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05-19-2009, 06:57 AM
Good Tuesday morning. Grab a quilt and come sit on the deck. Rain was expected overnight but it didn't happen. :carrot: It's a mite chilly though.

I have a ton of stuff to tackle today as yesterday sort of got away from me. It was a holiday and I seemed to spend a lot of time socializing although I did get some pruning done. Today I need to put things into fifth gear as I'm going to lose two days with a colonoscopy scheduled for Thursday. Not fun but it has to be done.

Today I have Good Food Box packing and a garden club exec. meeting in the morning and want to get Disney to the vet this afternoon. Tonight is Idol and the pilot for "Glee" which is rumoured to be pretty good, not that I need another TV addiction.

As they say around here "No flies on me"! :lol:

How does your Tuesday look? Come and sit and sip for a bit. :cofdate:

05-19-2009, 07:21 AM
Good morning! The coffee is just what I need after coming in from outside. We had a frost overnight, and I was out as soon as it was light enough to check on the garden. Everything looks good, thank goodness! I hope the girls' garden fared out as well, too!

We're going to the zoo today, if those of you who saw it on my facebook didn't already figure out. :) Each of the girls is bringing a friend, and we're packing a picnic lunch, so it should be a fun day. It's supposed to be sunny and warm up to the 70s this afternoon. Perfect!

05-19-2009, 07:43 AM
Good Morning!:sunny:
I've been outside sipping on my coffee. It's really warm and will be a scorching day again here. I was actually sleeping quite well until the phone rang at 2:30 and once I'm up...I'm up.

I've been sifting my compost preparing for planting my tomatoes, so I went out and finished that up. When its light I'll transplant my geranium starts. I think the tomatoes will go in later today.

I'm headed to the pool early, then off to my Heeling Partners monthly meeting. I'll see what I can do in the garden after.

I feel pretty good right now staying on plan. I'm gradually going to work my way into P2. I did have a slice of WW bread with my dinner last night, but I'm going to be very careful. I've done alot of reading in the past few days refreshing my memory and preparing.

I appreciate touching base every day, and enjoy hearing what's going on in your lives.

Ruth, I hope you have an enjoyable day since tomorrow and Thursday will probably be a pain in the ____. Cottage, have fun at the zoo. It sounds like a great day for it.

Thanks to all of you for all the support and encouragement


05-19-2009, 07:46 AM
Good morning :coffee2: Big pot of coffee on here too :brr: We don't seem to have frost, just missed us.

Ruth - Maybe I'm secretly Canadian because yesterday completely got away from me too ;) Sounds like you've got a busy day today, even by your standards.

Cottage - Hope you all enjoy the trip to the zoo :) Glad to hear everything survived the frost.

Today is the one day I have a little actual work to do (conference call and a few loose ends to tie up). Other than that I want to throw together a small lasagna garden and get the other beds set for weekend planting. I'm also going to put up a new bean structure. Toss some spring cleaning in and that should do it for my day. Oh, and I found a new website of Indian recipes I'm going to try out. Cabbage Kofta tonight, will share if it's good.

For now though I'm just trying to stay warm!

05-19-2009, 08:02 AM
Debbie, you are surely the early bird! You are what, three or four hours behind us? It sounds like you have a busy day ahead of you, but take it easy in that heat.

Cyndi, what is a lasagna garden? I'm trying to imagine it. ;) Do let us know how the Cabbage Kofta turned out. I'm always eager for a new cabbage recipe!

05-19-2009, 08:10 AM
I think only 2 hours behind....I am curious about the Lasagna Garden, too.

05-19-2009, 08:13 AM
Cottage,here's a link for lasagna gardening. ( This may be the year I actually do it!

Cathie, what is a Heeler Parters group? Something to do with the doggage, I assume. You sure do get up early, even by my standards.

Cyndi, you can be an honorary Canadian any time. Hey, aren't you supposed to be on holiday?

Just did a wee garden tour - in my warm robe - and things are looking lovely. The lilacs are just starting and I have lily-of-the-valley about to be pickable. Did I ever mention how much I love spring? :encore:

05-19-2009, 08:16 AM
I never paid much attention to it, thought it was like a pizza garden :) Then one of the presenters at the conference I went to a few weeks ago just raved about the technique and said she uses it to set up school gardens now because it is such low maintenance. There are lots of web links if you google it, here are a couple:

I'm going to try 2 small ones now and then set-up a larger one in the fall. It might be a good and easy technique for the child care folks I work with, and for me :)

ETA- the recipe site has asparagus with ginger and whole wheat flat bread too. I have a dinner plan :)

Ruth - great minds ;)

05-19-2009, 08:53 AM
Thanks for those links, Ruth and Cyndi. :) I'm surprised that I already use a form of that to get a new bed started!

Gotta run!

05-19-2009, 09:03 AM
Aha! The lasagna garden comes at the perfect time. We are planning to put our pumpkins and squash in a new location this year. Since there is sod already, I will just put wet cardboard down cutting holes where I want plants. As we mow, we will put the clippings on the cardboard. With all my other mulch we should be set by next spring. Exciting! Thanks for the links!

Ruth, Heeling Partners is my pet therapy group. Here is a link . You can see all the dogs in the about us section, including Lexxiss, my chowhound, and Rudi, my love. Both are rescue dogs.

Debbie R.

05-19-2009, 09:05 AM
Hi Ladies,
mind if I jump into your postings. I'm on SBD and have been lurking around.
The lasagna garden sounds like a good way to compost. I thought you were planting all the ingredients for lasagna LOL. I have three small areas that I ussually plant. I have only been doing it fot three years so its been trial by error. My son always wants to plant exciting things like corn and watermellon. they never seem to work out. I ussally have to much luck with tomatoes and cant even give enough away! I've been putting it off but I think this weekend I'll get it going.

Cyndi could you post the link for the indian food. I love Indian food but tend to avoid it because I can't control my self at the restraunt heeehee. I totally over indulge. I used to go to a buffett all the time when I was a lot heavier. I hadn't been in forever and went back they were like Oh My its been so long you go so small.... I didnt' want to tell them that part of it was avoiding my overeating at their restraunt!

I slipped up this weekend so I'm doing a few days of phase 1 trying to get back on track. I had just barely made it into phase two when the slip up happend. I guess I hadn't really gotten rid of those stress triggered cravings for junk food.

Ruth I love lily of the valley. In the house I grew in, my dad had it planet in the side yard he would always sing a song about it as he picked it. :)

have a great day.

05-19-2009, 10:13 AM
Well aren't we just all the chatty bunch this morning? All this talk of gardens is making me jealous, between the rain and cold and now graduation I don't think I am ever going to get anything in the ground.

I'm trying very hard to stay organized this week and keep everyone at low stress levels for graduation this weekend. DH on the other hand is making thing tougher than they need to be. I heard on the radio while we were out lastnight a clip about graduation and how had they known 30 years ago what they know today they would have cherished everyday of this lastweek of school, that everything as they know it changes come the day of graduation. I wish I could make DH understand that concept and ease up just a bit on DD.

Something in this office smells dead, I guess we are off on a hunt for the culprit, ick!

05-19-2009, 10:19 AM
Good morning ladies!!! Happy Tuesday!

Ruth - So you're going to watch Glee? I have it set to record, I'm hoping it's good. Hope you're getting everything done you'd like to accomplish today.

Cottage - Have a great time at the zoo. I think a picnic is a perfect suggestion!

Debbie - Hope your swim was refreshing. Have fun gardening this morning.

Cyndi - I so wish I had space to garden. I've got some herbs growing on the patio, but until I have a place of our own, I'm thinking that the herbs are enough for now. Have fun with your new lasagna garden!

Jeannie - Oh how I wish I was in your neck of the woods. I'd be so happy to take some of your tomatoes. Fresh grown are simply the BEST! Welcome to the chat!!!!!

Stephanie - Hope the ramp up to graduation isn't too bad. Good luck finding the stinky varmint!

Me - last night I finally decided that I would watch the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. I thought I was prepared for what was going to happen. Let's just say I wasn't. My sweet, sweet hubby actually heard me and brought into the living room a box of Kleenex for me. Too sweet!!!!
Work today should be pretty mellow, and then tonight I'm making Chicken Cheesesteak Saute' (one of our favorites) and taking some over to the in-laws. Then it's all about Idol!!!! The only thing good about Idol being over soon is that So You Think You Can Dance is returning! I can't wait!!!!
Have a great Tuesday, ladies!!

05-19-2009, 10:47 AM
Good Morning, Friends,

Today is the last day of cool weather. It's actually been really nice. Not cool enough to frost the garden. Hooray! Pops has gone crazy planting tomatoes. When they are ripe, we'll have way more than we can eat.

It's going to be a quite day in our office again. Love it! As I was leaving this morning, Auston said, "Mommy, I like it best when you stay home with me all day." GUILT!

05-19-2009, 10:50 AM
Happy Tuesday everyone. Trying to get ahead (or caught up, depending on how you look at it) for work. What is she doing here? they wonder. Obviously not going so well so far. It's a gorgeous day and I really want to go outside and play. DH said he'd pick up the compost on the way home from work, so we may be able to get out and enjoy the evening and grill something for dinner. The peony buds are so close to bursting, today may be the day with all this sunshine!

Enjoy your idol, Ruth and Heather I never did get interested in that show. As a matter of fact, since DH changed out lineup and I lost Survivor last fall, I really haven't gotten interested in anything. All for the best, I suppose, I have plenty of other ways to waste my time.
Gross Steph, I hope somebody else finds the dead thing.
jennie, it takes a long time to get those stress cravings under control, for sure!
Thanks for the links Cyndi and Ruth, I will have to check those out. Cyndi, that sounds like plenty to fill the day.
lexxiss, hope your 2:30 phone call was nothing bad. I hate those middle-of-the night calls. They are never good news.
cottage, have a fun field trip. Are the girls out of school already?
ETA: Hey chel, have a great day!

05-19-2009, 10:55 AM
Good morning! Chelby I feel your Mommy guilt... I am having some of that myself. My kids get out of school in less than 2 weeks, and I already feel guilty that I will be working this summer. :(
This is such a CRAZY week!! I have so many things going on with the kid's schools, ballet dress rehersal, so much baking to do for different occasions this week, like FIL's birthday on Friday. I am in day-to-day survival mode. Then this weekend we kick it into crazy mode. DS is having his friend's birthday party, the same day DD has her dance recital, then Sunday we are having a big family birthday party. WHEW. This morning when my eyes opened I layed there for a second trying to bottle up some peace and quiet! :D Once this week and weekend is over, life should calm down. Then I will cash in on the massage I promised myself.
On the flip side, I have let the working out fall to the side and the scale is proving it. I know a lot of it is water, but I have gained 5lbs in less than a week!!! Seriously? Like I wasn't stressed out enough! I can't stomach the 4:30am runs right now... but I need to do something. I am going to try to make it to the gym tonight after we eat dinner. I need to do something to make myself feel better. Right now I feel F-A-T!

05-19-2009, 01:48 PM
Good afternoon everyone,

Chatty bunch today- I hope everyone enjoys all the gardening they are doing today.

DD play rehearsals went well last night, tonight I just found I have to do a phone conference at 5 p.m. so rush home from work to do more work. LOL. anyways we have haircuts at 6:30 p.m. so hopefully it will be over before then.

Have a nice afternoon everyone

05-19-2009, 01:57 PM
Morning all.

Well yesterday turned out to be an interesting day. Walked a mile on the treadmill and nearly passed out (dizzy, lightheaded, saw black spots, shaky, couldn't move well, some confusion), blood sugar tested at 38. Called the doctor who told me to me to get a piece of candy (already had grabbed one, dont worry had real food after just needed a quick boost.) and have my husband to take me to her office. Got there and blood sugar was back up to 60. For now until we get my blood test results and she can figure out what exactly is going on she said to just try to concentrate on eating healthy the best I can, but if I feel sick to do something about it. Also has me testing blood sugar 6 times a day, fun fun. She looked at my menu for the day and said the hypoglycemia shouldn't have hit me that hard, so she called the lab and put a rush on my results and she should have them hopefully by the end of the week (slow lab, rush means in less than 3 weeks for them). She also ordered another group of tests, some more specific than she ordered last time. She likes that I was working out, and told me to continue. Mostly for now to concentrate on just trying to eat healthier,to try a modified phase 2, and tracking what may be affecting my blood sugar so wildly.

05-19-2009, 02:37 PM
Hi Chickies,
Sorry, I have been missing, computer had some work done on it my Ds this weekend.

I have been busy with some gardening whenever the sun came out. Its been a cold weekend here and finishing some projects and also I hemmed 3 pair of pants for a friend that is going on a holiday to Japan.
DH is out to lunch with some friends, all retirees from his department and I hope that he will get out more. One of them just retired and he is an organizer so I hope he keeps it up. DH is just too much of a homebody.
We are going on a trip at the beginning of June to Quebec City and Charlevoix area (east of Quebec City) and I am really looking forward to it. Besides that I have been having a hard time staying on plan.
Hope everyone has a successful day.
take care

05-19-2009, 11:14 PM
Cebsme: Take care of you!

Sophie: My brother is stationed in Japan. I would love to visit, but the cheapest airline tickets I've found are around $1600. Yikes!

Last night in Jazzercise, I pulled a muscle in my lower abdominals. Do you know when you use your abdominals? ALL THE TIME!!! When you cough, when you potty, when you reach for something. OUCH! Tonight I cheated on the routines that really worked those muscles. Don't tell my students. :)