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05-02-2009, 07:36 AM
I'm up and glad to be alive to share my big pot of coffee.

Had a close call with another car yesterday on my way back from town. The idiot made a U-turn in front of me. Good thing my guardian car angels were alert. Now I need a new tire - the others were three weeks old! By the way, I did return the frumpy dress!

This morning I need to solve another dog problem. My yard is waterlogged once again and wee Jazz can slither under the privacy fence in the mud - and does! At least, he comes back the same way and sits on the deck trying to look innocent with mud all over his legs and chest. The Township are coming next week to look at the drainage problem - I suspect my neighbours' part of the culvert needs a good flushing.

Other than that it looks like today will be a good gardening day. I must make good use of it as tomorrow is plugged with my grand daughter's Confirmation and First Communion at noon in Ottawa and then a Church dinner to serve at starting at four. I'll have at least three hours on the road altogether but it should all work out. Bed will look good Sunday night!

I hope your weekend is fun and glorious in some way.

05-02-2009, 08:06 AM
Thanks for the coffee, Ruth. I have time for a cup before I'm on the road myself, headed over to Monica's. It's only an hour long trip, and there shouldn't be any traffic to contend with ast this hour.

Thank goodness your guardian angel was looking out for you yesterday! I've had similar scenarios, and they're pretty scary. :hug: Have a nice time at the church services with your family tomorrow.

It looks like it's going to be cloudy, but dry. We're going to the opening day of a Farmer's Market, and there is a festival there, too. Carley is very excited that I'm coming. :) Then this evening, we're going to see the show "Bat Boy" that Eric is working on. I really enjoy going to the theatre and am looking forward to it. I plan to head back home early tomorrow morning, and probably won't be online until then.

Have a happy Saturday!

05-02-2009, 08:31 AM
Oh my, Cottage, I so wish I were going with you. I adore theatre and don't get my cravings satisfied very often. It sounds like you have a perfect weekend ahead planned. Enjoy!

05-02-2009, 08:43 AM
Good Morning,

Ruth, There is nothing like a close call to make you appreciate life. I'm glad you are fine. :)

Cottage, Enjoy your fun day out! I love a farmer's market.

Me: Mr. Auston needs a haircut badly, so that is happening today. He is spending the night with his cousin tonight and Jeff is watching some final game of the NBA. I may have a night out alone. I've been thinking about getting my nails done, now that I'm employed. I'll stimulate the economy. :)

Today is also the Spring Fling in downtown Oneonta. That sounds like fun to me!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

05-02-2009, 09:03 AM
Shew! Took me forever to get to where I could post this morning, not sure if it was the site or my computer but I was darn near ready to give up! Anywho!

Sounds like you ladies have a busy weekend ahead. Not real sure what mine holds at this point, I am waiting on the sleepy heads to rise to plan out our day.

Ruth So glad you are ok and you had that angel watching over you yesterday!

Cottage Have fun!

Chelby Go pamper yourself a bit today, and have fun!

Hope everyone yet to come has a great weekend also!

I am off to make some breakfast, my belly is screaming feed me!!!!

05-02-2009, 09:03 AM
Ola chicks! Last night's Spring Fling was canceled due to rain so we went to my Mom's for pizza and had a little impromptu birthday celebration for DD2 and also a cake for future Nephew-in-law, who is graduating college this weekend. DD2 volunteered at the Lion's Club Breakfast, so I got up early to escort her over and am hoping to get my housecleaning done this morning. The kids have their horseback ridiing later and we've got to take DD1 her bed and dresser for her new apartment. DS is desperate for summer clothes so I'm hoping I can squeeze in a trip to Penney's and then there's a birthday party for my great-niece this afternoon. So glad I got my grocery shopping done yesterday!

I am out of milk so sucking down black coffee and not too happy about it, but I really need my coffee this morning. DH got in from his trip at 1AM and I couldn't get to sleep until he got home.

Better get my butt in gear or I will decide to just play this morning. Have a good one chickies!

Hi Steph, good to see you back!
Chelby, enjoy your night.
Ruth, glad you are still around!
cottage, enjoy your day. I can't wait to start going to the farmer's market again! Maybe next week.

05-02-2009, 10:21 AM
Good morning Chickies,

Ruth- Glad your Guardian Angels were with you.

Cottage- Have fun with Monica

Chelby- Go Pamper yourself girl.

Pacergal- Hope you plan a wonderful day

Schmoodle- Hope you have a good day- sounds like you had fun last night.

As for me- Dropping DD1 off at Soccer this morning running for groceries and then have to run some errands this afternoon and fit cleaning the house in there. Week 1 of Phase 1 is done, down 4 lbs but even better is having the eating back on track and feeling great.

Have a great day everyone

05-02-2009, 10:34 AM
Good morning

Ruth - so glad that the guardian angel was there. Busy weekend for you again.
Cottage - enjoy your day at the market and lucky you to see a show. Is a review in order.
Chelby - you deserve to splurge on yourself.
Stephanie - enjoy breakfast and have a nice day.
Schmoodle - I remember those busy kid days. You will miss them someday believe it or not.
Pearlrose - you are on the run today. And congratulations for being on track.

me - busy day today. DSS are helping hubby take apart these huge planters I had all across my deck. They were cedar and after 25 years they are rotten. Big reno job which will take several weeks but I hope not months. I will be busy providing coffee and food.

05-02-2009, 11:16 AM
Good morning ladies!!! Happy Saturday!

Ruth - So glad to hear that you're ok!!! Hope you figure out what to do about Jazz!

Cottage - Have a wonderful weekend with your Daughter. Have fun at the show!

Chelby - I think a mani/pedi is the way to go. Pamper yourself!!!

Stephanie - Have a good one!

Schmoodle - Hope you're able to get things done today.

Pearlrose - Great job staying on track! Awesome work!

Sophie - Hope your able to get those planters fixed up this weekend!

Me - Well, my Father in Law's surgery won't take place at least until Tuesday. He was on blood thinners and they want the medication to be out of his system before they go in. We were told yesterday that it could be as much as a quadruple by-pass, but they'll know more in a couple of days. So apparently it's very serious. So in the mean time we say lots of prayers and get done what needs to get done.
Today I've got lots of errands to do, grocery shopping, birthday gift shopping, and the dreaded bathing suit shopping. The last errand, bathing suit, is not a happy thing. I had a great suit, that I had had for the last 2 years. Loved it! But when we went on vacation last summer I lost it. So now I have to find one, and soon. I need it for Mother's day next weekend. And then tonight DH and I are going over to his college alma mater to see a show that he participated in when he was there. All of the actors from the first production are planning on coming to see the new production. So it should be fun!!!!
Have a great Saturday ladies!!! I try to check in tomorrow!!!

05-02-2009, 07:42 PM
Hi Chicks. I could sure use the cup of coffee I usually have writing this but I guess it's a little late for that :) I just got back from a long day at a Gardening with Children conference (and 5 hours of driving). It was fun but I'm beat. Hanging out with my two work mates and drinking way more wine than we should have last night probably didn't help ;)

Ruth - I'm so glad you're okay! Jazz is quite the little explorer and doesn't seem to miss anything!

Cottage - Hope your day was lots of fun.

Chelby - Enjoy your alone time. It's such a luxury for a Mom.

:wave: Hi Stephanie

Schmoodle - I always drink my coffee black now. Did you take a little time to relax today too?

Pearl - Congratulations for getting back on track. It is a great feeling.

Sophie - New planters will be nice :)

Heather - I'll be holding all of you in my thoughts. How did the swim suit hunting go? I thought it would be so much easier last year and I never did find anything I liked! Hope you had better luck.

I'm so glad I threw some beans and soy chorizo in the crockpot because I have no energy to cook tonight. We are up early and out again tomorrow for the annual Wildlife Festival and early morning bird walk. DP has a table this year and will try to sell some pics. The economy isn't great for art sales but it's worth a try. Well I think I'll go make a cup of black tea and see if I can stay awake for a couple more hours anyway.

05-02-2009, 09:22 PM
Ruth - I am so glad you are okay! Tires can be replaced but you are precious to us.

cottage - I hope you had fun. There is an outdoor art fair going on this weekend but the rain has been too heavy.

Chelby - Enjoy your time alone. We all need to be pampered sometimes.

pacer - Have fun whatever you do.

sophie - Good luck with the planters. It seems there is always so much needing to be done.

hmac - I'll say a prayer for your father-in-law. I hate it when I have to replace a suit I like. I've got a racer back that I like when I'm going to be really active and a deep cut one that I like when I'm trying to look better. Want to guess which one I wore to the health club's pool and hot tub when I met Don yesterday? ;)

cyndi - I'm looking at how busy my schedule is next week (stuff every night but one) so I'm thinking crockpot might be a good idea. I haven't had any Cajun Sausage and Beans in awhile. YUM!

Me - Today has been a day of running around - credit union, picking up weed killer and applying it before the rain hit, a trip to the library, voting, browsing around Seconds and Surplus for stuff to redo my bathroom and they have some nice wood flooring too and the craft store for stuff for camp. I met up with Don and his coworker for lunch too so I did get some fun in. Looks like I'm on my own for dinner. Oh, and I ran by Tandy Leather and got a belt that has already had the pattern tooled in it so I just need to cut it to the right length and punch the holes. I can never find ones in the store I like and this isn't very expensive. Tomorrow I've got an appointment for a haircut in the afternoon and I pick up Brian from the campout at noon. I hope they haven't had as much rain where he is as we have had here. I know we've had at least 3 inches.

Oh, and I made arrangements to have my yard cut regularly by the guy who does 5 other houses on the block. I just don't have the time and I can afford $25.

05-03-2009, 06:23 AM
:wave: :coffee: :wave: :coffee: :wave:

As soon as it gets a bit brighter I'm out to do some ditch digging as my dog yard is flooded again! (Luckily the darlings are at the kennel.)

After that it's off to the city for the confirmation, lunch and socializing. Then back to work a Church supper 4 to 6 plus clean-up. Oy!

Can you say overbooked?

Have a Super Sunday and see you tomorrow.

:wave: :coffee: :wave: :coffee: :wave:

05-03-2009, 07:31 AM
Good morning Ruth. Hope the drive is relaxed and the visits are pleasant.

Started the day off with crock pot porridge. This weekend I tossed some of my dried rhubarb in. Wow, it was really good :)

Now I'm off to a bird walk in a few then home for yard work and chores. What's on your agenda this sunny weekend day?

05-03-2009, 09:55 AM
Good morning,

Ruth sounds like a very busy Sunday

Cyndi enjoy your bird watching.

HmacNeil- Glad you found a bathing suit you like. Your family is in my prayers.

Today is church this morning and then DD2 has a birthday party to go to, I will try and finish the chores left around here as well that I didn't get to yesterday.

05-03-2009, 10:29 AM
I'm up a little early this morning, so I had some time to check in before getting ready for church. We had a really busy day yesterday. They had a yard sale at the church, so we stopped to see if anything good was left, there wasn't, then, since I was there, we went to my SS classroom to get things set up for this morning. After that, we went to True Value, bought a washer and some yard things as well as 5 sample colors to paint on our kitchen wall. I think we've agreed on one, but we'll see if it sticks. Finally, we spent about 4 hours outside yesterday afternoon/evening. Every minute of it was spent doing some really intense yard work. I'm SO sore this morning and I'm so thankful I could count that as my workout.

The scale was up a bit this morning, but I was expecting it as last night's stir fry was a bit high in sodium content and I'm about a week out from TOM, so I'm already bloated. Sigh. The joys of womanhood! Lol!

I hope everyone is doing well. I'll do my best to catch up after church!

05-03-2009, 11:28 AM
I'm glad you all are having sun. We had tornado warnings starting at about 6 p.m. last night. The 'weather guys' said a rotation went over Remlap, but we didn't have any damage. This afternoon and this evening, we'll have more of the same. Should be nice weather by Tuesday.

I did my weekly shopping this morning. The house is pretty clean. It's going to be a lazy Sunday. Nothing like a Sunday afternoon nap while it's raining. :)

05-03-2009, 11:42 AM
Just a quick hi to all the Beach chicks! :wave: Busy doing yard work in between rain storms. Not heavy rain but still. And it's supposed to rain off and on all week. I think this is good exercise, right? Please say yes. :lol:

Have a great Sunday everyone! :)

05-03-2009, 03:23 PM
It's been raining here since yesterday morning, but that didn't stop us from enjoying the farmer's market. It was pretty crowded, and everyone just seemed happy to be out and about. I only bought a large bunch of rhubarb and a quart of blackberries. Everything else I can get here, and it's cheaper here, too. The show last night was pretty good. It was advertised as a comedy, but I thought the story was heartbreaking. Does anyone remember the story that The Enquirer ran about 5 years ago about the discovery of a boy that was half bat, and ended up being a hoax? Anyway, it was based on that. The acting was really good and the songs were great, though.

I should be trying to take a nap since we were up past 2am talking and enjoying wine and pizza. Dustin and Andrea and the kids are coming over later for spaghetti, but I don't know what I'm making for myself yet.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend, everyone!

05-03-2009, 09:37 PM
We got so much rain last night my pool overflowed. I slept in and then tightened up some loose dining room chairs and the bolts on the table too. Brian got back from the campout a bit early. He didn't get to climb due to the rain but he did ride 16 miles. He took one spill in the rain and tore his pants (and his knee but not too bad). I took him home to get cleaned up and rested and I joined Don and Joe at the house they were working on. I got to help them tear up an old wooden floor and lay down carpet. I mostly picked up and swept but it was fun. Then off to a haircut and grocery shopping and home to fix dinner. I've been sewing scout uniforms while Brian works on an essay.

I stayed up late last night watching a free on demand movie The Holiday. I really enjoyed it. It was the kind of thing Brian wouldn't have wanted to see. :)