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05-07-2009, 11:17 PM
Although I never fell completely off the wagon cause I still ate healthy lunches. :p It helped negate 1000+ pounds gained back. I think I only gained a few pounds. As of this morning's weigh in, I am at the same weight I was when I stopped.

After I went to the family reunion, I just didn't feel like it or something because I thought I screwed up at the eating deal. I know it was all an excuse though.

So, I've been eating on plan as much as possible the last few days. I also exercised to Turbo Jam. ^_^ I was going to go to WW but left my card at home. I still decided to buy a new 3 month journal to signal to myself I need to track. It's helped because it's all brand new and spiffy. Also, it showed me it won't make me burst into flames by walking into the WW meeting when I've not been for a while. I will go next week. I put the card in my car to make sure.

My current non scale returning victories:
1) Something I've done in the last year, like my 10 Minutes in the Morning, trying to work up to push ups, or a few days on plan must have done something to my arms because I did Turbo Sculpt with....five pound weights. In 2007, I remember trying to do five pounders and couldn't do it. I wanted to cry. Yet two days this week, I've rocked them. Yes, sometimes, I had to stand/pace because I couldn't remember the moves/level of fitness. Now, I understand why they say it takes only a short time to lose fitness cause whew, it's been killing me. I don't remember feeling like this in 2007. I've been sweating ponds this week. lol

2) I went to Waffle House and didn't have the billion pounds of food that I usually get. I got a salad. I was very upset with my boyfriend. I love Waffle House and he hates it unless he's in a mood for it. Yet every time he wants it, I'm back on plan. I also went to McDonalds and got a parfait (which I never ate) instead of hashbrowns or what have you.

Why am I back with new motivation? Well, my mom told me that if I could get off/get a new job, I could go to 4-H camp as an AC. I love 4-H camp and that's the reason why I originally started losing the weight. I know we should do it for the health benefits but imagining myself trying to lug my body up the big hills, makes me want to work that much harder. Last year, I was walking faster up the hills than some nine year olds. :carrot: I know in a month I can't make that much difference in the way I look but I can at least work on my fitness. Those hills will not deter me!

My plan right now is to eat within points and to exercise everyday. I'm afraid if I took a rest day that I would never get back to exercising. Although I have loved the sore feeling in my body. I welcome it so much!

So, now I have some questions!
1) I thought I read some where that you can train your abs on consecutive days. I'm not sure since that is the opposite of everything I've heard. So can you do ab work two days in a row? I am so wiped after 40 minutes of turbo sculpt that I can't imagine to do another 20 minutes for abs (because I don't feel it) . Yet on my cardio days, I feel like I could do some abs. I normally am not the type to go, "Must lose belly fat" but I just don't feel it when I do Turbo Sculpt unlike every other part of my body.

I thought I had more but I can't remember them.

05-08-2009, 08:52 AM
Welcome back! Sounds like you have learned some life-altering habits. I look forwardt being with you when you reach your goals.

05-08-2009, 09:09 AM
Welcome back! :)

05-08-2009, 10:34 AM
Welcome back!

05-08-2009, 11:35 AM
No you need at least one day of rest before you work a particular muscle group again. Welcome back to 3FC.