General chatter - Thankyou to whoever wrote that thing about dogs and vets...

05-05-2009, 10:58 AM
Warning: long. Just needed to post it.

A few days ago someone posted a thing 'from your dog' about how they depend on us.

It really made me think.

I have 5 dogs, all aged 13 or nearly, and while I love them very much, of course they get on my nerves some times, that's life.

I took the post to heart when I read it though and calmed down and was much more positive towards them. Don't want anyone to think I was maltreating them, I'd never do that, I just took time this past few days to remember the postive strokes.

It reminded me of when my old Labrador died, week before Christmas 2006. I'd come home and found she'd managed to scarf a pound of brown sugar and 6 raw eggs. Goodness knows how, she had arthritis, they were well out of reach on a worktop - well, obviously not. I yelled and shouted at her that she'd eaten Christmas. About that time a friend rang me, not really a dog person, but he said, go and forgive your dog; you can buy more eggs and sugar. So I did, and found her looking a bit sombre, not in pain, just sombre. I brought her into the sitting room with me, and she lay down in front of the fire, her favourite place, and I lay down next to her, and she died. Of course I was soo, soo sad but we'd parted friends and together, and we wouldn't have done without that phone call.

So I've especially been being more laid back with the littlest mutt, a demented terrier. I took her to the vets last week (that was Not because I was being nice, I Always take them if there's a problem) because she was noticeably drinking and peeing a lot more. A couple of weeks ago she jumped on my bed and went there - the new bed's coming on Thursday.....
The vet. couldn't find a blood problem but said it could be her acky teeth, which were due for a clean, so I took her back today.

Yesterday evening I let her up on the settee with me, as a treat; as even more of a treat she got to lie on one of my good brocade cushions. She was in doggy heaven!

I was at a supermarket checkout, on my way to a meeting, when the vet rang to say they could feel 'a mass' and recommended opening her up to see. If they could remove whatever, they would; if not, did I want her putting down on the table?
Er, no! Provided she wouldn't be suffering I wanted some time to say goodbye.

Anyway, I rang back a couple of hours later, and they've taken a tumour and a kidney. They've had to replace a lot of blood but she's coming round, so far, and looks like being ok. They're ringing again at 6.

One of nature's pessimists, I know she might still not make it out of the anaesthetic - but so far so good.

And thankyou, to whoever posted the thing about owners and pets: if it had have been Milly's last trip, if it still is, she had a very happy, manic life for 13 years but especially, she's had a very contented, non-yelled at few days..

05-05-2009, 11:02 AM
I didn't read the post about dogs and vets but your post is very touching. I will give my doggies an extra hug today. I hope your terrier gets better. :hug:

05-05-2009, 12:03 PM
Ruth posted it in PUDGY PETS ~ GENERAL it is and I hope it all works out ok...hugs ~