Weight Loss Support - Sleep Apnea from being OVERWEIGHT HELP!!

05-04-2009, 04:55 PM
I had a rude awaking. I have Sleep Apnea. Dr says I need to have sleep mask to sleep with from being Over Weight (50 pounds.) Not to mention I now have High Blood Pressure. The sleep study was ordered because of having a High Red Blood Cell count. Meaning my body is producing more Red Blood Cell because I lack the Oxygen at night when sleeping. My Oxygen go down at night to 85%. I injured myself 2 years ago. The injury has kept me from getting enough exercise. Injured my left knee.
Has anyone ever tried the Eating Right Food products sold by Safeway? I would like to be able to buy what I need all ready made up, just heat & serve.
I know I must sound Lazy but having never had to watch my weight before I am at a loss as to how to start. Anyone with any ideas would be welcome.
I need to loose 50 pounds. Things I once did were Snow Boarding, Playing Polo, Wind Surfing, 100 mile Bike Ridding daily, Swimming, Fly Fishing. I might not be able to to these thing again but I would like to do other thing. I Really need some help.
Thank You for reading and taking the time to post suggestion for me.
ICIrish Gurl in Montana

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05-04-2009, 05:39 PM
Hi ICIrisheyes! Welcome to 3FC!

Knee injuries are pretty common and they can be worked through. Your doctor should have advice for you on exercise, but I would say that you could almost definately swim as that's pretty easy on the joints. There are other exercises that are designed to be easy on the joints as well, I think cycling/spinning is supposed to be pretty gentle. As you lose weight its likely that you can gradually increase the strength of your knee and be able to do at least some of the exercises you used to do (although snow boarding might be out, from my experience its pretty hard on the knees >.<)

Im not sure about the Safeway foods, we dont have them here, but if they are designed to help with dieting they could be a good start. Check the labels and calorie content, and make sure they have enough nutrients etc. I would also cook things for yourself too, this site has good recipe ideas, healthy cooking is actualyl good fun :D I never used to cook before i tried to lose weight, now i can make a decent meal out of a tin of tomatoes and a few vegetables :lol:

When i started out, i wanted to lose around 20-30kg, which i think is 44-66 pounds. Ive managed to lose around 33 pounds so far, so it is possible! You can do this, take the time to surf the site, the knowledge here is invaluable :)

05-04-2009, 06:08 PM
I would suggest starting simple. Walking is an excellent place to start with exercise. Also consult your physician about what exercise he suggests given your past injury. You can do this.

Oh...and welcome to the community! :)

05-05-2009, 12:04 AM
irish eyes, you can live with the cpap machine, I do it everynight and although I don't like it, it has improved the quality of my life. Using it may help you lose some of the weight too. BUT, your doctor should also help you work thru your knee problems so you can exercise and get back in shape to lose the weight. Whether you need physio, an osteopath or surgery, getting that taken care of too will be just as important as caring for the sleep apnea.
Just be glad its been diagnosed and there is a treatment for our problem. Your blood pressure and other problems should improve with cpap for the sleep apnea.

A tip: when you go to be fitted for your mask, take a pillow and insist on trying the masks lying down in your usual sleep position. Makes a big difference in fit!