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05-15-2009, 10:27 PM
I have a couple of questions that I'm not sure about so please help me out!

1) How many calories does a lemon have? I heard they're good for you and weight loss

2) What's the deal with celery? I hear stuff about negative calories and how it makes you burn them. Is this true or just one of those myths?

3) Since I've been working out and eating right and stuff, I notice after I sweat and like hours later maybe...my skin looks really good lol. It has a type of glow and just looks really clean. Does working out do anything for your skin?

4) Which scale is more accurate...digital or regular?

5) What's healthier...brown rice or whole rice? I eat brown rice but I've been hearing good stuff about whole.

6) Does gaining muscle, burn fat? I've been lifting dumbbells, they're not that big (8 lbs but still heavy and makes me break a good sweat)

7) I've been lifting those dumbbells for about a month now, on my quest to get Michelle Obama arms. How long will it take me? I'm consistent! lol

8)What burns more calories....jogging 2 miles on treadmill or dancing like a wild monkey to fast music for an hour and a half?

9) I gained 17 lbs (a while ago, that's what I'm taking off now) but I notice that my clothes still fit (the ones I wore when I was 17 lbs less). How is that possible? since 17 lbs is a lot. How are my clothes still fitting when I gained weight?

I had more questions but of course...can't think of them right now. Help me out if you can:)

Iconised Ghost
05-15-2009, 10:46 PM
1) Dunno xD Look on thedailyplate.com, it has a huge data base of foods and their calories

2) Its a myth :( Its very low cal and its pretty full of fibre but im 99.99999999% sure there is no such thing as a calorie negative food

3) Probably! I dont know anything for sure, but if you're sweating you might be cleaning out pores...it could just be that you shower more now though too! :D Could also be the extra circulation going around that is helping maybe? Ive noticed an improvement in my skin too

4) I use a digital scale. I think they are more accurate for a while, but after a while the springs get a bit less springy? But i think thats going to take a pretty long time so I go with digital. Theres prob not a lot in it. Over here its rare to see a non-digital scale so i dont have a huge choice xD

5) "Healthier" is a pretty general term. Both are prob good for you in general, not sure what the difference is exactly...again you can look both up on thedailyplate.com or just look at the nutritional labels and compare them on calories, fibre etc.

6) Yes definately! By gaining muscle you increase your "fat burning engine", so lifting weights is definately going to help

7) :D I dont know, it will take as long as it takes ;) Just make sure you challenge yourself a little each time you do it, you should get there

8) Im not sure...which ever gets your heart rate up the highest for the longest. So if you find it easy to run 2 miles and can do it without breaking a sweat in half an hour, its not going to be doing as much for you as the dance might

9) Maybe you gained it in strange places? Weight loss and gain works in mysterious ways :dizzy:

Hope that helps!

05-16-2009, 10:58 AM
1. thedailyplate.com !

2. Negative calories typically refers to the fact that you burn more calories consuming and digesting a food than that food has in it. There are lots of debates about the accuracy of it.

3. Exercise does help skin. Skin is a living organ just like everything else, and it all benefits from being active. Plus it makes you feel better, and when you feel better you tend to look better!

4. I use a digital. Everything I've read says they're more accurate.

5. Depends on what health benefit you're looking for. Brown rice is better than white rice, but whole rice such as wild grain contains more fiber because it's the entire grain. I usually mix it up, half brown and half wild rice so there's a nice contrast of texture and flavor.

6. Yes!

7. That depends. Do you have flab covering the muscles like I do? If so, you have to get that fat gone before you'll see the true definition of the muscles. If you're lucky enough not to have turkey gobble arms, it won't take as long.

8. Google a calorie burning calculator. While not 100% accurate, it will give you a rough idea of how many calories you're burning. They're usually based on your weight and normal level of activity. Then you can put in the length of your current activity and it will pop out a number of calories burned in that time.

9. I agree, maybe you gained it in weird spots? Or maybe you wear clothes with a touch of spandex in them, so you gained a little bit all over but your clothes had enough "give" so that you didn't notice a difference?

05-17-2009, 09:32 PM
1 &2 - There actually are some foods that take more calories to burn than they contain - I believe lemons are one of these foods, but double check. However, WW advises not to count these as negative, but just carry on as normal.

3) Sweating helps get rid of toxins in your skin, so yes, your skin is going to glow after :)

4) I hate scales - really expensive digital ones are the best, but as people have said, their springs wear out.

5) I'd think whole b/c its not processed, but not sure.

6) Lean muscle burns more calories, so by building it, yes, you'll burn more fat

7) When I worked on my arms every other day, consistently in combination with cardio, I had pretty toned arms in about 3 months, but everyone is different.

8) Whichever has you sweating more and breathing heavier for longer.

9) I gained like 20 lbs and my clothes still fit, so I'm trying to figure that out. My only explanation is that my clothes stretched with me.