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05-11-2009, 08:59 PM
Hi all! I'm back.
I've been extremely off plan for about 2 months. Everything had been going so well. I was eating right and I was at the gym 4 times a week. And then I went home for mid-term. I got comfortable and out of routine. There's no gym there and when I'm here I'm completely in control of everything I eat.
I was nieve enough to think it would go back to normal when I got back to college but it didn't. I think it might have just gotten worse.
I'm sick of falling off plan. I really do want to do this. I could make excuses so that this post is a thousand miles long but I know better then to try and justify my fall.

I fell right back into my eating habits. Chocolate, pizza, fizzy drinks, chocolate, some more pizza, ice cream, chocolate. You get the picture.

I've put off weighing myself like the plague but today I did, and some how I'm extremely lucky and I only put on 2lbs. I think I might of even put it on pre-fall. How is that even possible???

I've chosen a pretty awful time to try and get back in the game, exams are soon and I'm moving again in a couple of weeks. I'm not going to have time for the gym, and that's not a pathetic excuse I really amn't going to have time. But I figure fixing my eating habits is a good place to start and maybe that I can get that down it'll be one less hurdle after the exams. Also I tend to binge like crazy during my exams. "comfort food". Yeah right.

Anyway just wanted to let you guys know what's going on with me and that I'm back.

I've missed you all