100 lb. Club - starting new, again, for the 1,000th time

05-18-2009, 04:19 PM
I am a chronic over-eater. Correction: chronic EMOTIONAL over-eater. I have been battling a life-long weight problem. It seems like my entire adult life (I just turned 40 in November 2008), I have been searching for the miracle diet. I had short-term success with most diet plans, but I always get off track. I used to be active, but I just don't have ANY energy. I feel like such a failure. How do I finally achieve my desired weight loss long-term?

05-18-2009, 04:31 PM
There is no miracle diet.

If you are an emotional over eater, it might make sense to start planning your meals. Eat what you plan, only that.

Eating healthy foods and avoiding processed foods gave me more energy.

What kinds of foods are you eating? I thought I was an over eater, until I figured out I was an over eater of empty CARBS. Eliminate my trigger foods (white flour, crackers, pretzels, cookies, cold cereal, etc) - voila, I was a normal eater. Now, THAT was a miracle.

05-18-2009, 04:48 PM
Hi there! I so feel where you are -- your story is so similar to time. I've tried it ALL to find the "magic, secret information" that HAD to be out there. Results -- still fat but lots poorer!
What I finally realized was that I had to change my life, not just my diet. I decided to focus on what and how much I ate, what I did in my spare time, and how I felt about it.
I chose a dietary plan that worked for me within my lifestyle -- for me that was WW, for others, calorie counting, South Beach -- and decided that it would no longer be about the numbers but about compliance to a new lifestyle, one which I could maintain (albeit with effort, at times!) in the long term.
So, it might be a thought to surf this site and check out the threads, find something which "speaks" to you, and get to it. View it like medicine at first, if you have to -- something that you MUST do even if you don't want to and even if you don't feel like it at the time. After a few weeks, it will be routine.
Once I did this, I started adding exercise into the mix. But I had to find something that I LOVED to do. I discovered that despite YEARS of gym memberships that I didn't use, perhaps the gym wasn't the answer for me! I found Hot Yoga, instead (who'd have thought it!!!). And I love it. And you'll find that activity that you love, too. You'll get there, you really will.

I know you can do it because you seem to really want to change your life. Sometimes the first step is the hardest but remember, we ALL had to start SOMEWHERES and we ALL had to take the first step. Just don't stop here -- take the second step, and then another and another. Before you know it, you'll be in a new place. Let us know how it goes!


05-18-2009, 05:23 PM
I too used to be emotional eater. But I managed to control it! I am sure you can too! :D

I don't cure my worries with food anymore, however I am always careful. I always think of that great feeling of self-control that I love and how easy is to loose that feeling when I overeat.

Oh and this website has been a great support too!
Stick with us! :D

05-18-2009, 06:04 PM
"I just don't have ANY energy"

I had this problem at first too. Although I am not very far in my weight loss journey, I found that after I lost about 15 pounds I found I had a lot more energy. Once you get moving more, your energy should come up! Joining here is a great way to find the support you will need. I know I would not have gotten as far as I have without reading all the encouraging posts and looking at everyone's before and after pictures!

You are NOT a failure and you CAN do it!!!!