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05-05-2009, 12:56 AM
Because oh boy did I fall off!
I weighed myself yesterday morning (for the first time in quite awhile) and i was 196.6 which is devastating because I started this at 197, got all the way down to 186, and bounced right back up because of a couple of weeks of unplanned eating. But this morning I weighed in at 193.something (except when I went into the dr.s office today she weighed me at 195).
I've been eating grilled chicken and salad for three days now and I don't feel hungry and it's really delicious, though i'm probably not getting all my calories every day, but I've had enough calories the past couple of weeks i figure it's okay to shock my body. Am I wrong? I got around 900 today but I'm sure I got more than that over the weekend, I'd say 1200 or 1300 a day.
I've been hanging around the site again reading and I just felt tonight that I deserved to post anything. I let myself totally forget about this place and slump back into my old routine, but as soon as I got back on here I remembered why I LOVE this place. The advice and support and companionship here makes everything so much easier.
Anyway, anybody else fall off the wagon and just now climbing back on? Or haven't climbed back on yet but you're reading this post and thinking about how much you ought to?
:carrot: Let's do it! :carrot:

05-05-2009, 01:33 AM
It's always a GREAT idea to just start over at the NEXT meal as "eating sensibly" instead of another binge. The the following day, you just exercise as you normally would have without the "unplanned" eating ;)

Keep up the good job!

~ tea

Brown Eyed Staccie
05-05-2009, 01:38 AM
Hey munchie i made some comments for you in my post earlier this evening.

You should be eating at least 1500 calories a day based on your current weight and height to lose. If you don't eat enough you may see immediate results but then you are much more likely to hit a plateau and/or see your metabolism decrease (as least that is what I have found). I plan my meals and write it down - except on the last few weekend roadtrips to falling off the wagon that is!

As I said in my post, I fell off too and trying to get back on. I am going to get up early, work out and eat well tomorrow no matter what. And check in here whenever I can. Let's keep in touch and help each other out!!!