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05-05-2009, 09:55 PM
Ok so i know i am being stupid in writing this thread but i just want to let it out!

So at work we are doing a biggest loser competition. It was the second weigh in today. I did well in the first losing 1kg.

Now this week i have been really on plan, i have exercised at least once a day, but i mostly exercise 2 times (once in morning once in arvo). Ranging from 5-8km runs to strength training. I have been on plan with my food eating about 1300 calories during the week (it is low but i need to do that so i can eat a bit more on the weekend ) and on the weekend about 1500-1700 calories. I manage to fit a sort of treat meal in once a week, where i don't count calories but i dont go overboard. For example at my friends 21st dinner party. I had a small piece of steak 2 potatoes lots of salad 2 glasses of wine, and a piece of chocolate cake.

I get my calories from mostly wholefoods, about 80:20 ratio wholefoods versus packaged.

I then get to work on monday where the other 8 'biggest losers' are telling me their weekend diets. It consists of KFC, McDonalds, hotdogs, crackers and cheese, milkshakes, fish and chips and ALOT of slipping up. So im fairly confident when i walk in the door this morning to weigh in, because none of these people have been on plan (none of them exercise btw too).

However low and behold when i get on the scale this morning..ive gone from 74.8kg to 74.5kg...wow. I know its dumb to say its just not fair!! but come on, im NOT exagerating when i am telling you what my workmates have eaten! and im NOT exagerarting when i tell you how much ive been on plan!!

I know we have bad weeks and what not and its not about the number on the scale, but i just needed to vent, because if i went near KFC fish and chips, chocolate i would have put on 5 friggen kgs!!

It just makes me feel stupid and like all this work ive been doing is shot to ****, while i go out to lunch on the weekend and eat my salad and theyre out scoffing KFC chicken burgers! I normally dont care what people think but i sort of feel like they all think im lying about what i eat cos i didnt lose much weight, when really they should be taking a huge leaf out of my book!

Its strange, i cant really work out why, but ive never been able to get below 74 kg. ive lost weight before and i get stuck at 74 and just give up. Im not going to do that this time tho.

p.s. after the weigh in 2 of them ordered bacon and egg rolls from the shop across the road..

sorry for the rant, its ridiculous, but some times u just gotta tell someone!

05-05-2009, 10:04 PM
I manage to fit a sort of treat meal in once a week, where i don't count calories but i dont go overboard. For example at my friends 21st dinner party. I had a small piece of steak 2 potatoes lots of salad 2 glasses of wine, and a piece of chocolate cake.

Estimating low, with only 4 oz of steak, 2 small potatoes with nothing on them, 2 small glasses of wine @ 4 oz each, and one piece of chocolate cake: That's 900 calories right there, not even counting the salad itself and anything that may have been on it in the way of dressing or other stuff. Estimated more reasonably, with 6 oz of meat, medium potatoes, and 2 6-oz glasses of wine, you're in the range of more like 1200 calories.

Seems like your treat meals are doing your weekly deficit in.

05-05-2009, 10:09 PM
That's the most irritating thing on the planet, I know where you're coming from! I'm the exact same way, I used to bust my butt, exercise religiously, eat right, etc. etc. and could NOT break 175 lbs, yet co-workers would be stuffing themselves with bagels, chips, chocolate, not a stitch of exercise and 9 times out of 10 they were smaller than me. It's UNFAIR. On the plus side, you're definitely the healthiest of the bunch, I bet none of them could run 10 k even if a bear was chasing them, so hold on to that!

05-05-2009, 10:20 PM
haha your right Leeessa! haha i know im the fittest and healthiest but life is just so silly sometimes!!

Warmaiden a weekly meal of 900 calories totaling the daily calorie count of about 1700 and adding in a 12 kilometer run in there isnt really what i thought would make me my total weight loss for the week 300grams? That just seems crazy! But maybe weight loss is crazy..

05-05-2009, 10:25 PM
Also, salt salt salt! Are you tracking how much salt you eat? Sodium from restaurant food, frozen food, deli meat, and canned food can totally cause you to retain extra weight. If you want to make sure you get a good number on the scale for the next weigh-in, keep an eye on your sodium intake in the 2 days before the weigh-in, and drink a lot of water! If the weigh-in is early in the morning, you might also try not eating or drinking until after you step on the scale, using the bathroom right before you weigh, and possibly even going for a short run. I can lose about a pound of water weight in less than a mile jogging. Obviously not a healthy thing to do all the time, cause I'm dehydrating myself on purpose, but when a competition's involved.... I'm pretty competitive. :)

Anyhow keep doing the good stuff you're doing, and good luck with the contest!

05-05-2009, 10:53 PM
Ok, you were on plan. Here is what you can't control:
Salt - hidden in food
Hydration level
Water retention
Hormonal fluctuations
Body reaction to exercise (more water is retained if you use your muscles more and they need to repair)
Carb intake (if you've had a higher carb intake than usual you will reatin some water)
Unknown reasons: sometimes you can do everthing right and nothing happens. This is temporary -- wait til next week.
YOUR COLLEAGUES ARE PLAYING HEAD GAMES WITH YOU. If you didn't see them eat it, how do you know they did? It IS a competition. How better to annoy someone and get them off track than to play some headgames?

Just some thoughts!
Stick with the plan, focus on YOU and not what your colleagues are doing, and you'll be just fine.


05-05-2009, 11:11 PM
I did a competition like that at work last year. I would lose 6 pounds in one week, and nothing the next! At the end of it the month I lost the second most weight (15.8 pounds I think).

Bodies just act mean sometimes.