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06-11-2002, 12:41 PM
Whew! I don't know if it's my antique PC or not but it seemed to take forever to get to the most recent scintillating post.

We just got back from having bloodwork done. I look like some kind of early Christian martyr - a non-virgin one! I have those stupid veins that collapse as soon as a needle approaches and the nurse has a **** of a time getting blood samples. ( The Red Cross folks have begged me never to try to give them blood donations. ) Actually I am seriously considering having a spigot put in for this quarterly sample deal - maybe in my crotch so I can pretend to be a 15-year old boy for Ellis! Let me know what you think.

My DH is now on my ****-list! He went insane with the weed whip yesterday and cut down some Asiatic lilies AND my 6 year old clematis. I was using the hose at the time and really let him have it. Then I stomped off for a bath and a read while he got his own damned lunch! The guy goes robotic and catatonic when he gets a machine in his hands! Several years ago, I asked him to cut down my front perennial bed in the fall - with clippers. When I got home Friday night he had cut it down with the riding mower. My iris were all scalped! Another time he and Numb Nuts Neighbour Norm (aka 4N) decided to clean the beds behind the barn by burning them. He included the perennial beds and my herb beds in the conflagration. Men and Machines - complete idiots.

OK - enough *****ing. As I often say, if it weren't for sez, I would have been a Lesbian. :lol:

Tigger and Squeaker, it's so nice to have you posting with us. This is a very supportive (and slightly nuts) group. I think it is especially important to get in here and post even when you are thoroughly pissed off with yourself over food. The A-chicks can always say something to make you feel better. (Of course we also get vicarious pleasure from hearing what "naughty" things you have been eating! :D )

My weight spiked up 2.5 pounds overnight. Go figure! That means I took in over 8000 extra calories yesterday - DUH! I have football feet and sausage fingers so I am damned sure it's water retention. I have just renewed my diuretic prescription which may take care of the problem. The diuretic helps my Carpal Tunnel SYndrome too - it's always worse in warm weather. I guess I'm gonna bite the bullet and have the wrist surgery - just let's get the summer in there first.

Hey Mauvais - only ten more pounds to goal! Good going, Lady! Climbing those Laurier steps must help.

Gotta go - Farmer Art at the door with a load of straw for mulching. Back later. Too darn wet and hot to mulch - but he is kind of cute in his overalls! :devil:

06-11-2002, 07:32 PM
Evening everyone :wave:

whew! Busy day at work- I am worn out...
I have a huge do to list for the house but can't be bothered this evening.

Ruthxxx-Those two boys should never be allowed to play together ever again! :lol: your poor flowers!

Tigger and Sqeeker- keep up the faith in yourselves! Everyone has bad days and slipups but you just have to do better the next day...remember that you are doing it for yourselves and nobody else! :)

Ellis-I only watch hockey at playoff time and at the Olympics:D-I prefer football-can't wait to go to a game live here in town with our new team!

Fluid and Den- You "wing"nuts!:lol: I hope they make it too!

Must rush off to cook supper, just thought I would check in before I eat and Shlep for the evening:D


06-11-2002, 11:18 PM

Ruthxxx-I know what you mean! My DH once pulled up a bunch of poppies thinking they were weeds!!! I must say though, this year he has been doing more gardening than I have. We mostly just let chaos reign. We took a branch of a climbing rose and put it in and around a porch post to get it out of the way. Now it has grown all the way to the top and looks GORGEOUS because it is all in bloom. But if I had tried to PLAN it..........:lol:

Mauvairoux-Sounds like everything is going pretty well for you! 10 pounds from goal is FANTASTIC!!!!

Tigger and Squeak- Ruth is right. The more you post the better, and we hardly ever point and laugh!! Besides, you get to do it back again!! Just the other day Ellis was saying that I am crude, and I must say I don't know WHERE she got THAT idea. I always pride myself on being a perfect lady. (Now where the **** did that puking emoticon go?)


06-11-2002, 11:39 PM
Okay, I just went back and read the posts at the end of #2, and now I have to comment all over again.

Tigger-I went to U of M as an undergrad. Residential College, BA in social science (mostly psych). Also was just a few credits short of a second degree in Spanish (MOST of which I have forgotten!!) Hubby went to Wayne, studied Psych, dropped out (medical and financial difficulties), dropped in, finished BS in Psych and then went on to get his MA in English (Creative Writing). So what do I do for a living? I make jewelry!!! So are you working on a masters or phd? And what in?

Ellis-PLEASE!!! I only claim to be HALF British!!! I know all about Postman Pat, Noddy and.......wait for it.........MARMITE!!!!!!!! But I still don't know who the **** fireman Sam is!!! By the way, the non-British side is pretty fascinating too!!! It involves my grandfather running away at age 14 and joining the circus. Seriously!!!!


06-11-2002, 11:55 PM
Hello girls! :wave:

1st - thank you so much for the support! :) Today was a better food day. It was actually on the almost too low end. Random fact - depression does funny things to my food intake. It will either make me want to eat everything in sight or nothing at all. Plus half the time my mood changes every 10 minutes. It is predominantly bad moods, but it can be p*ssed one minute, crying the next, numb the next. It used to freak out this one guy I was friends with. He never knew what to do with me if I told him I was in one of those moods. I had tried to warn him and tell him it would be better if he just left me alone for a few days and I would let him know when it was over. He never did listen...

No news on the friend's husband. But I guess no news is better then bad news.

I took a mental health day off of work tommorow. It was originally because I had plan on going out tonight and staying late, but I hate sinuses. Well that and headaches and loud bands don't mix well. (And makes me miserable).

But in happy news - I willed my phone to ring and my best friend to be on the other end, and it worked. ;) I have so incredably missed talking to him. And it has been decided I am leaving for Lake Placid in 22 days. *happy dance* I will be gone for almost 2 weeks. AND I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! I am such a sucker for an "I miss you" or "Do you want to come visit for a week" (like I would say no) or my favorite, after figuring out how long it was - a pathetic sounding "That's almost a month away." Yes I know we are pathetic and sickening, but I love him to death.

oh and Den - crude is fun (in the right company) ;)

I am glad that things (well maybe except for Ruthxxx's flowers and possibly husband) seem to be going ok.

Night :)

06-12-2002, 08:23 PM
Hello Fab Femmes! :cool:

What wierd weather today...this morning felt like fall and this afternoon felt like midsummer:?:

They shut down my office building today and we got to leave an hour early:) Nothing serious, a transformer blew in the storm last night and conked out some equipment in our building so they shut us down early to repair it. I was forced to use the stairs today and went up 7 flights...Ugh! I was so out of breath when I got to my floor it was embarrassing:o

Den-thanks a lot! I thought everyone had forgotten about the marmite thing:lol: I used to have a noddy alarm clock...he slept under a tree and his head nodded in time with the ticking as if he was snoring...still love it when I come across Noddy stuff,
and Rupert the Bear not to mention Paddington. Oh, and thanks for the Kudos- I'm feeling pretty good lately after being in a slump for a few weeeks.

Squeeker-Yay for you! Two weeks away will be a nice break for you and seeing your friend will be fun! glad that you are feeling a bit better than yesterday.

Ruthxxx, Fluid_Fiction, Ellis, and Tiggerdiva-Hi to all of you-hope you can find your way here (except you Ruth who obviously does know her way here :lol: )

Have a great evening everyone-Iam off to do my laundry :p

06-13-2002, 12:12 AM
ooops, I thought I'd already written here. No wonder I wasn't getting any emails for new postings.

Ruth, that's just water. It'll come off. You weigh yourself everyday, don't you? Me, too. I know you're not supposed to, but I just can't resist. Plus if I DON'T, 10 pounds can slip up on me in a couple of days. I have to keep on top of my fat. :)
And I think if it wasn't for the sex, MOST of us would be lesbians. :lol:

Squeak, I'm so glad you heard from your best friend. :) Are you on medication? Everyone here is except for Mauvais. Mauvais is beautiful, thin, and mentally stable. The rest of us are beautiful, fat, and mentally incompetent. (yeah, Ruth... I'm including YOU! :lol: )

Mauvais, it's a good thing you've been practicing on the Laurier bridge stairs. Geez, 7 flights! Wasn't that rain something?
We have a new football team?!

Den, your grandfather joined the circus?! No way!! What did he do in the circus? Don't tell me he was one of the midgets? (how DID you get to be so short, anyhow?) Listen, you really must watch Fireman Sam. The music is kind of sexy. And the store owner is a hoot. Always got her hair in rollers.

Shel and Tigger, I'M not lost, are YOU?

DH and I just did a 10 minute Cher stomach video. I don't think I'm going to be able to get out of bed tomorrow. THE PAIN!!!

later darlings,

06-13-2002, 01:23 AM
Hi everyone :p

How are you all? I made it through yesterday--my big long day from ****! Tuesdays are a pain for me, but I stuck to my plan. I didn't get a chance to work out, but I didn't have time. I leave at 7am, and I'm not home until almost 11pm! I'm excited for tomorrow, however, because it's possible the Red Wings could take the Cup back where it belongs! I will be downtown partying tomorrow, so I probably won't be posting again until Friday.

Ruthxxx: Sorry to hear about your flowers :( My fiance is pretty absent-minded, and sometimes he does things that just floor me. But then he does things that make my heart melt, so I try to remember the heart melting when my blood begins to boil! Quick question (for anyone really)--I've noticed that everyone has been using DH, but I'm not sure what that stands for.

Squeaker: Depression can cause so many different things all at once! Have you ever talked to a professional about it? It seems like meds might be able to help you regulate somewhat. I know that road isn't always an easy one to take--I work with people who refuse seeing counselors now because of horrible experiences. Have you noticed anything that helps you deal with those mood swings?

Ellis: Hello! We missed you! No, I'm not on meds, but it sounds like it's been helping some of you out! Hope things are going your way this week!

Mauvaisroux: Sorry to hear about the stairs from ****. Just think, though--if you hadn't busted your butt on those stairs last week, you would have been in a lot worse shape :^: And don't feel embarrassed about being out of breath. Anyone would have been out of it after seven flights! When I was in high school, I played every sport imaginable and weighed 120 pounds, but when I had to climb to the third floor of the school, I was huffing and puffing like a fool :o

Den: Well, well! We have lots in common! I, too, went to UM undergrad, and I also lived in East Quad. I wasn't in the RC, though. I majored in psych, and now I am in the middle of my master's in social work. I grew up in Detroit, so I am really familiar with your hubby's stomping grounds at WSU. It's nice to have a familiar face :D

Okay all, it's time for me to hit the hay! Have a wonderful day, and I will be celebrating a Wings' victory tomorrow (I hope!).


06-13-2002, 01:35 AM

Ellis-I got to be so short because of my Dad's Mom. When she died she only came up to my shoulders!!! She CLAIMED that she was 5' 2" earlier in her life, but quite frankly I think she was "exaggerating" My Dad's Dad is a mystery. For a long time the main info we had about him was through my Uncle (now deceased) who was a pathological liar. I grew up with a German last name, and in 5th grade found out that my grandfather had changed it, was possibly French and/or Jewish, probably was a con-man, and might have spent some time in jail. That is also the time that I heard the circus story, although i don't know if that is true either. After her SECOND husband died, my grandmother opened up a bit, and we got a last name, and checked the registry in Rhode Island (where he supposedly was from.) We THINK we found the right people. The last name and lots of first names seemed to fit (for example, my dad remembered an Aunt Rose out east, and that was a popular name in this family.) So IF we found the right family, They came from Germany in the late 1800's, and were Jewish. The sons of the first couple that came were both Jewelers, which really gave me chills!!! My Grandmother was a card!! She liked those naughty boys!! Her first husband was a con man and the second was a rum runner (to Cuba) during prohibition, and later opened a successful car dealership!!! She teased DH by callig him her favorite grandson. He went up to her, touched noses with her and said, "HEY!! You can't fool me, I'm your ONLY grandson ." From that day on she LOVED him. Now if he had done that to British Granny......let's just say it would have been ugly. (By the way, she turned 98 yesterday!) NOW, aren't you sorry you asked? If you are REALLY nice, tomorrow I will tell you about the cousin that I found out I had two years ago (daughter of pathological liar.) What can I say, uptight and proper on one side, and dysfunctional on the other!!!

Squeak-Sometimes it is even MORE fun being crude in the wrong company!! :devil: ESPECIALLY when they think you are meek and mild!!!! I'm glad you are going away on vacation, sounds like you need some fun right now!!! Try to post here while you are gone too. I live vicariously through all you young people. (Leaning over with hand on back, stooped and moaning...)

Mauvairoux-How nice! A small vacation from work AND getting your exercise in early!!! I still like Noddy. I also used to read a series of books my Mom has about a girl named Dimsie (I think that was it) and her "adventures" at boarding school. I picked flute to play in school because she played it and it was referred to as an unusual instrument. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that just about every girl in the US picked flute!!! I did end up enjoying it though!!!

Ruthxxx-It is hard to know HOW to punish a naughty husband when you like sex so much. I can't even JOKE about withholding it, 'cause I'm too afraid he'll say "fine." He will sometimes claim he is going to spank me, and I say, "PROMISES, PROMISES!!!" I know!!! Tell your hubby if he doesn't help with the digging HE has to take Lucy to class and deal with *****y drawers!!!!

Tigger and Shel-HI!!! Hope you are happy, healthy, and ready to tell us a story!!!

06-13-2002, 01:52 AM
Hi Tigger! We were posting at the same time!!! Wow, you lived in East Quad too, eh? That is pretty neat!! What part of Detroit did you grow up in? DH (Dear Hubby, by the way), grew up on the east side and went to Cass. My parents are both retired now, but he was a psychologist at Clinton Valley Center and she was a school social worker. I spent a lot of time at Wayne as a kid, because my Dad was working on his PhD and would take us with him when we had a day off of school. I agree with you about meds. They helped me enough that i was able to start really working on some of my issues, and I am enjoying my life much more because of them. This is ALMOST becoming a cliche, but it really did seem like life went from black and white to color when the meds started working!

I'm staying at home to watch the game. I don't like crowds much, so all four of us will probably squeeze in on the couch and "exercise" a la Shel.

06-13-2002, 03:03 PM
Since I don't feel like dealing with how pension works (what I do involves HR and it's making my head hurt) at the moment I figured I would pop in and say hi.

My mood today is ok. It is a wonder what a random day off can do. All I did was go to the movies and out to lunch with one of my friends. The lunch part while it tasted wonderful was very bad for the plan. Coffee, pancakes, sausage, bacon, hash browns and eggs. It was also pretty much the only thing I had to eat all day. I normally just can't eat that much food at once even if I wanted to. So I was stuff the whole rest of the day.
Ellis - I LOVE the beautiful, fat and mental incompentent description. I used to tell people "I am in shape - round is a shape." or "I am short and round".
Mauvais - How is it you are the only one that gets to be mentally competent? No fair! ;) And the stairs main have been a pain but they were just an unexpected, extra helpful work out.

Tigger & Ellis - I am not on any drugs for depression. Partially just because I don't want to be on any more medication. I take the pill to regulate my hormones, which actually can be a part of my problem. One side effect of the pill is depression. I may look into getting that changed for a third time. I had it changed once already because it was giving me high blood pressure.
I guess I am just trying to deal with it myself. I actually haven't been really bad off for about 2 1/2 years. I am getting better at knowing why I am in one of those moods. And I have been trying to work through alot of it. It is mostly being upset with myself and certain aspects of my life. I end up fighting with myself a lot. as my boy once told me "I think that if one thing is constant about you is that you change a lot. " Most of the time sleep helps. Some times food, though that one is tricky. I eat because I feel bad then feel worse for eating as much as I did. Some times it is spending time with my boy or just out of the house. Or just being by myself. It depends on what set it off this time. A few times (like 3 or 4 in the last 3 years) it was drinking. But after the time I locked myself in my room and broke part of my closet ( I was leaning on the shelf to get a shirt) I stopped doing that. That was over a year ago. I also learned not to put myself in a situation that can cause that. I hadn't been feeling really good to begin with, started drinking and was the odd person out with 2 couples.
I have also gotten better at at least showing an ok front to most people. Most people don't know anything is off unless I have either lived with them, or are really close.

Den - I love the family story! That is too funny. and some how people quickly figure out I am not quite so sweet and innocent even if I havent said anything *really* bad. I will try and post while I am gone, I'll find a library or something. I 'll need to find something to do while he is at work. :)

where is everyone else??? :)


06-14-2002, 07:47 AM
Hellllllllllllooooooooo???? Anybody home?

I promise no more long meandering posts about depression if you guys come back........ ;)

Anyway, have a great day girls!


06-14-2002, 08:55 AM
Hey Squeak! We LOVE reading your long meandering posts... that's what we're here for! Keep 'em coming. What's HR?
I think you're smart not to take drugs for depression. It sounds like you don't need them anyway. You've got a good handle on figuring out what's making you depressed and you seem to have the skills to know how to handle it. You should be proud of yourself at having grown so much by such a young age. For some of us, it takes many years to figure ourselves out. Of course, now that some of us chemically screwed up nuts are finally on meds, we're sane enough that we can work on a little personal growth ourselves! :lol: (no offence intended, darlings... I speak only of myself. ;) )

Okay, what are you guys watching? Hockey? Den, am I missing something exciting? Should I be turning on my TV?
Hey, your family history is great! So you're a Jewish German jeweler, huh? A very fine breed. Particularly when cross-bred later with a Brit. Don't want too much inbreeding, do we? :dizzy:
Your grandmother sounds like a darling!! Happy 98th!!
I just love that term, "pathological liar". :lol:
"...uptight and proper on one side, and dysfunctional on the other..." sounds like MY family! My father grew up in London and had the most dreadful cockney accent. He made a real effort to get rid of it in his younger years though, and you'd never know he'd been a cockney. He came from a middle class family, but there was a lot of CRAP going on, and he made a real effort to get himself away from it all. (hence our "escape" to Canada)

geez, I've only talked to two people and I'm already lengthy.

Tigger, have fun partying! I hope your team wins! Wings?
Hey, what do you do for a living? I mean, what do you get paid for? I mean... you know what I mean. It sounds interesting. My DH is a social worker.

Ruth, I know where YOU are! In LC!! How are things? Been whipping DH with that hose again?

Mauvais, Shel... what the heck are you two doing? Mauvais, are you still climbing stairs?

gotta run... I'm going for my first session with the psychologist today. I'm looking forward to it... if I can just get the $130 per hour out of my head, I'll be fine. :rolleyes:

have a great day all!

06-14-2002, 04:14 PM
the wings won, the wings won, la la la, the wings won!!!


'tis i, the long-lost Shel... :) see, Tigger and Squeak... these lovely ladies are very accepting... i keep disappearing for days on end, and they welcome me back every time.

Ruth> bad husband. bad, BAD husband. i'd suggest you spank him, but it might not have the desired reaction. ;) well, not as a deterent for mowing down your flowers, that is.....

Squeak> how great about your friend!!! :) being missed always is good for the soul. and an unexpected vacation never hurts. *s*

Mauv> i love Paddington. :) i don't love long flights of stairs. they're evil, evil things.

Ellis> *waves* hello to you! :)

Tigger and Den > we so rock. *g* did you guys cry when they showed Vladdy?? i sobbed so hard... it's great that he's doing so well, after we all thought he'd be lost to us. and Scotty leaving! i'm hoping he changes his mind.... again. ;)

well, i'm off to the other job shortly... this week has been a travesty as far as diet and exercise. in Harrison for the weekend, and Monday i'm starting over.... again.... *sighs* too much stress this week. but i think if i keep starting over, then i'm still ahead. i hope. *ss*

*hugs* to everyone. happy friday. :)


06-14-2002, 05:09 PM
Yeah WINGS!!!! And I don't mean Buffalo! If OUR Canadian Grey Cup has to leave the country, I'm glad it's just across the border in Detroit. Apaprently Windsor went wild last night! Tigger, have a lot of fun tonight but stay on your own side of the border, OK? I need a good night's sleep.

Yup, Ellis - I haven't been around much. I've been moving and editing stuff over in low carb and minitoring the Boards and Chat. I 'm also trying to get the darn garden planted between downpours! I still have some winter clothes out - and I'm glad.

Well, Miss Lucy (aka Lucifer) graduated from beginners Obedience this morning and behaved like a little Princess. No peeing on the floor even when she got growled at by a big Alsation stud! And the really good news is that *****y Drawers' dog barfed on the floor and also did a walking poop while we were doing a heel exercise. The two instructors just took her dog from her and handed her the mop and pail. I was hard pressed to keep from a major smirk! Or even a *snork*!!! Lucy will continue to the next level but I don't know if BD is going to be in the same class. Somehow today made me sort of hope she is in it! ROFLOLPIMP!

So what's this mental incompetence thing? What does mental mean? How about incompetence? By the way I am not on any drugs except for Scotch - am even cutting back on the Advil.

Shaved my legs this morning in hopes that it will bring on summer. Shel, since you won't give me any skin, how about wax for the legs? I hope I can keep myself from putting on that awful orange instant tan junk! Ellis and Mauvais, can you believe this crappy weather? I may get caught up on mending, laundry and other damned domestic crap if I'm not careful.

Den, I'm short because my Mother was short. She was also small boned - weighed 105 the day before she had me! My Dad always claimed that I wasn't conceived for three years after they got married because he couldn't find her in the bed.

Squeaker, just meander away. Some days I do that and other days I do the precis bit. (Can't remember when I did that but it may have happened.) Hope you have a great visit with the "friend" but try to check in with us - not too many details or I'll be jealous.

Gotta go and get my pork roast organized - we are having some friends in for a casual dinner. Nobody does roast with oven veggies anymore, it seems. I guess I'm quaint! Ha!

Catch you chickies alter.

06-14-2002, 07:33 PM
Hello Everyone! :wave:

Good to see everyone is in good spirits! (Ruth, by this I don't mean Scotch).

They are repairing the stairs in the park this week and they are closed to the public...WAAH! The gods of exercise are frowning upon me :(

Ellis- I never claimed to be mentally competent, I'm just not taking meds for it :dizzy: but I will gladly accept the slim and beautiful part of that comment :lol:

Ruthxxx-ROFLAO! Boy, that certainly was a come uppance for *****y Drawers, if her dog graduates maybe you could give her some Pampers and a barf bag as a graduation gift! Did BD actually clean up the poop with her own two (highly manicured, I'll bet) hands?

All this talk of shortness- you are all making me feel like some amazonian freak!

Squeeker-meander away-we all do it eventually...It's a rite of passage in being an alternachick :lol:

Shel-Yeah Wings! I wasn't watching but yay anyway!
Glad to see you back! Don't fret over this week there is always Monday ;) at least that is what I always say...

Den-what a great story! My ancestors fled the french revolution and landed in Scotland. And the stories my parents tell me about growing up in Britain during World War 2...Sir Winston Churchill is one of my heroes...

Tiggerdiva-I wanted to go into social work when I was younger but I thought I wouldn't be able to handle the pressure and depressing things that you see-so I ended up working in law where I still get to deal with sad depressing issues in other peoples lives-go figure :p

See Ellis I am crazy I just use my warped sense of humour to deal with it hee! hee! :dizzy:

Hope you all have a great weekend and don't forget to do something nice for yourselves! I will post tomorrow...


06-16-2002, 02:22 AM
Hi y'all! Did you miss me? I certainly missed all of you! Just a warning, though. This is probably going to be a long post!

I'm so glad the Wings won! Shel and Den, I hope you were dancing with me! I actually didn't get to see much of the game (:( ) because I was downtown having a blast. I stopped at a bar with some friends, and then we walked around downtown and celebrated.

Den: Thanks for the great stories! I love hearing those interesting tidbits that make us all unique. That's probably why I'm into social work! That's very coincidental that your mom was a school social worker because that's exactly what I'd like to do when I finish my masters next spring. Originally, I wanted to get my clinical psychology Ph.D, but because I decided that I wanted to work in schools, I figured a Master's in Social Work would serve me better.

I grew up on the Southwest side of Detroit. Some people say that East and West siders have nothing in common, but I do know where Cass is and I actually knew some people who went there. That's much closer to the West side, though, so maybe that's why.

Keep those stories coming because I look forward to them! We all have some kind of story to share, and that's why I love hearing them from all of you!

Squeak: Please don't feel bad about you depression discussion. I think a lot of what you said resonnated with us. (Well, it did for me anyways :p ) I appreciate that you are so in tune with yourself, and it really sounds like you have things under control. However, it must be hard to feel like you are dealing with this on your own and you put up a front for others. I hope that you have a good way to deal with things when you really get down and out, and I hope you know that you can always share with us.

I can especially relate to one particular thing that you said: You mentioned eating because you feel bad, but then you feel worse after you've ate. I think that for a while that was my biggest problem. I'm not sure that I'm completely over that, but lately I've reconnected with some of the other ways I deal with my problems, and I noticed that I've been eating less due to my feelings. It's a ***** of a cycle, and it's definitely one that is hard to break.

Ellis: What do I do??? Well, that is a bit of a story (although nowhere near as interesting as Den's family story!). As I mentioned earlier, I had been planning on getting a Ph.D in clinical psychology and becoming a researcher/psychologist. I changed my mind and decided to do school social work instead. Right now, I'm halfway through my master's at the University of Michigan. I'm pretty pissed, though, because had things (mostly money) been slightly different, I would be graduating in December instead of April.

Anyways, I am working a few different jobs right now. Primarily, I work at a domestic violence agency. Normally, I do presentations and crisis counseling for early elementary school kids on issues surrounding domestic violence, but because schools are out, I'm working some slightly different areas. For one, I am in a local police station to provide support, advocacy, and information for victims of domestic violence. I am also running a bunch of groups for kids of all ages.

Besides that, I am a director at a summer program for kids. During the school year, I do an after-school program with them, so I know them really well. Finally, I am a program evaluation analyist at an agency that does preventative work and works with adjudicated youth. This is part of my internship, but I get paid, so it's a nice fit for me! When my classes start in the fall, I won't be with that agency anymore, which I'm disappointed about, but I will start my internship at an elementary school where I'll be doing school social work!

I'm sorry that I went on and on, but I've been keeping myself busy, and it isn't often that people ask what I'm doing. Most of my friends are content to explain that I "work with kids"! Aren't you glad that you asked, though!

Mauvaisroux: Sorry to hear about the stairs! You're a very dedicated and committed person, and I have faith that you will find an alternative. How long will the stairs be out of commission? I hear you about not wanting to deal with everyone else's problems. It's not easy, especially because I have to work with kids. I'm pretty good about not taking it home with me. I process with a lot of co-workers and my boyfriend, so I feel like I'm able to get it out of my system. I must admit--when I see some kids in a bad situation, I have an incredible urge to take them home with me! Law is so interesting! What do you do in the legal system? Now that I'm at the police department, I find that my passion for learning about the law and interacting with it has grown tremendously! I spend most of my days in the court house, and I have learned so much. My minor in school is social policy and evaluation, so I find myself looking for opportunities to interact with a variety of policies, and this new aspect of my job has really given me that opportunity.

Ruthxxx: Congrats to Miss. Lucy! When does she start the next phase? Your posting really made me laugh--you have the greatest names for people. I must admit, that is one of my favorites--my boyfriend and I come up with little names like that for everyone who annoys us! A tip for the orange tan--mix the self-tanner with lotion. The lotion dilutes the mixture somewhat and makes it less radioactive-looking, and it is also easier to apply.

Okay, I'm sorry again that this posting was so long. My job is to listen to people all day, so when I get around friends, I tend to talk a lot to compensate! Thank you all for listening (well, reading) and I promise the next one won't be quite as long!


06-16-2002, 02:50 PM
Afternoon everyone!

Had a big movie weekend. DH and I rented a couple of horror movies on Friday night. we watched The Others with Nicole Kidman which was really good, very creepy without blood and gore factor. The other was called Bones with rapper Snoop Dogg in it...It was actually a lot better than I thought it was going to be.

Then on Saturday we had some friends over to watch a 1970's movie called The Black Godfather, it was hilarious! I love 70's movies-the hair, the clothes, the bad dialogue!:D
Then we watched Training Day with Denzel was great..he played a baddie very well...not to mention is a dammned fine looking man;)

Ate mostly healthy this weekend but I have a planned pig out :ink: for tonight...I am taking my dad out for Indian Food as part of his father's day pressie.

Tiggerdiva-I work as a legal assistant, mostly civil litigation, a bit of family law. I used to work in an office that did mostly Family Law. Most of our clients were legal aid/Child Welfare and battered women. Quite a few of our clients had drug and/or alcohol abuse problems or mental health was very sad.
I didn't realise it was affecting me until after I had gone to another job and realised that my mood when I got home was very different than the last job. I tried not to take my work home with me but I found that I was depressed a lot during that time.
We also had one criminal lawyer there and I used to have to accept collect calls from jail from his clients. It was kind of weird knowing that you were talking on the phone to a total stranger in prison but most of them were very polite to me except for guy who was always started swearing at me when I told him the lawyer wasn't in...I was told by the lawyer that I could just hang up on him whenever he did that -so I did! :lol:

Well that's my ramble for today!
My DH just made me an omelet for lunch so I am off to devour it:D

Hope you all have a great day!

06-16-2002, 05:24 PM
hello darlings

Happy Father's day to all of you who are in drag.
I just had a two hour nap. Woke sweating from a dream in which I was hitting some jerk (who looked suspiciously like Hugh Grant) with a suitcase because he'd locked me in a room with him. I must have lost 2 pounds.

Gee Mauvais, what a cozy weekend! It's the perfect weather for watching movies. I don't remember getting this much rain at once for years. Enjoy your Indian food with your Dad, you oinker. :lol:
Sorry to hear about the stairs. Yell at the construction workers and tell them to get a move on!

Tigger, you must have the patience of a saint. I wish there were more people like you in this world. My DH is incredibly patient. He worked as a T.A. for a couple of years with kids with mental/physical disabilities. Then he worked for 10 years with adults with the same "problems". Now he's working in a program initiated by the government. The group's job is to help mentally ill adults in working towards a healthier lifestyle. Their clients are very ill... many of them are/have been living on the street. With regular visits, psychological assessments, etc the clients are less likely to end up back in the hospital or on the street.
I'm glad you had fun celebrating! I suspect you would have had almost as good a time had the Wings lost. ;)

Ruth... miss *****y drawers got her come-uppance. hahahaha! That's hilarious!! I'm so happy for you. I don't know how you didn't laugh out loud. I would have been peeing my OWN pants laughing!
Listen sweetie, Scotch in the quantities that YOU drink I would consider medication!! :lol: (girls, I am TOTALLY teasing Ruth. She is NOT a drunk, nor is she a 15 year-old boy. She's just a frigging HOOT!!) Listen, you should see my garden. I'm worried I'm going to look out and it'll be underwater.

Shel... welcome back!!! Where have you been hiding? We just had a visit at the door from a friend with a new puppy. Oh, what a darling. A cross between a border collie and a pointer. She's fuzzy and white with a patch on one eye. I DO love dogs. I must remember not to get one, though.

Squeak, Den, where the heck are you? What's everyone doing for Father's day? My parents came here for an elegant breakfast cooked by moi. I managed to fake eating, and didn't overdo it. My little sis blew in like a storm on her way to brunch with her partner and his dad. She didn't stay to eat, just long enough to disrupt our breakfast, grab all the attention, and then blow out again. Aaaaaaargh!! I love her more than anyone, but sometimes she drives me right up the bloody wall!!

uh oh, water overload. Just had 6 cups... talk to you later...

06-16-2002, 08:58 PM
Hi! :wave:

a quick drive by post. I actually have a ton of energy so I want to make sure I do something before all I end up doing is sitting on my rear. :)

All your jobs seem much more interesting then mine. I do tech support for Human Resources at a bank. I pretty much sit on my butt and write programs that spit out reports. I currently am working on doing a tax update. woo hoo :p Sometimes it is really interesting but sometimes it just makes my head hurt.

And thank you guys so much for allowing me to ramble about my depression. :) A year or so ago I wouldn't even admit I had a big problem.

Did the family thing most of the weekend. We had 3 anniversaries to celebrate including a 40th. 17 of us went out to dinner. It took an hour to get a table big enough. I drank a big frosty, fruity drink and a few cheddar biscuits. By the time we actually sat for dinner I only at the salad, the potato and about 1/4 of the steak. I left before cake. :)

I will post something much more intersting and in depth tommorow.


06-17-2002, 10:06 PM
Evening all!

Sigh...raining again today:(

I don't know if it's just the weather but I have been kind of down for the last week, usually I can shake myself out of it but I still feel blah today.

I think I am in one of my moods where I don't like my job, feel unfulfilled, wish I was able to do something else but can't figure out what that something else should be. Today at work I was daydreaming that I was suddenly independently wealthy and could tell everyone " Sod off! I'm going home and I'm not coming back! Ever! Nyah:p"

Way to go Squeeker! You did really well at your dinner:)

Ellis-I just hate it when someone breezes in and steals your thunder! :mad: a pox on your sister!
What's that about Ruthxxx? She's a hooting 15 year old drunk boy:?:

Tiggerdiva-I have thought about trying to get an office job, clerk or something like that with the police, I think there are some civilian jobs you can apply for. I was checking into applying for a civillian position with the RCMP but I'm not sure if I have enough qualifications. Your jobs sound really interesting and you seem to have found your calling:)

Den, Shel and Ruthxxx-where are you girls hiding out these days?Hope we hear from you soon!

I am off for a therapeutic candlelit bath while listening to Portishead-hopefully it will do me some good...not sure if I should be kicking myself out of this mood or if I should just revel in my melancholy until I am bored with it :D

Talk to you all soon!

06-18-2002, 12:49 AM
Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I'm really close to my dad, but he had to work Sunday, so we'll be celebrating Dad's Day next week instead. I haven't been completely faithful to my plan so far. I feel like I'm getting my stuff under control, though, and that' s so reassuring to me. If I could just put forth a bit more effort, I'd be in a much better place.

Mauvaisroux: How are you feeling? I hope the nice bath washed away your blues. Sometimes I feel that way, too, and I tell myself that I'm having a mid-life mid-life crisis! I think it's normal to want something different for yourself, and especially to wonder the almighty "WHAT IF". It sounds like you had a nice weekend, though. There are days where I don't want to talk to anyone or listen to anyone else, and my boyfriend and I snuggle on the couch to watch a movie together. It's a nice end to a long week. Have you looked into that civilian position you mentioned? It sounds cool! I never knew how much I would love working in the police department until I spent a day there. I'm going to miss it in the fall when I will be abruptly moved back to schools!

Ellis: Thanks for telling me that I'm patient! That's so sweet! I'm not sure that it's altogether true, though! I just love what I do, and I'm pretty lucky to enjoy my career. Your DH sounds like a great guy. I have been considering getting my teaching certification to work with students with disabilities, and I have so much respect for people that work in the field. His current job sounds awesome! Before I worked with kids, I worked with adults, and somehow that's even more frustrating because adults tend to be set in their ways. How does he like his job? Good for him to give back to others in such a caring way!

Squeak: Congrats on making it through dinner! That could have been a potentially potent situation, and you breezed through it. I hope you are proud of yourself because I know that's not easy! And three anniversaries! WOW! You must be tired! I feel like I'm at the other end of the spectrum. A lot of my friends are getting married, having kids, and the like. I spend a good portion of my weekends at someone's shower, birthday party, wedding, or christening! I love it because it's nice to see everyone happy and loving!

Everyone else--have a great day! I will work harder tomorrow to stick to my plans, although I won't have time to work out.

I probably won't post again until Thursday because I'll be out of town for a conference until then. In the mean time, take care!


06-18-2002, 08:32 AM
Just a quick check-in. We finally have sunshine! I cannot believe the rotten rain we have had for the past 5 days - or was it 6? Our garden well is overflowing and the earth is just saturated. I have a bit of a pond out there but no duck or Canada geese in it yet.
Hope everyone is A-OK. Mauvais, I was in the same mood last night - just completely fed up with dogs and mud and rain and men - so I did the bath thing and went to bed. Life looks better this morning.
Family reunion the long weekend and I need to check out the graveyard for a few missing dates. Off for my walk with the two dogs. Retirement is great!

06-18-2002, 08:54 AM
Ruth darling, you must be pretty desparate if you need to find dates in the graveyard. heh heh. Sorry. Very corny.
It'd better stay sunny today!! I've had it with this rain!
Ruth, didn't you just HAVE a family reunion a few months ago? Have fun!! Don't eat too much.

Mauvais, I hope you're feeling better. I'm sorry you've been down.
Why don't you write down a few goals for yourself re: possible change in job, etc. It often helps to see things on paper. And it's sunny today (knock on wood), so you'll be able to wear a flowing dress and a big hat and look BEAUTIFUL!!

Tigger, my husband loves his job! He was in a bit of rut with his last job, and was starting to burn out. This job has been really good for him. He's learned a lot of new stuff, renewed his sense of worth, and the really nice thing for our family is, he's much more understanding of my and our daughter's mental health "situations".
Unfortunately, for the first time in his life, my cool/calm/relaxed/laid-back husband is a LITTLE bit stressed with this work. He's starting to deal with that though, and is learning to let things go.
You've done a LOT of different things!! It sounds as though you're equipped to do anything you want!
I hope your conference goes well, and that you have a great time with your dad next weekend.

Squeaker, you ate well!! Good for you!! It's so difficult not to stuff down the food when you're out with others.
Hey, your job sounds cool! I'd much rather work with a computer than with people. :lol:
Re: the depression... ramble on, honey... we all do it. :)

Shel, how's the job? And the apartment? And the boyfriend? I hope you're doing well.

Den, how's your friend doing? Are you having a stressful week? Are you sitting shiva? Are you eating bacon?

have a lovely day, all

06-18-2002, 04:45 PM
Hi All!!!

First of all, to those of you who were contrite about long posts.......STOP!!!! We ALL do it, we need to blow off steam, and I for one enjoy reading those long posts!!!! And Squeak, most if not ALL of us here are depressed or deranged in some way or another, so all YOU are doing is proving how well you fit in!!:lol:

Ellis-Yes, things have been crazy here. DH and I went and sat shiva last night, and I went to the funeral on Sunday. My friend is holding up okay (kinda!) she was very close to her Dad, so even though the death was expected it has been difficult. I have been eating many pork products, including at the shiva. (joke!!) Actually, when DS#1's friend's grandfather died they had ham on the deli tray at the shiva. Some of the relatives were NOT amused!!! We went late, and the family had already had a meal, so I didn't eat there at all (YES!!), and DH, despite his best efforts, was unable to eat everything on the sweets table!! I would have to give him an A+++++++ for effort though!!!

Mauvairoux-I am like you. One of the reasons I decided not to go into the mental health field is that I definitely get too emotionally involved in things. By the way, I AM on meds, and I'm STILL not mentally competent!!! I hope that you are feeling a little better now, by the way. If you are thinking of changing jbs, do it!! It gets a bit harder as you get older and have more financial responsibilities. Also, everyone I know who has made a leap is happy with the results. Sometimes it is even worth a pay cut (especially if it is temporary) if your mental health improves!!

Ruthxxx-I LOVE IT THAT *****Y DRAWERS GOT HER COMEUPPANCE!!! Karma. By the way.......THANKS for rubbing your retirement in my face (GRRR!!!) :lol:
I know what you mean though, my Mom is having a GREAT time now that she is retired!!!

Tigger-I agree with you. I LOVE hearing people's stories. It is great to see the differences, but there are always strange similarities too. THAT is why I don't understand bigotry. We are all very different, but we are all the same too, and it is fun finding out where those differences and similarities are!!!

Squeak-My son would disagree with you. He MUCH prefers computers (or ANY electronics) to just about anything else. I meant what I said before too. If you stick around long enough you will see horribly long diatribes from me!!! Sometimes I'm mouthy and happy, and sometimes I'm mouthy and sad!!!

Shel-What's up? Still recovering from celebrating the Wings' win? I promise I'll be quiet!!! :devil:

We are taking off for a few days starting EARLY tomorrow, so I probably won't be back until Friday. You all help keep me strong. Thanks for being who you are, and thanks for being here!!

See you all soon!!!

06-18-2002, 08:07 PM
Hello everyone! :wave:

today was a much better day all around:) Thanks to all of you for the moral support! :hugs: to all of you!

Ellis-:lol: :lol: :lol: That comment about Ruth looking for dates in the cemetary! You have a very morbidly droll sense of humour...I like that in a person.

Dentrassi-sorry to hear about your friend's Dad, it is difficult even when you are expecting it. You did great resisting the dessert tray-yay for you!

Ruthxxx-the bath thing really worked for me too...chased the doldrums away. I have the best bubble bath from Lush, it's called Blue Skies, smells divine, turns the water blue and reminds me of that old song..."blue skies, nothing but blue skies from now on..."

Tiggerdiva-I am planning on checking out a few websites this weekend to check out some opportunities. I have always been interested in law enforcement but i don't think I have what it takes to actually be a police person so I think I may check out civillian positions within those areas.

Shel-how is everything with you, is your house all Martha Stewart like and all or what?

Squeeker-hope everything is going well for you and again kudos for not eating cake!:) I am feeling guilty for eating a donut after dinner last night at my parent's place. I tell my mum that I am not eating things like white bread, pasta, rice and desserts, and what did we have? Fish with noodles and sauce, white bread, tea and donuts for afters! Arg!!!! How do I resist:shrug:

I am off to do some housework so I will have the weekend free>
Talk to you all tomorrow!

06-19-2002, 10:14 PM
Hey girls! :wave:

How is everyone? It is currently that time where I get *****ier then usual, eat everything in sight and gain an extra 5 pounds while I am sleeping. :p Actually I have been better then usual about the eating part. At least they were low fat Oreos... Other then that it is going ok. :) Booked my reservations for Lake Placid. 14 more days!!!! I can't wait *sigh* 12 days with my favorite person and also a lot of quiet time to read, think, and just veg while he is at work.

Mauvais - Don't feel bad about the donut. I can't ever pass up one from Tims. They are just the best donuts ever!

Den - I am not sure if I should be relieved or scared that we are all deranged. ;) Out of curiousity what exactly is shiva? Is it like a wake? I hope you are off having fun!

Ellis - I have a silly question why would Ruthxxx be a 15 yr old boy?

Ruthxxx - how do you stomache scotch????? I was drunk off my rear one of the times I tried it and it still tasted horrible!! Family reunions can be great. Except when you can't remember who everyone is and how they fit in. ;) I would always ask my grandmother who's who. At her funeral we were all lost, and wasn't sure who everyone was.

Tigger - In a semi-big family we end up together for some occasion at least once a month. And all my friends seem to be getting married also. I guess it's just that age. I have younger sis#1's baby shower next month.

Hope everyone is doing ok!


06-19-2002, 11:25 PM
howdy all

Hey Squeak! You know, I can't even remember why Ruth would be... OH WAIT!! I remember now!! Ruth and I were meeting in real life for the first time. She was coming to my place for a visit. She jokingly said something to the effect of, "Wait until you see me, I'm really a perverted 15 year old boy!" :lol: Which of course, she is NOT!! She is this really cool, lovely 55 year old chick (55 Ruth?) with stunning white hair (keep away from that dye bottle), a killer laugh, and smiling eyes. She's about the size of one of those plaster garden dwarfs. (Okay, that's a joke, too) And she has the most BEAUTIFUL voice!! Geez. When I heard her on my answering machine, I thought, "Gee, I wish you WERE a 15 year old boy!!" :lol:
Your trip to Lake Placid sounds divine! I'm very glad you're going to have such a wonderful holiday... you deserve it.

Den, I KNOW you're having a great time! Eating, reading, sleeping, eating, reading, sleeping...

Mauvais, I'm glad you're feeling a little better. Wasn't it a lovely day? Unfortunately I had to take my daughter to a doctor's appointment, which involved driving down Laurier. Aaaaaaaaaargh!!!!! I was in full road rage by the time we got to the doctor's office. (for those of you unfamiliar with Ottawa, Laurier Avenue; a big street smack in the middle of downtown, is under HEAVY construction.) My car was literally smoking. It's a good thing I couldn't pull over. I just kept driving and the smoke went away. :dizzy:
How's the job hunt going?

Ruth, Tigger, Shel... whatcha doin'? Ruth, I am SO frazzled. We got back from the psychologist's and things had gone really well for my daughter and then I was so stressed with the driving and stuff that I yelled at her, which I haven't done for about a year! :mad: Curses. I'm such an idiot. She very sweetly forgave me, and all is well again. But why do I get like that?

I'm going to have a nap on my hammock tomorrow afternoon. I've got a cozy mystery, and I should be out for the count before I can get through a single paragraph. I wonder if I can get away with never ever driving again?

nighty night!

06-19-2002, 11:36 PM
Hello everyone! :wave:

Had an okay day today...walked around at lunch time enjoying the sun...:)

Squeeker-I know what you mean about eating everything that isn't nailed down. I went through one of my binges last night...ate a perfectly good dinner and then snacked for the rest of the night...I had 2 pieces of cheese, some strawberries, a chocolate truffle and then proceeded to munch while making lunches for work the next day...:( oh well, back to it tommorrow.
And Tim's has the best donuts ever:T and I drink scotch too...have to- it's in the blood- along with my love of bagpipes, haggis and the urge to cry everytime I hear Amazing Grace:lol:

Ruth and Ellis-do you think scotch and dim sum would work well?

Den, Shel, Tigger-hope you are all doing well-you are probably out enjoying the sunshine.

I may not post tomorrow night as I am going to see Hubby's band play and will probably be out late.
Have a great night!


06-20-2002, 02:19 AM
hey ladies. I'm new to 3fc and was wondering why you call yourselves the alternachicks???

06-20-2002, 08:34 AM
Hi Soozie!
What an embarrassing question. Why DO we call ourselves Alternachicks, Mauvais? Is it because we're essentially really nice people but with a few too many vices? We swear occasionally, (pretend that we) smoke fat cigars, drink whiskey, listen to alternative music (can we include classical in that category?), etc etc. I suppose we're just basically pretty non-judgemental. All-embracing. You know. We're cool. Totally cool. And a little over the edge, perhaps.
Lesbians are soooo welcome here. Most of us here would BE gay if it weren't for just one thing. Sex.
Any religion is okay with us.
As long as you're not a pedophile (yes, even if you're a Roman Catholic Priest). Or a mad rapist, a gun slinger, or a bigot, YOU ARE WELCOME AT ALTERNACHICKS!!
Oh, one more thing. If you're trying to lose 2 pounds to fit into that string bikini...? You can come in, but we may not like you quite as much as if you're a 300 pound babe with a bit of a weight problem.
You are most welcome.
Mauvais, you came up with the damned name... what's an alternachick? :D

06-20-2002, 09:06 AM
Good morrow! I am feeling Elizabethan this morning. Anybody seen a nice codpiece lately? Maybe we could start a fashion trend and liven up men's fashion. From theatre costume making, I even know how to make a codpiece - and Elizabethan ruffs - and pointed shoes.

Soozie, hmmmmmm. I guess because we are all just slightly left or right of centre. Although there don't seem to be too many rights here. I do hope you and your partner feel free to join us. Ellis is dead on about the string bikini - we don't even allow thongs. (Do we, chicks?)

Ellis - you get frazzled because you are human. I can totally relate to your frustration when driving in construction. You know damned well that's why you yelled at M. I'm glad you two are OK now.

Today is Doctor day and I do not weigh close to 200 - is 204 close enough? Like Squeaker and Mauvais, I've been doing the snack bit - and not the low carb snack bit. Didja know that if you take two slices of brown bread and butter them and then sprinkle liberally with fake bacon bits, it tastes like a bacon sandwich. I became addicted to bacon sandwiches during the Ice Storm when I started cooking in the shelter at 5:30 a.m. It was a quick thing to make and to eat while I worked. Remind me to bore you all with my Ice Storm stories before I croak.

Mauvais, even I would not drink Scotch with Dim Sum! Unless it was a very early Dim Sum and I had not sobered up from the night before. By the way, hangovers get much worse as you get older. I'm so glad for us all that the Ottawa weather has changed - your morning walk to work must be great.

Lake Placid! Squeaker, I'm glad the timing will be right for you. It sounds like a great break for you. Hmmmm - I'm not far from there - maybe I'll sneak down and peek through the windows. I told you I was a 15 year old boy!

Den, sitting shiva brings back so many memories. OMG that sounds like an old lady talking! I grew up in a predominately Jewish area of Ottawa (Sherwood Drive area, Ellis and Mauvais) and had lots of Jewish friends. I got to know a lot about the culture - and also got asked out by Jewish boys. My parents always said no of course - maybe the guys were trying to make out with a schiksa (sp?)?

Tigger, I hope the conference went well and you had some FUN! How are you goning to celebrate Dad's day this weekend?

Shel - where are you at?

Got to go take a bath and tiddle up for Doc. Then into my gardening grubbies to plant some PLANTS - it's too darn late for the rest of my seeds so I graciously accepted my friend Lorraine's greenhouse dregs and will finish up with those. Must say she has damned good looking dregs - and free is a good price!

Enjoy your day - and Ellis - the afternoon nap in the hammock sounds idyllic. Enjoy!

06-20-2002, 11:55 AM
Ellis and Ruthxxx thanks for the warm welcome.
You sound like my kinda gals. Don't worry about the 3lb thing. That works my last nerve too. I'm working on 70 excess lbs. (and I'm only 5'1") But, hey fat chicks can wear thongs if they want to, can't they. I prefer cotton jockey brand, when I look at them I think of my mom and those huge cotton drawers she had, never thought I'd be wearing them :)
Well, today I ate some cereal for breakfast and capped off with two cookies but since I'm here I'm already motivated to be a conscious eater for the rest of the day and to focus on my arteries and spine and all those parts that are ultimately affected by the joys that my mouth seeks during the day.
Thanks again for the warm welcome ladies!!!
I'll be in touch!! Soozie
06-20-2002, 08:23 PM
Hi, mind if I join you guys? I have been with another group, & they are great too, but in order to avoid as much work as possible I need to have new posts to read frequently!:lol:

I am a mother of 2, 3 if you count hubby, who tends to be the neediest of them all! Zach is 7, Alli is 5, hubby is 34 going on 2! I would like to say that I am 25, a size 2, & simply gorgeous, but I may actually meet one of you some I am 32, size 12 & semi-gorgeous! I started out at 181, which was higher than I have ever even imagined I could be! I am now down to 153, with a goal of 135-125. (would love to be at 125, but will be happy if I can get to 135) So far the weight had been dropping off pretty well, the last few weeks have gotten a little tougher. I now tend to stall with no loss at all for 4-5 days, then will drop 2 pounds over the next 3. Still not bad, but I am a daily weigher, so I like to see the scale dip even just a tad every morning.

Ok that pretty much covers me! You guys look like a lot of fun, so I look forward to hanging out with you...if you will have me!

06-20-2002, 08:53 PM
hi Christina...
A word of warning... you may never actually lose any more weight if you participate in our discussions. Apart from Mauvais; the skinny redhead down the street, we all pretty much live life to its fullest... we lose 2 pounds, congratulate ourselves, and then gain back 3 the next day.
If you're willing to stall though, you are MOST welcome to join us!! :lol:
Zach and Alli, what beautiful names!
I've gotta run... we're watching planet of the apes... but WELCOME!!!
back later..

06-20-2002, 09:11 PM
Christina & soozie - Welcome to the nuthouse girls! I have only been here for a week or two but it is great fun. :)

Ruth & Ellis - you 2 are just too funny! I love the whole 15 yr old boy thing. and if we can pretend - I want to be a tall, skinny & gorgeous!
and Ruthxxx - 204 is definately close enough.
Ellis - which version of Planet of the Apes? haven't seen the new one and wanted to know if it was any good..

Mauvais - I totally understand the bagpipes thing (there is this HOT guy in a local loud cletic rock band who wears a kilt and plays bagpipes), not sure about the rest of it though ;) Esp. the haggis.....

Today was, uh, a trying day. Didnt go overboard on the food, I didn't have time. Lunch was a pb&j sandwhich at my desk while I try to get stuff done. :p


13 more days!!!! :D

06-21-2002, 12:37 AM
The last version, Squeak. It was 12 bucks (Canadian), so we bought it. The kids will watch it about 40 times. And DH and I will watch it again in 40 years time.
Well, it's not on a par with the others. The story is weak, the "eery" effects are not there, and the characters aren't particularly compelling (although Helena B.C. is a damned fine actor). But what the ****. It's sci-fi, right? A fun flick. And besides, I hate it when people say, "well you're younger", but you're younger; Squeak, so maybe it'll appeal to you more than the old ones. But don't get me wrong... I DESPISE Charleton Heston. He is such a toothy *******. I'd like to knock his teeth right into the back of his head. Who the **** does he think he is? Moses? Does he have to play Moses in every damned movie?!?!
Oh, the apes moved better in this one. And actually, the general (Thayer?) was very good.

I'm glad you like it here, and if you can be tall, skinny and gorgeous, then so can I. :lol:

Mauvais, where are you?
Ruth, how was your doctor?
Calling all cars, come in please.
06-21-2002, 06:28 AM
HI everyone! Thanks for the welcome! I will be happy to join you, how about though I keep with the dieting until I hit 125, then I can stall?;)
I have an alterior motive though! My Mother In Law, the wicked woman that she is, made the comment that I will never lose weight so why bother. OK I have been the chronic yo-yoer, but would it kill her to just keep her trap shut? Anyway, I guess I should be grateful, most people imagine themselves thin to keep motivated, I keep an image of her with shock on her face when she sees me skinny to keep me going!
Well I better get in the shower if I want any peace in there this morning, if I don't the kids will be up, & suddenly there are 2 faces looking in begging you to hurry up!

06-21-2002, 07:04 PM
Hi girls. I had a good day and a bad day...I ate lots of chocolate, think I'm premenstral but I went to the gym for the second time this week. yeah!!!

Christina, welcome, as you may have read I'm a total newcomer here myself.

Squeak, thanks for your note on my thread! I guess because I put the "L" word in it some people are afraid to respond but, I'm patient :)

I'm so pleased with myself that I exercised today! My gym is great. Its a gym for old people and fat people. Actually they say they are a "40+ gym specializing in older people and in weight management". But, honestly, isn't it just faster to say, old people and fat people!! I like it because when I go there I feel so comfortable. There are some real big people in there and some folks in their 70's who make me feel like a youngster.

Well, ladies, I'm so glad that it is Friday. I'm having a delicious dinner of salmon from our favorite japanese restaurant. My daughter and partner are picking up dinner right now.
My little girl loves cucumber sushi, she's so avant garde.
Have a good weekend!!!Soozie

06-21-2002, 07:19 PM
By the way Ellis, I can't stand that Charlton Heston either, he does really think that he is Moses!!!!!!!!
06-21-2002, 07:21 PM
Hi everyone! Finally the weekend is here! I am glad for the break from the hustle & bustle all week, but I really dread them, they are bad diet days for me! Course tomorrow I pormised the kids that we would finally go to the pool for the first time this year. All those skinny little bikini clad teens should keep me "honest". (I just look at them & think "Enjoy it now honey! Child Bearing & the "mid 20 gain" will be here before you know it")
I am one pound shy of the 30 pound loss mark! I would love to hit it this weekend, but I never lose on the weekends! Maybe I will ride that dam*...opps , mean great bike, a little longer & a little faster tonight to try to push me over the edge! Zach was just sent to his room for something with Dad, so I guess that I will be riding solo anyway, might as well work at harder than normal anyway! Alli & I start Mom/Daughter DanceFit classes in 2 weeks, thank God, I will then have one night where I can skip the bike & not feel guilty!

Soozie, I think that I read your daughter is 5, has she started school yet? Alli missed the cut off last year, but is 6 now & starts kindergarten in the fall. How did I ever get to be old enough to have 2 kids in school! (I guess that it happened in my sleep while those nasty little elves :s: were spackeling the fat onto my butt & thighs!) Your dinner sounds yummy! Makes my bowl of Special K look as pathetic as it really is!

Well I will see everyone back here soon! If I don't get out for that bike ride soon, I will skip it! Have a good weekend!

06-21-2002, 09:19 PM
Hello ladies ;)

How are all of you? I got back from my conference yesterday, but I went out with a friend for dessert and discussion. I didn't end up coming home until almost 2am! It was fun, though! I just found out that I will have funding to attend two more conferences this year, which I am so happy about :smug: As a poor grad student, I can't really afford those things, so it's nice that the university is helping me out.

Anyways--on to the more important stuff, which is all of you!

Big Warm Welcome to Soozie and Christina :D
Soozie: I laughed when I read what you said about the big ol' cotton drawers! As a matter of fact, I had been thinking the exact same thing the other day. Sometimes I just look at myself and wonder how I let my weight get so out of control. I think your gym sounds great. I just joined an all-girls gym, and it's nice. I feel more in-place!

Christina: Huge CONGRATS on your successful weight loss. (I hate saying loss because it's not like you woke up and you lost the weight. You worked your butt off, so congrats on your weight work!) When will you see your mother-in-law again? Whatever works! You wouldn't want to know about some of the things I think about when I'm working out! Your children sound adorable! I know what you mean about wondering how they got big so fast--my god daughter is 6! I feel like she was just born.

Ruth: When is your family reunion? It sounds like both you and Sqeak have big families. Mine is small, but my boyfriend's is huge, and I love that about his family. I will be celebrating Father's Day on Sunday, and I can't wait. I saw my dad today, and he's excited, too. How did the doctor go?

Ellis: That is wonderful that your husband is understanding. How are things with your daughter? Please, please don't worry about snapping at her. That's a part of life. Every parent in the world has those moments, and it's completely normal. The important part is that you reacted by apologizing and talking it over with her. BTW, I love your story about Ruth, the 15 year old boy!

Den: Where are you taking off to for a few days? I love going up north, so I will be mighty jealous if that's where you're headed! I normally spend the summers camping through the UP with my boyfriend. However, I had to work as many hours as I could this summer, and I really miss those lazy days we usually share. We're going away next weekend, though, and it is much needed!
I'm sorry to hear about your friend's dad. She's lucky to have a friend as caring and considerate as you when she really needs someone.

Mauvauis: How's the preliminary job search going? I think Den's right. Sometimes, we have to take a leap of faith. It's not easy, but those are the moments in life that you really discover what you have been missing out on. You have so many wonderful skills that any employer would be blessed to hire you. You're an asset, so find someone that makes you feel that way.

Squeak: Lake Placid is coming up fast! It's funny that we've been talking about friends getting married and having kids. Just yesterday, one of my friends asked me to stand up in a wedding in May (the weekend after I stand up for another friend), and yet another friend had a baby! When does it end! I know what you mean about eating everything in sight. Sometimes I feel like a vacuum cleaner, and that's the habit that I've recently developed and is impossible to break.

Okay, that's all for me! Oh yeah, none of you are lying--you are all gorgeous! Keep smiling!

Tigger :wave:

06-21-2002, 09:57 PM
Christina, my little girl is five. She will start kindergarden in the fall. I can't believe how big she is getting. She's still my baby but she looks like a kid now. She's at that age where she says amazing things all the time. She takes in everything. Today I was telling my partner about this web site (3fc). I rarely talk about weight in front of our daughter, don't want to make her crazy if I can help it!!! well she said to me, mom stand up a minute, I stood up and said, yes?, she said, yeah mom you do look like you lost some weight. Too, funny, my cutie. Well ladies. Onto the weekend, sorry I blabbed so much today, guess I'm just excited about finding the support. take care. Soozie

06-21-2002, 10:19 PM
OMG, if Moses is not a hunk, who is? Whom is? Of course I got dumped on for thinking Prince Phil looked pretty good at the Queen Mum's funeral.

SO chickies - come up with a droolable hunk for me. Sean Connery? Paul Newman is losing his mind. Howard Keel is dead. Peter LAwford? Rock Hudson - not my type. Ummm - can't think of any other except Farmer Art and his ilk. What the heck is an ilk? I want one!

Am a bit delirious because I announced to the Fair Board that I will finish my term and no run for Treasurer next term. I am taking my LIFE back!

Am off to watch a Dog Show in Kingston tomorrow so try not to miss me too much.

Hey, it's raining! ANd my dogs are out! Ireally wanted a muddy floor before bedtime.

Night all.

06-22-2002, 01:02 AM
Hello Everyone!

Good grief! I don't post for one night and I miss all the action, I will never be able to catch up with everything!

Firstly a big hello :wave: and welcome :D to Soozie and Christina!

Secondly, I guess my definition of an Alternachick is someone who has various interests, hobbies etc., maybe they are a little different from those around them, maybe a bit artsy, creative, I guess I was describing how I feel about myself when I picked the name (see first Alternachick post where Ellis and I introduce ourselves, banter, and then Ruthxxx butts in and points out that we live in the same city:lol: )

Soozie- your daughter has a beautiful name and sounds like a total cutie! :lol: about the drawers. They are one of my motivational tools as in " I so do not want to be wearing these so I better do something about it"!

Christina-congrats on your weight loss! I must be on the same fat fairy or elves route as you are...they have spackled my butt and thighs too! Darn things just sneak up on you when you are not looking!

Ellis-I liked the first Planet of the Apes best, although I did enjoy the new one. As for Charlton Heston... I used to like him but I don't care for the man's personal opinions and politics these days.

Ruthxxx-How did the board take it when you announced your bid for freedom? I hate to tell you but both Peter Lawford and Rock Hudson are dead, are you still looking for dates in the cemetary? :lol: I am voting for Sean Connery...why if I was 30 years older, whoa baby! ;)

Tiggerdiva-glad you had a good time at your conference, nothing like catching up with old friends...As for my work, well I am staying where I am for now but working towards some goals that I have set for myself so things should get better. DH gave me a big supportive pep talk that ended in tears and hugs and kisses, he is so good to me:love:

Squeeker-how many days to your holiday? ;) I know you are counting down, I am doing the same but I am not leaving until August.

Dentrassi-where are you headed on your holidays?

Shel-haven't heard from you lately-hope everything is good with you.

I was flipping through some girlie how to book the other day at the book of the lines was "every woman should treat her self like a princess" well, how sweet...I say screw that! Every woman should be treating herself like a Queen! :D

Goodnight everyone and have a great weekend!
06-22-2002, 06:14 AM
Soozie, sorry just rereading & realized I had a typo in mine, Allis is only 5, she will be six in Sept. I never really thought about talking about dieting in front of her, until in May she was at ballet class & there is a little girl there that is heavy. We were getting in the car & Alli said "Mommy, Rachel's Mom always has snacks for her to eat after dance. She should give her fruit & healthy stuff instead of cookies or chips. That is why she is fat" I felt awful that first of all my poor eating habits and dieting have made something as simple as that noticeable to my child. I also was very worried that she would say something to hurt Rachel's feelings. So now I try to just say that Mommy is eating healthier. I do worry that she inherited my genes & will have to worry about her weight when she gets older, but I don't want her to have an eating disorder instead.

I am thinking of sending my huge drawers to some third world country, they could provide shelter for a family of 5!:lol:

Ruthxx, I am not sure that a dead date wouldn't be a good idea. Hey he would never complain about the house being a mess! Is your dog show in Kingston, ONT? We have a summer cottage up there. It is so nice & peaceful, well as peaceful as it can be with 2 kids! My son, who is 7, tells us that he wants to marry a Canadian, so he can fish all day at the lake. He thinks that since we go up there & just fish & swim, that none of the Canadians work!

Oh well, since it is saturday & for some reason I am wide awake at 5am, I guess that I might as well start the chores, so they canbe done & I can enjoy the day off!

06-22-2002, 09:08 AM
Hey, Christina - I like your son's impression of the Canadian lifestyle. Actually for some folks around here that is the way it is. Where exactly IS your cottage? And when will you be there? I am very close to Kingston and may be passing you on my way in and out!

Well, not going to any damned dog show today. It's going to be a thunderstorm day and I don't intend to stand in an open field in the rain and watch miserable-looking pooches. I guess Lucy's brother will have to be shown without his Grand*****'s support.

Wish I had time to respond to everyon'e post - I DO read them but life keeps interfering - as does my incredible position as a moderator on this site! :D Actually there have been very few problems lately - a bit of a disappointment as I love to kick butt!

I did the announcement yesterday that I will not be Treasurer for the Board for the next term - elections at end of October. What a relief to me - not to them! Now the begging me to stay begins but I will not change my mind! I still will be working my butt off (I wish!) until the end of my term but it's nice to know I will have my summer back next year. Harry and the dogs are delighted. It's pretty damned sad when you have a travel fund and folks to visit and can't find a way to get away during the summer! **** - I can hardly find a free Saturday for Dim Sum.

Rock Hudson is dead? Not really my type anyhow. What about Robert Wagner? Leonard Cohen? Too gloomy. This is going to be difficult.

Really have to get over to LC and do my thing.

I hope you all have an incredible weekend.
06-22-2002, 11:31 AM
UGH, I hate weekends for dieting! It is only 10am & I have already cheated. Hubby & the kids are going to the cottage next weekend for the whole week, so I started packing the snacks & things for them for up there. Hubby loves tastykake Peanut Butter cakes, so I bought box...then decided to open 1 pack to eat just 1 of them....then I just saw the other one sitting there, just begging to be eaten. Oh well, back on track for the rest of the day!

Our Cottage is on Loughborough Lake, are you familar with that area. It is maybe 30 minutes from Kingston. I can't take a week to go this year. I just changed jobs about a month ago, & the little vacation that I earn this year I have to save for our trip to Disney at Christmas time. Jeff is taking the kids up the the week with all of his family. I can't admit this to them, but I actually am looking forward to the entire week at home, with no one to answer to but myself! Besides that cottage is too small for all of us "Waltman Women" to be in at once anymore. My sister in law & I being the outsiders always end up ticked at one of the "in siders" (My MIL & her daughter)

Well I need to finish the housework if I want to go lounge at the pool this afternoon. I wonder how many hours I have to swim laps to work off the 250 calories from the cakes?

06-23-2002, 06:38 PM
Happy Birthday, Dentrassi!!!!
xoxo Ellis

06-23-2002, 08:01 PM
I second that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday! :D :hb:


06-23-2002, 09:20 PM
Evening everyone! :wave:

It is now Sunday Evening an I have been MIA for two days...

I had a fun weekend but was totally off plan.
Went to a bridal shower and tried to eat well but caved by eating some cake and a couple of phyllo cranberrie/brie bundles.

Then we had friends over for supper and had a good healthy dinner with a couple of glasses of sangria. The four of us went for an after dinner walk :angel: which ended up in a candy store :nono: where I tried to be good by picking up jelly bellys but ended up eating half an Aero mint chocolate bar later on:(
Oh well, maybe it will all even out in the end:) (ms. positivity, yeah, that's me :dizzy: )

Speaking of cake...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DENTRASSI:hb:

Christina- I know what you mean about being alone occasionally, we all need some down time no matter how much we love our family and friends...Your son's take on life in Canada is pretty funny!

Ruthxxx-Robert Wagner is still pretty hunky! Leonard Cohen may become so enamored of you he would write a song about you...

Ellis, Squeeker, Soozie and Tiggerdiva-hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the weather:) Nice to see some sun!

Fluid_Fiction-where are hiding these days girl? Hope everything is okay...

Goodnight all!:yawn:

06-24-2002, 12:00 AM
HIYA!!!! Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!! Just got back from our trip Friday evening, and celebrated yesterday. Trying to get back in the swing of things now. My MIL has the same birthday, and gave me a bar of "Total ***** Soap" as part of my gift!! She is great, and we tease each other a lot. Except for the fact that she is a skinny ***** she would fit in well here!!!!

Soozie and Christina-WELCOME!! To you both!!! WOW, I was missing for a few days and things start popping!!

Soozie-I'm 4' 11" on a good day, weigh 209 pounds (have lost 16), don't shave my pits or my legs, have short hair, don't do my nails or wear make up (usually-I like to play dress up every so often) and am basically hetero. My sister, who is a Lesbian is 5' 6", weighs 135ish, has longer hair (still kinda short), shaves sometimes, and doesn't wear make up or do nails. I wear those big old white undies too, and hate it!!! Anything smaller than a brief (especially a thong) and I'm afraid it would get lost!!! Also, I keep saying this, and I'm gonna have to say it again. DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE LENGTH OF YOUR POST!!!! I for one am VERY nosey, and feel the longer the better!!!

Christina-Lucky you to have the cabin!!! We just got back from a two day trip to the UP (sorry Tigger!!), first vacation in 3 years. Wish it could have been longer!!! I understand completely what you mean about the kids growing up so quickly. Mine are now 15 and 12, and I can't believe I have one in high school and one in middle school!!!

Mauvairoux-Sounds like our eating patterns have been highly similar. I've been doing REALLY well at balancing my eating between the four food groups. Fat/Sugar/White Flour/Booze. I agree with you about kilts, single malt scotch and bagpipes. Don't know about haggis though!!! Have they fixed the stairs yet?

Ruth-You need to think outside the envelope!! You are in your sexual prime right now, so you need a man in HIS sexual prime. In other words, someone younger who can keep up with you. Sorry you didn't make it to the dog show, but I am STILL laughing about *****y-drawers comeuppance!!!!

Squeak-When are you leaving on your trip again? Glad you are getting away for a while. I know you are going to have fun!!!

Tigger-Too bad you can't get away this summer!! The UP is wonderful, although this year is BAD for mosquitos, so if you have to miss a year this is the year to miss!!!

Shel-We passed through Saginaw on the way up, and I was sending good vibes your way, so I hope you received them!! Of course sometimes I am bad luck, so hope they didn't misfire!!!

Ellis-What is up with you? Are you going to your cottage too? That sounds so idyllic....Wish we could win the lottery and just hang out all the time!!! We could just fly everyone in for a vacation, it would be great!!!
06-24-2002, 09:41 AM
Hello everyone! Happy Belated Birthday Dentrassi, it is very nice to meet you! If your post is any indication of how you really are, you sound like you quite a fun one & add a lot to the sight! I am so glad that I found you guys, this one is very upbeat & fun! I tend to come here when I am trying to avoid eating a "no-no" so I needed a site with lots of updates, since I am tempted many times through out the day! Sometimes I am not so sure that having the cottage is a lucky thing! I love it when I am there, but man a few Deer Fly bites, added with some in-laws, & a husband that as soon as we cross the border forgets that he has children & heads to the lake till dark, really makes me wonder! :lol: (Just kidding, it is really nice) Although I am anxious to see how he does up there with out me next week. Of course he will have some help with "Grandma & the Aunts" there. I hope that they don't totally take over for him!

A girlfriend from High School is coming up this weekend, she is my "fat friend" (& no she would not be offended!) Whenever we are together all we do is eat! She has promised me that she will not let me cheat & will be supportive!

Well I guess that I should start to look like I am trying to work! Not very motivated today though, so it is going to be tough!

06-24-2002, 11:34 AM
good morning all you wanna-be-thin girls

Tigger, thanks for your support re: my daughter and I. Ruth... ditto. :) She's doing quite well, thank you. Particularly as there are only 3 days left of school. I still have to draw up a summer schedule for the kids so that I can have a little time to myself and don't lose my mind. Did I tell you that our psychologist told me to make a pie graph? I have to allocate so much time to each person/activity. Let's see.... half to playing computer games, a quarter to writing into fatchicks....

Den, what do you mean you're "basically" hetero? :lol: I haven't shaved my armpits for 3 years. I've shaved my legs once this year. I'm finally starting to not give a damn. I always figure that if I were thin, then I REALLY wouldn't give a damn. Don't wear makeup, either. Unless it's a very special occasion, and then I put mascara on my eyebrows to conceal the grey hair. I hate nail polish, but my daughter wears all these funky colours and I thought I'd try it on my toenails. Don't have short hair though. It's an insecurity thing.
You would LOVE my gay sister-in-law!! She is such a friggin' hoot!!

Oh, God, speaking of gay, my favourite author just died!! Timothy Findley. I'm so sad. :(

Mauvais... jelly bellys... I LOVE them!! Coconut, pina colada, chocolate pudding...

Christina, have fun with your highschool fat girlfriend!

Yip yip... Ruth has refused to be Treasurer!! Good for you, Ruth. You must feel great. The word "no" can bring such a sense of release.

Squeak, how are you? And Soozie? Who have I missed? Shel? Whatcha doin'?

Hey, long weekend coming up. Canada's birthday, don't you know. Damn, and my mom's birthday. Do we go to the cottage and die on the highway, or do we stay at home and relax?

06-24-2002, 01:05 PM
dear Chickies,
Hi girls. I had a busy, busy weekend. Had a dinner party at my Dad's house and invited some of my sisters and my cousins and their hubbies. Dad is in his 80's and lives alone. Thought it would be nice to host the party at his house and use his kitchen. It was nice but now its Monday and I'm pooped.

My daughter has her first tennis class today then I go to work and camp starts tomorrow. I still can't believe they have tennis for five year olds but her little friend from school signed up and wanted my daughter to come along for moral support!! So, we'll be there. Its going to be in the 90's here today and HUMID. I wish I was a more negligent parent and could let my kid watch tv in airconditioning all summer instead of accompanying her out in the HEAT. oh well......maybe I'll sweat off a few pounds. :)

Girls, I cant' believe you're all runnin around with hairy armpits, someone's bound to think you're alittle weird. :dizzy: Den, thanks for your self description and you too Ellis. I also wondered about the basically hetero line:)

I'm five foot one inch and I do cling to that one inch and I'm about 194lbs, right now, of course after watching tennis today I'll be 189 !!! I do shave but please don't tell, don't want anyone to know that I'm breaking the rules :)
I always put alittle lipstick on when I go to work, don't know why but I do. My hair is short, so much easier to take care of and faster in the morning. Lately I'm obsessed with getting manicures. My nails look lovely if I must say so myself.

I've always been curvey. Except when I was a little kid. Once adolescence hit I grew boobies and got round. I was never really fat though, but I always thought that I was fat. Sometimes I think that's why I got fat, fighting my natural weight which was full-figured but not unhealthy and not accepting my body, always thinking it was too big and too fat, now I am fat!!!! My family didn't help much, Mom was always on a diet and never was fat. She often commented on what I ate as did Dad. I have a bunch o'sisters, the one closest in age to me was naturally thin, naturally. She still is slim and shapely. Yet I love her...inspite of her body:lol:

My eating has been uncontrolled. I'm not really on a program right now. Have to think about a structure and stick with it. The gym helps when I go regularly. Its such a natural high to exercise and I just eat better when I'm feeling that good about myself. My goal is to exercise three times this week.

My demons are chocolate and time. As in, I'm starving and don't have time to prepare and get to something healthy. Just grabbing anything between running around with work and the kid's schedule and trying to keep the house from total mess.

I'm glad to have met you ladies and feel really ready to get my real body back. I know its under here somewhere.
Talk to you soon . Soozie
06-24-2002, 02:21 PM
Soozie, aren't the kids so cute when they start something so young? My soon started Soccer when he was 4, so funny! We spent more time yelling "go the other way", than anything! My daughter tries soccer, but she honestly does not really enjoy, yet every year when I ask if she wants to play she says yes. Next year she starts 2 hour long dance classes, I think at that point she will have to decide what she really wants to commit to. Just too many activities. I try to let them do any groups that they want, thinking that they will find one that they love & dedicate the time to that & slowly drop the others...well so far, they each found a love, but refuse to drop anything.

The party sounds very nice! I love entertaining, but then regret it when I see the expense & the mess! :)

I too am guilty of the uncontrolled eating! I was always thin through high school, while the rest of my family ate poorly & was very heavy, I could eat with them & still be fine. Well suddenly I got married & just woke up one day fat. (not really but it was one day that I woke up & realized it!) Then I realized that I can not open a bag of cookies & have one. I can open them & leave them there on the counter, but once I have one, they are history! The weight has been dropping rather quickly since I started this, (30 pounds in 11 weeks) But I have hardly cheated at all, I am worried about when I try to incorporate the "no-nos" again, that I will have problems again. I guess that I will have to slowly add something on a regular basis, until I know that I can live with eating just 1 or 2 of something.

Well once again, I have rattled on! Have a good day everyone! (a little slow at work right now, so I am sure that I will be back soon!)

06-24-2002, 04:40 PM

Just got back from Psych appointment for son, Costco, and now I've got cramps. OH! The joys of perimenopause!!! "Basically hetero"-I've been attracted to women, but considering I'm in a long term hetero relationship (20 1/2 years married, 2 years together before that), it is kind of a moot point. I HATE shaving my pits, because they get really aggravated. Occassionally I'll shave my legs, but I'm basically lazy. And people have thought I was weird since i was a small child, so anything different and it would be too scary!!!

Soozie-Like you, I started out thinking i was fat when I wasn't. Sick, isn't it? I look at pictures of myself from that time period and just shake my head....WHAT THE **** WAS I THINKING? WHY DIDN'T I APPRECIATE IT WHILE I HAD IT? (Whatever "IT" is!!!)

Christina-I do uncontrolled eating too. For me it is ESPECIALLY bad with things like french fries. Basically anything deep fried and salty is a problem. Although it can also be sweet things depending on what they are...... Yes, I am a ton of fun!! (LITERALLY!!) But watch out when i am feeling down, whew!! RUN FOR COVER!!!!

Squeak-I forgot to answer your question!! I think what the Shiva is like depends on the family. My friend's family sat from 1 pm on each day (7 days), and had a service each night at 7pm. We went after the service, and at that point it was like a party!! We actually ran into people we had met elsewhere and had a great time!! Even my friend was able to laugh it up a bit. I'm sure at other times, and with other people there it was calmer though!!

Ellis-Glad your kids are getting out soon!! I know what you mean about maintaining time and space for yourself though!!! Listen, EVERYONE yells sometimes. I mean just today at Costco I was *this close*!! DS #2 was asking for a computer game and a book, and pop and....all this after we had ice cream too!! And "NO" isn't good enough, because you see "We ALWAYS buy things for his brother and not for him, and we keep on saying he should read more, so why WON'T we buy him a STAR WARS book that is ONLY $15, and the computer game is cheap and works on the MAC, and why can't he see his friends 'cause after all it is summer now?" I'm with you on the fun colors by the way. If I had a daughter with blue nail polish I'd borrow it too!! Just doesn't seem worth buying it when I know I'd only wear it about once a year!!!

Ruthxxx-I grew up in a Jewish neighborhood too!! My best friend was Jewish, and I went to services with her on a semi-regular basis. My family is not religious, so I probably learned more about Judaism than any other religion growing up!! We'd go down to my friend's house to light the candles at Channukah, (and eat potato latkes of course!!!) and they'd come down to help us decorate the tree. We are still in touch, but she lives in California so I don't get to see her too often. Last time was 3 years ago for her son's Bar Mitzfah. I always thought that I'd grow up and marry a nice non-religious Jewish boy and instead I married an Italian/Norwegian. I like to describe him as passionately depressed!!!

Mauvairoux-You are probably checking in later today, so I will sling rude comments in your direction later!!!


06-24-2002, 05:55 PM
quick drive by post -
Hi chicks! :wave:

Hope everything is going well!

The plan went right out the window on Friday and stayed gone all weekend. With the mood I was in I honestly didn't give a *insert your favorite 4 letter word here*. I was stressed out and I think I had a headache for like a week straight. I didn't just kinda cheat, I ate massive amounts of food in 3 days. Oh well. Today is going much better. Slightly less stressed and 9 more days until I am out of here. :) I almost left on Friday, but I had to go into work on Sunday and didn't feel like driving the 7 hours.

I will come back later after my nap. :yawn:

06-24-2002, 07:49 PM
Hmm, just finished logging all of my food for the day...calorie count is only 673...does that mean that I can have ice cream to make up the other 500 calories that I am short? :nono:

Hey Non-shavers, when you get tired of combing it, you could shave, might be 5 pounds of hair in those pits! :lol: Just kidding, If the leg hairs didn't keep me up at night digging into my other leg, I might be tempted to try to skip it too.

Squeak...A NAP! I am so jealous! I love to nap on the couch, problem is I beleive that someone must hang a big sign over me to annoy me as soon as a lay down. It never ceases to amazee me how helpless the others can be as soon as I want to escape!

Well girls I need to go ride that blessed exercise bike! See you all tomorrow!

06-24-2002, 08:24 PM
Squeak squeak, are you having a little nap?! How cozy. Massive amounts of food, huh? That was me today. I can't believe it... I ate two little bowls of chocolate icing. I haven't done that for MONTHS! And I just had a little bag of chips. And two glasses of pop. My day is shot. I'm glad to hear you did better today.
Hey, when you holiday, are you camping/B&Bing/hoteling/moteling or what? My husband winter camped there once. Well, it was November. Looked very beautiful in the pictures. And damned cold.

Den, I thought I was the only hetero attracted to women. I mean, I don't want to have sex with them, but I find it much more interesting looking at women's bodies than men's. I think it may be partially a respect thing, too. I don't appreciate most men... and I don't want to. :lol: Their motives are not of interest to me. Their minds are not in line with mine.

Soozie... a five year old playing tennis... that is so cute!! My gosh, imagine the wrist she's going to have!
Having dinner with your dad... that sounds so nice. He must be in fairly good health to live alone. I know how it feels to get pooped out visiting parents, but you made your dad happy. :) I visited MY parents on the weekend. For the most part they look good, but sometimes they look so old... it makes me sad. :(
Hey, is your partner slim?

Extracurricular activities, Christina... what a nightmare! We've had our daughter in swimming, dance, skating, karate, softball, baseball, soccer... you name it!! She gets to make her own choice this summer. We were going to let her off the hook because she didn't want to do anything, but her psychologist said that it was important for her to do one activity outside of school. And we're going to start our son in soccer this summer, although his sister's been teaching him baseball, and he looks to be a natural!

Den, I like your passionately depressed description. :lol:

Hi everyone else :wave:

Later, darlings....

06-24-2002, 08:48 PM
Evening all!:D

Okay, so I have to admit it, I am a bit of a glamour girl :o
I shave everything, won't leave the house without lipstick or at least lipgloss and mascara, and have enough nailpolish that I could wear a different one everyday for 2 weeks straight:lol: I do my toes and my fingers.
The only things I don't wear are foundation (can't stand the way it feels on my skin and can never find the right shade anyway) and eyeshadow (don't know how to put it on right and end up looking like someone punched me in the eye, so there is no point).

I used to think I was fat in grade school and most of high school.
I guess if enough people tell you that you end up believing it. When I look back at those pictures I can see that I may have been a bit stocky but I was not fat. I also had a bigger body frame than most of the other girls but now that I am 5"8 it all makes sense now:)

I think that the worst moment for me as a kid was the time I was at a friend's house having dinner when her grandfather turned around and said to her mother in Italian that the white girl had a
fat ***, not realizing that I could understand Italian. Funny how you can't forget some things....

I know what you all mean about snacking...I can't have chips or oreos in my house or I will eat the entire bag:devil:
Right now I can honestly say that there are no temptations in my house. I have Tostitos and salsa, veggies and fruit to snack on.
I have learned over the past year to just not buy the stuff because if it is there I will eat it, if it is not I don't even think about the stuff or get cravings. Out of sight-out of mind I guess;)

Yay!:) My stairs are open again! I am trying to get back into the habit of taking them again. I am also thinking of taking an aquafit class with a friend of mine who is also trying to lose weight. I am digging my little handweights out of the back of the hall closet so I can try to tone up my arms a little.

Costco-the warehouse of impulse shopping! I swear I just go in to pick up one or two things and end up coming out with a cartload of stuff:lol: I don't even go down the aisle at the front where all the boxes of chocolate bars and candies are...way too tempting :T.

Okay, I am going now! You are all wearing off on me and making me ramble on now:lol:

Have a good night everyone!

06-25-2002, 12:32 AM
Hi all!
I am procrastinating! I have a policy analysis due bright and early in the AM, and I am just starting it. I never write my papers until the last second!

Christina: I hear you on enjoying time to yourself at home. My fiance was out of town for the weekend, and although I missed him, it was a nice break. I was supposed to accomplish a lot (like that paper), but I had so much fun with friends and relaxing that I didn't get to accomplish much but peace of mind! I am jealous that you're headed to Disney over Christmas! My fiance and I have been there three times, and we love it more each time! It's one of those places you never grow out of! I hope you and your family have a blast! It's also nice to hear about all the extracurricular activities your kids are involved in. (Same for you Soozie and Ellis.) I did so much stuff as a kid that my parents were lucky that I was the only child they had to cart around. It made such a difference later on in my life that I think if kids are blessed enough to have parents so supportive and encouraging, like you all, then they should take advantage of all they can.

Den: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Sorry I didn't get to post sooner, but I hope your day was special. I'm glad to hear you had fun on your get-a-way. Those are the best. We try to go away at least once a month, but with my area of work, I feel like I have to abandon all reality for a weekend every month so that I can maintain control the rest of the time. We're headed somewhere this weekend, but we haven't decided where yet. Where did you go in the UP? I know what you mean about the mosquitos--I was up north this time last year, and at sundown, I looked down at my feet, thought to myself, "I'm not wearing black socks," and realized I was covered with mosquitos. I'm not complaining, though. I hadn't been bit in over ten years! (I also don't get brain freezes, weird, I know!) BTW, you are not weird--you're wonderful! One more thing, thanks for mentioning that "basically hetero" comment (I think someone else did, too, so thanks to you, too). We all live on a continuum of heterosexuality, and most people think that no one is absolutely, 100% hetero. It's nice that you acknowledge that, and I appreciate your sharing it!

Mauvaisroux: Don't feel bad about having a good time! Bridal showers and fun with friends comes along with happiness and good memories. As much as I want to be thin, I wouldn't give it up if it meant I could have a blast with others. You deserve to enjoy yourself, especially after the hard work you've been up to. Take it in stride and know that you earned the right to eat something you want!

Ellis: I'm glad to hear things are good with you and your daughter. It's not easy to be a parent! (As eloquently illustrated by Den's description of her son in Costco!) You are a caring person, and your love for her shines through your postings. I'm sure that even in the toughest times, she feels what all the rest of us read. As for her psychologist, I am the first to tell everyone that mental health providers have lost their own sense of reality. It often happens that they don't stop to think what will work best for YOU, but instead they want you to bow at their latest invention. My families tell me horror stories all the time, and I don't know how people who suck so bad are actually in the field. (Not implying of course that your psychologist sucks, but rather that s/he had a crazy idea!)

Soozie: Congrats for your daughter's venture into tennis! That stuff does wonders for self-esteem and confidence, especially in girls. I know she appreciates you sweating your behind off, and it sounds like she's got a great mom! I know what you mean about clinging to that extra inch of height. I'm 5'2 and a HALF! If someone doesn't write that 1/2, I whine until it is added (and I'm someone who normally doesn't complain about anything!). I'm also ready for my body to be normal again. I just haven't felt like myself, and I hate that I feel so down on myself. I, too, was thinner in high school and considered myself horribly overweight. In retrospect, I was about 115 lbs! What was I thinking! Hindsight is 20/20, right! Since then, I have gained so much weight that I can deal with it anymore. I'm so unhappy when I look in the mirror, and it really effects my entire self-image. For someone who works so hard to be successful at everything else, it's silly to stay so hung up on my weight for so long. I could go on and on about this, but I will stop here!

Sqeak: I know what you mean about those down moods. I get into those when I feel like how I described above. My biggest problem is that I've been out of control with my weight for so long that I think that I've wasted my life. I even turn down invitations to certain things for reasons related to my weight. I hope your mood has improved, though, and just keep in mind that Lake Placid is not that far off! Hang in there!

Ruth: CONGRATS on saying NO! It's the hardest word, but with the biggest personal impact. I do an activity with my families where I make one person ask the other a million questions, and the listener can just say "NO" over and over. It's so hard because we usually put others before ourselves, and we all deserve to take it back.

That brings me to my biggest news, and hopefully you all will not think I'm cruel for doing this! I work at an after-school (AS) program and in the summer, it is a day camp. The AS program directors have really taken advantage of me in the past--in ways I won't bother to bore you with here. It's been severe, though, and I have never complained. This summer, however, I am disappointed because I am cutting back on hours at my other jobs to help with the summer program. The directors have again made it clear that I am not valued, and they have given me a limited role in the program. I know that despite the role expectations, I would have to do their jobs, just like in the AS program. Besides, I am paid less there per hour than at either of the other two places I work. So, I decided to tell them that I can't work at the summer program after all. It is much, much, much, much better for me because I will be able to work a more normal schedule at the remaining two jobs (ie-a 8-9 hour day) whereas I would have been working some 12 hour days if I tried to do the summer camp, too. I will make more money, and I will not have to deal with those stupid, ridiculous co-workers who want their pay for my labor. It is a bit of a vindictive way to get back at them for their prior wrongs, but I feel much better about my summer. In the end, it works best for all of us because those directors will actually have to work for their money instead of relying on me! WOW, that took more time to explain than I thought. I won't apologize, otherwise Den will yell at me! Thanks for reading it all, though! I do very much appreciate you all and I'm glad I joined this thread. Hope you all have a great week!

06-25-2002, 06:29 AM
Tigger, Good for you for standing up for yourself! I am sure that in the long run you will see how that was long over due! I know where you are coming from about your weight sucking all the life out of you! When I think about how I have let my weight make me miss some great times I want to kick myself! I was able to grow up without the influence of a Father (luckily he grew up & is now wonderful!), & my Mother was just about worthless other than providing shelter. (She on the other hand has only gotten worse, but that would take an entire thread alone to sort through that mess) Anyway with the parenting that I had I was still able to grow up a pretty decent kid, no drugs, OK in school, no real behavior problems. Lived on my own since 17 & put myslef through college, & was able to land a job that I love & pays well enough that if, not that I am planning to at all, but if I ever decide to kick hubby to the curb, my kids & I wil still be above poverty level! Yet, I can't overcome the weight! Well hopefully that is changing as we speak! I finally made to a Healty weight, granted at the tippy top of the chart, but still healthy! So hang in there, & remember even if we never make to our dream size we are all still wonderful!

I can't wait to go to Disney! I went for the first time ever 2 years ago! We weren't back a month till I started planning our next trip. This time we are not worring about the money & doing it right. Last time we scrimped over every penny we spent! This time I have been saving & plan to just enjoy it!

Well I need togo face the scale & see where I am at! Have a good day everyone!

06-25-2002, 08:56 AM
hey Tigger... I hope to heck you got your policy analysis completed!! :lol: I was the same... last minute. I always thought that the last minute ones were better than the ones I labored over for days.

Listen, that after school program... screw it!! Don't even think about it! I know how you feel... you're abandoning the kids... but that's NOT your fault. You can't deplete your own self for the sake of those lazy workers. You'd only become resentful and unhappy, and then you'd be of no use to ANYONE! I think you've made a great decision. We're very proud of you. :)
And good for you for not apologizing to us. :lol: We're glad you joined this thread, too. You're very entertaining and VERY nurturing. (god knows we LOVE being nurtured!)

Speaking of nurturing, thank you so much for your kind words regarding my daughter and I. You are an absolute dear, and we all love you.

Speaking of deers, you should see the hilarious thing I bought at a garage sale on the weekend. It's this "lighted picture". Something from the 60's I think. It's a box with a picture of mountains/trees/etc as the background. There is a plastic deer (a buck) stuck in front of the picture. (poor thing's searching for a mate, no doubt) The box is covered with a piece of decorative glass in a "frame" shape, and there is a concealed light bulb in the box so that you can plug it in. And it's got a "stand" so that you can stand it on your TV. (their own words from the back of the picture) It's a friggin' hoot!!!

Okay, where is everyone? :wave:

06-25-2002, 06:49 PM
Hello everyone!

I was off sick from work today-I think I had a stomach bug.
I spent most of the day sleeping and watching crappy daytime tv.

Tiggerdiva-don't sweat saying no the day camp, there is only so much you can do at a time. You need to look after yourself and your own interests, and I don't think you are mean saying no.

Ellis-your new art acquisition sounds divine! My tackiest find was a white plastic Jesus nightlight from the Dollar Store. The package even said "let him light your way" so of course I had to buy it! :lol:

Christina-you sound like you had a pretty tough upbringing...kudos to you for rising above it and becoming the person you are! :)

Soozie-hope your daughter has fun with the tennis. I think it really helps kids when they have outside interests. I used to play soccer in grade school and high school. It was great!

Squeek-hope your are in a better mood today, just keep your holiday and seeing your friend in mind as a mood booster!

Dentrassi-sounds like you had a great holiday!

Ruthxxx-how are you doing these days? Hope your garden is coming along but that you are still taking care of your arm :)

Fluid_Fiction-haven't seen you posting lately-hope you are okay...

I may check in later with you all!

06-25-2002, 10:19 PM
Hi chicks! :wave:

Even though my posts have been somewhat erratic I come in here to read everyone's at least twice a day. Once before work and once after. :) And thank you all for the support!!!!

Things are a little nuts. Work just seems like I have been working my *** off to fall farther behind. 2 major projects, one of which I am unoffical project semi-lead. The lead has had some major problems at home so is only working a few days a week. Plus all of the BAU (business as usual) stuff (and the reason I had to drag my butt into work at 7 on Sunday morning). Though it is slightly good on the plan since I eat lunch at my desk and that means I have to eat what I brought from home. Though it is also why I ate everything that wasn't nailed down over the weekend.
But 8 more days and I am off. It seems to be perfect timing. It is bad I have already planned what I want to bring with me? :) and the new running joke in the office is I am eloping when I go there. We are going to skip dating, go straight to marriage. As one of the girls said "Dating is over rated" (esp. if you have already done the dating thing once) Ok so the boy doesn't know we are eloping, but that's ok. ;)

Mauvais- Hope you are feeling better! Daytime tv is pretty crappy isn't it? Talk shows, soaps, & lawyer shows.

Ellis - And just what do you plan on doing with that silly picture? It sounds just bizarre :) I am staying at hostel where the boy is. He gets a room w/ a roommate, I get a bunk room. :p Though I am thinking of getting a hotel room for the weekend. I am normally not very much of the outdoors-type. I like hiking for a few hours, but I don't camp unless it involves a cabin with electricity & indoor plumbing. And then, not for long. I am very much a city girl. :)

Christina - Congrats on the healthy weight! And have a blast in Disney & all the time by yourself. The only reason I can nap is because I live alone. The only people that bother me are telemarketers, and them I hang up on.

Tigger - How did the paper go? As for the job - it sounds like too much for too little, I don't blame you for not doing it.

Den - The shiva sounds both good and draining. I think out of the different types of religious things I have gone to, temple was the most interesting.

Soozie - I am also 5' 1" and you better believe I hold on to it. My best friend is 6'2", so we look a little silly in pictures most of the time. The best are him sitting and me standing. I used to stand on my living room table to be a little taller then him. The other sad part was I out weighed him for a while. I am not sure if I still do. He won't tell me any more.

And I am with you girls on the basically hetero thing. I can definately appreciate a woman's body, but it doesn't quite "do anything" for me. :)

Ruthxxx - Can you still garden in all this heat?

Ok, enough for tonight.

Night all!

06-25-2002, 10:43 PM
Hi everyone! What a crappy day! We are in the heart of 2003 Budget planning, so everyone is snippy at work! Then I come home to 2 kids that can't look at each other without the fighting starting! Tonight it actually got to the point of physical, not just nasty words! Well Mommy now has 2 game boys, & 2 collections of CDs. After turning them in & getting the speeach how we are a family & we need to be respectful & loving to each other, they leave, aren't even out of my sight & they start pinching each other! After I gave myself the same speech to prevent me from beating them both! I did something I thought I never would! They both have to write "I will be not be mean to my sister/brother" 50 times! So far Alli has about 15 & Zach about 20, I don't know what else to do besides lock them in a room & let them fight it out until someone dies! Now I know why I am an only child!

While my parents were far from the best, it could have been a lot worse! They never abused me, they just never bothered with me, which given the 2, I got the better! I just think back now & realize how much I could have gotten in to & chose the wrong paths, & no one would ever have known. It could have been much worse though! & if nothing else, it taught me what type of parent not to be!

Well I finally did something tonight that felt great! Went through all of my clothes & donated all the "fat stuff" to Good Will! Anything the least bit too big or frumpy went in the bag! I went from a stuffed closet, dresser & chest to only 1/3 of a closet & a fll underwear drawer! I filled 4 garbage bags full! At least I can't let myself creep back up, nothing to wear if I do!

Well I am ready for bed, so catch everyone later!

06-26-2002, 01:42 AM
I just wrote one of my 30 minute short posts, and it was WIPED OUT!!! I'm too tired and cranky to try to duplicate it, so I'M GOING TO BED!!!!!


06-26-2002, 09:34 AM
Hey Ladies. Yesterday I made it to the gym thanks to you. I almost wimped out but thought of you and turned the car around and headed for the gym instead of home!!! Thanks for the inspiration. Two more times this week and I'll meet my goal. I also passed up late night snacking which I sometimes do after work.

One of these days I'm going to go back and read your old threads so I'll get to know you alittle better. I'm curious about the issues between you and your daughter Ellis. I can't remember who right now but someone else mentioned going to a psychologist with one of their kids....
anyway...tigger, I do agree with you that most mental health providers are whacked but I have to confess I am a mental health provider. :p

Yes, clinical social worker, therapist.....and only mildly whacko. I really love my work. And feel very committed to my clients.

Ellis, that deer sounds scare-rey!!! You may need some more counseling and soon!!!!

Mauvais, the tennis was too cute. Even tho it was over 90 degrees and humid. We had to keep spraying the kids with water and making them drink so they wouldn't collapse. And of course all the moms looked like we were going to die of heat stroke.

Tigger, congrats on saying "no" to the summer program, you go girl! and don't spend one second feeling bad about taking care of yourself.

Squeak, know what you mean about camping. I worked at girl scout camp for six years or so...if I never see another tent it will be fine... its only a vacation if there are clean sheets, flush toilets, a shower with great water pressure...etc. :)

Chris, we're going to Disney this November. I'm not too excited about it yet because we have so much going on before then but you'll have to give me Disney pointers. We're going with my daughters godmother who has been there a billion times. She loves it and can't wait to take her goddaughter.
I think that it is great that you threw out your fat clothes. what a wonderful feeling that must be. Of course I'm still wearing mine but........

Ruth...thanks for starting alternachicks!!! and my garden is just flowers this you do veggies??? we don't get enough sun for them...but we do annual and per. flowers.

Later girls. have a great day. Soozie

06-26-2002, 10:33 AM
Whatsamatta? Nobody likes my deer! It's a conversation piece! Hey, I just thought of something. It cost a buck. :lol: Get it... a buck for a buck? CORNY!

Huh! That ol' Ruth didn't start Alternachicks! Mauvais did! Huh!
Mauvais, are you feeling better sweetie? Stomach thing, huh? The hot weather or something you ate? Or did you just need a little mental health day? We promise not to tell.

Sorry... misconception, Tigger. I actually LIKE the pie graph idea. I was being sort of sarcastic and it didn't come out right. Although I do agree with you about SOME mental health workers. Like the first psychiatrist we saw. All he did was recommend a book for us to read! My daughter voluntarily said that she thought he was a complete dud.
I think the pie graph will be good. Apparently what I'm doing right now is giving a complete pie to EVERYONE. So I have to work with one pie and split it up. I'm terrible at saying "no" to people, so now I have a good excuse. "I'm sorry, but according to my psychologist's instructions, you're not on my pie for this week." :lol:

Squeaker, you are working like a horse!! Take it easy girl, you're going to burn out. Unless you're burning calories, in which case, GO GIRL!! I like your description... "the boy". heh heh. He sounds like a toy. I don't blame you for wanting to stay somewhere comfortable.

Christina, darling... could you email us your fat clothes? Us fatties are a little short of stuff to wear. :lol: 4 garbage bags!! Good for you!

Lil' Den, would you please start "selecting all" and "copy"ing!?!? I want to read your funny posts!! Are you still tired and cranky? Bet you're still in bed, aren't you? ;)

Soozie, I'm so glad that we're motivating you!! ('cause we sure as **** aren't motivating OURSELVES!!) Good working out and eating!!!!
You asked about my daughter and I. In a nutshell (sorry to bore the rest of you again), I've suffered from deep depression since the age of 12 (I'm 37) and finally went for help about 5 years ago. I'm taking Fluoxetine, which; for the most part, works fantastically well. My 12 year old daughter tried to commit suicide about two months ago. Completely unexpected, terribly heartbreaking. I still wake up in the night and check to see that she's in bed. The fear is indescribable. I thank God we've still got her... and things are starting to go really well with the new psychologist.
I was really ill with depression when she was younger (pre-medication) and I did her a lot of psychological damage which I feel guilty as **** for. We don't know if she's clinically depressed or if it's just environmental, but we're doing a lot of great cognitive behaviour stuff with her, and it's really helping.
It's weird... my husband's only been working in the mental health field for the past year... it's a bit of fate. He's so much more knowledgeable now about the issues that are of importance to our family, and his boss has been incredibly supportive. Phew! Dumping... great for relieving stress. :)
I'm glad to hear that you love your work. It must be a real brain-drain at times.

Shel, Ruth, Tigger? How are things? :wave:

06-26-2002, 11:59 AM

I am having trouble keeping up with all this! No, Mauvais started Alternachicks. I will try to find the old threads and bump them up. It got to three pages and I couldn't cope so Mauvais started Alternachicks 2. And then I started this thread when it got too long.

Sorry I've not been posting much. Low Carb has been keeping me busy as has the rest of Life.

Here's what I've been doing...
got a perm - looks like I've had a hot and heavy night with Raoul but it also gives me a lift. I am convincing myself I look 20 pounds lighter
been organizing the Family Reunion weekend - this includes making arrangements to move my piano to the Fair Hall. How dumb is that? My cousin (a pro) just tuned it to concert pitch and will re-tune it when it goes there and then do it again when it comes home.
have been trying to get the rest of the garden done - everything is in now. First salad for lunch today - I love romaine
finishing up routine financial crap for the FAir Board - we start to get really busy from now on until after the FAir
trying to work more with Lucy to get her ready for show training
cooking, cleaning, tidying, laundry, the usual crap

Busy but not very exciting.

Storm coming through so I'd better get offline before the modem fries!

06-26-2002, 12:50 PM
Now I have something else to add to my list!

We have three trees down in our lane so I can't get the damned car out. Luckily they are near a power source so I may just get to doing my Lumberjack routine with the electric chain saw. Yes, I have one - wanna come to the massacre? :devil:

Stupid weather! The plants from yesterday are flattened to the ground and the tomato plant has holes in it from hail! Who the **** is in charge of the weather these days!

06-26-2002, 01:05 PM
geez Ruth, I've always wanted to use a chainsaw but my dad would never let me. You are the COOLEST!!
Hail? What hail?

06-26-2002, 03:18 PM
see? now i've gone and missed Dent's birthday, and the arrival of some charming ladies. *sighs*

here i am, checking in, ashamed to say that there have been three whole pages added since last i looked.

things have been... well, i don't want to say bad, but honestly that's the only way to describe it.

so, that said, i'm going to abuse my privledge as a chick and do some venting. for me this is a pretty big step... i've always been the one to listen to everyone else's problems, and always kept mine in. but, it occurs to me that that behaviour has caused me to hide for the last few weeks, being miserable, and i hate that. so here it goes.... read on if you're brave..... my apologies for my post being self centered.

first of all, how can you love someone, and want them dead all at the same time?? i love my BF. really i do. but after yet ANOTHER fight the other day, he threatened to leave, and i found myself thinking "yeah? GOOD!!".... *sigh* i'd miss him... but i have to wonder if i keep trying because i want this, or if i keep putting up with it all because i just don't want to be alone....

then, there's my mother. we used to be so close, all the time. but ever since i moved back from Kansas, we've been drifting apart. she ~really~ liked the BF that i left there... the first bf that she's accepted since my divorce. she told me on the trip back up here that she's had a hard time over my divorce, and still wasn't over it. EXCUSE ME???? ~she~ didn't get divorced. she didn't have to watch him being the perfect son in law around them, just to turn into this drunken monster when we got back home.... i'm so tired of listening to her question me on why i can't have a nice, normal steady relationship....i know that i'm drawn to bad relationship chioces. i know that my current BF isn't perfect, and could change. but he's not abusive, and he does care for me, and when we're not fighting over stupid things, we're wonderful together. she acts like i've CHOSEN to just not find that one person that i can be completely happy with... like all the choices i've made to this point have been to spite her and what her plans for me were.

my sister is going in for her c-section on friday. laura, the perfect daughter. she married the first boy she fell in love with, just like mom, and gave mom and dad a beautiful granson soon after. she's having a girl this time. Haley Maria. mom has known for a week that she was going in friday for this.... and never bothered to call me. i want the best for my sister.... i love her so much, but sometimes i just want to scream because i feel so jealous of her.... she has the family that i've so desperately wanted for so long..... while i'm still struggling, trying to figure life out.

i'm frusterated, really.... this is NOT where i planned to be at 31. i didn't think that i would be struggling still, scrambling to pay rent, driving an old car, making do with everything, and not happy with what or who i am. aren't you supposed to have things figured out by now? so why don't it???

wow.... what a rant. i'm just so tired of being unhappy... and of not being motivated enought to change it. that's the biggest problem. how much worse do things have to get before i do something? i went through a really bad time in college. i didn't get out of bed for three weeks. the other day it was all i could do to ~NOT~ go in and climb under the covers and shut my eyes, because i just ~KNEW~ that it would happen again. does that sound pathetic? 'cause it sure as **** sounds pathetic to me.....

well, if you're still with me, thanks for letting me get that out. if you're one of the new girls, trust me, i'm usually much more cheery and not nearly so self centered. *s* please excuse the horrible first impression.

gonna slink off and drink some more water now. you can imagine what my food intake has been lately, being a stress eater. *sigh* gonna weigh in tomorrow. i PROMISE - you all as well as myself - that i'll post in. thanks again.....


06-26-2002, 03:28 PM
Hey Mauvais, sorry that I gave Ruth the credit...thank YOU for starting Alternachicks!!!
how long have you chicks been at it???
Ellis, so sorry to hear about your daughter. . Must have been awful and terrifying. Glad stuff is going well with the therapist. I always say that that relationship is critical. If you don't like and trust the clinician after a few visits get out!! The therapeutic relationship is critical to getting anything out the the therapy...technique is less important than genuine concern, empathy, connection, and intelligence. Don't spend too much time feeling guilty about what you did wrong when you're kid was younger and you were more depressed...its such an energy drain and you need your energy for the present moment to help your kid and yourself heal.
Well, ladies, onto part two of my day........Soozie

06-26-2002, 03:32 PM
Shel, nice to meet you. Hope you stick with your plan to keep in touch even though the bad times...thats a big part of why we're all here!!!!!!

06-26-2002, 04:05 PM
Soozie, thank you so much for your support. :) It's greatly appreciated.

Shel sweetie, I'm so sorry you're down. Don't stay away again when you're feeling bad... like Soozie said, we're here for you, okay?
You know what? Contrary to what everyone else may think, you don't have to be in a certain position at a certain age in your life. ****, 31 is young!! By the time I had my very first boyfriend at the age of 21, everyone else had had sex about 100 times at least!
It's all relative, sweetie.
Listen, my best friend got married at 39. She'd dated at few jerks... not one nice one in the bunch. Now she's just had a baby... she'll be 40 this year. In one year she went from being what she felt was "completely miserable" (man-less, car-less, computer-less and living in a one-bedroom apt) to bang bang bang... married, a baby, a house, two cars, a riding mower, six computers and a great husband. YES!! IT CAN BE DONE!! And 39 isn't the cut-off date, either. Fate is waiting for you right around the corner, Shel.
The biggest thing you have to do is to learn to feel good about yourself. Then you can handle the rest of the stuff. You'll KNOW if you should leave your boyfriend. You'll be able to acknowledge that your mom is not too supportive and it doesn't really matter... she's just a mother. Let her go. HER feelings are HER problem.
And your sister? I bet you anything that your sister is just a little envious of YOU sometimes. I know I used to envy my girlfriend when she was still single. When she'd go home from work, put on her pyjamas and curl up with a book and a snack... all by herself!! It still sounds like heaven to me!
Hey, don't get under those blankets... I know exactly how you're feeling. We don't want you stuck under them crying, okay? Get out and do something that makes you feel good...
Is there anywhere that you can go for some help? Do you have drop-in support groups anywhere nearby? You have to tell people that you feel crappy, okay? And that you need help or support. I always thought that someone would read my mind and come to my rescue, but it ain't gonna happen. You've got to go and get it yourself. And you're strong... you can do it, Shel!!
gotta ya.... take care...
06-26-2002, 06:28 PM
Wow you chicks have laying down some heavy posts here!

Shel, just reading your post has brought tears to my eyes! Not to be mushy, but here is a hug! ( ) I think that you need one! Do not feel bad about venting! Heaven knows after I spend time with the outlaws, I will be here venting! I have been married for 11 years now, but I can honestly say, I am not sure how we made it past some of those fights the first few years! That is part of why I put on so much weight! I was miserable for the first 4 years, I only had my first child to appease him & figured that at least when I finally did leave I would have someone to love. Somehow we are coming full circle. With the birth of Zach suddenly we started connecting again & there was a reason to try to stay together. We did get back to the point that we enjoyed each others company. The bedroom still suffered for years, I couldn't stand the thought of him seeing me like I was. But even that is turning around as the weight is coming off. (OK too much information huh?) Anyway, hang in there. He may be the right one, or maybe the right one is right around the corner & you will be thankful to have had the past that you did so you were molded & just perfect for Mr. Right. (OK I am a hopeless romantic at times too! Sorry I can't help much in the Mother relationship! It sounds like yours came from the same school of parenting that mine did!

Hey anyone that wants the "Fat Clothes" welcome to them! :) I can't wait to hit goal & start filling my closets with new, single digit sized stuff!

Well I need to get going! Hubby is going to kill me if he finds out I came home late because I was "Chatting" Take care everyone!

06-26-2002, 07:53 PM
Hello ladies!

Thanks over and over for your support of my decision to not do the summer camp! Everyone has agreed with me so far, especially those people that know the details. So, it's down to making a difficult phone call to the other directors, and I'm home free! BTW, I did turn in my paper on time, but as usual, I wasn't satisfied with it. I expect too much of myself sometimes!

Christina: It really sounds like you had a lonely time when you were a kid. But it is those rough times that make us stronger. Who knows why your live led the wonderful path that it has, but at least you can have the pride to own up to all that you have chosen to do for yourself. You can't change the past, but it really sounds like you are trying to make up for it by enjoying your present and future. Good for you :)
I know what you mean about the kids driving you crazy! I'm not a parent, but I work with kids all day every day, and sometimes they get the better of you. I think parenting is like the Peace Corps--"The Toughest Job You'll Ever Love". It sounds like you have a good handle on how to deal with them, even if they drive you a little nuts at times. That's what kids are for, right! I am an only child, too, and it wasn't until just recently that I started working with kids. I was scared of them! I had never been around any or even known very many from when I was younger. It's like another world, and when the sun shines, your heart melts; when the wind blows, you push harders; when the storms come, you brace yourself for another day. Hang in there--they're lucky to have you.
Big congrats! It must feel great to let go of those clothes. That's the thing that I can't wait to do once I get my rear in gear.

Ellis: WOW! First of all, I'm sorry that I misunderstood your last post, and thank you for clarifying that. I'm glad you found something that works for you. However, I'm really sorry to hear about the trauma that your family has faced. It must be so terrifying and overwhelming to have faced your daughter's attempted suicide. It also must be difficult to have had so much depression and sadness in your life. I completely agree with Soozie that it is of upmost importance to see a counselor/therapist that makes you feel comfortable. It seems like you and your daughter have found that. Please don't feel guilty about any impact your depression may have had on her. Depression is like any other physical illness, like cancer or pnemonia. There is nothing that you could have done to prevent from feeling that way, and you absolutely were the best parent that you could be at the time. It's wonderful that the two of you are trying to work some things out, but you have to let go of that guilt you feel if you want to move past it. It's fantastic that you found meds that work for you so that you can be yourself again. Thank you for sharing such a powerful story with us.
Thanks also for your kind, kind words! Sometimes, especially in my area of work, it's nice to hear something so positive about yourself. I don't ever take credit for my clients' accomplishments because they are the ones who work for their achievements. So, sometimes I feel like I don't do much, and it's nice to hear that I could be there for you when you needed an ear.

Shel: I'm also sorry to hear that you're having a rough time! You are absolutely NOT self-centered. That is what this group is for. You have some really rough waters that you're swimming in! I know what you mean about the BF and the relationship. It is so hard to have that love and apathy all at once. You have the right approach, though--is it worth it to endure so many more years of this up and down, or is it better to just rip off the Band-Aid and let the wound heal. Know this--you are a wonderful person, and if he isn't meeting your expectations, then you deserve (and will find) someone who will.
I know what you mean about life plans! 31 is so young, and you have a lot of time to achieve whatever you want. Sometimes I think that we don't plan life, it plans us! Just because you don't have everything you thought you would doesn't mean you won't have it. In fact, the friends that I have that got married right out of high school are going through bitter divorces and separations, while the friends who thought they'd never find anyone are enjoying their lives with their soulmates. Your life is going to come together--sometimes you have to realize how much you want something before it falls into your lap. It makes you appreciate it more.
You also touched me when you talked about having a hard time in college. I moved away to college at 17, and it was the worst time in my life for a lot of reasons. Unfortunately, the way that I dealt with it was to eat and eat and eat and eat. So much so that I gained about 50-60 pounds my first semester of school! I have gotten over it by now, but that old habit is still with me, and I don't know if I'll ever be able to change that. It makes me feel like I can't be myself or enjoy my life like I used to because of all this extra weight. It's so silly to let weight stop me from being all that I can be, especially because I really don't let much stop me! I just can't bring myself to feel complete until I can be at a normal weight like I used to be.

Mauv: Are you feeling better? I hope so!

Squeak: So sorry to hear about all the work stress. I like your positive outlook, though, that you are able to stick to your plan. I hate when my work gets crazy like that, but it sounds like you are such a valuable asset to your job, and I hope that they acknowledge all the hard work you're doing.

Den: AAAGGHH! I hate computers sometimes! It always seems like they spaz at the worst possible time. I'm looking forward to hearing from you, though. I am going camping this weekend, and we decided to go to a state park in the thumb. (I have a baby shower to go to on Sunday morning, so I didn't want to go too far away.) I leave for Traverse City in two weeks, and I can't wait!

Ruth: You've been keeping busy! I love gardening, but because I live in an apartment, I really can't have anything fun. I can't wait to buy a house--then I'll be bugging you all the time for gardening tips. When is your reunion?

Soozie: BIG CONGRATS on the gym! I know you are going to meet your goal this week. I hope I didn't offend you with my mental health professionals dump. I am also in the field, and I'll be done with my master's in April. It's been my experience that I look around and wonder why the **** some of those therapists are doing what their doing. Then again, I've met some that have truly inspired me.

This week, I am going to do my best to stick to a plan and not snack. I probably won't have time to work out because I have seven papers due between Monday and Tuesday (that's not a typo either!). Of couse I haven't started them, and I don't plan on working on them over the weekend! I am going to be bad today and order a pizza. I had a rough case at the police station, I'm tired, and I have a lot of work in front of me. I just don't feel like cooking dinner. (I'm never going to lose weight!) What diet plans (if any) do you all follow?

That's it for now. See you all soon! BTW-My name is Kat, and since I almost always write that at the end of my posts on accident, I will just tell you guys so I don't have to delete it anymore!

Kat ;)

06-26-2002, 10:12 PM
Hello everyone! :wave:

I am feeling much better today!
Hubby is downstairs doing laundry so I have the place to myself.
I should actually be doing the dinner dishes but the today's posts are so riveting I cannot tear myself away....Okay, so who am I kidding, dishes have never been a priority for me.
I have to admit to all of you that a this very moment, as I am typing this post, I am eating an Aero chunky chocolate bar:o

Ruthxxx-my! You have been a busy chick haven't you! Your family reunion sounds like fun!

Soozie-your welcome! I am glad that I started this thread and met such fabulous chicks! Way to go on the gym :strong:sounds like you are getting in gear-good for you!

Dentrassi-darn it! I just did the exact same thing as you...I typed half of my post then hit the wrong key and poof! Gone! Arrgh!
I wish I was more computer literate and could quit doing things like that!

Tiggerdiva-just think how good you felt when you finally came to the decision to say no, this will help you face the phone calls to the other directors. Maybe you should keep a large drawing of a big yellow happy face saying " I am freeing myself by saying no "by the phone for inspiration. :)

Ellis- I hope you and your daughter work things out together. Don't feel bad about yourself over it. You can't change what is in the past only what you will do in the future and you are both getting help so that is a step in the right direction.

Christina- that's okay! That is not way too much information. You are totally right the way you feel about your weight and appearance can make you feel totally unsexy and uninterested.
Been through that but am getting better with the loss too. ;)

Squeeker-sounds like you are super busy at work-you are going to need that vacation! Don't beat your self up over the stress eating, I do it too. Just eat well for the next few days and you'll be okay.

Shel-Wow! No wonder you have not been around. I am sorry to hear you are having such a rough time of it. (hugs) It is never easy fighting with someone you love. As for your life plans-you are not alone. I am turning 35 next week, I rent an apartment, I bought a second-hand minivan last summer (the first vehicle I have ever owned), I still don't have any kids, I have had 4 job changes in the last 6 years, I wonder if my life will ever settle down. So much for everything to turn as planned. What's that saying?
"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans."
I have had people look down on me because they think I am some kind of bohemian freak with a crazy lifestyle while others have envied me for my lifestyle-go figure :shrug:

Most of the people I know who appear to have everything are not any happier than anyone else. In fact they sometimes seem to have even more problems, you don't see what goes on behind closed doors. I don't think anyone has a truly perfect life, they just handle their problems in different ways or find their joy in different things. You need to find out what makes you happy and fulfill yourself. not try to live up to others expectations or stack your life up against theirs.

This is for all of you great ladies- We are all beautiful, unique and talented in our own individual ways and don't let ourselves forget it! :D ( great, now I sound like a bloody greeting card :lol: )

Hugs to all of you!

06-26-2002, 11:19 PM
Tigger, you're the sweetest ol' thing there ever was. What a lovely thing to say, "... you were the best parent that you could be at the time..." Thank you. :) That means a lot to me.
And Mauvais, thank you, too! I was just having a little cry in my bed (after telling Shel not to cry in her bed!), and you darlings have cheered me right up.
Now could someone come and massage my shoulders? I'm a little stiff. :lol: Ruth? You should know how to do that stuff by now. You're surrounded by hot men, aren't you? Raoul the hairdresser, whatisname with the special hands, the post diggers with no shirts...
Hey, remember back in January... you were gardening! I have three tomatoes on my vines. And the strawberry plants that looked dead when I planted them upside down and then turned them around and then they looked dead for 5 weeks afterwards... I'm pretty damned sure they're sprouting!

I'm glad you're feeling better, Mauvais. Don't let anyone criticize your life... you've got a great lifestyle!!! There's no set equation for happiness... no one has to have kids or a car or a man or a woman or a house... all we need is to love ourselves for who we are. (sounds good in theory)

Jeepers, how many times have I posted today!?

cheer up everyone... we all love each other. :wave:

06-27-2002, 01:48 AM are a pretty amazing group of women. wow.
Ellis and Mauvais and Tigger what great feedback you gave to each other and Christina and Shel. You're some real smart chicks.
Tigger-Kat...don't even fret about the comment about mental health providers, it made me smile.
hope to get to the gym on Friday, tomorrow my work schedule is crazy, no way I'll get there, then we'll be at the shore on Saturday and Sunday and I'll try to walk both days. That would be four days of exercise instead of my goal of three...if it happens cool...I'll be back tomorrow but may miss you then over the weekend until Monday.

If you want to know about my eating you'll have to check out "lesbian mom" but I'll just tell ya, it ain't weight watchers baby...gotta make some changes there. and Mauvais, thanks for confessing about the chocolate bar, though I never heard of the brand, is that a Canadian thing?? Not that I'm interested in researching sweets mind you :lol:

I did stock up my desk at work with mini V-8 juices. I love them. And I bought some power bars for emergencies. I also bought some bagged salad and a bottle of fat free salad dressing and stuck it in the fridge. I do so much better when I have some healthy options at work to snack on...

Alright ladies time for bed...sweet dreams all...Soozie
06-27-2002, 06:25 AM
Good morning Ladies, you are all so compelling that I couldn't resist sneaking in to peak quick this morning before I leave!

Soozie, have a great time at the beach! I am sooooo jealous, I love the beach, could just walk for hours! Hubby hates the beach so I only ever get 1 long weekend a year. We joke about it, I teill him that as soon as he dies I am selling all his stuff to buy a house on the ocean, he tells me that when I die, he is selling all of my stuff to move to the bush in Canada. (sounds harsh I know, but it is all in fun!)

BYW, if you do get into researching new sweets from Canada ask Mauvis to send you some MacIntosh's Toffee, and MMMMM Nanaimo Bars! They are my favorite! Thank God we can't get them here or I would be the fat lady stuck inbed being featured on Jerry Springer! Oh my mouth is watering just thiking about them!

Ellis, if it eases your mind at all, my Father was not the ideal father figure. Never around much, and very critical when he was. He has changed, & I love & respect him very much! We rae very close now too. It took about 25 years for him to be a real Dad, but better late than never. At times I watch him be so loving & kind to my kids & think it would have been nice if he could have been like that for me. But I am so glad to see him & how he has changed, for if he hadn't I would have written him out of my life, with my mother when I had children! I decided when I was pregnant that I would never let either one of them hurt or disappoint my children they way they did me. The result was I got a wonderful father & haven't seen or spoke to my mother in 7 years. Too bad I couldn't be as strong for myself, I could have saved a lot of years of agony! Anyway, it is never too late to heal & have the relationship that you want!

Well I really have to get moving! Have a good couple of days! Drink your water everyone!

06-27-2002, 08:49 AM
Good morning ladies!

Well I have have just discovered that I have a problem with carbs.
I thought I wouldn't have a problem cutting them out but so far this week I have had both potatoes and white rice (minute rice to boot:o ) And I have been craving macaroni salad since the weather is so humid. Arrrg! I have given up counting points and I am just trying to eat sensibly and cut down on the carbs, sugar and caffeine.

Today I start taking the stairs at the office since I really need to work on my legs and butt, which is where my weight sits (no pun intended) I am starting with 2 flights this week then take the elevator the rest of the way ( I work on the 14th floor) and will try to add a flight per week. Wish me luck:D

I shouldn't be telling you this but the Aero bars are made by Nestle. I don't know if you have that company in the US. but they come in a thick format, a regular, mint flavor and orange flavor and they are delish. Christina is right about the MacIntosh toffee and Nanaimo bars. :T

Well, must dash to work. Be good to yourselves and drink your water (nag, nag, nag, :lol: )


06-27-2002, 02:25 PM
aaaaaaaaaargh!!! My refridgerator is busted!! It's one of those massive things with the double freezer down the side and everything is defrosting!!!!!!! And we're going to the cottage tonight!
There's a little wire sticking out that's obviously come undone. Do I have to unplug the fridge to fix it myself? I just walked in the door with a friend and discovered my DS wailing because he'd just spilled an entire melted carton of ice cream all over the fridge and kitchen floor. waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

You know, I was pretty excited about going to the cottage. I'd decided to completely clean the house before leaving so that I'd feel really good when I walked back in the door on Sunday. curses.

ah well... life is still good, right? Except I just picked all of the Rolos out of the melted Rolo ice cream and ate them. They were damned good, and I think I deserved them.

Christina, thank you for your story about you and your dad. It was a good reminder for me. My dad was very similar, and now we're really much closer than we ever were. You're right, I have to put the past behind me and work with today.
You must be a very strong person to have been able to "let things go" and get on with your life... good for you!
I'm like you... I LOVE the ocean. It's sheer heaven. The smell, the sound of the waves, the fog... god it's wonderful...

As is obvious, Mauvais is right up on chocolate of every size and type. Mauvais, your butt is going to be so tight from taking those stairs!!

Soozie... have a wonderful time at the shore!! (shore? what shore? where are you?) Is little DD taking her pail and shovel? Are you wearing a bathing suit? I haven't worn one for ummm, about 10 years.

Ruth, is this weekend your reunion? If so, have a great time sweetie!!

Okay, gotta go and empty the fridge, throw everything in the garbage and pack for the weekend.
talk to all of you when I get back...
have a great weekend everyone!!

06-27-2002, 07:40 PM
Hi Fab Femmes!:D

Ellis-poor you! Your refrigerator has gone into meltdown mode:eek:

If I had been closer at the time I would have been more than happy to snarf (love this word!) your ice cream before it all wasted:devil:
BTW I just noted that they have a dark chocolate Aero bar and a coffee flavored one, Oh-Oh!:s:

Soozie and Ellis, I hope you both have great weekends, it sounds like both of you are headed someplace nice. Sigh...:( wish I was goin somewhere...Oh well I will be with all my friends this weekend, Canada Day is on Monday and my Birthday is on Tuesday so I guess I'll be having fun too:D

Hope everyone is having a good day today!

Talk to you later...

06-27-2002, 10:10 PM
Hi ladies :D

How are you today? I just got a gret deal on sandals-- 2 pairs for $12! I have gained so much weight that I hate shopping for clothes anymore, but I still gotta have my shoes!

I, too, am getting out of here for the weekend. :cool: I still have those 7 papers looming over me, but I have to get out! It's supposed to be beautiful, so I hope that I'll get to do all the fun stuff-canoeing, hiking, swimming!!!

Ellis: Thank you so much for *your* sweet words. You make me feel warm inside, and I can't tell you how much that means to me. You're incredible! I hope you're feeling happier, and damn your fridge for stressing you out! I'm sending warm hugs your way

Soozie: Glad that the mental health provider comment didn't get to you! Those of us that have our heads on straight need to stick together! What area of social work do you practice? BIG CONGRATS on your workout goals! You rock! Have a great trip!

Christina: I'm glad to hear that you and your dad are closer. In the end, it's better that way. Even though it was rough when you were younger, it's easier to let go of it when you have made some kind of ammends. Good for you for taking that step to protect your childrens' feelings. It must be fantastic to see them connecting with their grandfather. As for your mom--she's just not ready to come around. There will come a day when you both find your peace with each other, but until then, don't let it bother you. You are a great mom, and it's obvious that you're trying to follow your own path instead of hers.

Mauvaisroux: Good luck with your stair plan! That's a great, great idea to work up to a new flight every week or so. You should be proud of yourself because your kicking butt!

Everyone else: Have a great weekend, and I hope you're all fantastic :wave:

I probably won't post until Sunday night because of my vacation, so I'll talk to you all then!


06-27-2002, 10:15 PM
you all are, without a doubt, the most wonderful, caring, supportive group of women i've ever known. your words helped so much... thank you for letting me just get that all out. i did, and know what? i feel better. :) i should have tried that years ago...

Ellis - my god.... *hugs* i didn't really read the back posts... what a time you're going through, yet you took the time to be so encouraging for me. you're such a strong woman. please never forget that, even when it would be easy to.

just a quick drive by, really.... keeping my promise to all of us that i would check in. hello to my old friends, as well as my new. more tomorrow, including the posibility of witty commentary. love to you all.


06-27-2002, 11:18 PM

Shel-Sorry to hear things have been so rough. I'm glad you came here to tell us about it though. Sometimes reaching out is the hardest when you are feeling bad, but that is when you need the support the most, and it is GOOD to ask for what you need!! I second what everyone else here has been saying. There is no timetable for life, and Almost everyone I know has ended up in a different place than they originally planned to be. And that "perfect" sister is going to have her own issues to deal with. like Ellis I went in for treatment for depression in my 30's, and I'm on meds too (probably mentioned that before.) At one point Hubby's Aunt said to me, "I like myself, I just hate my life." I replied, "That's funny, I like my life but i hate myself." My husband is my best friend, I love my kids, but I felt like something was fundamentally missing inside me. So you really have to have that basic self acceptance before you can even appreciate those good things in your life. I didn't figure out "what I wanted to be when I grew up" until I turned forty, and I really fell into it almost by mistake. I felt like some kind of fake who was going to be discovered as a fraud any second. I felt like an insecure child, even in my thirties. With medication and therapy I have been chipping away at all of that, but it wasn't until my forties (just turned 44) that I really started to feel good about myself. We are still struggling financially, mostly because of career choices we have made, but we are the happiest we have been in a long time. So, NO, you shouldn't have everything settled by now!! And think about it, even though it would be nice not to struggle all the time, wouldn't it be BORING to be totally SETTLED? Part of the adventure is learning new things, and keeping things moving forward. Give yourself crdeit for what you HAVE done too!! You got through a depression in college, you dumped an abusive *******, you make soap, and write. You are a gaming fiend and a reader and a good friend. This is just a partial list too!!! Also ( sorry for the cliches) as they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. You are a work in progress and you are beautiful!!!

Kat-Hope you have a great time on your vacation!! I think you were right to leave that position too (one of the things lost in my post a few days ago!!) People will take advantage of yousometimes, and it is better for you to walk away. My therapist once said that some places are so toxic that they can't be fixed. You have to just extricate yourself. To which I say, "YES!!!"

Mauvairoux-How old will you be on Tuesday? Good deal on those sandals!!! I like shoes too, but I mostly wear Birkenstocks or running shoes these days!! I used to sell shoes, and I'd buy them with my discount after they had been marked way down. I had to get rid of them after having kids. My feet got bigger and wider. AT least it is easier to find 'em to fit now. (Used to wear size 5, kinda. Now I'm a 6.) Your plan with the stairs sounds great!! I had been walking almost every day, but since the humidity went up I haven't done ANYTHING. I need to get at it too!!

Ellis-BUMMER about the refrigerator!!! I HATE that. Something like that always has to happen when you are stressed out or on your way out the door too, doesn't it? Hope you have a wonderful time at the cottage!!You
deserve a rest!!!

Soozie-Hope you have a good time on your vacation too!! I bet your daughter will love going to the beach. My Mom and I took the kids to Grand Bend when they were little, and they had a blast!!! I'm like Ellis though, too chicken to wear a suit myself!!!

Christina-Congratulations on getting rid of the fat clothes. I did the opposite a few years back. Got sick of those size 3's from college staring back at me, and realized that if I ever got that small again I would want new clothes anyway!! No more self-torture!!

I have been eating non-stop, and feeling stressed. I'm trying to work more, since I have orders to get out, and everything else is going nuts here. Waiting for returned phone calls, so I'm afraid to go on-line until late, and then I screw up on the computer and delete the message. Did it on an e-mail yesterday. Spent 40 minutes writing it, forgot to save it (OKAY, I was drinking a Margarita!!) hit send, and was taken to the sign in for our e-mail. AARRGGHH!!!! No message left at all. I will save this just before I submit it though!!!!

06-27-2002, 11:50 PM
Can't write much so I'll just address everyone!!! Lots to do before the weekend. Tho' no broken fridge to complain about. We have Nestle in the states in fact, I don't know if any of you are old enough to remember this, (I'm 41) but, Nestle was an American company that was making baby formula in addition to chocolate. They had some formula that wasn't good enough by US standards and when they couldn't sell it here they were selling it to poor women in 3rd world countries telling them it was better for their babies than their own breast milk..Anyway there was a big Nestle boycott for many years....but, heck, its forget political correctness:)

So yeah, we have Nestle but not Aero.

I don't think that I'll don a bathing suit this weekend. Just don't feel like stuffing into one. If I do I'll cover up with a large t-shirt and never take it off.
I adore the ocean and the beach and the smell of the salt air...yum...its so devine and relaxing. We are going to Seaside. My partner's cousin has a place there. The cousin is also my DD's godmother. They just adore each other those two.

Look I said I didn't have much time to write and here I am not getting ready for the weekend and babbling on and on....
Tigger, I do clinical social work, I'm in a private group practice, do alot of family work, individuals, I have Gestalt training, see alot of folks with eating disorders:^: , depression,etc. Really enjoy my clients.

talk to you Monday or Sunday night you awesome women!!!!!!!!!

06-28-2002, 06:12 PM
Hello everyone! :wave:

Well it is a beautiful day here and a good start to the holiday weekend for us Canucks!:)

Busy weekend ahead:

Seeing DH's band play tonight, hanging out with friends on Saturday, a friend's birthday on Sunday, Canada Day on Monday and my birthday on Tuesday ( I am turning 35 :eek: )

Sounds like all of you have big weekend plans too! Hope everyone has a great time!

Soozie- Did not know about that Nestle thing, they are still big in Canada.

Dentrassi-Iwas not the shoe shopper, this time anyway. :lol: I think it was Kat-although if I had the cash I would rival Emelda Marcos in the shoe department :devil: Do not talk to me about your petite feet! Size 6, hmmph! I am a gargantuan size 9 and can never find shoes when they go on sale.

I am busy this weekend but I am still in town so I will post as usual if anyone else is around.


06-29-2002, 02:08 AM

Mauvairoux-OOPS!!! Sorry about the shoe thing! Hey, SOMETHING of mine has to be small, since I am the fattest one on this thread!!! Unfortunately, my feet have gotten so wide that they are almost as wide as they are long!! Okay, here is the scary thing for me: MY KIDS FEET ARE BIGGER THAN MINE!! I told them I have to build up my strength so that I can wield a cast iron skillet with a three foot handle! They think I am funny. At least when they aren't mad 'cause I said no to something!!! I'm here this weekend. I'll mostly be driving my kids around, since they have a better social life than I do right now!! Actually I am very happy for them. The 12 year old had such a tough year with bullies that I just want him to relax and have some fun. The older one is sometimes too serious, and I am happy to see him starting a band with friends and going to some parties!! He just bought a book with the sheet music and tabs for a bunch of Ramones songs, so he will be practicing a lot at home as well as getting together with the band. He says they aren't too good, but whether they are or not, they are having a good time. I think you have said in the past, but I can't remember right now. What kind of music does your DH's band play? Do you always go when he plays? Sometimes when my DH has a poetry reading I beg off, although in the past that was more to watch the kids. We could really leave them for a while now, except that DS #2 has been so anxious that I don't push that too much.

Soozie-It was me who talked about taking my son to the Psychiatrist. He has been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and between the creeps at his school and the events of 9/11 and subsequent "war on terrorism" he has been pretty shakey. He actually had a couple of mild anxiety attacks at school last fall. He is talking about things with us more now, and he has a great therapist, so we are seeing improvement. I remember the Nestle boycott!! Hey, the boycott NOW is on South African chocolate. Apparently children are being kidnapped and used as slaves, so we aren't supposed to buy any chocolate that originates there. Which probably means all the British chocolates (SORRY MAUVAIROUX AND ELLIS!!!) Brazillian chocolates are supposed to be okay though!!!

WOWW!! Christina, Soozie, Squeak, Kat, and Ellis are all on vacation!!! Is Ruthxx too? So that means that Shel, Mauvairoux and I have to write a ton of stuff so that they have REAMS of back messages to catch up on when they get back!!! :lol:

06-29-2002, 11:34 AM
Morning ladies!

:yawn: I got home at 3 am last night after seing DH play and was rudely awakened at 8:30 am by someone hammering on something outside. Needless to say I am very tired and will be consuming mass quantities of caffeine throughout the day.

:cool: this is a picture of me with my shades on, slightly hung over, I had a whopping 3 whole drinks last night, 2 is my limit usually so I guess I was living on the edge last night:lol: can't party like I used to in my 20's.

Den, I guess you could say that his band plays alternative technorock, guitar-oriented, keyboards, but you can actually dance to it too. I don't know if you or your son know these bands but think along the lines of Nine Inch Nails, Stabbing Westward, Econoline Crush. DH is the singer/songwriter and plays crunchy guitar. The band is releasing a cd in the fall, they have shot a video for the first single and are planning to shoot another soon. One of the songs is also featured in the soundtrack for a soon to be released independant film that has been picked up for national distribution. So they are doing very well. I go to every show and either collect the money at the door if the club doesn't provide someone, they sometimes only have a bouncer, or I am inside the club at the t-shirt table selling their merchandise, ie: CDs, T's, keychains, pins ect., etc. Fun but I can't get up to the dance floor with my friends as I am working.

I am glad your son has an interest in music and that you are encouraging it. This may give him a confidence boost.
If he thinks they are not very good tell him that they just started and with more practice it they will all get better, hey the Ramones had to start somewhere and they coasted on the same song for more than 20 years and are punk icons so there you go!:) (and yes I actually like the Ramones to anyone I may have offended by that last comment! :lol: ) And you can tell him that my husband took up guitar 2 years ago and he actually plays on stage now so there is some hope for him and his friends:D

About the chocolate, didn't know about the South African boycott, hey, I didn't even know they exported cocoa, guess I better read my labels before purchasing products then.

Speaking of boycotts and protest we just went throught the whole G-8 protest thing here. Demonstrator's were mostly peaceful so that was good. Only a small bunch of hooligans who apparently left the march when they realized that they would not have an opportunity to incite any aggressiveness. The building where I work went into high security mode, you couldn't get in without a security pass, had to notify security if you were expecting clients in and you had to go downstairs to sign for courier packaging. It was also a bit unnerving to see so many police out on patrol.

Well I must run as we are taking my parent's out shopping in the burbs today.

Hope you all have a great day!:)


06-29-2002, 01:58 PM
*crawls out from under all the work*

I am still here. I don't leave until Wed. Just have been busy or tired. Work is getting more and more, uh, interesting. :p

First - Happy (early) Canada Day you Canadian girls. :) I hope you all are out enjoying the weather this long weekend.

And to the rest of us US chicks, Happy early 4th! (since I know I won't be around then). I am leaving at 11am on Wed & I can't wait!!!! *happy dance* I am trying to completely clean my house before I go. Hopefully I won't have the same fridge problems as ellis. :p

soozie - Areo bars are great - but the BEST chocolate from Canda is probably Caramilk bars. They are like a caramelo but taste way better.

shel - the rest of the girls have said it already but hang in there. most people aren't where they thought they would be. I have been single for all but 3 months of my 24 1/2 years. and that was 2 1/2 yrs ago. The only good thing that came out of the time is he is my best friend, though that took some time to work out. Unfortunately we met right as I was heading straight into one of my worst depressions. I ended up hurting him quite a bit. But things worked out. If it is meant to work out, it will.

Mauvais - Your husbands band sounds like fun. Take it easy today. :) Security is fun isn't it. Our building has been like that since Sept.

Den - it is evil to make a bunch of us feel like we are way far behind if there are REAMs of posts :devil: I can't believe your feet are that small!!! No fair. I have huge feet (9 1/2) for being very short. (5'1"). *pout* ;)

I hope the rest of you girls are having fun!!!


06-29-2002, 02:56 PM

Sorry Squeak, I thought you had already left!! I can't seem to keep anything straight lately. I've been kinda stressed, and it seems like everything just vanishes before it even hits my brain. Hopefully it will improve soon, since a few things are starting to get straightened out. DH has been exhausted lately, and I made him go to the doctor. Most of his lab results came back GREAT, and the few that are a bit off the doctor said not to worry about. I know it is evil to make them read a ton of stuff to catch up, but I have no choice!! First of all, I am trying to get in touch with my inner brat, and secondly, I'm a *****!!! My sister in law gave me a t-shirt that says, "I'm Evil, THAT'S Why" and I am trying to live up to it!!! (DS #2 is reading this over my shoulder and said,"That's my Mom!!"

Mauvairoux-Sounds like your DH is doing really well, that is fantastic!! It is great that they are writing their own music!! Did your husband play another instrument before guitar? I've heard of NIN, but not the other bands. I have to ask DS if he knows them. So far they are practicing songs by: Nirvana, Social Distortion, System of a Down, (Can't remember the others...) The four of them have slightly differing musical tastes, so they all suggest songs and then decide if everyone wants to do them or not. DS wants to suggest a Ramones tune (Cretin Hop) and a Doors tune (can't remember which). He has only been playing guitar for a year and a half, but has been playing piano (electronic keyboard at our house!!) for quite a while now. He has a really good ear, and has worked out the keyboard passages from some of the Doors songs. Thanks for encouraging him, I'll pass it on, and I know he'll appreciate it!! I think he's pretty good, but then I'm slightly biased!!:lol: My other son plays Viola, and likes Ashleigh MacIsaac (did I spell that right? Hey, what is he up to these days?) Hope you manage to catch up on some of that sleep!!
06-29-2002, 05:35 PM
Hello Ladies, Everyone certainly worked their fingers typing posts while I was out! I had a great 2 days! First was all work, but fun work! Second was just my oldest girlfriend & I shopping all day! All that I wanted to get was a swim suit & a new outfit to wear to this family picnic in 2 weeks! I found tons of great sales for stuff for the kids! I think that my son will have all the new school clothes that he will need! I was getting discouraged though looking for me! Finally at 8pm, after starting at 9am, I found a great suit! And a size 8 to boot! Course even if it looked like h*ll, just the fact that I could get my rear into a size would have convinced me to buy it! Very flattering & for the first time in 9 isn't black! A great Amethysist Purple! Then the very last store & found these cute black shorts. I wasn't even going to try them, they only had a 10, which I had been trying all day & none fit, but my girlfriend talked me into it. They also looked too short, but I tried them & they fit perfect, along with a cute little bright red tshirt! No way that the nasty little MIL can avoid seeing me now! I was so pleased! Only downside is I ate really well. Wise choices the entire time! Walked for at least 8 hours both days. I really expected to come home & be down at least 1/2 a pound! I WAS UP 2! I could have cried! Oh well, hopefully it will come off REALLY fast!

Hubby left with the kids for the week. I may be a bad Mommy, but boy has it been a fun day! Had to go to work for a few hours this morning, but came home, napped & sat on the deck reading trashy romance novels! I don't even think I am going to get dressed tomorrow! Just hang out in my pjs all day!

Well I better get back out & enjoy the last few hours of sun! (Yes, I am a child of the 80's, from the days where we oiled ourselves to go in the sun! I try to moisturize & be somewhat sensible, but I do like a tan!)

Oh BTW, our Nestle chocolate is different than your Aero. Not the same at all! (yours is better!) I also remembered something else...BUTTER TARTS! We don't have those in my neck of the woods either!

06-29-2002, 11:03 PM
hello ladies!

this will be in two posts, as the site is being EVIL and telling me that i've used too many smilies. the nerve!!

well, things seem to be back on an even keel, which means that i'm inspired to be my fabulously witty self again! :D

first of all, we welcomed HAYLEY MARIE into the world at 9:22 am Friday morning!! she is the most beautiful, precious thing... they took her C-section, as she was 9lbs, 14 oz. :eek: oh, and 19 1/2 inches long. a little tub. just like her aunt!! *LMAO* see? wit! i've a pic at , as i'm the aunt and insanely proud!

my sister was tired, but doing fairly well. i love her so much. :spin:

anyhoo.... i weighed yesterday... 263. been eating like a :ink: for two weeks, and i've actually LOST two pounds. i think i'm going about this wrong.... *ponders* perhaps i should graze nonstop all day, and drop weight like mad, so i'll have LOTS of extra, easily tanning skin to share with everyone. :)

Christina - bathing suit? oh, you brave, brave soul..... ;)

*Steals Dent's EVIL tshirt, giggles madly, and skips off to hide it, especially from Mauv.*

06-29-2002, 11:04 PM
Squeak - thank you! happy 4th! hope you, and all of you other luckies who are gonna be vacationing, have a fabulous time. actually, my BEST guy friend is someone that i dated for about 2 minutes, years ago. we realized early on that a relationship would be DOOM for us, and have been fabulous friends ever since. if i could always be that wise about who i ~shouldn't~ date. ;)

Mauv - remember that first, horrible morning when it occured to you that you're not a young party girl anymore?? *shivers* what a horrible lesson. ****, i have a good party night now, and i need a week to recover! how did we do it? :dizzy:

Soozie - i agree!! i'm all for standing up for what you believe in, just as long as you're not standing between me and my chocolate!! :s:

Ellis - how are you sweetheart? doing better? or not.... we love you either way. *hugs*

:spin: :spin: :spin: i love this one.

aren't manics the best??? plus, i've the urge to clean with this one. that's top on my list.

i'm reading the sequel to Bridget Jones' Diary. The Edge of Reason. highly recommended!!!!!


okay. enough of that. 'else i might urp on the rug. eew.

hugs to everyone. i'm feeling so much better about things now that i've gotten them down and had a few days to digest everything. OH! and a quote!! not sure if i did this one before, but it seems quite timely for me right now...



Shel, dizzy now.
06-30-2002, 10:23 AM
Hi, everyone must be busy this weekend, not many posts!

Fluid, glad that you are feeling like your old...whoops mean....young, delightful witty self again! Congratulations on the newest little one! I bet that she is just a doll! My SIL is trying to get pregnant, since she is my only chance to provide neices & nephews, I can't wait till she has little ones! (Plus it will be nice to see her not show up picture perfect & realxed anymore! :s:

So much for sitting around in PJs all day! Girlfriend called to invite me over for veggie burgers & a friendly game of rugby for lunch. I can use the exercise & lunch sounds great, I just hope that they don't hurt me! Lee said that they wouldn't tackle me, but since they are all lesbians, I think that I might feel rejected if they don't! :lol: Hubby always jokes when I go over there to have fun....but not too much fun! I just love going over & for once not worrying about how I look, they could care less!

Oh well have a good day everyone!

06-30-2002, 03:07 PM
holy mother!!! you girls are long-winded!!! Den, you little "*****"... making us read all your back-wash!! :lol:
Listen girls, I just got home from the cottage, I'm absolutely filthy, and I will be back later to respond to your lengthy messages.
Shel, that is the cutest little ball of baby!!! Congratulations, Auntie Shel!!
later darlings...

06-30-2002, 09:12 PM
Hi everyone! :wave:

Sounds like everyone is having a good weekend.

We went to see Minority Report last night, it was awesome!
Today DH and I went out walking in the hot sun putting up posters for his next show, yup, being the wife of a rock star is glamourous :lol:
We are having people over to watch movies tonight so it will be pretty low key. Tomorrow is Canada day, Yeah! We are having several friends over for a BBQ.

Shel-congratulations on becoming an Auntie! Glad you are feeling more positive about things now. :)

Den-great shirt, I may have to steal that slogan! DH and I both listen to Korn, System of a Down, Static X, Sevendust, Rob Zombie, etc. etc, your DS probably knows some of these bands.

Christina-yay! You found a bathing suit:) I have been looking for one for about two weeks but can't find anything I feel comfortable in or one that's affordable. I may stick with my old one and buy one towards the end of the season when they go on sale. Don't worry about the 2 lbs, it could be any number of things from pms, eating salty foods or just water retention, it will probably dissapear soon.

Ruthxxx, Ellis, Tiggerdiva, and Soozie-hey girls, hope you had a great weekend hope to hear from you all soon.

Happy Canada Day to all you Canuck Chicks and a Happy 4th to all you Yankee Chicks! :D


06-30-2002, 09:14 PM
I'm back!

I just got home today, and I really am not too happy about leaving the sun and fun. The good news, though, is that I'm going back up north next week, so I can't pout too much.

I had a GREAT time :D We didn't do much on Friday, just had some drinks at the local bar and relaxed by the campfire. Saturday, we kicked butt! We canoed, swam, walked on the beach, hiked, and fished! I even ate pretty good that day--it was too hot to really enjoy anything other than fruit and salads.

There was one major, eye-opening down side--the dreaded bathing suit. And not only did I have to wear one, I had to buy one (GASP!). I went into a store on Friday, and they had nothing but bikinis and sizes under 6. My boyfriend leaned over and told me that I should be so down on myself because I have a smile that lights up the room, and that is the reason that people like me--because my smile warms everyone's heart. That made me feel better, and I tried again the next day. Before we walked into the store, he whispered, "I wish you could see just how beautiful you are, and I love every inch of your sexy body, no matter how much you can't stand it". He's a doll! In any case, I feel so horrible and unhealthy. I really have to get myself into gear. If I could just control my eating...

Congrats to Shel! I'm so happy for you! It sounds like the rest of you had great weekends, and I'm glad to hear it, you all deserve it. I hate to leave it at this, but I feel a little gross from having camped and sweated all weekend. (Plus, I was at a baby shower today in a hall with no air conditioning :( ) I want a nice, cold shower! I'll talk to you more tomorrow!


06-30-2002, 10:51 PM
hey girls!!

Oh my gosh, have you seen Shel's niece? She's such a doll! I see she's been favoured with that beautiful dark skin of yours, Shel. You should see me right now... white, fat, dimply and covered in freckles. BLAH!! I want your skin!!!
Hey, I'm really glad you're feeling a little better, sweetie. Remember to be strong... you're a beautiful, intelligent, witty, interesting woman. (with lovely dark skin, too!) You don't have to beat yourself into the ground, okay? And make sure when you DO feel that way that you post, because we love to love you. :)
And thank you for saying such nice things about me. You're an absolute darling.

Kat, good exercising!! Don't you just love canoeing? We went out in the canoe and rowboat this weekend. (no motorboats allowed on our lake... it's great... very peaceful) I let my DH and DD paddle the rowboat. I took a big umbrella and my book with me. It was friggin' hilarious! We spent most of the time going around and around in circles... they just couldn't get it going straight. I almost split a gut, I was laughing so hard.
I feel for you on the bathing suit situation. What I'd really like is one of those one-piece jobbies with "shorts". You know... they look sort of like an exercise suit. Black. But with a built-in girdle around the middle. Because I can fit into one, but I look like I'm wearing a life-jacket underneath it. I remember when I was around 20 wearing a skin-coloured bathing suit with a plunging neckline and high cut legs. I looked like a babe, but I thought I was fat. Go figure. Of course, I'm an intelligent woman now, and wouldn't be seen dead in such a skimpy outfit, but you know what I mean.
I'm glad you had such a great time!!

Mauvais, I've got to get out and see your DH's band some night. Maybe Ruth can come for a sleepover and we'll meet you there. I know what you mean about the drinks. I've never been a drinker (NEVER been drunk), and it's amazing how I can sometimes pack it away with ease and other times one beer will put me right out.
Did I tell you that we were at a neighbour's "teacher" party one night and everyone was passing around joints?! I couldn't believe it!! Am I naive or what? (no, I did not smoke one... I have enough problems.)
Hey, it's my mom's birthday on Tuesday, too!

Christina, don't fret...that weight will come off with you exercising so much... you're doing great!! And we all envy you buying those tiny little clothes. Have a wonderful week without the hubby and kids, you lucky girl!

Den, I'm so glad that DH's test results were good. I know how worrying that is.
Listen honey, you are NOT the fattest one here, so stop that talk!! But I do believe you have the smallest feet. :lol: I know what you mean about width, though. Mine are soooo wide. I used to love getting those bargain shoes, but they just don't fit me anymore and my feet hurt unless I've got my Birkenstocks or my Docs on.
Size 3's? YOU WORE size 3's?!?! Good grief! Maybe when I was 12 I wore a size 3!
Isn't aging wonderful? I mean, like you, I like myself so much more as I get older. (Ruth, I don't want to hear any wise-cracks about 37 year-olds.) I LOVE seeing commercials with older women in them... they're very empowering. And I think that the lines around my eyes are kind of cool. An indicator of a happy life. :)

Squeaker, you're leaving on Wednesday!! I bet you can't wait! Don't you love coming home to a clean house? You appreciate home so much more. Until you dump all the camping/vacation stuff on the floor and it sits there for six days before you maybe feel like putting it away.
I'm glad that things are better now for you and your best friend. I hope that life is good for you. We're all wonderful women, and love will be there for all of us... whether it's forever or only for a day. Whether it's at the age of 21 or 55. I think we have to be grateful for the times we have now and for the times we've had. And know that life is not over just because we've lost in love. It's not a loss... it's a gain, because we've learned from it, and we can be better women for having gone through the experience. And maybe we'll love again and maybe we won't, but regardless, we are wonderful women!!
Are you packed yet?

Soozie, I hope you're having a great weekend at the shore! There was no way I could stay at the cottage for longer than 3 nights. Outhouse, no running water, mosquitoes.... blah!! And there had been a huge storm the day before we got there and the road was washed out in spots and we had to drive through water and the car kept stalling because the engine got wet... but we DID have a good time. :dizzy:
Are you serious? You're going to see a new shrink? And get meds? You sound so together! Are you faking it!? Because you know, you DO NOT have to fake it with us! Right Shel? ;) Let us know how it goes, okay? We're thinking about you.

Okay Ruth, we want to hear all about the reunion, even if you have to cut and paste from low-carb. We want to know what you wore, what you drank, who slept with whom, and especially, WHAT YOU ATE!! We live a vicarious life.

Gee, I hope I haven't missed anyone.

Damn. I thought my fridge was healed, but it's not. It's not just the freezer... the fridge is warm, too. Looks like we'll be spending Canada day trying to fix it. DH just went to the verandah to see if any new sale flyers had been delivered. Funny how, when you don't need one you get 50 flyers with sales on fridges (Don't Pay a cent for 2 Years!!), but when you really need one... WHERE THE **** ARE THE SALES!?! Thank god we've got another fridge in our extra apartment. There's a heat wave hitting us tomorrow.

talk soon...
take care all...

06-30-2002, 10:56 PM

06-30-2002, 11:08 PM
ha what?!

06-30-2002, 11:38 PM

Ellis-Welcome back!!!! Hope you aren't TOO bitten up!!! Sorry to hear about the refrigerator. I HATE cars and appliances. They always break down when you don't have the money to replace or fix them!!! Good thing you have the spare in the apartment, it'll buy you some time. When we moved here (3 years ago) I was pleased to find a spare stove in the basement (they used to rent it out), but now it is a REALLY good thing, because the oven in the kitchen no longer works, and the burners are going too. (we were down to 2 burners for a while, but got one of them working again.) The up side is that we no longer heat up the whole house when we use the oven. The downside will be when I have to cook the turkey in the basement and struggle up the stairs with it on Thanksgiving. As long as I don't drop it...... have you ever seen a pack of dogs going after the same piece of meat?

Tigger-I can't believe how many of you bought bathing suits this weekend!!! I haven't owned one since I was in my twenties (OH YEAH!! YOU ARE IN YOUR TWENTIES!!!) Seriously though, i don't know WHAT I'm afraid of. You know, like maybe someone will notice I'm fat if I wear a bathing suit? Your BF sounds like a great guy. I hope you believe in your heart that he is telling you the truth. It took me 10 or 15 years to believe DH when he said things like that to me. I thought he was just "being nice". (RIGHT, like THAT ever happens!!) Seriously though, it is wonderful to have that kind of loving acceptance, isn't it?

Mauvairoux-DS #1 appreciated the support, and so do I!! They are having a lot of fun, and getting their parents to buy pizza for them, so even if nothing else comes of this, that is enough!! Right now he says he either wants to be a rock star or a diplomat when he grows up. But he says he doesn't like US policy and wonders if he can move to Norway and be a Norwegian diplomat!! Wow! The glamorous life of a rock star you get to be a groupie too? There should be some kind of reward for all the hard work you do!!!

Shel-Glad you are feeling better!! I tried to see the picture of your niece, and it said the page was unavailable. What am I doing wrong? By the way, CONGRATULATIONS!!! No wonder she needed a c-section!! And I thought mine were big!!

Christina-CONGRATULATIONS on the bathing suit!! Even more importantly though, it sounds like you have been having a BLAST!!!

Ruthxxx, Squeak, Soozie-Hope you are all out having fun!!!!!

06-30-2002, 11:40 PM

07-01-2002, 02:46 AM
Hey you all. My eyes hurt from all that reading. No, seriously it was fun to catch, now I'm faking, honestly, you all suck. Kidding. Kidding
Ellis, I'm all real. Just a really together wacko.

Shel, congrats on your niece. As soon as I post this I'm going to check her out! Having a cuddly little niece can really make life seem devine !!! It's trite but I have to say it, babies are such miracles.

Den, you say "no" to your kids sometimes, you are evil!!!! Did you know we're also supposed to boycott diamonds!?!? Because of abuses in the diamond industry in South Africa (of children). not sure of the details on this one.

Mauvaisroux. I feel so ignorant, what is G-8 ??? Who does loud work early in the morning on a weekend ?? How incredibly rude. Cool that your husband is a musician. I love music as does my kid. We sing constantly. Life feels like a musical around here sometimes. I've been playing guitar for years but just chords. haven't played recently though because of the manicure obsession...can't play and risk messing up these gorgeous nails.

Squeak, I've always thought about going to Canada for a vacation. Your description of those caramilk bars did it for me. I'll plan a trip really soon. Can I get banned from this site for saying things like that ???

Ellis, I know what you mean...I live in my birks. My feet adore them.

Ruth, how does your garden grow ?? hope you had a great weekend.

Christina, size 8, wow girl. But, tanning...tsk,tsk, get some sun screen on ...those rays aren't the same ones you had in the 80's. With all the pollution and the ozone depletion you're sitting there in a radioactive sauna !!! Cover up quick....or just visit a dermatologist for a yearly screening. ;)

Personally, I'm like an old wuss at the beach. Sun screen, t-shirt (hides the fat body, too), umbrella, hat, shades, then when I've been out there awhile I drape a towel over my legs just to be this isn't about anxiety, in case you're wondering just how nuts I am, it's really vanity, I want my skin to stay young looking, cancer schmancer, I just don't want wrinkles !!!!

Tigger, your boyfriend sounds like a total love. What a mensch, as we say in yiddish. Sorry you had to do the bathing suit thing. I smooshed myself into an old one and then donned a jumbo t-shirt and kept the t-shirt on the whole time that I was at the beach. No one saw a thing...they thought that underneath that shirt I was a foxy mama.

okay girlies, gotta go its really late and I have a long day tomorrow.
Happy Canada Day and Happy Fourth !!!!
07-01-2002, 07:26 AM
Tigger, if you ever have a moment of insanity & kick that boyfriend to the curb, let me know, he sounds like a real catch! Seriously though think about what he said & remember your weight is not who you really are, only what you look like...huge difference!

OK I know that I should feel guilty, but how do I get hubby to take kids on vacation alone next year?:^: I have been having a great time, just doing whatever I want! For about 20 minutes last night I was feeling a bit lonely, then I picked up a book & at 10:00 I realized that I have been on the couch reading for 3 hours without a single interuption! I know that I will be ready to see them Sunday, & will really start to miss them in a day or so...but right now I will just enjoy the peace, quiet, & time alone!

The extra weight did drop off already, so I guess it was just water retention. Back to work today, so that usually means I drop a pound or so by wednesday. Very weird, will lose nothing last half of week & all weekend, but head back to work monday & drop a pound or close to it a day through wednesday.

I feel for you on your fridge problems! Ours went out this past fall. We went to get one, wanted black, & I fell in love with this one in particular. It had an 8-12 week order wait! A fridge lasts for years, so I wanted to get what I really wanted, not just what I could get that day. The store was great though! They gave us a loaner to use until ours came in! It was one that they had picked up for disposal when someone got a new one. It was just a lovely Harvest Gold, with about 30 bumper stickers all over it. Of course the kids thought that it was cool, I think that Hubby made all visitors wait in the hall so they wouldn't see it! Good Luck though, that can be a real mess!

I know that I should avoid the sun, My daughter & I just have that skin tone that starts to tan in May without a single burn all summer. I am anal & check ever spot careful to make sure there are no changes. MY poor son though lathers up in sunscreen starting in April & doesn't stop until October, he still gets pink if he doesn't remember to reapply after a few hours. My face is so oily though I can't imagine ever getting wrinkles there....& well after childbirth the rest of my body from the neck down is pretty much 1 big stretch mark & flaps of losse skin! The weight loss has really made my stomach disgusting! Any suggestions of tightening up that area? I do crunches every night, but I swear some day I will lift that skin up & find a family of 4 housed under there!
Well Iguess that I should go get ready for work! See you girls later! All you lucky Canadians, enjoy your holiday!

07-01-2002, 12:13 PM
Okay, did I boob? Kat, he's not your "boyfriend", right? He's your best friend. Yes? Which; if that's the case, is even better, because sex can make a good relationship VERY messy!
My sister lived platonically with her best friend for 10 years. He always dated other women and she was always waiting for the right one to come along. About a year ago they decided to become a couple. It's very funny. I hope it works out.
One of my best friends is gay, and it makes for a great relationship because my husband is not in the least jealous of my going out with him.

Chris, don't feel guilty... you deserve time to yourself! Just tell your hubby that you really appreciated the time to yourself and that you'd like to book it again for next year.
Harvest gold fridge. Uh huh, that's what colour OURS is! I hate it!! But it came with the house and I loved the style (freezer down one side) so we kept it along with the harvest gold stove. :rolleyes: But I did something very clever. I found the perfect shade of yellow paint for the walls. The cupboards and mouldings are an antique blue, and with the yellow walls the fridge and stove blend right in. No one even notices the horrible colour!
I just hope we don't have to get a new one. We're going to pull it out and look at it today. I've always wanted a stainless steel one, but it's just not in the budget right now.

Soozie, you thought I was older? That's such a compliment... thank you. :) Did you hear that, Ruth? Soozie thought I was older. I think I AM together. I am so together that having a busted fridge on the hottest day of the year is not stressing me out. Fortunately tomorrow is garbage day, and I'll be able to dispose of my 300 bucks worth of spoiled food.
Oh, crap!!! It's Canada day!! The grocery stores are closed!! What are we going to eat?!?! STRESS!!!!
Are you serious? You don't know what the G-8 is? heh heh. That's very cute, Soozie. Mauvais, I'll let you handle that one.
I'm like you with the sun. I used to tan when I was a teenager, but no more! I'm one of those freaks with very white skin and a lot of moles. I think it costs about 10 bucks each to get them removed, and I figure I'd be up in the thousands to pay for them all. But I definitely keep well covered up now. I keep forgetting my hands, though. And they've totally lost their elasticity. It doesn't matter how much cream I put on them... their life is over.
Hey, I'm glad you like the new psychiatrist! You're very positive... you've got a great attitude considering the crap you've gone through... let us know how the new drugs work out, and stay positive!

Den, I can just see you struggling up the stairs with a hot turkey. :lol:
You haven't been in a bathing suit since your 20's either, huh? I thought I was the only one. I really envy these overweight women at the beach who prance around comfortably in a bathing suit. I always think, "if they can do it, why can't I?" But I just can't. I still see myself as that slender and strong woman of my youth. Not quite sure where she went...

Okay, now that I'm back, I expect everyone else to be back, too!! Shel, Kat, Ruth, Mauvais, Squeak?

I'm sitting here in exercise pants and a black sports bra. Pretty damned unsightly, I tell you. And I've got my glasses on. My contacts keep fogging up in this heat. I HATE WEARING MY GLASSES!! I feel like I'm wearing safety goggles.

Okay, it's 11:15 and DH is still in bed. Either he's dead or he's avoiding the fridge problem.
have a great day, darlings!
07-01-2002, 06:44 PM
Ellis, Hey I grew up with Harvest Gold Appliances, in fact my Dad still has everyone of them. They just didn't fit into our kitchen that is all grey & black. Our Stove is Stainless Steel, I really wanted that in our new fridge too...just couldn't afford it either! I ended up with the Wide by Side from Maytag, I love it, but that pretty much broke the bank, I knew better than to ask hubby to invest another $800 just for stainless. Good luck, I was very overwhelmed looking for a new fridge, too many choices! Where in Canada do you live? Our cottage is new Kingston, I do love it there, if only it weren't so darn cold in the winter!

You know I used to wish that in my next life I would be thin, & not battle this whole weight thing every day! But when I rethink that, maybe I should just wish that I don't really care. I had an old co-worker that was a little heavy in the bum, but she didn't care. When we used to talk about dieting in the office, she would chime in that her goal was 350 pounds. (she was about 150-160)

Well I guess that I will go figure out what I am doing for exercise tonight! Have a good evening everyone!

07-01-2002, 10:20 PM
Hello ladies!

I can't talk long--I have four papers due tomorrow! I have to admit, I'm so disappointed with my master's program. I don't get anything out of my classes--I get more out of the papers, readings, and the work I do at my job. Unfortunately, I have professors that think we students are blessed by their presence, and they take points off our grade for missing class! My thing is--if I'm getting an A without attending, then why should I get deductions???


HAPPY CANADA DAY to the neighbors to the north!

Ellis: Sorry to hear about the ongoing struggle with your fridge. We can't wait to buy a house, but it's things like that that make us appreciate our apartment! You are right, I live with my boyfriend, but he is also my best friend. We've been together for over 7 years, and we've been engaged for 4. We are holding off the wedding until we're both done with school.

Den: I do believe him when he tells me things like that, but it hard to make myself believe it. In other words, I know he means it from his heart, but I just can't make that same leap. Your rock star son sounds very motivated, and I agree with Mauvaisroux--as long as he's having fun, that's the most important part!

Shel: Congrats again! I just saw the picture, and she is adorable. Lucky you, and lucky her for having an aunt like you.

Soozie: Wow! Anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, and ADD! You are so positive and seem to have adjusted wonderful despite any setbacks. It must also help your clients when you have such first hand experience with some of the same issues that they are facing. It probably helps you understand them better.

Christina: I know what you mean about enjoying time alone. I tell everyone that there is nothing better! I'm glad you got to lose yourself, and don't feel bad about it--we all need that space!

I have to put my nose to the grindstone. Time to write some papers! Talk to you more tomorrow!


07-01-2002, 11:51 PM

Hope everyone is doing okay!!

Tigger-You sound BUSY!!! Hope things calm down a bit for you. Imagine how exhausted you'd be right now if you had kept that other position too!!! I'm glad you have an understanding and loving BF. Having a partner who is your best friend is fantastic!!

Christina-I love that stainless steel look too. My boss/friend had her kitchen redone with granite counters, a professional 6 burner stove, double oven and stainless refrigerator and dishwasher. The backsplash is tile. It is GORGEOUS!!! Having worked in food service though, I tell people my IDEAL kitchen would be stainless and tile, with a drain in the middle of the floor so I could hose the kitchen down when I'm done cooking!

Ellis-I agree with you about the beach. I see heavy women in bathing suits and I think, "Good for her!" but I just can't get past that block and do it myself. Hope you have managed to get the refrigerator working. I always wear my glasses, and it is a good thing too. They ARE my safety goggles! I have had bleach splash on them (I guess because I'm so close to whatever I'm doing because of my height.), and I have had little pieces of silver and copper fly up and bounce off them. I really should wear safety goggles, but they make me sweat. Without my glasses though I think I would have had at least one eye injury.

Soozie-Didn't know about the diamond boycott, but that is not a problem for me because, 1) I can't afford them, and 2) I don't like them. Glad to hear you had fun at the beach! I just wear shorts and a t-shirt and wade out a little. I have to keep putting on the lotion because I burn first, then peel and go back to pasty. My son has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. How was it for you to be anxious as a child? Was there anything that particularly helped or made things worse for you? We are really lucky in that he usually talks with us about how he is feeling, so we can usually help him reason through whatever is bothering him. (At least the IRRATIONAL fears!)
By the way, NO you can't be banned for talking about chocolate bars!! Otherwise I'd be banned for eating a vanilla bar hand-dipped in chocolate and rolled in chopped almonds for dinner!! My stomach is killing me now, so I won't be doing THAT again anytime soon!!

Mauvairoux and Ruthxxx-Hope you are both having fun today!! Mauv, how did your barbecue go?

Squeak and Shel-Hope you are both doing well!! Come say HI!!

07-02-2002, 01:03 AM
Hey girlies. Hope you had a good Canada Day up there in the North. It was a hot one in New Jersey!! Made my exercise goal last week. Shooting for three more this week !!

Mauvais, still waiting to learn about G-8......

Shel, couldn't get on to see the little one yesterday, will try again today.

Ellis, hope your hubby was just avoidant and not deceased!!

Den, that chocolate sounded devine where did you get it ??? I had a good food day today. Nothing too crazy. Exercised by taking out paddle boat. That was fun.

As a kid I was very quiet about my fears, I felt alot of shame and embarrassment about them. I never talked about them which made things worse. I carried everything inside and tried to handle everything myself. The fact that your son talks to you is wonderful and productive. Knowing that the people around me could stay calm and wouldn't get scared by my anxiety, if I was fearful they could stay calm and help me feel safe and comforted. (as opposed to my anxiety triggering their anxiety and them getting angry or impatient or pooh-poohing my fears because they couldn't face their own...)

I guess as I got older, as a teen and early twenties, understanding some of the physiology of anxiety helped me feel normal, you know that there is a physical component to anxiety, its not something you can just wish away, it real, not just in your head.
Hypnosis has helped me alot, and good smart therapists, and medication, and knowing that their are other people who have the same fears/problems that I do.
Cognitive therapy and desensitization are great for anxiety, too. I didn't start with therapy until I was nineteen. It took me a long time to learn how to be genuine and vulnerable with a therapist and not just be charming and funny. Your son is way ahead of the game. (and he has you, lucky boy :) )

Kat, My experiences certainly inform my work. I don't always self-disclose to my clients but I sometimes do...if I think it would be helpful to them. I had so many great teachers grad school and in clinical training. I did a three year post-grad training at the Gestalt Institute of Philadelphia...that was amazing. sorry your master's program sucks so much, but there are great opportunities for post-grad clinical training. And of course, don't tell anyone about this, but we all learn by doing...just getting out there, seeing clients, and having solid supervision.

Ruth, Christina,and Squeak, Hi ladies and sweet dreams !!! I'm off to hit the sack !!! Good night, Soozie

07-02-2002, 08:01 AM
That was on heck of a weekend - a ton of work but I had a ball!

Fri - Aunt and 6 cousins for dinner - BBQ skewers
Sat - Lunch/Brunch on The Island (1940 cottage- Upper Lake)
- buffet dinner here for 27 - cold meats, salads, bread, etc. Sun - spent morning setting up Fair Hall
- 2 pm - renewal of vows at the Church for Martha and Alan
- 3-9:30 - major bash at the Hall - nice to see my 2 1/2 year
old grand daughter dancing with Aunt Rose (90)
- 9:30 - ? - more beer and fun at the cottages on the Lower
Lake with skinny dipping for some
Mon - up early to make strawberry shortcake for 20 and
devilled eggs - boiled 3 dozen!
- noon - lunch as sister's Farm with 20 plus kids who ate
watermelon and blew bubbles and rowed the boat around
the pond.
- 9:30 - watched fireworks on the Lake - just great!

So ... a great weekend. I learned that I can still party as well as the younger generations, that even the dysfunctional parts of the family tree can function after enough beer, that guys wear nada under their kilts (don't ask how I know), that you can forget about watching what you eat once in a while and lose 1.5 pounds in 3 days, that beer still makes me pee a lot, that single malt served by a handsome man in a kilt is even better, peonies make fabulous floral arrangements and drop a lot of petals after three days of heat, that it doesn't matter what you wear - everyone is hot and wrinkled.

Back to real life today.
phone dealer re car - my window shattered when I closed the door
go for allergy shot # 2
do Fair Board banking
start work on prize envelopes for the Fair

I lead such a "normal" life, I'm ashamed to post in Alternachicks.
I do try to read everything though.

Have a good week, chickies.

07-02-2002, 08:02 AM

Hi girls! :wave:

Just a quick drive by post. I will probably stop in again later today. After reading all that I have missed in the last few days - You are all amazing women. (Not that I didn't think that already - it just confirmed it ;) )

Just a little over 24 hrs until I am off. Finally got ahold of the boy yesterday after trying for a few days. I still needed directions and to make sure he would be there when I showed up. I have a feeling I will be getting a ton of excersie. He wants to take me hiking. :eek: I told him only if I get a full body massage after. He said ok.... :D (I am a city girl - I can do the same amount of walking wandering around downtown and be fine. Stick me in the middle of no where and I don't do quite so well).

Talk to you all laters!


ps - Kat good luck with the 4 (!!!!) papers......

07-02-2002, 08:49 AM
happy 35th Mauvais!!!

back later... gotta read all of your posts ...

07-02-2002, 09:34 AM
another long day awaits me but I'm feeling motivated to eat well today...not chow down you chicks!!! thoughtfully.
Mauvais, happy happy birthday!!!! hope it is a wonderful day for you!!!!
Ruth, wow...sounds like a devine weekend!!!
Squeak...ah, for a body massage....
will try to check in with you all later!!
Enjoy the day!!! Soozie

07-02-2002, 10:47 AM
Mauvais darling, I hope you have a wonderful day! It's really hot out there... you could wear your birthday suit to work. ;)
How was the BBQ? Tell Soozie what the G-8 is, will you? Did you see the fireworks? We decided not to walk down... it was just too hot, so we let off a few in our backyard.

Ruth, you call that a normal life? :lol: Wow, what a weekend!! I think you're a perfect candidate for a shoot by Country Living or some other magazine. Martha Stewart? Or is she in jail?
You lost a pound and a half!? NO WAY!! Sweating, no doubt.
You're so fortunate to have such a big family. All I've got here is my sister and my parents. :( (oh, and my husband and kids, heh heh) I'm glad you had a great time... give that car dealer ****.

Hey Squeak, tomorrow is the big day! Have a wonderful time!! I know what you mean about the hiking. I LOVE walking around the city... I can walk for hours without pain. But stick me in the country and I'm a WHINER!! Bugs, heat, lack of washrooms, lack of water... it's ****. Definitely get that full body massage!!
Get lots of exercise, eat well, and have fun!! We want to hear all about it when you get back. :wave:

Kat, 4 papers! Crumbs!! What a nightmare! Listen, just remember... you may not be getting anything out of the classes, but you're getting a degree. It's all about playing the game.
Sorry... confusion re: boyfriend. You're smart to wait until you're finished school to get married. In fact, I think marriage is highly overrated... I think it's mostly a vanity thing. I cringe now when I look at my wedding photos... stupid white dress!! I wish we'd got married in a field... me with my jeans on.
And I know what you mean about buying a house with all of the responsibilities involved. Shortly after we bought our first house, the furnace broke down. I felt like yelling, "Waaaaah!! I want my mom and dad!!"

Soozie, I'm really glad you're getting your exercise in, but could you stop talking about it until it cools down? You're making me hotter than I already am. ;) Listen, it's 80 degrees F in here. And it's morning. And I'm on the ground floor. I can't even imagine what it is on the THIRD floor! And it's going up to 36 Celcius today. Which means what? 90 degrees F in my house? (sorry, I'm a metric girl with an old thermostat in the house... don't know how to convert)
Hey, you started therapy at 19?! That's wonderful! No wonder you seem so "together". You're going to be a great role model for your daughter, sweetie.

Christina, Mauvais and I live in Ottawa. (not together, heh heh) I love it here. I have no political leanings... the politicians are all idiots, and if it weren't for them, Ottawa wouldn't be such an unpopular city. It's a cozy, small city, and it's just the best! Except that we're a bit cold and uptight. And formal. There's definitely something stuck up our ***, but I'm pretty sure it's due to the political crapola. Keep up the good work with your exercise!

Den, that's exactly the kitchen that I'VE always wanted!!! :lol: Stainless steel with a drain in the middle! If fact, if it weren't for all my books, I'd like that in all of the rooms. A quick hose down with a power sprayer and everything would be spick and span!!
I've GOT to get new glasses. Something comfortable. I'm just afraid to go to my optometrist because I know he's going to yell at me for sleeping in my contacts.
Hey girls... you should see the cool jewelry that Dentrassi makes. I was afraid it would be tacky when I first asked about it, but it is COOL!!!

Shel, how's the darling baby? Are you doing okay yourself? Come and talk to us.

Still waiting for a fridge sale flyer to come through the mail slot. I'm not sure whether I should call a repair person or get a new one. I'm actually waiting for a sign from god. A sale flyer would be a sign, I think.

Okay, what are we banning? Diamonds, chocolate, Nike, Gap, Cocoa Cola products (they're depleting a village in India of it's source of natural water), Kraft (Phillip Morris), Sara Lee (kill people with hot dogs), .... oh, and you don't want to know, but we're banning Disney (unfair and unsafe labour practices).


07-02-2002, 02:08 PM
Happy birthday Mauv!!!!! :D

07-02-2002, 04:20 PM

:hb: :hb: :hb:

Hope you are out celebrating and having fun!!!

Ellis-Still waiting for a sign? You need to get a big Sunday paper with lots of inserts in it. THAT will have a sign I bet!!! I agree with you about spraying down all the rooms. I used to do that in the back (laundry & cat litter) room of my old house. It was on a slab and had a drain in the middle of the floor. But now I have a basement, so THAT makes me happy too!!! Thanks for the compliment about the jewelry. I am so far behind at work right now it isn't funny. And today I slept until 11:30!! I haven't left the house yet. I got some done yesterday, but I'm going to have to get on a better schedule.

Soozie-Thanks for the input AND the encouragement! He had a few panic attacks at school, but has already found a way to calm himself down before they get out of hand. He found getting up and getting a drink of water helped, and luckily most of his teachers are good about letting him do that. He also still likes to cuddle, which is kind of unusual (but wonderful!) and that helps with closeness and starting conversations. Sometimes he also tries to "play" us, so I have to be careful about whether he is really anxious or he is angling for a way out of certain responsibilities. This past year was particularly bad. He started middle school, which is FULL of bullies, and after 9/11 in particular things got worse. His therapist says that 6th grade is always the worst, and that this year was particularly bad, so I'm hoping things will start improving. He has such a warm heart, and of course he is still my baby despite the fact that he is now almost as tall as me. It is really hard seeing your kids in pain of any kind. I'm hoping that by dealing with all this NOW he will have an easier adulthood. (I didn't start therapy until my thirties, which in my case was partly rebelling against my parents! Wish I had done it sooner like you!) Oh!! The ice creams were at Costco (the food court) They are WONDERFUL, but HUGE.

Ruthxxx-And you say you have a boring life? Yours seems more exciting than mine!!! It sounds like the family reunion was a lot of fun!! I would LOVE to be served a single malt scotch by a man in a kilt and no undies!!! I think DH would look GREAT in a kilt, and I've told him he could wear my tartan (my Mom is a Macpherson), but he refuses!!! They are pretty expensive though!!! We took the kids to the highland games a few years ago. What a blast! Actually, yesterday while we were at Costco, he said, "What do I have to do to get that Lemon Cheesecake into the cart?" ....hmmm...

Squeak-Hope you have a WONDERFUL time on your trip!! I know it will be good for you to get away for a while and see your friend.

Shel-How are you? Is everything still going okay?

07-02-2002, 04:26 PM
Hey, Mauvais Rouge!

:hb: :hb: :hb: :hb: :hb:

07-02-2002, 10:25 PM
Hello everyone! :D

Thanks for all the birthday greetings! It feels great to be 29 again!:lol: I got a card and a song from work and taken out to lunch by my friend. A visit with my parents who got me a beautiful chinese urn and a swiffer wet jet kit:?: When you get older you tend to get more practical gifts I guess.

When I got home there was a lovely bouquet of flowers waiting for me courtesy of DH (what a sweetie) and he has promised me a day of shopping on Saturday, what fun! I am so not looking at bathing suits though:eek:

Phew! I just spent forever trying to read all the posts from the last two days.

Soozie- the G-8 summit is a meeting of world leaders to discuss policies, economic trade, globalization, industry, etc,. It was held in Ottawa (where Ellis and I both live) last year and thousands of protesters marched on the city. There were some incidents of violence involving protesters and police, vandalism, a McDonalds had its windows smashed in. This year it was moved to a remote location in Calgary so that the same thing wouldn't happen again. The protesters decided to come to our city anyway since we are the nation's capital and the most logical place to protest if you can't get to where the world leaders are meeting out west, but the marches remained peaceful. We just had heightened security in the downtown core where I work and a prominent police presence, it was a little unsettling.

Ellis-there was a home decor supplement in the Saturday paper, it had ads for Sears, the Brick ect. That should have been your sign.
You should check out Futureshop they have some nice black ones and my stainless steel appliances that I swear I will own someday, I just visit them once in a while:)

My dream (and if I'm gonna dream, I'm gonna dream big) kitchen is painted a golden colour wash, old world Italian style meets modern convenience,with the slate tiles, stainless steel fridge with icemaker, dishwasher, professional cooktop with grill, double oven, wine fridge, double sink with high faucet, an island counter workspace with seating, a floor to ceiling corner cabinet for my exotic spices and hot sauce collection, and double doors that lead out to my herb garden...If I had this kitchen Martha Stewart would eat my dust! I like the idea of the drain for easy clean up.
Now if only I could find that winning lottery ticket!

Tiggerdiva-good luck with the papers! Just remember you will have a degree when it is all over.Your BF sounds like a sweetheart, my DH says things like that too he is very encouraging and supportive.

Ruthxxx-Wow! That sounds like a great weekend! Especially the part about the kilted man serving you single-malt scotch!;)

Squeeker- I am a city girl too, I don't mind hiking to the nearest coffee shop for a latte. Have a great time on your trip!

Hi Shel! Thanks for the Fly-By greetings! Your neice is a total cutie!

Christina- Yay! see I told you that you would drop those few pounds!:) Don't feel guilty about enjoying your time alone, it doesn't mean you love them any less and hey, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Dentrassi-the BBQ went great! We sat around talking and eating and drinking beer, then we all walked up to Parliament Hill and
watched the fireworks. It was great!

Well gotta go- can hear a popsicle calling my name from the freezer, slightly muffled, somewhat anxious sounding but I can still hear it:lol:


07-03-2002, 01:43 AM
Hi ladies I'm experimenting with this feature. I was jealous of your spiffy birthday greetings to Mauvais. So, I thought I check out the options. Okay, I'm over that, on to news of the day.
Den, I know what you mean about seeing your child in was incredibly hot here and I was racing my daughter into the babysitters house joking that we had to get out of the heat and into the air conditioning...she ran full force into the rear view mirror of my car. unfortunately her head was right at the height of the mirror. she smashed her head and fell down to her knees. I felt awful. She is a very low-key kid and very rarely gets hurt and she was bawling. I just scooped her up and carried her into the sitters to check out the damages. She settled down quickly because there was no blood. She was bruised more than she has been with other boo-boos but because there was no blood she was calm more quickly. She freaks when she sees even the tiniest droplet of blood.

She hit her eyebrow close to the bridge of her nose and it looked like she might get a shiner. We'll see what tomorrow morning brings. Anyway to make matters worse, I was dropping her at the sitter's house at about three o'clock and heading to work my partner was due to pick her up there at about four-thirty and dd would be asleep when I got home tonight. .. gosh, I know that i'm tired and mixing tenses and stuff but I hope you can understand spelling also goes when I'm tired...

so, my little DD didn't want me to go to work...I said I really have to go now honey and she said, I just have to tell you one thing...that went on for awhile, with her having to tell me, "one more thing" and "one more thing" the last "one more thing" was, "Mommy, I really love you and when I'M home I want YOU to be home." I knew that she was just feeling like she needed me because of the boo-boo but she definitely tugged at my heart strings the little bugger.

I told her I'd come in and give her hugs and kisses when I got home and she said, "when I wake up in the morning will I see you in my bed?" so guess where I'm sleeping tonight???? Well, she'll only be my baby for so long. Though like you said about your son, Den, he'll always be your baby and he still likes to cuddle, but, I know someday she'll be too big for all this snuggling so I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts!!!!!

Den do you make jewelry as a profession or a hobby?? tell me more.... My undergrad degree is a bachelor of fine arts in printmaking...what was i thinking that i'd do with that degree?? I've gotten into quilting of late but have put my project on hold because of focusing on our renovations here.

Mauvais, your parents gave you a chinese urn and a swiffer??? what a combination...:lol: Though I have to say I have some friends who get really excited about swiffers. Talk about a normal life, Ruth. Can you imagine getting hot for a swiffer? Uh-oh, I suspect at least one of you out there is passionate about her swiffer and its intense cleaning ability and convenience of design. If so, please excuse my ignorant judgemental attitude!!!

and I do remember that whole rioting in the street in Canada thing from last year, I just didn't remember the name of the conference :^:

Ellis you said Chris lives in Ottawa also...just her vacation cottage, right???
I'm clueless when it comes to converting C to F. When I was in high school they told us that we needed to learn the metric system because the US would be converting to it so we could be in step with the rest of the world. Hello, never happened....??????? good thing too because I never really learned it. :)

All this talk about kitchens....did I mention that we're getting our kitchen remodeled???? They start the renovations on July 15th. My partner is very stressed about all the prep work and clean up we'll have to do. In addition to the kitchen we have to have some structural work done to the foundation in one part of the house. The house will be jacked up because a support beam is over-spanned and, in addition to emptying the entire kitchen we have to take down pictures and empty the china cabinet in the dining room and basically secure anything that might fall and break when they jack up the house a few inches and everything shakes, rattles, and rolls.

we decided to start packing things up on the fourth of July since we're both off. We're also invited to a bbq. and our daughter's sitter asked if we could check in on her animals that day...can you say "over extended" ?? Our sitter
has two cute little dogs,(combo of dachshund and chihuahua) one is about a year and one is four months old. She has six cats and currently five kittens. The kittens are eight weeks old and totally adorable. They are chinchilla silver persians.

anyway, I'm sleepy and feel that i'm beginning to ramble. Wanted to tell you more about my kitchen, another day...didn't go for the dream kitchen tho, too expensive, but its going to be really beautiful and clean and new and functional, can't wait.....


07-03-2002, 01:59 AM
ps. Shel got to see your little neice today. What a total cutie she is...

07-03-2002, 06:47 AM

I am off to a half a day of work (which is probably going to be more then I can handle :p). But by 11am I will be on the road. But because it is a 7 hour drive I am treating myself to a small pk of Tims. (For the rest of the US chicks that would be Timbits - The most amazing donut holes ever that also originated in Canada and are named for a hockey player. It is good to live close to the border. ;) )

Take care of yourselves, you wonderful women.

And soozie - I have a Clorox Ready Mop and I *love* that thing but don't quite have the hots for it. :lol:


07-03-2002, 09:25 AM
have fun squeakie!!

07-03-2002, 10:19 AM
good morning darlings

another alternachick is off to vacation wonderland. Timbits, Squeak? I'm glad to hear that Canada has SOMETHING to be proud of. :)

Listen, it's cooled right down to 80 F in here.

Soozie, your poor little girl! How's her eye today? Oh, and isn't it devastating when they don't want you to leave them? I don't blame you for sleeping with her last night... you're right, that's not going to last forever. My six-year old still seems like such a baby to me. (compared to his almost 13 year old sister) I was visiting my parents last night with my sister and daughter. I got a phone call from my DH and son. Had a lengthy conversation with my son. He's recently discovered a love for talking on the phone. He was asking when we were coming home, and suddenly he said, "I'm going to pee now mommy." I said, okay... hang up, you go and pee and I'll talk to you later. "No mommy, I'm going to pee NOW!" Suddenly I hear this tinkling noise! "I peed mommy, and now I'm going to POO!!" geez. What a treat... talking to your child while he's taking care of his bodily functions. :lol:
Soozie, Mauvais lives in Ottawa... I think that Chris has a cottage around Kingston. Is that right, Chris? Kingston is BEAUTIFUL!!

Mauvais, I'm glad you had a good birthday. A swiffer. heh heh. I don't have one, but I've heard they're fantastic.
I think I'd better check out those fridges.. thanks. We'll probably end up down at Leon's for some "Don't pay a cent" event. My biggest concern now is, what the heck do we do with the old fridge?
I love the sound of your dream kitchen. Just one thing you left out... The live-in maid to clean up after you cook your gourmet meals. :lol:

Den, I'm sorry you're getting behind at work. This heat doesn't help. Listen, there's got to be a faster way to earn some quick cash. I mean, keep your cool jewelry job, but what do you say we do a bank heist or something? A couple of chubby ladies with big straw bags and a couple of plastic guns. Do you have access to any guns? We don't have any in Canada. (oh, that was very low... pardon me, PLEASE!) No one would ever suspect you and I of doing anything bad. We look so innocent. :devil:
Did I tell you it's 80 in here? I think my brain is fried. Am I the only one without air conditioning?!

I'm going to sit in front of my fan. Darn, I thought it was supposed to cool down a bit today... we've still got a humidex warning and it's going up to 33 today. damn.

Hi everyone else! Kat, Ruthie, Shel, Chris. :wave:

07-03-2002, 07:20 PM
Evening all!

Phew! It is so hot here, all I could think of on my walk home was the air conditioner better be on when I get there! BTW, I managed to walk up to the 5th floor today and I took the 14 flights down when I was leaving, Huzzah! I should have calfs( calves?) of steel in no time at this rate!

Soozie- your poor daughter! Hope she is better today and doesn't have a shiner. I am not that passionate about swiffers but hey if they make cleaner easier, then I am all for it. DH put the thing together and took it for a test drive, I said" well now that you know how to use it...." He just gave me a dirty look:D

Ellis-gee thanks for sharing that anecdote, glad I wasn't eating while I was reading it:lol: BTW-Timbits rule and Tim Horton's has the best fast food coffee ever! Canada also can be proud of the culinary delights known as buttertarts and Nanaimo bars:T

Den- I would help you with the bank robbery but they would suspect me in a minute, unlike you and Ellis who are the innocent looking ones I am the quiet aloof looking one and we all know you have to watch out for those quiet types:lol:

Ruthxxx-maybe you could lend your chicken purse to Ellis and Den for the bank Job!

Shel- are you hiding out on us again? Please check in so we know you are okay.

Tiggerdiva- did you get your papers done yet? ;)

Squeek-I know you are away but you will read all the posts when you get back-so at least you will know that you are not forgotten!

Must dash-I am cooking dinner and I think I smell something burning:eek:

Talk to you all later!

07-03-2002, 08:06 PM
hey all. :) am here, not hiding out. crazy couple of days. thanks for all the nice things you've said about Niece Hayley. :) Kind of a drive by again today.... OFF TOMORROW!!! HURRAH!

Mauv- sounds like you had a great birthday. :)

Soozie - *hugs* for you and your little one.

happy 4th to all the US chicks.

MMMMMMMMMMMMM Timbits............... love Timbits. love Tim Horton for opening a shop and selling timbits. love them enough to drive crosstown to get them. :spin:

did i mention that i love that smiley?

okay. off to be productive. (brand new box of Swiffers*weg*) *hugs* to everyone. more tomorrow.

07-03-2002, 10:45 PM
Ok, now you girls have done it! When Hubby & kids call home tomorrow I am telling them "BRING HOME NANIMO BARS, MACINTOSH TOFFEE, ALL GOOD THINGS CANADIAN!!!!" :ink: YOu know I have never stopped into one of the Tim's. I should have known that they must be very good, since there seems to be one on every corner! Hubby always jokes that there are more doughnut places than Gas stations!

I just got home from helping my girlfriend & her partner painting some of their new house. Hardly seems fair that these 2 women have a larger home than my family of 4! :mad:

I hope that everyone is doing better than I have this week on this blessed diet!!!!!!!!!!! Not counting the 2 pounds that I went up & then came back down, I have lost less than a pound in the last week! :( I am OK with that if I am not being careful, but I have been! Not eating poorly or too much of anything! I can keep at this as long as there is some sort of progress, but it gets tougher each time I see no budge on that scale!

I actually live in PA, our cottage is in Kingston, Ontario. I would love to live there year around, except for 1 thing....WINTER!!!!!!!!! I hate the cold! PA is cold enough for me, but if I had my way, I would live somewhere that would not dip below 60! Course today's heat of 101 was just a bit much! On the news tonight they were talking about the heat in Canada too. I bet hubby is having a ball with 2 kids, his parents, Grandma, Brother, Sister & Sister in Law, at a cottage that is really only made for 4 adults max, & No air conditioning!:devil: Boy I really feel bad, not only do I not miss them, but I am sitting here chuckling just thinking about it. (Actually I am starting to miss them a little now....Not a lot, just a little tad!)

Well the WInsor Pilate tapes came today, guess that I will go try one of those tonight since it was entirely too hot to do any other form of exercise & my hips & calves hurt too much from dance class to try anything anyway!

Have a happy 4th everyone!

Oh BTW, I have a Swiffer, best $25 I ever spent! No more nasty buckets of water to mop the tile floor!

07-04-2002, 03:15 AM
Sorry ladies!

I tried posting on Tuesday to wish Mauvais a HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Unfortunately, my computer at work wasn't agreeing with me! I can't talk long now, so this is a quickie! I'm leaving out of town tomorrow, and I won't be back until the 16th. My support and warm hugs are with all of you, and I'll post when I get home. Until then, take care!


07-04-2002, 02:37 PM
Happy 4th of July!!

07-04-2002, 11:46 PM
:hb: :hb: :hb: :jig: :jig: :jig: :hb: :hb: :hb:


07-05-2002, 12:54 AM

Okay, last night I tried to post TWICE. And I hit the wrong button on my computer and erased it TWICE. At that point I gave up, but HERE I AM< BACK TO TRY AGAIN. (Don't TRY, Yoda would say.)

Thanks for the good 4th wishes!!! I hear a bunch of BANGS outside, and I just hope they are fireworks and not guns. YES!! To all you Canadians, some people think the best way to celebrate the 4th (or ANY holiday for that matter!) in th US is to go outside and shoot their guns in the air. No thought for where the bullets come DOWN though!!!

Shel-FINALLY got to see your neice! She is a cutie-pie!!! That is one thing about c-sections, BEAUTIFUL HEADS!! (I had both mine by c-section, and all the doctors kept telling me how beautiful their heads were. It drove me crazy.) But she really is a sweetheart.

Mauv and Ellis-Here is the plan. Ellis and I go into the bank (since we are so innocent looking.) We wear chicken bun warmers on our heads as a disguise, and put the loot in Ruth's chicken purse. We use rubber chickens instead of guns, and throw rotten eggs if anyone gives us a hard time. Mauv, you drive the get-away-car, which should be some kind of Chickenmobile. I mean, if we are going to do this, it should be done in style!!

Soozie-I cringed just reading your post!! Your poor daughter. Is she okay now? I hope she didn't get a black eye. I can't sleep with my kids. Not only are they too old, but they have loft beds, and I'm afraid I would break 'em!! They are cool though! It is interesting that your BA was in printmaking. Mine was in Psychology!! Never got an advanced degree, and when I got out of school the state was busy laying off everyone with 10 years or less experience!! So I picked the wrong thing too!! I am making jewelry with a friend. She started the business (Pa Pa Mo Ju, named after her grandfathers papa Moshe and papa Julius), and I "helped out" one day and have been doing it ever since!! She pays me, so I am doing it professionally, but let's just say it is a good thing I'm not a single parent!! I have a lot of fun doing it though, and after all the **** jobs I worked over the years, this has really helped me regain some feeling of self-esteem and worth. We work mostly with copper and silver sheets, which we cut, mold, stamp, pierce, drill, solder, shape and VOILA!!! JEWELRY!!! At some point when we have the money I would like to take a welding class, since I have a few ideas for sculptures too.

Christina-Wish I could have alone time too!! I stay up on the computer to get mine!!!

Squeak-Hope you have a great vacation!!!

Ruthxxx-Still drinking that scotch? After you've had a few more tell us how you know they don't wear anything under their kilts.

Tigger-Hope you have a great time also!!!

Okay, I'm signing off before I delete this one too!!

07-06-2002, 05:54 PM
Hello everyone! :wave:

I can't believe not one single one of us posted yesterday! Must be a record:lol:

I went grocery shopping last night with DH and got in a small argument over my diet. I wanted to buy brown rice and whole wheat pasta as I am trying to cut down on white flour products.
Then I spent 10 minutes looking for a loaf of wheat bread that did not contain sugar, glucose or fructose (wasn't easy finding one but did eventually-oat bran) and DH got irrated as he wanted to get our stuff and go home. He was still crabby by the time we got home and chewing me out for going on some other crazy diet when I had been doing WW for the last year.

We are both in better moods today and spent the day doing errands and shopping. I bought 3 new sundresses:) and a new purse. We also went and signed up for a 1 month trial membership to the gym at the office tower where he works. If we like it and are faithful about going then we may sign up for a year.

We are going out to a combined birthday dinner for four different people so I will probably treat myself to some cake:devil: just a small peice though.

Ellis- did you get a new fridge yet?

Den- I will steal a fast food chicken delivery van, the kind that is bright yellow and has a giant chicken head on the one will ever suspect us....:s:

Hope all of you are having a great weekend, I will post on Sunday.

07-06-2002, 06:34 PM

07-06-2002, 10:37 PM
geez, are you robbing a bank without me?

07-07-2002, 02:04 AM
Hey there. Been doing okay with my food. Took the paddle boat out again for a short spin today but haven't been to the gym this week at all. Hope to do more paddle boating tomorrow. We're also packing up the kitchen which is intense !!! We're getting rid of alot of junk which feels good.

I changed my schedule at work, condensing my hours, which should give me more time to go to the gym and more time with my family. We'll see how it works...don't want to make less money. Have to pay for that new kitchen somehow !!!

Never knew how many boxes it would take to pack up my entire kitchen...a gazillion...thats not in the metric system.

Seeing an old friend tomorrow. Hate to see those folks who knew me 70lbs ago. I did see her once last year but I'm sure her mental image of me is still how I looked then...I'll feel awkward for the first ten minutes or so...with one old friend I actually commented on my weight, just bringing it out into the open...don't feel like doing that tomorrow tho...just want to pretend I don't notice that I'm 70lbs heavier than I used to be. :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Can't say that I'm up for a bank heist but I can offer all of your kids and better halves reduced rates for therapy after you're in prison...and they're struggling to survive without you while attempting to discern where you cunning ladies stashed the cash.

Talk to you soon. Soozie :wave:
07-07-2002, 09:06 AM
Hi everyone! I hope that everyone is having a good weekend! Hubby came home with the kids yesterday morning, we ended up going back to my aunts. (They are actually, with my whole family on that side, at a neraby camp ground. It is only 15 minutes from my house & when they are home it takes over an hour to get to thier place, so it is so nice to visit them there) Anyway, Jeff & the kids wanted to go visit, so he went fishing with the guys & the kids rode bikes & played all day! I actually overheard him talking to my cousin. My cousin commented how I looked better than I have in years, Hubby commented, "Yes, she insists that she wants to lose another 10 pounds, but I don't think that she has it to lose" Ok first of all he is wrong, I actually have 10-20 that I could lose, but it is still nice that he feels that way! Irratates me though, he just kind of goes with the flow, & celebrates with me with each 5 pound loss, yet, never really compliments. I guess after 11 years I expect too much romance!

HMMMM, I wonder how I can contribute to this heist? I know I can save all the chicken skin & fat that I trim off, we can cook it & make a fatty stock to put it into squirt guns, we douse any trouble makers with chicken fat if they get in our way! Although since my Dad is cop, perhaps I should remain more behind the scenes, I could stay back & watch all of the kids & dogs while you guys are out casing the joint!

Well everyone I better go do my pilates while everyone is sleeping!

07-07-2002, 05:50 PM
hello chickies!!!

well, what a holiday weekend!! we were swamped at the market... very nice!! and we went to a pow wow that some friends were involved in Saturday.... TOO MUCH FRYBREAD!!! (if there is such a thing....) but it was fabulous! got lots of sun, so now i'm tanned.... gonna join the gym this week, i think.... hopefully will have lots of tanned skin to give to ellis soon! :)

christina - love the chicken fat idea... *giggles* and hurrah to your family for noticing all your hard work!

soozie - how did seeing your friend go? well, i hope... you're a fabulous person, just as you were 70lbs ago.... never loose sight of that.

mauv - mmmm.... birthday cake.... *grins*

everyone else? good holidays?? i know not everyone could have been slothish like i was. :)

sooo.... we were talking about the not being where we thought we would be in life... so i have yet another quote from my handy "Simple abundance" book. hope you enjoy it...

June 21 - Blooming where you're planted

... Being a late bloomer means that you have the time and the opportunity to revise and revamp if you experiment with life and fall short of your dreams. We late bloomers can risk more because at this point nobody really expects anything spectacular from us anymore. We can reinvent ourselves or give birth to our authentic selves as we rediscover and reclaim our essence.
As I have tried and failed and tried again, I have discovered that if we are to flourish as creative beings, if we are to grow into Wholeness, we ~must~ bloom wherever we are planted. Right now, you might not have the perfect career, home, or relationship. Few of us do. But you have the gift of today, you've got another chance to re-create your circumstances and make them as perfect as it's possible to do with the resources you have. Today, you get another chance to get it as right as you can make it. What more could you desire?

07-07-2002, 06:18 PM
my friend cancelled and is coming here on Thursday with her two little girls to cavort in our lake with my daughter... how much weight do you think I could lose by Thursday...??? just kidding...going to focus on accepting myself and get excited about how well I'm doing.

Lost 4, count 'em one, two, three, four pounds this week. Yahoo. Thanks somewhat to medication change I'm sure, but, my eating has been better. I'll probably lose more weight when I have no kitchen, no kitchen sink, no oven......unless we start eating at McDonald's out of desparation. :lol:

Took the paddle boat out today, are you sick of hearing that ??? Its so much fun you hardly feel like you're exercising. And its so pretty out there, you'd hardly think that you were in New Jersey. ;)

Planning to go to the gym tomorrow.
Still packing up the kitchen stuff.
Hope everyone is doing well.


ps. Shel, thanks for the wonderful quote about blooming...its never too late to live fully.
07-07-2002, 08:16 PM
Sozie, Congats on the 4 pound loss! Soon we will be saying that on hitting goal! :) Also you don't have to keep thinking you are 70 pounds heavier, only 67. Your friend probably won't even notice, OK so she may notice, but since she is a friend, she won't care! ;) We have a paddle boat at the cottage, somehow I have not fallen in love with it as you have! I wish that I did though, it would be a fun way to be active. Although I haven't taken it out since I started being active, Maybe I would like it now since I can probably go out for longer than 5 minutes without feeling like I am going to die! :lol:

Realizing last week that I will need an entire new wardrobe when I am all done with this, I started looking on Ebay for some cheap shorts. At least a few pairs so I had some to wear at home. Well a few came today, since I am in a 10 now, I bought 8s. Just for fun I tried them on to see how far I had to go, 1 pair fit! I wore them all day, just because I could. OK, so the others are still too tight, but jeez, this is the first time in single digits since highschool!

A question for all the canadians....Today it was really hazy & smokey looking here, you could even smell a hickory smokey smell. Then on the news tonight they said that this smoke was actually from all the way in Ontario, a forest fire, but they didn't say where in Ontario. Have you heard anything about it?

OK just got home from a bike ride, need to go shower, before I stink the whole house up!

07-07-2002, 08:36 PM
Good evening everone!:)

I had a great dinner last night with my friends and only had a small slice of cake:smug: then we all left the restaurant and went for a walk together as it was such a beautiful night.

Today has been as shlep Sunday. Went to my parents for a cup of tea and a chat, but pretty much hung around the house reading while DH played his video games.

Congratulations Soozie on those 4 pounds!!!:D I wish they had a clapping smiley we could use. I am finding the last 20 the hardest to get rid of but now I only have 10 to go to reach my goal. Keep up the good work, I know you can do it:)

Way to go Christina on the size 8 shorts!!!! :D In no time you will be wearing the rest of the pairs you bought. Chicken stock guns-how ingeniously yuckky! :p

Both of your paddleboats sound great, I used to love going out in those when I was a kid.

And yes there is actually a forest fire but it running along the Quebec/ Ontario border, I'm not exactly sure where but here in Ottawa a haze was hanging over the city on Saturday, we thought it was smog but it was smoke blowing over from Quebec. The air stilled smelled slightly smokey on Saturday night.

Ellis-you supposed to be in on the heist or have you not been reading the posts/plans? Tch! :nono:

Hey Ruth what are you been up to these days?

Have a good night everyone!

07-07-2002, 10:53 PM
Hey girls!

The bank heist was doomed from the start. I figured we'd better rob an American bank as OUR dollar is worth zilch. I have no sense of direction. Couldn't find little Dentrassi ANYWHERE! I have no idea where Michigan is. In fact, I got lost on Thursday driving to an old friend's house. She lives in Quebec, and my DH left me without any gas in the car so I was forced to pull into a French gas station. I sat in the car waiting for someone to serve me (hoping that it was a Full-serve... couldn't read the sign...), then hopped out and discovered that the gas dispenser was some new-fangled thing and the instructions were in French. After about 5 minutes of frantically pushing buttons, I finally hit on the right combination. (thank you VERY much mom and dad for making me quit French!! curses.)
Anyhow, I couldn't find Michigan.

Soozie, console yourself, honey. You may be 70 pounds heavier, but you're intelligent, beautiful, totally cool, and this fat is only temporary. Your friend actually wants to see YOU. If, on seeing you she sucks in her breath sharply, just put your hands on your hips and say, "HEY!! I've lost 4 pounds! Feeling pretty damned good about myself!"

Mauvais, you're just making us ill. You're thin, you're buying new dresses + accessories, you've got a swiffer... WHAT NEXT!! ;)
Haven't bought a fridge yet. Payday is this coming Thursday. We're still using the backup fridge on the second floor. I'm actually checking out a site right now on troubleshooting your fridge.
"1. Make sure the cord is plugged in and that the breaker hasn't tripped. "
Oh, for cryin' out loud!!
I'm glad you had a good birthday! :)

Chris, get out on that paddle boat!! You don't want to be thin and flabby!! Soozie is making massive muscles under that extra weight, and when it drops off, she is going to be TIGHT!!
You got that smoke too, huh? Just when the weather was starting to cool down, we get smoke!!

Hey Shel... I'm glad the market went well! That's a great quote... thank you for sharing it with us. I think it applies to all of us... even those of us who feel that our life is "complete". We're changing/evolving all the time, and we have to learn how to deal with the crap when it knocks us for a loop. I think I'm babbling... it's a little hot in here.
How is the boyfriend? I hope that things are going okay for YOU!
Thinking about you, sweetie...

Den, are you serious? People shoot their guns in the air? That is so... so... strange. And dangerous.
Hey! I want to learn welding, too! In fact, my dad still has a bunch of welding equipment, and I've asked him to PLEASE teach me how to weld this summer. Except he doesn't have one of those mask thingys, so he told me I'll have to learn how to "strike blind". Sounds scary.

Ruth, my garden is parched. I just emptied my entire rain barrel onto it, thereby jinxing us all. (sorry) I figure if I leave it full, it'll rain in torrents. If I empty it, it won't rain for weeks. You have quite the reputation for whiskey, don't you? :lol:

Hey Kat and Squeak! :wave:

Listen, can someone loan me a tenner until Thursday? I just had to rummage for change so I could get a little snack to cheer me up.

07-08-2002, 12:16 AM
Woke up this morning to smokey smell and haze... thought there must be a fire in the pine barrens until I heard that you girls sent it down from Canada...

all these shrinking women out there...and need for new go you girlies...keep up the good work...

Ellis, Ellis, what kind of snackies are you buying ???? I never knew that you Canadians had so many interesting snack foods that we don't have in America. Why did your parents make you drop French, was it a political statement ??? Timbits ????? Gotta try one someday. Anything that is popular even though it is called a timbit has to be good. :lol:

And yes, under this poundage lies a woman of steel, totally cut, muscle diva, hopefully she'll find her way through and come out of the padding...;)

Have a great week ladies. I'll be in touch. Might not make it everyday with all the kitchen craziness but I'll try to get in here if I can. They don't start until next Monday but we're heavy into preparations.

07-08-2002, 10:33 AM
Hi Girls! Yea, we definetly want to hit a US bank, if we try Canadian, they may make us pay just to get out the door! Hubby said he was thinking about buying a new boat since our $ is so strong now...then he remembered the taxes!

I know that I have to do some more toning! I think that last 10-20 pounds is all in my thighs & rear. I also think that I could cut a little slit in the tummy where all that loose skin is & I would never need a purse again, could carry a basketball in there! I keep hoping these pilate tapes help, although she is so boring, I could choke her till the 50 minutes is up! Hubby, kids & I are going to the cottage in 2 weeks, maybe I will just have to dust off that paddle boat & give it another go!

Soozie, good luck with the kitchen! It will be tough living with the mess, but you will love it when it is done, I am sure! I agree with Ellis, if she has a reaction that she can't control, inform her how well you have done! (Besides, I have found when I am especially worried about seeing someone from my skinnier days, I am always shocked to see they look nothing like I remember either! 10 year reunion...walked in & thought How could I have gone to highschool with all of these fat bald men! :lol:

Ok as much as I hate to, I have to go get to work! See you soon!

07-08-2002, 07:28 PM
Evening everyone! :wave:

Well I made it to the 5th floor today without collapsing, maybe I will make it to the halfway point of my stair climbing odyssey by August 1st! tomorrow is day one of gym :eek:

Christina- I have the same problem as you, my weight is in my butt and thighs :rolleyes: I think I will focus on these parts at the gym and hope the rest of my body goes along for the ride:lol:
my arms need some toning too. I am planning on using the rowing machine tomorrow.

soozie-we have already given you the best snackies! Butter tarts are amazing (another one of my can't resists) we also have something called bumbleberry squares which are crumbly on top like date squares but are filled with a mix or raspberries, blueberries and blackberries-delish! I know Ellis likes vietnamese spring rolls and I totally agree with her. Don't know what else she snacks on other than chips(my other downfall*sigh*) I love timbits too!

Ellis-what else are your favorite snacks/guilty pleasures?

Shel-glad you had a good day at the market. The pow wow sounds like fun. I have gone to a few in the past and you are right about the bread, can't eat just one piece!

Tiggerdiva, Dentrassi and Squeeker-hope you are all having a good holiday!

Ruthxxx-come out, come out ,wherever you are! Hope you and your doggies are okay!

Have a good night everyone!

07-09-2002, 02:07 AM
HI EVERYONE!!! Things are nutsy around here right now. I am TRYING to work more, as we are LOW on stock, and have orders to get out. DS #2 is freaking out daily, and alternately wants me to leave him alone and cuddle all day long. I guess he is being a normal 12 year old!!!

Ellis, no way we'd do it without you!! You are the brains behind the operation after all!!! I was kinda thinking a Canadian bank. We could hide out in Christina's cottage and have a nice holiday afterwards!!!

Mauv-I'm not on holiday (sob) just house cleaning and trying to make it to work......

Soozie-Hope you have fun with your friend, and CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss!!!

I'm going to cut this short since I'm exhausted. Hope everything is going well for everyone!!!

07-09-2002, 09:02 AM
Good morning dear Alternachicks.

I have not been posting much lately because I am too damned busy. I hope you snoop on the LC board to see that I'm still among the living.

Delta Fair is cranking up and I'm working my *** off in the Office - it's still as fat but is firming up. I have decided the thing to do is NOT answer the phone when I'm doing accounting - it's usually sombody wanting to know when the Monster Trucks are on or someone with a heavy accent wanting to set up a fortune telling booth!

Usual home stuff - dog training, picking up dog poop, judiciously watering the garden, weed pulling, minor housework, BBQ, the odd beer and have been out on the Lake a couple of times for a cruise. I am also getting ready to go to Wisconsin for a Garden Biddies "meet" - we usually sit around and yack - sometimes about gardens. It's all very casual and unstructured which suits me fine!

Anyhow, have to get into some city (Smiths Falls?) duds - like clean jeans, a t-shirt and sandals - and go pick up a rental as my Focus is at the dealer getting a new door! Must be a cheap car if the wind can bend the doorframe!

I DO lurk, of course, but may not have much posting time until after July's hustle bustle. Never mind, I won't be doing this next year!

Have a great day!

Oh yes, I know the guys were nekkid under the kilts because they mooned us and a couple flashed at the reunion. They were pretty cool - waited until the kids all went outside with watermelon and bubbles! :D

07-09-2002, 10:48 AM
hahahahahaha!!! They flashed you, Ruth!?!? That's hilarious!! Oh my gosh :lol:
My oldest friend got married in a castle in Scotland a couple of years ago. Her hubby wore a kilt. I never thought to ask if he was wearing anything underneath. I hope so. Imagine dropping pubic hairs on the lion-skin rugs in the drawing room?! BLAH!
You know honey, you may be older than the rest of us, but you're a **** of a lot more active than we are. You never sit still!!

Den, maybe you're right about doing it in Canada (sweet compliment re:the brains, however you'd be wrong. I'm totally reliant on YOUR brain!). I understand there was a bank heist in the States the other day and they shot the guy. With great justification, Americans no longer ask questions first and shoot later. You know that movie "The Inlaws"? With Peter Falk and whatisname. They lifted an armoured truck with one of those magnet thingys. And welded the guards inside the truck. Listen, once we've learned how to weld, we can do it!!! We just need one of those magnet thingys. Probably Ruth knows where we can rent one of those.

Mauvais, you're doing great on the stairs!! Good for you!! What are my snacks/guilty pleasures? Ha! Loaded question. BIG carbohydrate problem. (major slip up on Sunday... had 6 slices of WHITE bread toasted with real butter. Geez, it was good.)
Chips, popcorn, chocolate (bridge mixture/major problem). Crepes. I make a mean crepe. Chicken in white wine crepes, oyster crepes, ...
And when I make crepes, I figure there's no point in just making enough. I have to make at least double to make it worth while. And then I end up sampling a couple before the guests arrive (have to make sure they're edible). And then there are lots of left-overs afterward (I hope) and I'll eat 6 of them when the guests have left. And the remainder for breakfast the next day.
And a good turkey dinner is my favourite. That combination of turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing.... I could eat it forever... screw dessert.
Hey, good luck at the gym today, girl!! We want to know what you do.

Chris, 50 minutes of Pilates!? Good for you! I can't stand any exercise video that's longer than 20 minutes. I get so mad when it goes on and on. I start looking around the room wondering how I can redecorate it.

Yeah, Soozie... quitting French was a political statement. Good guess. My parents are British. No need to say anything more.
As stupid as I am for not learning French, I'm amazed at the people just across the border in Quebec who CAN'T SPEAK ANY ENGLISH!! That's just slitting your throat.
You know what I really like are those new Dorito chips. I think they're called Tostitos. They're round. The cheese ones. They're wicked.
Your kitchen must be a nightmare. It's going to be so wonderful when it's done, though. We stripped our kitchen floor a few years ago. It had linoleum atop OLD, thick, glued-down tiles atop hardwood. It took forever to chip away the tiles and melt off the glue. I whitewashed (pickled) the hardwood so it looks like new, unstained wood. I love it. And it's funny... at the time the job was so awful and took SOOOO long, but now we can barely remember the inconvenience.

DH is home today, so I'm going to take advantage of him and play the lame female. I need to cut 6 inches off the legs of a massive metal shelf that my dad made (welded) for me when I was a teenager. I'm taking it up to our bedroom in the attic, and it's too high for the ceiling. I COULD cut the legs myself, but... what the ****.

Hi everyone else! Shel, Squeak, Kat... :wave:

07-09-2002, 10:51 AM
longer post later.... wanted to share this though.... from my best friend (the one i work with) in my mail this morning.... boy, does she have great timing. :)

A well known speaker started off his seminar by holding up a $20.00 bill. In the room of 200, he asked, "Who would like this $20 bill?" Virtually everyone raised her/his hand. He said, "I am going to give this $20 to one of you but first, let me do
this..." He proceeded to really crumple up the $20 dollar bill. He then asked, "Who still wants this bill that's all crumpled up?" Again, almost everyone raised her/his hand. "Well," he replied, "What if I do this?" And he dropped it and really ground it into the floor with his shoe. He picked it up, now crumpled and dirty. "Now, who still wants this dirty, crumpled up bill?" Still the hands went into the air. "My friends, we have all learned a
very valuable lesson. "No matter what I did to the money, you still wanted it because it did not decrease in value. "Because it was still worth $20." He went on, "Many times in our lives, we are dropped, crumpled, and ground into the dirt by the decisions we make and the circumstances that come our way, and we may
begin to feel as though we're worthless. "But no matter what has happened, or what may happen, you will never lose your value: Dirty or clean, crumpled or finely creased, you're still priceless to those who love you. "The worth of our lives comes not in whom we know, it comes from WHO WE ARE. "

07-09-2002, 05:12 PM

Ruthxxx-Been missing you! Glad to see you here, no matter how rarely (sniff). You DO sound busy!! Ellis is right, you are more active than any of the rest of us!! Wish I'd been there to be flashed!!

Ellis-Pubic hairs on the rug? HORRORS!!! I'd want him reclining on the rug and I'd find out for myself if there was anything under that kilt!! Did I tell you I want DH to wear one? He'd look great, but NOOO!!!!! (Probably too afraid of how I'd react!! :devil: ) Have you found an increase in your sex drive since you reached your mid-thirties? I'm 44 now, and it shows no sign of decreasing, despite my meds (which sometimes decrease sex drive.) I keep on telling DH that I am going to have to put him on a beeper. I think he is starting to be scared of me.

Shel-Good quote, and I am glad you are taking it to heart! You are a wonderful woman.

I'll check back later (I should be polishing!!)

07-09-2002, 07:03 PM
My gosh... don't tell my husband I'm supposed to be extra horny!! I dunno, Den. I know I'm supposed to be, but I think something went wrong. I'm tired. (remember, I've got a six year old) And I'm ashamed of my body. And I'm nervous. People (mostly six-year olds) keep dropping in on us at inopportune moments.
Hmmm, maybe if I were to go off my meds I'd be hot. I mean, not that I'm NOT!! Don't get me wrong!! But I'm still waiting for the big increase in desire. According to my mother (who should NOT be telling me about her sex life with my dad!!), 77 is a pretty damned hot age, too.
I've definitely noticed a decrease in old you-know-who, though. On the night of conceiving our six-year old, we did it 6 times. Hasn't been the same since.
Frankly, I can't believe you're talking about sex. :lol: You're overworked, aren't you. heh heh.
Uh huh... I can see your DH in a kilt. Hmmm, I wonder about mine...

07-09-2002, 07:05 PM
Oh and Shel, that is lovely. You are the Queen of Quotes. Thank you!!

07-09-2002, 10:01 PM
Hello everyone! :wave:

Well today was the first day in the"Gym from ****"...actually it wasn't as bad as I had envisioned. Wasn't meat markety although I was the only female there at the time and I got checked out when I first walked in the door but I ignored everyone and got on the rowing machine for 15 minutes(felt like the longest 15 minutes of my life:p ), then I swam for 1/2 an hour in the pool and sat in the hot tub for 10 minutes cooking like a lobster:lol: So day 1 of new exercise regime-tomorrow I will go back for more, or so says me today;)

Ellis, Ruthxxx, and Dentrassi-:o you dirty girls! :lol: Personally my sex life has gotten better with age, whoda thunk! Geeze Ellis... 6 times! I have never got past 3!
BTW we seem to have the same carbo/junk food addictions...I had a french toast craving on Sunday am but tried to be good by using oat bran bread to make it, it was actually pretty yummy.

Shel-that was a lovely and inspiring quote! I will have to jot that one down and keep it at my desk at work for when I am having a bad day.

Soozie, Tigger, Christina and Squeeker hope you are all doing well and taking care of yourselves:D

Goodnight Chickies!

07-10-2002, 09:58 AM
arrrrrghhhh! I just deleted my note to you all before I sent it....
can't write now gotta get the kid ready for camp....
see you later

07-10-2002, 08:29 PM

Ellis-6 TIMES!!! Okay, I'm jealous. Yup, the guys are past their prime. I love turning to DH after sex and saying, "Let's do it again." He just groans and says (in Southern Belle accent), "Us poor men folks just can't keep up with you women folks." Look, having a six year old is somewhat inhibiting. At this point I know that the kids would knock first!! In terms of body image: BEEN THERE!! But you know your hubby loves you, and isn't worrying about that like you are!! And YES! I'm overworked, in more ways than one!! Always am lately!!

Mauvairoux-Sounds like the gym is going well, and the stairs too!! A friend and I went to a gym for a while when we were about 19. We'd exercise for about 15 minutes and then spend an hour or more going back and forth between the sauna and the whirlpool!! I've got those carb cravings too. For me it is mostly deep fried salty stuff!! Or REALLY good bread, or a baked potato, or ice cream (if it has huge chunks of chocolate in it), or trifle or.......AARRGGHH!!

Soozie-I do that about once a week. Seriously! Ask Ellis, she always teases me about it. (She is SO cruel, but don't tell her I said so!!) How did getting jr off to camp go? Are you ready for kitchen rip out?

07-10-2002, 08:54 PM
Hello Fab Femmes!

Well I made it to the gym today again:smug: I used the rowing machine for 15 minutes and then tried this stepping thingy that is supposed to mimic climbing stairs...I couldn't get the darn thing programmed right and gave up after 5 minutes. Then I tried a machine that works like cross country skiing and managed that for about another 10 minutes. Felt kind of lame as a workout but then I realised that it was only my second day and that I power walked for 25 minutes from work to the gym, so hey I did better than I thought:) Tomorrow is a day off from the gym and then back to it on Friday and Saturday. It is quieter on Saturday so I think I will get one of the gym attendants to show me how to program the machines properly:o

My mini-goal is to lose 5 lb by August 1st and I have lost 1 so far.

DH is going to the gym with me so that is a big motivator, and he thinks I look hot in my bathing suit even if I don't think I do:D

Hope everyone is doing well and is staying OP.

Have a great evening!

*hey! I just notice that the number of posts I have made is the same as my current weight (155) it must be a sign from the gods of nutrition and fitness:lol:

Starting weight- 185 lbs:eek:
Current weight - 155 lbs :)
Goal weight - 145 lbs :D

07-10-2002, 11:54 PM
hello darlings!

You mean I win the sex contest? (you didn't know it was a contest, did you? :lol: )
Mauvais, you are doing GREAT!! You're going to have those 5 pounds off in no time!
How do you like being "checked out" by a roomful of guys? I suppose it would be worse if they DIDN'T check you out, but still... do you think they were checking out your brain capacity?
You hope we're "staying OP", do you? :lol: We're not even ON OP!!

Soozie, Den loses her messages WAY more than once a week!! :lol:

Listen, it's 11 at night, and my entire effing family is in here with me JUGGLING!! And squealing with laughter. I'm serious!! They're all juggling while I'm trying to type. I'm losing my effing mind!!! This is supposed to be quiet time!!!!
Back tomorrow...
07-11-2002, 06:24 AM
Hi everyone, haven't been in much, well been here just lurking, no time to respond, just enough to be lazy to see what everyone is up to!

Ok let me start with the sex talk, (since that is more fun than dieting!) I am only 32, but with a 5 & 7 year old, it is worse than being young & worrying about your parents coming home early! Those darn little feet can come up those stairs quieter than a church mouse, of course these are the same children that get up at 6 every saturday & can't even get a bowl of cereal without waking the rest of the house! Then the fact that it is hard to...umm, perform should I say, when you cringe everytime DH runs his hand along the tummy! That is all getting better though with each week of some loss! Heck who knows maybe even in a month I will be daring & let him see me naked in the light, OK dim light, but light none the less! :lol:

Another hard week here! Was all happy yesterday, made it to 145, only 10 more to go to back up to 146! It has to be water though! 2 sodas & some fat Free Pringles at supper, gets me everytime! Hopefully it will be off in a day or 2!

Work today is walking the malls for 8 hours, so all that walking should help a little! Well better get moving if I want to do Pilates before everyone gets up! Have a good day everyone!
07-12-2002, 06:24 AM
YoooHoooo..Anyone out there?????

07-12-2002, 10:56 AM
Hey Girlies, Hope to send this without deleting first. Den, just consider me your prodigy!!!!
Ellis, your best friend who married in Scotland...any chance her name is're not holdin out on us are you...a private concert would be nice...and asking us to imagine dropping pubes on the lion-skin rug..
must we ??? You know how refined we all are...

Chris girl, maybe you shouldn't be getting weighed everyday. Once per week at the same exact time would probably be more efficient. What do the rest of you ladies do ?? I try to just do once time per week, every Saturday morning, in just a t-shirt, before breakfast, after pee.....once and awhile I jump on mid-week...getting weighed everyday can make you crazy because our weight naturally varies...up and down a few pounds, so it would be unusual for the scale to remain constant each day...what do you think??

Mauvais, I'm inspired...keep going...10 minutes on a new piece of equipment at the gym is great...really...155 is a beautiful number, I love the sound of it...
Hope you make the 5 pound goal.

Den, was it you who said the you think that you husband is starting to fear you!!!! That really made me laugh.

Shel, thanks for that quote, I loved it and told you so in the message that I deleted !!!

Ruth, see what you started with the kilt talk, you got them going...

Hey Kat, are you still away...when you come back you'll see that we were thinking of you. You'll have alot of reading to do...

My update,
haven't been to the gym this week, have been doing well with my eating, the contractor confirmed that they're starting on Monday, we decided to keep our old fridge because its fairly new but if we were replacing it I'd ship it up to you in Canada, Ellis.
My friend came and I didn't even think once about my size, and she looks exactly the same as she did when I met her a zillion years ago, she's tall, thin, blonde, Nordic looking, its genetics, can't begrudge her that, we really enjoyed watching our kids play together, it was fun. Shame they live all the way in California but we resolved to get together again next year, when they come in to see the Grandparents.

Talk to you soon lovies, Soozie
07-12-2002, 01:30 PM
Soozie, Good for you for just enjoying your time with your friend and not fretting about the wieght! Just think of her reaction when she sees you next year and you are thin & even more beautiful than you are now!

I know that I should only weigh once a week! It is like an obsession though! I actually weigh every morning in the buff & then again at night just to see. I never worry or get excited about that weight knowing it is never accurate, but still do it! Plus I am using the Diet Power software, that adjusts your calorie budget daily based on what you ate the day before & your weight change from the day before. Weighing once a week kind of sends it out of whack. Well I need to get back to work, just finished lunch & STILL HUNGRY!!!:ink:

07-12-2002, 05:05 PM

Christina-I agree with Soozie about weighing once a week. (For me it is NAKED, after peeing, before breakfast!) If you HAVE to weigh every day you should try not to let it get to you so much. I got so addicted to weighing all the time that when my scale broke I just didn't replace it for two years!! Now it doesn't bug me so much (could be the meds though!!)

Soozie-Yep! It was me who said my hubby fears me. He also pouts at me. If you can imagine a guy with a 5 o'clock shadow (HEAVY) batting his long eyelashes at me over his glasses, while sticking his lower lip out, you have a good picture of him. His family are all nuts. They REALLY weigh themselves too much. They are naturally slender, so they don't have the same scale fear. His mother likes to run up and weigh herself after Thanksgiving dinner to see how much she gained in that one meal!! Other than her weight she is great though! Glad to hear that you had fun with your friend. It is hard when they live so far away.

Ellis-Juggling? Your family sounds like lots of fun!! We all went out for Thai food with my parents today. My 12 year old ordered a dish with squid done medium (which at this place was medium +.) The waitress was very surprised by his order, and even more surprised that he ate it all!! (Okay, except the eggplant, which I ate!)

Mauvairoux-GOOD FOR YOU!! You are exercising like crazy and losing weight!! I need to get serious again. I have NOT been exercising, and my eating patterns have been TERRIBLE lately. The only good sign was that today I couldn't finish my dish at the restaurant. Brought it home for breakfast though!!

Ruthxxx, Shel, Squeak and Kat-HOPE YOU ARE ALL HAVING FUN!!!

07-13-2002, 05:01 PM
Hey girls! We got a new fridge! Okay, well actually it won't be here for 3 weeks, but at least there's an end in sight to my misery. I was feeling awful this morning, so DH said, "Let's just go and get a new fridge instead of trying to fix this."
I've got to run, but I'll be back later. Just wanted to share my news!
07-13-2002, 06:51 PM
I know, I know I shouldn't weigh everyday...I just can't seem to not do it! I just need to get over letting it affect me so much! I know that I have been lucky, getting this close & it just now getting slower. Hopefully it will pass quickly & I can shed these last 10 (or 15) pounds!

Ellis, So glad you got a fridge! Now you can fill it will yummy fruits & veggies!

OK need to go finish making the pies for the picnic tomorrow!

07-14-2002, 06:30 PM
Hello everyone:wave:

I have been MIA for a few days as DH took the computer to work to do an upgrade, I am currently typing from a fetal position,with one hand and shaking from withdrawal symptoms:lol:

Hope all is well with everyone. And thanks to all for the encouragement with the exercising. DH and I walked over there on Saturday and spent 2 hours just working out, sitting in the hot tub and having an extra long swim. The pool felt so refreshing as it is very hot weather wise here. We were the only two people there so it was some great together time for the two of us.

I lost 2lbs this past week:D due to the gym and I was out clubbing last night and spent 3 hours on the dance floor:jig:
my calves are a little sore today though.

Ellis- Yay! A new fridge! What kind did you get?

Christina- I try to limit my weigh-ins to once a week so I don't obsess about it.

Well I have to go and put the groceries away now, and yes it is all good food, fruits, veggies, some lean deli meat and feta cheese. Great now I am making myself hungry! :o oh yeah I did have a buster bar from the Dairy Queen today, but it is ice milk so it's not as bad as ice cream. Yeah sure, I am justifying my splurge:lol:

Hope everyone had a great weekend !


07-14-2002, 08:19 PM
hey chickies!!

sounds like you're all doing great! i'm glad. :) not much news here.... walked all but one morning last week. (hurrah!) and i've been trying to eat better... not doing too bad!

soozie - glad you had a good time! old friends can be so fun to get together with.

ellis - yea! new fridge! :) glad the disaster is over for you!

mauv- you skinny thing you! i get all your tenacity when you're at goal and don't need it anymore. ;)

not going there with the sex thing.... been so long i don't remember!!

kind of a drive by again... hope everyone had a great weekend.




07-14-2002, 09:12 PM
Hi everyone!

I haven't read all the posts that I've missed while I was gone, but I did read some. I left for my vacation on Saturday morning, and I had a blast. However, Thursday night, I got a message that my grandmother was sick. I was on vacation with my parents and boyfriend, and after talking to the rest of the family, we decided to go home early. We left at about 11:30pm, got to the hospital at almost 4am, and I didn't come back to my apartment until 10pm.

I feel like I have a lot to talk about regarding my grandma because of everything that's happened. Some of this I wouldn't share with people, but I feel like this is a good place to let some of it out. You ladies are so kind and supportive--hope you don't mind what I'm about to lay out for you!

My grandmother was like a second mother to me when I was growing up, but she has had a lot of problems in recent years. She was always sick--in fact, she has had her stomach, breast, spleen, and gall bladder removed. Every since her stomach removal (due to cancer) she has been in and out of the hospital, so this had been going on for about twenty-five years. She's a tough one, though! She always pulls through.

The bad part is that she became addicted to prescription medication. She started taking pain killers to ease some of her pain, but it grew into a nightmare. She had been through rehab facilities a number of times in the last six or seven years. My grandfather was always able to keep tabs on it by hiding her medication. However, he passed away two years ago, and her addiction has raged out of control. In fact, the grandmother that I saw for the last two years really isn't my grandma at all.

There was a bitter feud between my mom and one of her brothers when my grandpa died, and there was a HUGE, HUGE brawl at the hospital on Friday morning. However, they have calmed down and are actually talking and spending time with one another. It's still a little tense and uncomfortable at times, though.

I was VERY close to both of my grandparents. They lived about five minutes from me, so when I was a kid, I spent as much time at their house as I did my own. My mom tried to hide a lot of their illnesses from me because she knew I would be upset. That was fine when I was younger, but I was not prepared at all for my grandfather's death. My mom told me not to visit him in the hospital because he was being released soon. The next thing I knew, I was at his funeral. It was very confusing, but I promised myself that I would not be left out of the loop anymore. Since then, my mom has been much better with me about stuff like that.

I am happy to have seen my grandma over the past few days. The doctors don't have much hope for her recovery. She's on a ventilator to assist with her breathing, and her heart rate is very erratic. When I saw her yesterday, she looked better--sleeping peacefully. She hasn't been able to talk, but we have to believe that she can hear all of us. It's a "wait and see" situation right now, and we don't know what's going to happen. I don't want to sound crass, but I am hoping that she can finally be at peace and with my grandfather. Her life would never go back to what it was before, and they don't think she will change much more based on all the available evidence. I'm really okay with that because I feel good that I saw her, and I am comforted that she will be with my grandpa.

Thank you ladies for listening. I learned after my grandpa died that people are there for you when you need them the most. Now is a time when I have turned to the people that I love and they have surrounded me with love, wishes, and prayers. It's comforting and amazing to have that, and I want you all to know that you have given me that simply by reading my post. Thank you!


07-14-2002, 09:21 PM
Hey darlings,

Shel, you are doing GREAT!!! Sounds like you're going to be the next skinny (after Mauvais and Chris). Keep it up, sweetie!!

Oh, Mauvais... no computer... how dreadful! Glad you've got it back. Congratulations on the 2 lbs!! I should have met you when you were fat. Now I'm going to feel like a fat lump when I see you.

Hi Chris! Hi Ruth! And Kat and Squeak!

Okay, my new fridge is black with stainless steel doors. The freezer is on the bottom in a pull-out drawer. It has a Brita thingy on the door for water. And the vegetable drawers are at hip level and are see-through. Maybe with a fridge like that I'll lose some weight.

Hey Mauvais, the gay pride parade is on right now! Did you go down? We went down briefly, but had to hurry back for the kids. Everyone seemed to be having a great time.

Sooz, I'm glad you had fun with your friend. And Chris is right, next year when you see her you are going to be a BABE again!

Den, your lunch must have been yummy! And not too bad for you, huh? Does the word MONDAY mean anything to you?

gotta run... watching an Abbott and Costello with the kids. And I know it's bad and I'm going to get cancer tomorrow, but I'm drinking a diet pop. I need some scratchy carbonation!!

'bye lovies...

07-14-2002, 09:29 PM
Kat sweetie... I must have just missed your post... I'm so sorry about your Grandma.
Yes, she can definitely hear you, so keep talking to her. She'll be so comforted listening to your voice and knowing how much you love her.
It makes me feel good to know that you consider us highly enough to share your grief. We DO love you !!! Even though you can't see us. :) We're here for you, honey...
I'll be saying prayers for you and your Grandma. You're right... she will be in a far better place... and with your Grandfather.
Don't let the rest of your family upset the love you have for your Grandma. All will be well.
take care Kat...
xoxo Love Ellis

07-14-2002, 11:15 PM
Hi All!!

Kat-You are NOT being crass by saying that you want your grandmother to be at peace. You are being supportive and loving. It is really hard seeing someone you love fade away like that, and it sounds like she has been suffering, which I know is painful to see. I believe that it reaches a point where it is time for a person to go. My grandmother lived beyond that point, but luckily not by too much. I am sorry that your family is bickering, since I'm sure that that only adds to the stress everyone is feeling. You are definitely right about staying in the loop, and I'm glad they contacted you even though you were on vacation. We went through a situation similar to that you experienced with your grandfather's death, and it makes it HARDER not easier. Sometimes parents actually make things worse when they are trying to protect us!! You are lucky to have experienced such closeness with your grandparents, and you will always have their love and influence inside you. We're all keeping you in our thoughts sweetie.

To the rest of you-:shrug: I'll stop in again tomorrow.

07-15-2002, 05:16 PM
Hey Girlie Girls,
Firstly I want to say to you Kat...hang in there, they say that hearing is the last sense to go when someone is nearing death so as everyone else has already said, yes, keep talking to your grandmother. The time that a person is near death is deeply sad but it is also deeply spiritual and even beautiful in a way. My mother died if cancer when she was 54 years old. It was tragic but her death was a really amazing time. She was able to die in her own bed with her family nearby. It was a gift to have those final weeks with her and to talk and listen and just be close. I also lost one close friend to cancer, likewise it was nice to be with her and to say our goodbyes and I do think that very much like being there when a child is born being there when someone is dying is a miraculous thing...and it does feel like a relief when someone you love can let go of their pain and this world and move on...especially when you see them, don't question what feels right for you. What a blessing that you got to see your grandmother with an expression of peace on her face!!!

To the rest of the motley crew, they're tearing apart my kitchen as we speak, the room is almost completely bare...outside wall is down to the studs...ceiling is gone...can't wait til they're finished because its going to take me days to put everything away once the new cabinets are in place.
Ellis that new fridge sounds I already said we're sticking with the old one since it isn't that old, its just your run of the mill regular fridge, but, we're having the guys run the plumbing lines so the next refrigerator can have the filtered water on the door...ah, a life of luxury !!!:lol:

Haven't gotten to the gym...haven't exercised except for cleaning and packing and moving boxes...but, food has been under control. Once this whole thing is over and my dd starts school in the fall my schedule will be better for hustling to the gym more often...until then...maybe I'll get back on the paddle boat...haven't even made time for that...

And Ellis you didn't answer my question about your friend who got married in now I'm certain that you're holding out on us and it was Madonna who is your old friend...please let us know when we can expect a concert...Canada or the US would be fine...any house...your house...:lol:

Hope everyone is well...bye for now...keep up the good work on those hot bodies of yours...Soozie

07-15-2002, 06:21 PM

Still in one piece and while the scale may not say so, I am feeling a little lighter.

But since I still have to unpack, I will go back and read all I missed a little later. Just wanted to say Hi! and I missed you guys. :)


07-15-2002, 06:45 PM
Welcome back Squeak!! We missed you! Tell us all about your holiday...

Kat, how are you doing? Thinking about you, sweetie...

Soozie, alright alright... I admit... it was Madonna. :lol: No seriously, my friend's wedding photo is right here in front of me. She looks beautiful... a white dress with one of those tartan thingys across the front. And her hubby is wearing a kilt (they're both from the same clan... inbreeding!!).
The photographer took photos outside the castle too, and somehow he made it look like it wasn't raining.
Hey, you've got one of those cool fridges! Send it up!! uh oh, DH is here with dinner that I didn't make... back later!

07-15-2002, 08:12 PM
happy monday, chickies...

Kat - while i can mostly just echo what the others have said, i will add this.... please, if there is anything that you'd like to make sure she knows, don't be afraid to tell her. i did a lot of really selfish things when my grandma was so sick.... it was hard for me to see her like that, so i tried to hide from it and lost time that i so desperately wish that i could get back. tell her how much you love her... both of you will be comforted by it. *hugs* hang in there, and hopefully this will cause your mom and uncle to see that things should be patched up as well. and we're always here for you. keep that in mind when it seems like too much.

ellis - you lucky girl!! the fridge sounds devine! very food network, look at my fabulous kitchen, and now i'll just whip up something very Martha-ish. *giggles*

welcome back, squeak... hope you had a wonderful time. now get some rest. ;)

soozie - no kitchen.... what a nightmare..... you do have your coffee set up somewhere close, right? i'd be lost without coffee... but look at the bright side - no kitchen means no dishes waiting!

sooo.... i took the plunge and broke things off with the bf.... he has literally no where to go, so we've agreed to be roomies on the condition that he's employed within the next two weeks.... this was decided thrusday, and things were dicy, but by friday night... god, so much ~pressure~ was off... we just kinda hung out and actually talked. like friends. it's an aspect of things that had gotten lost in everything else. i missed it. i'm glad it's back. :)

*hugs all around* you gals rock. still gotta see if we can't plan a get together.... i make a mean variety of party food. :devil:

:spin: (gotta stick that in somewhere. *G*)


07-15-2002, 08:14 PM
oooh! i have a picture now! *nods* face with the name, and all. :)

07-15-2002, 08:16 PM
that's the office/warhammer part of the shop behind me, btw... :)

07-15-2002, 08:42 PM
Shel! You babe you!! aaaaaaargh!! Your skin!! And your hair!! Dark!! I'm so jealous!!

I hope you'll forgive me for saying this, but I think you made the right decision with your BF. I was really worried about you. It's so easy to see things from the outside looking in. And I'm so glad that you've renewed your friendship with him. You're just going to feel so damned good about yourself now. And ****, you're intelligent, sweet, kind, strong and beautiful!! When you're ready (for sex etc, etc), they'll come knocking your door down.

Yes, my fridge will be lovely. Sigh. If only I could cook. :lol:
Oh... party food. I can make party food!! Let's have a party! Remember, my place is huge and ALWAYS available!!

Okay, where the heck is everyone else?
I'm having a "hang around the computer day", and I fully expect everyone to be signing in!!
xo Ellis
07-15-2002, 09:09 PM
Hey Chickies! How is everyone doing! I have to say that I stayed on plan last week, kept my calorie count below the budget every day, did Pilates every morning, plus rode bikes with my son every night, & only lost .6 of a pound! UGH! We had the family picnic Sunday! My MIL, a/k/a The Wicked Witch of the West, actually had the nerve to tell my husband to watch out that I may be developing an eating disorder! Her basis on this is I only ate "those fake burgers", veggies & fruit! Luckily Hubby grew "a set" recently & stood up to her! Told her that just because I didn't eat all the crap that everyone else did, did not indicate an eating disorder. I can't wait until these pants are too big, so I can ask her if she wants them since they are too big for me!


Ellis, your fridge sounds great! I so much wanted the stainless, hubby threw the cabbash to that though!

Soozie, we are heading to the cottage Wednesday for a long weekend at! You have inspired me, I have vowed to take that darn paddleboat with the kids everyday! Maybe I will actually find it bearable, and not despise every second out there, if I keep the thought going that it will help kick this weightloss into gear again!

Mavis, congrats on the loss this week! I may not lose any myself, so I can live vicariously through the rest of the gang!

Kat, I grew up with my Grandmother too, in fact she can take all the credit for how I turned out, since my parents lacked a lot in the parenting department! Anyway, short of my hubby & children, she was without a doubt the most important person in my life! She was in an accident 2 years ago this August, geez, seems like yesterday, still hits me like a ton of bricks when I ralize that she is not here anymore. Anyway, she was in a coma for a few weeks, on a ventilator as well for the remainder of her time. She did wake up & was able to communicate with us very little, but was in a great deal of pain until she passed away in December. When I went to see her that very first time without any family there, she was still in a coma, I did hold her hand & tell her how much I loved her & was grateful for everything that she did for me, especially when it seemed no one else would. I left there that day feeling much better, even if she couldn't hear me, I felt better just saying it out loud & felt that when she passed it would be OK & I would have no regrets. Well she hung in there for months, coming in & out of it, I soon found myself wishing that she would just find peace! Of course you are never fully prepared when it really does happen. While I knew in my heart she was better, I still wished that she could have hung in there for just a little longer. Hang in there though & know that I will include you & your family in my prayers!

Fluid..., Congrats on taking the step to do what is best for you! It must have been hard to make that choice to take that step away from something that is so comfortable!

Squeeker,....Welcome BACK!!!

OK I need to go pack for my weekend away! I'll check back later!

07-15-2002, 09:34 PM

Well, I finally started cutting back on the food again, although I did have a glass of wine with dinner (for purely medicinal reasons as you'll see in a minute.) I was trying to leave the house to go to work (wearing Birkenstocks) and the door passed over my big toe and ripped the nail most of the way out. I managed to pivot it back into place, and am going to the doctor on Wednesday to see what she can do for me, since I am supposed to be driving to Cleveland early next week with my Mom and the kids to see the Rock and Roll museum. I'm too afraid to even put on my shoes right now, since any pressure on the nail hurts. :( Hey!! I see that Mauv, Ellis, Christina and I are all on-line at once!!

Shel-I agree with Ellis. I now it was a difficult decision to make, but sometimes you have to let go of that "comfortable but not working out" thing in order to find something better!! I used to be REALLY afraid of taking chances, but every time I have it has worked out for the best!! If you are actually doing BETTER with him since you broke up, maybe you two were really meant to be just friends anyway!! Thanks for posting your picture; I like seeing what everyone looks like. You are a real cutey by the way!! But you make me feel OLD!!! ;)

Kat-Love you! Hope you are holding up okay.

Ellis-OKAY!! You said it! Party at your house! Actually, wouldn't that be fun? We could all move in for a month or two and drive you crazy!!!

Squeak-Welcome back!!

Soozie-Is your daughter starting kindergarten in the fall? How does she feel about that, and how do YOU feel about it?

Christina-Keep remembering that the last 10 pounds are the hardest and slowest! You are doing everything right, and it will work!

Mauv-Keep up the good work sweetie, you're doing great!!

Ruth-Off having a scotch with a kilted man? I am still drooling over that one!!

07-15-2002, 09:57 PM
Hey chickies!:cool:

Kat-sorry to hear about your grandma. All that you can really do is pray for her, be with her and let her know you care about her.
I am sure she can feel your presence and hear you spiritually if not physically. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Christina-good for you for sticking to your guns and making healthy choices, especially at a barbeque. I am glad your DH told MIL to back off. Why is it that people try to harass you and undermine you by making comments like that when you are just trying to make healthy changes in your life?

Fluid-congratulations on making this decision for your self. The two of you seem to have had problems for sometime now and taking this step may make you stronger and happier however it turns out. BTW great picture-you look beautiful! Stop using that smiley, it is making me :dizzy:

Ellis your fridge sounds great-I always wanted the ice-maker and water dispenser type fridge. Lucky you! I have not forgotten about our dim sum date but I guess we have to wait for that gad-about Ruthxxx to squeeze us into her busy social life! :lol:

Squeeker-Welcome back! Hope you had a fun trip and will post soon with the details.

Sooze- hope your kitchen reno goes well and we want a picture posted when it is done. Did I happen to mention that I am a home decor and reno junkie. I love before and after shots too!

Dentrassi-AAAARGH!!!! Your poor foot!

TiggerDiva and Ruthxxx hope all is well with the two of you, post soon so we can all catch up on what is going on with you both.

Goodnight everyone! :yawn:

07-15-2002, 10:40 PM
Hi girls! :wave:

Kat - sorry about your grandmother. I know how you feel. My grandmother passed away in Jan. and I knew it was coming. It didn't make it any easier though. But my grandfather had died about 6 years ago and she was never the same after. There is a certain comfort to think of her with my grandfather again. Tell her you love her and hope for what she would want.

Congrats on all the weight loss going on in here!!!!!! You girls rock!

Vacation was a blast. I even tried hiking. We didn't get very far though. It had been cold in the morning so I had on a long sleeve shirt & jeans on, and way too much stuff in my backpack. Plus it was all up hill! We made it about half way and then I begged (more like demanded) that I wasn't going any farther. I did get my full body massage though. ;) We also went to a horse show, I went horseback riding which was thrilling and scary. The horse cantored (ran) up a hill. It was just an amazing experiance. We did a lot of walking. I did alot of touristy things, but had a great time. We went to the top of Whiteface Mountain (drove most of the way and then took an elevator up the rest). It was hazy because of the forest fire in Canada. - Squeak & Scribbles (
It isnt the best picture but it is the only one of us together. I own the camera so I am not in the pictures. ;)

Went to the Great Outdoor Games. It is archery, dog agility, tree climbing, axe stuff, things like that. It was actually alot of fun to watch. Then we went to Lake George for a day & a half. It was a silly time. Very very touristy-cheesy. A ton of minigolf places & arcades. (I won the Skee-ball play off between the 2 of us :D).

We ate a lot of food. But I think I walked it all off! And while my scale hasn't budged my shorts felt much better.

All in all it was a wonderful, peaceful, relaxing time. And the best thing was to see the boy smile for like 3 days straight. He has been having a real tough time of things the last year, I don't remember the last time I saw him like that.

But that is a quite random post, but more or less how it went. My head isn't completely back from vacation yet. ;)


07-16-2002, 08:43 PM
Hello fabulous femmes:D

Went to the gym again tonight. I was so hot from the walk there that I just decided that I would swim for an hour instead of both working out and swimming. I felt totally refreshed when I got home. Had a yummy dinner too tonight. A small salad and wholewheat pasta with homemade spicy sauce :T

Wow Squeeker! It sounds like you had a great trip! Good for you! Nothing like some time away from the usual routinne to recharge your batteries. It sounds like both you and "the boy" needed to have some time together. I can't wait for my vacation in August. :dizzy:

I have a question for all of friends are getting married soon and have already made up their guest list but haven't sent the invitations out yet. In the meantime they have been invited to another couple's wedding reception who they are not close friends with and rarely ever see. Now the bride feels that they have to reciprocate with an invitation to their wedding even though she doesn't really want to or can afford to as this couple is paying for their own wedding. She is feeling really pressured to invite them and feels that if she doesn't she will "never hear the end of it". Any advice?

Hope all is well with everyone!


07-16-2002, 09:04 PM
Yeah, I have advice... screw it! We can't possibly avoid hurting SOMEONE'S feelings. People have different types and sizes of weddings... if friends/relatives can't respect that and be sympathetic to it then they'd better see an analyst.

Mauvais, you're doing great!! You hardly ever pig out anymore! You're becoming a skinny person.... yipeeeee!!

Hi everyone else! I'm just going to move an amoire and a couch with my DH. Does that constitute exercise?

07-16-2002, 09:07 PM
sorry Mauvais, I didn't mean to sound *****y. But if they're not close friends and rarely see them... I just wouldn't worry about it. If it's something that affects their relationship, they'll probably just drift apart ...

07-16-2002, 09:15 PM
Hello again ladies!

Ellis-that is exactly how I see it, in fact a few of us are looking atthis one couple's various activities surrounding the wedding as a bit of giftmongering. They have invited a few people that they are not really friends with or know through other people and don't really hang out with that often. I was trying not to see it in that light but several other people have pointed it out and have said that they feel imposed upon or pressured by this situation both in time and financially. These people aren't even close enough to the bride that drifting is an issue, again she only knows them through other people.

And no, I don't think you were being *****y. And yes, moving an armoire and couch does count as exercise as long as you break a sweat doing it:lol:

07-17-2002, 12:32 AM
Hey Girlies, Hope everyone is doing well. I have been holding up okay. Didn't do so well with my food today but didn't totally pig out. I bought donuts for the guys working on the kitchen so of course I had to eat one. And we had friends from out of town visit tonight...can you believe it...with the kitchen stripped down to the studs...and we served pizza...I ate it...and our friends brought us candy...I ate it...and still no exercise with all this chaos...

Overall, still feel okay...will get back on track with exercise after this craziness subsides.

Mauvais- is Mauvais your real name? How do you pronounce it? I have been taking before pictures and in process pictures of the kitchen. Only problem is I'm not too computer saavy... either I'll send copies of the pictures to one of you and you can post them somehow, somewhere, or I'll find someone with a scanner...???? I'm starting to get excited but can't wait until some of the new stuff goes in..they started framing out the new ceiling today and put in a new baseboard heater. Our range, microwave/exhaust hood, dishwasher, and the new flooring are in my living room!!

Den-doll - My chickadee is starting kindergarten this fall. Luckily she is going to go to kindergarten at the same place where she has been in preschool for two years. She already knows the two teachers that she will have, one was her camp counselor last year. The other she knows from saying hello in the hallway.

Our local public school only has half day kindergarten which didn't really work for us. The school where my daughter will be has two kindergarten classes. The classroom she will be in has 11 kids with two full time teachers and is full day. You can't beat that ratio. The kids get alot of individual attention.

So, I feel really comfortable about the whole thing and she does too. It does feel alittle incredible that time has passed so quickly. I remember when she was a baby adding up and figuring out that she would be starting kindergarten in the fall of seemed like such a strange number and so far away.

She's getting so big that when I cuddle her she's all legs and arms...she'll be taller than I am so soon. But, of course in my heart she'll always be my baby. My nephew is a year old and I love to snuggle his fat little baby body and kiss his soft little fuzzy baby head. So, when I miss the baby days I just call my sister and ask for some snuggle time with her little one. I expect that she'll have another baby at some point so I'll have access for a quick fix if I start going into withdraw...and I can't snuggle my nephew too much in front of my daughter. She takes great offense to it and starts climbing on my lap and talking baby talk. Being the only child she's definitely used to having my undivided attention and being the light of my life. Boy, I'm rambling...

Chris - go girl with that paddle boat...and don't get discouraged, keep doing what you're doing, as long as the scale is moving in the right direction, even if it just inches along or stays the same some weeks, you'll get there eventually. And you seem to have such discipline...I know that you'll be don't despair.

Well alternachickquitas, I'm exhausted, what a week and its only Tuesday night. Sorry I didn't send personal messages to everyone but know that I'm thinking of all of you and hope that you all have a good Wednesday.

Love, Soozie

07-17-2002, 08:30 AM
Quick fly-by post as I start into Day 2 of the three weeks of **** that are the week BEFORE the Fair, the week OF the Fair and the week AFTER the damned Fair! I assuage my *****iness a bit by reminding myself that I will not be doing this next year.

I think I have the website right now -

I'll be lurking but not posting much. Pray for me :lol: and for the poor suckers that work with me!

07-17-2002, 10:29 AM
Listen girls, Ruth rarely asks to be nurtured, so when she asks us to pray for her, you can be damned sure she needs it! Everybody... prayers for Ruth.
Ruth... can't get into that website. Restricted. Another reason for you to tear out your hair?
Just keep reminding yourself... this time next year you'll be sitting in a deck chair with a whiskey, a novel, and a big cigar... thinking about the poor sucker who's doing your job.

Soozie, where the **** is MY cute little message? I didn't see MY name in that last post! :lol:
I know what you mean about your daughter growing up. Because of the age gap between our children, my daughter looks to me like a lean and lanky grown-up, while my son still looks like such a baby. Everyone keeps saying, "Isn't he getting big?!", and I keep thinking, "NO!! HE'S STILL A LITTLE BABY!!" I'm sure if MY sister had a baby he'd suddenly look enormous to me.
Sometimes the best time for guests is during renovations. They have no expectations of a clean house or great food... they just want to see you. Once the kitchen is finished, they'll be expecting a perfectly coifed house and a gourmet meal. :rolleyes:

Chris, have fun at the cottage! Get on that paddleboat, girl!!

Mauvais, I hope your friend works out her "problem" okay. The right solution sounds so simple, but the whole situation can be VERY sticky at the time.
And yes, I broke a sweat moving the furniture. ;)

Den darling, how is your poor big toe? Oh, I just cringe thinking about it. Did you get it removed? You know, I think they should just be removed at birth. Toenails, appendix, tonsils, and a complete hysterectomy. :lol:
Party at my place? Listen, I wouldn't be able to stand all of you for a couple of months, but I'll let you stay for a week. How's that?

Kat sweetie... how are things going? Let us know how you are when you can. We're thinking about you... xoxo

Squeaker, what a riot you had!! Listen darling, I can't see your face in that photo. You've got lovely hair and you don't look fat at all, but I CAN'T SEE YOUR FACE!! The boy is very tall. I can't see HIS face, either. I'm glad he was relaxed and had such a good time. It's really hard to see someone you loved stressed, isn't it?

Shel, how are things going? Are you still feeling good about your decision? We're thinking about you, honey. Oh, and your store looks SO cool!!

I'm so ticked off. I went to use my "old" computer last night and the damned power supply blew. Crap. I spent an hour looking deep into it's depths ... hoping it was something simple like a faulty cord or a loose connection.
My sweet friend is going to "steal" me one from work. When the computers at his work get noisy, they just take out the power supply, chuck it, and put in a new one. What a waste!

We're going to Toronto tomorrow for a few days. To visit my too-funny sister-in-law. It'll be fun, but I hate driving down there. I'm convinced we're all going to be killed on the highway. So if you don't hear from me by Monday, you'll know I'm dead. I'd like to be buried with all my favourite books, a big bag of Doritos, and a bag of Bridge Mixture. Maybe you'd better throw in a bottle of water in case I get thirsty. Hmmm, but then I'd have to pee... Well anyhow, I expect to see EVERYONE at my funeral.

talk to you when I get back (knock on wood) :wave:

07-17-2002, 08:20 PM
The is my first time in/on this thread. I just really, really need some support. I've been on this "reducing" wagon for about 2 wks. Lots of fruits,veggies,etc....walking,etc. I weighed myself for the first time last night. I gained 2 pounds!!! So yeah, this morn was already a pisser for me. Oh but noooo....could it turn around????
I think not! I set fire to my "low-fat" sandwich in the microwave at work, had to toss it in the sink and run water over it. Don't worry though, I replaced it with a vending cheesebuger,what else could I do?? Then finally I get a death stick break and I stepped in a hole,twisted my ankle and rolled down a hill. You know the single thing that upset me the most guessed it...those damn 2 pounds..Anyone else having a day???
Whew....(normally, although I'm not normal,I'm not usually a raving lunatic either)
Peace and Peaches..

07-17-2002, 09:36 PM
Quick drive by as I make dinner -

Ellis - try this one: Us Again ( (It was taken last Nov. And yes we were both slightly, uh, drunk at the time. We were celebrating our birthdays. Yes, we did have a designated driver.)

And yes he is very tall, but I am also short so it makes him look even taller. I am 5'1" and he is about 6'1". But I also out-weigh him.

And I really wish I was still there. Yesterday all I wanted to do was lay around, read my book, and wait for him to come home so we could go out to dinner, and have him eat half my fries. :)

Be careful in Toronto and dont get burried under all the garbage. At least I think the strike is still going on......

Welcome kahuna! And dont worry - raving lunatic is just fine.

Ruthxxx - good luck during the **** weeks. I will pray for your sanity ;)

Soozie - I am sure supervising all the kitchen stuff has to be some kind of excerise right????

Mauvais - Where are you going in August?

Hope everyone else is doing well!!!


07-17-2002, 10:29 PM
Evening everyone!

Welcome Kahuna! :) Ranting and raving is definitely allowed here... hope your ankle is okay and I personally would have taken my sandwich burning as a sign from the diet gods to go get takeout:lol:...
and you are not the only one who had a :p day.
Mine was stress at work, stress at lunch, and then I got to the gym and worked out but when I went to take my hot tub/pool dip there were a bunch of little kids in the pool and about 10 of them in the hot tub and no room for me.wah:cry: So I got home and was all stiff in about an hour from having skipped the hot tub and had a raging headache, had a fight with hubby about money and being tired of getting pushed into social obligations by people and how I need a vacation from our social life and that for one lousy stinking weekend I would like to be left completely alone to my own devices instead of being pulled in three different directions all the time! Blah! I am currently sulking into a bowl of French Vanilla ice cream topped with grenadine syrup:mad:

Ellis-have fun in TO, hope you don't need a gas mask to breathe there! :lol:

Sooze-I am sure that when you have a lovely new kitchen the stress will have been worth it! Mauvaisroux is just my pen name, it is french and roughly translated means evil redhead. I guess the easiest way to pronounce it would be Mauve (like the color)-eh - roo.

Squeeker-did you post some pics? If so I can't see them here:?:
I am going to Milwaukee in August to a gaming convention, whee!
Your boy sounds like a sweetie:)

Ruthxxx-I will be praying that you don't lose your mind during those 3 weeks!

Dentrassi, Tiggerdiva, and Christina hope you are all doing well!


07-17-2002, 11:11 PM
Hi again!

Squeeker, thanks for blueing the pic words, I didn't realize that I had to click there to see them until you did that.
Tee Hee! It's lucky that I am cute:dizzy: if I can't be computer literate.

Anyhoo, the pics are great, you look thinner than you made yourself sound and look quite lovely too! Boy looks good too- tall, dark and handsome!

That darn spinning smiley of yours is making my head hurt:spin: :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin:

07-17-2002, 11:12 PM
Hi all,
I am new here too! My name is Colleen and I read your posts from time to time. You guys are riots. Hope you dont mind me joining in. I have participated in a couple other threads and none seem as caring and supportive as this one. Although I am New to this. So how is everyone?
So I am in this weight loss battle with myself.
Do good for a month, bad for a month. It's a vicious circle with me. But I am going to win one way or another.
I am 31 Yrs old and want to lose at least 70 pds. I am a bridesmaid, in a yr from october, so I got to get down to business.
Love to eat and BF is no help, he loves it too!! HELP:)
So I just wanted to say hello to you all.
And will be in touch soon!!
take care everyone!

07-17-2002, 11:54 PM
Hi kahuna and colleen! Welcome :wave:
Yes, we are a freakin' riot. And anyone who can fall in a hole and roll down a hill is a freakin' riot, too.
New girls, what do you weigh? How tall are you? How much weight do you have to lose? oh... 70... Colleen. Listen, we need to know all the nitty gritty.
And we will nurture you to death. (just don't forget to nurture US, too. We may SOUND together most of the time, but we are just crying out for attention!)

Oh my gosh, my husband just bought me an Orangina and a bag of Cracker Jack. I'm in heaven. I'll let you know what the prize is when I get to it. Does anyone else like Orangina? It's wicked. Sparkling orange juice with natural pulp. Wicked.

Squeak, you're a babe. Just a babe. And you're one of those damned chubby girls who actually looks devine being overweight. I'm so jealous. You're curvy and sexy. I'm really NOT gay, Soozie. :lol: Listen, we went for a picnic on the weekend and there was this girl at the beach. She was a killer. A pale pink bikini, blonde hair, tanned, about 20 years old, and she had Pamela Anderson's body. Okay, NOT my type normally... I much prefer the athletic build, but I couldn't take my eyes off her! Fortunately my husband didn't see her. NOT that she looked better than me!!

Oh, I can't believe it. I got a sticker. A STICKER!?!?! What kind of a prize is that? What ever happened to rings?

Mauvais sweetie... I'm so sorry you had a bad day. Just remember this little prayer: "Thank God I don't have kids." That's it. All there is to it. I can't believe all those kids in the hot tub and pool! That's ridiculous. Listen, next time that happens you just march right over and say, "Excuse me, I've had a really really hard day, and if you don't get out of the hot tub RIGHT NOW, I will become quite violent. And besides, hot tubs are not good for little kids. You're all going to get yeast infections."
Another gaming convention!? You lucky girl!
I know exactly what you mean about obligations. Ideally, I'd like an entire week with no interruptions. No phone calls, people knocking on the door... email is acceptable. It's non-invasive.

Geepers, I've got to's 11 PM and I haven't packed.

where the heck is everyone else?
ciao babies

07-18-2002, 12:44 AM
Yo Ellis, here is your personal cute message...:lol:
Hi Ellis...I liked what you said about having guests now that the house is torn apart...and actually they did get the same treatment that they would normally and a beer. :lol:

I loved the pics that you guys have posted...don't have a clue how you pulled it off though...and Squeak and Kat, you both are babes...and I am a lesbian Ellis...there Ellis, I mentioned your name yet again...:)

Welcome Kahuna and Colleen...this is a wonderful group of women...crazy, smart, and with amazing loving hearts...

Mauvais, thanks for the translation and pronounciation guide !! Are you a redhead ?

Ruth, I was able to access your web site. Wow. That is an intense fair. Hope all goes well...what a major undertaking. Sounds like alot of fun for the guests and a tremendous amount of work for you !!!

Chris and Den, Hi , I already wrote once today and mentioned both of your names but since Ellis, (there I mentioned your name again :smug: ) got me for not mentioning her I thought that I'd better not skip anyone. :lol:

Oh, and Ellis, the first time that I heard of Orangina was when I was in Israel in 1978...I did like it...since then I have seen it on occasion in the States but its not too common here. I like your requests for your funeral. Sounds like King Tut being buried with his treasures !!

goodnight ladie-o's. I may not be able to write tomorrow, long work day and supervising the kitchen, some of those guys are pretty cute by the way...
Love, Soozie

07-18-2002, 10:37 AM
oh Soozie... how gauche of me. I'm sorry, we heteros use "gay" very loosely. Of COURSE you're a lesbian! Humble apologies.

Okay, a little tip for you girls. When you're leaving for a mini-holiday for four days for somewhere as far away as TO (6 hours away), it's really really important NOT to pack on the morning that you're leaving. Particularly if you're FAT!!! I wonder if my sister-in-law (the old lesbian :lol: ) would like to buy me a whole new wardrobe while we're there.

'Bye Den, Mauvais, Ruth, Chris, Squeak, Kat, Soozie, Kahuna, Colleen, Shel... phew! Did I get everyone?
Talk to you when I get back!
Love ellis

07-18-2002, 02:03 PM
Hey Ellis, gay or lesbian is fine, I'm just ribbin you because you were commenting on women's attractiveness and then saying "and I'm not gay" so I was commenting on Kat and Squeak's adorableness and saying and I AM GAY. So, does being gay make me a better judge of girls' cuteness ? I don't know. Because with my meds and having a five year old and not getting enough sleep many nights and being fat, my libido is in limbo !!!!:lol: There's nothin doin down there.
okay, now I feel that I'm getting too weird and raunchy so I'll sign off before I offend Ruth and she has to drop her drink and bend over to pick up the glass and looses her perfect view up some dudes kilt....;) then again maybe bending down would improve the view......
Love, Soozie

07-18-2002, 09:54 PM
HI EVERYONE!!! Well, I think my toe is infected, but luckily the doctor put me on anti-biotics yesterday, and has me soaking it in some creepy red solution...

HEY!! New diet tactic! I'll gross everyone out until you ALL lose your appetites!!!

Kahuna and Colleen-[COLOR=crimson]WELCOME!!! Hey, the more deranged the better. We all are, so why shouldn't you be?

Soozie-The kindergarten sounds great!!! At each major junction in my kids' lives I have had VERY mixed feelings. Happiness that they are growing up to be unique and wonderful individuals, and sadness to see the last stage go. I know what you mean about other people's babies though!! For the longest time when I held a baby I wanted another one (okay, kinda!!). Now I enjoy holding it and enjoy giving it back!! Baby fix done!! Hey, my libido is through the roof, and I don't have the energy to follow up on it!!! And DH seems to have less energy than I do lately. I told you he's afraid of me!!

Ellis-HAVE FUN!!!!!

Kat-How are you? Come and check in so we can give you lots of hugs and kisses. I know it is rough right now.

Mauv-The BEST way to get rid of 'em is to squueze into the hot tub with them, and then get a look on your face like you are peeing. I guarantee they will be out of there in less than a minute!!!

Squeak-Are you sure you two are just friends? Seems like something else is going on there. (Then again it may just be my typical sex on the brain thing.)
At any rate, you are a good looking young woman!! (Once again I feel old!!)

Shel, Ruth and Chris-Hope you are all doing well!!!

07-18-2002, 11:44 PM
You like me!! You really like me!!

Not so postal today. Although I still work at the "job" I fondly refer to as ****. Ice water anyone?
I find it hard to get healthy, not just the weight thing, in this crazy, messed up world. Sometimes I feel like I have to ink time in to pee. How do you all do it?? What kind of music do you all/any/some/one of you like? My mind does wandering about other things than my waist size, as I'm sure does yours. There! That was my creative spark for today. sniffle,sniffle.


P.S. I'm saying 50pds, but it's more like 70 and 6'1

07-19-2002, 03:06 PM
*pokes Soozie* you forgot me. *tries to pout, but breaks into mad giggling instead*

welcome Kahuna and Colleen!!! *hugs* everything you've heard is true!! this is a wonderful bunch. glad you've decided to join us.

Ruth - *big hug* hang in there, sweetie. maybe you can volunteer *****y drawers for the position next year??? :devil:

am feeling good about the decision to break things off. the first couple of days were wierd.... we'd go to kiss eachother goodbye out of habit, and then remember... but we've seemed to settle into a nice, comfortable place.

thanks SOO much for the kind words about my pic. :) actually the first one in a long time that i don't mind myself in.

Squeak, you're a BABE!!! *g*

*snugs Dent, and puts lavender, tea tree, and goldenseal on her toe to make it all better*

Mauv - you don't need to be computer literate, darling. you're skinny and beautiful :)

you know, i HATE how people get about weddings.... two of our guys are getting married soon, and their fiancees and familes are soooooo stressed and stressing them!! a wedding is supposed to be a pledge and expression of love...not some horrid contest to see who is more popular, and who can bring the best gift. hate weddings. hate the dog and pony show. have vowed that if i do it again (AAARRRG!!! WHAT AM I SAYING??!?!??!???) that it's going to be small, and i'm only inviting who i damned well feel like it, and if everyone else can't understand, then TOUGH! well, okay.... maybe i'll let HIM invite a person or two....;)

well. i feel better. :spin:

ellis - how was Toronto?? fabulous, i hope. i'm sure you'll fill us all in.... and did you remember that vacation food has no calories?

god, i didn't forget anyone, did i?? friday here. been cross referencing warhammer inventory all week. am brain fried. hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. *hugs all around*


07-19-2002, 11:34 PM
Shel, my dear dear Shel...oy was YOU!!! I was saying Kat and Squeak when in fact it was YOU and SQUEAK who posted babe-a-licious photos...sorry. I'm getting mixed up as there are so many of us in here now and a few have more than one name. Let me do an inventory...

Mauvaisroux (founding mother of alternachicks)
Shel (fluid fiction)
Kat (tiggerdiva)
Brashka (Colleen)
Me (Soozie)
Is that everybody??

Still no exercise, unless you count sweating profusely for seven hours since the electrician turned all of the power off to replace our main box and service line today...thought we were just getting a new kitchen but apparently there were live wires in our crawl space...varmints had chewed through all the insulation in many places on the main line into the house...holy mazoly Batman...could've had some fried chipmunks...
Kitchen is coming along well !!!! Can't wait till it's finished.
Hope all is well with you chickies. Have a great weekend.
Love, Soozie

07-20-2002, 07:48 AM
Thanks, everyone for the big welcome!
You guys are great! Sat Morn. and I am up at the crack of dawn, already did a load of laundry, dishes.... Sickening, its my day off!!
Anyway, How is everyone, I thank you Soozie for your list of everyone who is here cuz I am new here and I cant remember everyones names. So I will just say, Hey All, hope everyone is well and have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!

07-20-2002, 09:13 AM
Welcome now alternanutscases! I hope to get to know you better once I get my life back.

Right now we are dealing with two polluted wells on the Fairgrounds which means no drinking, washing, flushing or animal water. The lads are working on it while I just fret about the cost of lugging in water! The carnie bunkhouses are in place and the guys arrive Sunday night - hope it's fixed by then! Aside from that I have most pre-fair stuff in hand and have not lost it with anyone yet - YET, I said. Actually I never do lose it during Fair time - it reminds me very much of producing a play when I had to be an island of calm in a sea of chaos! I amaze myself that I can work such long hours with very little sleep and still manage. Of course the drive to the bank every night with the hunky cops is what keeps me on track. I'm considering asking them to wear kilts this year.

Hope everyone is well - and Oldies - try not to scare off the Newbies until I can get back to protect them.

Off to pick my raspberries AGAIN and then may go to a dog show (at Kars, Mauv and Ellis) and watch Lucy's brother take the prizes! I am such a proud Grand*****!

Good weekend to all.

07-20-2002, 01:18 PM

Okay Colleen, let's compare mornings......I woke up at the crack of 10ish, had two cups of coffee, watched Yu Gi Oh (2 episodes) with 12 year old, was fully awake by 11:30. I am STILL in my nightgown (which I am only wearing because of the kids.) By, oh.......1:00, I should be dressed, fed, and ready to do a few dishes or something. Am I lazy? NO!!! I'm just "morning challenged." I admire your ability to rise and shine, I think my life would be easier if I could too!!! (But I don't want DH to see your post, 'cause he may start getting ideas.....he's always bugging me to wake up at 6. Uncivilized hooligan!!)

Ruth-You sound BUSY!!!! I think you deserve a few perks for doing the great job you are doing. Having the police officers wear kilts is a good start!!! What a pain about the wells!! Any idea how they got polluted? Why can't I scare the newbies? Huh? Huh? That is half the fun!! Then they can scare back, and I can scare them again. WAAH!! You are taking away all my fun!!
I'm bored, when are we going to do something exciting? OOPS!!! I guess I've been spending too much time with my kids!!!:dizzy: :devil: :lol:

Soozie-I think a lot of the rules go out the window when your house is torn up!! What a pain about the wiring!! Is there any way they can protect the wires so it won't happen again? I love fixing up the house, but there are always a few nasty surprises. Hopefully you have met your quota and there won't be any more!!

Kahuna-How do I do it? I run around crazed!!! Or it just doesn't get done....:D I like all different kinds of music; depends on my mood. Reggae, Blues, Beatles, Ramones, Celtic, Classical, Jazz, Aboriginal, I even like bagpipes, which drives some people who won't be mentioned here CRAZY!!!

Shel-Thanks for the good wishes. It must be working 'cause my toe is doing a lot better today!! The cat was smelling it and scowling two days ago, but now she is ignoring it!! Must be a good sign. Glad to hear things are working well with the breakup. It has got to be harder going through it with him still living there, but it sounds like you are doing the right thing!

Mauvairoux, Ellis, Christina, Kat and Squeak-Hope you are all out having a wonderful time!!

07-20-2002, 05:49 PM

This reminds me of us! But then....I'm old and senile!

07-20-2002, 11:00 PM
dentrassi: the beatles are my all time fav. group! followed very close are the Ramones. My boyfriend/hubby/soulmate thing type has everything by them. I mean everything. I gained another 3 pds. and bought a red velvet cake today. I'm wondering if this whole 50 pd weight gain in the last 3 years has bigger meaning. I cannot for the life of me understand it. My metabolism must have died. Anyone else experiencing this? I'm 28 almost 29....oh well, happy eve.all.

07-21-2002, 12:19 AM
Ruth, I love that website. What a hoot. Thanks for posting it for us.
Den, Your morning routine sounds so much like mine...but what is that tv show. I never heard of it.
As for the wiring, the electrician told me that the old wiring had something in it that animals liked and the new wiring has something in it that repels animals. There was one junction that he put in conduit pipe to give it extra protection. So, hopefully those little buggers will bug off.

As to music Kahuna, like Den my taste is pretty diverse...I'm into, singer songwriter types like The Story (but they don't exist anymore), Madonna, Sting, Beatles (of course), Carly Simon, the old folkies (Carole King, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, James Taylor), Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Wonder, Eva Cassidy, I love beautiful voices and tight harmony, acapella groups, reggae (has anyone heard "oh, Carolina" by the group who sings "Who Let the Dogs Out". I love Oh, Carolina but can't find a recording of it anywhere) I also love great acoustic guitar playing, piano, flute, some classical, not too into heavy metal or hard rock or dark heavy classical, like old rock and roll sometimes. I like some old B-52's, and some techno-pop cause its just so fun.

Well its so late. Gotta Go Love, Soozie

07-21-2002, 09:15 PM

Soozie-The show is another Japanese card game based cartoon (like Pokemon, only "better"!) The characters battle with cards, and they keep on referring to "the heart of the cards." I guess it is supposed to be like a modern Samurai thing. You live by the rules, and stay in touch with the heart of the cards and it doesn't even matter if your cards aren't as strong. You just play better than the bully. VERY comforting to a 12 year old who is an alternakid and gets bullied a lot. LOVE Bonnie Raitt, Cat Stevens and the B52s too!! I remember a party I attended in Ann Arbor where we made up a strange line dance to "Rock Lobster" and danced through the whole house!! AH! Those were the days......
Glad to hear the kitchen is coming along well AND that the wires will be critter proof!!

Kahuna-I actually saw the Beatles when I was 9 years old!! I babysat for my sister, and my Dad (who was in a PhD program at the time) was offered ONE ticket by another student. He was feeling all proud of me, so let me go!! The security guard walked me to my seat, and walked me back out again afterwards. (Can you imagine that now?) Ever since then my parents have talked about what a mistake they made and they can't believe they let me go. Truthfully, I wouldn't let a nine year old of mine go, but I'm glad they let me go!! The main thing I remember? SCREAMING!!! I wanted everyone to shut up so I could hear them!! In terms of the metabolism thing, it just gets WORSE. You are smart to try to deal with it now, 'cause in ten years it will just be harder. I'm having a rough time at 44, and have friends telling me it is WORSE whem you enter menopause, so I guess it just keeps getting harder!!
On the hopeful side, my Grandmother lost weight in her seventies (Drs orders!) and she lived to 101!!

Ruthxxx-LOVE THAT SITE!!!!!

Kat-Check in however briefly and let us know how you are. I'm worried about you.

Ellis, Mauvairoux, Squeak, Shel, Christina, and Colleen-Hope you are having fun, hope you check in soon~!!!

07-21-2002, 10:17 PM
Evening Everyone! :wave:

DH has been installing programs and fooling about with the computer all weekend so I have hot been able to post. I have packed him and his friends off to a friend's place to watch WWE wrestling so I can have some peace and quiet.

Welcome Colleen! :D We are a fun and supportive bunch on this thread, glad you dedided to join us!

Kahuna- you were asking about music choices the other day...
I guess I am the hardcore girl on this thread. I like a lot of modern music, mostly crunchy sounding, guitar-oriented type bands like StaticX, Nine Inch Nails,Sevendust,Rammstein, Saliva, Stabbing Westward, Korn, Rage Against the Machine, Rob Zombie, etc., etc. I was a new wave girl in the 80's and still enjoy
listening to the Cure, Bowie, Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode, the Clash and other punk and alternative bands. I have a lot of friends in bands and go out to their shows quite often.
I also like some jazz, blues, spanish music, Flamenco music, Turkish and Middle Eastern Music (I take Bellydancing classes), and don't mind some pop music but not enough to actually buy it.
The only music I don't care for is country and rap. There are some good performers in both categories but they are just not my thing.

Dentrassi-that was a great story about your Beatles concert. How can your parents regret it when you came out in one peice and had a great time? Oh well, my Mum brings up stuff like that once in a while too. BTW I love the bagpipes, then again if you are Scottish and don't like the pipes it is equivalent to treason!
Hey, did you all slowly sink to the floor and lie down as the B-52's sang "down, down, down, down" and then jump up when the music started again? :lol: that was part of the official "Rock Lobster" dance when they played it at the high school dances. They also used to play "Rock'n'Roll High School" and "Rock the Cashbah" I had a weird mixed school full of Metal heads, Punks and hippies:?: But at least we all got along:)

Soozie-I am coming over for beer and pizza-well as long as is isn't fried squirrel pizza:p At least the wiring problem was found before anything happend-hope it is smooth sailing with your reno from now on!

Ruthxxx-woo! Uniformed policemen in kilts, can't get any better than that-unless they are serving you Scotch too...hmmmm....;)

Ellis-hope you had a fun mini-vacation and will share all the details of New York Wannabe, er I mean Toronto..:lol:

Fluid_Fiction-how is the roommate thing going? Has he been looking for a job yet? Hope you are hanging in there:)

Christina-hope you are enjoying your cottage and pedaling your way around the lake with your kids!

Squeeker-how are you doing this week? Well I hope. I know it is hard to get back to a daily routine when you have been on a holiday.

Tiggerdiva-I hope you and your family are doing okay. I am still thinking about you and saying prayers for you and your gran.

Goodnight all,

07-22-2002, 03:25 PM
Hi chicks!
First - thank you all so much for the compliments! Only the boy ever tells me I am cute sometimes, but he doesn't count ;) I promise I really am 162lbs, and only 5'1", it is just mostly in my butt and legs, though I am slightly, uh, top-heavy. (Which is the only thing MOST guys notice). And I don't want to be a whole lot smaller, just form a tight size 12 which I am now, to a well fitting 10. Maybe an 8, but we will see how long it takes me to get into a 10. I used to be a 16. As for our relationship, to borrow from something he wrote, all things are simple and complex. We aren't really together any more, and more likely then not won't be again, but we flirt like mad and are very comfortable around each other. Most people who don't know us assume we are a couple, and a number of people who do know us wish we were or think we just aren't telling. We are just very close. And he is a cutie and a sweetheart, which is part of the reason we are friends. :) And as for the picture were we are looking drunk and cuddly - we both get very cuddly when drunk. Though we generally aren't drunk at the same time.

Ellis- How is Toronto? Hopefully not to humid, though I hear all the warnings on the radio in the morning.

Soozie - How is the kitchen? And the cute workers? ;) Since, you don't want them, you can always send the cute ones to my house. I wouldn't mind, really. As you can see I wish my libido wasn't quite as present as it is. Being horny and single is a horrible thing.

Den - I am SO jealous you saw the Beatles!!!!!

Shel - I am glad to hear things are going well & your friendship has stayed intact.

Kauhuna - As for music I love rock more then anything else. The concerts I am going to see this summer include The Tragically Hip, 54.40, Tool, maybe Bob Dylan, Cracker, I may try and catch Default, I wanted tix to Dave Mathews Band, but no such luck. I saw Spirit of the West, which I loved. I missed out on the Rush, Tom Petty, and Soul Asylum concerts when I was on vacation.

Mauvais - I am so impressed with the belly dancing lessons! That is so cool. It has to be a great workout. How long have you been doing that?

Ruthxx - Love that site! I laughed my *** off, and am now looking for some of the recommended books. :) Have fun with all those Kilts. ;)

Colleen - Welcome!! We are fun, if slightly nuts bunch. :)

Christina - I hope all is going well and you are having fun at the cottage!

Kat - I hope everything is going ok. Check in soon.....

I am still alive and well, I've just been busy. On Thursday we got the very good news that my friend's husband had an organ donor and had his heart transplant. Everything went very well, and may be moved out of ICU today. We were all very happy. We also had a mini-shower for one of the guys in the office who is getting married. And I have been artfully hiding from my boss so we don't have a meeting about the projects I am involved in. He keeps saying we should have one, but then forgets, and I am not going to remind him. I don't want a ton of responsibility and a huge headache which is what I am probably going to get. There is a lot going on and I don't want to be the head of the project for a whole country! I don't need the headache, or the 15 lbs I will gain from stress eating. Plus I don't know enough to be a project lead! I want to stay with coming in, coding my programs, doing my thing, and leaving after 8 hours. No meetings, no important decisions, nothing. And I want to stay that way for now. But we are under staffed right now, and I am the only person working on the project. Everyone else already has a ton of stuff to do.

This weekend was the Molson SnowJam (Lots of bands, and snowboarders, skaters, skiers, etc.) which was insane. Default couldn't make it, but I did get to see The Headstones & Jimmy Eat World on Friday and Injected, Greenwheel (who has a damn cute lead singer, and a very cute guitar tech), and a local band called Jackdaw. My little sister & I met a few of the insane (but cute) guys (a few snowboarders, skiers). I am just amazed at what they can do, they make it look so easy. Though having someone say "I will try not to bleed on you" while you pose for a pic was a little strange. :) We also got caught between 2 mosh pits during Jimmy Eat World. It was just nuts, and too hot to be in the middle of that so I sat on the edge of the parking lot they played in and just listened. Sunday I was at work for 3 hours (It was suppose to be 15 minutes), mostly just waiting for other people to do their thing. Then it was my other sister's baby shower. I did pretty good with food, not the best, but I did manage to leave without having to take any leftovers home. I did have a small piece of cake since it was chocolate with bavarian cream filling. YUM!

But that's it for now. Just trying to eat healthy. I am trying something I have read about in a few different places. I am eating more frequently so I am not so hungry and not eating any where near as much as I was during one meal. It is mostly fruits & veggies, fat free pudding, cereal, yogurt, tuna, peanut butter, etc. We will see how this works. I have to try something. I have completely stalled, and I can't quite do anything overly structured right now because I won't stick to it for more then 2 days. I have no will power sometimes. :p I haven't gained weight, but I haven't lost any either. I am trying to add some steady exercise too.

I will do this damn it!

07-22-2002, 05:27 PM
Oh my goodness you girls have been busy typing while I was away! I started reading & realized that I would forget all my comments if I read everything first & tried to comment! OK Ellis, first of that little thing in the bikini could not have had kids yet, just remember whether you are a size 2 or 22+ Saggy boobs & stretch marks look the same! I will also add that this weekend I was relishing in the fact that Tigger Woods choked, Hubby asked why I hated him so...couldn't come up with a reason, so I said that his girlfried is hotter than me, reason enough for me! He just laughed & asked if I was really a lesbian since I seem to comment on other girls now that my Lesbian Friend moved close by & I stop in every other day. I just laughed & said maybe, at least they wouldn't leave the toilet seat up! (He hasn't figured it out that I only comment like that fishing for compliments, so he will say I look that good now!:lol: )

Hey Squeaker, want me to share a secret I just figured out today! You want to get to a smaller size? I am only 5'5" with my legs being short & stubby & a longer torso. I usually buy Petite stuff so I don't have to hem. I was moaning in the office that the new pants that I got are 10s, without a spare 1/8 of an inch anywhere! But yet I can wear shorts that are an 8! The one girl pointed out that the petites are shorter, but they also tend to run smaller too....well that is it for me! I will hem everything if it means I can wear a smaller size! haha! Anyway, I too an OK with my weight now, if I could just tone up! (course that was before I went away for the weekend & packed on 2+ pounds! I guess that taking the kids out in the paddleboat with a glass of wine & some cheese didn't really help! Hopefully it will come off fast!)

SIL called this morning! She is pregnant! I will be an Aunt for the first time! (Plus I get to go to her baby shower all thin & gorgeous, while she is bloated & feeling like a whale! :lol: ) Actually I told her that & she just laughed & said she didn't care as long as I waited to give MIL my size 9 stuff with a comment that she could have them since they were too big for me now! She said that would be the only gift that she would need at her shower!

Dentrassi, How funny, I went to my first concert with a girlfriend in 7th grade. We went to AC/DC! Thank God my Dad didn't know who they were! Imagine my shock when the guy behind us threw up all over the place & I saw a joint for the first time!

Did anyone see the 60 minutes this weekend, about Carbs & diets? The one guy here at work swears that you just have to watch carbs, not calories. He & I get into that heated debate all the time! He asked me if I saw it, I just said No, & wouldn't give him the satisfaction of asking about it...but now it is killing me to know what they covered! (when he gets on me about carbs, I just reminded him that I have lost 35 pounds since April, he has lost 24 since Jan, so to leave me alone until he catches up!)

Kahuna, just read a good article in one of my lady magazines. It was about the womens points of life that they tend to gain. First was puberty, then first year of college, then at 25, then first year of marriage, then at birth of each child, then again at menopause (I think that was the last one) Anyway, it said that at each point a woman could gain anywhere from 5-10 pounds. & that at each point a 5 pound gain wasn't noticed, but suddenly it felt like they all came on at once. I was releived when I read that to see that I only had more point to worry about, I had already gained at the other points mentioned! haha! Anyway, depending on where you are in life, that may have been where yours came on!

Ok girls, I know that I didn't get to everyone, but I have to go finish up a few things here before I leave for the day!

07-22-2002, 08:18 PM
Hello darlings; I'm BACK!!!
God, what a drive. I couldn't believe how hot it got the closer we got to TO. And it never got better while we were there, and then the drive back was like driving deep into the depths of ****. I kept waiting for the sky to clear in the distance over Ottawa. Instead, we seemed to be in the midst of some sort of tornado weather.

Den, I'm glad your toe is getting better. What's the red stuff you were soaking it in? Blood?
You saw the Beatles? That's so cool! Fate. Landed right in your lap.
Listen honey, why don'tcha try going to bed at ten o'clock and maybe you could get up a little earlier? heheh. I know I know... it's your "quiet time".

Kahuna, I love jazz. (Foreplay is one of my favourite jazz groups) And classical. I love Cecilia Bartoli. And of course being at the tail end of the baby-boomers, I DO occasionally still listen to my old favourites like Neil Young, Joani Mitchell, Cat Stevens (one of my ***** college professers had a song written about her by him ... Sad Lisa), Van Morrison...
My best concert as a teen was Eric Clapton in Montreal with my sister. He's so cool.
You bought a red velvet cake? What the heck is that, sweetie?

Shel, I'm so glad you're still comfortable with your decision. Listen darling, if you get married again and you don't invite US, we are going to have such a freakin' hissy fit, you won't know what's hit you! :lol: I have vowed never to get married again. I'm deliriously happy with my hubby, but as far as I'm concerned, it's too much damned work to do twice.

Soozie, those bloody mice! You DID mean mice, didn't you? No. Squirrels? I'm glad to hear your kitchen is moving along. My SIL (that's sister-in-law, Ruth ;) ), is having her entire house renovated. She's just had a beautiful multi-level deck put on the back of her house with a small pool. While we were there she was in the process of having the house reroofed, and all of her furniture was in a muddle because she's having walls ripped out to expand/move the living/dining/bedrooms/bathrooms and is doing over the kitchen, too. Phew! What a mess! My sympathies, Soozie. You must be ready to tear your hair out.

Kat sweetie... how are you? And your grandma? We're thinking about you... xoxo

Squeak, what a great relationship you have with "the boy". That is very cool and cozy. (if you know what I mean) It's difficult to have a good friendship with a member of the opposite sex. Unless you're like Soozie. :lol: Horny and single, huh? Don't hang THAT on your front door!!
Hey, I'm so glad to hear about your friend with the heart transplant... what a relief!

You're right, Chris... there's no way that that chick in the bikini has had kids. VERY good point! Hey, I'm glad you had fun on your holiday! And congratulations on being a soon-to-be aunt!

Colleen, how are you? Are you still here?

Damn it Ruth, I ALWAYS go to the Kars dog show, but we were in TO!! I could have seen you again! Curses. I love going to the dog show. It's such a giggle. The dogs are cute/funny/weird, and the owners are funny/weird/geeky and they all really crack me up. The cow show is kinda funny, too.
The only good thing is that my mom probably would have been with me, and I would have had to introduce you and she would have been SOOOOO jealous of me being friends with an older woman who is NOT her!! And she would have been highly suspicious to know that I'd met you over the Internet. Really... what do you do? I've got some great friends that I've never even met, but it's difficult talking about you/them to anyone. "Uh, yeah... 'Den/Ruth/Soozie/etc' is a really good friend of mine... she lives in Royal Oak... ummm, yeah I see her about once a year." Lie lie lie...
Hey, did Lucy's bro take any prizes?

Mauvais, what do you weigh now, you skinny thing you?
Well, 5 days in Toronto is just plenty. I always forget how lovely Ottawa is until I go to TO. Honestly, who did the city planning for that city? I hate to overuse this word, but it's **** there!!
The lake shore is smelly and dirty, the tourist traps are spaced an hour apart, and that stretch of 401 is WAY too narrow.
Isn't Ottawa lovely? All this green-space, well kept downtown core (well, it's better than TO), nice tourist traps closely spaced, it's clean (well, it's cleaner than TO), ...
Listen, it was so muggy going through Toronto that we couldn't even see the airport. And we completely missed our turn-off... it was hailing to beat the band. Is the world dying?

I have a million emails to check... back later girls... I missed you!
07-22-2002, 08:47 PM
Ellis, I am with you girlfriend! While I love Hubby with all my heart & he gave me the 2 gifts that I cherish more than anything (the kids, for those of you thinking he puts a lot of thought in his gift giving), if anything happens to him/us...I am on my own baby! Too hard to be married! Just think if I were single I could do the laundry in an hour, 2 tops!, I could hit the snooze 20 times every morning, I could watch Lifetime all day Sunday without anyone, saying "OK, who got shot, cheated on, or kidnapped this week", I could go to the bathroom in the dark without the fear of falling in...Oh the possibitilies are endless! Of course I would have to take out the trash...hmm, I will have to think of a solution to that one before I make any drastic changes!

Shel, I don't want to just be invited to the wedding...can't we be Bridesmaids? WOOHOO, just think of the bachlorette party we could throw you! And you would have the most fabulous looking wedding pictures with all us slim, trim & wearing the trampiest dresses you could pick! :lol:

Hmm, I don't want to start any sort of a fight with the Canadians, but if I had to chose, Ottawa would be my pick! Been to toronto twice, how I made it out of there without dying on the highway is beyond me! I was convinced that you must have to pass a rudeness & scary driving test in order to drive there! Course I have only been to Ottawa once, and I got engaged while there, so maybe I am not an impartial judge! Personally I am fondest of Kingston, just trying to figure out how to get the city to not be so darn cold in the winter & I then I could live there year roung! Ok need to go find something for supper, hmm, now that we are home I guess that a good meal with a glass, or 2, or an entire bottle is out... That is OK, I have missed the Lean Cuisines.....NOT!

07-22-2002, 10:42 PM
Hello Fabulous Femmes!

Great day today! Got some catch-up stuff done at work, took the stairs twice, walked home to pick up my bathing suit and went to the gym to swim with DH. He thinks he is my personal trainer now and goaded me into doing two extra laps around the pool today:rolleyes:

It is way too hot too cook here tonight so we got chinese take out...not the best food choice but it sure tasted good:T I only ate a spoonful of rice and loaded up on the veg, did cave and ate the lemon chicken though.

Ellis- I used to go to Toronto a lot when I was a buyer for a ladies clothing store, it was always nice to visit but a relief to get home, and yes the driving on the highway has always been terrible , those huge 18-wheelers scare the c$#p out of me! Hope your visit was good despite the driving. I am still at 155 but I ate poorly this weekend and indulged in a couple of beers:o
Back "on plan" this week, well tomorrow, after tonight's chinese food.

Christina-most of the Canadians on this thread are from Ottawa or the surrounding area so you are not starting a fight:lol: I love living here! It is a beautiful city with lots of green spaces, the canal and Ottawa River are amazing and I walk past Parliament Hill on my way home from work everyday! We just had Bluesfest last week and are currently enjoying Jazzfest. The month before we had RibFest and Beerfest...lot's of fun things going on around town. Where did you stay when you were here and how did your DH propose? I think Kingston is a great place too. I would like to go there for a weekend this summer just to poke around all the cute little shops and restaurants for a day.

Shel- glad things are going well for you. I'm with Ellis-I could not contemplate a second marriage, too much hassle, too much work,
besides I am spoiled by my current DH and no one could ever measure up to him, that and I don't think anyone else on the planet could put up with me:devil:

Squeeker- BTW the Tragically Hip just played here at Bluesfest last week and 54-40 played the same week at a charity volleyball/ beach party event:p NYEAH! NYEAH!

Kahuna-yeah, what the heck is red velvet cake? I bet it is sinfully yummy whatever it is!

Hey Colleen-are you still around? Hope things are well with you.

Ruthxxx-how did your grandpuppy fare at the show? Hey, did you ever see that movie about the subculture of dog shows? I think it was called Best of Show and had Bill Murray in it. I bet their was a "*****y Drawers" type character in it:lol:

Soozie-hope you are keeping your hands to yourself and off those donuts:) (DO NOT say anything rude here Ellis!)

Dentrassi-my first concert was seeing Iron Maiden when I was 14. My friends think this is terribly funny and occasionally sing that song "Teenage Dirtbag" by Wheatus where they sing "I've got two tickets to Iron Maiden Baby, come with me now don't say maybe" they think are soooo funny:mad:

Tiggerdiva-*hugs* and healing thoughts to you.

Goodnight everyone:yawn: have to go make the lunches and get my clothes ready for tomorrow.

Chow Bellas!

07-22-2002, 11:04 PM
Hi everyone! Remember me!

I read almost all of the posts that I've missed, but I haven't read the most recent. That might take a bit longer!

Thank you all so very, very much for your warm support and kind words. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your kindness to me.

Since I'm not altogether up-to-date on what you all have been up to, I will start by filling you in on what I've been doing.

My grandma is up and down. She actually recovered to the point that they took her off of the ventilator, and she was sitting up and asking for hamburgers with pickles! Then, the next morning, she was back on the ventilator again. Apparently, this could go on for a long time, but she made it clear that this is what she wants. I am really okay because I got to talk to her and see her awake and alert. However, it's hard to watch her slip in and out. I guess when she's ready to go, she will go, but I only hope that she doesn't have to bear too much pain.

Of course, all of this has been going on during my last week of classes. I honestly slopped together the three crappiest papers in the history of schoolwork because I just wasn't home enough to work on them. I didn't want any extentions because I wanted to get them over with. I normally get As in all my classes, but I'm kind of disappointed that I might not this semester because I had to miss so many classes. Although I know it was more important to be with my family, it makes me angry that I lose points for not attending class. If I have an A based on my coursework, then why I should be punished for not attending a class that I got nothing out of!

My boyfriend and I have been able to spend lots of time outdoors, enjoying the beautiful weather. We're planning another trip up north in a few weeks, and we're excited about getting away.

That's all that's been going on here--in a nutshell. I will catch up on all the posts and write more details soon. Thanks again for your support, and I have missed you all!


07-22-2002, 11:51 PM
Whoa much to read today.
Kat - glad to hear that you got a chance to speak with your grandma. That is so cool. I'll say a prayer for her!!! Glad you checked in with us too.

Mauvais - I skipped the donuts today...then again, they were leftover from Friday. The guys ate them anyway, can't live with em, can't live without em...:lol: Do have to say though I get a kick out of the fact that suddenly our toilet seats are up all the time. And I'm not even kidding about that . They really do leave the seat up...then again, I guess you guys know that already, I'm probably the only one that that is news to...:lol:

Ruthxxx - Hi Ruth, did I tell you I have good friends who breed and show Newfoundlands? talk about big doggies!!! They have six now but they've had more at other times...and those dogs think that they are lap dogs. They love to climb up on the sofa and snuggle...all 120lbs of them. My daughter's babysitter breeds Persian Pussycats. I think I did post something about that. We have one now. How could my daughter be there for five years and see all of those kittens being born and growing and moving on to new homes and not have to have one come to our house??? She is a very sweet cat. We are more dog people but we have all come to love her as much as my daughter loves her. She has a great personality.

Ellis - welcome back doll. I think the damage was done by squirrels or chipmunks but it could have been mice. I know that the chipmunks chewed through a 2-20 line in the past. My partner almost got electricuted today because the electrician had accidently left one live wire open !!!! She was putting some wire mesh down outside of our house by the foundation to try and stop, rodents, from easy access back into the crawl space. When the wire touched the mesh there was a big ZAP sound. I came running out back to see what had happened. Thank goodness she wasn't making contact with the mesh when it touched the wire. So, we have to get the electrician out tomorrow. I know that everything will be fine in the end but that was intense. I almost was a widow.

Den - the way, what a great experience. I loved them as a teenager. Rock Lobster was a song we had a dance to also...and yes it included getting lower and lower with the lyrics !! I can't remember what my first concert was. I know that I saw Billy Joel once. I saw the band that sang Freebird right before their plane crash. I saw Robin Trower and I don't even know who he is. I didn't go to too many concerts but in High School we used to go down to South Street (a famous street in Philadelphia with the song written about it...where do all the hippies meet, South Street, South Street) and there was a dumpy old theater where they played Rocky Horror and everyone would get dressed up like characters in the film or like punkers. We thought that we were so cool.

Shel - Do you forgive me for confusing you with are the babe, you are the babe, you are the babe...there, am I forgiven now ?? ;)

Squeak - doesn't it just figure. They moved the really cute guy to another job and then the other two fairly cute guys told me that really cute guy is 39 and has been married three times. THREE TIMES and he's only 39...Hello.

Chris - hey girl. Is tigger woods related to Christopher Robin ?? :p
Who is Tiger Woods' girlfriend? Some model or something?? I heard that he can be a bit of a primadonna. Is that what you don't like about him? have been checking out other women quite a bit...

Colleen - Hi there. Hope all is going well.

Kahuna - How is everything?? Hope we're not too weird for you. But, somehow I don't think so. :p

Well girls. Hope I didn't forget anyone. Gotta get some rest. Kid goes back to day camp tomorrow so back to getting up early. Yuck. Help me Den. I want to sleep in and lounge on the couch watching the cartoon network with my kid. By the way, the kiddo did great in her swimming class it was like a miracle, actually put her whole head in the water !!!!!

Love to all of you and here's to our health ladies!!!!! Soozie

07-23-2002, 01:59 AM
HI EVERYONE!!!! I was going to just briefly pop in and say hello and goodbye but you have all written such interesting posys I'll be up all night answering them!! THANKS A HEAP!!!:D

Soozie-I think you had mentioned Eva Cassidy. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the CD that I borrowed from DS #2's friend's mother is by her!! Haven't listened to it yet though. YES!! The Rock Lobster Dance was probably IDENTICAL to what you and Mauv were doing!! Robin Trower!! WOW!! He was in Procol Harum!! YES!! Went to see Rocky Horror many times. Didn't throw rice, but i got dressed up!! Congratulations to your daughter on dunking her head!! We waited a bit too long on swimming lessons for the kids. They really struggled because of it. Living in Michigan I insisted that they at LEAST know how to swim and tread water, but i wish i had started them earlier the way you did!! By the way, in this house the rule is TOILET SEAT GOES DOWN AFTER YOU USE IT. Actually, hubby was well taught by his Mom and is REALLY teaching the boys that that is the polite thing to do. Good thing, 'cause I say a midnight dunk in the toilet is grounds for divorce!!! Sorry to hear about the scare that you and your partner had. YUCK!!! Also, re mornings...JUST REFUSE TO GET DRESSED!! THEN YOU CAN"T GO ANYWHERE!!!

Kat-HI SWEETIE!!! Glad to hear from you!! It is good to hear that you are having some time with your grandmother. I'm glad she had her hamburger with pickles too!! Hope that things get easier for you soon. I'm sure you are looking forward to finishing up classes. That will take some pressure off.

Mauvairoux-Your high school dances sound like the juke box at The Half ***!! It is (or was, don't know if it is even there anymore!!) a cafe that was OFFICIALLY called the Half Way Inn that was in the basement of the dorm I lived in. I worked there for a while, and we could put whatever we wanted in the jukebox. We had all kinds of stuff including singles by some local bands also Devo, Talking Heads, Elvis Costello, assorted Reggae, can't even remember all of it!! (Well, it also changed pretty frequently, we could only keep records IN there if they were played a lot!!) Did you also do lobster or crab claws for the Rock Lobster Dance? I like Flamenco too, by the way!!! It is almost easier to say what I DON'T like than what I do!!! I agree, country is limited to a couple of people (although I like Bluegrass when I'm in the right mood!) and Rap-I loved it in the day when it was political commentary (Grand Master Flash) but most of it SUCKS.

Christina-Lucky you on getting to be an Aunt!!! Hubby's brother and wife have no plans to have kids, and honestly it is a good thing they have reached that decision. My sis has been through the mill and never got pregnant. She's thinking about other options now. Including killing us so she can take over guardianship of the kids!! :fr: :lol:

Ellis-WELCOME BACK!!!! Glad to hear you had fun in Toronto. I like Toronto, but I've never been to Ottawa so I can't compare. (How unusually tactful of me!!:D ) Yes, the red stuff is blood, but I am only allowed to use anteater blood and it is a PAIN trying to get it. If I break into the zoo one more time I'm afraid I'm going to get caught!!:p But seriously, it is Betadine, which I have never used before. It dyed my feet a yellowish orange!! Quiet time is becoming more and more of a problem. 15 year old wants to stay up until I go to sleep (I think), so it is moving later and later. I may have to bite the bullet and get up early. :fr: Hey! I like these new emoticons!!

Squeak-Sounds like you are having a blast!!! I loved watching the snowboarders at the olympics. That, along with skydiving and bungee jumping are on my "Things NOT to do list!!" By the way, it DOES count when "the boy" tells you you are cute. Listen to him. He speaks the truth. By the way, yes, horny and single is difficult, but horny and partnered isn't a day at the beach when your partner isn't in the mood. Sometimes loving oneself just isn't enough!! I'm trying to be respectful of his feelings, but he keeps on FLAUNTING HIS BODY AT ME!!!................oog..............

Kahuna, Ruth, Shel and Colleen-HIYA!!!!!

My Mom and I are taking the kids to Cleveland to see the Rock and Roll museum. We are leaving early tomorrow and returning on Friday, so I won't be checking in until then. Hope you all have a great week!!!!!

07-23-2002, 08:32 AM
Oh my gosh... these are so cute!

07-23-2002, 09:25 AM
Oh yeah... I forgot to tell you that; despite all my whining, we had a GREAT time in Toronto! My sister in law is one of those funny people who can have you on the floor peeing your pants and crying with laughter. Good reason for going to Toronto.
She and her sweet partner are coming up to visit us next week. With the damned dogs. Did I mention the damned dogs? Small. Yappy. One of them was bought in Korea. At a restaurant. As a puppy. It was in a cage. It was going to be part of someone's meal. SIL felt obliged to buy the damned thing. It would have served more good as a meal than as a dog. I mean, what about the thousands of other dogs/cats/etc there that are up for being restaurant fare? You can't buy them all! At least buy one that will be grateful to you as opposed to one that bites people's ankles and yaps constantly. I LOVE dogs, but REALLY!!!
We had a great picnic in the dark at the lake shore. We could see the twinkling lights of the CN tower across the water. We didn't go to the CN tower this time. Last time we went, it cost us about 70 bucks for the four of us!!
My SIL gave DH her weight machine. Said she wasn't going to use it again, so we brought half of it back with us and she's going to bring the other half down next week. I'll have something to work out on besides my rowing machine!!

Kat, we're so glad to hear from you! Your sweet Grandma... I'm so glad you've been able to talk to her. She's got the right attitude... hang in there for those burgers!! AND for darling Kat, of course.
Don't regret your marks. There was a real reason for missing some school and losing some grades. Don't fret about it. (I assure you... when you're 35 and working full-time, NOBODY ever asks you what your marks were in school. Nobody gives a damn.)
Later in life you'll look back and realize how trivial the marks were compared to the time you had with your Grandma. You did the right thing... no regrets, okay sweetie? I'm glad to hear you're going to get away again with your boyfriend... a de-stresser. :)

Mauvais, surely you can't expect me to pass THAT one by!!
Soozie has a partner... she has no need to keep her hands to herself. :lol:

Chris... you're right... we want to be bridesmaids. So don't get married TOO soon, Shel... I still have about 60 pounds to lose. ;)

I wonder if it's a red velvet CAPE!? Kahuna?

Soozie, it's a rule in our house that the seat goes DOWN!! Want to know how to do it, girls with men? This is horrible, but several years ago in the news there was a story about a small girl who stood on the edge of the toilet to reach something. She fell, hit her head on the toilet, and drowned. :( That seat in our house's been down for about 10 years now. My husband calls me Elmer the Safety Elephant (how flattering). I'm a freak for safety where my kids are concerned.
Soozie, can we see your kitty? Okay, let me rephrase that. Can we see a photo of your Persian cat?
Oh god... your partner... you must have been so frightened for her! That electrician should be strung up by his thumbs.

Den darling... I didn't get to you in time... I hope you have a wonderful time!!!! If your toe hurts, get the boys to carry you.
Midnight dunk in the toilet... uh huh... once when my daughter's cousins were visiting (three boys) she fell in bum first because she thought that the seat was down. She was about 4 at the time. We had to literally pull her out because she was stuck!
Listen, are you going to tell us why it's a good thing that your BIL and his wife aren't having kids? You can't leave us in suspense like that!! Are they axe murders?
You've never been to Ottawa? So I'll be your reason for coming, right? ;) We went to a few garage sales near my SIL's house. One woman asked us where we were from. When we told her Ottawa, she said, "Well, there are a few nice people in Ottawa." Lovely. Just lovely. I mean, we're not all bloody money sucking politicians here!!

Hi Ruth, Colleen, Shel and Squeak. :wave:

So happy to be home.... tra la la...
and I think our new fridge is coming this week.
later darlings...
07-23-2002, 09:36 AM
Good Morning Girlies....Hmm only been to work for 10 minutes & already scoping out the sites to see how I can waste time & avoid work...I guess this is a good indication how productive my day will be!

I can't even remember where we stayed in Ottawa, that seems like eons ago! I was only 20 & he was only 23, so someplace cheap outside of the city in a Journeys End. We were on vacation with his whole family, the men were going hunting & the ladies were just hanging out at a friends house doing nothing for the week. Anyway the Saturday before they headed out to the camp to hunt we went Ottawa for the day, & decided to stay over night there for some alone time! I was getting so ticked at him! He had a truck with no cap on or anything to lock up our bags. Everytime we would stop somewhere he would put his in the front seat, so no one would steal it, but would leave mine in the back. I didn't know that he had my ring at the time, just getting p*ssed, that he didn't care if anyone stole my bag! Anyway we just went out to eat, and he proposed when we got back to the motel that night, and the rest is history. 11 years of marriage & 2 kids later, we are still plugging along!

Kat, I am glad to hear that your Grandmother is improving, even if she is having a setback from time to time! At least you were able to have some time with her & talk to her. Hopefully she will continue to get better & soon the bad days will seem like forever ago!

I Love Newfoundlands, actually my dream dog is a Great Pyrenese! I have already told hubby first thing I plan to do with his Life Insurance money is go buy one. He insists that he will never have a dog that can poop bigger than a VW. (I know that sounds harsh, but we do kid about it a lot. He tells me he will take my life insurance money to go on his dream hunting trip) I tell him that I don't care, but if he remarries & then thinks he is burrying his new hussy near me, I will haunt him forever, so he needs to either buy one cemetary plot or if he gets 2 to know she will be no where near me!

Tigger Wood's Girlfriend is some blonde bimbo that is tall, thin & appears to be as arrogant as he is. Not that I really know him personally to make that opinion, just my gut feeling, which is good enough for me to make that harsh judgement! I guess that I have been checking out girls more regulary lately....hmmm?:o I will have to ask my friend if I can borrow her Lesbian Manual, so I know the rules if I do wake up some morning & need to make a change! :lol:

Man everyone has decided to show up at work now, so I guess that I have to go look like I am busy!

07-23-2002, 12:56 PM

i had a lovely, long FUNNY post, which the evil smiley****s said had too many, and when i hit "back" to edit it was GONE.


no time to rewrite now... have to get something accomplished work wise. will try to recreate the magic later. *sigh*

07-23-2002, 03:13 PM
okay... here we go again....

*resorts thru the witty and entertaining posts*

Kahuna- glad you're feeling so at home with us! as far as music goes, i quite literally listen to almost everything, depending on my mood. even (gasp) country! the only thing i can't tolerate is that horrible BOOMWIKKIWIKKI rap stuff.... old school rap is fine, but my goodness... as far as concerts go, i've seen a TON.... my first was the Osmonds when i was 5 *dies* some of the best have been BareNaked Ladies (twice), Meatloaf (**** of a show) and the last 2 shows the Grateful Dead did in MI before Jerry died. those were just ~amazing~... did the FurtherFest the next year... the guys from The Dead, along with Bruce Hornsby, and Los Lobos, and Counting Crows, and others. very cool. Dead-esque. am glad i got the opportunity to experience it.

Dent - i think i was at that Rock Lobster party.... *grins* how's your toe? better? do i need to come and nurse you back to health? *giggles*

Mauv - i'm so JEALOUS!! i was taking bellydancing in Kansas, but haven't been able to find anywhere here to do it. i just love it... and you!! public bathingsuit wearing! you're our hero!

Soozie - *basks in multiple babeness* soooo forgiven!! *nibbles* and your partner? she's okay after the near miss? how horrible for you both. damned electritions.....

Squeak - don't best guy friends rock? i have one very much the same... mad flirting and all... it's very comfortable, and early on we decided that if we tried to have a traditional "relationship" that it would never work. wonderful news on your friend's husband. they're in my thoughts. but a Snowjam? in July? *is confused* but then again, any excuse for cute snowboarders. ;)

Christina - congrats to you and your SIL!!! we demand cute baby pics when the time comes!! and i could give a hoot about Tiger, but i'll gladly sharpen my claws and jump on the girlfriend hating wagon!! *cackles madly*

Ellis - you're back! hurrah!! sounds like you had a fabulous time!! *makes puppy eyes* i've never been to Ottawa either...

Tigger - *big hugs* hang in there hon.... and i agree with Ellis... your marks won't mean squat, and you'll be glad that you spent the time with your family while you could. not to minimize your stress...... but listen to us old gals! *s* we know what we're talking about....

Ruth - how are you holding up, sweetie? the web page was a hoot, btw... am working on my essay to send in. ;) pop in before we decide that you've run off with the carnies!!

Colleen - did we scare you away??

gosh, is that everyone?? things here are the same... good. other than the scale seems broken, and will never show anything but 264, no matter HOW good i am. DOOM!!!

07-23-2002, 03:15 PM
OOOH!!! new emoticons!! and on a manic day!! hurrah!!!

:cb: :cp: :cp: :sp:

these are great!!

sorry. *sheepish grin*

ooh! or would that be :sheep: -ish :D ???

next manic in 20 minutes, lovlies... don't miss the train! ;)


07-23-2002, 04:22 PM
Came home for lunch . Gotta go back to work. Will write again later. :cb: :cp: :joker: :cp: :cb: :sheep: Love, Soozie
07-23-2002, 08:21 PM
Hello Dollies!

Ellis, you must have been posting the same time that I was this morning, I never even saw your post till just now! I do agree with you though, not once have I ever gotten a raise because my boss said "Wow, you got an A in Professor Noodle's Phsyc class, here lets just give you a 10% increase right now!" So don't fret anything that gets you a passing grade! 10 years from now you will see that you had your priorities right!

I guess that I have to go check out the new smilies! It looks like they added some good ones!

Spoke to SIL today, it is official with a confirmation from the Dr, she is expecting , due in March. They are coming up this weekend to tell the outlaws! I can't wait, we are going too, with a gift...simply to be a brat so the wicked MIL figures out that I knew first! :p

Today was a horrible day at work...does anyone know how many calories you burn choking the life from someone! Because I was about to today, if it burns many calories I may just do it tomorrow! The only good thing is at the end of the day, she went to the bathroom, & it backed up & exploded all over her! :lol: She came back in the office litterally with her shirt soaking wet all down the front, we asked what happened, she told us nearly in tears. I was able to manage not busting out laughing right in front of her, but luckily she just went & grabbed her purse to go home, so we only had to hold it in about 2 minutes. Of course the door was barely shut till we were rolling on the floor. Of course my Ad Min blamed me, & swears I did it somehow. I just laughed & said that I wish I could have taken credit for it, but at least the next time she ticks me off, I can just see her there with "Ick" running down the front of her & I am sure I will suddenly feel better!

Well I need to go find a simply adorable outfit for my little one tomorrow! This is cowboy week at Daycare & tomorrow they are having a pony ride & getting pictures taken on the pony with their cowboy attire. Of course I can never do anything half way, so we are going all out with the cut off jeans, neckercheif & I need to raid her brothers closet for some sort of plaid shirt that we can tie the tails at her waiste!

Oh Red Velcet Cake is a rich chocolate cake with red food coloring added to give it a deep almost blood coloring. It is usually really moist & somewhat denser than a normal chocolate cake. In my area it is used a lot for weddings. Just a little more elegant than your normal chocolate. course we live half an hour from Hershey & the main Hershey Chocolate Plant, so it may be a bigger deal around here than other regions. I am not a chocolate cake fan, so not really a favorite of mine, but it is good, just usually something I can pass up without too much difficulty. Make it a cheesecake, & I am all over that like white on rice! (maybe I shouldn't have told you & made you wait until she came back to tell you...hehe!) Sometime when I am dying for Butter Tarts or MacIntosh's toffee, I can offer some Red Velvet Cake up for a trade with some of you northerners!

07-23-2002, 11:17 PM
Hey Guys. I have two friends, Harry and David, who make a mean Red Velvet Cake. And yes, as Christina said it is only red because they dump a load of red food coloring into the chocolate cake. It is moist and rich and my friends use a really fluffy white icing. I guess that it is a whipped cream icing...and they make it in layers so there is lots of the whipped crean inside as well. Those guys, Harry and Dave, just moved out of state so maybe that is a good thing!! For my weight I mean. They are the ones who stopped by last week and brought chocolate candy. The candy that they brought was lindt truffles in six flavors. They are pretty decadent.

I liked Devo and Talking Heads too in my youth. Some really fun stuff to dance to there. Den, Thanks for letting me know that Robin Trower was in Procol Harem...I had no idea. A friend had an extra ticket and I went to the concert, clueless then and clueless until now! Thanks. Eva Cassidy has a great voice and her life story is so engaging and tragic. She died before she really made it and now she is getting to be more well known. She had cancer. They did an interesting story about her one night on nightline. I had heard one of her songs in a movie score or on tv and when they aired the story on nightline I recognized the voice. I love her version of Sting's Fields of Gold, and What a Wonderful World. Let me know what you think of her.

Well girls, it was a really long day. Gotta get some rest. Sorry that I didn't write more...will check in tomorrow should have more time to respond then. Love, Soozie

07-23-2002, 11:52 PM
Evening everyone!:cb:

Love these new emoticons! I always wished we had one that clapped so that we could give applause to a chickie who had earned some and now we do, yay! :cp:

Whew! What a day... got lots of work done today again. I walked to the gym and did some laps in the pool with DH then we walked home and hopped into the van to drive to Ikea. We bought a bookshelf for the livingroom and a couple of those"floating"shelves for the dining area. We ate at the little restaurant while we were there:T Swedish meatballs with new potatoes, gravy and lingonberry sauce, a splurge but it was so good! Unfortunately the bookcase wheighs a ton and the two of us had to lug it out of the van and heave it up the stairs, I should be developing some muscles at this rate! :strong:

Christina-mmmph! How did you manage not to laugh for 2 whole minutes-I would have had to bite my lip to keep from laughing:lol:
Nice plan to undermine the wicked MIL.

Ellis-that's funny, most people here say the same thing about the people in Toronto:shrug: Hey, do you ever go to Sugar Mountain on Elgin Street?

Fluid_Fiction- how's that manic train running?;) They make snow for the snowboard ramps at these snowjams so that explains your snow in July. BTW you can come to Ottawa too, if you don't mind sleeping on my sofabed with my cat in my dementedly decorated apartment. I do live right downtown within walking distance of all the good stuff! And I know where to get the MacIntosh toffee...

Squeeker-I didn't realize that Molson threw those snowjam things down in the States too, being that Molson is a Canadian beer company and all. It sounds like they featured some pretty good bands.

Dentrassi-my friends and I used to go see Rocky Horror when we were in High School, we all looked punk so we didn't bother to dress up since we looked freakish anyway but we did bring our newspapers, water pistols, rice and toilet paper rolls with us:lol:

Soozie- :eek: Glad your DP (dear partner) is okay! What an awful thing to happen she is lucky she did not get hurt. BTW- I am a lucky girl as my DH puts the seat down by his lonesome, never had to nag about it, he even did it when we were first dating and he lived alone-go figure. So I have not had the midnight splash in over 12 years.

Tiggerdiva-glad you checked in with us and that you are holding up okay. It is more important for you to be with your gran and family, you will not regret it later in life that you had this time with your gran. *hugs*

Ruth, Colleen and Kahuna- a big "HEY" to all of you and hope you are all doing well.

Oh yeah, someone was asking about Belly dancing...I have been taking classes for almost 2 years, it rocks! It is so much fun, great music, great workout, no special equipment or shoes needed and it is really empowering and makes you feel very womanly/sexy. I highly recommend it!

Goodnight Chickies!

07-24-2002, 09:22 PM

Hey where is everyone today? I all posted your little hearts out yesterday and have nothing left for today:lol:

10 days until my holiday:cb: the count down begins. I am doing my laundry, cleaning and packing this weekend, how freaking exciting:yawn: But we may go to see Austin Powers on Sunday afternoon, yeah, baybe!

Went to the gym for a swim...sigh. I felt all good about my bathing suit until a couple of young things came into the pool...Oh to be young, thin-thighed and cellulite free:rolleyes: but my DH swam up to where I was getting into the pool and picked me up in his arms and carried/swam me over to the deepend, I felt all silly and giggly-people must have thought we were newlyweds staying at the hotel:love: Never letting go of my guy!

Hope all is well with everyone and I will check in later or tomorrow, I am hoping to get some reading done tonight.

07-24-2002, 10:02 PM
Mauvais, that is so lovely. What a darling husband you have. He sounds just like mine. Speaking of mine, he informed me today that he's "getting tough with me". We just did 20 minutes of Tai Bo!! Yay!! :cb: Bow. Congratulations and applause, please.

Mauvais, don't those skinny little young things just drive you NUTS!?!? I know exactly how you felt. There must be some way we can convince people that young flesh is extremely unattractive.
What's Sugar Mountain? Have I been missing something?

I'm too burnt out to write personal messages. But I love you all.

07-24-2002, 10:24 PM
Hey Girls, My kitchen is coming along well. Some little minor setbacks. One cabinet wrong size has to be remade, no biggee. Still need to have plumber put in sink, garbage disposal, and oven/range...still need some trim here and there but other than that it is basically finished. It looks so new and clean and beautiful. We'll have so much more cabinet space and drawer space, though I know from experience how quickly that will fill up!!

I weighed in at 190lbs this morning. WOW. That feel like such a big number for a girlie who is only 5'1". I'm gearing up for the real thing. My eating today was reasonable. I have to drink more water. Keep forgeting to do that. And, same old mantra...haven't made time for exercise.

Next week we are going to see friends at the shore. I'm sure that I'll do alot of walking there. We're going Sun, Mon., and Tues. (just so you'll know I won't be able to post then) :)

Well girls...if I even loose 50lbs and get to 140 I'll be happy...135 would be I guess I'm readjusting my goal to between 135 and 140 instead of saying that I want to lose 70lbs. It makes me feel good that my goal is even more attainable now...only 50 to go not 70. My short term goal is to break through the 80's and hit 179. So, hopefully it won't take me too long to get there.

Right now I'm committing to you alternachickquitas that I will attempt to lose 11lbs and hit 179lbs by September 15th. Does that sound like a reasonable goal or too hard or too easy????? I usually don't try to lose more than one pound per week but I just have to get going this time. I'm tired of just doing this half rear-end.

So, give me some feedback and don't let me wimp out of this. thank so much lovies. Knowing you are out there rooting for me will really, really help!!!!!!

I'll start the cheerleading right now...go Soozie, go Soozie, go Soozie, go Soozie, go Soozie, go Soozie, go Soozie..... :cb: :cb: :cb:
dance banana man, dance banana man, dance banana man, dance......:T

07-24-2002, 10:25 PM
That was supposed to be a spinning smile not the one lickin his chops or her chops as the case may be....Soozie
goodnight and sleep tight.

07-25-2002, 06:23 AM
Ellis is THE Tae Bo fitness guru woman...YOU GO GIRL!!

:cp: :sheep: :cp: :strong: :cp: :cb: :cp:
07-25-2002, 10:15 AM
Good Morning Ladies! I finally ventured back on the scale that lears at me every morning, just taunting me as I get in the shower! I didn't want to get on until I lost the nearly 2 pounds that I gained on vacation! Well I am down to 143.2:cb: WOOOHOOO! Lowest since my wedding day 11 years ago! Of course 145 looked better then, than the 143 looks now. Somehow that tummy just isn't nearly as flat! But hey it is a start! I am thinking I may even break that wedding dress out of the closet to just try it on for fun! Only 8.2 more pounds to go until goal! (well at least my original goal, still thinking I want to tack on another 5-10 on there!) I started this saying I want to get to 135, with the thought, that if I made it to 150, I would still be happy & even if I only got to 160, at least I would be healthier & less than DH. (He is 165) I honestly did not think I would get this close. Guess that I am stronger than I gave myself credit for!

Hang in there Soozie, soon you will be here giving this same speech! I think that your goal is good, keeps it attainable, & yet something to really work for! I want to be at my 135 goal or beyond by Sept 14, for my Daughters Birthday party. I am still hoping for that, & I am a little more encouraged after this morning, but the loss had gotten so slow that last 2 weeks that I wasn't sure I would make it. I would love to be at final goal of 130-125 by the beginning of October. My birthday is the end, then I could get a whole new wardrobe for birthday gifts. If the loss slows down again though, that will be tough to make! But I will keep plugging away at it!

Well I am swamped at work & I have to get a few projects done today, so I better get cracking!

I will check in tonight & really catch up with everyone!

07-25-2002, 01:10 PM

Go Soozie!!

yip yip yip yip yip

07-25-2002, 10:50 PM
Evening fabulous femmes!

Arrg! Pms strikes again-I just ate a bag of Cheetohs:( Damn that Chester Cheetah!

Ellis-I'm not sure if I should tell you about Sugar Mountain, that would be leading you into temptation:devil: especially since you have been doing Tae Bo Way to go! :cp: ..but here you go....
It is a store on Elgin Street close to the bar area. It sells nothing but candy! It has all sorts of candies in bulk bins, all those old old brands from when you were a kid like Lik-a-maid, Pixie Stix, Jawbreakers, Popeye cigarette candy, Bottle Caps, Bubbalicious gum, Thrills-the gum that tastes like soap, Granny Candy-the hard candy that comes in a tin and that your Grandma always had when you went to visit, and best of all.... candies and chocolate imported from Britain! Chocolate Flakes, Chocolate Buttons, Snowballs, Caramac, all the "good" Cadbury's bars, Jellybabies, JellyTots, etc. ect. and they carry Jones Soda. The place is like a trip down memory lane! I went there with about six of my friends who griped all the way there, we were walking, God Forbid :rolleyes: but once they got there they had a blast!
I bought some PMS "Ice Queen Mints" when I was there:lol:
The store is decorated with all sorts of 70's memorabilia and old candy tins and packaging.
You and DH should check it out sometime, I'm sure your kids would love it too! Did I mention they have MacIntosh Toffee?

Christina-Way to go! 143 lbs! That is amazing:cp: Keep up the good work, you are almost there. I think that your September goal is acheivable,stick to it you are not that far away!

Soozie-I'm sure putting the kitchen back together when it's finished constitutes some exercise:lol: Just think of all those canned goods as little weights toning your arms :strong:
September 15th eh? Sorry my Canadianism is showing there;)
Well not only will I cheer you and Christina on-I will join you in a mini-goal! WHOOO! :cb: Go Alternachiquita Bananas!

I am hoping to be at 150 by September 15th. I am hoping for 145 but I have to factor in my 9 days in Milwaukee where I will have to face 9 days of restaurant and takeout food at the convention, so I will aim for 150.

As for the rest of you chicks- hope all is well and that you are all taking care of yourselves and taking some time out to treat yourselves like the Godesses that you are. Well, didn't that just sound like it came from of a Pagan greeting card?

Night all!

07-26-2002, 01:10 AM
Thanks for the encouragement and welcome to the challenge. I know we can all do it because if we don't we have to answer to Ellis....:fr:
Hope you all had a good night's rest...lets have a great, healthful day!!!
Love, Soozie
ps yes that sounded like a pagan greeting card...does my message sound like a high school pep rally???? (if so, please feel free to puke at this time...)

07-26-2002, 08:33 AM
That's right girls, Miss *****y here will get right on your fat butts if you don't get that weight off by September 15th.
I; too, have joined the ranks. Along with Soozie, I will be losing 11 pounds by the above mentioned date.
I've already done Tai Bo TWO DAYS IN A ROW!!!, and I'm not sure, but I may be on a roll. (finally)
Den, you're getting home today. Get your little butt in here and join us. Successful contestants will receive a White Owl cigar directly from Ottawa, Ontario!! (gotta get rid of that box SOMEHOW.)

Oh, Mauvais... Sugar Mountain! I know that store!!! DH and I have been in there a few times. Very dangerous. I'm a big smoker of Popeye cigarettes. You know, when you're walking down Elgin you don't look up, and you may frequent a particular store but you never actually look at the name. Like Mags and Fags. I know THAT name of course, but nobody ever looks at the sign. You just GO IN!

Okay, where the heck is everyone else?

Chris... good going on losing!

Shel, how are the warhammer thingys?

Kat, how are you and your Grandma doing?

Ruth, are you still drinking with those carnies?

Squeak, what are you doing... catching up on work? Waiting desperately for your next holiday?

Soozie, you can at least do 10 minutes of exercise today. Fit it in.

Mauvais, thank you for your hurrahs. :) And you can do it! Just eat salad when you're in Milwaukee. Blah.

Den, get in here and lose weight... and we want to hear all about your trip.

Later, darlings...

07-26-2002, 12:45 PM
quick fly by....things are crazy here today, but COUNT ME IN!!!!

hmm... sept 15... i'm gonna put in for 15lbs gone by then... i can do this. we can do this. *nods*

*nibbles everyone and poofs*


07-26-2002, 05:40 PM
Hey my dears. Hope you all are having a good day. I hesitate to say this but I know that this support system will only work if I'm honest so...I have to confess that I'm a bit pms and last night after I posted and went and ate two entenmann's donuts and some torilla chips with some cheddar cheese on them. It was a small binge...came and went...and I'm moving on...sorry I had a temporary glitch but I'm back on track. Today has been a good one food wise.

I'm really glad Ellis that you encouraged me to do 10 minutes of exercise today. Every little bit counts and it doesn't take much to get started on the right track. The guys are here finishing up our kitchen...can you believe they are finished. There is one cabinet still on order which should be here next week.

They are saying that the repair to our framing and foundation won't take more than two days, they are planning to do it Monday and Tuesday while we are at the shore.

I got off track but what I wanted to say was when the guys leave I plan to do an exercise video...even if I only get in 10 minutes I'm going to do it.

So, thanks for the encouragement and for hearing my true confession.

Glad you are joining us Shel !!!!!

Love. Soozie

ps Chris, our log cabin is really old. This community used to be a vacation area and these cabins were built for summer use only, hence all the weird problems with the original structure. It was built in the 40's I think, I have the exact date somewhere, I'll have to go check it out and let you know. The house was owned by a guy who worked for Sears and he covered every inch of the interior walls with light weight ugly Sears wood paneling. The outside is covered with wide plank Cedar siding. So, except for the roof line and the front porch supports and rails there are no visible logs.

When we had our bedroom redone five years ago we stripped off the paneling and had the room drywalled. When the paneling was down we could see that they had even planed down some of the wider logs when they slapped up the paneling. The logs could be restored but it would be a major job. The chinking would have to be redone and all of the electrical lines would have to be rerun in the chinking, etc.

Some day we will probably refurbish the great room. It is a living room that you walk into when you come in the house, with a cathedral ceiling and a large stone fire place. For now I'm going to wallpaper over some of the paneling in that room just to lighten it up.

Oh well, now you know the whole darn history.
07-26-2002, 09:03 PM
I hope that everyone is having a better day than I am! This is one of those that I feel like if I could just cry I may feel is either cry or rip someones head off! :cry:
Work started off bad with an arguement with a co-worker! I can't stand back stabbing trying to get ahead! If she put the effort in doing a good instead of working to bad talk me she would be better off! I feel like we are 2 kids competing for our Dad's (our boss) attention! Frankly he is good boss, but I am not that fond of him as a person, so she can have him all she wants!

Ok & have I complained about my inlaws lately? Let's start with the wicked MIL calling at 8am, to ask me if we are coming Sunday. We are, BIL & SIL are going to tell them about the baby, but we hadn't told her yet that we were. Then she says "you don't need to worry about bringing anything, I am sure that Jeff & the kids are needing some real food about now" OK first of all, I may be eating light, but they are still having what they normally eat anyway, so they aren't suffering in the least, & what it has to be fried, unhealthy, & full of calories to be real food? Besides my kids are now preferring all the fresh fruits instead of the normal junk when offered a treat after supper! THEN my SIL who had been pretty supportive of everything called to see what size I am wearing. I have a business trip in a month that I need business clothes & dresses for an entire week, we are casual at work normally. I told her an 8, (really a 10- an 8, but I am hoping that in a month it will be a solid 8) She says...exact words mind you..." I only have 2 suits in an 8, that I bought during a really fat period last fall. I just said "OH thanks" Why I didn't blast her is beyond me! Besides who is she kidding? First of all 3 years ago when she was at least 10-20 pounds lighter, she was in an 8. Does she think that I don't see her? Plus MIL keep reinforcing how she is an 8, I happen to know SIL has to be a good size or 2 above that, since she is bigger & they are the same height.

OK I feel better now! Sorry for having to put everyone through that! I think that I will treat myself to a skinny cow ice cream sandwich, & go veg with the TV! (If you haven't found skinny cow ice cream look for it! It is very good, Ice cream sandwichs, bigger than your typical popsicle type sandwich for only 130 calories. THey also have sundae cups, with ice cream & either fudge or strawberry topping for only 100 calories, very yummy, & a great light treat!)

Soozie, our Log Home is the modern version, no visable chinking, although DH loves that & would have chosen that style had I let him, just a little too rustic for me. The exterior though is a lot of upkeep. every 2-3 years we have to wash it with a bleach solution to strip & clean the wood, & then have to restain. I like it most of the time, except when it is time to start that, and I do get tired sometimes of all the wood inside too. I would love to walpaper something!

Hello to everyone else & hope that you all have a good weekend, I will be back later when I am not steaming!
Have a good night everyone!

07-27-2002, 11:33 AM
juat a quick drive by -
I am in on the Sept. 15th challenge. I wanted to lose 12lbs. (to get down to 150) by Aug. 30th, but I am thinking Sept will be slightly more realistic. I am at 162 this morning.

Now get out and excerise!!!! :) I am going to Wingstock (something like 20 area restaurants & bars serving chicken wings, yum) so the diet will be completely blown, but oh well.

:cb: <-I cannot tell you how much I love this new guy.


07-27-2002, 10:30 PM
Lotta sweat today working in the kitchen, no structured exercise though. Tomorrow supposed to go to the shore to visit friends, two women who have a little girl two years younger than our daughter, very dear friends of ours. I don't really feel like going, feel like getting house in order so I can feel sane. May just send kid and partner. And then go to beach as a family next weekend when house is in one piece. So ready to not have boxes everywhere and dust everywhere....

This challenge is really helping me. I actually think about you guys when I go to eat something. You're right here with me evaluating the decision. Also I just don't want to fink out and let you all down. So, thanks for the motivation. I'm glad you're joining us too Squeak.

Hope all is well ladies. Talk to you tomorrow. Soozie :wave:

07-28-2002, 12:48 AM
Hi All!!!

Okay, you shamed me into it. I'll join too, but I'm only willing to commit to DOING it right now. Every time I set a weight goal I blow it, so that makes me really nervous. So......I WILL LOSE SOME WEIGHT BY SEPTEMBER 15th!!!
(Any significance to September 15?)

Hey! We all had a great time at the Rock and Roll Museum, the kids already want to go back!!! I'll give you more details later.

07-28-2002, 09:38 AM
welcome back, Dentrassi!!

Gotta go and lose weight... back later.
07-28-2002, 09:58 AM
Hello Ladies! I can't remember if I repiled to the challenge or not, but I am up to it, I want to be at/or below goal by Spet. 15. I only have 7 pounds to get there, so I really want to be below that. But now that I have gotten to just 10 more to go, it is harder & harder to get the scale to budge! So I am setting my sights a little low on this one! Anyway I am all for that! Are we going to keep track of our own stats? Or do we want to designate someone? I don't mond, just have no clue on how to post it!

Soozie, did you go to the beach? You should have! That kitchen will be there tomorrow, just as same as it is today!

Well I have to finish looking through my closet to see what else I can get rid of! I found the shorts that I wore to our rehearsal dinner 11 years ago. THEY FIT! OK, tummy still needs a little work, but with some of those granny tummy sucker underpants they would work! Besides then I hadn't carried 2 giant babies in that tummy, a little jiggle should be expected!

Suzanne 3FC
07-28-2002, 02:04 PM
Hi! Would the Alternachicks like to have a forum? It would also be nice to incorporate the Alternative group from the Support forum.

Please PM me with any input, good or bad :)


07-28-2002, 04:41 PM
Providing I can still say, "****" and "damn" once in a while, it's okay with me. ;)