20-Somethings - Getting REcommitted to being healthy!

05-15-2009, 03:25 PM
Gosh this is probably the millionth post I've made like this but THIS time it will stick! LOL.

So I lost a bunch of weight 3-4 years ago, and kept it off until about 8 months ago. I got into this bad relationship and all I felt like doing was sleeping and (over)eating because I was so depressed. Well now I've gained about 25 pounds back, but I'm determined to not let it be any more than that and to lose the rest. I've already lost 3 pounds since moving out of my ex's and moving back to Minnesota! I have this nifty app called Lose It! on my iPhone and it keeps track of my calories.

I'm converting to the LDS church, so I've given up smoking, which is awesome. Today is Day 12 of no smoking, and it will stay that way. I can finally say I'm an EX smoker! Woo hoo!

I joined Curves, but even though I've gained weight, I'm still in good ENOUGH shape that I don't feel like it does anything for me. So I joined Snap Fitness, which is a 24 hour place that's pretty cheap and there are locations EVERYWHERE -- even in the basement of my office building.

Anyways I keep forgetting about 3FC - even though it's what got me to my goal last time. The support here is priceless and I love the forums.

I don't know, I'm rambling now, but my point is I'm really committed this time to make a life change (again!) :carrot:

05-15-2009, 03:29 PM
Good for you! I recently recommitted myself after gaining some weight because of a boy too. Buncha jerks. haha.

And congrats on not smoking for 12 days! I'm sure that alone will make you feel tons better and healthier.