30-Somethings - 30 Something's Daily Chat: Tues 05/19

05-19-2009, 09:34 AM
Good morning ladies! :wave:

How was everyone's weekend?

I was non-stop busy ALL weekend! We had 3 different BBQ's to go to, including the one we hosted. It was insane! I'm actually really sick of BBQ at the moment! :lol:

I drank way to much diet pepsi this weekend! :( I think it's time to give up pop again...I don't think it agrees with me anymore... :dizzy:

I managed to get out for a great run/powerwalk with a friend yesterday morning. We were out for about 1 hr 15 mins...I could feel the "burn" when I got home, but it was a great feeling and I had a nice, hot bath. :D

What did everyone do this weekend?

05-19-2009, 10:40 AM
WTG Wifey on the powerwalk, sounds like a real calorie burner!

Sat. I went to my nephew's graduation. There were 900 graduating, talk about a long list. He was in the f's and we had to sit until the rest were called. Many people just got up and left but I thought it was disrespectfull so we stayed. He wanted Wendy's (of all places!) after graduating so our whole family went to Wendy's. Did really good there until they ordered frosty's to everyone OMG! Do you know how many calories are in a regular Frosty? It will blow you mind.
Sun. at church my blood sugar dropped and I thought I would black out. I didn't have any candy so my mom managed to find a powdered doughnut. Yuck, thought I'd puke. How in the world did I use to eat a whole bag of those things. It was yucky. Then I went home sat down in the recliner to talk to DH and fell asleep, something I never do.

That wraps up my weekend. No excitement! LOL Story of my life.

05-19-2009, 12:43 PM
Hi All! :wave:

Wow, we totally missed a daily chat yesterday! :lol: It was chilly here this AM...had to actually kick the heat on for a bit - it was 64 in the house! :brr: This AM and had DS2 working on some worksheets, to try and encourage him to write, because his fine motor skills are lacking. He just gets upset and doesn't want to try. He will scribble pictures, that's about it.

Beth, are you diabetic or hypoglycemic? I know sometimes I get shaky if all I've had is oatmeal or bagel or some other carb, and have to eat some cheese or something. (Mom always said eat cheese). Anyway, hope you're feeling better today.

Wifey, good job on the exercise!

Have a great day all!

05-19-2009, 02:47 PM
Hey there!

I too sat through college graduation last week (my boyfriend got his Master's so I got to hear Obama give the commencement address at ASU). It's been way too hot in Phoenix (104-107). I was doing great earlier in the week, but took a bit of a nose dive over the weekend with parties and such. Weigh in is tomorrow and I'm really hoping I can at least get down a pound or so.

Beth, I was in the same situation last night. Had Irish flute lessons and symphony chorus rehearsal directly after work so by 9pm I was starving. My boyfriend talked me down off the Chipotle ledge. I got something much better for me at the grocery.

One thing I will say, over the weekend, even in the midst of partying and eating out, I've only had 1/2 of the entrees I ordered. So that's a small hurrah!