so, she was referred for speech and language therapy. we will meet in a week or so to do the IFSP (same thing as an IEP, but they call it that since she is under 3). Then they will give us some tips for us to get through the summer, and she will start her program in the fall.

we take Logan on Friday to get him tested, so I will know where they all stand by the end of this week. Brandon is getting his hearing and vision tested at school I am kind of anxious about what that is going to say. (seeings as to how the one that he had last year, he failed....hence why we had to take him to the ENT)

SuzieQ~ I will have to look into that. Right now, it is looking like I will be first off setting up some speech therapy for Brandon for the summer. I got a pamphlet from his teacher, just FYI, but it has listings in the state for places/people that offer the services during the summer.

05-20-2009, 04:26 PM

SUSAN...beans and ham sound good. I hadn't had that is ages and you got me to eating it again...but then it's been a few months now. No one in this house likes them so I don't cook a lot of stuff I would love to have. I too need to get in shape...took a pic of ths bruise from the hit Monday and my legs look icky-gross! Last year at this time they were looking good...too lazy I guess. Hey, so if you got the keys early why can't you move in already? Well, June will be here soon enough...have to take a pic of your view! Have fun at the pool today! No special plans for me this Memorial weekend, it's supposed to rain anyway...maybe get some reading in.

KATY...umm, was/is a killer, ouch! I did not see it coming either. We were walking thru the park looking for the field Chase was playing on and heard people yelling but by the time I looked up it was too late! Hey, even if you don't finish the have done GREAT! :carrot:

SUE...not sure about watching the youngins now. Talked with Josh last night and asked him if I was to make sure...he said he didn't know, Charlotte wouldn't tell him...not sure what is up with that, so guess it's up in the air...thinking she may be making other plans for both kids. But she won't say anything to me and waits till the last minute and makes Josh do it...he sounds so frustrated sometimes. Anyway...enjoy little cutie pie Mason when you get him!

SASSY...enjoy your visit with you long will she be with you?

HI to everyone else :wave:

Nothing much going on. I slept in today because I didn't have the little one, and won't until Tuesday, that I know of. :dunno: So...did a little shopping. The hubby bought me prescription sunglasses for my BD but of course I had to go get them...have to wait 7-10 days. I am overdo for some. But was hoping the insurance would pay some on them. They will only pay for one pair a year, or actually pay a portion of them. Anyway...then off to Barnes & Noble with gift cards, Target to get a couple of things, lunch and home. Now I am just resting until the game tonight...thinking I will take my bike helmet :lol: See pic below of my little souvenir from Monday's game-OUCH!

Hoping everyone is enjoying the day! :hug:

05-20-2009, 04:29 PM snuck in there. Glad Marissa's hearing is fine. Good you are getting on top of the speech now. Hoping all goes well with Logan's testing.

05-20-2009, 05:17 PM
Cristina - omg - that is a nasty bruise lady! Is it sore? I know I get banged up on the weekends when I do the garbage runs at work. I need to get wokermans comp or something and my knees ache at night.
*waaaa. Falling apart at 45!
Landlord lady is very nice, she called yesterday and requested I clean the kitchen floors w/ Murphy Soap. I asked after signing " how will you get the keys to me?" and she handed them to me , along w/ the garage door opener. She said "that way we don't have to meet up again" lol....the rental application was my current landlord and employer.....wrote that down on a blank piece of paper.
She had a move in/ move out form , lead paint and an Oregon lease so in that way it was professional. I like her a lot though, easy to talk to and she saw me at work when her grandbaby was born. I guess I could go buy a disposable camera amd mosey around the joint. I wouldn't go in though unless I asked her first. I won't have all the move in money til I get paid. *waaaaaaa , it is a cute place though, she was going to put in a new dryer and a bedroom door needed to get replaced before I moved in and i think I am going to have to rummage around some 2nd hand stores for some window curtains.

k- just thinking out loud. And omg...........I haven't even been home since this morning, too lazy to go back and forth across the bridge. I stayed for my eye appt. now I have to wait for school to get out. Still need to go get groceries.

And ya.................beans are delish, maybe that is why I keep having brain farts today?? Get it??? haha.....

No wonder i can't get a date, I have a weird sense of humor. lol Only the Hawaii Man gets it. That sucks about the glasses, insurances are so anal. I ordered a year of contacts w/ my $100 they give me for eye wear. I will have to wait for the glasses, they told me $600 for a pair??? whatever....I am waiting. lol Hope you get some answer on the kids and when/if you are watching them. That sucks too. It reminds me though I need to set up daycare for Gaby today or tomorrow, she gets out on the 9th. *sigh. Did I tell you I am going full time in July?? I am. yay.

Mindee - Ya, call churches and stuff. You could send them to vacation bible school all summer long, they'll love you for that. lol Actually I can still remember going to a neighbors house for vacation bible school, now they probably have them at churches more. Anyway, hope you have some luck w/ that. Look at the library or even at Brandon school. I know Gaby got in last year for summer school through a special program sponsored by Nike.

k - paying for evey second of this computer time.....will never have any curtains this way. Speaking of which there is a program in Portland that if you volunteer 24 hours at this rebuilt computer place you get a computer free and you can combine your time w/ other people so Rach and I were thinking of doing that .....we want both want a computer in the house.....though she does have an old MAC she uses at her fathers.

k- yada yada.......shut up already.

oh, ya. I think I wil go have some fruit for lunch. There, that is my weight talk. lol ewww, I even have time to go by work and sign up for the gym!

k- chat later.

05-20-2009, 09:07 PM
from last thread...

Francie--we saw that Andrews AF base was having an airshow--would have loved to gone or at least watched the Blue ANgels with you. We go to a pretty neat one locally. I can't believe we have to wait for next season to see what happens on Grey's. My mom has a similar metastatic skin cancer that Izzy had...

BTW-Mom had her appt---Dr says the his initial manual exam looks like the treatment worked--she gets a scan next month--holding my breath til then.... She's starting to feel better, she's missing her senior groups trip to Mt Vernon tomorrow but she's going to lunch and a play next month...

Sue--The tech high school is across the street from work so I got some more plants..I went for a few more impatients to finish lining along my deck and ended up getting a hanging basket with double impatients, two astibles, a bleeding heart that is blooming already and another shade plant that I already forgot the name of....

Katy--I am going to have to look the campion & mahonia, I've never heard of those. Didn't finish watching the Bachelor..don't know if I'd like the Bachlorette...waiting for the summer show that I love and hubby hates...Big Brother.

Mindee--there's probably some Vacation Bible Schools at the local churches--we used to go to every one in town...they were all different weeks. Susan had a great idea with checking out to see if you can get some help with the payments for programs.

from new thread...

Susan--the first place Ry looked at was small but cute with but no smoking inside and landlord was a lawyer and really picky..Ry doesn't do well with all the rules she wanted imposed...had a free washer and dryer on site for all the tenant which was a plus but he didn't take it...he ended up with an apt on the 3rd floor...loves the landlord--she seems like a wildchild that settled down later in life--she's my age with 4 kids the oldest is Gaby's age. He's on the "cool" floor with all the young people....her words...the kitchen and bathroom are really small but the living room is a good size with a really tall bay window and the bedroom and the closet are really good size. He says he likes having all his stuff back--it was like Christmas--he found stuff he forgot he had...

Cristina--OUCH!!! I am sure glad it didn't hit you in the face or would have been out cold!! With the baby coming, Charlotte's definitely going to need your help with the kids. Poor Josh...and poor you...I'd say it was pregnancy hormones but she was like that before. SHe ought to let you know so you can plan, but she's like Teri and just probably expects you will do what she wants at the last minute.

Sassy--TOM's come to visit here--killer cramps and I got tooth work done getting ready for a crown--I was hurting so much I took Advil PM and went to bed a little after 8...I am ready to be done with this stuff and move on to menopause....Here's hoping next time's the one for you....

Kathy--where are you??? How's punkin??? Is hubby's twin being an arse???? Miss you!!

well here's my exercise/diet talk--have had nothing but water to drink, well morning coffee too. Had fruit, cheese and a couple of pretzel sticks for breakfast and a burger without the bun and a pickled egg for lunch and tomato basil soup for supper. Mowed the most of the huge front yard and the little bit of grass in the back, will finish the rest of the front tomorrow night. Hubby bought a tiller to work up the garden and my brother is bringing it over in his truck tomorrow nite so I can finally get the vegetable plants in the ground...

did almost 13,000 steps on my pedometer... and I am done for the night....if I can stay out of bed until 9 it will be a miracle...

05-20-2009, 09:46 PM
just stopping back in while I have the chance! the boys are already sleeping, and Marissa just had dinner with me and Tommy. I made them bologna sandwiches, and I think the boys both ate hers. So, Tommy got us some McDonald's, so I told him to get her something. She is just beside herself with all the daddy, mommy and her time today.

I also looked online to see about getting my license. So far it seems like an easy path to I am going to show it to Tommy when he gets home. (he had to run back to work because he forgot something) I didn't tell him that I was looking at it. But it only makes sense to do since with all the appointments and such going on.

thanks for the nice comments on the kids.....I really wish we had stuck more by the Early On program with Brandon when he was younger.

I am watching the finale of American Idol right now.....and actually Tommy just got home! so, I am going to finish up on here and I will go plop on the couch.

I will have to look into the vacation bible schools for the kids.

05-21-2009, 07:10 AM
Hola all,

Hi.........Bye..........Francie!!! lol.

Susan -- A pool sounds good...........:swim: and I don't even swim, but its been hot here. I have a weird sense of humor too, DH gets it, but he's as weird as me, probably weirder! lol.

Cristina -- Yeee-OW chick, that is quite a bruise!! My mom will be staying until Saturday. I have to unfortunately go back to work on Sunday. Well I don't HAVE too go back, but if I wanna get paid for Memorial day (Good $$) Then I have too. lol. I need to go and get my eyes checked again and I want prescription sunglasses too. I hope you enjoy yours! :cool:

Jules -- Glad that all looks well for your mama, keeping everything :crossed: that all is well. UGH she visited you too? Man she is making her rounds, eh? Yeah I just wanna get pregnant :preg: and then have my "stuff" yanked out already! But DH said, "They won't do that" I said "Yeah huh if I tell them too!" :p lmao. Aw well a girl can dream, right? lol. I am hoping next month is the month too. ;) WTG on the 13,000 steps! I need to get me a pedometer! I have been walking every night at work. I need to begin walking here at home too but I am always beat after work, so maybe while I am off, me and my mom can walk. :running:

Mindee -- Heres hoping you get your license. DH needs to get his for his motorcycle. It would have been a really nice week to ride to work. Oh well. Glad Marissa is enjoying mommy and daddy time! ;)

AF has slowed down -- TG! :woohoo: I feel so much better today and I'm glad so I can go out and enjoy myself. Yesterday I was all crampy and just did not feel up to doing much. So today I want to go and get some flowers at the store today with my mom and plant some! ;)

I did get a sunburn yesterday! :o On my left arm only!!! From driving to get my mom! Go figure. :rolleyes: I did not think I would need sunblock IN THE CAR! lol. But that was a dumb thing on my part. I learned my lesson. Put sunblock on everyday! lol.

Well have a great day!!!

Big :hug:

05-21-2009, 02:27 PM
God..this day is so horrible. I just feel like crying.

05-21-2009, 02:28 PM
Good Morning -

Francie - You snuck in.... :hug: sorry... hope you are ok.

Jules- Funny but the dumpiest places I applied to the landlord was an arse. Like I am going to damage his dump? lol This place is the nicest and all she wants me to do is water some new plants in the yard and clean w/ murphys soap. Your son isn't coming back to the PNW? I am glad the treatment has seemed to work for your mother. :hug: wow to 13,000 steps!

Sue -Speaking of is your mother?

Sassy - Ya, you can get suntanned while driving around in the car. One summer I had the brownest left

Mindee- Tell the boys to leave sissy's food alone! I bet she was hungry.. :)

Hope everyone else is doing well. I could use some more sleep myself. Back to work today which really isn't too bad. I have been looking around for some on line courses, interested in pharmacy tech.
Sit there all day and count pills......too bad I am not a drug addict. lol I should get a job counting Lays potato chips going down the conveyer belt.....yum.
Gab swam her little heart out last night. Pool man was teaching the kids that they have to touch the edge of the pool. I had sent him an email that when Gab see's the flags overhead she thinks she can stop and goof around,she is never going to win a race that way (haha)...she still has a good 20 feet to go.......anyway, nice to see he listens to me, he probably thinks I am some anal mother......too bad I can't get him to ask me out but thats ....ok.........though I never knew I could be so turned on by just seeing a man's head bopping around in the deep end of the pool. When did I become so pathetic? lol

And it is 3 years today that my dad passed away. So, I fell apart last night and cried and cried. I didn't even remembered the date til I looked at his obit. I was sooooo glad I didn't miss the day, I would have felt bad. Rach promised she would go today and put some sunflowers on his gravesite.

k- think I will mosey to work and umm, work. I did find the most delish salad dressing at Safeway last night. Low cal and it actually has taste....

chat more later :wave:

05-21-2009, 02:50 PM
just stopping by because I am going to play some games on the Wii Fit....I think it has been feeling neglected lately......LMAO

a little moment to shine about Marissa! She has been into taking her diaper off she got mad this morning and started to take her diaper off. I said "no no......we don't take the diaper off unless we have to go potty." to which, she jumped right up (diaper half done up) and ran down the hallway saying "potty" and going to the bathroom.

we got into the bathroom and Brandon said that he had to go as well. He went on the big potty and Marissa sat on the little potty. she didn't go but she is showing interest in going which is great! now, if I can get all three of them out of diapers, I will be in heaven!!!

Sassy~ The path to getting my license now seems a lot easier then when I first set out to do it my senior year of high school! I showed it to Tommy last night while he was on the phone with a friend of ours....and his eyes popped out of his head when he read what it was!

Francie~ I hope today starts getting better for you!

SuzieQ~ I have tried to tell them to leave her stuff alone, but she then goes and hits them if they take something of hers.

05-21-2009, 04:07 PM
Susan...yeppers, the bruise hurts! It is better, much better today but still need to be careful not to hit...proving to be very hard! It is looking UGLY too! So gross...turning really black and blue now. Glad you didn't miss your dads day, lots of hugs to you. :hug: :hug: And I don't think you have a weird sense of humor...of course I do to so...

Francie...hugs to you, hope all is alright, and your day gets better. :hug:

Jules...yeah, I am feeling blessed. I know I would be in the hospital if that ball had hit me in the face or head...glad it didn't hit my arm either. Rest assured I AM watching out now...keeping my eye on the balls! Sounds like you got quite the workout! And good for you on the 13,000 steps! :carrot: Great bews about your mom too :hug:

Sassy...I wish I was enjoying the new sunglasses but darn it, I have to wait 7-10 days to get them back...should have gone to Lenscrafters! Just went back to Grene Vision where our insurance pays...was hoping they would pay some on these but noooooo! You know, I am bad about not putting sunblock on in the car but I just bought some today and HAVE to remember to put it on all exposed skin while outdoors anytime...even driving! Enjoy your momma!

Not much going on with days get kind of screwed up when I don't watch the little one...breaks my routine and I am kind of lost, lol. But I still got up early and out by 7:30 to go buy groceries...enjoy going to the store when no one is there. Had a couple of errands to run and then home doing laundry. Such a nice day I hate to be couped up inside but not in the mood to go out. Going to try and get in a slow walk on the treadmill in a few minutes...see how my leg is feeling. I am okay once I am up an dmoving around but once I sit down for a while it hurts a little when I get up, I'll live :)

Have a good day!

05-21-2009, 04:14 PM

BIG BIG :hug: Francie......I hope your ok.......:hug:

Big :hug: to you too, Susan, sorry about your dad's death anniversary. I know that isn't easy for sure. :hug: Yeah I have the reddest left arm! lol. I told DH now I got to hang the right arm out the window when he drives to match it!! HA! lol.

Mindee -- You go girl! You can do it! :D

Well I bought my flowers. I kinda went overboard, but I guess thats You should have seen my mom and me lifting this gigantic bag of potting soil! It was HUGE! I did have two pots, but they were marked wrong, it said they were $14 each, got to the checkout and it said $39.95 EACH! So um noooooo don't think so! So I need some pots yet..........we ran down to the dollar store and I didn't really like the pots they had. I Dunno maybe I'll just stick em in the ground and take back the Mega Huge bag of potting soil! LMAO.

But I got some pertty flowers..........:D Also got some veggies to plant too yo! Hey have any of you heard of tangerine tomatoes??? I got some seeds, they say they are very sweet, so figured I'd give them a shot??? Got some cucumbers, onions, peppers too can just call me Sassy Farmer Yo! LMAO.

I can't believe the week is almost over..........*sigh* I have Friday and Saturday off yet, but man I just DREAD going back to work on Sunday night. SO VERY BADLY...........:( Its like a kid that has been off of school for a while, I just honestly do not WANT to go back there!!!!!!!!! UGH! LOL!!!

Well I suppose that is about all. Thanks for listening.


Cristina -- you snuck in!! Hee hee. Major bummer about having to wait for your shades!!! :cool: Yeah I never even thought about wearing sunblock because mostly I am out when its DARK outside since I work 3rd! So I am like Sun? What the **** is that?? lol. Sorry your routine is all messed up. Mine is too. I went to bed lastnight at 10:30 pm and then got up at 5 AM! :fr: Then Sunday its back to being a vampire :dracula: again! My system is going to be SO confused!!! :crazy: lol.

05-21-2009, 04:35 PM
I got another chance to get on here now!

I was just playing around on the Wii Fit and played some other games on there.

I want to get some flowers to plant, but I am not sure if my ones that I planted late last year are going to come up this year! I hope they do, because I planted marigolds and something else last year......

05-21-2009, 05:32 PM
Hello Chickadies...

I am here, I am just so darn grouchy. I almost can't live with myself.

SusieQ - :hug: I was just thinking about you the last few but I didn't know which day it was. :hug: Sunflowers will be beautiful. BTW you know, you could go public swimming with Gaby, and once he talks to you, as he is doing his life guard duties, you know he will be fantasizing about you....actually he probably already is. Glad that you will be getting a good landlord this time around. BTW, I have the oddist sense of humor. My children do to.

Sassy - :hug: to you also. I am going to be tripling my good vibes and thoughts to you. Yes, I am sorry... that annoying little voice in your head that you to stop, that is me. I am glad that you and your mom had fun plant shopping. I have never heard of tangerine tomatoes. Let me know how they taste. :D I really never thought about how with you working night shift, and sleeping during the day, that you might be a little prone to sunburn. :cool:

Cristina - :hug: but I am very carefully trying not to bump your leg. Wow it will sure have beautiful colors in a couple weeks. I hope that you do enjoy your days off, until you get the kids. School is out early there. Last day of school here is June 29. Glad that you are getting new sunglasses. I do have to make an appointment with the eye doc, so that I can get some new contacts. I can't remember if I read this, but did your son decide on a college? What is he taking?

Mindee - Are you excited about getting your license? Tommy will be excited about teaching you to drive. To cute that Marissa is showing some enthusiasm about the potty.

Francie - :hug: :hug: to you.

Jules - :hug: That is great about your mom. She will probably make up for her missed trip. You will have to post some pictures of your yard and garden. Sounds like you have been doing lots of work. Hubby is ok until Saturday. That is his very hard to live with day. Starts about 10 am. Thinking I will have to have some place to go.

Sue :hug: to you. I hope that your pain injection will help, although I hope that your doctor is able to come up with a permanent solution for you. Did you get to babysit Mason yet this week? Nothing like a nice cuddly baby to make your day. :hug: to your mom as well.

Katy - You did really well on your ironman. Even if you don't get it finished, you could still try and finish it by the end of the sumbeenmer. When are your kids out
of school?

Well, Cody had to have his wisedom teeth surgically removed this morning. It is still darn flippin cold here, today should be our last snow day of the season. (Better be or I am moving). Also I called my Dr to make an appointment, and I was informed that because I have not been to the Dr. in 5 years, I am considered a new patient, and she is not accepting new patients. I said so you mean to tell me that the rest of my family can see her, but I can't? It is not my fault that I have not needed to see her. Then I was asked why I had waited so long to book my appointment and I said because I have been trying to lose 30 lbs before I come, and that wasn't working so well, so I would make the appointment for inspiration to lose the weight. She said she would talk to her and call me back. I was pretty darn grouchy about the whole situation. Didn't expect a call back. I got a call back this morning saying that she would still be my Dr. but I am to expect the lecture on how important a yearly checkup is. Well I had better run and go and get Cole from school. I will be back a little later.

05-21-2009, 10:48 PM
Kathy--I got the same things from my old I just go to the walk in clinic my insurance covers...I seem to need my chiro and an occasional massage more...the only time I go to the doctors is when my allergies turn to sinus infections....then there's the dreaded expensive dental hubby usually acts up on Saturdays if Dominic isn't sleeping good which keeps us's probably that twin thing...actually he can act up on any day ending in y....

Mindee--if you pinch the tops off the marigolds at the end of the season you can save them in a plastic baggie and restart them the next year. Teri keeps asking when Dominic can start getting potty trained...she even bought a potty chair...

Sassy Farmer Yo....the tangerine tomatoes sound will have to let us know...enjoy your Mom!!

Cristina--did a little under 11,000 can probably do that in no time on your treadmill...sorry your leg hurts :(. I will go pick Dominic up after I get groceries tomorrow. Have a bunch of little things to get done first.

SusyQ--when Teri was looking the time before this one we saw a few like that...the crooked one that smelled funny wanted a 300 non refundable pet deposit in addition to the rent and the security deposit...the guy was really picky too. No he's staying here this summer...he got offered the job back...just didn't want to go so far away...he said we should move there so he can go back--hubby says the damp wet weather would kill him....good vibes to you about the swim coach....hugs for the anniversary of you Dad's death--it's the anniversary of one of my coworkers I grew up with Dad--she's been a wreck--she ended up not coming in this week--she works parttime

Francie--sorry your day is bad---hugs to you...did you ever find out how much time is left for the Navy???

Katy--hope your day is going well...will have to check it out over on facebook...

Sue--how are you and your mom doing today??

well I am to bed for me and my Advil PM....

05-22-2009, 01:34 AM
I am stopping back in before heading off to the shower, and then to bed.......

I had my permit when I was 18, and just graduated from high I already know the basics, I just didn't do enough practice driving at that point in time!

well, I am off to the shower and then to bed...too much going on right now that my head is just spinning!

05-22-2009, 09:53 AM
Quick hi--lots to get done this morning...gotta get moving...

(Mindee--wtg on going for the DL--Ry--wants to get Friday I am taking him for the permit test---he's had it before...just never carried it through to the actual dl---ps--cute pick of Marissa)

05-22-2009, 01:32 PM
Good morning...had to check an dmake sure it still was, lol!

JULES...I didn't realize Ry didn't have his license...he sounds just like DD. She got her permit, ummm, twice though, lol...let it expire and the last time they gave it to her for about 3 years :lol: I can't get her to go get her license, she just thinks there is no point. I will make her eventually though. You know, I am not as fast as some may think on the treadmill or walking...I did at some point use a pedometer but never thought to on the treadmill...I've never done 5 miles on the thing, lol. Really need to get back in the habit of walking...dd and I were just talking and trying to figure out if we want to start getting up at 5 a.m. and do the 3 miles we always did last year...see, I am so lazy this year. But you motivated me to mow! I think I am using my leg as an excuse to not do anything, but it does still hurt. I managed to mow the back yard which took a hour...had to take a break after half of it and the leg was hurting when I went to bed. Anyway...have fun running around today.

KATHY...pretty much thing DS has decided on the Missouri college as his #1 choice...he is working towards his PHD. He had a test of teaching, and he does tutoring (Spanish) on the side, but he wants to be a Professor. You know, I always thought school got out early here as well...but they start the third week of August, or rather the last week of August...they took less days off this year so...thinking it depends on the area as well. The kids where we live are still in school and I don't think they get out until the 28th or 29th, not sure why Chase is out so early now that I think about it. Hope Cody is feeling okay...the Josh & Carrie, had to have their wisdom teeth out a few years ago...they cut all four out at the same time, ouch. So I hope he is feeling okay today, know how it hurts! :hug: Glad the doc took you back that would be a pain to find a new doc. should have argued a little with them...I thought if there was a sign that said a certain price and it was different at check-out they are supposed to honor the lower price. Glad you had a nice time shopping for the flowers with your mom. And add another for never hearing of tangerine tomatoes. I never gave any thought to you not needing sunscreen 'cause you work nights, lol. Try not to think about going back to work and enjoy your weekend!

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Nothing going on with me today. Had a couple of errands to run this morning and that is about it for the day. Going to mow the front later when the sun is not so bright and hot. I know it will be warmer later but the sun won't be beating down in the front as bad. Loving this nice weather for sure. Going to try and get a short, slow walk on the treadmill a little later and probably spend most of the day on the computer.

Happy Friday all!

05-22-2009, 02:31 PM
Good Morning -

It is a quckie because I still have to make some phone calls before work. *sigh. And I am upset w/ G's dad and want to strangle him.....and I am not even pmsing so that is scary. lol

And I googled myself :o and saw that I have 3 unclaimed properties w/ the state 1. is a $50 federal access rebate and 2 & 3 are mutual funds....we had them in the bank when the girls were young, bank must have lost them somehow and they ended up in salem. So, I downloaded the form and will send off and see what is going on.

Kathy - I am NOT getting in the pool. Pool Man will have to suffer his loss because I am soooo not getting in the pool. Did I say I am not getting in the pool?? I am not. He will only see me naked in the dark under covers. Not that he wants to but if he did turn the dam* lights out. lol I have saggy skin. I was going to write to Oprah and ask for plastic surgery funds and a co workers snickered "Oprah did a show on how she hates to get request for money".....whatEVER.

Sorry................I HAVE to go. *waaaaa. I will have to catch up tomorrow.

:wave: to Cristina, Jules, Mindee, Sassy, Katy, Sue, and Francie!

05-22-2009, 03:02 PM
Good afternoon..I am sitting here listening to the lovely sounds of my fountain. We finally found and bought one. DH wanted to put it near the bedroom window so I could sleep with the sound of water. He is good to me...even though, as a man, he is an arse at times. LOL..Jules, I loved that word and borrowed it from you. :)

Of course, now I am planning the landscaping around the fountain and awaiting the 50 bulbs I ordered. More work for me.

We went for breakfast on our way to buy the fountain, so I am not eating lunch. I actually think we will go to the casino tonight, so I might not even have to cook today.

Otherwise it is a quiet day here...I don't even have laundry to do. The clothes must not have mated in the basket.....ew...sorry.

Mom and I are both doing well today. Yesterday was a bad day for me and I didn't do much. Just groceries.

I am going to go sit on the back porch and read while enjoying the sound of trickling water. I will take pictures when I get the planting done.

Indies later...hi to you all.

05-22-2009, 03:51 PM
Hi all.

Well AF is back in full force......again. ARG. I wish she'd just go away! :p Well in a few hours my dh and I will be meeting my mom's bf. She's been dating him off and on a little while, not too long, he lives not too far from us. He wants my mom to move up here, just like my husband and I do. We've been trying to convince her for years, guess it takes amore' to do it! lol. So DH has been looking into positions at Childrens Hospital for my mom and there are loads. (She is a CNA)

We told her she could stay with us a few months to get on her feet and save some money, then she could get herself a nice little apartment or maybe even rent a house, like we do. Also she could save some $$ for a down payment for a new car that she desperately needs. So who knows, maybe by next summer she'll be living up here. I dunno. I'm not holding my breath though! lol.

Anyways, I need to color my hair, but I'm debating whether I should or not........guess I should and get it over with. I still have tonight and tomorrow night off until going back to work on Sunday night, so that is time to possibly wash it all out if it doesn't look right. Its a light auburn color I think. Its reddish at least. lol.

Well thanks for wishing this vampire :dracula: well. But its not just because I work nights that I burn, its genetics. My grandmother was the same way, so its not just that I hardly ever see the sun. :sunny: lol. Its just how I am. Makes me sick my DH can go out and get a sunburn then be nice and dark and tan the next day, me nope, just red, then icky peeling and thats it folks! lol.

Well later ya'all gotta get ready, cook out this evening!


05-22-2009, 04:42 PM

Back again for a few minutes...have had the computer on since I got on this morning but I have not been on it. It clouded up so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to mow the front, and did. Only takes 30 minutes I plan the 20 mn walk a little later, after I go to Goodreads...haven't been there for a while and have some books to add. Anywho...

SUSAN...I will have to google myself, lol. Charlotte did that a while back and found some money owed to Josh from the IRS...when we moved he never changed his address...of course he was over in HI and then Iraq so...try not to get too mad or stressed over G's dad...breathe...'ll have to show a pic of your new fountain, sounds nice. Glad you and your mother are fine. Enjoy your time outdoors, if the weather is like ours, it IS a beautiful day to be out!

SASSY...hope you like your moms boyfriend and hoping your mom moves to be close to you all.

Okay, I am off to GR and then get some reading done, and most likely a couple loads of laundry. Had to change clothes when I mowed to cover up...can't have an uneven tan :lol: Plus the bugs are terrible...thinking it is the wetness and the humidity :dunno: but I had a couple fly up my nose, yuck! Had to go get some off and spray myself...anyway. Then DS got up and took a shower too, so more clothes-gives me something to do. Okay, outta here...have a good one!

05-23-2009, 09:06 AM
Good morning...

Up bright and early :sunny: Decided to get on track and quit being an arse sore leg or not so...was up and out at 6 am for a walk. I usually am up at 6 anyway and don't get Cambrie until 7:05 so I CAN get in a mile and a half walk before getting her. Thinking I may do what my neighbor, Izzy does...he walks three times a day, he's always walking and tanning. Anyway...going to do a bunch of 10 minute walks on the treadmill thru out the day and gets lots of reading done!

I am so mad at myself too...I have allowed myself to gain some weight back and I can't believe it or understand why. doesn't take much to put it back on though, does it? Well, I put the brakes on this morning because I refuse to gain anymore back. I weighed in at a whopping 191.6 and as I said, am disgusted with myself for allowing this. Oh well...what's done is done but now it's time to change it. I had my little, rather BIG binge and it's over.

Have a good day!

05-23-2009, 10:36 AM
Good morning all!

Trying to get myself motivated to go work out, but I am just not feeling it today. I still have the rest of the compost to spread and gardening to do...maybe I can get away with that for today? Maybe? ugh.

Cristina - I feel your's been an off week for me also...we'll get back on track! We've done it before and we will do it again! Good for you for getting your walk in.

Jules - I see you found me on FB..I forget sometimes that I use my initials over there...probably makes it hard for people to remember that its me sometimes.

I know this is lame, but I am going to get moving, so HI to everyone I missed...hope your long weekend is off to a good start. We are planning on working in the yard today, zoo trip tomorrow and play it by ear for Monday. So, not much going on here this weekend, but the weather should be lovely and what ever we do will be fun :)


05-23-2009, 11:49 AM
Not much going on this week-end here. I got up bright and early to ride my bike. Didn't know there were several garage sales in the neighborhood...not taking my life in my hands to go out on those streets. No way. People are nuts.
So I sat on my porch, drank coffee and watched the crazies. Some people actually almost run to the sales. Afraid they will miss something I guess. And then some let their kids go through everyone's yards. Hey...I am not in this sale, keep off my hostas. Grrr. rant for today. haha

I did dig some fern and plant behind my fountain so it can hide the power cord. Not sure if I like it...but it will do until something else comes up. I have to go buy a few plants before DH gets mulch for the fountain area.

We went to the casino last night. Mom and DH won, I surprise. DH ate seafood but mom and i just had a grilled burger. Like Cristina I am going to try to get a handle on this weight starting again today. I had cereal and banana for breakfast and bought watermelon for lunch. We have to quit eating out so much.

I will pop back in later to chat you all up...

05-23-2009, 01:41 PM
I tried to upload a picture of my ferns and it said it was not a valid photo file. Now here are 2 others taken with the same camera, they worked.
One is my fountain just as we sat it and planted a fern behind. It will be planted around soon.
The other is the Siberian irises I found blooming when I went to the mailbox. This area was just planted last Fall, so should be filled out great next year.


05-23-2009, 04:02 PM
Good Morning

Cristina - Get back on track missy!! You'll be fine. What can I do to help?? I'll exercise w/ you?

Hi to Katy & Sue!

See, how lazy I am?? lol

Gab and I are staying in town. Went and pd my rent/ deposits and stopped at some sales. Saw a push mower for $10, might go back and get that.
Saw a adventure club lady at the store, she also works there and I knew her when the R's were babies. So, I have known her a long time, she also does some hours at the adventure club and since they take the kids to the pool once a month I asked her if she knew if the Pool Man was married and she said she didn't think so....that he is always by himself when he shops at the store.....and she has never seen him with anyone, that he is always alone.

* we are going to open swim today. lol I know. What a flake I am.

w/i at 143! Surprised because I ate my salad plus some rice and salmon for dinner and funyons......

anyway. we have sooooo much to do and here I sit.

chat more later!

05-23-2009, 04:03 PM
Sue- beautiful plants! Just was able to see them:)

05-23-2009, 04:18 PM
Just stopping by to say Hi!!

We're watching True Blood..and omfg!! I love this show, and we're only on the 2nd epsiode, lol. I love VAMPIRES!!!!!! Plus..the books are good too. Sassy, I recommend this show to you. But you gotta read the books first!!!!

05-23-2009, 05:25 PM
Hi - I'm back!

The compost is done! I'll have to upload some pics. I am "babysitting " some dahlias for the school garden until it can be redesigned, so I planted those today as well as getting the rest of my seeds planted. I still need to plant some zucchini, but then that should be the last of the planting for a few weeks. Then I figure we'll need a new round of lettuces.

Sue - your plants look great...I like what you did around your new fountain. Ferns are sure easy to maintain and look pretty, too.

Susan- go get him ;) I sat next to the most gorgeous man at the knitting guild (of all places) last Thursday. He was knitting lace and talked alot about his mother, but I shouldn't jump to conclusions, right? ;) Oh yeah, that and I'm much for true love :P

Francie - I've heard True Blood is really good. I like the actress, Anna Paquin. She won an Oscar for the Piano which was a great movie. Have fun!

Hi to everyone else! OK, my tea is gone and I really smell so I need to get cleaned up and get to Costco. No rest for the wicked :)

05-23-2009, 06:34 PM
Katy--Hubby tilled up the I have to get the plants in the ground..have fun at Costco---maybe the knitting guy can be your knitting buddy...

Francie--never heard of the True Blood series....

SuzyQ--I want to strangle the hubby but I have to wait until Dominic is back at his mom's.....maybe I won't be as mad at him then....Good luck with the pool guy....

Sue--I am having a lazy day...Teri called and woke me up say she was going to take a nap...I was like thanks....I was already napping...luckily hubby and baby slept through it..the flowers are so pretty--I took some pics,,just have to download them...

Cristina--I agree--how it can take so long to come off but sneak up and pow there it is...

Sassy--I liked the dark auburn with the way you do you eyes to make them pop!!

Kathy--hubby was growly today as predicted...hopefully he will get over it quick

Mindee--hope all is well with you

Ended up doing a little over 14,000 steps I forgot to put it on...I'll be lucky if I make to 5,000---just feeling really lazy today and enjoying for breakfast and had fresh sweet corn, tomatoes and green beans for lunch....not being real good at getting me water in a little bit of a nagging I am not talking about hubby....

05-23-2009, 07:33 PM
Katy - You're going to upload pictures of compost? Isn't that poop? :dizzy: This knitting man was all by himself with a group of ladies??

Oh, wait I have a Pool Man thought......

what if he is *happy*???? He's not married but he could be *happy*??? Ugh. Maybe he was looking all the time at M?? Who btw refuses to go to swim lessons because he is disgusted w/ my *behavior*.....whatever, it's not like I was actually drooling.
I don't think so though..... because IF he is single there WAS a lady in his google search, so he must be divorced.
Not that I have a chance. It is like he is always in the f-ing water. I need plastic surgery before I can get in the pool w./ him....:stress::stress:

Jules - 14,000 steps is still a lot of steps! I still want to strangle M.

I feel lazy too. I am not even packing, I did pull everything out of my closet and I made a salad. Gab and I went to the video store and I picked up "Rachel getting married"...need to run to the store and get some things and HOPE after that to go to the evening swim session. PM probably won't be there by that time but I can stare at his office door through the glass window. :o

*sigh..................I am SOOOOOOOO bored. It's summer and I really want a guy friend to do things with, nothing serious........ by Fall he can take a hike if he wanted.

anyway, I am wearing this head band and it is squeezing my brain matter.....:dizzy:

k- whatever.....

05-23-2009, 08:26 PM
Susan- he was sitting by me the whole night..mine, all mine! I think we are destined to be just knitting, we're googling PM are we? hmmm.. I want to see Rachel Getting Married..hear it's pretty good. As I was telling Leigh ad nauseum, the compost USED to be poop, now it is soil. Yes, it is ok to touch :) It does wonderful things to my garden.

Jules - hang in the time Dominic leaves you most likely won't want to bash his head in. 14000 steps is awesome...I never get that close when I put on the pedo. I did a walk/run this morning and finished up the compost for a few hours so I feel like I burned enough cals for today.

Need to start dinner - Ciao for now!

05-23-2009, 09:32 PM
Sue~Great pics!!! I love irises!!! My fave!!

Katy~I love Anna Paquin too!!! She was in one of my fave movies, Fly Away Home. The Piano is a good movie too. She was very good in it!! And True Blood..omfg, its sooooo good!!! We only made it to the 2nd episode though, cuz Fonzo had to take a nap because he's on watch tonight. Ugh. But we'll finish more tomorrow!!

Jules~True Blood come on HBO. But the books are the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris.

Susan~What kind of things ;) LoL!!! :p Is he latin?? Hahaha!!! mind is in the gutter, lol.

05-24-2009, 07:05 AM

Well my mom went home yesterday. We met her BF. I dunno. Something about him that I just do not trust. #1 sign I know will sound totally insane, but our cat absolutely did not like him at all, when he first saw him, he looked like he was looking at Satan himself and turned and hid most of the time he was here. He finally did come out later, but our cat is VERY social and NEVER ever does that! EVER! He is the type that is always in people's faces like "Pet me now!" So that was a BIG sign there. Also he just seemed very fake to me. But like DH said, "we don't have to like him, only she does" So now I understand what my parents and relatives felt like when meeting some of my boyfriends when I was a teenager and they had to "be nice" for my benefit. lol.

I also colored my hair. DH and I both think it looks good. We'll see what they say at work. I think I am not gonna tell them that I did it myself, just to see if they buy it. :p I think they will cuz it looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself! It is Light Reddesh Brown. ;) But now I can do it on my own since its no longer highlighted. Its gonna be A LOT easier and A LOT cheaper for me to maintain! :D

Sue -- Love the pictures! I need to go out and take some pics of my flowers and stuff!

Jules -- thanks so much for the compliment! :) 14,000 steps is awesome!!! ;)

Susan -- You are hilarious. You sound so much like my mom. She just wanted a guy to go out and do things with and I guess that is what she has. He was gonna take her out to dinner yesterday, so guess that is good. Hope you find a good guy friend to take you out and have fun with. :)

Katy -- I have seeds to plant too. Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and peppers. The landlord came over yesterday and mowed and weed wacked all the old weed ridden flower beds so maybe now I can plant something there. lol.

Hola Francie, Cristina, and anybody else out there I may have accidentally missed!!! :o

Big :hug:

05-24-2009, 10:01 AM
'Morning all...

Was up for my morning walk...screw two walks a the end of the day I just want to relax, lol. Actually, I say this because evening walks won't work unless I do it where ever the kids' games are. Next week Chase has 3 and Cambrie's has her first one. So going to concentrate on the morning walk and a dvd or two on some days and/or a dvd and a walk on the treadmill plus weights. Sounds good to me :D Did good yesterday with the food and exercise...still can't do a dvd because of this darn bruise...gonna take forever to heal I swear. But I can walk, slowly, but I can so that's all that matters. the fountain and the iris' pretty. Can't wait to see what you do with the fountain area...I know it is going to look good!

SUSAN...thank you for the card! :hug: That was sweet. And I too say, go for the PM! And you do have a chance, well, unless of course he is *happy*. I am going to have to see what this "Rachel Getting Married" is about...I have never heard of it.

KATY...I am going to call you Ms Compost or the Compost Queen! Always love your garden(s) flower and veggies...I would love to have one but I am just to lazy...too much work for me, lol.

FRANCIE...I've not ever heard of True Blood either, of course now seeing, I don't have HBO. your avatar with the little guy, he's too cute! WTG on the 14,000 steps, geez are a walking machine! :carrot: And now you will get a workout gardening...ygg! know, I have to say it doesn't sound insane. I think they are like people and sense things about people...their aura. You'll have to share of pic of your new color, and yes your flowers.

Hello to everyone else :wave:

Nothing going on today. Was sleeping so good this morning and there was a tap on the door, lol. DD to wake me for the walk. Didn't set the alarm because I had been waking up early, and the hubby had to go in to work so I thought him moving around would wake me...I was out. Anyway, will walk some on the treadmill later and get some more reading done. Also, need to get some laundry done. Other than that nothing special going on. Need to go get some breakfast...have a good one! :wave:

05-24-2009, 12:13 PM
Good Sunday Morning!! It was suppossed to rain today but the sun is out instead...HOOORAY!

I should have had the pedometer on already, washing clothes and hanging them out on the clotehsline, chasing Dominic, getting ready to go down to the garden which is a walk in's down by hubby's garage--we were smart enough to put in a water spigot or it would be carrying water back and forth...Going to the carnival helped with the 14,000 steps..eating peanut oil with vinegar and salt fries probably used every step I walked...

Cristina--hope the bruise gets better quick...I slept until almost 9 was such a lazy day...felt good

Sassy--always trust a usually socal animal...time will tell..the only boyfriend/girlfriend of the kids I didn't like from the start was Dave, I really tried for Teri but he was so fake the first time I met him, his stories just didn't add up, I am thankful to him for Dominic though. Love that boy!!

Francie--we don't get HBO. I have always had a thing for vampires myself...

Katy--I know, he just irritates me more now than he used to when he tries to be all controlling and bossy, must be premenopause...or we are just becoming two crotchedy (sp?) old people or I just can't take it and be quiet like I used too.... .

SuzyQ--I got over it yesterday, but he pissed me off this morning already and I want to hit him on the head today...

Ry's new girlfriend is really cute and nice...he says he feels like a child molester since she's just turning 20 and he's the ripe old age of 24...he cracks me up....he got some flu bug and she took good care of him...they are going down to Harpers Ferry today to hit a few flea markets and go walking...invited us but of couse hubby just wants to stay home...they might stop out later..he wants us to meet her. Teri says she's good for him. Of course Teri posted pics of the two of them on her myspace in the CHili Cook off file and now his ex is calling again...she doesn't want Ryan but she doesn't like him to be with anyone else even when she is living with the newest boyfriend...she sent Ry some really weird texts yesterday....he finally told her that he would like to be friends since they have been a big part of each others lives but they both have someone else and he wants to give this relationship with the new girl a chance to work.....

well, there's another load ready to be hung on the line(no not hubby) his clothes...another to be put in the washer and I am caught up for a few days....

05-24-2009, 02:17 PM

i only have 4 minutes on this pre paid f-ing computer! I wrote to a man, so priorites were met! lol

PM was there (and yes I Googled him Katy, was I only saying that in private messages?? ) at the pool and talked the whole time to the swim coach. Two guys chatting, male bonding crap. Whatever. He walked reallll close to where I was sitting. What a tease. I don't care, cause I have other guys to pick from, summer is just getting started!

oops 1 minute.

wi was 142! yay....

I guess I will have to go get my wallet and pay some more $$$

05-24-2009, 02:22 PM
Sassy~Your dh is right. You dont have to like him, but your mom does. However..if your cat doesnt like him, then maybe something is wrong with the guy. Maybe he smelled like dogs. When I'm around dogs, my cats avoid me. You colored your hair!!! Now you have to take a pic and show us!!!

Cristina~You should relax at the end of the day!!! Spend time with your family. What are you reading??

Jules~Sounds like the ex is a little crazy. She doesnt want him, but doesnt want him to be with anyone else. Ya okay. Good luck with that chickie. I've known many girls like that. A couple of Fonzo's ex girlfriends were like that, after they found out we were married.

Cristina & Jules~Here's the trailer for the show. The first season is out on dvd now. When Fonzo wakes up, we're gonna watch the rest of the season.

05-24-2009, 02:40 PM
Good morning again,

I shouldn't say f-ing, especially on Sunday. It is just really lame to pay for computer time.

katy - You won't share the knitting buddy? Will you share your husband? lol I have seen him (at the pool, all great men are at the pool *sigh) you 2 make a nice looking couple. I am not sure about all that compost stuff, I guess it turns itself back into soil, just sounds really unsanitary. lol

sassy - Thought at first you wrote that your CAR didn't like him. It's like.............ooooooo.k.....people back east are alittle different. lol i did my hair too, Hot Coco. it looks the same as the Pecan shade though.

Cristina - you're welcome! sorry it was sooo late. 2 miles sounds good to me. I clocked the distance last night from the hospital to the new place and it was 2.1 miles. Not that that means anything :dizzy:

jules - Rach is *dating a 30 year old. he says he won't take her out til she turns 18 in Aug but they see each other at school. *eyes roll*...what does a 30 year old have in common w/ an 18 year old? I love the smell of line dried clothes! :)

Francie - No, he is Irish with that icky strawberry blonde color and last night I noticed he needed a hair cut. Seems slicker in the water, last night he was dry and puffy. See, I haven't even dated him and already I am tired of him. lol

anyway, I finally picked up a disposal camera so I will go get some snap shots. gab and I went there last night but it was starting to get dark. I could see the Lewis * Clark bridge from the front porch, it is just a little bridge across the bay but it was lit up. Took gab to my work and introduced her to some lady friends and we went to safeway and had some chinese food. So, we had a nice *date*.....
Weigh in was the 142, I was surprised but remembered I didn't even have breakfast yesterday morning and I have been running around trying to get things done. Had I looked up my refund and it says it is getting mailed out on the 29th! So, maybe I can buy new curtains. lol And I want a new couch....and a table and chairs for the front porch so I can sit out there.

k- yada, yada...better get.

05-24-2009, 02:56 PM
Back again...

Was feeling sleepy so went to lay down and it never fails...someone always has to call. So now I am wide awake...oh well, I needed to not sleep and get things done.

FRANCIE...that looks like a decent show, maybe I will get it on DVD. I do plan on relaxing and enjoying family today...hard when no one is here right now though, lol. Called Josh back and asked them if they wanted to come over for dinner, and everyone will be home later so...we will sit down and enjoy our pizza and each others company. I am reading...There's a Slight Chance I Might Be Going to Hel( (not sure if we can spell that or not)...something different and wacky.

SUSAN...oh no, don't run out of time.....good job on the 142! :woohoo: Got your new address! Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

JULES...funny, I guess some people are that way. I think too it's always hard seeing an ex with someone else. Glad Ry likes the girl and I hope everything works out for them! Child molester...funny guy, it's only 4 years! get going and get something done...5 pm will come fast. At least it is nice outside and the kids can play outside, maybe go outside myself.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

05-24-2009, 03:01 PM snuck in there. Not sure what an 18 & 30 year old have in common but I was 19 when I met the first hubby...he was 30. Maybe Rach is just mature for her age, I was. Or maybe the guys my age were just too immature for me. Opposites do attract so who knows. They see something in each other that others don't see in with any couple I suppose. Hopefully you get your refund soon after it's mailed :crossed:

Have a great weekend lady!

05-24-2009, 03:01 PM
Susan~Why is she "dating" a 30 year old?? Thats creepy. Where did she meet him?? My mom would've smacked me if I brought someone old enough she could date home, lol. She could be very mature for her age. But I dunno. I always felt mature for my age..but I've never dated someone that much older than me. Unless you count dating a senior when I was a freshman..?

Cristina~Ya..its a good show. You should read the books though. Charline Harris..the Sookie Stackhouse books!!! Although..with the show..theres A LOT of sex!! Like omg!! This one dude is naked a lot, and they never show "it" LoL!! In the books..its not THAT sexual. But its ya.. boobies are sore. LoL!!! AF is gonna show up tomorrow. Okay...gonna go back to watching The 100 Greatest 80 Songs on VH1. I missed the first part..but oh well. I wish they would show I Love The 80s.

05-25-2009, 01:51 AM

Well I am just gonna answer everybody at once since I think most of you commented on my mom's bf and my new hair color. lol. Her BF is nice enough, I guess, he just seems fake to me. Like he was putting on an act. But he treats my mom good, she said he took her out to dinner, to the aquarium, then she stayed the night, he took her out to breakfast and shopping. So thats good. And to answer Francie about the dogs, no that is not it because my coworker has been over and she has dogs, he will still go up to her. He might hiss at her, but he still will go up to her. He wouldn't even go up to her BF, he took one look at him and RAN and hid the rest of the night, so NOT like him at all. Anyways. Hair color. I like it. I think it looks natural, which to me is a good thing. So far only one person has commented here at work, we shall see what happens Tuesday morning because its a holiday only one person will be coming in for dayshift in the morning. I say the other dayshift girls will notice it they usually do. I'll have to have DH take a pic of me to share..........

Oh and I came into work lastnight and there was NOBODY or NOTHING here. Everybody's desk was bare except for mine and my coworkers. I am like Okkkkkkkkkk wtf? So first I sign in, then try calling my coworker who works dayshift, figured she would know what was going on since she was supposed to be here. She didn't answer her cell. So I called my boss. Our team moved.......again. Yeah he was like, "oops I forgot to tell you." I was like "UH Yeah I came in and thought, "are they trying to tell me something??? lol" So after that I called my coworker, who I work with all night, to tell her. She already knew. I was thinking "ok why didn't you email or call or text me?" but whatever. lol. So when she came in we moved.....So now we are all upstairs with all guys sitting next too us so we feel like we are "On Display" lol. I even made a sign I WISH I could post that says: "On Display - Girls, yes it is no longer a "sausage fest".......Nights Only.....Limited Time.....Call now and you get the 2nd for 1/2 price!" LMAO I sent it to my friend, who is on the all guys team (he is a guy. lol) and he thought it was hilarious. lol.

Then I put on my Bath and Body Works "Blushing Cherry Blossum" Lotion and it is potent stuff, but it smells really good........yeah and the guys came over like smelling like, "I smell girls........." :p

Too funny.


05-25-2009, 10:47 AM

Walk done outdoors and did a little over a mile on the treadmill too, plus weights. Trying to walk off my frustrations, ugh. Yesterday started out okay and didn't end so tired of all the crap. Won't be a family dinner for a while that is for sure...unless Josh will come over alone, lol. Anyway... least the bf is good to your mom, I think that is all that matters. That's crazy about being moved and no one telling you, especially the co-worker.

FRANCIE...not sure I would want to read the books, not really into the vampire thing. I know my SIL told me I would love the Twilight books but I don't think I would ever read them or watch the movie. But seeing the clip of True Blood that actually looked helped that the creators of Six Feet Under produced or created the show...can't remember now. But I LOVED Six Feet Under! I hated that it ended. And now that I know there is lots of sex, well, I am in :lol:

Okay, so HI to everyone else :wave:

I will most likely be back later to chat plans for the day. Hubby has to work but it's not like we BBQ or anything anyway. I have laundry to fold and put it done yesterday but never got to the folding part. And I am going to try to finish my book...we'll see.

Later :wave:

05-25-2009, 11:05 AM

Walk done outdoors and did a little over a mile on the treadmill too, plus weights. Trying to walk off my frustrations, ugh. Yesterday started out okay and didn't end so tired of all the crap. Won't be a family dinner for a while that is for sure...unless Josh will come over alone, lol. Anyway... least the bf is good to your mom, I think that is all that matters. That's crazy about being moved and no one telling you, especially the co-worker.

FRANCIE...not sure I would want to read the books, not really into the vampire thing. I know my SIL told me I would love the Twilight books but I don't think I would ever read them or watch the movie. But seeing the clip of True Blood that actually looked helped that the creators of Six Feet Under produced or created the show...can't remember now. But I LOVED Six Feet Under! I hated that it ended. And now that I know there is lots of sex, well, I am in :lol:

Okay, so HI to everyone else :wave:

I will most likely be back later to chat plans for the day. Hubby has to work but it's not like we BBQ or anything anyway. I have laundry to fold and put it done yesterday but never got to the folding part. And I am going to try to finish my book...we'll see.

Later :wave:

Hi Cristina :wave:

I hope your walk helped your frustrations. :hug: I'm not going to be doing nothing either, just working tonight. Worked lastnight, it was slow.....but made good money after midnight. :D Yeah I agree, the main thing is he treats my mom well. ;) I thought it was kinda crappy too that my coworker knew and didn't even bother to text or email me or nothing. Just goes to show how bad our "relationship" has gone. :shrug: Oh well, it happens. lol. I just try to get along now basically for work sake......;)

Well I hope you have a great day!

Oh and BTW to those who asked, I am uploading pictures to my myspace as I type this, pics of my flowers and my hair...........;) (No NOT flowers IN my hair, flowers and my hair).......:rofl:


05-25-2009, 11:11 AM
Good morning!

Cristina - I saw that Slight Chance.... book on your goodreads and I am checking it out from the library. Looks like what I am in the mood for now...I've been reading stuff that's way to heavy, need something lighter. Sorry about the drama. Hopefully it will blow over soon. We are also laying pretty low today. Plan on cleaning up the house a bit, then MIL is coming over for dinner.

Sassy- glad you made you move alright...gee, pays to be flexible, huh? Your hair sounds lovely. Who knows, maybe the boyfriend will grow on you over time.

Francie - I want to see I love the 80s, too! Because I really do love the 80s...graduated HS in 83'. DH would rather forget the 80s, but not me, lol! Do you think VH-1's website has a clue? You can see all sorts of Charm School episodes, but not I love the 80's ...phooey!

HI to everyone else! Taking a break from the gardening today...need to clean house and get some exercise. Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

05-25-2009, 01:24 PM
long time no talk from me......

we have been very busy this past weekend! Friday we hung out at home, had some friends over, and watched the Wings game. Saturday we went up north to my parents house and hung out for a while. Sunday we went to Walmart, then came home and watched the Wings kick some butt! Then we put the kids to bed and got drunk.....well I did anyways. Today we are hanging out and having fun! Tommy is making pancakes right now.......then we have to do some cleaning.....mainly our closet! Since I got some more clothes from my mom a couple of days ago

05-25-2009, 02:23 PM
Happy Memorial Day!! went to tractor supply for bird seed, a new hise and hubby got some fence posts to finish fenceing in the garden or the deers will be in there. Have Dominic until this afternoon...he loves running around outside.

SuzyQ--Teri has always dated older guys, but wow not yet 18 and 30--I think thats creepy...once both are over 18 it's not as bad... Ry would be calling him Chester(the child Molester) JR turns 30 in August--Teri will be 22 in June--that's the biggest age difference--Dave and Marshall both turn 27 this summer. SHe's always been more mature than the guys her age...

Francie--I am going to have to check out the books...Looks like a good summer read..

Cristina--Ry does have a really good sense of humor--he's fun to hang out with--we both are a little off and we always have a good time. He's really starting to warm up to having a girlfriend and Tonya is a good one. She asked to bring a canvas over and use his paints--he says she paints things all bright and pretty while his are pretty dark and twisty...he's got her watching cheesy horror movies with him... sorry your family dinner didn't work out--walks do help--I think frustrated walks burn more calories:dizzy:

Sassy--that's odd that nobody told you...especially the coworker who is suppossed to be your friend...sounds like the guys have a godd sense of will make the night go faster...I love all the pics of your flowers....

Katy--I graduated in 83 too---remember when MTV just started and they actually ONLY played video or had shows like the Headbangers Ball that interviewed the bands or the news spots they kept us up to date and NO reality crap fillers....I like VH1 Classic--plays the old stuff and no "shows"...

Mindee--hope you don't have a hangover!! Sounds like you had fun...

Kathy--and just where have you been hiding missy......

SUe--hope you are enjoying the weekend!!

well, I need to get off of here and go play with the grandboy some more...

05-25-2009, 03:30 PM
Back again, lol...

Getting ready to go take a sleepy for some reason. Not really getting up any earlier than when I would get Cambrie...but have been lazy the last few days, sleeping in since I didn't have to get her. Guess a hour or two makes a difference. Anywho...

MINDEE...sounds like something I have been wanting to do for a while...seriously thinking about hitting the bottle...will help me get thru some days, lol. Hope you are not feeling so bad today.

KATY...unless J gets a new wife, it's never going to be better, lol. I laugh but it's really not funny. Just too much going on and her thinking she is perfect and a Queen/Princess, and her kids being racist little brats...she honestly thinks the world revolves around her. Oh well, that's life...we can't choose partners for our children unfortunately. About the books...I've been in a reading funk...hoping this gets me out of it. Thinking I need some serious reading after this too. Enjoy your dinner with MIL!

JULES...Ry seems like a really good guy, and I am happy for him. Sounds like she is a sweetie. I love him! I also love cheesy horror movies, lol. Or I should say cheesy movies period. Would love to see some of both their paintings. Enjoy the little one! I remember when MTV was actually music it is all reality tv...except late at night/early morning. Used to watch it all the time.

FRANCIE...I forgot about the 80's you mentioned. I was watching part of it yesterday when I realized that is the part I saw already-twice. DD and I had watched it one day but had to go and missed the last/or the first part depending on how you look at it, lol. I love when the do the 70's, 80's and 90's. I love all those shows!

SASSY...walk did not help my frustrations! I wish it would though. Just too much stuff going on and I am afraid there is no end in sight! Unless of course the DIL gets it thru her head she is not a princess or unless I move to another state...thinking that is my only option! :lol:

HIYA SUE, SUSAN, KATHY and anyone I missed!

Okay, I am going to go take a nap, finish my book-hopefully, fold those clothes and who knows what else. Went out with the hubby for a while earlier...trying to fix two sprinklers that are not working so great. Had to replace one and may have to replace the other...just not going around like it should.

05-25-2009, 04:34 PM
Running out of time, I did get some pix up at Myspace.
Going swimming and still packing. so that is all here.
Oh, thanks Jules for the comments!

05-25-2009, 04:35 PM
Cristina~Omg..I just love Twilight (clearly, lol). I wasn't sure about them at first either, and I like vampires. But it just sucked me in. Same with the Sookie Stackhouse books. Omg, those are so good. I'm reading so many vampire books, I'm getting them all mixed up, lol. We finished the show early this morning (like 3am, lol). I wish we didnt watch them so fast. I wanna see more!!! Fonzo said we'll get HBO, lol. He's hooked too, lol.

Sassy~How messed up that your co-workers didn't tell you anything!!! What kind of crap is that!?!? How rude!!!

Katy~I Love the 80s isnt on today :( I checked. They're just showing the hottest hotties of the 90s. But on Vh1 Classic, they're showing 80s music videos!! LoL!! Some of the videos are soooo weird!! Haha!!!

Mindee~I always see your status on myspace about the Wings..and I gotta ask..who are they? LOL!!! Is that a hockey team??

Jules~They are very good books. And theres 8 books out right now (I think..). So you can just speed on through them.

Cristina again~I love all the shows too. Me & Fonzo really enjoyed the 90s one. We're 90s kids!!! But we're born in the seeing the years we were born in are fun to watch too. The Breakfast Club & The Goonies came out in 85!! Go me!! LoL!! Those are some of my fave movies, lol.

Okay..gonna go clean..ugh. I hate cleaning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05-25-2009, 06:24 PM
Taking a break from cleaning. I feel so gross and sticky. I'm gonna totally need a shower after cleaning, lol. I feel so lightheaded cuz I havent eaten yet. I think I might just eat a cube of cheese and get some juice. I dont wanna redirty the dishes Fonzo has already washed.

It's raining right now. Ugh..I HATE RAIN!!!

Okay..back to cleaning. I just have to do the other side of the living room, and I'm done.

05-25-2009, 09:17 PM
Hola Chicas. :wave:

Man oh man I just don't feel well tonight. :barf: I thought eating dinner would make me feel better, but it didn't. :( Oh well..............At least I'm making good money -- until Midnight at least! lol.

Katie -- Yeah I have moved 5 times in the 3 1/2 years I've been here! Its like Make up your mind already! lol.

Jules -- Thank You for your lovely compliment on myspace. ;) Yeah I have no clue what runs through her mind, I probably don't wanna know! lol.

Cristina -- Sorry about the DIL thinking she is a "Princess" lol. Doesn't she know that your the "Queen" :queen: and that out ranks her? lol. Big :hug:

Hi Susan.........Bye Susan :wave: lol.

Francie -- I have no clue anymore. :shrug: I only keep the "waters calm" for works sake. Hey once your done at your place, you mind stopping by mine too? It could use a good cleaning. :lol3:

Well I hope you all are doing well this fine Memorial Day. I would just like to go back home and go to bed..........:yawn: lol.


05-26-2009, 12:33 AM
well, I just couldn't skip to bed without stopping back in here! I am seriously thinking about doing the South Beach Diet again.....and to really stick with it this time. I know I felt so much better when I had done the jump start (more or less) program. And now, I have my bike back home, just need to get some air in the tires and I will be good to go. I have done so much walking this past weekend, that I have the walking bug and want to keep doing it. But tonight my body is telling me that I need some sleep to catch up! (and so that I know that I won't over sleep tomorrow morning!!)

I actually took some tylenol last night when I started drinking so that I wouldn't have a hangover today. It worked for a little bit....then I started to get a headache, but then the headache went away when I took a shower.

Cristina~ I am really good for getting a six pack and then only drinking one. Sunday night, I drank three of them, and then I got cut off. So, I still have three sitting in the fridge. Tommy laughs at me because I don't like beer, but I will drink flavored beer. So, he picks on me for that.......but then I always make him brush his teeth if he goes out to the bar, before I will kiss him. But since he was drinking beer too, it didn't matter! LOL

SuzieQ~ I will have to go and check out your pictures!

Francie~ LOL......Yup, the Wings (Detroit Red Wings) are a hockey team. Right now, they are in need of one more win to take this series and then they will go on to the Stanley Cup Finals.

well, I am off to finish my Fuze and then off to bed......

05-26-2009, 01:12 AM
Ughh....I feel like total crap. AF showed her ugly face earlier today. And now my back hurts. You know..I was a week late, and I was actually hoping that this was it!!! Thats what I get for thinking hopeful thoughts and getting myself all excited. :cry But whatever. I should've known better.

Okay gonna go spread the joy..LOL!!!

05-26-2009, 11:28 AM
Today is not going so well for me....

huge fight with hubby last night, residual bad feelings this morning, ripped my good jeans when they got caught on the gate, had to take the dog back to the vet, she ripped out some of the staples, found out the tumors were cancer though at 10 years old the vet thinks she will probably die of something else before the cancer takes hold--hopefully they got it all...and to top it off...I lost my pedometer.....and it's raining....

I am actually afraid to leave the house at this point.....

good news is I really don't feel like eating....

05-26-2009, 12:12 PM
What a beautiful morning here. The rain made every thing look fresh and new. The smell is fantastic and it is a great day. Too bad I have to go get my injections today...a little shaky about that.

Jules- A big hug to you today. I always figure if that many things happen so quickly the good news HAS to come next. Right? Sorry to hear about the fight with DH...I am no novice in that area. Not fun. That is also too bad about the dog..hope he lives a good long life since they think they got it all. And the jeans..what can I say? Hate it when that happens to a good pair. I tore my good khaki slacks on the car door...and got grease on them to boot. Ugh. (caught the pocket on the door catch and heard a ripppp.)

Mindee- I wondered if the Tylenol before drinking would help. Not that I plan to drink too much any time soon. With my meds. I can manage a glass of wine or 1 margarita and then I get scared. Meds. say no alcohol. :( I hope the walking or biking works for you.

Francie- Hugs to you also this morning. So soryy about AF and you feeling bad. I almost forget what those days were like. Hope you get out and feel the sunshine on your face. It might perk you up.

Sassy- At least your week-end of working is over. Extra pay helps! I hope you can get more familiar and even like your mom's bf if she moves up there. You might have to see him more often and it would be nice if you like him.

Cristina- Don't know what drama you had with the Princess, but I am with Sassy...let her know YOU are the Queen. LOL.. I hope if my son gets married I can help pick the bride. haha. Actually, he lives so far away I doubt it will matter. Good luck with the exercise. I rode the bike 2 times last week and walked 2 times. Walked with DH yesterday and hope I feel like it tonight.

Susan- Packing, ugh! One of my least favorite things to do. Hope you enjoyed the swimming trip..and saw PM. My daughter is just the opposite of yours..she is dating a much younger man. So much so that she has not told me his age yet. She just got a divorce, turned 40 and became a grandma, so I think she is having a crisis of sorts. I just tell her "as long as you are happy it's not hurting anyone..." Now I might have felt different if she was 18 and he was older. I am the one who told her after her last divorce that she needed an older man...he is now the one she is divorcing for his drinking habits. So, what do I know??

Katy- SO glad you got the compost pitched. Luckily DH did the mulch here or it would still be in the back of the truck. When I was younger it would not have been a problem..but now, uh uh. I can not believe how much I have enjoyed working in the yard and flowers though. And my birdwatching. Just two things I never realized I would like doing. Live and learn.

Kathy- Yes, where are you? Hope things are fine with you.

Hi to anyone I missed...

I am off to the shower and then to the Dr. DH has to go with me as they said I needed a driver. That in itself scares I don't know if I will feel like getting online later or if I will feel any different at all. One time mom had her injection and felt fine the other time she slept for like 18 hours straight. I have never had steroids injected, so we shall see. (and they said they were injecting something else...a pain killer, so I am unsure about that too) Maybe I will be in LA-LA land. :)

05-26-2009, 12:20 PM
Thanks Sue...I'll be waiting for the good news!! Hugs to you! Hope you do well and it helps your pain.

05-26-2009, 02:17 PM
another quickie!

Hope you all are having a good day. I will have to catch up on reading the post tomorrow! Done w/ a lot of the packing , just have the kitchen now to do.

anyway, too many errands before work, sorry!

05-26-2009, 04:01 PM
Jules~:hug::hug::hug::hug: Sorry sweetie!!! I hope things start looking up for you SOON!!!

Well as for me...AF stopped. I'm very confused. It was very light yesterday, and today, theres nothing. I had the worst cramps and backache last night. And today, I just have hunger pains, lol. I'm just gonna say it'll start back up later today or tomorrow. I'm not gonna think "those" thoughts. Cuz I know its pointless.

05-26-2009, 04:23 PM
Hello all,

JULES...lots of hugs :hug: Hoping your day got better.

SUE...hoping the meds aren't so bad on ya but make you feel lots better! :hug:

MINDEE...I don't know if I could drink's been so long. My drink of choice...when I do have one, is a margarita...and it only takes one to get me tipsy and feeling silly, lol.

SUSAN...try not to wear yourself down lady, lot of work with packing and then having to work too. Love your pics! I am jealous...I want to live there!

FRANCIE...hey, maybe you are preggers :crossed: I did that when I got pregnant with DD so they did an ultrasound to figure out if they should count that month or not.

SASSY...I am no Queen and she is definitely not a princess. You know...I found out that her mother put her in pagents when she was young and her mother still calls her princess and puts her on a pedastal. She craves attention, as well as her kids and when they don't get it they get mad. Oh well, that's life. But I AM the queen of my house so...hope you are feeling better today.

KATHY...come out, come out wheever you are! And you too TAMMY! Hoping all is well with you ladies.

HIYA KATY! Did you say you checked out the book? Have you started it, and what do you think so far?

Hoping I didn't miss anyone.

Nothing going on with up and ready for my morning walk and opened the door to rain, ugh! Didn't even know it was supposed to. So postponed it until after I picked up Cambrie. It was still nice and cool but that is the only exercise I did. Had errands to run and am running out of time! Now I have the little one down for a nap...feeling like I need one too! Still didn't get around to folding the clothes so will have to get that done, along with a couple of loads washed. Then it is off to Chase's game later. It is at 6:30 but I will get there when I get there. Didn't plan on going because I am a little tired from all the running around...they live about 30 mns away but not all the games are home and there are 3 this week and then Cambrie starts Thurs and next week she has 3...they are on different days than Chase's ugh! Going to run myself ragged....not because I am cutting back. No offense but the last 3 games have been sooooooo freaking boring! And the last two they only won and scored so much because they were walked...there were only two hits the last game, ugh! :dizzy: Anyway...better go get something done...6 will be here before you know it.

Good day, all! :hug:

05-26-2009, 08:13 PM
Hi all...The shot hurt like heck, and that was after a numbing agent was used. I just squeezed the nurses hand and it was quick. So far the numbing stuff has not worn off. They said I might feel worse for a couple days before I get relief. Oh goodie! All I have so far is a headache, but I don't know if that is related or not.
I am really thinking this is going to help after talking to the Dr. Go back in 2 weeks for another shot and then we will see how many times I have to go.

Just had soup (Healthy Request) and watermelon for dinner. I am trying to cut out all the junk.

Right now I am going to get comfy for Jeopardy. Talk to you all tomorrow.

05-26-2009, 10:38 PM started up again. I feel crappy. My stomach is killing me from the effin cramps!!! I feel like eating pizza and a bag of salt & vinager chips. But then again, that thought also makes me feel sick, because I'm not hungry, lol.

05-26-2009, 10:52 PM
Howdy all.

Wow sounds like all of us could use a BIG GIANT :hug: I feel better today, but just really really tired.......:yawn:...........tomorrow night will probably be even worse.......UGH I hate my long weeks! lol.

Francie -- :hug: Sorry about AF. I know how it is to get your hopes up only for her to squash your dreams. :hug:

Jules -- BIG :hug: I am sorry that you had such a bad day. I hope that the rest of the week goes better for ya.

Sue -- BIG :hug: sorry the shot was so painful. :hug: I hope you get relief soon! Unfortunately my week is not over yet.......I have tonight and tomorrow night yet. But this will be a good check with the holiday pay + it being my long week, so that is good.

Cristina -- Well that certainly explains why your DIL is the way she is. Wow you wore me out just reading what all you did!

Well on my days (nights) off I have to get the laundry all done. Its been piled up in the bedroom. I did get it all picked up at least. Things just kinda got behind with my mom visiting last week and all.............Then DH has to finish up his office or guitar room or whatever you call it. lol. So we should get done. Not much left to do, just his room. Thats it. Kitchen, Living Room, Our Bedroom (besides all the laundry), and my office are all done. ;)

We also need to clean out our car, inside and out. Its driving me crazy! :crazy: I wish DH would go get his Motorcycle Endorsement so he could ride and I could have the car all to myself. :) lol.

Well that is about all for me.

Take Care All,


05-26-2009, 11:22 PM
Sassy--yes, things will get better...everyday can't be crappy..I found my over 6,00 steps in...

Francie--salt and chocolate call my name when TOM comes to visit....actually salt calls my name constantly...chocolate whispers...silkily...

Sue--glad it wasn't too very bad for you..if it gives you relief it will be worth it

Cristina--Hubby always favored Teri, so Ry called her princess in a mean way--she hated it...sounds like your princess calmed down...

SuzyQ--I am jealous too--that house is way too cute...and the wow...

Kathy--MISS YOU!!! Do we ave to send out a search party????

Katy--hey to you to missy...

Mindee--go....ummm...that hockey team you like so much--stop in and post with us--Teri still doesn't have her WII fir but wants it...

well...I am off to bed...slight headache...

05-27-2009, 12:47 PM
Hello to everyone. :grouphug:

I am here. Have actually managed to read the posts everyday, but have managed to lose both my posts when I made them. I hate laptops.

Jules - :hug: to you. Sorry to hear about the fight with your DH. Seems as we are married to twins, I know that they are not fair fights. Get him to buy you another pair of jeans. I am very happy for Ry that he has found a nice girlfriend. Oh and you look beautiful today. That color looks great on you.

Sassy - :cheer: to your house being almost done. I hear you on needing to clean out the car. I really have to do that. Oh and are the men in your company getting any work done now that you are there smelling all good, distracting them? :lol: I am glad that you have some new people to work with.

Francie - Go ahead and send us your rain. Unfortunately we really need it. Fonzo washes dishes? What a good hubby. Actually, he sounds like he isa great hubby anyway. Have you read any of Ann Rice's vampirebooks?

Sue - :hug: I hope that you don't feel crappy, and that your shot kicks in and you feel absolutely wonderful. I love the pictures of your fountain and flowers. Does your hubby bike ride with you also? That is so nice that he will walk with you. And yes I think that you can pick your DS wife. He's had lots of time, he must need some help. :lol:

Cristina - :hug: I have a future SIL that is driving our family crazy. I am trying to get DD to see what a future with him would be like, but so far I
don't thinkit is working. Did you get the sprinkler fixed? What book are you trying to finish? I just finished a "Who done it" and was surprised at the ending. Glad that baseball season is relatively short.

SusieQ - Wish I was closer, we could have fun packing together. I will need your new address. Rach has a boyfriend! When does she turn 18? Is Gaby looking foreward to summer holidays? When is her last day of school?

Mindee - Are you going to have a Stanley Cup party at your house if the Red Wings make it to the final? Last year the Cup was touring, and it had a stop at Cole's school. It is pretty impressive.

Katy - are you finished planting your garden? I have to try and get onto facebook and myspace today to see if anyone has any new pictures to look at.

Hope I didn't miss anyone. Always feel like I do.

Well the big excitement around here on the weekend was...DD sold a horse to an equestrian centre, but the contract was that they wanted a 90 day trial with him to make sure that he wouldwork out. She started having some problems with them a couple weeks ago. They finally said that they were bringing him back and they wanted their deposit back, except it was past the 90 days. When they brought him back on Sunday, SIL told them no they broke the contract and he was not returning the deposit. They reloaded the horse and took off with him, so we called the police and reported the horse stolen. Took all day toget it resolved,but the police made them return the horse and told them they would have to sue us for the deposit. We will see if we have to go to court.

Must run and get going on some housework

05-27-2009, 01:27 PM
Jules~Mmm, chocolate sounds sooo good right now. I have some dark chocolate chips, but I'm saving it to use in my cheesecake. Mmm cheesecake!!! LoL!!

Kathy~I wish I could send the rain. I think its supposed to rain this weekend too. And I wanted to go to the beach and get a freakin tan!!! Or at least dip my toes in the water. Fonzo is a good hubby. As a boyfriend, he kinda sucked, lol. He's lucky he was so cute, otherwise I would've dumped him a long time ago..haha!! Nah, j/k. when Fonzo came home for lunch..we were talking about San Diego and how much we missed it!!! We were all joking that if we lived there, we'd go to Sea World alllllll the time (because its free for us). So now we're thinking of him joining the Coast Guard. He'd get to pick where he'd wanna be stationed. Keep all our benefits, he'd keep all his sea time, and rank. It would be sooo nice to be back on the west coast too. AND its like a 5 hour drive from Az!!!!!!!! Not bad at all!!! We'll just have to see what happens..

05-27-2009, 03:04 PM
just thought I would pop in here........

Me and Tommy had a HUGE fight last night......and pretty much all **** broke lose. Now, we are getting back on track and dealing with every thing.

The Wings play tonight, and we are hoping that they take the game tonight and then it will be on to play the Penguins in the finals!

Kathy~ I am not sure if we would or not. I am sure that we would have some friends over to watch the games, maybe........The Wings won the cup last year, so which player brought the cup to Cole's school?

I am off to find me some lunch and then I have to do some cleaning around here. Then I will have to start dinner in a little bit.....yummy meatloaf and some kind of mashed potatoes to go along with it.

05-27-2009, 03:53 PM
Mindee - Hope you and Tommy make up soon, Fighting is no fun. Don't know which player brought it, one that is from Fort Saskatchewan, about an hour from here. I will have to ask a guy that hubby works with. He took pictures and has them displayed on his desk at work. Got an autograph with the player also. By the way, where do you get flavored beer? And what flavors does it come in?

05-27-2009, 04:56 PM
Kathy - garden is planted, for now...haven't put up new pictures yet, though I should . It's fun to track the progress over the least for me it is. Hope your DD doesn't get sued for the deposit..what drama!

Mindee- sorry about the fight...hope you two are patching it up. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes sounds yummy. Tonight we are having barbecue pork and salad, maybe quesadillas for the kids. Nuthin' fancy as I am heading out to knit night...

Susan- I saw the house pix on Myspace and the place looks fabulous! It looks like the neighborhood my friend used to live in..kind of by the Astoria column.(Is that what they call it? My friends use to call it something else completely unprintable ;) Great neighborhood and a wonderful view.

Francie - Coast Guard sounds great...especially the part where you get to choose where you go...hope that can happen for you two on down the line. Sorry AF is kicking your butt...:hug:

Cristina - The book is waiting for me at the library and I hope to get it today. I am reading Snow Flower and the Secret Fan for my book club and, while it is very well written, I am not enjoying it at all. Lots of graphic scenes about foot binding - ugh. I am just not in the mood. I may take it back, then try to check it out again later as we get closer to the discussion date. Then I'll read the going to **** book :)

Jules - geez what a glad it got better for you. I hate days like that. Have you taken Dominic to the zoo yet? We had fun on Sunday. We went early and by the time it was hot and crowded, we were done!

Sue - has your shot kicked in yet? Hope you get some relief soon.

Sassy - :hug::hug: right back at ya...your house sounds like so much fun. I've been enjoying the yard here quite a bit...even the sh** shoveling ;) Hey - it was great exercise!

Today is flying by..I spent the morning with my DD's class, helping with field day. Then I had a swim at the pool, now I am here and ready for a snooze before bus stop time. DD has gymnastics, then a trip to the library. Busy, busy, busy...hop you are all having a good day!

05-27-2009, 05:28 PM

KATHY...good to see you, thought we were going to have to come look for you. Ummm, I would think that with a contract you guys have nothing to worry about. But then some people are just arse's and want things when they want it and how and such. Reading...There Might Be a Slight Chance I May Be Going to He**...probably got the title wrong by a word or two, just a silly read. We did get the sprinkler fixed...really easy fix thank goodness.

SUE...hoping you don't have to go to the doc for a shot more than the 2 times, and hope you are feeling better today. :hug:

JULES...funny about Ry & Terri. We think she is trying to start some more drama, it's overdo by about a month, lol. I laugh but I am serious...she just keeps doing and saying things. The thing that is different this time is, I REFUSE to let her do this again. I am not letting anything she says or does get to me...thinking that is making her worse. Anyway...glad you found your pedometer! Hope the headache is gone!

SASSY...yeah, her mom does so much for her, pedicures, manicures, shopping trips, weekend trips to KS City, etc....and I think she expects that from me. Charlotte has even told me that she hated/hates that her mother always feels the need to buy their love, and that's what she is doing with the grandkids also. I just don't feel close to her, I have my own daughter. But I am trying for Josh...everything is all for him, otherwise I wouldn't bother. You know, if I had an extra room/bed I would end up with laundry there all the time...that is one thing I can't keep up with sometimes. Glad you are feeling better today!

MINDEE...meatloaf and mashed potatoes sounds really good! I've not made that meal in such a long time...thinking I just figured out what to make for father's day! :thanks: Glad you and the hubby are working things out :hug:

FRANCIE...Coast Guard sounds great! And San Diego is a GREAT place to live! That's pretty good that you can pick where you want to be stationed. Sorry about TOM. Mmmmm, cheesecake sounds delicious! Never had any with choc chips I don't think.


I feel so sleepy! Got up this morning early even though I didn't have too...not watching the little one the rest of the week. Her grandma is home and she ALWAYS has dibs on the kids, lol. She's in for a rude awakening with the next, lmao! was raining but decided to go for my walk anyway. Thought it was a little drizzle but that little drizzle turned into a little more and then went back to the drizzle but I got hom and my shoes were wet as well as the strands of hair and bangs that were sticking out from my hood. Just hate getting up to do something and then can't so just did it anyway. I did come back home and lay down for 1 1/2 hours before getting ready to get things done...think it just made me more sleepy. Anyway...going to do my Slim & Thin dvd in about a hour and some weights and call it good for the day. I did WI this morning and showed a 2 pound weight loss...just hoping that will keep until Sat-my official WI.

Had to take a book back...always feel weird taking a book back and have only done twice in my life. Once because DS had the book I bought and said I oculd have his copy, he didn't want it or like it. And they did question me like I read it and then took it back. If they actually looked at the book you could see it hadn't been opened/read. And then of course today. I wouldn't listen to the daughter when she told me she thought I had that book. The dumb thing is I not only had the book I already read it too, lmao! Geez, not sure where my head has been lately. Anyway, so I took it back today...the lady was nice enough. Then picked up my sunglasses...I am loving them! Ran to Penneys to see if we could fine the daughter an outfit and a shirt or two...she is so picky I swear! But I did good and did not get any fast food and I was craving it! Still kicking myself for allowing myself to gain the few pounds, ugh! Okay, guess I have gone on enough :D

Hope everyone is having a good day! :hug:

05-27-2009, 05:29 PM
I am tired and this morning I tought I had the swine flu, I was coughing so much. *waaa
But I think I am going to live!
Now I am massively behind in reading the post and figure it'll be that way til after I move this weekend.
Almost done packing, just have the kitchen. Now I need to start some cleaning in between working.
Weight is fine, at 144 this morning.
Last day of swim lesson and we'll (actually the pool too) take a break until beginning of July. Have G in a week of basketball camp on the 15th -19th. Why do mothers always run themselves ragged? lol
I guess that is it.

:hug::hug::hug::hug::hug: to everyone that needs a hug!

Cristina - you are the :queen: :)

and thanks Jules,Katy and Cristina for the comments on the house, I am excited. It'll be a a great place to live, I love the backyard and the bay view!

05-27-2009, 05:33 PM
Hiya snuck in while I was babbling! Sounds like you have been very busy! Hope the swim was relaxing for ya. I've nto been in much of a reading mood for a few months but I keep pluggin along...sort of, lol. Anyway, hope you get a nap or can relax until time to start again.

Have a good day!

05-27-2009, 05:37 PM
Well, geez, now Susan has snuck in :lol: I guess we will let you slide on catching up on posts...moving does take precedence. Besides gonna have to have a nice place to stay when I come visit one day :lol: Yes, why do we mothers run ourselves ragged for the kiddos?! Because we LOVE them! Well, most days anyway. HAPPY MOVING! :hug:

05-27-2009, 05:47 PM
Mindee~Hope you guys made up :hug: I hate it when me & Fonzo fight.

Katy & Cristina~I hope Fonzo goes into the Coast Guard. I keep mentioning it to I think he gets the hint, lol.

Cristina~I've had cheesecake with chocolate chips at the Cheesecake Factory. It was soooooo effin good!!! Speaking of which..they built a cheesecake factory at the maybe we'll stop by and get some good food, and yummy cheesecake!!

05-27-2009, 09:50 PM
Francie---cheesecake is good....haven't had any in a very long long would Fonzo have to stay in the Coast Guard?? Where can you be stationed that you'd like to be....duhhh..missed the San Diego in a previous post...

Cristina--I am so sleepy tonight and i's only 8:30...maybe it's like the bully mentality....if you don't let her being a spoiled bratty princess bother you (or at least not fall into the drama making back and forth that she seems to thrive on), then hopefully she will grow out of it eventually .... and maybe I will win the PowerBall this Saturday night....I was excited to find my pedometer--only got a little over 8,000 steps before I took it off

SuzyQ--I do LOVE your little cottage and the view...hope you get things set up and can finally's what we mom's do for our kids...

Katy--I am just glad all days can't be that bad...we have to take Cinnamin to get the staples out on Friday, so I am thinking either the zoo or swimming on the next Friday..

Mindee--fighting is definitely no fun...

Kathy--I hate that I let him make me so mad that I come off as some kind of raving lunatic and only then (after he tells me he thinks I need meddication for my irritability) does he begin to act a little less controlling and actually listen to what I have to know that thin line between the passions of live and hate. Hope you don't end up in court, sounds like your bases are covered though with the've missed you..

Sassy--how's the new spot at work going???

Sue--did that shot put you to sleep after all...

Well one more stop on the net before I am off to bed...

05-27-2009, 11:58 PM
Hi ladies- I had a rough night last night but today was a little better. They said it might get bad for a couple days. I hope I am done with feeling lousy.
I have a very busy couple days ahead and I can not afford to be under the weather. SIL and her DH celebrate 50 years married Sat. and I am making a cheese tray and 2 cheese logs for that. Then DGD is graduating and having open house Sun. which I am making 2 cheese logs, a cheese tray and a veggie tray for. Friday I will be in the kitchen all day I imagine. Then Sat. the party is at the lake which should be fun.

I walked a little, but not near enough today. I still don't feel like exercising. Mom and I went for groceries and she went for a haircut. Most of the day I was lazy. We did buy a lilac bush for DH to plant in the morning.
I didn't find the plants I want for around the fountain...that will wait until this week-end is over. indies tonight, but I will do better tomorrow.

05-28-2009, 12:11 AM
Hola Chickareenos! :wave:

Well TG it is finally my "Friday"!! :carrot: It was so hard to drag myself outta bed tonight.......:p But once I got up and got going, it was all good. ;) I honestly just feel better lately. Dunno if its cuz I switched to taking my pills in the morning, when I get home from work, or if its cuz I had that AF from **** that "purged" out all of the "Evil" out of me or what........:devil: But "I feel na na........I knew that I would na na........." :dance:

Jules -- The new spot at work is going fine. Yes we have some "weirdos" but ya know, that is just life. :rofl: I just honestly feel more social up here. I dunno what it is. My coworker says maybe its cuz I'm almost done with my house and that we are planning our cook out with all of our friends soon. I SO wish you all could come too!!!!!! :) I dunno I am just happy, so there. I said it. :lol3: Maybe its cuz I walk every night at lunch??? You think???? Hmmmmmmm I am going to have to start walking at home now too! Yaaaauuuuup I think I am. Definitely. lol. Anyways. Sorry for chatting you up. hee hee.........

Kathy -- Yes it feels so good to be almost done with the house. I can SEE the light at the end of the tunnel!!!!!!!!! :D Yup the car and the motorcycle both are getting cleaned this weekend! Hey exercise too, right? YEEEAAAHHH! :carrot: The men are still fluttering around us like we are "new shiny toys" lol. Buts it all good, I mean a girl has got to feel like she's still "got it" ya know? Even if I am old and married. :lol3: Whew what a mess with the horse. I hope all works out. Glad you got the horse back. ;)

Francie -- Hope you get to move to San Diego...............then I can come and visit ya, right???? :D lol.

Mindee -- Sorry to hear about you and Tommy's fight, glad things are getting back on track. Mmmmmm mashed potatoes and meatloaf sounds good! :drool:

Katy -- Well our landlord just mowed down the weeds, so now I can begin planting. :) Yes no matter what it is exercise. ;) I am enjoying it. To actually to get to plant something and watch it grow........

Cristina -- Wow. No wonder she is like that then. Kinda sounds like my biological father. He always bought me things. I think that is the only way he felt like he was showing me that he loved me. But I would take time together and hugs over material things. Not from him though. lol. Maybe if he had done that from the beginning, then I would, but since he didn't, well.......Anyways..........yeah I always feel behind on laundry. Esp on my long weeks at work. Just feel like I have no time at all to get stuff done. I try to get some stuff done when I get home from work in the mornings, but I am just so tired..........12.5 hours takes it out of ya :yawn:.........Glad you got your sunglasses :cool:. You'll have to take a pic with them on.........;)

Susan -- I hope your move goes smoothly and I hope you enjoy your new house as much as I do mine. :)

Big :hug:

05-28-2009, 12:14 AM
Hi ladies- I had a rough night last night but today was a little better. They said it might get bad for a couple days. I hope I am done with feeling lousy.
I have a very busy couple days ahead and I can not afford to be under the weather. SIL and her DH celebrate 50 years married Sat. and I am making a cheese tray and 2 cheese logs for that. Then DGD is graduating and having open house Sun. which I am making 2 cheese logs, a cheese tray and a veggie tray for. Friday I will be in the kitchen all day I imagine. Then Sat. the party is at the lake which should be fun.

I walked a little, but not near enough today. I still don't feel like exercising. Mom and I went for groceries and she went for a haircut. Most of the day I was lazy. We did buy a lilac bush for DH to plant in the morning.
I didn't find the plants I want for around the fountain...that will wait until this week-end is over. indies tonight, but I will do better tomorrow.

Hi Sue -- We posted at the same time. :) Sorry to hear you have been feeling bad, I hope the worst is over for ya. Congrats :congrat: to your SIL and DH and your DGD! I hope you feel better so you can enjoy yourself! :) I only walk the parking lot at work on my lunch, doesn't seem like a lot, but I figure at least I am up and moving. :running: ;)


05-28-2009, 12:41 PM
Well..Fonzo & I were both sick to our stomachs last night. And I woke up early this morning, cuz I thought I was gonna throw up in the bed. But I didn't even throw up, so I woke up for nothing, lol.

Sassy~Of course you can visit. We'll go to LA and stalk the Twilight men!! LoL!! I changed my layout on myspace..let me know what you think, lol.

Not to be a downer or anything. But today is the 3rd anniversary of my mom's passing. And you know, I was expecting to feel sad..but I don't. I mean, I will always miss my mom..and I do have moments where I'm just overcome with grief. But right now, I dont feel sad. I listened to my "sad mommy" songs earlier, and had a good cry, and I feel okay now. I feel like celebrating her life, instead of mourning her death. When we go to the beach this weekend, I'm gonna buy 3 balloons, and write a message on one and release them. I'm gonna try and find The Wedding Singer or A Knight's Tale and watch them tonight. Those were 2 of my mom's fave movies. No sad depressing movies for today!!

05-28-2009, 03:36 PM
FRANCIE...hugs to you sweetie! :hug: :hug: You know, your mom would want you to not mourn anymore...easier said than done sometimes. My first hubby's anniversary is coming up in June, then of course there is our anniversary in August, his BD in Nov, and it's taken years but I always remember, just happily. Too many special days but your mom would want you to celebrate her for sure. And I love the balloon idea! And it's okay to cry. I LOVE the Wedding Singer! Not a fan of Drew Barrymore but love Adam Sandler. And...have fun at the beach! I wanna go to the beach, waaahhhh! :hug: And quit teasing me with the talk of choc chip cheesecake...we don't have a cheesecake Factory here, which is probably a good thing! the heck do you manage to get the owner/landlord to mow your yard?! That's a pretty good perk to renting if you ask me. And WTG on your walking! :carrot: I'll have Cambrie take a pic...she loves taking the camera and taking pics of everyone...the shades aren't too different from the ones I had...just a little bit. The prescription is a little stronger and the lens darker so I was needing new ones.

JULES...yeah, same here...she'll stop when I win the lottery too! I wish...on both accounts, lol. Hey, 8,000 steps is no anything to balk's a good walk! :carrot: I forgot to mention your is she doing, or is it a he? Sounds like about the same that Ernie dog just went thru and our vet basically said the same thing. But gave us some options. Josh said to just put him down...WHAT?! Ummm, I could never do that. Especially not knowing for sure if he could be fixed. Even if we only have him another year, that's another year...stupid dog! I get so attached but he's been part of our family for 13 years, he'll be 14 in Sept. But...I didn't realize that cancer is farely common in older dogs.

SUE...the 50th sounds fun this weekend! Hoping you are feeling GREAT and can enjoy it! And DGD graduation too! Take it easy! :hug:

SUSAN...still packing lady? For some reason I thought you were moving into an apt. I too love your place...the view is to die for!

KATHY...hoping all is well with you and you are not too busy with things/life.

KATY...when is the kids last day of school? Now to find fun things to keep them busy for the summer. was your mashed potatoes and meatloaf?

Hoping I am not missing anyone, sorry if I did.

Today was grocery day. Got up early for my morning least today it wasn't raining. Kind of chilly though. Came back and laid down for a few minutes because I have just felt so sleepy the last few days for some reason. But got up thinking I would end up going to sleep and I had things to get done. Grocery shopping, tanning...I know, I shouldn't do the tanning bed thing but I do, then thought since my sunglasses almost feel off when I put my head down I would go get them adjusted, so did that. Getting some laundry done right now and as soon as I finish this post I am going to do my dvd and some weights...stupid arm is hurting again...thinking it is the cold. The last two days the temps dropped quite a bit...who says the weather has nothing to do with arthritis? Poppycock! I hope that's all it is...was better before the cold so we will see. Going to throw some chicken legs with BBQ sauce in the crockpot for the son and daughter and they can fix whatever with it. The hubby is not working late so we are going to go out to dinner before heading to the grandkids games...Chase's is at 6:30 and Cambrie's is at 7:15...good thing they are both at the same park!

Anyone see the George Strait tribute last night? I missed the first half of it but caught the second part...happy for him and I LOVE George Strait even if he is old(er)! Love his sexy/crooked smile! Just thought of him since Carrying Your Love With Me is playing on my iTunes. :love:

Okay, I am rambling, lol...take care ladies. I hope everyone is having a great day! I'm going to exercise...oh joy! :D :hug:

05-29-2009, 01:00 AM
Cristina~We watched the Wedding Singer tonight. I love that movie. I did celebrate my mom by thinking happy memories. Next month is the 3 year anniversary of my aunt's passing. It's just so weird that they both passed away within a month of each other. I miss them both!!! I'm gonna make cheesecake tomorrow!!! LoL!!!

05-29-2009, 09:40 AM
Happy Friday!

Yeah, not sure what is so happy about it, lol.'re killing me with the cheesecake! I want cheesecake, waaahhh! That is kind of weird about your Aunt and Mom. Were they close? Glad you can remember/celebrate your mom happily. :hug:

I am so sleepy...these 5:30 mornings are killing me for some reason. I am not a morning person but once I get up I am usually okay. Have just been so sleepy lately though...maybe I need to go to bed earlier. :dunno: Definitely will most likely take a nap later.

Did get my walk in and will do a strength dvd later...needing to work those muscles. And then I have to mow the front yard...will do that in the evening when the sun is not in the front, on me the whole time. Tomorrow is WI and I am feeling pretty good about it. :crossed:

Be back later to chat some more :wave:

05-29-2009, 01:27 PM
Good afternoon. Another beautiful day here. I am loving it before the summer gives us HOT and HUMID. These 70ish and breezy are just what I like.
I did 3 loads of laundry and got all that put away. Just taking a break before I start making cheese logs and cheese trays for the week-end.
Last night I rode the bike a mile and walked a mile. I am aiming for the same today and tomorrow. By Sunday I am hoping to add a mile to each. I feel like such an old lady after not doing it for awhile. :(
I weighed this morning and will wait until my "official" WI on MON. but I was pleased. not pleased because I had gained so much..but pleased because I have lost since I bought my new scale when DS was home. He and I both weighed at that point and I was shocked that I was UP so much. So much for losing all that weight in the Fall...ugh. I am starting all over yet again and trying for a new attitude.

I will "talk" to all you chickies this evening when I have time to go back and read the posts.

p.s. so far today I have no pain....I had forgotten how that feels so I am ecstatic.

05-29-2009, 02:15 PM
Hello!!! I'm drying my hair as I type please forgive me if my spelling gets all horrible, lol.

Cristina~Yes, they were close. My aunt said that God wanted her to be with her little sister. I still wanna get a tattoo for her. Her name was Lillian, so I thought I'd get a lily somewhere. Maybe on my other ankle..not sure really. Or maybe I can get a little one behind my ear.

Sue~Congrats on starting over again!!!

05-29-2009, 03:52 PM
Well, I am back again...

SUE...I hear ya, I felt bad when I started exercising again. Still not where I was but ya know what...we will get there. Good for you and your new attitude! And wtg on the exercising. :carrot: Enjoy your weekend! the name and...Charlotte and Josh are naming their baby girl Lillian Paige...I told them I will call her Lily 'cause I like it better. Okay, not so much better but sounds cuter on a little one. I know at some point I will probably call her Lily. Actually, though they are trying different middle names so we will see what it ends up being. And I like the tattoo idea...that is sweet and I know she would be honored!

Hello to everyone else wherever you are :wave:

I got my exercise done, well, 20 mns of the sculpt and burn dvd and weights. And will mow the front later this evening before I start dinner. Did some laundry, spent too much time on shutterfly loading pix and ordering them. I have a bad habit of waiting with this digital camera and I end up ordering about 100-170 pix...that's what it was the 2 times before...this time only 64. But, got some reading done and now need to clean up my mess upstairs...getting just like my mother with making little messes all over, lol. They are organized messes though so that makes it better, lmao! Anyway...have a good day!

OKAY, EDITED...that was supposed to say...At some point I will call her Lillian, not Lily, lol

05-29-2009, 06:49 PM
just thought I would pop in here to see how every one is doing......

we have been doing okay. wednesday was good, thursday was rough, and today is even better than wednesday was! so, we are on the up swing of things.

the kids are eating some pop corn in sandwich baggies while watching their Nick Jr. dvd. I took some pictures, I will have to upload them here in a minute. Tommy has been on 12 hour shifts all week, so it has been rough around here.

we had meatloaf the other day, but we didn't have any mashed potatoes, so it was meatloaf with sweet potatoes and stuffing instead. It was still all yummy none the less!

I have been doing a lot of walking lately, and I am hoping to be getting onto my bike here soon! we brought it back from my parents house last weekend, and I jumped on it on Sunday, but since my tires were kind of flat, I haven't been on it since then.

05-29-2009, 07:33 PM
Mindee--Dominic LOVES sweet potatoes either baked or mashed. Have to say I do too. Glad you guys are doing better--we are somewhat better.

Cristina--Cinnamin got her staples out this moring--she seems to be doing fine--we just have to watch that spot where she tore out her staple..I'd settle for C staying the way she is and the two of us being lottery winning will cure her witchiness pretty quick I'd bet,,,,,

Francie--Dominic's half sister is Liliana--Lilly for short. Hugs to you..
I like the Wedding Singer.

Sue--good luck with all your chesse things and the veggie trays--glad you are feeling no pain--that's awesome!!

Sassy--chat me up anytime!!

The boys are calling so I have to cut this short---Hi & Bye to everyone else!!

05-29-2009, 08:12 PM
Cristina~My other aunt's name is Charlotte, lol. Nobody ever really called my aunt Lily though. She was always Lil. Her name was Lillian Grace. Pretty huh?? My mom's name was Darlene Antoinia. The church wouldn't let my grandparents baptize my mom with the name they picked Antonia after St. Anthony. I wonder if the church is gonna let us baptize our baby with whatever weird name we pick, LOL!!

Mindee~You know, Fonzo & I hate meatloaf and sweet potatoes, lol. I remember when I found that out, I was like.."ahh, we're so ment to be!!!" LoL!! Glad you guys are doing better :)

Jules~Fonzo's sister is named Lilanna. Everyone calls her Lana (pronouced Lona). And her middle name is my mom's first name, lol. I guess I'm special...nobody has my name, lol. It just sucks!!

Well...I have a major headache right now. It feels like my head is gonna explode!!! Ugh!! And to top it off..its thundering really really loud right..which is making my head hurt worse!!!! Ugh. OH..and it smells like cotton candy in the kitchen. I have no idea why too. OKay..I gotta go. The light from the comp is hurting my eyes, which is hurting my head.

05-30-2009, 01:55 AM
YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I got my photo op tickets for the Twilight convention!!! I'm gonna take a pic with Kellan Lutz *drools*

2 down..1 to go!! Woohoo..I'm so excited for this convention!!

05-30-2009, 12:53 PM

This will be short n sweet, just like me. HA! Well the House is Officially all unpacked! :woohoo: We finished DH's office/guitar room lastnight. Now its just the boring everyday stuff to do. Yippee Skippy. lol.

I am in SO much pain! I think my pinched nerve is back at least for now. My spine shifts so it happens quite a bit. I took some Advil Liquidgels hoping they will help. I'm out of the pain meds my dr prescribes for me.

So I am off to take a nice HOT shower and then off to bed. Man I hate my long weeks cuz my days (nights) off go by SO fast!!!!!!!! (this last week was my long week) This is my last night off, then back to work Sunday..........At least this coming week is my short week!!! YEEEEAAAHHH! lol.

Sorry I didn't do any individuals, I'll stop by later if I'm not in excruciating pain!! lol.


05-30-2009, 01:20 PM
FRANCIE...I like your moms name too! That's funny because Charlotte is thinking about changing the middle name and Lillian Grace was one she suggested and asked me about Wed...she asked what I thought about Alexis-ick! Doesn't flow...I told her Lillian Grace is fine but Josh doesn't like it. I think I like it better than Paige...I am into the more traditional names but it's not my baby so...sounds like you had the beginnings of a migraine...that's how mine start anyway. Hope you got rid of it. August will be here before you know it!

SASSY...isn't that the way it usually goes?! Work goes by slow and we want it to go by fast and then when you get your time off it goes by waaay too fast! Bet you guys are glad to be settled into the house. And I bet you are loving it so much better than being in a apt! Hope the pain goes away.

JULES...I'm glad they didn't use staples on Ernie...he would have stayed there longer I think, or we would have had to put one of those cone looking things around his head, lol. He would lick the stitches and I thought he tore them open but he didn't...the incision was about 7 or 8 inches long and looked bad. Didn't think it would ever heal but it did...hope you Cinnamin does wells/heals fast!

MINDEE...I've not been on my bike in a while, the tires were low and V was supposed to air them up but I forgot to ask if he did. Hope you can get on yours soon! And WTg on all the walking!

SUSAN...HAPPY MOVING today! Or is it tomorrow? Ah, I forgot...oh well, Happy Moving anyway! Enjoy your new place!

SUE...enjoy the 50th today! Don't know about the weather where you guys are but hoping it's a gorgeous day there like it is here!

HIYA KATY, KATY, TAMMY and anyone I may have missed. :wave:

Was up early for my walk, yay, yeah whatever, lol. I am soooo freakin sleepy right now. I came back and laid down after I took some benadryl...thinking there was something in the air...the wind was blowing and my eyes were watering bad by the time we got back home. Maybe today it's the benadryl making me sleepy, who knows. I am going to go to sleep later and hopefully wake up. But getting ready to head out for a while with the daughter. Will get my 40 mn sculpt and burn dvd done once I get back and then some weights too. Still kicking myself for the recent gain but it's water under the bridge now so...moving forward.

Have a good day! :hug:

05-30-2009, 08:35 PM
Wow, no one has posted today.

Thought I would stop by and say Hi again...catch ya later, maybe! :D

05-30-2009, 11:36 PM
Hello all!! We went to 2 malls today, lol. First, we went to the big mall..and we saw Up. It was really cute!!!! I cried twice, lol. Those Pixar people sure know how to make touching movies. I've cried during all of them, lol. I bought some new well as more Twilight stuff to drive Fonzo crazy, lol. I bought a bumper sticker that says: I Drive Like a Cullen. And I put it on the now he's all embarassed, lol. I also got my 2 books worth of books. Woohoo!!! was so lame. I had 2 coupon thingies for Victoria's Secret. It was for 10 undies for $25!! Thats an awesome, I got 2 of they would've been 20 undies. But over at the first mall..they were all sold out. I was, sold out of what!??! I had already picked out 20 undies. But they said it was the wrong one. I just didnt get how it could be the wrong ones. So over at the Annapolis mall..they had some bins with the "correct" underwear. Man..I was beyond pissed off. They were sooooooooo BORING and basic. I mean no offense or anything..but I like colorful underwear. The colors they had were tan, black, pink, and white. Those are the colors my mom would've bought, lol. So I was like forget this..and I went and bought the 5 for $25 ones. And I got some cute flip flops too!! We also got massages..and was sooo nice. I almost fell asleep getting my massage, lol.

Okay..gonna go lay on the bed and not move for awhile, lol. I'm so tired, lol.

05-31-2009, 05:31 AM
Well here I am.........yay. My last few hours of freedom. At least this is my short week. Gotta keep repeating that. lol

We were gonna have a cook out with all of our friends in a couple weeks, but I decided I really don't want it. Mostly because our "Friends" really aren't our "friends". They would only come for the free food and to be nosy to see the house. So I don't want that. I want people to come over who want to spend time with us. So we're not doing it.

I dunno I just really haven't felt like being around people lately. I guess mostly I am just fed up with all the fake crap that people try to feed me, like they really care, I know better.

Anywho, hate for this to sound "Depressing" but that is how I feel I guess. lol.

Ta Ta for now!

05-31-2009, 11:35 AM
Hi everyone!

Went to the Starlight Parade ( last night..even with DH in it (, the kids got bored after about and we went home early. Well, at least they saw Daddy!

Cristina...I'm up a couple of pounds, too...I share your frustration. I have started this training program (;jsessionid=E2LJX1JE3RTCXQFIBQSB42Q?page=2), only I am stretching it out to last the summer and combining the running parts with a couch to 5k running program. I have never been a great runner, but so far, alternating it with swimming and biking seems to help. My first goal will be to (gulp) run a 5k...then I'll look at signing up for a sprint triathlon...I have a long ways to go. Right now, I am biking in the gym, which I don't like, but I need to get my bike fixed. I do like swimming :)

Susan- hope the move is going well.

Sassy - yay for getting everything out of boxes! We never had a big blowout party when we moved inhere. I just have little get-togethers here and there. We just don't throw big parties...I guess we should be more social, huh? I don't see anything wrong with you wanting to only have people there that you really want to be there..parties are alot of work as well as a lot of fun...

Francie - sounds like you shopped well:) I want to see Up...I keep hearing how wonderful it is and I love Pixar movies. I'll be sure to bring my tissues.

Hi to Jules, Kathy, Mindee and Sue...and anyone else reading this. Today is the Sunday School Teacher Appreciation at Church..yay - free food, lol! It's fun...usually the kids do something really sweet for us. I was invited even though I only taught a little bit this year. Then we'll head over to the Farmers Market, then who knows? The kids picked up Boom Blocks yesterday, so I imagine they'll be parked in front of that for a bit today.

Have a great day, everyone!

05-31-2009, 01:44 PM
It's me!!!

Yay, you are all thrilled, I know. ha ha

It was moving day yesterday. G father was in charge of it because I had to work, he had 3 friends of his help him and they managed to get it all done in 4 hours.
When I got home from work I worked 3 hours getting pictures up and clothes in the closet.
So, I hate to say it but I am done moving. lol

I do have to work on my closet tomorrow. And if I get the tax money I want to buy some furniture for the porch, chairs and an outdoor table. I also want a living room set, that'll take 2 weeks to order. I picked up a little table for $50 at a garage sale Friday.

anyway, wi was 142.

Francie - I want to see Up! Maybe after work I will take Gaby.

Cristina - You always do real well on your exercise! It was going to be an apt til G's father promised his fair share in her child support, we raised it ,adding $400 to the measley $145 he was paying. Of course of he messes up we are up the creek, but he swore. And I am going full time in July, so I should be ok on my own if need be. blah - blah. anyway...hate talking about $$$$

Katy - I kind of got the idea of going to furnerals for free food,lol. I still do my refills at Starbucks. ha ha

Sassy - I am w/ you on only inviting friends to your house.

I better get!! :wave: to eveyone else, I am on break and also on camera,,....yikes.

ta ta!

05-31-2009, 01:46 PM
Katy--the parade sounds fun--how cool to see Dad in it....we've been hitting the Farmers Markets--lots of veggies...I read about the C25K--looks interesting....I used to run cross country--I do better in endurance than the quick sprints...a friend of mine from high school runs marathons...

Sassy--sorry your "friends" aren't being good friends...I hate when that happens...maybe invite some of hubby's coworkers and make some new ones...

Francie--what two malls to you do to?? Yeah for massages...I have an appt for one later this month..

Cristina--Hubby counted 85 staples in the five different spots...she's good about not licking herself--the other dog is the licker of the house....maybe it's a guy thing...

SUe--hope all is going well!!

Suzy-I guess your busy moving in

Mindee--hope you didn't get too drunk watching the game!!

Kathy--miss your posting!!

well back to work...getting lots done--it's been a really good weekend..

05-31-2009, 01:50 PM
Suzy!! There you are...nice of the jerkface to be so nice and help move...were there strings attached....

I would really like to get a new living room and bedroom set....if Ry keeps to his budget I will be fine...Teri's been doing good and I haven't had to give $ to her since she met JR....

05-31-2009, 02:09 PM
Sassy~I know how you feel. I dont feel like being around my friend either. She's just been too opinionated on certain things, and I'm tired of hearing about it.

Katy & Susan~Up is such a great movie..I know you guys will love it!!!

Jules~We went to the Arundel Mills and the Annapolis Mall. Huh..I just realized its called the Mills. We have one like that in Az, called The Arizona Mills. LoL!!

05-31-2009, 03:44 PM
I am back! On a lunch break now.

Still on camera, feel uneasy about that. I guess I could wave and smile, or moon the boss. ha ha

Jules- No strings that I know of besides the sex every other week. lol - jk....he wouldn't agree to that. ;0) anyway, he does gross $4000 a month, still thik he is getting off easy.
I am glad you are having a good weekend! I have never had new furniture. The couch I have is from craigslist 2 years ago, picked that up for $50.

Francie - I do not like opinionated people! Ugh. Glad for the reviews on the movie!

Eating lentil soup for lunch, delish. Better get back to work.

catch up later.

05-31-2009, 04:29 PM
nothing new on this end......

we ended up not getting drunk this weekend.....but we have been doing a lot of walking. at least me and the kids have been. Tommy has been riding his bike a lot. I got a new seat on mine, and still need air in my tires.

the Wings played last night and WON the game! they play again tonight, and we are going to go over to our friends house and hang out and watch the game. Tommy is making chicken alfredo right now........and then our friend is supposed to make hamburgers tonight when we get there. we are going to go to the store to get a smaller diaper bag. we have been using a back pack as one since Brandon was about 18 months old and I was pregnant with Logan. But now, we really don't need something that big. So, we are going to down size to a smaller one!

05-31-2009, 04:44 PM

SUSAN...too bad we don't live close, I have a couch I would give you. It's in very good condition, sort of a country look. Told Charlotte and Josh I would give it to them if she had her cats declawed...they would just tear it up. The houses we've looked at didn't have a family room and we were thinking of staging the family room here as a game room so...hope you are liking the new place! And glad the ex helped you out, that was nice of him and his friends. Good job on the weight...I am down two pounds this week, back in the 180' day I will be where I want to be.

KATY...the parade looked like fun to me! And bet you were proud of the hubby! And you can do it! Go Katy, go Katy... :cheer: I wouldn't even attempt to do what you are doing, so kudos to you! I've always wanting to run but never could. What are Bloom Blocks? Hope you enjoyed your Teacher Appreciation Day at DO deserve it!

JULES...glad you are having a good weekend.

FRANCIE...sounds like you had a fun day of shopping. Well, count me in with your mom, I am basic and boring I guess, lol...I am a plain pink, white, black, tan underwear kinda gal, throw in some stripes every now and then :lol: Glad you liked the movie. I never really go to kids movies...would take the g-kids but anytime something comes out the grandma takes them before anyone has a chance to.

SASSY...sorry about the "friends" :hug:

HIYA MINDEE, SUE and everyone else :wave:

Today has been quite the boring day. Slept too late, should have just gotten up and went for a walk since I woke up at 6-go figure. But I stayed in bed until about noon dozing off and on in between watching movies. Now I have loads of laundry, actually only two, lol. And more reading...started a new book finally so looking forward to getting it finished and starting another.

Hope everyone is enjoying the day!

05-31-2009, 05:12 PM
Susan~Did you moon the boss?? LOL!!

Mindee~Ahhh...getting drunk. I miss that..

Cristina~I bought my mom red polka dotted underwear once..and she told me that she couldnt ever wear them. I was like..why not? And she said it was too "out there" LOL!!! When I was little and my mom still bought all my underwear and clothes..everything was always either white or pink. Every now & then, I'd get something crazy like princess undies or days of the week undies, lol. I used to get in trouble at school for showing off my underwear to the other kids, LOL!!! But the way I saw it, if its pretty..its ment to be scene!! LOL!! So much for the "good little Catholic school girl" lol. I guess I really rebelled when I got older. I started wearing thongs and low rise jeans, and I made sure they were being scene..haha!!! Of course now the only person who sees them is the hubby, lol.

05-31-2009, 08:42 PM
Francie--Arundel Mills Children's Place was the one Teri was suppossed to work at. Too funny about you showing your underwear....

Cristina--yesterday was a boring day here

Mindee--I have a tote bag I use as a diaper bag...

SuzyQ--Teri got a bedroom set that I love--it's cherry wood and so pretty...

Hi & bye to everyone else...

well, Dominic went home...cleaned, did laundry, played outside, gathered rocks and made a fire pit, watered the garden and plants around the house....had spaghetti that was really good and now after I have just fininished putting all the clothes away...I am ready to run a nice hot bath.....

06-01-2009, 04:36 AM
Woooooah..........aren't we running a bit long in this thread? I say lets close it and start a new one, its a new month anyways. :D