LA Weight Loss - Hope some one here can help me out.. looking for contact info for LAWL and..

05-14-2009, 11:07 PM

Hope some one here can help me out.. looking for contact info for LAWL and some advise here..
Not sure if anyone remember me but here I go..
I feel I am totally being screwed over by the LAWL.. I signed up back in July 2006.. I was losing weight just fine.. but dh and I started trying to conceive.. and I told my center this and they were fine.. We were unable to get pregnant on our own so I asked the center to HOLD my file becuase we were having to get medical help for trying to have a baby, the meds they put me on were making me gain weight.. Well again the clinic was fine with this and told me everything will be on hold and even said that I would be able to use my maintenance weeks as weight loss weeks when I come back after we have a baby.. WELL I just finally had my baby in Jan.. after doing IVF to get pregnant.. and the clinic is now telling me a TOTALLY different story.. saying I have NO more weeks, my file was NEVER put on hold and basically I'm SOL because it is over 18 months so all my bars are forfeited.. But in good faith they will give 1/2 of the bars I had left.. Ummm wth.. I mean I paid $1500 for this program.. I LOVED it.. and feel like they are totally screwing me over..I feel so deceived by these people that work at the center.. They told me one thing then and now they tell me something totally different.. it just really frustrates me that they would screw me like this..
Sooo I am coming here to see if anyone has any contact info for corporate and also to ask what would you do? Am I just SOL or is there something I can do? It just does not seem right that all the ladies I would see would tell me everything will be okay.. everything is on hold.. ect.. and then now tell me Oh well!

Mama Nicole
05-14-2009, 11:55 PM
Oh, Candice...........congratulations on your baby. I want details. I remember when you first started talking about trying to conceive. How very exciting for you. I want details!!!

As far as contacting LAWL, I really don't know. I know someone will know. I will look for my old materials and see if there is any contact info.......but I wanted to reply to you right away, cuz it is so good to see you......and yoru beautiful baby. How are you and DH adjusting to it all? It is a beautiful, difficult transition, isn't it?

05-15-2009, 12:14 AM
Hey Nicole!
Good to see a familiar face :)

No time to retype this so here is a copy/paste of when I came home after having andrew:
On the 20th I had been having mild contractions through out the day..
So I took advise from the books, we went walking around grocery store and Costco and got some shopping done.
Got home and felt fine.. started putting groceries away and felt a sharp stabbing pain and then felt a little wet. I thought maybe it was my water or something so just finished off groceries and then went to the restroom to check and the pad I was wearing was filled with blood and when I stood up so was the toilet. I called the hospital and they said to come in.
I had to wait about 15 mins for dh to get home(I had to call him to return home. He had just left to go see the dr as he was not feeling well)
We got to the hospital I think around 4:30ish or so and they took me in to the assessment room .. had me change into a gown and they wanted to look at pad..
they then did some test, not really sure what it was.. everything was happening so fast but it was to try and see inside to see if they could see where the bleeding was coming from(sort of like a pap but they had to keep using these cloths the move clots and blood out of the way(and that hurt!! when they did that) They they did a ultrasound and tested the blood that was taking out from down there. The dr came back in and told me that part of my placenta had come off the wall and that was causing the bleeding.. she did not want to check my cervix because she thought it was low(even though the last u/s said it was fine) so she put me on med to induce labor(forget name.. like I said everything was happening so quickly) So they moved me to a room and stared the IV. the nurse starter med at 2.0 and then slowly moved to 3.0 then 4.0 and the contraction were coming more and more but still just mild.. and all of a sudden I felt a really big gush again and again thought my water broke but when nurse checked there was sooo much blood. She called dr, she could not come because she was in OR but said to stop the med and see what happens. I got up and went to the restroom at this time also and there was a really big clot in the toilet and also just full of blood..
After the IV was stopped the contraction were less and less and even more mild.. dr got out of OR said to try the med one more time so the nurse did .. starting slow again.. then dr actually came to room and nurse showed her the pad with all the blood and told her about the clot and blood in toilet and she came over and talked to dh and me.. saying that she was really uncomfortable with seeing that amount of blood and was not going to be taking it lightly. She said she really felt c-section was my only option .. she felt that if she let me keep trying to labor and the way it was going(not strong, and I could not take the med to help along) that I could bleed out. So I was wheeled to OR right then and baby Andrew was delivered about 10 mins later. He was born @ 10:24pm on the 20th .. weighing 7lbs 15.5 oz and 22in in length. Dh and I totally feel in love when we saw him. I LOVED the look on dh face and how excited he was.. it was like he because an instant dad.. I mean he did, but now I got to see the love and excitement he felt.
Andrew is has been doing good, he is a good eater.. and poops and pees good also. He is already over that black tar poop!!
I have been breast feeding in hospital but am finding it REALLY hard only because it hurts so bad. I had soo many nursers go over it and over it with me and I really think he is latching on right but I'm not sure why I am feeling so much pain. I do have the pump here and I would like to try using that.. but for now he is mostly being fed formula(I feel like such a failure.. but when I was only bfing he would scream and scream for more but nothing would come out) At least now he is getting full and that makes us all happy.
I'm sure I'm leaving lots out.. but I'm so tired and need to go lay really has been a LONG 3 days!!

Here are some pics of andrew:

I can't belive it..He is almost 4 months!! Time sure does go by quick.
Dh and I have both adjusted to parenthood just fine. Dh is already talking about having another one :)

05-15-2009, 08:48 AM
congrats on the baby candice! i remember you too!

i just had a baby 2wks ago too. :)

05-15-2009, 11:11 AM
Congrats on the baby!

LAWL is totally shady -- they closed the centers in my town without any notice, and were recruiting and taking money the DAY BEFORE they closed down, and corporate head office won't take calls nor refund any $$$.

I think you may be SOL here...I am now so TOTALLY not into paying for services in advance of receiving them.

On the up side, Andrew is TOTALLY cute!


05-15-2009, 12:10 PM
I'm going to pick up the boxes they are offering then.
I did google and found sooo much bad shady practices of LAWL.. just makes me sick. You know I LOVED the program.. Just sucks they do what they do.

05-15-2009, 12:21 PM
congrats on the baby candice! i remember you too!

i just had a baby 2wks ago too. :)

Congratulations to you too Jillian! :carrot:

05-15-2009, 12:46 PM
Candice.. You need to be upfront with the people in the COD there and ask for a corporate or franchise contact addy or number. Very calmly let them know you feel you were deceived and need to contact the head office to inform them.

I'm assuming that none of the people who worked there before you took time off are still there? I can see that being one issue as to why no one remembers you putting your file on hold. I'm not excusing them in any way, please understand, but the rapid turnover with the company is just one of the problems we as clients have/had to deal with...

Congrats on the baby!!

05-15-2009, 12:53 PM
Wow Candice - great to hear from you, and Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy - those pictures are great.

I would see if any of the people that were at the COD when you first spoke to them about this are still with the company. I think that is your best bet, since you are there in person, and unfortunately Corporate is probably all about the $$$. Sad but true. I hope that this gets worked out in the end.

In the meantime, if you still have the plan, start up with it. A lot of us are forging ahead without our COD's, you can jump on in with us.

It is great to see you.

*** LOL - Dan and I think alike ****

Mama Nicole
05-15-2009, 01:30 PM
Candace........I haven't found my stuff yet, but I do recall calling and requesting a refund a couple of years ago, and guess what? They gave it to me. Like Dan said, I would demand a phone number from the COD.

Thanks for all the details about the birth. I love that stuff. You both are so lucky to have made it through that ordeal. And your bby is beautiful. And, of couse, I love his name, as I have a 4 yo named Andrew too :)

Definitely start up with us. Some of us just keep on trying, even though we suck at You were very successful, as I recall with this go for it. If you can't find your stuff (like me), just fire away the questions......we will all help :)

05-15-2009, 02:04 PM
Be very persistent! Demand you get what you paid for. I had a very similar situation when I had my baby two years. I refused to pay any more because I had already paid for a service I didn’t receive. I demanded to talk to the area manager and after a couple of phone calls with her, she finally told my COD to let me continue to come w/o paying for more weeks. I did continue to go but I was treated like crap. I don’t have her number, I don’t think I ever did because she always called me. My COD closed a few weeks after this big argument so as you can image I’m so thankful that I didn’t cave from the pressure to buy more weeks. I didn’t lose out on any products but I did lose out on my stabilization and maintenance weeks.

05-15-2009, 02:38 PM
Yeah I have been persistent though the phone & email.. but was just getting the run around and then finally the last email that I posted about here.
when I have dh go pick up bars I will have him ask for corporate's #.. he's better at dealing with stuff like this.

I do plan on getting back on track.. but I need to get the bars first.. I really need to to keep me on track.. only becuase i have a major sweet tooth and with out them I grab for anything! :eek:
I asked them for the mean plan but they never responded to giving me that.. So I will have to see if I still have something to work with.

Repo girl
05-15-2009, 07:19 PM
Hey Candice!!! Good to see you. What a darling little miracle you have. Good for you. I have no good LAWL advice. Just wanted to say hello!

05-15-2009, 07:53 PM