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05-03-2009, 06:05 PM
Hello & :welcome: to the Back In Kindergarten thread!

"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

You are welcome to join us in our chatter about life and our weight loss journey!
So please grab your coffee/water/diet coke etc. and pull up a chair and join us!

:carrot: :coffee: :cp: :cofdate: :grouphug: :comp: :coffee2: :broc:

05-03-2009, 06:10 PM
From SUE...

Attachment 32400

Spiked hair and all. What a cutie.

Mason James...7 lb. 10 oz. Very cute and very far.

Attachment 32401

I am hoping this works so Sue doesn't have to repost.

Okay one out of two isn't bad, lol...sorry!

05-03-2009, 06:35 PM
Hello all and a Happy Sunday!

SUE...CONGRATULATION'S great-grandma! :congrat: :balloons: He is a cutie pie! Makes me want one too! And I love the name, has a nice flow/ring to it.

MINDEE...hope the kids/Brandon feel better soon. :hug:

SUSAN...yeah, I don't know where the mushy grass goes, but it wasn't under the mower, lol. As long as it doesn't clog it up I don't even care...I am just the mower not the up-keeper of the mower :lol: Try not to work too hard today! Sucks having to work the weekend for sure.

KATHY...had my pix on myspace set so friends could see them, hope you were able to. I set most of them back to private but I think I left two albums for friends to see, maybe three-can't remember.

Hello to everyone else :wave:

Nothing going on with me today...getting ready to fold and put laundry away. Washed it all yesterday but was busy all day so never got around to folding it. Slept most of the morning, still not feeling great but was just being lazy too. Trying to rest up and gear up for tomorrow. Going to the Zoo with I don't know how many little tykes. They have a morning and afternoon class plus a MON/WED class and a TUES/THURS class and Friday is optional. Yeah, not sure why I signed up to go but I did. So gotta be at the preschool before 8:30 and head to the Zoo with Cambrie and one other tyke. Kinda hoping no one rides with me so I don't have to go allllll the way back to the preschool after...closer to my house. Cambrie has been looking forward to it.

Weight wise I was up a an even 188. Still kicking myself for allowing myself to gain those few pounds back, ugh. Gotta get with the program and back to losing for sure. I've not been exercising like I should...just feeling tired all the time. It's probably because I am not exercising, lol! Did I mention I sent off for the 3DayMelt program? Don't plan on following their diet, I don't think so...don't know what it is about. But the dvds looked interesting. Daughter was watching the infomercial late one night and I had mentioned it and she thought she would do it so I ordered them. Not a bad price at all for all you get...think it is something like 4 or 5 dvds and the ball for $14.95, of course the S & H was the same amount, lol. Still, not a bad price I think-so looking forward to getting that...should be here this week. :crossed: Anywho...yaking so I will leave now :D

Take care all, and I hope everyone is having a good day! :hug:

05-03-2009, 07:37 PM
Congrats Sue!!!

Sorry I haven't been around....kind of down in the dumps....trying to get my groove back....haven't gained or lost any weight....

05-03-2009, 09:38 PM

CONGRATULATIONS SUE!!!!! :bb: He is a cutie!! I love the name Mason!!! :)

Cristina -- I have a mountain of laundry I need to put away yet.....I hate that part! :p I hope you have fun @ the zoo, have to let us know how the DVD's are. :)

BIG BIG :hug: to my friend, Jules, if you ever need to chat, just PM me or email me!!! ;)

I hope you all are well!!!!


05-04-2009, 01:22 AM
Hi everyone.

Finally, after trying all weekend, I got on. Not much going on though.
Sue...what a sweetheart. Congratulations.

Jules - :hug:

Cristina - have fun at the zoo. That will be fun.

Sassy - Can you add me as your friend on myspace, it keeps telling me my email address is wrong. Same name as facebook.

Went and seen Celtic Thunder yesterday. They were terrific, but there was not alot of people there.

Well I must run and finish my laundry...

05-04-2009, 01:14 PM
Thank you all for your kind remarks. Things have been pretty busy here, and more to come for the next week. I have been trying to Spring clean while still not feeling well. Today is my day for the Dr. although they have never done anything to help up to this point. I am not optimistic.
DS comes home Wed. through Wed. I am hosting a big family to-do here Friday all day. Then Sunday, just a small gathering for Mother's Day. Friday is a big meal and Sunday is a cook-out with salads for sides.
Have a lot to get done and carpets are getting cleaned tomorrow. It will all fall into place, it always does, LOL

I am anxious to spend time with DS and see some of his friends. His best friend from grade school on is coming from Texas the same week. It should be fun for them.

I am glad to hear from all of you. Jules you are still in my thoughts and prayers. Please take care.

I will be back if things slow down. I kind of get like a dog chasing it's tail. haha...

05-04-2009, 01:23 PM
Sue~What a little cutie!!!!! I want a

Jules~I know how you're feeling. I've been down in the dumps too.

Sassy~Just checked out your page (actually, I'm still on it, listening to Supermassive Black Hole..even though I have it on my own page, lol). Very awesome page, lol. I just added a pic of Emmett to my page, lol. Check out the first 2 songs on my page. They're trying to get on the Eclipse & New Moon soundtracks. I also have the banners on my page in the music section!!! Who is your fave character??

05-04-2009, 03:17 PM
..dropping by for a quick hi..I updated my LazyMan. After googling, turns out that what people call it. I'm pretty happy with my pace, so far. Still not losing weight, but plugging away anyway.

Big hugs to everyone! I slept on my neck wrong and it hurts! I had a swim this morning which helped but I am going to take some ibuprofen.

Ciao for now!

05-04-2009, 05:03 PM
Hello all...


SASSY...never did get to that laundry, lol...going to today once Charlotte picks up the little one, she's napping right now in my bed and I always fold on my bed. Oh well... are you liking where you live? How much longer does Fonzo have with the Navy or is he going to make it a career? fun! Sounds like you have a busy, busy, busy week ahead! A fun, busy week!

KATHY...glad you were finally able to post! are doing great! I really think they should rename it...Lazyman implies one is lazy and that is so not true! That is actually a lot of work! Hope your neck feels better.

HIYA to everyone else :wave:

I survived the Zoo with I don't know how many preschoolers! Not bad at all...must have been a day for a lot of schools...of course it is that time of year. Year end field trips. We all had fun. And I got in a good walk! Was going to do some exercise when I got home but I think 2 1/2 hours of walking at the Zoo was more than enough! Still...I may do a dvd later-we'll see.

Have a good day!

05-04-2009, 10:02 PM
Hola Me Amigas! :)

Wowsers did I ever have a dream!!! Francie you would def be proud of me for having this one!! lol. This is a sign you read too much Twilight and listen to too much of the Twilight Soundtrack: I had a dream that I went shopping with a vampire (none of the Cullens unfortunately!! lol) And he was asking my opinion on GARLIC! :rofl: OMG!! Too funny! I also had a dream last week that was with the Cullens and they went shopping with me at Costco!!! They were fascinated by all the good deals there! :rofl: OMG I am officially a Twilightaholic!! LOL........Lets see......Hi my name is Sassy and I am addicted to Twilight and no I won't quit anytime soon! :lol3:

Kathy -- will do as soon as I am home. Can't get to myspace or facebook here at work -- DAH! lol. Celtic Thunder.........why do they sound so familiar?? How are the kids? I hope well!

Sue -- Oh I hope you feel better! :hug: I haven't been feeling the greatest lately, today is the 1st day I don't feel so awful! Sounds like your gonna have A LOT of fun, so ENJOY! My mom is supposed to come and stay with us the week of the 18th - 24th. Her bday is May 23rd. She is going to help me with flowers. My Peonys should be blooming any day now!! (they were already planted at the house before we moved in) So once they do bloom, I'll take a pic!

Francie -- Thanks I love my page too. DH looked at it and just rolled his eyes. lol. I was like, "Hey its all your fault I got addicted in the 1st place!!" lol. But I'm glad I am addicted. I really have enjoyed reading the books. I am now on the 4th, just started it this morning! I dunno which book is my fav though. I love them all really...........I just love the Super Massive Black Hole song..............and the others too.........Infact I was listening to the Twilight soundtrack when I came in to work tonight! :) My fav character? I guess it has to be Edward. I dunno he is just so darn romantic!!! (at least in the books!! lol) I just wanna melt sometimes when I am reading! HA! I also really like Alice too. Who I don't like: Rosalie. But DH said she will play more of a role in this book and so who knows I may end up liking her! lol. Thanks for the comment, even though I can't see it yet! (at work)

Katy -- Ok I'm gonna ask, what is a lazy man? lol. Sorry to hear your sore, I hope you get relief soon. Have you tried the Advil Liquicaps? OMG they are awesome and do wonders for me when my back is hurting...........Just wanted to pass that along. lol.

Cristina -- I never got around to putting my laundry away neither. I am fantasizing that it will all be folded and put away when I get home in the morning!! LMAO! Glad you survived the zoo! I think DH and I wanna go and see the Zoo babies....................maybe take my mom again, we took her last year.

Well BIG :hug: to anybody who may need them. I hope you all are doing well!


05-05-2009, 01:32 AM
my goodness I am behind!!!

I was wondering why I wasn't getting any emails about any more posts!

the kids are doing better. Brandon has been taking his medicine like a good boy. we are going to my grandma's memorial service on Wednesday. Tommy's boss asked him how his weekend was and Tommy said "it was rough. I was up half the night with my wife last night because her grandma passed away. And her funeral is on Wednesday." His boss, then said "well, I am going to have to say that you would like that day off." Tommy said "yes please." And so, he is off on Wednesday!

he is going to run a couple of hopefully before we go, and the other one when we get back. when we get back, we are going to be going through the stuff in the basement. I already forewarned our friend that works here that he is going to be getting some stuff for his kids. he actually came over Monday night to pick up a toybox/bench that the kids don't play with anymore. His oldest son loves anything to do with Cars the movie, and this was right up his alley. It is going to be so nice to get all the cleaning done!

I am just hoping that it doesn't rain like they were predicting! which reminds me, I should go and check out the website really quickly! I am pretty sure that I am going to wear pants to my grandma's memorial service......but it is supposed to be in the upper 60's so I am not sure.....I will see what it feels like when we get up!

Then Brandon and my MIL are going to the zoo with his class. They leave from here at about 8:30ish, to get to the school by 8:45, and they leave the school at 9am to spend the day at the zoo!!!

05-05-2009, 12:32 PM
Good morning. ladies...

SASSY...sounds like you are really loving the books! My SIL was reading them when I was down in AR and told me I should read them, she said I would LOVE them! Just not been in a reading mood lately when I have time to read...been busy too so. That's great you mom is coming down to help with flowers, bet your house is looking good.

MINDEE...hugs to you. :hug: Sounds like Brandon is doing what we did, hope he has fun at the Zoo, I know he will!

Busy day today...and it looks like it is going to rain again! Rain, rain, go away! Anyway...trying to hurry this post so I can get to finishing up with straightening the house...have a showing this morning. Then drs appt and other stuff...hoping Chase has his game today. If not it will be the third one cancelled because of the rain...poor kid will never get to play...supposed to rain Thursday too...anyway...things to do, gotta go.

Have a good day!

05-05-2009, 04:48 PM
Pretty quiet around here today...oh well, just dropping by to say Hi again. Have a few minutes so...have a good one!

05-05-2009, 05:45 PM
WOW, I am actually on here....does anyone else have any problems getting the pages on here to open?

Well, trying to get everything done around here, as my MIL will be here this week. She stays in Cole's room, so I am trying to get his room done for her. Cody has the flu, so I have to disinfect everything, so noone else will get sick. Tomorrow we have to go the city and pick up his suit. Then have to go back up to the city to pick up the MIL....list just goes on...

Cristina - DD is trying to get me to read the Twilight books also. She says that I will love them, but so far I haven't really been into reading anything. I am doing a sunshine dance for you. Although, you and the kids will have to have a nice picnic in your long grass, it should be nice and soft before you cut it. Hope that you get to go to a game soon. When I tried to look at your pictures, it says they are all private. You and I will have to organize a time so I can see them. :D

Mindee - :hug: My thoughts will be with you tomorrow. Brandon and Grandma will sure have fun at the zoo. I have to go through all of Cole's stuff and get rid of all the stuff that he doesn't play with anymore. Good luck with your cleaning.

Sassy - That is great that your mom is coming. Celtic Thunder is a singing group of 5 men ranging in age from 40 - 16 from Ireland. Boy they sure can sing. So you and I can have some strange dreams together once I start reading the books. ;) But I have decided that I am going to watch the movie first. Have you heard anything about getting to work from home?

Katy - You are doing great with your Ironman. I am not going to call it a Lazyman because it requires alot of work to it done. You have your myspace security set the same as Sassy, so if you could please add me as your friend that would be great.

Francie - You have some great pictures on your page. I really enjoyed looking at them. Keep posting them. I have to figure out how to do a page for myself.

Sue :hug: How are you feeling? How was your trip to the doctor? That is so exciting that your son will soon be there. Cole wanted me to tell you that your little great Grandson can come and stay here, and he will help take care of him.

SusieQ - where are you? Are you hanging out at the pool? When Cole saw the picture of the baby, he thought that he should have a little brother. Don't let Gaby see the pictures. ;)

Well I must run and go and pick up Cole. Then it is back to cleaning his room.

05-05-2009, 08:55 PM
Hi all
Kathy- added you on MS...have to say I am not over there very much, I find facebook easier to deal with. I can't stand waiting for people's pages to load...

Sassy- Hi gal:) LazyMan is doing everything one would do in an Iron man Triathlon, only doing it over the course of a month. I read about it on a message board where they were calling it an IronWeasel, but I think they just made up that word for that group. LazyMan seems to be used more generally.

Jules - big hugs..hope you are feeling better!

Sue - congrats on the new member of your family! Hope you got some good news from the doc today.

HI to everyone else! I just made some turkey chili...only it's more like a stew because I realized too late that I didn't have any chili powder. I put in some cumin and will put in a little hot chili garlic sauce and call it my own invention - tastes pretty good! Especially with corn muffins - yum!. I rode 10 miles today at the gym. Tomorrow I swim! I had forgotten how much I loved to cardio is back up to a place where I can swim more than 5 laps without huffing and puffing, so I am calling it my NSV for the day :)

Hope everyone is having a great day!

05-05-2009, 10:19 PM
Hola all, :wave:

Well here I am at work...........all alone. Sniff, sniff. :cry: Don't you all feel sorry for me? :rofl: My coworker took tonight off to get some Zzzzz's so she is fresh and rested for her class tomorrow night. So its just me and The Cullens and Bella tonight. hee hee hee.

Mindee -- Hey GF! Glad that Tommy got off for the Memorial Service. I hope that it doesn't rain either.........

Cristina -- Yes I am really enjoying reading the Twilight Books. :yes: They just totally engross me into the Twilight World. lol. I am hoping to get a lot accomplished with the house on my days off. Our goal is to have everything done in time for my mom to come up. Once we are all done, I'll take "after" pictures so you can all see what the house looks like with our things in it, etc. ;)

Kathy -- Sorry to hear that Cody is sick. I hope he feels better. :hug: I was thinking of another Irish Band, the Dropkick Murphy's?? I like their song, "Shipping to Boston" ;) The books are SO much better than the movie, in my humble opinion. But I did the same, watched the movie first. When I first watched it, I honestly didn't like it all that much. After I read the 1st book, I re-watched the movie and then it made more sense to me and I enjoyed it a lot more. So if you do watch it first, you'll have to rewatch it after you read the book for sure! I'm on the last book. :( I'm sad about it. I know I just start all over again...........but just is sad. lol. I think I'll read Angels & Demons by Dan Brown next before the movie comes out. I read the DaVinci Code, I just never got to Angels and Demons. Then after that I want to reread "The Half Blood Prince" before the new Harry Potter movie comes out in July. Then after that, I dunno what I'll read. lol. Any suggestions anybody?? lol.

Katy -- Oh ok. Thanks for explaining. That is great that your doing it and I agree with everybody else here, def should not be called the lazyman! WTG on the 10 miles!!! :high:

Hi to everybody out there in "Lurk" mode. :wave: I hope you all are doing well!!!

Oh yeah and this came in my email and I thought I'd share, its an article about 14 Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism ( ;)


05-05-2009, 11:15 PM
well, I got tired of the dresser sitting in our dining room waiting for Tommy to move it to our room for Marissa, pull out her dresser and bring it into the dining room for the boys', and then taking the boys' old dresser out to the dumpster. SOOOOOOO.......I moved them around and had our friend that works here come and move the boys' old dresser for me. I was going to help him move it, but he was trying to decide if he wanted to take it for storing things in his he got it at least to the porch. Then he decided that he didn't want it anymore, so when Tommy gets home tonight, he is going to take it to the dumpster. I also went through Marissa's clothes and got rid of about 7 pairs of shoes that are too small for her. I had one big box and about half of a garbage bag to take to the laundry room for someone to take. Then I cleaned the cat litter, emptied the dishwasher, filled the dishwasher, and I think that was it!

Then when I got Brandon off the bus, we went outside to play and then went to the playground with the neighbor around the corner! Needless to say, I am beyond tired! I just painted my nails a nice springy light purple. And I am contemplating what I am going to wear tomorrow! I still haven't seen the weather for tomorrow, but I just heard that it is going to be warm and a slight chance of rain....I flipped on the early news right now.....but I am still going to check out the website here in a second. (I would wait for the 11 o'clock news, BUT the Wings are playing tonight and ones the puck drops, I don't change the channel!!)

05-05-2009, 11:16 PM
just thought that I would post to Sassy really quickly!

I read Angels & Demons a couple of months ago, and I loved it! I hope you like it too!

And for the record......I am going to be borrowing my sister Megan's copies of the Twilight books.

05-05-2009, 11:43 PM
Mindee did you and Marissa make it out for your walk?

05-06-2009, 12:35 AM
nope......Tommy has lodge on Tuesday nights, so we usually don't get a walk in on those nights. but had she not fallen asleep already, I was already foreseeing us having to take a walk when he got home! but thankfully she is asleep already.

05-06-2009, 04:08 AM
just thought that I would post to Sassy really quickly!

I read Angels & Demons a couple of months ago, and I loved it! I hope you like it too!

And for the record......I am going to be borrowing my sister Megan's copies of the Twilight books.

Yeah I heard it was a good book. I dunno why I never read it before........weird. Oh well better late than never right? lol. Oh cool so you can join Francie and me in the "Twilight World" lol.

Sounds like you were very busy. I got all my stuff done, cleaning wise at least done yesterday morning when I came home from work. So now all I have to do is get my office finished!! Yee-Haw! lol.


05-06-2009, 06:32 AM
I'm having a panic attack right now. I took a Xanax not too long ago..and I'm waiting for it to kick in. Ughhh.........I wish it would kick in FASTER!!!!! I cant take this. It's back to happening every single night now!!!

05-06-2009, 12:31 PM
KATHY...not sure why it is saying that, I had added some pix a few days ago and while I don't have all the pictures public, I do have about 3 or 4 albums for friends only. Usually just make them private, for me only since no one looks at them, or I think they don't :dunno: I'll check it, was just there but forget to check that. Hope Cody is feeling better today. :hug: When does your MIL come? I forgot :dizzy:

FRANCIE...I am sorry you are having the attacks, I know it sucks. Hope the meds kicked in and you are feeling better. :hug: :hug:

MINDEE...hugs to you today. :hug:

SASSY...if I can ever get back into a reading mode, I will, maybe, try the Twilight books...have so many waiting to be read here, not sure. My goal was to NOT buy any new books until I have read the ones I have and it is quite a few. So we will see how that goes, lol. Bet your house is looking nice!

Hello to everyone else :wave:

05-06-2009, 01:40 PM
Sassy~My faves are Jasper & Emmett. Jasper has a very interesting back story, and I love his power. And Emmett is just funny!! I love Alice too. I love her power too. Alice is someone I can see being friends with. I honestly just feel bad for Rosalie. I still kinda dont like her in Breaking Dawn. Although, what she does to Jacob is soooooooooo funny!!! LoL!!!

05-06-2009, 02:26 PM
Good Morning.

It is nice to see you back Jules, sorry you were in the dumps. Hope you are feeling better!

And you do have a beautiful great grandson Sue, I am jealous. I want a baby to hold.

:wave: to Cristina, Katy, Kathy, Mindee, Sassy, Francie :hug: hope the panic attack is over, sorry you suffer w/ that, Tammy and ......:?:, am I leaving someone out?? Sorry.

I have this deep depression going on for the last 2 days. Yesterday I just was trying to get thru the day and kept telling myself tomorrow will be better. Haven't felt this low since living in Portland.Anyway, I just wanted to say hi. I am down to 143, probably because I don't want to eat. Fancy that. lol

and a lady next to me stinks with smoke smell so I can't sit here for long. It is bothering me.

chat later.

05-06-2009, 08:26 PM
Susan--was eating beets last night...I always think of you when I have them...sorry you are depressed to...i am beginning to wonder if it premenopausal crap...then I remember that sometimes life just throws to much at you at once. It started with my Dad calling...he thinks me and my brother are getting a huge inheritance from her if she dies...all he cares about is's like he is hoping she dies..he said a bunch of stuff and made me remember why we don't talk. I just can't believe him...sober for over 30 years, but has never changed the way he treats people. I did finally say some things that were bothering me about our relationship that pissed him off even though he admitted I was right....

Francie--I fell in love with the vampire character Jean-Claude in the beginning of the Anita Blake vampire series...then Laurell Hamilton just went too way out and ruined it. No more panic attacks missy....

Sassy--I had a few dreams about Jean-Claude...glad your house is gettting organized--sorry your coworker is having issues..can't understand why people you think are your friends can act so differnet for no reason you can think of..

Mindee--Teri gave a bunch of Dominic's ol stuff to her friend Jamie--she has twin boys. How's the WII thing going? Gosh I don't know how you do it with three..we have Dominic every weekend and sometimes I feel like I can't get anything done at all...

Katy--I am the opposite of you...facebook takes forever to load and myspace comes right of my old classmates ran a half marathon last Sunday..I'd like to try one...maybe just a 5K...I definitely have to get in better shape--it would be embarrasing to pass out and have someone trip over you...

Kathy--the Celtic Thunder sounds pretty neat...I see we found each other on Myspace. Have fun with the MIL

Cristina--sounds like you have been busy with the kids..I have read a few random books..haven't been able to find any that I can say I really love...

Sue--hope all is well with you and your Mom..

sorry to cut this short--hubby wants to use the computer...

05-07-2009, 01:49 AM
well, yesterday went mom called first thing in the morning and told me that her blood pressure was through the roof and so she wasn't coming down for my grandma's service.

we got to the church just as they were starting the music for the program.....better late than never, right? my sister Katy told us to sit with my dad since he was down here by himself. Logan sat next to my dad and my dad kept him in line while we were there. Brandon sat next to me and Marissa kept climbing up and down off my lap. But they were well behaved for the most part! then we had a little luncheon after it all.

we then came home and Tommy got some things done for our neighbor, and I went into the basement and pulled out the toys and clothes for the kids. I am going to go through it all on Thursday. Brandon is going to the zoo with my MIL and his it will be an early morning around here!

which is why I should head to bed, but I just wanted to pop in before heading there!

05-07-2009, 01:33 PM
Well, it has been a productive morning in spite of feeling nauseated. (story of my life) I finished DGGS's blanket early today. Now have a cake in the oven and green beans and ham on cooking. As soon as the cake is finished baking I am going out to plant flowers in my boxes. DH has mulched and is getting ready to mow. We are both happy to have our Spring chores finished.

"Baby boy" will arrive later today. (he is in the state, but stayed with a friend by the airport last night. His other friend is arriving from TX later and they decided to save an extra trip to Indy) He sure sounded glad to be here.

Nothing going on healthwise for me or mom. Both still fighting the same maladies. I go get a steroid shot in two weeks. Don't know if it will help,but at least they are finally trying and ruling out problems. Mom goes to her pain Dr. Mon. so maybe we will both be tip top before long. Ever the optimist today.

Mindee- Glad the service went well.
Susan and Jules- Sorry you are down in the dumps. I have been there and it is no fun...kind of stinky down there, huh? :) Feel better fast ladies.
Katy- You are doing great with your challenge. The swimming part would get me...don't think my floppy dog paddle would get me far. LOL
Cristina- Good luck on getting back to exercising. I don't know if I am ever going to make it back...
Sassy and Francie- Those books have not caught my interest. DD keeps telling me I should try them. So far I am still stuck on Sue Grafton's series.
Kathy- Busy with graduation? My DGD and step DGD both graduate. Should be a busy week (end of the month)... Best to you!

Okay, I am sorry my comments are so brief. Gotta go check the cake.

05-07-2009, 02:23 PM

Jules & Sue - I feel better, thanks:)

Jules- Life can be at times just hanging on. I hear you on that one. I have gone through tougher times though. I think if I just do more*self care* I will be ok, I forget to do that. :hug::hug: to you.

Sue - How's baby Mason? Now baby boy is your son? I think that is it, have a great visit!

Cristina - Took some time to look at the zoo photo's on your myspace, very cute!

Katy - Turkey chili sounds yummy. I tried some navy beans soup yesterday at the local dive, they make really good soups.

k- that is as chatty as I am going to get today. lol sorry.
WI was 141 this morning. Gaby is being a pre teen, grounded her from sponge bob tonight. She has been working on her Feb. birthday is kind of cute. Swimming was last night, and she is getting really good.
Hope to see my other babies this weekend,want to make it down to the Portland water front Sunday morning and watch Becky rowing.

chat later,

05-07-2009, 02:55 PM
Jules~I just started reading Anita Blake. I'm gonna start reading the 2nd book today. Not sure who I like so far. I hear they get way too sexual later on. But sex doesnt really bother me. In the Sookie Stackhouse books..I totally love Eric!!!!

Sue~The next Sue Grafton book comes out in Dec!!!!! I'm soooooooo excited!!!! I love her books!!! And you should read Twilight. You will be sucked right in!!!

Well..I'm back in my funk. Which is why I havent been on that much. I'm just so burnt out on exercising. And so is Fonzo. His work has us both stressed out. Which is why he's always sleeping..and why I'm always having panic attacks. I cannot wait until he's done with the Navy!!!! We're talking about moving back to Arizona. So hopefully that will happen and he wont have to stay in the navy. I dont think we can handle this anymore.

05-07-2009, 07:39 PM
just thought I would pop in to see how every one is doing...........

Brandon had his zoo trip today and he had a blast with grandma! He was roaring to go when he saw that grandma was here! they got rained on, so they ended up coming home early, but they all still had a blast!

I went through every thing that I set out to do today which was nice! I went through all the clothes that I brought up from the basement, ended up throwing out five or six empty boxes, one hamper that was old......a container that had their toys in it because it was cracked and therefore moisture got onto the toys.........I even had to throw some toys out because of that..

All in all, it was a very productive day, and I sent Tommy a text message telling him that today seemed like a great day to get drunk! He just left to go get dinner, and boy does bedtime for the kids sound great right now!!!!

05-07-2009, 08:14 PM
Mindee--sounds like you are being all productive--I forgot how much stuff we are storing in Ry's old room for that he has a place it's going there...

Francie--Teri just watched the Twilight movie and now she wants to go get the books...The later Anita Blake novels are more sex than story, I don't mind a little sex thrown in but keep the characters true and give me a story. Teri swiped all mine and has continued to buy them as the series continued. Sorry you are depressed. How much longer does Fonzo have in the Navy?

Suzy--I forget to take care of me too and believe me nobody else will....sometimes I feel like everyone expects me to be superwoman....I saw 209 for two days...

Sue--it's very stinky smelling at the bottom of the dumps....Have fun with the big baby and the new one!!

well..not much exciting..I have a chiro appt in the morning and then Ry is going to get the rest of his stuff from our house..then it's gonna be me hubby and Dominic the rest of Friday evening!

05-07-2009, 08:56 PM
Hi everyone
Just popping in for a quick minute, I have to go and grab the kids from town. Cody's car broke down, and Cole went to Grandma's after school, so that I could get the carpets steam cleaned. Graduation is tomorrow night. The ceremony, banquet, and prom are tomorrow, then the big party is Saturday night. Every student has to have a parent chaperone for the party. I got stuck with the 2:30am - 5:00am shift riding the bus and taking the kids home. I have to take them to the door and have a parent sign a form stating they have been returned safely. Wouldn't you be happy to have someone ringing the doorbell at 5 in the morning to give you your drunk teenager?
Anyhow....:hug: to you all. Sorry I don't have time for Indys. Hope you all have a great Friday.

05-08-2009, 12:41 AM
every body is asleep, and I am ready to go there as well! I am watching the Wings game, but I just might go in the bedroom and watch it.......Tommy already has it on in there anyways.

I still want to go through our room, and our closet and then I will be happy with every thing. you never realize how much stuff you have until you need to go through it all!

I have to make two phone calls actually tomorrow. I have to call the local head start program to get an application sent to me for Logan. Even though we are having him tested, I still want to have an application so that if he doesn't need to be in a class like Brandon's I will have an option for him! I also need to call the place to see about getting Marissa tested as well.

05-08-2009, 01:09 PM
Good Morning All,

Kathy - Your assignement for the graduation sounds like a killer. I don't want to even be awake at 2:30 am, let alone knocking on parents door's at 5am . haha.
Sounds like fun though, does Cody go to a private school?

Jules- How did the chiro appt go? Enjoy little Dominic! I see some of the most beautiful little new borns at work. Think I will turn into one of those baby snatchers. lol jk.......yikes, shouldn't joke about that. I would love to hold one though.
Good example of Taking Care of Yourself First by Me.
I decided to leave Gaby behind this weekend to spend w/ her father. I wanted to spende some quality time w/ the R's and it is close to impossible w/ Gaby there. The girls are all different and want to do different things and it leaves me exhausted. So, Saturday night is Rachel's time and Sunday morning is Rebecca's time. And I want to see my mom and visit my fathers grave, and get home around 4pm to see Gaby for a bit.Last night though the Ex called and said "will, you can't leave her behind, I want to see Gaby, it's not fair"...but I stood firm. He has never made the trip here and he never will help with watching G for me so I can do things w/ the R's. He likes his tv time and doesn't like to share w/ Gaby. Like 2 little kids. lol
anyway, whatever.....going to do what works best for me for a change.

I better go, not much time this morning before work , have to get my check cashed and pay a bill.

So :wave: to everyone!

05-08-2009, 04:24 PM
Just dropping by to say an early... (

Have a great weekend!

05-08-2009, 04:36 PM
just popping in while I can....

I have no energy to do anything today, so I haven't! I am going to attribute that to doing two much the past two days, and the lovely arrival of TOM this morning!

not sure what we are doing this weekend.....I know that we invited a friend of ours and his family over this weekend for a BBQ. we will see if that happens...although he does have to come pick up some things that we have here for I will remind him then.

other than that, we are on the poor side, and so nothing special here. with Mother's Day on Sunday and then our anniversary on Monday, we don't get any breaks! (I am only kidding!)

I called and scheduled Marissa's appointment to get her tested. She goes on the 20th at we will have to work on seeing if my MIL can come over and sit with Brandon until he gets on the bus, and then she can leave. She would only have to be here for maybe an hour and a half at the most. And then Logan has his testing with the speech therapist at Brandon's school on the 22nd. Although, the more I think about it...I would feel better if she could wait here until we got back. That way if we should run long with Marissa's testing, that someone would be here to get Brandon off the bus.

I have come up with the idea of me and Tommy taking Marissa and Logan to her appointment. they want to run a hearing test on here, then a speech evaluation and then we are to meet with the family something or another. And I figured that it might be easier just to take the two of them in our van. And then for Logan's appointment, I will get Brandon on the bus to school, and then we will only need to take Marissa and Logan to that one.

05-08-2009, 10:25 PM
Hi All! :wave:

Well guess where I am typing this from??? My OFFICE!! YEE-HAW! Yup its done!!!!!! I busted my behind yesterday and got it all done!!!!!!!! YUP! :D

I think I may have over done it though, my back is killing me today!!!!!! Could be the rain too......Its been raining and storming here all day.

So don't think I'll be doing much tonight.

Well I will back later to do individuals!!!!! Gotta wake up DH for work!

BIG :hug:

05-09-2009, 02:11 AM
well, we ended up going to the local flea market to enjoy their bike night! it was a lot of fun, even though it down poured while we were there. we went inside and walked around a little bit and then ran to walmart, then came home....and wouldn't you know it, it started to down pour on our way home from walmart!

Tommy has to work tomorrow from 7am to noon......then we will be hanging around the house. we are waiting to hear from our friend to see if they are coming over for the BBQ or if they want to do it on Sunday.......

05-09-2009, 02:52 AM
Brandon made me a Mother's Day present at school. It is a laminated piece of paper that has his hand prints on it, and then there is a message above it. The message reads "Sometimes you get discouraged Because I am so small. And always leave my fingerprints On furniture and walls. But everyday I am growing, I'll be grown-up someday And all those tiny fingerprints Will surely fade away. So here's a final handprint Just so you can recall, Exactly how my fingers looked When I was very, very small. Brandon Mother's Day 2009" As soon as I saw the hand prints, my eyes started to get misty, and then when I read the poem that went with it, I had tears falling down my face.

05-09-2009, 05:28 AM
Jules~Tell Teri that I said that, the Twilight book is way better than the movie!!! I hope that at least New Moon will be better than Twilight. Some of it was just so cheesy, lol. I do have a confession about the Anita Blake My friend told me about the sex and stuff, and I started reading it for that purpose. LOL!! I'm a little perv, but whatever. She told me that it just gets really hot later on. So we'll see. And I'm not sure when Fonzo will be out of the Navy. I'm guessing next June.

OHH okay..I remember what I wanted to say now, lol. I just read in my mag, that DeAnna is now dating Jeremy!!!! WTF!! She has no clue what she wants. And I guess they were hanging out with Jesse's ex girlfriend..cuz Jesse was all..her & DeAnna have one thing in common, they both went out with me. LoL!! He's a little full of himself, lol.

05-09-2009, 06:01 AM
Hola all.

Figured I would do the individuals now...........

Cristina -- I hope you get to read them, they are so much better than the movie and plus if you read them all, like I am, I'm almost done with the 4th and last book, you'll have a heads up on what happens. hee hee hee.

Francie -- Hmmmmm what she does to Jacob?? Wonder if I haven't gotten to that part yet or just forgot it?? lol. I'm almost done with it.

Susan -- I hope you feel better. :hug:

Jules -- I had a very weird dream about my coworker. It was kinda funny actually. But I'd still rather dream about Edward and the Cullens. :rofl: I dunno what is up with her, now she talks to me, or she did last week. Kinda changes week to week, so we'll see what this week brings me. :lol3:

Sue -- They didn't strike my interest at first either. Infact when I first watched the movie, I really wasn't crazy about it, but then with my coworker issues, I got into reading, it makes a very long night when your one and only coworker does not talk too you all night long. :lol3: So that is how I got into them, to keep me occupied and I'm glad I did, cuz they are really good, or so I think. But I know its not for everyone.........;)

Hi to everybody out there in "Lurkland" :wave:

Good news, while finishing up my office, I found Angels & Demons by Dan Brown, so I can have that to read after I get done with this last Twilight book. ;)

Well DH has been walking several miles at work and not just the total of what he walks all night long, him and his coworker have been walking :running: He said they did 8 miles lastnight. Which I am very proud of, but now I feel like a huge giant slob. :( I need to get it in gear I guess. We still have the treadmill at my inlaws that my fil is giving us, which is a really nice one, but it is HUGE and it does not fold up. Guess I shouldn't complain if its free, right? But I need to get into gear...........Feel like a slug, just slugging along..............:( Oh well just gotta get out there and do it.............:carrot:

We went to Indiana unexpectedly on Thursday. My mil wanted a cement goose for Mothers Day, we called all over in our area, nobody had them. So I remembered a little place in Indiana, where I am from, where my parents got me some things and figured since it was more of a rural area, that they probably would have them. So I called up my mom and she looked up the number and DH called and she said that they had a lot of them and they were only $16 each! So we drove out there and got that and an angel statue for my mom. :) So we met up with my mother and man is she SKINNY! I mean my mom has always been thin, but dang! I told her she needed to put on some pounds!! lol. Too bad I don't get my body shape from her or my father. :( Oh no................I have to be the big fattie...............I mean my mom's family, besides her and her younger brother are all "bigger" people, but still, why couldn't have I gotten that gene that I could be thin no matter what??? :cry: I know, I know enough whining!!! HA! :lol3:

But I am going to get her on May 20th after I come home from work that morning and get me some Zzzz's........I am also getting my hair highlighted at her hairdressers while I am out there. It is in bad need for it right now. I am thinking of not doing the blonde, it is so much maintenance for people with darker hair. But I have received SO many compliments on it..............Hard decision. lol.

Well I guess I should go now.......I'm sure if anybody has read through this whole thing they are starting to fall asleep now. lol. :yawn:


05-09-2009, 04:14 PM
Sassy~Did you finish Breaking Dawn yet?? Cuz if so, message me, and I'll let you know what I thought was so funny about Rose & Jake.

Nothing much is going on with me. Gonna go jump in the shower and get ready to go to the movies!!! We're gonna go see Star Trek. And just for the record..we're not Trekkies (or however you spell it). I've never watched the show a day in my life..although Fonzo has seen a few episodes and some of the movies. We're just going cuz this movie looks really really good, and because the dude from Heroes is in it. He's playing Spock.

Btw..I added a hiliarous blog to my myspace...check it out!!!!!!!!! (and comment)

05-09-2009, 04:59 PM
Quick pop in. Just wanted to say things here are good. Mom and I are both doing well right now.
"Baby boy"...yes, he is my youngest at 29. But still my baby. LOL. He arrived safely and has been busy catching up with family and friends. Looks super as he has lost 25-30 pounds. Still a big boy, but much healthier.
We had family here yesterday, wore me out, but was fun.It was warm enough to sit outside, but not sunny or hot.
Mother's Day and DD's birthday party tomorrow. I am not cooking for that one though...DH is grilling and I already have lunch things ready.
Did laundry all day today...where does this stuff come from????
I am not doing another darn thing today and hopefully very little tomorrow. Just want to enjoy my family.

Happy Mother's Day to you all and hope you can enjoy your family too.

05-09-2009, 10:36 PM
Hey All,

No time for indy's but I wanted to say a huge HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

In Portland after working earlier today, going to go out w/ Rach in a second. Had some steak and hummus, it was so good. I dipped pita bread in the red pepper hummus. Yum.
Beck zoomed in and out, will go see her row in the morning. Miss my Gaby. She cried and cried and I had to promise her a black kitty. I think I will make it a stuffed one, haha
Rach thinks I should get a nose ring. We'll see.

29 year old baby boy Sue??? lol ,cute. I will burp him anytime you want ;0)

ok, I better go work off some later.

05-10-2009, 01:43 AM
just popping in before I head off to bed......

we ended up going to the prompt care with Marissa yesterday after Tommy got home from work. she has an acute upper respiratory she is now on amoxicilan like Brandon. then we came home, hung out for a little bit, and then went to out to dinner at Old Country Buffet for Mother's Day and for our anniversary which is Monday. I was really good, and all I had was a BIG Caesar salad and a side of nachos. (probably not the best option for a side, but every thing else looked too fattening to me!

then we met up with one of the kids' godfathers at the race track. we hung out for a little bit, watched a couple of races, and then we had to run back to walmart because Tommy asked me what I wanted for breakfast. he was in there for almost a half hour!

we got home and he quickly ran into the house after telling me that he didn't need my help getting the stuff from the back of the van. I grabbed some stuff from where the kids were at, and came inside. he then handed me some chocolate covered pretzels and three red roses.

my BIL called us last night and asked us what time we were going over to my MIL's house tomorrow. we asked him for what and he said "mom didn't invite you guys over?" so then Tommy called his mom to let her know that we might or might not be over there, and they were out to eat at Logan's. Tommy was picking on her for not calling to see if we wanted to meet them up there.

we had made some tenative plans with a friend of ours for a BBQ sometime this weekend, I told him to call me Friday after he left work and he never did. Tommy called him Friday night I believe it was, and he didn't answer, so he left him a message. I sent him a text message Saturday morning to see what was going on, and didn't hear anything, and then Tommy called him Saturday night and his phone went right to from the looks of it, we are going to get stood up on the BBQ thing. (not to mention we have some stuff for his kids)

05-10-2009, 07:14 AM
Just wanted to pop in and wish all you Mothers a Very Happy Mothers Day!!! :grouphug: (

Francie -- No haven't finished yet.......ugh I am dragging my feet on this one! LOLLLLLLLL! I'll have it finished by tonight though!!! :D


05-10-2009, 04:16 PM
Happy Mothers Day everyone.

Well we survived the grad party. Everyone was very drunk. Cody is still in bed. Got home at 7:45 this morning. Got him downstairs and tucked into bed....Snug as a bug.... I think I need a nap.

Wanted to wish everyone a VERY happy Day.

05-10-2009, 04:18 PM
Happy Mothers Day to all--

& here's to hoping next year is a first momma's day for Sassy & Francie!!!

05-10-2009, 11:40 PM
Kathy -- glad you survived the grad party.

Jules -- Thanks, yes lets hope next year Francie and I both can celebrate our first Mothers Day! :D

How is everybody? I'm tired. :yawn: I got up too early, but got stuff done before going into work..............yay. Work sent us an email with our VPN (Virtual Private Network) id's and passwords, so I am thinking this work from home thing is really gonna happen!!!!! I hope anyways!!! :D

Well take care everybody. Get some Zzzzzz's for me, k? lol.


05-11-2009, 11:41 PM
Hi to everyone. Just a quick fly by. Having a good time with DS and had a wonderful Mother's Day with family. Got my hands on that new baby for quite awhile, but darn, had to share him with everyone. I need to volunteer for babysitting soon so I can have him to myself. Not greedy

Life will calm down Wed. around here, so I will return!

Just found out mom and I are both having pain injections in 2 weeks. We will either feel better or hurt like H**l. Her's is in her back, mine in my ribs (ugh).
More later.....

05-11-2009, 11:54 PM
just thought I would stop by to see how every one is doing......

today is our 7th wedding anniversary! we had a great dinner, and then our friend bought us some cupcakes for our anniversary. so we just each had one, and now Tommy is at the store getting milk and I am here catching up online!

I am so ready for bed, that I thought I would pop in to see how every one is doing, so I wouldn't miss anything!

05-12-2009, 01:13 AM
OoO FUN!!!!! I saw a commerical for Ocean City, MD..and I looked it up online..and now me & Fonzo totally wanna go. We saw pics of the boardwalk..and omfg, it looks soooooooo awesome!!!! I can't wait to go!!!!!!!!

05-12-2009, 05:25 AM
Hola Amigas! :D

Francie -- I FINISHED THE LAST BOOK!!! :woohoo: Now I am off to read "Midnight Sun"............;) ( :lol3:

Sue -- Glad you had a good time, glad you got to hold the little one and I hope you get in lots of babysitting I hope you and your mom's pain injections help you and don't hurt you. :hug:

Mindee -- HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY!!!! ( I hope it was a good one!!!

05-12-2009, 12:24 PM


How I spent my Mother's Day.

05-13-2009, 01:47 PM

I couldn't open the attachments Sue :( Was it pix of the Mason?

I just have a sec, my place needs some serious TLC today. It was so frustrating to get ready not being able to find things.

Sue- Hope you are enjoying the baby! I know you are :)

Cristina - Thanks for the MD greeting! How was your mothers day? How is your week going?

Kathy - You all recover from the grad party? Have you ever tried Mad Housewife wine? I bought that last and kind of liked it, just a cheap wine but I kindof related. haha.

Jules - Hope you had a wonderful mothers day too!

Mindee- Happy Belated 7th Anniversary!

Sassy& Francie - ya, we'll all be wishing you two mothers' day wishes soon, I am sure you will make awesome mommies. :D

Katy - You the last one in the roll call? lol It was SOOOO beautiful in your neck of the woods, I loved all the greenery and colors, the village area is in bloom!

I had a good weekend and a busy week so far. I did find a place so look to move at the beginning of June. I didn't get my river view but I got bay and coast range view, it is very pretty. I can sit on the porch and have an incredible view and hop over the hill for the river. It also has a cute back yard, close to a park and dairy queen :D

Weightwise I am 146, a tad up from before the weekend, thats ok I always go up after visiting the ex and all the dishes he makes.

better get to some cleaning and packing! Excited :)

05-13-2009, 04:16 PM
I don't know what happened to my pictures, but I re-attached them. Busy, happy day on Mother's Day.

Be back later

05-13-2009, 04:44 PM
I stepped on the scale this morning, and it told me 221.8!!!! YAHOO!!!!!

just thought I would pop in here while I am waiting for Brandon's bus to get here. It was somewhat warm and sunny earlier, now it is dreary and rainy!

SuzieQ~ Thanks for the wishes!

Sue~ Looks like you had a great Mother's Day!!

I thought I had already responded in here, but my computer must have eaten the post!

05-13-2009, 08:10 PM
Mindee--happy belated Anniversary and woo hoo to you on the loss.

Sue--the baby is so sweet!! sorry to hear about the pain injections--yuck!!
but that baby is so sweet!!!

SuzyQ--spent Friday with Ry finishing up moving, Saturday went to Mom's to a Greenfest and bought my fave soap and then Teri took me shopping--got B & B works stuff and a new pair of shoes and then she took me out on Sunday to the Mexican place I love-Ry had to work 11 AM to 9 PM so he couldn't come along-hubby was a jealous arse all weekend--how can you be jealous of me spending time with my mom and the kids--he was invited--just didn't go. We had a long talk Sunday night and I let him have it--we took off Monday and talked it out.

Sassy--I would love to work from home but my area does alot of entry too--I don't see how it would work.

Kathy--sounds like you did more than your share getting the kids delivered safely...

Francie==OC is fun--there's a bunch of games and a carnival with a big ferris wheel that is too cool. You have to get some Thrasher's boardwalk fries--I love mine with vinegar, salt & ketchup. Phillips is the best crab place.

Katy & Cristina--big hi to both of you.

It will be a few more weeks before we get the catscan to see if all mom's tumors are gone, her neck looks good--visually it looks back to normal size. She's still got some of the radiation burn but it's getting smaller. She's getting her energy back and some of her taste is coming back. It looks like she lost one of her saliva glands. Thankfully, my Dad hasn't called back. He really takes me back to a very insecure and unhappy place in my life and I shouldn't let him have that much control of my emotions.

05-13-2009, 10:19 PM
Hi everyone.

Sue - Mason sure is one beautiful baby. I wish I lived close so that I could
give him some hugs and kisses also. Also give you a real :hug: sorry about the pain injections. You need to have him to look at while you get it, and maybe it won't hurt quite so much.

Mindee - Happy Belated Anniversary. Hope you had a good one. Did you guys go over to your MIL's for dinner on Mothers Day?

Sassy - Did you find out if you will get to work from home? Good thing that you got your office all finished. Have you finished reading the mew book yet?

Francie - Did you guys end up going to the Star Trek movie? If you did is it appropriate for a 6 year old? My hubby really wants to see it.

SusieQ - Is that the name of the wine on the bottle? I haven't seen it anywhere. It was pretty funny to see all Cody's classmates and him at the party. However it has brought war between my MIL and myself. Where did your ex learn to cook? How was your weekend with the girls?

Cristina - How are you? I got to see your pictures. I love the one of you and Cambrie in the car with your shades on. Too cute. Has it dried up over there so that you can go watch baseball and soccer?

Jules - Yes we are married to twins. :hug: to you and your mom. I love your handsome little sweethearts new picture on your avatar. I will have to change mine soon.

Katy - How is life in your corner? Are you busy with soccer and baseball?

Well I must run. I am babysitting a sick little punkin, and she us to go sit and have a cuddle so she can feel better.

Have a great night everyone.

05-14-2009, 01:20 AM
stopping back in before heading off to bed....

Brandon doesn't have school tomorrow, well now it is today since it is it should be an interesting day.

thanks for the belated anniversary wishes......

Kathy~ Nope, we didn't go to my MIL's house for Mother's Day. we stayed home and had Taco Bell and finished watching the Red Wing's game.

05-14-2009, 02:17 PM
Howdy...sorry I've been MIA, just real busy. Look at the blog (, and you'll see why! Hopefully I will burn a few calories moving this stuff around :)

Hope you all are well :bighugs: :)

05-14-2009, 02:27 PM
Good Morning -

There is another crusie ship in port here, I think they are so neat to see up close! Gaby likes them too. The ship this time is Sapphire Princess.

Sue - I can see the pic's now, thanks! Mason is a doll and you look pretty cute yourself!:D You're so blessed.

Jules- :hug: sorry about the hubby, that sucks big times, especially on your special day. My ex pissed me off too but it blew over pretty quick, course the R's get upset when the 2 of us don't get along was ok. Mexican food sounds really good , what did you order? I promise not to drool. :D I love fish, after that would be Mexican......hmmm, and Italian too. All foods really. lol Keeping your mother in my thoughts!

Kathy - Mad Housewife, yum. I bought it because it was on sale at 4.99 a bottle down from 10 something. I could get it here on the coast but I couldn't find it in town. The ex never cooked when we were together, I guess as he gets older he has more time and seems to enjoy it. He gets frustrated though when the girls won't eat his food. I mean he'll cook eegs and bacon and hash browns and it is a lot of food. Us girls are watching our weight. lol How is the babysitting going?

Mindee- yay to 211.8!! Good for you.

:wave: to Cristina, Sassy, Katy and Francie! Hope you gals are having a super Thursday.

My bedroom is still a pigsty. Swimming was ok, the pool guy sent over the swim coach for me to meet so that was nice.....cause I told him I wanted Gab to go on and join the swim club when she was ready. He said between the both of them they could keep tabs of Gaby's progress. Course I find that romantic.....any man who wants to help my daughter in her aquatic success. What a sap I am.

btw- Rach gave me "He's just not that into you" and I learned I am "hot stuff* as it is...I don't need no pool man to tell me that. lol

better get my sorry @ss to work. Oh, I put a pecan rinse in my hair! It is so pretty. I love the color.

k- :wave:

05-14-2009, 02:30 PM
Katy - Sure sneak in why don't you! It is nice to see you post. I love your blog, I can't get the video thing on this computer though, I will try at work!!! Hugs to you.

05-14-2009, 11:37 PM
Real quick here, cuz Grey's Anatomy is on..

Kathy~Yes, we saw the movie. And theres a lot of action. I mean, I saw some pretty young kids in the theatre. Theres no sex or anything. Some of the people could be scary looking to a 6 year old, lol.

Sassy~Yes..that was the part I was talking about!!!!!! LOL!!! What did you think of Midnight Sun??? OHH..and remind me to tell you to abot this one fanfiction that I'm reading. It's very naughty. LoL!!

05-15-2009, 01:03 AM
well, my walking partner fell asleep on me.....I just might still take a walk by myself, but I am not sure about that one. I might take a brisk walk really quickly after I check my email.

we managed to make it through yesterday without any major fights between the kids since Brandon didn't have school. what am I going to do when Brandon gets out of school for the summer?

05-15-2009, 11:08 AM

Well we've been working on my husband's "room" not really his office, as we share this computer, but whatever it is, we've been working on it. We have to get it done because my mom comes up next week. So far the weather looks nice, so lets hope and pray it continues the rest of next week.

Jules -- in my job I could easily work from home if they let us and got us all the accesses.

Kathy -- Only thing we heard about working from home is for extreme emergencies, like the Swine Flu. Um, I'm not buying that, sorry. Why would you spend all of that money on VPN's just for emergencies when we couldn't work from home with those anyways because they have to come and set us up first! That makes absolutely no sense! Esp in this economy to just waste money. But whatever its not like they are going to just come out and say, "oh btw our co. is doing really crappy and so you all may be working from home soon." Although I don't see why not since I think everybody is for it and it would save them LOTS of money!!!!!!!!! But what do I know? lol.

Francie -- Yes I liked Midnight Sun, but it was just too short. lol. Yes that part of the book was very hilarious! I really enjoyed reading the books for sure!! I am now reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, and so far I am NOT impressed! SOoooooooooooooooooooo flipping boring. Twilight books are just so easy to read and this book is very hard, for me at least. OH I saw Stephanie has another book out?? Its called "The Host"?? Anyways I probably will get it just because I have enjoyed the Twilight Series so much, but that is if I get through this DREADFUL book! UGH! I do hope it gets better!!!!!!!!!! lol.

Big :hug: to all.

05-15-2009, 01:52 PM
Good Morning -

Is it just me or is writing on this site is becoming a chore? I am not real sure what I am getting from it anymore. :shrug:

I just bought a bagel w/ a huge slab of cream cheese. I didn't eat it all but enough to feel somewhat guilty.

Going to sign my lease on the new place so no time at the moment.

I will say hi to :wave: Francie, Mindee and Sassy since you ladies posted since the last time I was on.

05-15-2009, 02:52 PM
Well since ya brought it up Susan... It has NEVER been a chore for me to come here and post, never! I am just not feeling the friendship or support anymore and that's all I will say about that. I know I have been doing terribly since I've not been coming here, diet wise. But I have been thinking a lot about things too and I know I HAVE to do this on my one can do it for me. But it had helped me when I thought I had some support and friendship here...and believe me when I say, I am not whining.

And anyway...since posting last I have had an anniversary and birthday, too many games to attend and a preschoolers schievement program among other things. Not to say I've not had time to post because I have read this thread daily, checked twice or thrice somedays, just haven't felt like posting. Anyway...I have to go exercise.

Hope everyone has a good day/weekend.

05-15-2009, 03:49 PM
Good afternoon. Nice sunny day here and I had to go buy groceries. yuck!

Not a lot going on as I have just been loafing quite a bit since DS left. Not actually feeling sorry for myself...but awfully close. Gotta snap out of it.

Susan and Cristina- So sorry you both feel conflicted about the site. I know there are days..maybe weeks that I just pop in to see how everyone is doing, but then don't post. I like to know you are all okay, but for whatever reason I have nothing to say. That doesn't mean I am upset or feeling a lack of anything here, just means real life is, well, REAL. And maybe things that I don't feel like sharing are going on in my life. I know we all have those days.

As far as support goes...I am guilty and so sorry. It is very hard for me to be supportive when I am doing so poorly on my goals. I know that sounds selfish and I am sorry, but just hard to get pumped up at times. I am always thinking of you ladies and applauding your victories even if I don't always write here.

I know I need to be friendlier and join you all on My Space, etc., but I just do not like that site and am deleting my family page and my page with you gals. Just never even want to go there. I am so not into decorating a page, etc...and it makes me feel 90 years old to say that. LOL....

All in all I enjoy 3FC's more than any site I visit and need to make more of an effort to post here. But like I already said, sometimes life gets in the way.

05-15-2009, 04:12 PM
Not sure what to say to everyone....Big Hugs to you all.

05-15-2009, 04:40 PM
Yup..I feel the same thing. I hate to admit it, but I totally forget about the site sometimes. I'm not even dieting maybe thats why I "forget" to come on here. Although, I do enjoy talking about everything else not relating to diet and exercise, LOL!!!!

Sassy~She does need to finish Midnight Sun!! It was very very very good. Better than Twilight!! I love knowing whats going on with Edward and the Cullens. I read Angels & Demons a few years ago..I thought it was really good. But if you dont like it, dont read it anymore, lol. The Host is sooooooooooooooooooo good!!! OMG!!!!! It really should be made into a movie!!! It's a little slow at first, but by the middle, you just get really into it!!! I LOVED it!!!!!!!

05-15-2009, 05:15 PM
I know I don't post when I get busy, and I feel bad about it, but I sure do think about everyone and wish everyone the best. It's nice to know you are here, but I am guilty of not posting enough in general, let alone to support others. I do feel sometimes that my info is the same so much of the time, and I don't really diet, per se. I do enjoy reading everyone's contributions whether or not they are weight loss related or's just nice to know there are others out there who share the same day to day concerns.

05-15-2009, 05:39 PM
Yay - I have time for chatting!

Francie..Have you been to your Twilight convention yet? There are SO many girls (and their moms) reading that book. At my book group last Wednesday, we spent about an half hour talking about Twilight books...and I haven't even read any of them. Al the other moms have 13 year old daughters and they are all nuts about the books.

Jules - Big hugs to you,'s your mom doing? I think I read you posted that her tumors were she going in for a follow up soon?

Sue - what a cute little great grandbaby! Thanks for sharing the pics. Ya know, I don't like Myspace either, I'm on Facebook more and find it alot easier to use. I probably wouldn't chat with my dad much if it weren't for Facebook...kind of sad, but it is better than nothing.

Cristina - I totally missed your a belated Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary! I'm like you, I read this thread everyday, but frequently it is in the morning when I am getting kids ready for school and there's not much time to write a lengthy post. I also agree with you that I have to do this on my own, even though support is nice when it happens. We used to say in TOPS, "If it is to be, it's up to me!" I always admire how dedicated you are to your don't think you are doing terribly, because you are not!

Susan- congrats on the new place..I want to see pics of your view! Re: message board, I don't know if I feel like it's a chore, I just write when I can, and I know that my life gets a little crazy from time to time...and that won't be changing anytime soon, so I do what I can. Hey, that big cruise ship was on the cover of the Oregonian... I thought about you and Gaby and how that it's practically in your back yard. Guess there will be more luxury liners coming through least according to the article.

Sassy- working from home should be a big no brainer...maybe one of these days your employer will catch a clue....hopefully right around the time you have a baby...that would be great timing!

Mindee - were you able to get your walk in?

Kathy--Our sports are kind of minimal...DS is finishing up track and my DD is taking a gymnastics class. Neither one have been all that interested in baseball. DS only wanted to do soccer if it was indoor and there weren't enough for a team. Hope the punkin is feeling better.

HI to anyone I missed!

I shoveled compost for 2+ hours this morning. The weather is supposed to be great this weekend,so I will do more and work on the veggie beds some more this weekend. DS has his Meet of Champions tomorrow, then I'm attacking the compost pile for the rest of the weekend...I hope some calories are being burned - sheesh! It's slowing me down on the Lazyman goal, but I feel I'm getting a good workout anyway.


05-15-2009, 07:15 PM
Katy~No, the convention is in Aug. I'm really excited to be going though. You should read the books!! They are great!!!!!!!!!!!

05-16-2009, 02:30 AM
just thought I would stop in to see how every one is doing.....

I am not sure what to say as for how every one is feeling, but there have been a couple of days where I have missed a posting or got busy and didn't get a chance to get on here.

Katy~ Nope, I didn't get it in the other day, and I didn't get it in last night since it was raining! BUT I will be getting plenty of walking in here in the next couple of days and even into next week! I have laundry to do these next couple of days, and then we have some appointments next week, that I know I will be doing some walking for!

05-16-2009, 10:56 AM
Good Morning -

I guess *chore* isn't the right word. And I know we all get busy and have a lot going on in our lives and can't post as often as we like so that isn't what bothers me.
And I like reading what you all are doing and I guess if that is all you have time for I can be ok with that. (ain't I grand? lol ) ...anyway, it is just sometimes I feel like there isn't a two way conversation going at times.
And I don't mind the general chatter because heck if I am exercising and getting in shape like I should be....
Mayeb it is I am the only single person here. It isn't your responsibility to make me feel like family but sometimes I have no one else to talk to.

*waaaaa. *waaaaa/

anyway, whatever. I can't express myself like I should, I fumble too much.
And I have to go clock in so I can't do indy's.....

Though a BELATED BIRTHDAY wish to Cristina!! Did I miss it?? I am soooo sorry.

05-16-2009, 12:51 PM
SusieQ - We missed her birthday and anniversary. And I can't even figure out how to put those nice and cute pictures that you guys put on here. I am so computer inadequate... :O Did you get your lease signed? When do you get to move? Are you home this weekend, or in Portland?

Cristina - I am truly sorry that I missed your birthday. I don't know why, but I thought it was next Friday. Tried to go through on the calendar on here, but I couldn't find you listed anywhere. As for the support, I guess I thought you could read my mind, as I cheer you do so well.. I know you are not whinning, I am just explaining so that I feel better. :hug:

For everyone else, I have run out of time, but I will be back.

Little punkin fell off the trampoline last night, long story... but she has a black eye, swollen nose and cheek...looks a mess....and all she can still say is Bounce?? Anyway I have to do my hourly check on her (DD and I are taking shifts)


05-16-2009, 01:46 PM
Cristina--sorry I missed your bday and anniversary and that you are feeling like you are not getting support. I wish we all had somewhere we could post bdays--maybe add it to the first post so nobody gets missed..You are doing so great with the exercising--I wish I could do half as well as youy do..

SuzyQ--and you miss skinny butt--I wish I could say I am in the 145-155 range...sometimes I read but don't post too and then when I do it feels like the time has passed and it's a few posts here and there. Some nights I'd like to post longer but either Dominic or hubby are rushing me off or I just don't feel like typing after a 10 hour work day or I when I try it doesn't make sense when I read it before posting. I have a family and still feel alone sometimes...

Mindee--Are there any summer prgrams that you can get the kids into this summer? How's the Wii doing? JR is getting Teri the board and games for his WII for her.

Francie--Teri finished the first Twilight book in no time and wants to go buy the rest--how about that GA finale....Teri and Ry went to the chili cook off and concert that has been advertised on DC101--JR was suppossed to go but he sprained his ankle

Katy-visually everything seems to have shrunk on Mom (including her pants size)..the waiting for the scan to tell the full story is driving me insane!!! It's been raining alot so I haven't been outside. Got a new pedometer and they are going to do a challenge at work this year again--the one lady I work with walks miles with her hubby before she comes n to work second shift the lowest number of steps last week was the day she had just under 16,000 steps in

Kathy--sorry to hear about your little one..Teri wants to get one of those starter tramps with the walls for Dominic...last weekend he got to see a toad and Hubby just took him out to show a turtle on a stroll up the hill--I took a pic. Hubby has been a grumbly bear for the last few weeks. I really wish he would just quit his job and move on and get out of his miserable mmod. He is good with Dominic but being a grump with Teri and Ryan.

Sue--Have you planted Lupines? I have some coming up from seeds in peat pots, they are suppossed to come up every year and are suppossed to do well in the shade...I guess I will see next year...I like you seem to lurk and read more than post. I will make an effort too.

Sassy--JR and Teri are working on their office too--Teri gave her bookcase to Ry so her and JR got new ones and are getting a new computer desk--they want it all matchy-matchy--I thing he as as OCD as she is, but it works for them....

Boy I hope I didn't miss anyone--if I did it is definitely not intentional....

Dominic is cutting his two year molars--he's awfully whiny this weekend....poor little guy just doesn't feel good...

05-16-2009, 04:48 PM
Dominic is miserable....he's running a slight fever and drooling glad when those molars are through....

finally got him to sleep--hubby taking a nap with him...

05-16-2009, 04:54 PM
Poor little sweetheart. Too bad that teeth have to be so miserable for them. Glad that hubby is taking a nap with him. My grumpy hubby is napping also. While he is napping, I am going to go to the dump to get rid of the garbage. Going to try and take some bottles in also while the weather is ok. You will have to pick up some freezees or popsicles for him until his teeth come through.


05-16-2009, 05:51 PM
Hello all...

Okay, that is why I never say anything, lol...nothing ever comes out the way I intend. I think it's like Susan said about the two-way consversation. I appreciate you ladies and yes the support given...and I am going to stop at that before I put my foot in my mouth.

SUSAN...(((((HUGS)))) I am happy you found a place and hope you love it! was just another day, no big deal. Sorry about the little one, funny how they just bounce back.

JULES...glad to hear about your mother. Hope the little guy feels better soon, darn teeth.

KATY...I believe I will borrow that motto. Saw the video of your compost pile...have fun this weekend! Great workout for you for sure!

FRANCIE...I am not dieting either...I am trying to stay on track with just being, lol. Of course I despise the word diet. For me it definitely is a way of life and I slip every now and then. are right, sometimes life does get in the way. I know last week was a stressful one for me...didn't want to be around myself much less anyone else. Hoping all goes well with the pain doc and glad to hear you had a nice visit/dinner with the fam.

Hiya Sassy and Mindee :wave: Did I forget someone???? Losing my mind I swear.

Nothing really going on...last week was horrible, very stressful dealing with realtors and trying to schedule showings in between life. No one wanted to see the house the 6 months it was listed...4 showings I think we had and now everyone wants to see it and during the week usually at a bad time for us so they get mad and don't reschedule...ugh, had enough of this stuff for sure. Anyway...I've got some exercise I need to do and guess mow the front yard. With all the rain we've been getting it is growing too fast and needs to be mowed more often.

Have a great weekend!

05-17-2009, 04:18 AM
Hi Everybody.

Well seems like a lot has gone on since I last visited.........

So sorry if any of posts are not in the line of the WL mode. I will try harder. ;)

I did walk every night last week on my lunch at work and I am still drinking Pepsi Max, which has Zero Calories.

I wish you all well!!!

I guess if anybody wants to chat it up about anything else, just PM me if you don't have my email addy!



05-17-2009, 08:43 AM
Kathy--Dominic is like his Mommy and gets a fever and diaper rash when cutting teeth--he's so miserable, but the teething tablets and tylenol help. Don't understand why the hubby's need to be so grumpy...

Cristina--I have to mow again's April showers in May. Good luck with the house.

Sassy--I love you update posts....keep them coming!!!

Well hubby's calling....

05-17-2009, 10:59 AM
OK, boys have been feed their breakfasts and I have had my coffee. Looks like it's going to be another rainy day, the temps dropped at least 10 degrees but it's still in the 60's so it's all good.

I really need to work up my garden and transfer the stuff that was started from seeds. Not sure wear I am going to plant my Lupine flowers. Kind of excited. All but one on my hostas came up along with a fern and another plant that has purplish leaves and I can't remember it's name--it's a shade plant so Sue might know. One of my Columbines is blooming.

Teri was rear ended leaving the Chili Cook off--not sure how bad it is yet, it was someone she knew and he said that he would take care of it. She says he's a good guy and is very honest. His parents are well to do and he owns his own business. The three girls got lost and called me in a panic. There are alot of exit only around the area they were at--I told them to not go off one of those. I finally told them to pull into a gas staion or fast food place--alot of places had already closed but a guy in the KFC drive thru was able to get them on the right track once Teri got to 495 she was ok. Her friends GPS had them turning the wrong directions.

Hubby is starting to get grumpy with Dominic--pisses me off that he has to be such an arse to everyone.

Hope everyone will have a great day!!

05-17-2009, 12:19 PM
It's Sunday...happy, happy, joy, joy!

JULES...sorry Teri was rear ended. I've not heard anything good about GPS, glad they got back on track though.

SASSY...I don't think anyone said the posts have to be about WL.

Nothing going on with me today. Hubby has had to work the weekend so thinking I will get lots of reading done today. Trying to get back into my reading mode/mood and at least get a book a week read again. Have laundry to get done today and thinking I am just going to be lazy all day. May do some weights...I've been so lazy with the exercise lately but slowly getting back on track. My arm has been a major pain and I am pretty sure it is because of the lack of exercise and weight lifting...when I was doing it 6 days a week I was feeling good and now...feel like my body is falling apart. Like I said though, slowly getting back on track. Sunday is my free day, always has been but I am going to do a 30 minute dvd and about 10 minutes of weight just to do something.

Hi to everyone else :wave: Have a great day!

05-17-2009, 01:02 PM
Good Morning Everyone.

It was a beautiful day here yesterday...72 F. Today it is suppose to SNOW. And it is the first camping long weekend here. We reseeded the pasture here, and we could really use some rain. I guess if all else fails, snow will work also.

Jules- :hug: to Teri. I hope the guy is honest and takes care of the damages. I think that the GPS systems are programmed by men, who got lost and wouldn't stop and get directions. :lol: I am going to attempt to plant a garden this year, and do some flower beds. I don't have a green thumb so I might have lots of questions for you.

Sassy - YGG. That is great that you have made good use of your lunch break. When is your mom coming? Does your hubby and her get along well? Also, I have been trying out myspace, and I am a little lost on there, but could you add me to your friends list? I have the same name as my facebook.

Cristina - I bet that your grass is nice and soft and perfect for picnics. Has your rain stopped long enough for you and princess to eat outside? Next weekend I am hoping that we can have a picnic. How is Cambrie liking T-Ball? How is Chase's baseball team doing? How very frustrating for you that you need to arrange house showings during all of this also. Hope that the right person comes through in the next day or 2.

SusieQ - Rach told you that you were hot stuff? She does have great taste. Must have made you feel like a million bucks. What a girl! Is it Beck that has the boyfriend that she was making lunch for? How is that going? And is Gaby still in swimming? How come you haven't talked about the pool man lately?

Sue - Still missing your baby? I hope that you had a great visit with him. Does he have a girlfriend? Have you seen your sweet little Mason lately? Have you got your bike out yet, so that you can go for a nice ride? We are going to take our bikes into town sometime this week, and go for a ride around the lake in the middle of town. That is the one thing I miss about being in town. (that and being able to walk everywhere so we only used 1 tank of gas every few weeks.)

Katy - I haven't read your blog yet, but I am going to this afternoon so that I can see what you have been up to besides your ironman. Is your hubby still exercising with you?

Mindee - Hope that you and Marissa get out for your walk tonight. Or is it still raining there? What playoff teams are you watching now? I don't even know who is still in the running for the cup.

Francie - I missed ****'s Kitchen, although I do know who won....Did Lacey screw Paula up? I really wanted her to win. I went to a Gaither Vocal Band concert, but I phoned home at 9:00 to get my hubby to PVR it, and he had already watched it on an early channel.

Why does it always feel like I am missing someone? I guess if I would go to advanced instead of just a quick reply it might help me out a little.

Nothing much going on here. Going to try and get the housework all done today. Going to see Teri Clark tonight at one of the casinos in Edmonton. This is my Christmas present from my mom. Cole wants my nephew to spend the night tonight, however I do not think that my DH will say yes to that, as although he is 6 also, he is not as independant and gets into way to much stuff. DH does not like to watch him. Plus, my neice already had a sleepover this weekend. Hope everyone has a great Sunday.

05-17-2009, 01:14 PM
Cristina - You snuck in there while I was typing away. Glad to know that someone else will be doing laundry with me. My MIL left me some books while she was here, and there is one I am going to start by Tami Hoag. Have you ever heard of her? Will take me forever to get it done. I'm more into The Berenstain Bears and Captain Underpants and such. :lol:

05-17-2009, 03:06 PM
Good Sunday afternoon chickies. Our weather turned a little cooler today, not even up to 60 yet. The sun is shining though, so it looks beautiful out there. I am loving that everything is go green and all my plants are so healthy and nice. Now I need some annuals to give a little color until the others bloom. Might go do some shopping for those this afternoon. Nothing much going on here today otherwise. DH did go get another load of mulch and made another bed under some trees where grass wouldn't grow. So I have that to contend with. I told him if he keeps going he won't have a yard to will all be mulched. He said that is the idea because I take care of the mulched areas. LOL

Kathy- Yes, I miss my son. The house just seems empty after the young ones are here and leave. We old fogeys don't make much noise. LOL! DS doesn't have a steady gf..he was engaged and that fell through. I think he is shy to get into anything serious now. He is concentrating on his law exam right now...hopefully he will pass the first time. Although I tell him JFK Jr. failed it many times before he passed. Laughing here about the books you are used to reading. I remember those days.

Jules- I just looked up Lupines and am trying to decide where I can put them. Gonna give them a try. I need color in the backyard, but it is very shady. I don't know about the purplish plant. I had two plants come up that I had planted 2 years ago and didn't come up last year. Now I am dying to see them bloom since I can't remember what they were. My former neighbor gave me so many starts as did my BFF, I couldn't keep them all straight. I was surprised how many came up that did not show up last year. My ferns are absolutely beautiful. I even thinned a few out and put in other spots. I think that fern bed will produce enough starts for the whole backyard. LOL

Cristina- Sorry you are still dealing with the no shows on the house. So aggravating. How much longer is your listing? Will you extend it and keep trying? DD is planning to have an open house at her place once graduation is over. She is listing it herself until the end of summer, then will go with a realtor if that fails. They have a pool so it might help it sell if we have a hot summer. :) Does your laundry basket breed and multioly like mine does? I swear I look and there are 3 or 4 items and by morning it is over flowing. Darn clothing monsters!! WTG on the exercise. I am so ready to start doing soemthing. Maybe after the pain injections....

Sassy- Yay for getting DH's space set up and another Yay for your office. (I am a little slow...) SOunds like you have been busy with the house and with exercise. Good for you. Hey, we like to talk about everything in here...just keep us posted, ya hear?

Mindee- School will be out soon and you will have your hands full, excuse me, MORE full. Hope you can keep the little ones busy. They are growing up so quickly. Hope you can get back into your walks.

Katy- I saw your famous Mother's Day gift. I bet by now you are wondering why you want that. Good exercise anyway. DH has put down 6 yards of mulch and I haven't been able to help much. I hope to be able to get back to exercising and doing heavier yard work soon. I have moved plants and dug a few smallish holes, but nothing major.

Susan- Oh, for sure keep us posted on the move. SOunds like my kind of place. I so want to live where I can at least SEE water. DH said he is putting a fountain under my window so I can sleep with the sound of water...isn't he sweet? He knows I will never live by water..LOL.

Francie- Have you been watching Melissa on Dancing With the Stars? I still think she would have been a catch for Jason...he blew it. Hope you and DH get to go to the ocean this summer. Did you say he is going to get out of the NAvy? My granddaughter is going to marry a guy who is going into the Navy. Of course, it will be another year or plans change.

I need to go finish reading my paper and then get ready to go shop a little. I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday with your loved ones......

05-17-2009, 04:04 PM
KATHY...I didn't see you online when I posted earlier. Of course not sure if it is the site or my computer but posting is proving to be a challenge...have to refresh the page just to get to the page I click on and thought I lost several posts, ugh! Need to figure it out and see what's up...really frustrating to type for so long and lose a post! We had some bad storms move in Friday evening but are finally drying up...supposed to be nice all week so hoping everything will dry up so there can be a picnic! I am so jealous! I love Terri Clark! Hope you have fun! Funny to see Cambrie play...all the kids are so sidetracked and not really into playing. Of course her games haven't started, just practice...they start the 28th. Chase's first four games were cancelled due to the rain but they made up one, tried to make up another but the other team didn't show and then another make-up game will be the 28th...thank goodness both his and Cambrie's are at the same park...this time anyway. I have heard of Tami Hoag...but I am not sure I have read anything by her...I think I have, but not sure. Would have to look her up.

SUE...will be thinking of you and you mom tomorrow. For some reason I thought your son was there until this Wed. We did re-sign with the same realtor...we are wanting to get moved so we will see...hoping it will be sometime soon :crossed: I want to plant flowers and get things all pretty but knowing we might move I don't see a point...wanting to dig up almost everything and take it with us when and if we do move, lol. Wouldn't the new owners love that :lol: Well, we actually didn't put it in the contract so...I will have to see what the heck a lupine is that you and Jules are talking clue what it is.

Anyway...been on the computer too long and need to go get something done!

Good day all.

05-17-2009, 06:05 PM
Kathy- I forgot to ask what you thought of the Gaither concert? My daughter's paternal grandmother is cousin to Bill Gaither.

Cristina- I am not sure about the Lupines either. I saw pictures, but have no idea if I have ever seen any growing. Going to Loew's tomorrow instead of today, so I will look for some. :)

We are having pizza and salad for no biggie for me tonight. I have had a slow, relaxing day. Hope you have too!

05-17-2009, 06:17 PM
Sue--I found the lupines in the seed section by accident--I was looking for ANYTHING that would grow in the shade that was a flower. I have never even heard of them before. Look preety though. I almost bought a bleeding heart plant at the Greenfest with Mom last week, I hear they grow good where ferns do well. It seems everything that grows well in the shade is not very colorful. Good luck to you and your mom with the injections. Hope they help. I have ferns that are growing wild, never thought to transplant them to other areas of the yard...hmmm..

Kathy--Katy has then green thumb or whatever color the manure pile is (j/k)...I am hit or miss, like Sue I live in the woods and shade is the problem for most plants. Finding something colorful that will survive is the challenge. Teri's friend already made arrangements to get her car fixed, he is even going to have them take care of the dent in her door where Dave (Dominic's father) had a temper tantrum and kicked it.

Cristina--sorry to hear about your arm, I've been having some problems that are sending me to the chiro every Friday. It's usually my neck but this is more my upper back and shoulder blades. Don't know what I did..chiro thinks its from carrying Dominic...he's at 29 1/2 pounds now.

Teri took the little man home...I am going to go jump in the jacuzzi tub...hope everyone else is doing ok....

05-18-2009, 12:30 AM
Jules, I got my ferns from s friend who was thinning hers. They are super good for shaded areas. I also transplanted some smaller wild ferns from a neighbors lot. So far they are doing well. Both types will spread like wildfire make sure you really want them there. :) I also have hostas, catmint, zebra grass, lily of the valley and shasta daisies in the backyard where there is little sunshine. For color I added an azalea bush, but it is too soon to see how it will fare. It is in a spot with sunshine 2/3 hours a day as are my peonies. But before the flowers bloom everything is really color.

05-18-2009, 03:47 AM
Hey All,

Well it is down right chilly outside!! :brr: It says its 46, but I think with the wind blowing it is actually a little chillier than that, but I still walked, maybe not as much as usual, but I did get out there and move! :D Also walked a bit inside too. ;) I do notice that it does WAKE me up!! Which is good after sitting on my bum for hours! HA HA!

DH & I ate Salads for Dinner lastnight. I think we put too much in them though. We had Cucumbers, onions, red peppers, and mangos. I was trying to "Simulate" a salad that I get at a local restaurant here, but it wasn't the same! lol. Oh well I ate it anyways!!

DH & I only ate out ONCE on our days off too. I am so proud of us! :D We both are feeling MUCH MUCH better too! ;)

Jules -- My Peonys have bloomed, both White and Pink! :D Of course I can't take credit for them as they were already there when we moved there, but they are perrrttty! I just hope that the cold doesn't do them in, we have a Frost Warning.........Sorry to hear that Terri was rear-ended. You know I think the main problem with the GPS is they count too much on the main roads or I dunno. Just seems like have you going in circles sometimes! lol.

Cristina -- Ok was just making sure I wasn't tickin' people off with my house and Twilight talk. hee hee. I have gotten back into reading too (obviously) lol and it is nice, kind of expands you mind instead of rotting it out like TV and the Internet does. lol. I hope your arm feels better soon!

Kathy -- Thanks. I figure if I at least walk a little, its better than doing nothing, right? ;) I'm going to get my mom this Wed. Yes my mom and my DH get along just fine. DH and I always say we lucked out in the inlaws dept because we always here horror stories of other peoples all the time!!! I added you to my friends list on Myspace. Snow??? Wowsers! This weather is totally screwed up for sure! hee hee. Have fun seeing Terri Clark! ;)

Sue -- Yeah, we have a few more things to do yet, but mostly all done. DH got the futon put together, so my mom now has a place to sleep! :) I found a boatload of pictures that I have no idea what to do with. (they are all framed) My mom is going to be helping me plant flowers when she comes. She has the green thumb. I on the other hand have the black one! lol.

Well I hope everybody is doing well.


05-18-2009, 10:48 AM
Was online to order something and thought I would drop by with a quick HI :wave: Wanted to get the shoes ordered first thing before I forget and then exercise and have to run out for a bit. So, I will be back to do inidviduals after I get the little one off to is her last day! Not sure when Chase's last day is but the preschool usually goes by the school districts schedule so I will have them both soon. Anywho...I'll be back a little later.


05-18-2009, 03:55 PM
Okay, so I am back...

SASSY...I don't think you can ever have too many cucumbers, onions and red peppers, mango's I have no idea. Of course I am no expert and if you eat too many you may get sick, lol. But the salad sounds good...well, minus the mango's-not a fan.

JULES...yep, I would say Dominic would do that. Does the tub help at all with the pain? Would love to have a jacuzzi tub...not sure I would ever leave the bathroom! Chiro sounds good too...I quit going, guess I watch too much t.v. and hear too many bad things about going. But I know I felt great when I was going. Hope you are feeling better.

SUE...I looked them up, the lupines...they are pretty and I too can't say I have ever seen any growing anywhere. Hoping all went well at the docs today, and the pain shots help! was your Teri Clark concert?

SUSAN...hoping all is well with you.

As well as everyone else...hi to Mindee, Tammy, Francie, Katy and anyone I missed :wave:

I am pooped! But I did get in 90 minutes of exercise, happy about that. Now, to just stay on track with it. And...the eating is going well. Not sure what we will do for dinner though...know we will eat out and not sure I want to make a good, healthy choice or go for the Mexican and just watch the portions. Guess I will wait and see what the hubby wants to do...going to be a late dinner though.

Today is Cambrie's last day of preschool...thinking I am repeating myself here...but will have her full days now. Told her this morning that we will have a special day once a week and go somewhere and do something, well, her and Chase of course. Speaking of Chase...he is the reason for the late dinner...he has a game this evening at 6:30 and they've been going 'til about 8'ish so...anyway...that's about all I have. Nothing special going on.

Hoping all is well with everyone, and you all are having a good day! Ciao for now :wave:

05-18-2009, 08:38 PM
Real spend some time with hubby...we rode the motorcycle to work today woo hoo...I forgot how much I love Dominic but having him on everyday off of the week is hard sometimes..we don't do alot, but every now and then it's fun to just jump on the bike and's like having kids all over again but my Mom's not well enough to babysit yet...

Sue--we have wild azaleas and rhodadendren (?) but I haven't had much luck getting them started in our "yard". I was thinking shasta daisies needed full sun...hmmm....Lily of the valley is so dainty and prettiful....

Sassy--our friends moved into a house and the first spring summer there were suprised at all the stuff that came up...she has peonies...I'm jealous!!

Cristina--the tub and the hand held massager do work wonders. Jerry installed the tub himself so it was just the cost of the tub, heater and various odds and ends. Everyone at works keeps trying to get me to go to another chiro, but I really like this guy and his wife. She won a good bit of money at a Bingo Bonanza and is putting it back into the office. She's buying these foot baths that pull toxins out of your body...I already signed up for a session though it will be at least a month before it's ready. Will you have Chase during the summer too?

Hi to everyone else!! Mght be back later tonight...can't promise...can't get on at work anymore even to check--Big Brother is monitoring everyone's pc and time spent on it and what non-work related sites are being looked at....

05-18-2009, 10:42 PM

Well tonight is my last night @ work. I took tomorrow night off and its my short week so thats it for me. Figured I can finish up some things before I go and get my mom on Wed and get myself on to a "Dayshift" sleep cycle.

Cristina -- I like Mangos, but these were actually just too ripe to be in a salad. They were just so sweet. Really good, but so sweet. I like Cucumbers, onions and Red Peppers, but we just had too many, it was a small salad. But it was still pretty good, just next time I know, less is more. lol. Aw that is nice you have extra time with Cambrie. :)

Jules -- Well my peonies survived, so far at least. lol. I hope they stick around for my mom to see them. :) My mom is going to help me pick out and plant flowers.

Well I hope you all are doing well.


05-18-2009, 11:38 PM
I must have mis-spoken or got you confused here. My pain shot is not till the 26th and mom's is the 8th of June. Yeah, can't get in to these drs. very quickly. Today was one of my rougher days pain wise. Aleve wouldn't touch it...ugh.
I don't know if I actually told you..... they are now treating me for inflammation in my ribs. It is painful and they think it is what I have had for FIVE years. The Dr. said the pain gets so severe that it radiates and I can not even tell exactly where it hurts. I was swearing that it was my gall bladder or liver. Well, the tip off was when it started on my left organ Then he really pushed on all my organs and it did not hurt. Then he pushed on my ribs and I thought I was gonna throw up. I felt so dumb for not knowing it was my ribs, but he poo poohed that and said I honestly could not tell where it hurt.
So my injections are in my ribs..yikes, I am a little nervous. But I am so hoping it takes care of the pain that I have had for so long.
That's it for me right now...I am going to soak in a warm bath and hope it helps....Later chickies!

05-19-2009, 12:40 AM
Well............I started my period. Yay. :( So its back the drawing board I guess. But we really don't have the money to buy the Clomid and the I guess we'll just have to wait until my next cycle. :shrug:

Big :hug: Sue.

05-19-2009, 01:26 AM
Well............I started my period. Yay. :( So its back the drawing board I guess. But we really don't have the money to buy the Clomid and the I guess we'll just have to wait until my next cycle. :shrug:

Big :hug: Sue.

Sorry hun...:hug:...GO AWAY AF!!!!

05-19-2009, 01:32 AM
OKay well.....nothing much is going on with me. It's graduation week at the academy, so Fonzo has been working weird hours. They had the ring dance on sat..and some event today..and tomorrow the Blue Angels will be doing practice runs (or Fonzo is taing my camera with him tomorrow so he can take some pics for me. And he's gonna take pics of him in uniform..with a, LOL!!! Not that I think guns are sexy, LOL!!

And Sassy..AF will come for a visit next week. JOY!!! NOT!! LoL!!! Although, it doesnt feel like it will though. I have no symptoms. So maybe it will be a light one, lol.

05-19-2009, 11:38 AM
Morning all...

Not feeling so great, ugh. Feel so sleepy plus in pain...nothing like getting hit HARD with a freakin baseball! And just when I got a good start on my exercise yesterday...can't do much today, hoping tomorrow it will be better. Anyway...

SUE...I misread your post...I didn't go back and read it, just glance thru a couple days ago I guess and for some reason thought it said Monday *slaps forehead* my mind is elsewhere most days and I don't even think when I read something I am actually comprehending what I read...I guess, no idea. Sorry to hear about the ribs though...that sounds very painful, ouch! And I have never heard, or ever dreamed one could have inflammation in the ribs...we learn something new everyday.

SASSY...sorry for TOM, maybe next month will be the month :crossed: Bet that is hard going from being on the nightshift and then trying to stay awake days. Hope you enjoy your moms visit.

JULES...having a hubby who is a handyman saves lots of moola for sure! I know what you mean about the grandbaby, does limit us on what we can do sometimes. I will be having Chase too so that kinda messes with the so-called schedule I am sort of on. Just a matter of rearranging some things. But ya can't take them on the motorcycle...that is something I would love to do! Enjoy the rides!

FRANCIE...can you go see the blue angels? They are awesome to watch! Hope Fonzo gets some good pics! We have an airshow here every year...thinking I may go this year. The bad thing, sort of is always free so there are LOTS of people who attend!

Hello to everyone else :wave:

No plans for today...since I am out of commission sort of...will do only light exercise...upper body weights, have some laundry to do and play with the little one. She's here full days starting today, and Chase starting Friday I think...thinking his/their grandma will take them for the long weekend. Wasn't even thinking about Monday being Memorial Day...again, don't know where my head is. Anyway...CIAO!

05-19-2009, 01:26 PM

Francie -- Thanks. We are taking this month off from TTC. Just with money issues and honestly I am just not "feeling" it this month.........just really don't want to deal with it, ya know? I know that is a sad excuse, but true. lol. Oooo Sexy Uniform pics??? lol.

Cristina -- Thanks. As you can see above, DH and I are taking this month off on TTC, due to financial matters & plus I just am not really wanting too. But I appreciate all the support. :hug: Have fun with the little one!!

:wave: and :hug: to everybody!

05-19-2009, 02:37 PM
Good Morning -

I will have to catch up better tomorrow when I have a day off from work! I will just hit and miss right now, sorry.
This'll be my 6th day of work and I am sooooo ready for a day off! My room is taking on a life of it's own. I just dumped all the clothes in the closet so I wouldn't see them in piles anymore. ha ha ha.

And I swear I think I stepped on a slug this morning in the kitchen and I tossed it in the sink. It is like wth? Everything goes to **** when I don't clean for a week??

And I was even too lazy to make it to the store for salad fixings so I guess I will have to eat something fattening at something smothered in cheese. Seems to be the cooks speciality. lol k- being mean. Maybe they will have a good soup , yesterday was beef barley and i bought 2 small bowls. I don't usually work on Mondays so I treated myself.....yay



Kathy - How is Little Punkin? The fall on the trampoline sounds brutal, poor thing.

Sue - Then he pushed up your ribs?? , sorry for the cussing but no one is pushing my ribs anywhere. Geez, hope you are feeling ok today. Rememeber when the medical people tried to push a tube down my nose and couldn't get it down (because I have a dainty nose *snort*) and after 2 tries I said "that's enough!!!"....geezus. I am out of there.

Jules- :hug: ya , I know you can be lonely in a marriage too. I kind of would like a guy friend to tool around with , I am making some friends w/ my co workers though. How is Dominic and the teething? Always stuck some ice in a sock and wet it for the girls to suck on, seemed to help them w/ their teething. I would be scared on a motorcycle! Do you have pic's on myspace? I will have to go look.

Katy - You still playing with the compost? lol We had some beautiful weather for all that outdoor activity, I bet your place looks nice.

Cristina - Wow, you sound busy busy. It is nice that you are there to help w/ C & Cambrie for the summer. It'll probably cost me around $200 for Gaby's part time care, though I think her father will pick up that bill. anyway, the whole house sale thing sounds stressful, take it easy! And I am so inspired by your exercise I swear today I will go join the hospital gym and stop talking about it! Need to get in shape.

Sassy - :hug: sorry about AF.

Hi :wave: to Francie & MIndee!

I better get going to work, going to be late. I did sign the lease to the new place, eff for May 30th, she already gave me the keys though. Pool Man is still there, I am not to going to drool over him though it was making me ummmm, crazy. lol He is cute though, and such a good instructor. *sigh.
The R's finally got their money and Rach ran out and got hair extensions and Beck a cell phone as their 1st purchase.

And ya...........Memorial Day weekend is coming up fast! Any special plans??

oops, late.


05-19-2009, 03:51 PM
Omg..I was just outside watching the Blue Angels do practice runs!!! It was soooooo exciting!!!!! I might go with Fonzo to work tomorrow (at 4am!!) I can watch the actual show. But the only downside is..I'll be there mostly alone, and the allllllllllll damn day, lol. LoL!!! But it might be worth it. The Blue Angels are freakin awesome, and I only got to see them once, and that was from the ferry. I dunno what to do.

05-19-2009, 04:08 PM
for some reason I haven't gotten an email from this site about posts, so that is why I am behind this time!

nothing really new on this end....just getting things ready. Marissa is getting tested tomorrow, and then Logan is getting tested on Friday. by the end of this week, we should know if they are developing right where they should be or if they will need some extra help like Brandon! I can't believe that we are already coming up on Memorial weekend!!!

Jules~ I am sure that there are plenty of summer programs for the kids.....but we don't have the money let alone know how we would get them to the programs! the city does have a soccer program, and Brandon just made the cut age wise, but we didn't have the extra $65 for him to join this year. so we just play with a couple of the balls that they have outside. The Wii is going......I haven't really been on it that much because I have been taking the kids outside more. But I will get on there and at least weigh myself from time to time and do a little bit. I have been wanting to get on there and bowl. A friend of ours, the one that works here, came over last week to fix our blinds and was asking about the Wii Fit board. I told him that you can do Yoga and Strength training on he now has an open challenge to do drunk yoga when he comes over next. (which should be fun because he seems pretty confident that he will be able to do it without any problems!)

Kathy~ We have actually been able to get out for our walks lately.....she tries to get me to go at midnight though! she seems to think that I don't have to go to bed in order to function every day. I need to get back into the habit of doing it every day again. And once the weather gets nice out all the time, we will start taking family walks after dinner! As for who I am rooting for in the playoffs, I am a hardcore Detroit Red Wings fan!

Sue~ Yup, school will be out here soon and who knows how I will manage to stay sane! the boys already drive me nuts with their bickering back and forth, so I am hoping to be able to stay sane during the summer!

Francie~ We live a couple of miles away from the local military base, so we get to see the planes when they fly over doing their drills and such. they have air shows around here, and I am not sure if the next one is this year or next year.

hello to every one else.....sorry if I missed any one, and I am sure that I did. I have to run and get the mail and finish up on here

05-19-2009, 04:49 PM
HI everyone:wave:

Well, I just realized I am not going to finish my LazyMan by Memorial Day...I think the compost distracted me too much. I am getting exercise, just not the type I set out to do last month. Oh well. I am glad I got back in the pool to swim, I do really like that. I really don't like biking on a stationary is good to know these things. My next goal is going to be more about my bad behaviors, I think. I really need to work on snacking and sneaking bites here and there. That really slows me down and they are the hardest of my bad habits to control. I was telling DH the other night that sometimes I think I treat food like an alcoholic treats alcohol. I don't mean to minimize the seriousness of alcoholism, but I do catch myself exhibiting some of the behaviors ( ie sneaking, not knowing when to stop, denial) Maybe my goal will be to sit at the kitchen table to eat. I've tried this one so many times, but one of these days it has to click, right?

Susan - compost pile is half done. I've been a little stiff and sore, but not too bad. Can't wait to hear all about your new place.

Sue - :bighugs: But not too big - yikes! Hope the shot helps your rib pain...hopefully the doc has really figured it out this time. You've been living with this for a long time and you deserve a break.

Crsitina - OUCH! Where did the ball hit you? I use to play softball and can just feel the smack...ouch ouch ouch. Hope you feel better soon and can get back to your exercise. Sorry about the home selling woes...I really hope you can get a buyer soon and be done with it.

Sassy- :hug: Hang in there...I'm jealous, my peonies haven't popped yet and I am getting impatient!

Francie...well, depends on what kind of guns you are talking about ;) Hope you can see the actual show, but it is so cool that you can watch the practice runs.

Mindee - GL with the's great that you are getting them checked at a young age..early intervention is the best! Summer will go by them outside at every opportunity :)

Jules- your shade plants sounds lovely. I dunno about the shasta daisies, I think they need sun, but they are hardy so it may not matter. Lupines are so pretty. I have a north side that get mostly shade with a few spots that get alot of sun (our lot is on an angle) I planted strawberries in the sunny parts. In the shady areas I have siberian iris, hostas, rose campion ( which seems to grow everywhere!), mahonia, and ferns. I agree with Sue that ferns do really well and they are easy to propagate. Every winter I cut them back to the ground then all the spring growth is new and pretty.

Kathy - Hi - hope you are having a good day

Hi to anyone else reading this. I have to get a stew going in the crock pot and bake some muffins. Then I hope to balance my check book and water my plants before bus stop time. Such excitement :P I just heard the rain start to come down, so garden is out...hopefully the sun will return in the next day or two and I can get back out in the yard and finish up the compost pile

Have a great day, everyone!

ETA - anyone watching the Bachelorette? I watched the 24 finale last night, so I skipped it, but was wondering if it was worth tuning in. Jillian seems to be out to have good time...don't think she expects to get a husband out of it, and that would make her one of the more realistic people ever to do this show :P Still could be fun to tune it....

05-19-2009, 05:44 PM
Katy- I have to admit to watching Jillian last night. You are right that she seems more realistic than most. She has a great sense of humor. But, oh my, where did they get some of those guys?? I wasn't really taken with any one guy, some are really dorky. LOL Hopefully it gets better. (and the twist was 5 extra guys)

Mindee- Hope all the testing gets done and gives you an idea of where things stand. Look how great Brandon has done by you getting an early start. Yay for you.

Susan- Hope you can enjoy some time off. I know how the house gets away from you when you work every day. Ugh! But when you are off you can't bury yourself in housework all the time. I know you are anxious to move, but geeze, I hate to think of you packing and hauling again!! LOL

Cristina- Wow..hope the soreness goes away soon. Did you forget to duck? :) So, you are watching both younguns for the summer...every day? I am supposed to have little Mason for a few hours this week...don't know when though. I am ready. I told them to bring the stroller and we will walk.

Jules- I just ordered 50 lily bulbs. LOL..Should be fun finding room for them. Most of my shaded areas do get minimal sun at some point of the day. My shasta daisies did well last year with very little sun though.

Francie- Those planes are breath taking. We have a base nearby too and see some "fly overs."

Sassy- Sorry about TOM. Take time to relax while your mom is here then try, try again...the trying is the fun part. ( least I thought it was 30 years

Kathy- Has it officially passed the SNOW season for you yet? We are supposed to get 80 degrees this week. I prefer about 70 to 75, but can't complain. Yet anyway. haha

Okay, I need to get my rear in gear. I have pork cooking and will add cabbage. I ironed most of the day...let it get away from me and had to catch up. I hope to ride the bike. I did a mile only yesterday...didn't know it would pull my ribs. Geeze, do you have to use your ribs for EVERYTHING??

A note about the ribs. The malady is called costochondritis. Usually can make you think you are having a heart attack if it is in the middle of your chest. Mine is along the bottom of my ribs, front and back and just makes me think I am having pain in my organs. (or it did, now I feel foolish about that)

Off I go to finish cooking. Have a Happy Hump Day tomorrow....

05-19-2009, 06:54 PM
Mindee, Katy & Sue~I just came back from watching the Blue Angels again. Omg, it was soooooooo cool seeing all 4 doing their famous loop. They had colored smoke. Fonzo said he took some pics, so I'll post them later. I will be going to work w/him tomorrow, cuz I really wanna see the show. I'm gonna bring a couple of books with me to read, lol. And wear one of Fonzo's hats, lol. I'm so excited to see the actual show tomorrow. And Katy..ya, I like "those" guns better...hahaha!!!! LoL!!

05-19-2009, 10:57 PM