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05-02-2009, 09:06 PM
Hi all! I just joined 3FC and am truly just beginning the weight loss journey. My best friend and I have teamed up to lose weight and become healthier; tomorrow is the first time we'll work out together. We decided to work together, to motivate each other, and to not let each other quit! I've been a "fat chick" since I was in middle school, and I'm ready to change! I have a few additional challenges for myself including quitting smoking, and cutting down on my coffee intake; my two addictions which are terrible for me. Tomorrow I begin my diet and exercise plan, and my Quit Smoking date is Monday the 11th. I'm working on committing to whole foods rather than processed, though I know that will be a slow process...I love junk food and food that's quick and easy! I don't have a goal weight, as I'm not sure what is a healthy and reasonable goal. Today I weight 182lbs and am 5'2" tall. I plan on weighing myself once a week rather than once a day because I think I would become discouraged when the scale didn't move or if it moved in the wrong direction!

If anyone has any tips or advice or comments, I will more than welcome it! Thanks!

05-02-2009, 09:15 PM
It's awesome that you have a weight loss body. When I do, I find that I "have" to roll out of bed and get my butt out there since I can't just ditch the other person. It's a really great motivator that way. When I don't have one, I find I make up more excuses why not to get out of bed. I still do tho, but on the rare occasion my mind won't let me.

Good luck! And welcome!

05-03-2009, 12:03 AM
Sounds like you are headed in the right direction. Keep your head up and remember to keep moving forward. Good luck!

05-03-2009, 01:36 AM
Just make a plan and dedicate yourself to it. And post any questions that you have -- that will help you with your success...