100 lb. Club - The Biggest Loser - ***Winner Spolier ALERT***

05-13-2009, 11:34 AM
Wasn't it fun? So great to see everyone slimmed down - well, not everyone but most! I was sad for the two big cousins, the really young one who was over 400 lbs? The cousin only lost 45 lbs and he was a big big boy, and they showed him athome still eating fried chicken. I guess even the lure of 250K isn't enough motivation if you're not ready for it. I really hope Mikey's brother Max gets a shot next season!

05-13-2009, 11:48 AM
I love their excitement! It makes me want the same for myself.

05-13-2009, 11:51 AM
I thought it dragged on and on - 3 hours way way too long. I also hated the very ending - 30 minutes of weighing, 10 second reveal of the winner, then cue the confetti! No time for congratulations, or any props to the runner up, no words from the trainers. Very unsatisfying.

Also thought the "vote for one of these identical blonde girls" was pretty weird.

I think Aubrey gained weight!

05-13-2009, 12:29 PM
Sorry Trazey, I had to change the thread title because I am GOING TO spoil.

Ok, 1st...3 freaking hours, I mean come on, that was just torture - who has 3 hours at night,

Then, since when is getting ion biggest loser a popularity contest? How bad must that girl who didn't get on feel?

I really liked Daniel's attitude - just because he wasn't at goal yet - he knows he can do it.

I thought Nicole's arms were amazing.

And the winner is...(stop reading if you don't want to know)

Helen...what a bummer. Here she is @ 117 GOAL and Shannon is not. I have always thought that Helen should have let Shannon stay and Shannon should be at goal instead. Mike or Tara I would have been happy with, just not Helen. Don't get me wrong, she looked great, but I think she threw Shannon under the bus. Just my personal opinion!!!

And I agree, Can't they leave 5 or 10 minutes there at the end to wrap things up??

05-13-2009, 12:37 PM
Sorry, but Helen does NOT look healthy. She is just BARELY in the normal BMI range.....I am hoping that when she starts rehydrating she will fill out again.

05-13-2009, 12:41 PM
Personally I thought that Helen looked like crap, way too skinny. Ever since she let her daughter go home I have not wanted her to win. I also think it took a lot of courage for those few that did not do so well to come to the finale!

05-13-2009, 12:45 PM
I didn't watch the whole thing.

But I agree. I HATED that they didn't speak to the winner and the runners-up after the weigh-in. I would have LOVED them to ask, so now that you've lost the weight - what are your plans for keeping it off? And it's not like they couldn't have done with a bit less video tape and actually SAVED some time for after the weigh-in.

You have no idea how badly I want that brother to lose weight as well. How PHENOMENAL would that be?

05-13-2009, 12:48 PM
I was very disappointed that we did not get to hear much from Helen, Tara or Mike. They did drag it on too long and I think they ran out of time.

I love Helen, but I think she looked a little too skinny last night. Hopefully, that was just for the challenge. Helen is an inspiration to me. I was very disappointed that Kristen didn't win the at-home portion. She was so close! But, boy did she look amazing!

05-13-2009, 12:53 PM
That show is such an inspiration.All 3 finalist should have won.I can't imagine what Tara was feeling losing by so little.My daughter is 14 and loves that show.Since the beginning of this season she has lost 47 pounds with the motivation from that show.:carrot:I hope it has a positive effect on all watchers!!

05-13-2009, 12:58 PM
Personally, I thought this was the best season ever, even if I wasn't happy about who won.

Dan and David are friends, not cousins, David was NEVER into losing the weight. He wanted to go home and when he did, he continued smoking and eating whatever he wanted. Dan on the other hand I am SO proud of. He is really showing an effort and though he has a way to go, he looked SO MUCH better already.

Jerry....OMG! :dancer: He spent TWO weeks on the ranch, looked like he was going to die the first day and then ended up losing an insane amount! I think most people were expecting Nicole to be the runaway winner, or maybe Kristen. Nicole looked incredible, Kristen looked fantastic, even with her Pink haircut, but Jerry...you go! LOL!

Dane and Blaine...Dane really surprised me. He looked really good! I don't think I was expecting that big of a change in him.

Nicole looked FIERCE! Did you see those arms?! Damien looked good too.

Cathy looked good but I have to say her success was overshadowed by Kristen! She was working it out there!

However, the person I was MOST impressed by, the person that has been the biggest inspiration to me has been Ron. I know he isn't everyone's cup of tea but when I saw the scale hit 233!!!! I cried! From 430 to 233! He lost I have to say, with a few exceptions, everyone looked really good. He lost 40 pounds at home, which is incredible. He was only a couple pounds shy of winning the "at home" prize too. With all his health problems, a trip to the hospital during the show, multiple times he had to stop or do less because of his knee or shoulder...yet he NEVER gave up. That man made me cry more this season then I care to admit!

Not to leave out Mike. Mike was just as big of an inspiration and you can tell that he is going to pass what he learned on. To be that determined at 18 just blows my mind! I am Facebook friends with him and he has heart! He is going to be an incredible surgeon w/the kind of empathy he possess. He was only 4 pounds away from winning it all too. He lost more weight then he weighs now. That's incredible.

As for Tara and Helen....
Tara is one hard worker, that girl does NOT like to lose. I will admit to having less sympathy for her then anyone else. Its not that I didn't like her, but she was a model for crying out loud. She only got heavy in the last two years. I am not taking anything away from her amazing success or her drive to win but I personally have more empathy for someone that has had to overcome a lifetime of weight problems. She had many years of being thin...something many of the contestants never had.

Helen. As a mother, I do not understand her. To me, she was incredibly selfish letting Shannon go home. When I saw Shannon at the finale, I really hoped Helen would lose. Shannon looked amazing, but she still has a way to go and if she would have been allowed to stay at the ranch, she may have had more success. I don't care if she held her breath and cried saying she wanted to go home... (which she didn't...watch the unedited version of the episode where she goes home. That girl did not really want to go.) As a mother, I would have sent myself home. Cathy did it, Ron was willing to do it, only Helen put herself before her daughter and that angered me. I get that mom's have to do things for themselves and that Shannon isn't a baby anymore, but this wasn't about giving up a day off to babysit when you don't really want to or something like that, this is your child's HEALTH; her quality of life...to me, Helen staying was unforgivable. Forgive me fans of Helen, but that is how I feel. Her weight loss was incredible and she worked hard for it, but I can not be happy for her.

Finally, (and I am sure if you made it this far, your glad :o ) Aubrey.
Seeing Aubrey hurt the most. I realized that I am Aubrey. I have 4 kids instead of 5, but I remember watching her at home update and she had gained 9 pounds. She said by the finale she would be "x" amount of pounds...the finale came, she wasn't. She said she would continue...she hasn't figured out how to not let life get in her way yet and I get it. I am sure she has great days, and bad ones...a few in a row. Ups and downs on the scale, personal promises made, lots of time broken. I could almost feel her disappointment, sadness and maybe even a bit of embarrassment that she wasn't further along in her weight loss. It was all over her face. I know that look. Seeing Aubrey makes me want to keep going, not just for me, but for her and all the "Aubreys" out there.

05-13-2009, 01:11 PM
3 hours!! that was 2 hours and 59 mins too long! Nicole and Jerry looked great. Helen, ugh. She looked awful. No one else seemed to lose any weight, they looked the same to me. Kristin looked good and she was my favorite from the beginning.

05-13-2009, 01:26 PM
THIS SHOW IS WAY OVERPRODUCED! It becomes abundantly clear with every season that passes. I think the last season finale was two hours long; but three hours? Thank goodness I just DVRed it. As far as it being a somewhat anticlimatic episode, I agree. When I take a step back and think that these are real people and not just reality show characters, I couldn't imagine the pressure to lose weight if you had to debut your new smashing body on national television in front of a kabillion viewers. I felt bad for the younger boys. I couldn't agree more Irishsarah about your Helen comment. I don't think Helen looked that great; I thought she actually looked a little too skinny. But there you have it, another consumer (me) chewing up and spitting out the man. I guess I will never be happy. I rooted on everyone all season only to become really supercritical of them at the end.

05-13-2009, 01:50 PM
I'll make it short. I liked that Helen won, and I can't understand why some of you think she sacrificed her daughter to do it. Helen is a great competitor and I love that she's an older woman. I also think Helen looked great.

I hate the way they end the show in the last 30 seconds. I think Tara did magnificently--she was only 5 pounds short of winning--and same for Mike.

All of them will have a weight rebound--it's inevitable. I've read about the very unhealthy tricks people go through before the finale, and it's completely unsustainable. With luck, they will rebound to a healthier weight and then stabilize.


05-13-2009, 02:23 PM
I'm going to be real honest here.

I Love/Hate Biggest Loser for so many reasons. It's great to see how the show has motivated so many people across the world to start weightloss programs. I love to see that a 64 year old man can overcome sickness and lose so much weight at home (and look great). I can go on and on.... and on some more.....

Last night was a disappointment - season after season the show is becoming too much like a Donald Trump / Miss USA production. All that is missing to me is the Question and Answer/Bikini portion. I will not even go into Helen's weight....... Weight loss is something not to be paraded up and down a stage - it should be celebrated. For so many people who have been overweight for most, if not, their entire life - do they really need to see 2 girls go at it to see who get's a place on the next season? That's tacky. Please don't let this be a sign of season's to come.

In the end though, a Really BIG Congrats!! to everyone who competed. To me they are ALL winners. Losing 1 pound is hard enough farless losing what all of them accomplished. (even David ... he lost like 40lbs?)

05-13-2009, 03:47 PM
I did like the shout out to the Biggest Loser Australia winners, I watched that show too and it's a bit different from the US version but really cool ~ not quite so mean-spirited i think??? I wondered where all the past winners were?? don't they usually do that, trot them all out to show them off years later?? or did i miss that part?? I know the one guy who won, he dropped 200 lbs. I think and had weight-loss skin surgery, ended up gaining it all back and then some :( that sux, I guess you wouldn't want to go back on tv after that. I agree -- they should have saved some time for the end, to chat a bit and say congrats, but i guess that's live TV for you, you can't predict how long it might run?

LOST season finale on tonight yay!!!!

05-13-2009, 04:35 PM
Now that I know that Helen won, I'm going to go home and erase it. And every other episode I have DVRed. As much as I disliked Vicky and Heba, it is just *wrong* that Helen wins after being so selfish and sending her daughter home *TWICE* to serve her own purposes. I did see the first part of the show and her daughter was far from goal. Her daughter is the one that needed to be on campus and she took that away from her.

From what I did see, everyone had really impressive weight losses and it was very inspiring to see what they'd done -- Jerry, Estelle, Nicole (wow --her arms -- she looked great!).

Man, it's disappointing that Helen won.


05-13-2009, 10:42 PM
There was an interview at NeverSayDiet where Helen says that the producers cut out her discussion with Shannon the week she was eliminated. She sad Shannon had hated the gameplay and wanted out, she tried to convince her otherwise, but she wouldn't budge.

05-13-2009, 10:53 PM
When you think about it, it was mostly likely a great decision for Helen to stay and her daughter to leave. I mean Helen won and I'm sure that money will come in handy for her AND her daughter.

But still I hate that Helen won, and on top of that she looked awful, shouldn't you lose points or something for being too thin. BAH! Mike should have won.