30-Somethings - 30 Something's Daily Chat: Thursday, 5/7

05-07-2009, 09:06 AM
Mornin' All! :coffee:

05-07-2009, 09:46 AM
Good morning, Lauren.

How is everyone doing this morning?

I finally landed in the 192's on the scale this morning but I won't count it until my official weigh in tomorrow- assuming I don't mess it up today of course. Still, I'll FINALLY be able to mark that second weight loss goal off as complete and move on to goal #3. Woot Woo!

05-07-2009, 11:04 AM
Way to go Bindersbee! :woohoo:

Morning Lauren! :wave:

Not much going on here...I'm eating dinner on the go tonight...I have my french class...so that should be interesting! I'll have to plan dinner in advance for tuesday and thursday nights.

It's also raining here...so I'm having a BLAH day...it started out by waking up late and rushing to catch my bus to work and it's just blah blah blah from there... :lol:

Hope everyone's having a better day than I am!

05-07-2009, 11:11 AM
Congrats Binder! Looks like the both of us started around the same number. I've been hanging steady at 210. Need to get myself in gear again.

Not much going on here. I wasn't on the last few days, because I had a lot of data entry.

I have been reading Angels and Demons, because I want to read it before the movie comes out. Hubby and I both read DaVinci Code together, so it's kinda nice that we can read another book together. Of course, I'm distractable, so he's further than me.

No news on my final grade for English Comp. I hope I get an "A".

Christina S
05-07-2009, 11:16 AM
good morning
hope everyone has a wonderful day
congrats binder on your weight loss
well...for me...just trying to stay on track...a little off yesterday but not too bad...hoping for complete success today - even during super busy times for work....ugg the things that get me off track
have a great day all!

05-07-2009, 01:52 PM
Congrats on reaching your goal, Bindersbee!

I had a good morning. Stepped on the scale and I'm down another 1.4 lbs! I know it's silly, but I weigh myself daily. It's motivating for me (i.e., if the weight is higher, I'm more aware of what I'm eating or how much I'm exercising).

I also know that this weekend I'll be burning LOTS of calories. My boyfriend and I are putting in new flooring in my guest bedroom and getting ready for company next week. He's graduating from his Masters program and a bunch of people will be staying at the house with us. Cleaning is as good a workout as the elliptical, right? ;)

05-07-2009, 02:32 PM
Good morning all ! Yay Binder! Yay Harpie! I am on a plateau right now- but- 2 miles on the treadmill last night and half was actual running. I usually don't run unless I am being chased by something that could potentially eat me- but I figure my big hiney is going to take me over if I don't run.

Hurting quite a bit today( my horse tripped me Sunday and I got pretty beat up)
can't ride my bike untill the bruises on my hands go away. Can't lift weights either. So I will just keep running.
Y'all have a great day!

05-07-2009, 02:53 PM
I usually don't run unless I am being chased by something that could potentially eat me- but I figure my big hiney is going to take me over if I don't run.

Hahahaha! You're a funny gal, Dancer!

I used to love riding. What kind of horse do you have?

05-07-2009, 04:40 PM
Thanks Harpie.
I have a big black Mutt. He is 3/4 Percheron ( think of the great war horses of the dark and middle ages)
The other 1/4 is quarter horse. he is about 17 hands.

by the way- it's DangerGirl, not DancerGirl- and as you get to know me you will understand why. I am about as graceful as barbed wire and I live in constan danger. For instance- I have chosen as my home the most inhospitable place I ave ever been- and trust me I lived a year in Iowa- so I am a pretty good judge. But I love Alaska- I can't imagine living anywhere else fo rthe rest of my life. There is a beauty here you must see to beleive.( or rather- you must experience. Seeing is not enough).
Well listen to me, I have rambled enough. Thank you for the compliment. I love your harp- I suspect you play?

05-07-2009, 05:22 PM
DG, so, is that an open invitation to spend our summer vacation with you? :D Just kidding.

Celtic, bad habit, but i understand it. :D Congrats on the loss! And yes, hard labor counts as exercise!

:wave: Hello to everyone else! :wave:

05-07-2009, 07:10 PM
Hi Lauren, you could come spend summer with us, but you would have to tent it in our woods. our house is only 468 sq ft. there is not even enough room to streach out on the living/dining room floor. We are planning to add a bedroom for our baby- when we get around to making one.
On the plus side if a bear shows up you will get a good work out running from it. They can outrun a horse. The good news is in another month it won't get dark and you will be able to see the bears far enough in advance to get away.
Yeah- this is a great place to live. it makes you appreciate life.

I have seen fishermen on the banks get their fish stolen while they are standing there fishing. The bears come down after the fishermen throw their catch up on the shore, and take the fish and run back into the woods. Crazy huh?
Have a great night!