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05-01-2009, 08:48 AM
Welcome to May :) :sunny: (it's actually raining here)

I'm weighing in at the same weight I did on April 1. No fooling. I'm a good maintainer, but I wanted to be 5 pounds down :( Injuries and feeling sorry for myself put a dent in that.

This is MY month!!!!

Have a good one..stop to smell the flowers.


05-01-2009, 09:05 AM
Good morning Mel, everyone! This is OUR month!!

My goals:

- Get back to 145 by May 23. Thanks to TOM, that's 6 lbs to go as of this am
- Lift 4 x per week, no excuses
- Cardio 2 x week
- OP eating 90% of meals

The OP eating may be the biggest challenge. I have 3 work dinners and at least 2 work lunches this month. In addition, I'm traveling and staying with friends all of next week. Oh, and visiting my brother in SF, the foodie capital of the US...

Be strong,

05-01-2009, 09:19 AM
May? For real? I saw the new calendar on my phone this am and nearly passed out. Should I finish putting away the Christmas stuff then? ;)

I think I need to refigure my nutrition plan. I have been POP 5 days in a row and running and lifting, and then last night I ate a quesadilla and then 2 pieces of pizza and I had the best run ever this am. I think I need more evening carbs--last night was a little overboard, but still! So.....maybe adding a potato or beans or bread at dinner would be a good thing....I don't eat before my early morning runs.

05-01-2009, 10:16 AM
Morning ladies!
So yesterday my therapist suggested I lay off the elliptical for a week because my foot is not healing as it should. They think I am not giving it enough of a break. Okaaaaaaaaaaaay, so I will get on the bike instead I promised.
Then in the evening I realized that there was no Pilates class (the schedule changed recently and I haven't memorized it yet) ... but .... there was Zumba. I knew I shouldn't but I did. LOL Then I iced my foot during the entire Grey's Anatomy (it didn't hurt, as a precaution). I feel it a bit this morning but not as bad as I expected. I must behave for the rest of the week.
My eating has been amazingly perfect for two weeks. Only 3 lbs over the weight I was at the end of January. I have to make it to the 150's before Cheryl does. LOL

We got some rain - it was lovely.
Shoulders and arms tonight - I am looking forward to it.


05-01-2009, 11:47 AM
May came around so quickly!

I'm not sure how I feel about May. It is a good month, but is it my month? Possibly.

Food has been good the past couple days. I did do some exercise yesterday but I really was a bit drained. Hopefully today will be better.

05-01-2009, 12:08 PM
Good morning, again. Just got back from the gym. It was deadly quiet in there: just me and one other "regular." Oh, yeah, that's right: it's the last day of classes, a traditional day of drunken debauchery among the undergraduates.

Today was chest / abs:
- flat bench: 4@145, 3@145+2@140; 4@135
- roman chair situps: 15@45 x3
- incline bench: 5@45s (each); 7@42.5; 6@42.5
- hanging leg raises: 15@0 x 3
- dips: 9,7,6 @ bodyweight
- planks: 1' x 3
- French press: 8,7,6@55

Felt OK, although I'm still down a few reps on everything.

Be strong,

05-01-2009, 03:39 PM
Dang, Kim! I wish my upper body strength was all that! Nice numbers!

I got a new low on the scale again today. Seems like I've finally got the diet dialed in now. Enough energy for my workouts, everything "regular", the scale is going down and the waist seems a little smaller...all good signs! Today's weight was 171.8...woot!

Alena, I'm pretty sure you're safe from me beating you to the 150s...I'm still trying to make it out of the 170s, but thanks for the vote of confidence! :hug:

Today's workout was a good one. I got to try jumping on the big tire for the first time. I don't know how high it is, but the most I'd jumped before was about 9 inches, so this is at least double that. I totally chickened out on the first attempt...ready, set...no freaking way! My trainer laughed, and then said, "get up there!" So I tried again and did it...woot! Since it was my first time doing the tire jumps, my trainer scaled the workout for me, down to 15 reps, instead of 21 per round, and I can't do ring dips yet, so I did "jump to support" (JTS) instead, just jumping up and trying to hold myself steady for as long as I could, which was a few seconds each time, and did that 12 times per round.

The WOD today was:
Run 400 meters
21 Tire Jumps (my sub: 15 Tire Jumps)
12 Ring Dips (my sub: 12 JTS on the rings)
3 rounds for time.

I forget what my time was now...17 mins plus, I think, but I was happy with that, since I got better with my tire jumps after the first round, full hip extension at the top every time (had a few failures on the first round), and got better with holding myself up on the rings as the workout progressed. :)

My running is still pitifully slow, compared to everyone else. I asked my trainer afterward what I could do about it, and he suggested it would be good to put a 400 meter all-out sprint into my warm-up, and to time it occasionally to track my improvement. His idea is that it would get me over the "fear" of crashing during a workout, so I'd learn to go hard and not worry about what comes next, plus it should improve my speed. So, I will give that a try. I asked him if it was better to pace myself during the workout, or to sprint right off and risk having to walk some of it, and he said he'd rather see me sprint out and hit the wall, aka having to walk a few paces, than to jog the workouts. So, I'll try that, too, and see how it goes. We're supposed to work on improving our fitness, rather than "gaming" the workouts, though it's hard to remember that when everybody else is stronger, faster, and has better endurance.

05-01-2009, 04:07 PM
G'day all! It IS my month, for I am the birthday queen tomorrow & meeting a mini-milestone number. Enough about that!!! :sssh:

Midwife you are so right about what makes for a good run. I have the best w/o sessions after a free day or a meal out. What is it about those darn carbs and a full calorie load? :chin:

I'm finishing up my first challenge and will take my final weigh and measurements on Tuesday. Then start anew with C2 in 5/11. Yep, NO plans for bday cake this weekend. But that's ok - I don't normally do that each year anyway; there's no reason 4 people need a whole cake in the house! Hmm, but maybe.........maybe I'll have one on Tuesday! ;)

05-01-2009, 04:35 PM
Can't wait for the results, Fran!! I have to laugh though, cause the other reason I might have had a good run today was that yesterday was a rest day....but I want to give the credit to the carbs! :lol:

Cheryl, adding sprint intervals was key for me to get faster. How fun!!

05-01-2009, 10:46 PM
Midwife, how long were the intervals you did, or were they timed intervals?

Fran, I'm excited to see your results, as well. You've worked really hard for this!

I've been nearly useless today, but had fun playing an online game with my boy. We're thinking of seeing a movie tonight, instead of the usual (skating).

05-01-2009, 11:57 PM
I mix it up a lot.

Sometimes I go to the track and do thusly:

800 meter warm up
100 meter sprint*, 100 meter recovery X 2
200 meter sprint, 200 meter recovery X2
400 meter sprint, 400 meter recovery X 2
800 meter cool down

Other times I just do some speedwork around a park and I try to mix up the sprint/recovery lengths.

* My definition of sprint is go as fast as you possibly can but also try to maintain for the distance planned. My 400 meter sprint will be slower than my 100 meter sprint. It is faster and tougher than my usual steady state pace, however. Having to REALLY recover (barely jog) so as not to barf when I stop is kind of what I aim for. I try to burn out my legs for the distance.

I don't time cause I am not that organized.

05-02-2009, 12:12 AM
<------ Hey guys, look what month it is! I'm almost at one year for cleaning up my diet from the liquid evils and almost to one year of not another Kidney Stone attack! :hooray: I just noticed, but I knew it was coming up! I'm sure it doesn't hurt that I'm down 30 lbs in the year since that surgery either. I clearly remembered what I told the anesthesiologist my weight was the morning of surgery. Unlike the DMV, that is really a place where you DON'T want to lie!

05-02-2009, 12:01 PM
I survived my first spinning class this morning. I went easy on the tension as I am not used to it. I can see that it is a good core workout but I admit I found it a bit boring. I know some people say that running on the treadmill is boring but I never had that problem. I guessed I was always too busy pep-talking myself into pushing further and harder. Maybe it will come with the spinning as well.
But, eGawds!, the seat is NOT exactly comfortable! LOL

Shoulders, arms and back last night and I am not sore. THat's weird, I should feel it more today. Hmm.
Looks like a nice weekend, time to do some gardening (split hostas etc.).
Have a good one!

05-02-2009, 05:25 PM
Alena, maybe you will feel it tomorrow. I usually don't feel any soreness from lifting until the second day, but maybe that's not normal for everyone?

Fran, congrats on the one year milestones! I'm glad you are feeling better this year. :hug:

Midwife, thanks for the ideas on the sprints. I like it! Today, I tried to do what my trainer said, and do the 400 meters, but I went too fast and gassed out. So, I walked a little, jogged 600, then sprinted the last 200 meters at my usual 100 meter pace. I did it without hitting the wall, so I will do that for a while, then try to add some more distance. I didn't try to time mine, either. I don't care so much about the time, myself, since I'll know if I'm sprinting farther than before, which is good enough for me.

I had a nice long warm-up and some skills practice time before the workout today (about 45 mins). I did the running, the usual stretching and sit-ups and such, then practiced climbing and descending the rope (only going partway up, since I'm working on coming down without losing control before I try to climb to the top), and worked on my push-ups. Those things are still a struggle, so if anyone has any tricks or advice on form or how to get stronger at push-ups (other than doing more push-ups, lol), I'd love to hear your ideas.

The WOD today was another metcon:
5 Broad Jumps (standing start, jumping the length of a stall mat, either 6 or 8 ft, I couldn't tell just eyeballing the things...I couldn't jump that far, so I just jumped as far as I could each time)
7 KTE (knees to elbows...I just had to raise my knees as high as possible, but I'm getting closer, about 4" from my elbows!)
9 DB thrusters (30# dbs men/20# women...I used the Rx'd weight for this one!)

AMRAP/20 mins (as many rounds as possible in 20 mins)

I got 6 rounds, plus all the way to 1 thruster in the 7th round. More typical numbers were 8-11 rounds.

05-02-2009, 05:52 PM
Congratulations on so many one year milestones, Fran!

Alena- I find spinning boring, too, but a heck of a cardio workout. I use a gel seat AND gel shorts :)

Full body w/o this morning and about 15 minute on an expresso bike- they have a screen with a "ride" that you do. slightly less boring.

Clean eats, but a "hungry day"!


05-02-2009, 08:39 PM
I am usually sore the day after but even more so the second day. Which reminds me, I asked you at the end of the April thread (but you weren't online and then you said you had to catch up so you could have missed it) how the heck you do your daily workouts, aren't you sore? I admire your perseverance and stamina.

Thanks for the reminder of gel shorts. Seeing that I may be stuck in the spinning classes for a while I may invest into gel shorts or a gel seat. My butt doesn't have that much built-in padding. :-)

Where are you? Long time no see.


05-02-2009, 11:14 PM
Just popping in. :wave:

I'm here Alena, just really busy this month. All good things, nothing to worry about. I had train the trainer day on Thursday. I didn't participate as the one being trained. Rather, I trained my trainer. I think I did a good job. :devil: A few times I asked him if he was okay and he muttered, "Yes, I love to workout.." :dizzy:

I am also preparing to give a four week workshop beginning Monday. :yikes: Lots and lots of documentation to write, topics to cover, and nerves to quell. It's a group of ten people so it's a nice size for conversations as well. Looking forward to it and I'll let you know I do. :rolleyes:

Oh, and stay out of that blasted Zumba class for now. Sheesh. :hug:I know how difficult that must be for you. Spinning was kind of boring for me too. Either the room was too small or the music not right or something. Fact is I hate classes. Anything in which someone else is calling the workout drives me :crazy: I need to know what's next so I can pace myself or give it my all. I hate not knowing the "what's next." I usually give it too much in the beginning and feel like :barf:halfway through. Padded shorts are a good thing by the way. :s:

Mel: Good luck with your Month!
Fran: I can't wait for the photos. The anticipation is mounting. You really have been inspiring all these weeks. :hug: Great job to you and your husband. Oh and happy milestone! I should really get rid of the the soda and coffee too. Especially after a day like today. Two cups and I'm physically tired by my mind won't shut off. Hate that feeling. I do know better.

:hug: to everyone else. Hope you are all enjoying a beautiful spring and staying healthy.

05-03-2009, 12:50 PM
Alena, I am sore every day, but doing the morning warm-up and workout actually makes me feel better. In the past, I'd have taken a "rest day" if I woke up as sore as I do now. Doing the CF workouts six days a week taught me that being sore in the morning just meant I'd been still too long. Things get tight overnight, but after my workout, as long as I keep active, doing chores, getting outside, not sitting too long at the computer, then I feel good, maybe a little beat up from the workout, but nothing major. Last week's knotted up rhomboids/neck was the worst so far, but even that loosened up eventually, so there was no harm done. :)

Lydia, what's the workshop about? Sounds exciting, so good luck with it! I'd be nervous, too, but I'm sure you'll do fine once you meet your group! :hug:

Hey, guys, it's not a video, but there's a sweaty workout pic of me on my gym's website (from yesterday's workout). I don't know how to do the thing where you include the picture right in the post, but I can post a link to the site if you want to see a pic of me with legs and everything (lol):

Today is a rest day, so no workout today, but it's sunny out, so I'm hoping to make some major progress on the chicken coop construction, plus I borrowed my sister's battery charger/jumper thing, so I'm going to attempt to get the riding mower up and running today. My lawn is getting out of control!

I hope you all get some sunny weather and have a good day today!

05-03-2009, 03:44 PM
Here's our movie star!!!! :hug:

http://www.rainiercrossfit.com/.a/6a00d8341d2d0353ef0115706878d5970b-320wi (http://www.rainiercrossfit.com/.a/6a00d8341d2d0353ef0115706878d5970b-popup)

Lookin' good, Cheryl!!

I'm globbing myself up with self-tanner today :beach: to get the best pictures possible tomorrow. I'm not doing dents in my abs tho, I stopped at that point. Was going to go get a mystic tan today (the spray on thing) but fearing my sensitive skin might react poorly, I googled it first and found tons of hits on breathing problems after a session. And one poor girl who complained of getting KIDNEY problems after getting mystified on a weekly basis for several years for her modeling career :faint: - yeah, you know me, one mention of kidney problems and I'm :eek:!! So instead, I used an otc airbrush tanner from Loreal. Gah! Can't breathe, choke choke! So glad I didn't do the booth, I would have been running screaming, and naked, out of the booth for air. What a sight that would have been!! ANYWAY, that Loreal stuff was so gross, that I went on drugstore.com to do some research on what the most popular brands are out there and then sent dh to walmart to pick up the 2 leading brands. I love that WM now will tell you what is in stock in their stores - you can see if it's in stock, limited quantity or unavailable. So, long story endless here...... I will take a few more cracks at making myself dark so that the flash of the camera doesn't turn me in to casper tomorrow. lol I stopped short of ordering the stripper shoes to pose in, but give me 12 more weeks and I just might. :devil: They would look pretty silly with my workout clothes anyway. :lol3:

05-03-2009, 07:00 PM
Cheryl: Awesome pic! How very cool! You are workin' so very hard. We had nice weather here too up till this hour. Still too wet to mow our yard though. The workshop I'm doing is about making exercise more of a lifestyle choice vs something that "has to be done." Or at least that's what I'm trying to do. :s: Actually, it's a lot of fun to put these material together. It's exciting for me to realize just how much I have learned in the last few years.

Fran: Self tanners mystify me. I don't think I would ever get it right. Ruined towels, the icky smell, having to stand around naked for an extended period of time while it dries (not an option as the mother of two young children. I can almost be certain they would use it as an opportunity to set the house on fire...) At the very least, I would come out all streaked or orange or something. Good luck. Share with us which product you find the best and maybe I'll give it a try.
***I'm so excited to see your results, tan or no tan!!!***

Enjoy the afternoon

05-03-2009, 08:54 PM
Great picture, Cheryl, and I love their motto! You are working so hard:D Just think how far you've come.

Haha, Fran, go for the hooker shoes! I have a few friends that compete in figure, and they complain that the posing sessions and walking in those shoes were worse than the workouts and dieting! Don't forget the glitter make-up, either:devil: Really, I can't wait to see the changes :o

I'm incredibly sore from yesterday's full body workout and I couldn't figure out what had made every inch of my upper body sore until I remembered I found the AB WHEEL at my "Saturday" gym. I haven't used it in ages and oh, how I'd forgotten how many muscles that works! Traps, rhomboids, lats, rear delts, abs, rear delts and...did I mention rear delts? I'm going to switch tomorrow's workout to legs because I don't think doing back and chest so soon is a great idea.

Clean food week-end with only a minor PLANNED treat on Friday night :carrot:


05-04-2009, 12:28 AM
Thanks, peeps...not the most flattering picture, since that must have been about round 4 or 5, but I figured you'd overlook the sweat and the look of pain on my face. :rofl:

Lydia, that sounds like a cool idea for a seminar! The grass is wet here, too, but since it's often "too wet", I've learned to cut it without the bagger anyway. If we get a day or two of good dry weather, then the bagger will pick the clippings up on the next mow. Not perfect, but it looks better than knee-high grass, for sure.

Mel, congrats for keeping it OP over the weekend! I like their motto, too.

Fran, besides the glittery make-up, you need a seriously creative hairdo, as well...either short and spiked, or some sort of "fan" type creation that sticks out the sides of your head, defying gravity and giving a clear view of your back muscles. ;)

05-04-2009, 02:25 PM
I want May to be my month too!

Fran - Happy belated Birthday and Kidney-Stone-Free Anniversary. There's an occasion Hallmark doesn't make a card for! ;) Stripper shoes and weird hair, can't wait for these pictures.

I was gone last week for a funeral. Sad situation, but I got some wonderful comments on my new figure. One aunt didn't recognize me. Finally a family occasion where I wasn't mistake for my mom!

Also, I ran off with my brother's free weights. :D I'll return them once I get a better set, but til then...they're mine mine mine! They were at mom's so it's not like he'll miss them.

Cheryl - I'm impressed with your tire jumps. I'd stall, then trip and break my leg.

05-04-2009, 02:39 PM
I got to ride my bike one day this weekend which was good. Now we are just full of rain. I decided yesterday I need to formalize my workout plan a bit so that is what I'm trying to do. I keep eyeing crossfit gyms nearby but my bike took away that budget :)

Cheryl - You look awesome. I showed my husband and he was impressed.

05-04-2009, 04:48 PM
Good morning/afternoon, LWL!

I'm posting from Stanford this week. Nice to be here in CA, even if the weather is warmer back home. :lol: Even better, though, I got to work out at Stanford's gym this morning. In many ways, my home gym is better equipped -- e.g., we have lifting platforms and bumper plates, whereas Stanford doesn't -- but nevertheless it was nice to be in a large gym with air conditioning and virtually unlimited hours. (My gym has crazy limited hours between terms, and it doesn't open until noon on the weekends. Boo, hiss.)

Did shoulders/abs today. It was kind of fun to freak out a new bunch of college kids by cranking out a few sets of wide grip, full ROM pullups. No one expects that from an old lady. (Not that *I* see myself as old, but to college students I sure do.) I know I should be focused on my own workout and not what other people think ... but I have to admit I get a little charge out of the double-takes.

Be strong,

05-05-2009, 01:54 PM
Anybody out there?

Back day today at the gym. The experience made me appreciate my home gym, which for all its quirks not only allows but provides chalk. No chalk = worse grip = torn up hands. C'est la vie.

Be strong,

05-05-2009, 04:02 PM
Hey all. I changed my avatar last nite because I saw a show last nite that showed their women staffers on a "getting fit" program, and they were working out using the vinyl coated dumbbells. which is fine......... but I just realized that i've progressed from that and felt pretty good about it.

Lost 25+ lbs of fat on BFL challenge 1 and gained 1.3 lbs of muscle (at least - feels like alot more!) Progress photo is on my profile.

05-05-2009, 04:45 PM
Fran, your changes are fantastic!!!

I was laying in bed this morning, sore as could be and struggling to get out of bed. I slept in :)

Tonight is another weight workout. woo hoo!!

05-05-2009, 07:25 PM
Hi everyone!

I annoyed, to put it mildly. So at Mel's advice I hit the bike shops today at lunch and got myself two nice gel seats (to see which one will be better). Then I had to vanish from work a few minutes earlier to get home, feed the canines and run to the gym for the spinning class. And what do you think I find - ALL THE BIKES WERE TAKEN!!! Just my luck, eh??

Darn. Ok, I did a 45 min core class this morning so the day is not lost. I actually left the gym because I have million of things to do but I did look forward to the spinning class. Oh well. (Mel, I wasn't ready to invest into the shorts - they start at $60 and I thought I would test the seat first).

Cheryl, thanks for the explanation. I was quite sore this morning too but I felt better after the class. You look like a serious lifter BTW.

Fran, huge progress! Thumbs up! So which tanner did you finally settle on? I will have to get something as well because I look like I have been freshly exhumed. LOL


05-05-2009, 08:30 PM
Fran :D Fantastic! :carrot:

Alena- How annoying! I didn't realize that the shorts were that expensive! I bought mine at either Marshalls or TJ Maxx and paid less than $20 for a Nike pair and a Pearl Izumi pair- both good ones. They rarely have then, but every once in a while I find something great there in the workout clothes area. Do you have them or their equivalent in Ontario-ho-ho?

Kim- Good for you! I can't crank very many out unassisted anymore, but even 2 gets a double take at my gym. Enjoy. It's quite an accomplishment! How is sunny CA? It's rainy and miserable here, but the flora is loving it :p

Dixie- I'm sorry about the situation that brought your family together, but it must have felt great to get so many compliments ;) I had to laugh at "not being mistaken for my mom". That would have thrilled me (except for the age)! My mom has never weighed more than a bird size 2's are baggy on her. I think I must have been adopted:lol:

Good day today- cardio before work then back and chest at lunch. My abs are STILL sore from Saturday's workout!!!!! I sneezed and thought I was going to cramp up at one point today.


05-05-2009, 08:53 PM
FRAN! What an amazing change! A virtual high five going out your way...

Mel: It's raining here in CA, which is pretty much unheard of for May. This makes the third visit this year that the weeks preceding and following my visit have been gorgeous, but the week of my visit has been unseasonably cold and rainy. I'm convinced I'm causing it. (Evidently, I also do volcanic eruptions: Mt. Redoubt started spitting about 20 minutes after I purchased tickets for AK this summer.. :) )

I love the image of a sneeze-induced cramp. I've only had muscle cramps in my abs once or twice, not induced by sneezes. It's such a bizarre feeling....

Be strong,

05-05-2009, 09:15 PM
I would recommend Banana Boat spray mist or the lotion. Those had the highest ratings on drugstore.com tho I did not use them yet. I went ahead and continued to fumigate myself with the dreaded Nutrigena airbrush tan (don't use) bc I hate to throw anything away. I did a total of 3 applications to go from ghostly to a nice tone. But I'm ready to lather myself up already for challenges 2 and 3. I also suggest spraying yourself outside, or in your garage if you're shy. It's every bit as annoying as the sprayon sunblock stuff now if you've ever been caught in a cloud of that at the pool in the summer.

So cool, I purposely planned my finish day to be in synch with The Biggest Loser last show tonite (not the finale) and I'm really enjoying sitting here watching them do their 'realizations' about where they've come in 17 weeks while I sit here and have the same thoughts about how different I am after my weeks. Pretty cool.

05-05-2009, 10:20 PM
Fran! YOU DID IT!. :hug: And look, the photos really prove it! WOW! How are you feeling? Are you surprised at the difference as you look at the two photos? Are you having fun trying on clothes in your closet? Nice. Nice Job! :yes: Thanks for sharing.

:faint: Tired. And I have an early day tomorrow. I'm helping my son's class plant 25 trees on the school grounds. It's supposed to rain. I'm going to be "channeling" you Cheryl. :lol:

Workouts are going well, food is spot on, my white linen summer pants are a little roomy (they just fit last year) oh, and the bag of pretzels hasn't been replaced for two weeks. (whew)

Have a great evening everyone!

05-05-2009, 11:31 PM
Congrats Fran!!

05-06-2009, 12:08 AM
(Evidently, I also do volcanic eruptions: Mt. Redoubt started spitting about 20 minutes after I purchased tickets for AK this summer.. )

So now I know who to blame that my flight to Boston was cancelled 3 times! :) I refused to rebook the third time since all the events I was going for had gone by.... It's being quite active again if you've noticed. I'm planning to fly out of here at the end of June, so it had better be done!

BTW, I'm home if you haven't noticed my string of postings. :) Had a great 4 days off, and now two catching up at home and work (well much of today was spent at the dentist - 2 hours driving to/from Anchorage, 1.5 hours there.

I've got a new PC, and discovered that Vista does not like my printer. Grrrrr. I guess I see a new one in the near future. At least I have an excuse to buy one that prints photos and can skip having to do it at the store.... I totally love my new big flat screen though. :D

I'd better get making some dinner. DH is at a meeting and will walk through the door hungry I'm sure. I've spent too long messing with the printer while reading/posting here (at least I can multi-task :) ) so I'll quit now.

:wave: to everyone!

05-06-2009, 01:47 AM
Fran, awesome results from the BFL challenge! Big change in the pics, thanks for sharing, and :congrat: on your success!

Lydia, if you're channeling me tomorrow, can you channel me getting up on time? I've missed my alarm 2 mornings in a row. I hate waking up late, and getting to the gym late. :( I've borrowed the boy's mega-annoying alarm for tomorrow morning. I'll be jealous of your tree planting tomorrow...I have to pressure wash my sister's roof and clean the gutters...not my favorite job, but only happens about twice a year, thankfully! I'd rather be planting trees!

Nelie, thanks to you and your dh for the nice complements! :hug:

Alena, sorry to hear about the spin class being full. Seems like it's always full at the Y, too, though I've yet to try one, and haven't been to the Y much in the past 2 months.

Kim, you are really strong. I love seeing when you post your workout and weights used. Gives me something to work towards and keeps me hopeful of the possibilities!

Pat, Midwife, Mel, and those I missed, :wave:, cuz I've got to get some sleep soon!

Today's CF WOD was "Elizabeth", a make-up girl WOD, since yesterday they did a special farewell workout for one of the guys. I'm actually glad I missed that one, since it was a metcon-o-death with lawnmowers and burpees and all kinds of stuff that would have left me crippled up for another week!

Elizabeth is 21-15-9 reps of:
BB Cleans (Power cleans at our gym, unless you "miss" and have to catch it lower)
Ring Dips (Jump to Support on the Rings for me, since I'm still a newb at rings)

My time was 12 mins and something. Accidentally used too light a weight on the cleans, since I didn't have time to look in my journal (was late getting there today) before the workout. I think I could actually go up to 70 lbs or maybe 75 for this rep range on cleans, now that I've got the form down pretty well.

I got good at the JTS with the rings low, so my trainer raised them halfway through the workout. Now I'm jumping up about a foot, which is a lot harder, but I didn't do too bad. Could NOT feel whether I was locked out at the top or not, so more practice will be needed to get a feel for it.

Okay, off to bed for me. Tomorrow is workout in the morning, then home to pick up tools, pack food and such for my day, a few errands on the way there, then roof cleaning and some more tree trimming if there's time. I may check in here in the evening if I get home at a decent hour. Weather has been flukey here, but I'm hoping for sun, despite my chances being slim to "whatever". :dizzy:

05-06-2009, 09:58 AM
I had one of my "wake up in the middle of the night" sleeps. Actually, it was less bad than other days when I wake up at 3 am. Today, I woke at 4:50, made myself some hot chocolate and checked some emails. Then I loaded Jackie Warner's DVD and did 45 minutes of exercise (abs and upper body). I love the feeling of starting the day with my exercise already done.

I am thinking I need to collect my courage and get my picture taken (a la Fran) so that I have some comparison later. :-)

Now I need to tank up some coffee. Lydia, enjoy the tree planting - I hope you get done before it starts raining. The rain should be here tomorrow. Woohoo!

05-06-2009, 04:45 PM
:wave: peeps! Just posting the CF report, for those interested:

Today's WOD was Back Squats, 3-3-3 Across (same weight for all 3 sets)

I warmed up with single sets of 5, starting light since I'm still working on my form for this one:
45 lbs
55 lbs
65 lbs
75 lbs

Then the working sets. For some reason, my trainer wanted me to stick with sets of 5 today for the work set, instead of 3, so we only went to 85 for the working sets. Still, since my back squat was so pitiful before, this was a new personal record weight for my back squat:
85 (PR)-85-85

I could have gone heavier, but I guess my trainer wants me to take it slow. He switched me to a monkey grip for the back squat today. Took some time to get used to it, but it turned out to be better, since I could get my elbows a lot higher in back with that grip.

During my warm-up this morning, since I got there on time for once, lol, I worked on running sprints: first a 100 meter sprint like I'd been doing, then I did some stretching and walking, then I just tried to sprint as far as I could, and made it about 200 meters. It's progress!

I tried some ring dips with the assistance band, but that was more complicated to coordinate than expected, so I wouldn't call it a success. I did practice more "jump to support" and am getting better with the rings being higher now than before.

I also practiced overhead squats and front squats, just with the pvc, then the 15 lb bar, as the "squat" portion of my warm-up. My pull-ups are still sucking worse than ever, but I did get through my 2 sets of 10 doing singles, even though I couldn't string them together.

I got 5 push-ups on my toes in a row today, chest to floor. These are still killing me, but I keep on trying, and will eventually get through a set of 10 in a row!

05-06-2009, 06:59 PM
You rock! Great job on the push ups.

05-06-2009, 09:19 PM
Awesome, Cheryl!!!! :carrot:

Kim- Please stay away from southeastern PA...we once had a minor earthquake which I thought was my washing machine off balance, shaking the house.. Then I remembered I wasn't doing laundry..... If you can cause volcanic eruptions, just think what you could do with tectonic movement! I think Kim now get the World's Strongest Woman title :queen:

I had a good run this morning, and lifted shoulders at lunch time. I learned a cool new front delt, squat, plyo exercise which scares the :censored: out of anyone nearby :dizzy:

Grab a dumbbell slightly lighter than what you'd use for a front raise. Hold it in your right hand, hanging down and go into a squat. Come up out of the squat and bring your arm up slightly above shoulder level. At the apex, give the dumbbell a spin towards yourself and let go of it. Grab the handle with your left hand which now should be in front raise position, and as you bring your left hand down, go into a squat. Repeat, alternating hands. I practiced it a few times without switching hands...squat-raise-release and spin-catch with same hand, squat.... I was getting pretty good at it and only had to make one or two wild grabs for the db. When I reached for the BOSU ball, people started fleeing the weight area :lol: I heard muttering about helmets. Really, I think a mouth guard would be adequate :rofl:

I can't find a youtube video of this. If I could, I certainly wouldn't have typed it all!

Lydia- Congrats on the loose pants! :woohoo:

Welcome back, Pat :)


05-07-2009, 12:13 AM
Fran! YOU DID IT!. :hug: And look, the photos really prove it! WOW! How are you feeling? Are you surprised at the difference as you look at the two photos?

THanks Lydia. Here's what I wrote in my journal:

This has, in some ways, been the hardest thing and most meaningful thing Iíve done. Harder than finishing college. Harder than getting my masterís degree. In both of those situations or most of lifeís major challenges, you have someone guiding you, telling you what to do, plotting out the steps for you. This was just me. Just me, a book, and a coupe of really good online forums. But no one to report in to each day or week, no one holding me accountable, except me. No check-inís, no personal trainers, not even a gym. Just me in my basement and my equipment. It was all me. Just me. My determination. My commitment. My success.

05-07-2009, 01:06 AM
Just me in my basement and my equipment. It was all me. Just me. My determination. My commitment. My success.[/I] :goodvibes:

Fran: You totally own all of your success with this challenge! Taking ownership of the responsibility to hold yourself accountable entitles you to complete ownership of your success. :yes: Congratulations girl. Doesn't feel like you kind of crossed a new threshold for yourself (in a good way) :hug: I'm so excited for you.

Mel: You crack me up. :lol3: There is a back room at my gym that is usually not used. I could try your move in there. But if I walked out of there bleeding from an injury, I'm pretty sure the kid behind the desk wouldn't have any sympathy for me and tell me to go home to get my own band aids.

Cheryl, good job with the pushups. I so love pushups. Well, at least until I can't do anymore and then I get ticked. My workouts are doing much better. I'm focusing more upon strength this month. I've found that with all the different things I've been doing since Feb. I have acquired more strength despite my worries. I'm using much heavier dumb bells for my favorite upper body routine. Although the sets are a little shorter.

I'm tired. Another late night. Have a great morning everyone. :coffee:
Have a great

05-07-2009, 06:18 PM
Hey all :wave:,

Thanks for the kudos on the push-ups. The chest-to-floor takes it to a whole other level, unfortunately, but I'm making progress!

Here's the CF Report for today (feel free to skip, as always):
Warmed up with a 500 meter row, 200 meter run, shoulder mobility, overhead squats, push-ups, stretching. There was a big group doing the workout at that time, so I couldn't get to the pull-up bars or GHD, so I skipped the sit-ups, back extensions and pull-ups today.

The WOD:
Run 400 meters
50 (air/BW) squats
25 pull-ups (green band for me)
Run 800 meters
25 pull-ups
50 squats
Run 400 meters

Today I tried running fast every round, and sprinting the last 400 meters on the last round of running. I ran out of gas a couple of times, but just jogged or walked, got my breathing slowed to something manageable, then went for it again. I think my run time was a lot faster than normal today, even with the walking. Mainly, my trainer wanted me to go for it on the runs, and walk if needed, so that's what I did. Today, I was able to sprint about 300 of the last 400 meters, which is a new record for my sprint distance. I was out of gas the last 100 meters, so not really "sprinting" anymore, but I didn't stop or have to walk, and was able to do something resembling a run till I got in the door. I called "time!" and had to collapse in a heap till my heart rate and breathing slowed down, but I was proud of the effort. 21 minutes, 37 seconds today.

On the squats, I went for broken sets right from the start, 5 squats at a fast pace, rest at the top for 3 breaths, 5 squats fast, rest 3 breaths, etc. This seemed to work way better than going for a steady pace and gassing out after 20, so I will do this again, and may try it with the wallballs, too. Feel like it was a better metcon workout this way, since I wasn't standing around, unable to work at all, during the workout.

Pull-ups were the definite limiting factor today. The green band is a bit strong for me, so hard to kip with, but I'm still not good enough to use the blue band in the workouts. Need to get the kip nailed with the blue band, then I think my pull-up times will improve, plus the blue band would be closer to the real thing/less help, which would be good. I'll have to wait a day or so, then I will spend one of my warm-ups focusing on getting better with the blue band.

Today I brought my CF workout logbook home, to do a little organizing, since just writing down the WODs by date makes it hard to find what weight to use for which exercise, or to know if I've improved my time or weight on anything. I made a page in the back for each of the main exercises we do often, like the olympic lifts and running, then a page to just take note of what weight to use for kettlebells, wallball, etc, and for what rep range. I also made a separate page for tracking the named WODs, so I'll be able to see if I'm progressing.

Since I was looking at that, I thought I'd jot down my bodyweight and waist measurement for the first of each month. Since I started CF, I've lost 2" from my waist measurement, and lost 9.8 lbs. Not bad for 2 months, at this stage of the game. :) I'm going to take a pic next week (bloated up with TOM this week), to compare to the one I took at the beginning of March for the beginner CF class. If there's a visible difference, I'll post the pics here, if you guys are interested.

05-07-2009, 07:43 PM
Hey all :wave:,

Thanks for the kudos on the push-ups. The chest-to-floor takes it to a whole other level, unfortunately, but I'm making progress!

Two words: breast. implants. :devil:

Since I was looking at that, I thought I'd jot down my bodyweight and waist measurement for the first of each month. Since I started CF, I've lost 2" from my waist measurement, and lost 9.8 lbs. Not bad for 2 months, at this stage of the game. :) I'm going to take a pic next week (bloated up with TOM this week), to compare to the one I took at the beginning of March for the beginner CF class. If there's a visible difference, I'll post the pics here, if you guys are interested.

Please do! And, 10 lbs in 2 months and 2" from your waist is FANTASTIC, especially since 10 lbs is a net change (and you probably gained a bit of muscle). Way to go!

Be strong,

05-08-2009, 08:31 AM
lol, Kim. I thought the same thing. I have a friend who went from concave to double D and after healing, chest to floor push ups because a lot easier for her!

An on track week :) I'm determined to stay that way, although we have a fundraiser party tonight for a neighbor who is BICYCLING across the entire US (including the Rockies AND Kansas) to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation. Several other neighbors are meeting him at various points to ride with him. One brave sole is just doing the Rockies with him! We'll write a check :dizzy:

I'm doing mother's day for extended family, so I'm in control. Everyone in my family except the kids are watching calories and cholesterol, so egg white omelets and fruit salad will be appreciated. No junk!

Have a good one!


05-08-2009, 09:45 AM
lol, Kim. I thought the same thing. I have a friend who went from concave to double D and after healing, chest to floor push ups because a lot easier for her!

Oh Mel,
You so cracked me up!!! Thanks for the laugh but I now have to and fetch a paper towel cuz I have coffee on my monitor!:dizzy:

Shannon in ATL
05-08-2009, 11:48 AM
I have totally disappeared from this forum for the last few days, and when I come back it is to a funny post about breast implants that made me inhale my coffee! :dizzy: I was actually just thinking something similar last night - I took pushups out of my routine for a while in the post breast implant healing process, and am just now getting them worked back in. Went back to them too fast initially, and they hurt a little, plus I think they were pushing the implants further out in the pockets before, so took them out for the last month and started back last night. I was just observing last night that I don't go down nearly as far on the chest to floor pushup with 32DD as I did in January with 32AA. :lol: I did some last night with my hands in the a diamond pattern lined up with the center of my chest, haven't done them like that before. Uh, oww! My arms and back totally felt those.

I am so behind on the posts here I'll never catch up...

Cheryl - :woohoo: on the pushups! And yes, post pics! High five on the pounds and inches lost!

Kim - bad weather often travels with me on trips, too... Except when I went to Seattle - it was unseasonably sunny and hot while I was there.

Fran - :yay: Wow! You look fantastic! I'm so inspired by your dedication to the plan!

Mel - I had a friend who has done similar rides for AIDS funding - he biked across Canada in the first one, and is training for one across a big chuck of Europe. Wowzers. I sent money, too, and thanked him for the invite to sign on and join his team. :o

Alena - comparison pics are good! I have some from February, and plan on taking some more after I get back on track with the eating and strength training for the summer.

Lydia -congrats on the pants and the pretzels!

Pat - I found that Vista didn't like a lot of my components... my USB hubs, my printer, my external card readers... Grr...

I got in some strength training last night, and am determined to get back on the plan. I've made a lot of excuses to myself the last month, and comforted myself with the fact that when I did exercise I did a lot... ex. - 60 mins of strength training and 75 minutes of running at the park, or 45 mins of yoga and 90 mins of treadmill in the the same day, sometimes back to back. Well, what I accomplished was wearing myself out for the next day, which led to several more days with no exercise. So, back to a rational plan. I'm going to review my lifting workout, and make some revisions this weekend. I'm also going to get some 10lb dumbells, because a lot of the exercises I've been doing with the 8s are at the point where I need to step them up a little. I have gotten up to 260 'pounds' of resistance on my squats on the Weider (I know it doesn't equate to actual weight, no matter what the user's manual says).

Good weekend everyone!

05-08-2009, 02:48 PM
Morning :wave: A goregous :sunny: day here, cool this morning, but the afternoon/evening should be lovely. Too bad I have an indoor commitment tonight.

Shannon - I am determined to get this #*&&*( Vista machine operating this weekend. I've resigned myself to a new printer - and am rationalizing it by getting one that will print photos. :) The email is the most annoying part, and my ISP has just suggested that I remove Outlook, and use the windows mail. Hope that works. I have it forwarded to my gmail account, but I don't care to have all of DH's email, and he certainly doesn't want mine which has a lot of quilting and knitting stuff! :lol:

This weekend looks to be nice weather, so my plan is to work in the house in the morning - amazing what needs doing after two weekends away :) - and then work in the yard/garden when it's warmer. My flower beds are in need of attention. Grass is not ready to be mowed yet. DH fertilized yesterday and he'd like some rain to soak it in before we mow. He did put my clothesline up so I can hang laundry outside - I love line dried sheets/towels.

I'll also be be planning my BFL meals, as I've committed to doing this second challenge. I have no travel plans til the end of June, so I have 7 full weeks to be in my own routine before any of it is taken out of my control! Which reminds me to go see what the cruise ship offers for a gym. I got my tickets, etc. yesterday, so I'm totally psyched now. :D

05-08-2009, 05:15 PM
Yeah, thanks for the advice, Kim and Mel. Unfortunately, with my new Crossfit habit, I can't afford the implants...dang! My running joke is that the first 40 lbs came straight off my boobs. I seriously need new bras. I've sorta got the National G (o-graphic) look going on now, lol. I'm hoping I can take up some of the skin space with the huge pecs these push-ups are gonna give me. :rofl:

Speaking of the push-ups, I got 7 in a row today, on my first set, before I got stuck at the bottom. On my second set, just on the last few reps, because I was so out of gas at the bottom, I tried treating it like a lift, taking my breath at the top, holding it, and trying to just touch the floor and get right back up, then breathe again, hold, etc. That seemed to help, so I will try that again. Pretty stoked about the 7 on the first set, anyway!

Today's CF WOD was running. It's because I got up this morning and thought, "we just did a metcon with running yesterday, so he wouldn't make us run today...I'll wear the sweat pants!" Yeah, I was burning up on the run, and half prepared to take those muthas off and run down the street in my underpants. Okay, not really, but it figures that the ONE day I don't have the running pants in the van is the day we're doing nothing but running, lol.

The WOD:
Run 1 mile
Run 800 meters

My times were 11:24 and 5:09, both PRs by a couple of seconds over the same workout last month. Considering I started out last year with at least a 17+ minute mile, I'm pretty stoked about 11 anything!

Shannon, sounds like a plan. I think it would be better to do something each day, and build up your time, rather than wiping yourself out and talking yourself into a rest day the following day. :hug:

Pat, good luck with the computer. I haven't heard good things about the vista, so I'm holding onto my old XP for as long as it continues to work!

05-08-2009, 06:46 PM
so I'm holding onto my old XP for as long as it continues to work!

Yeah, that was my plan... it pretty much stopped working :lol: The new machine itself is very nice and very fast. It's the compatibility that's killing me.

Oh, and too bad about running in the sweat pants - I always wonder how people at the gym do that - I get way too hot. Sweats are for putting on to go home and shower. :)

05-08-2009, 07:27 PM
Pat- ditch outlook and windows explorer email and download firefox and mozilla. They work a lot better than exploder. I have Vista on my laptop and haven't so much had problems as am annoyed by it. Change annoys me in general, tho.

Another good day :)

Shannon. I had to read this a few times:
so took them out for the last month
Your implants???? Where did you keep them? I assuming you meant the push ups!

Tomorrow is a full body workout, then lots of cleaning and garden clean up and grocery shopping for Mom's day brunch.


05-08-2009, 08:25 PM
:lol: Mel, I thought the same thing when I read Shannon's post - like, wait, they're removeable!! :rofl:

05-09-2009, 04:40 AM

I'm back after way too much days off. What with the job, the yardwork, the home improvemtns stc etc. I really have to juggle to keep time in for me and my sceme of improving my looks and my health!

Unfortunately, the pounds keep creeping on, and i keep trying to devise ways to stop this, so I'm in for the new BFL challenge starting monday. Again, on my own conditions: I managed to work in exercise in the past BFL, so I'll continue with that, alternating lifting days with running days. my running has improved to the point that Ii can now do 10 minutes at 7 km/hr easily, so that will be my starting point. And i'll start again with monitoring myself on the nintendo, and cutting out the butter, mayonaise and sugar. I'm not ready yet to cut out wine but in the last BFL i did manage to limit that to weekends, and 1 - 2 glasses.

Cheryl - huge kudos on the crossfit training. Very impressive!

Fran - great pictures, looking forward to BFL stretch 2

pat - I'll be there for BFL2, nice to do it together again.

Have a great day all, off to do some house pinting,


05-09-2009, 09:42 AM
Good morning ladies,

THe promised rain didn't happen - only some sprinkles.
I thought I did a lousy job at the gym last night (shoulders and back) but I am hurting today so that makes me feel good.
Thank you all for making me laugh! I love this little corner of 3FC.
Pat, good luck with the ****** Vista!! LOL

A question for the knowledgeable crowd - is there any exercise for middle delts? All the exercise I see featured (mostly in Oxygen) target either posterior or anterior delts but how the middle one?


05-09-2009, 05:06 PM
Just a flyby today, ladies, sorry! The CF report:

3 Muscle-ups or 9 Pull-ups (PU for me, green band)
30 Wall Ball (ran out of wall ball spots, so I subbed 2x15# DB Thrusters)
6 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (50# for me)
5 Rounds for Time

My time was 20:10. I'll be able to go to 65# next time for SDHP, but this was my first time doing these with weight, so I didn't want to be struggling with the weight when I was trying to get the form right. Mine was a pretty typical time for this workout today. This was definitely a metcon from heck, and there was lots of cussing and grunting during the workout, then lying on the floor groaning in pain at the end. I did not lie down, as I was pretty sure my legs would stop working if I did that. I just walked it out for about 5 mins afterward to keep from cramping up. Today I busted out the pull-ups. My mental state was that the DB Thrusters were going to be the hardest part, and they were, so I was danged if I would be caught hanging under the pull-up bar, thinking about how much my hands were hurting. So, I just psyched myself up to knock the pull-ups out 9 straight each round, and that worked great. I was also able to knock out the SDHP each round without breaking the set, which is how I know I need to up the weight next time. All the women and men doing the Rx'd weights had to break these up after the second round, except for a handful of firebreathers who aren't normal humans, anyway. ;)

Great metcon, kicked my butt. Thankful that tomorrow is a rest day!!! :faint:

05-10-2009, 12:35 PM
I am SOOO sore today! I did a major leg workout yesterday and my--ahem---derrier is complaining significantly. Ay-yi-yi!!

Bigger boobs would help with pushups for sure---but also for chest press. I think it is unfair that I have to bring the bar down farther than another woman who might be more----endowed!

05-11-2009, 01:53 AM
Midwife, I can totally relate. Saturday's workout is catching up to me today. I need to install some handicap rails in the bathroom, just so I can sit down without falling. :rofl: I hope tomorrow is something nice, like max lift day, but I think we have to draw another girl WOD tomorrow. If it's Fran, somebody kill me so I don't have to do it.

Okay, I'm off to bed. I'll check in tomorrow to see what the news is from the weekend. I spent most of the day working on the chicken coop, since it was sunny for most of the day. Made some good progress, but still not done.

05-11-2009, 11:42 AM
Hey all!

I feel good today partly because I had a good productive day yesterday! I went riding on my trike, did about 12 miles of hills (I think I need to move back to Denver where it is flat...) Also moved around heavy deck furniture, cleaned the house, etc. My legs are sore this morning and even my usual morning walk with the dogs was a bit painful :) I love riding my trike, I get honks/waves (good ones) and if I'm stopped, people will ask me questions. I usually don't like having attention called to myself but its fun.

05-11-2009, 12:28 PM
Hey chickies. Back on plan and starting Challenge 2 today!!!! :woohoo:

Coming up with new exercises for my ubwo and lbwo. All these sore bumms stories are giving me encouragement to work my glutes and quads really hard! HIIT cardio will consist of fast walks on huge inclines. :D Loving it! Tried on all my summer clothes yesterday and had to move some to the "too big" discards, and all of the others fit. None of them are too small anymore! Aiming to be down to just one pair of the tighest ones that still fit by August 31. All others will be in the too big pile!

Have a good week!

Shannon in ATL
05-11-2009, 12:30 PM
:lol: Mel, I thought the same thing when I read Shannon's post - like, wait, they're removeable!! :rofl:

:rofl: funny!

Shannon in ATL
05-11-2009, 12:42 PM
I did some yoga on Saturday, which made four days in a row of exercise. First time I've done four days in a row in a while... Took yesterday off - no time with all the running around, going to go for a run after work. Was planning on the park, but clouds seem to be rolling in now. Might end up on the treadmill, which might mean doing some strength training and a short run instead of my planned longer one. I have a hard time staying for on the treadmill for the longer run, even with the tv on it I get bored.

Pat - good luck with your computer... I ugraded to the new version of Office at the same time I got Vista, and the new Outlook works better with it than the older one.

Alena - I've been getting my exercises from here Deltoid Exercises (http://www.exrx.net/Lists/ExList/ShouldWt.html#anchor1933886).

Rabbit - Good luck getting back into the swing of things!

Cheryl - I'm laughing at the thought of you putting rails in your bathroom! :) You are doing so great with the Crossfit!

Mel - I've switched to firefox as well - I like it so much better than IE.

Nelie - sounds like you are having a great time on your trike, that is so cool!

Fran - high five on the summer clothes! Woo hoo!

Good day everyone!

05-11-2009, 02:21 PM
Shannon/Mel- I do use Firefox - it's much more stable than IE. Interesting about the new version of office, Shannon. I do have it at work, but I'm still on 2003 at home. The rest of it works fine, just OUtlook won't hold my email password. I'm going to talk to our IT guy - I suspect my password file might the be issue.

I had a decent weekend. No mother's day celebrations - just can't get those cats to shop! :) We did go to the HS hockey steak feed on Sat night. I ate about half the steak, and DH and I shared a baked potato. I did eat a small piece of dessert, but all in all not bad.

It's gorgeous here, and supposed to be quite warm by afternoon. I have my bike on the back of the car, and plan to go for a ride after work. I suspect my butt will wear out before my legs. :lol:

05-11-2009, 07:57 PM
Pat, my butt would wear out before I got half a block, lol. Glad you're getting some nice weather, finally!

Shannon, wtg on the 4 days in a row of workouts! I only tried running on the treadmill once. It was boring, and when I got off I felt like I'd just come off a month at sea. :dizzy:

Alena, hope you get an answer re your question on the middle delt exercises. I am so NOT the expert on that, so I didn't even try to pretend I know the answer. ;)

Fran, good luck with Challenge #2, and congrats on fitting into the summer clothes..WOOT! :carrot:

Nelie, your new trike sounds very cool! Glad you're enjoying it so much!

Here's my CF Report, for any that are interested:

Well, I feared the Fran, but after some of the workouts we've had lately, I'm thinking Fran is gonna be nuthin'! Today we had a special Mother's Day WOD. I should have known. If there's a holiday or a birthday, be afraid, be very afraid!

suMo deadlift high pull (65# Rx'd for women, 50# for me)
Overhead squats (65# Rx'd for women, 27# for me)
lawn Mowers (30# Rx'd for women, 15# for me)

21-15-9 reps per round for time, lawn mower reps were total reps, not each arm this time.

My time was 18:15. The OH squats were the major suck of this workout, and I had to break up every set. I practice these several days a week in my warm-up, but it is just going to take time for my wrists to get limber enough that they don't complain about the drastic angle I'm asking them to bend into. I tried 35# for the OH squats, which I could do, but that wasn't going to happen 45 times, so I dropped it to 27# for the workout. 27# for that many reps was pretty much a PR for me, since I used 15# last time, so I was still happy with what I accomplished for this workout.

05-11-2009, 08:43 PM
Hey Everyone! I hope all the Moms out there had a great Mothers' Day!

I had a brunch for my family...and yes, there was a small piece of cheesecake but that's it and I'm back on track today. All the leftovers are gone, even the bagels. I found some great (okay it was dry but it tasted good) cream cheese that was basically all protein 50g of the cheese had only 50 calories (I think it was 50) and 11g protein. My math tells me that's pretty good numbers! I'm enjoying it, that's for sure.

I've had way too many training sessions/meetings at work and they're interfering with my workouts but I'm doing what I can. Since DH has been splurging on a trainer, I'm stealing any good exercises he learns so I feel like it's a little more of a 2 for 1 session!

Alena - have you been back at the spinning? I do find it boring but I find most cardio boring and, depending on the instructor and the music, I find it better than most cardio. I'm one of those people who finds that the treadmill makes time go backwards (does that make it the fountain of youth! ;)) and I like spinning as part of my cardio. I never got the gel seat because I knew I would leave it behind in the class and never see it again. And I do find that after the first session, the seat somehow gets more tolerable.

Cheryl - loved the picture of you!!

Fran - speaking of pictures, yours rock!! That is so amazing and I hope you're so proud of yourself.

Lydia - I'm with you on the self tanners. I have never found one that didn't have that funny smell, they tend to come off on my t-shirts and I am also not a huge fan of standing around naked waiting for them to dry. But maybe I'll still try the one Fran recommended!

Well, the weather here has been all over the place but I have gotten in some good gardening workouts, so that's something.

Tomorrow is back to the gym and, unless I decide to go shopping instead (since I do need a dress for a wedding) I could have a good double workout day. We'll see.


05-12-2009, 08:38 AM
I had a dreadful day yesterday- all I can say is that I did get my morning cardio done :( I slept about 15 hours, ate comfort food and am back on track today...although cardio was only 20 minutes on a bike. Hopefully, not too much damage.

Cheryl- what is the weird position that your wrists don't like on OH squats? When I do them, I'm basically in an overhead press position but with my hands wider apart and the entire bar held just slightly further back.

Since I missed the gym yesterday, I'm not sure what my workout will be today. Normally it would be leg day, bu then I skip back and chest. Hmmmmm....have to think about this and decide BEFORE I get there!

I use the Jergens moisturizing self tanners almost daily. They add so little color and you don't need to stand around waiting to dry. The down side is that they add so little color! But just enough that I'm not a ghost.

Off to work. The big boss is visiting today.


05-12-2009, 09:15 AM
Mel - Sorry to hear you had a sucky day, today will be better!

Cheryl - The only squats I can do are back squats or squats with dumbbells. I've been wanting to work on front squats but my hand/elbow flexibility is not there. I've tried practicing OH squats before but I remember I had a lot of difficulty with those as well.

Woke up with the intention of exercising this morning but I did my workout last night and feel a little beat up. I'll try something after work. I'm on the NRLW path again. That with my triking and elliptical, I should be good. I'm feeling a bit guilty because I have a 5k this weekend and uhh I'm not running. They have an optional dog walk instead which is what I'll be doing. Next month, there is also something similar but they have a 3k run (ha!), I may do that because I can certainly run 3k, just 5k I'm not sure of.

05-12-2009, 09:51 AM
Mel :hug: I hope today is much better for you. Days like those can really drain us enough to even be less than enthusiastic for our favorite workouts. But you know it's all about the consistency of "most days". I doubt any damage was done with that turbo charged muscle enhanced metabolism of yours. Just don't do it three days in a row. :s:

I'm crazy busy over here again this week. Last night was the second week for my workshop. I'm grateful for the opportunity to do this because it allows me to actually use and write about the materials I learned through my ACSM cert. Very cool. Honestly preparing materials for this thing has been just as labor intensive as studying for the cert itself. It's okay though. It's a product I can use in other ways once it's developed.

Hope all the Mom's had a nice Mother's Day Sunday. Mine was spent bright and early hitting all the sporting goods stores in my area with the boys in tow. DH came along to keep them off the treadmills. :^: I had a few toys to buy for upcoming training sessions. I just have one question...why in the :devil: don't these places carry extra step risers?! Why do I HAVE to order these things and pay shipping. Ticks me off. And yes, I've checked all he "Play it Again places..." I can't wait to maybe find unused steps with risers at a garage sale either.

Anyway. Enough of the vent. Lunch was a "Subway" picnic down by the river. Kids hated the turkey sandwiches, they forgot to pack a fork with my salad, and although it was sunny it was just a little cool outside in the breeze. WHERE IS SUMMER? Guess I'm still venting. :lol:

Workouts are going well. Except I slept in this morning. :rolleyes: Since I've added the incline intervals to my cardio workout I've dropped back down to my weight and BF% from last summer. HIIT on a new piece of equipment totally rocks. My intervals look like this: warm up walking 3 minutes, 1st interval at level 17 at 3.8 for 90 seconds. Recovery at level 4 at 3.5 for 3 minutes. Run at level 1 for 3-4 minutes (length of song on iPod) back down into recovery for 3-4 minutes and back up to level 20 -25 at 3.8. I've been doing these for two weeks and they are becoming just a little bit easier.

Anyway, enough about me. Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful spring weather. :sunny:

05-12-2009, 11:09 AM
Cheryl, I'm a bit confused about the drastic angle as well. The only thing I can think of is that you have just learned to "pull the bar apart" to maintain an active shoulder and this is a bit tiring on the wrist when you first learn to do it but it goes away fairly quickly. The benefits in stabilization, however, are incredible.

05-12-2009, 06:54 PM
Mel and Depalma, we use a snatch grip for the overhead squat. My shoulder flexibility is still not what it could be, so for me to get down in the bottom of the squat and keep the bar overhead, I still need a pretty wide grip. My grip is about what this guy has:

It's mainly my right wrist that complains about the wide grip with weight pressing down on it. It's like trying to bend my thumb back to touch my forearm, lol, or it feels like that with weight on it. Taping the wrist improves things, and it seems like it's a pretty common problem for beginners, and will improve with time, as my wrist flexibility improves, or if my shoulder flexibility improves enough to let me use a slightly narrower grip. As it is now, I'm as narrow as I can get and still keep the bar overhead, rather than losing it forward.

Today's WOD was just overhead press, going for a 1RM. I got 85#, failed on 90# a few times before I gave it up.

In my warm-up I played with pull-ups some. I can now see over the bar at the top of my unassisted pull-up, but no chin over the bar yet. That's still a major improvement, though, so I'll take it. :D I almost got a pull-up on the rings today, a lot closer than with the bar, but still, not quite there. Also went out for a mile run, and just tried a faster pace, but no sprints.

I've got to get off here, but will come back later and catch up on the posts I missed.

05-12-2009, 08:48 PM
Nelie, I am relating on the 5K right now. I used to run that all the time, well slowly jog it, but since starting with Crossfit, all we do are short distance and sprints, so a mile starts to feel like a long distance, lol, just because of the faster pace. Now that I'm getting somewhat used to the CF workouts being part of my week, I may start putting in one or two longer runs, just to assure myself I can still do at least a 5K, lol. I'm doing a 5K in June (or July? I forget) with my sister, and I just would like to go into it knowing I can run the thing without having to walk. :dizzy:

Elisa, I love the cheesecake! Luckily, I haven't had any events where I've had to look at it, or I'd surely have some, too! Glad you had a good visit with the relatives. :)

Mel, sorry to hear about the hard day. :hug: What Lydia, said, though!

Lydia, glad to hear that the workshop is going well! :congrat: I got lucky once and found a pair of step risers at the goodwill, but I've never seen them in the store, either. At my CF gym, they have some plastic boxes from the Home Depot or similar...they are black boxes with a green lid, and are designed to cover underground water shut-off valves or sprinkler system controls, something like that. They are strong, they stack, and they are easily portable. Good for step-ups, box jumps, and we use them mostly for getting up on to reach the pull-up bars (well, short people like me who can't jump do that, lol, and those using assistance bands). Anyway, you might scope out the options in the plumbing department at your local hardware store. :)

05-12-2009, 08:56 PM
I use a slightly narrower grip on the OH squats and am probably not going that deep. I'd like to work on them. I did about 5 today, but my shoulders have been complaining and didn't want to stress them too hard.

I ended up doing legs, kind of light but a good day. Here's my workout:

Squats 5 overhead @ 45 pounds
Squats 15X95
10X155 (I've given up my title as the strong woman to kim!)
super-setted with 1 legged pistol squats, 10 each leg,
supersetted with 1 legged dumbbell deadlifts on flat side of bosu with 20,25,and 30, 30 pound db. 10 each leg

Single leg presses with 2X25 on the machine. 10 each leg
super-setted with forward lunge onto soft side of bosu, then rear lunge with 25 pound bar. 10 each leg.
super-setted with ab rollouts to failure (usually 10-8-7-5)

2 sets single leg hamstring ball pulls
2 sets ball jack knife

I really want to work on the overhead squats!

Outta there!


05-12-2009, 09:02 PM
The grip in the video is about the width that I use and I don't really see what you mean by drastic angle. Did you say that you feel your thumb coming back to your forearm? I don't see that in the video. Are you pulling the bar apart?

05-13-2009, 08:35 AM
I just found a new crossfit gym about 3 miles from me! The owner replied to my email and offered me a week free pass. I may try it tonight....

I did Lydia style treadmill cardio this morning for 45 minutes. Whoooo!!!!
Reminds me of the Bust-a-Lung programs I used to do. I'll call this one Bust-a-Lung II.


Shannon in ATL
05-13-2009, 03:50 PM
Since I've added the incline intervals to my cardio workout I've dropped back down to my weight and BF% from last summer. HIIT on a new piece of equipment totally rocks. My intervals look like this: warm up walking 3 minutes, 1st interval at level 17 at 3.8 for 90 seconds. Recovery at level 4 at 3.5 for 3 minutes. Run at level 1 for 3-4 minutes (length of song on iPod) back down into recovery for 3-4 minutes and back up to level 20 -25 at 3.8. I've been doing these for two weeks and they are becoming just a little bit easier.

Lydia - Your treadmill goes to a 17 degree incline? Mine only goes up to 12.... I just had the epiphany this week that I have slacked on my HIIT and have been doing more steady rate cardio the last several weeks, so trying to get the HIIT back in. I'm going to try your pattern on my treadmill...

Cheryl - you are doing great with the progress to pullups! Woo hoo!

Nelie - I've let my running slip a little lately, too, and find myself walking more often. I'm working on getting back up to running the entire 5k without a little walk break, too. The dog walk sounds fun!

Elisa - Good job with the bagels and cream cheese! Bagels are a big trigger thing for me, so I don't often have them in the house....

Mel - Cool on the crossfit gym near you!

No strength training yesterday, got caught in a conversation with our builder and ran a little short on time. I did some ab work and spent some time on the elliptical instead. Strength training on the agenda for this afternoon.

Good day everyone!

05-13-2009, 04:04 PM
Depalma, it's just a "drastic" angle for me. As far as flexing to the side like that, my right wrist barely has any flexibility at all. Too many crashes on the skates and the dog scooter, I suspect. It will improve in time, I'm sure. It's just momentarily frustrating because I know I could lift more in the overhead squat if I had the flexibility in that wrist. I was exaggerating about the wrist angle, just saying how it feels when I put weight on it...sorry for the confusion!

Mel, you should definitely go for it. At the very least, you can get a week of something different to shake things up, which never hurts, plus it's fun being in a whole gym full of women who lift as heavy as they can. :devil:

Well, I've been fearing the Fran workout, but needlessly. Today we did a light Fran with running added to each round, and I survived:
Run 600 meters
21 DB Thrusters (35# DBs men/25# DBs women)
21 Pull-ups
Run 400
15 DB Thrusters
15 Pull-ups
Run 200
9 DB Thrusters
9 Pull-ups

I did the Rx'd women's weight today for the thrusters, since I could, and it's rare that the Rx'd weight is light enough for me. I used the green band for the pull-ups...worked on my pull-ups this morning during my warm-up, but still can't get them good enough for a workout with the lighter blue band. My time was 20 mins and 5 secs, or something like that. I ended up walking part of each round, since my left ankle was tweaking on me. I did something to it last Friday night at skating, during the session races, so it was giving me a little trouble on the runs. Stupid old joints!

05-14-2009, 04:16 PM
Hey peeps, :wave:

Just the CF Report for this morning's workout. It was a focus day today, with running and rowing for time. I'm crossing my fingers that tomorrow will be a lifting focus day, since Saturday is almost always a metcon.

Today's WOD was:
Run 800 meters
Row 500 meters

My times for the 800 meter runs were: 4:54 (PR)/5:13. I tried to make the second 800 faster than the first, but there wasn't a lot of gas in the tank for that one, even with the rest.

My times for the 500 meter row were: 2:18.2/2:01.2. I was so fatigued on the last 200 meters of the second row, but was trying my best to beat my first time. My form went all to :devil: at the end, but I was happy with the result. Of course, I'm going to have to try and get under 2 minutes next time. :dizzy:

It's seriously cold and steady rain today. After running in the rain this morning, and being in the rain all day yesterday, I'm feeling seriously whiny, and not excited about finishing up the roof cleaning job today. I'm going to scope out the weather predictions for the weekend, and if there's a chance of sun in the next day or two, I may beg off the roof cleaning today. Or, I'll get over being a big baby, and just go do it. One more cup of tea might help. I'm still freezing. :brr:

Shannon in ATL
05-14-2009, 04:51 PM
I did my strength training last night, still haven't revamped my program yet. Maybe I'll get to that this weekend... This AM I tried Lydia's HIIT on the treadmill. Oh. My. Gosh. My legs totally felt like I had just come off a boat after walking off the treadmill today!

Cheryl - stay off the roof in the rain! Or, at least, be careful if you do get up there!

Good day everyone!

05-14-2009, 10:32 PM
Woohoo! I went to a crossfit class tonight and lived to tell about it :)

My WOD was different from Cheryl's:

20 kettlebell swings
10 squat-crawl- pushup combos (:p)
250 meter rowing

I did 5 circuits in 20 minutes. The fastest guy did 7, the slowest (my friend) just bailed after 3. She doesn't do cardio....

Unfortunately, we ended with hanging from the pull up bars and doing knees to elbow crunches. My shoulder is NOT happy. I don't care how wimpy I seem, I'm never doing that again. I spent almost 3 months rehabbing my shoulder and it's painful again :(

But I will go back...it was fun in that sick sort of way. I sure wasn't thinking about anything else for that hour!


05-15-2009, 01:02 AM
:woohoo: Mel! :woohoo: Glad you found a CrossFit, lived to tell, and plan on going back. I'm so excited for you! :hug: How fun. Sorry about the shoulder though. That's not something to celebrate. Hopefully it's just a momentary twinge. :^:

Okay. Bed. It's late and tomorrow is another workout.

05-15-2009, 04:20 PM
Go Mel! woot! On the KTE, it's perfectly cool to tell the trainer that you need to scale or sub. They really don't want to injure you! Glad you're going back. It is a bit of a sick addiction, but I just keep going back for more. We had KB torture today:

Run 400 meters
50 sit-ups (floor, feet anchored okay)
30 KB swings (54/36# Rx'd for men/women, respectively)
Run 400
30 KB swings
50 sit-ups
Run 400

My time was 18:15 or something like that. Average time for women was 11-12 mins. For some reason, I was just gassed today, and had to break up the sit-ups, even on the first round. I was doing it feet anchored, which may have been the problem. Normally, if I do floor sit-ups, I leave my feet loose, and I think that changes the dynamic of the exercise, since the tendency is there for me to pull with my feet, since they're stuck under something. Next time, I'll skip the anchored feet bit...I just thought it might be faster, but it wasn't for me today. Still, I was happy to be able to do the stupid thing Rx'd for weight.

I'm going to ask my trainer on Monday, if I can do more lifting, maybe if I show up early and do it before the workout. Sometimes we're lifting twice a week, and have lifting in the metcons, and I'm happy. Sometimes, I feel like all we do is metcons and running. I don't mind doing those, but I still want to do more lifting on a regular basis.

Lydia and Shannon, :wave:! I didn't do the roof yesterday, which means I have to get out the door and do it today, so I'm getting off here! It's sunny today, so it will be a lot nicer day for roof cleaning, that's for sure!

Tomorrow is the NW Regional Qualifier for the CF Games. I'm planning to go watch, if I can get my act together tonight, and get an early start in the morning. The gym is closed tomorrow, I totally forgot, which is why we had the evil metcon this morning, instead of something nice like deadlifts, lol. We got our new gym shirts in, and I totally spaced and left mine at the gym this morning. They look cool, though, and are size medium, so I'll have more than 2 t-shirts that actually fit me!

05-16-2009, 07:51 PM
Full body workout today with my Saturday lifting buddy. :) We had time constraints, so it was a fast paced workout.

I had a new gym experience today. This is a Gold's gym where I've never worked and don't know any of the staff. I was doing pull ups with a band and one of the trainers walked up in mid set, and said :"I need that band."
Me: "So do I. In fact, I'm using it right now."
Trainer Dude: "It's mine and I need it for a client."
Me: "Do you mean it BELONGS to you or the gym?"
Trainer Dude: "It's mine for MY clients." (It was in the big tub of bands with all the other bands.)
Me: "Can I finish this set?"
Trainer Dude: "No, I need it. My client is waiting."

I got down and gave him the band, then raced to the front desk to ask who really owned the bands. Front desk guy said hey belonged to the gym. Hmmmm...no gym manager there yet to complain about arrogant Trainer Dude.

Back to weight room.
Me: "Front desk guy says that the bands belong to the gym for all members."
Trainer Dude: "All the others do. This one is mine for MY clients."
Me: "OK, you've just ensured that I will never be one of your clients!"

Alright, I should have stopped before my parting line, but that was downright rude! At least let me finish the last 3 pull ups!

Good day otherwise :)

My garden is loving our English weather.


05-16-2009, 08:26 PM
Hmm....if it was that important to him he should keep it separate. I'm sorry you had to go through that!

05-16-2009, 09:00 PM
Mel - he is lucky you didn't punch him :)

Why are you at Gold's? a trial? I noticed the Washington Sports Clubs are offering trials when they used to charge for their trials. I'm so over gyms though.

05-16-2009, 09:31 PM
I'm at Golds on Saturday's so that I can workout with a friend who was my client for years. We both belong to other expensive gyms. We joined Golds before it opened and it's so inexpensive, it is cheaper than getting guest passes at each others gyms.

I should have kept my temper. He's just an :censored: I have equipment of my own that I use to train clients, but if I were going to snatch it away from someone or thought it would "walk" I kept it in the trainers' office or my own bag.

Arghghgh! I went to watch the season finale of Grey's Anatomy and it didn't record correctly! There must be somewhere online that I can watch it :(


05-17-2009, 12:49 PM
Cheryl: So did you have a good time at the games?
Shannon: Glad you enjoyed my treadmill game. Now you can see why suddenly I'm losing weight again. And all this time I thought I was at goal. :lol3:
Mel: That is just crazy disrespectful. You know better than I do but often times that kind of attitude is coming from the top down. Just something to think about when you talk to the manager. Seriously though, it doesn't exactly encourage rapport building between members and trainers not to mention scarring the :devil: out of people who could really benefit from trying to use the damn equipment. Jerk. Keep your "toys" in the back room if your unwilling to share. Really.

Still busy over here. I've completed what I think is the final week for my workshop. So, I'm about two weeks ahead of them. I've gained clients from this experience as well. We completed testing and assessments last week. This is the first week I will be putting them through a workout. We meet outdoors which is wonderful. However there are some challenges with that. I'm bringing my own equipment and the warmups are done without cardio machines. OMG. Which means I actually have to do some work here. :lol:

Hope everyone is enjoying some nice :sunny: weather today!

05-17-2009, 05:18 PM
Lydia! :bravo:

05-17-2009, 07:08 PM
I actually decided to drop my Bally's membership after 8 years but I haven't used it in 2 years. The spinning classes were tempting but I just never made an effort to get there.

I have a renewed energy lately towards making sure I'm doing my workouts consistently. As a result, I'm sore lately :) It's good, I've been doing off and on workouts for too long, need to start kicking my own butt.

05-18-2009, 06:15 PM
I like the gym atmosphere (except for arrogant trainer dude and dumb guys :p)
Most people are friendly, helpful, and encouraging, Or inquisitive. I just wish the gyms I belong to were set up better for the way I like to workout.

Legs and cardio today and I'm HUNGRY!!!!

Tonight we have our very last school choral concert! I must have been to about 93 school music events or outside recital. Some are better than others :dizzy:


05-18-2009, 11:16 PM
Hey everyone, :wave:

Lydia, I never did make it to watch the regional qualifiers. I'd meant to go, but had a really long day Friday of roof cleaning, got home from that at 11pm, and knew I'd be gone all day Sunday working, so Saturday morning I decided to have a stay home day, and get some stuff done around here while the weather was nice. Honestly, I was a lot more excited about it before I started going to the CF gym, because I wanted to see crossfit "in person". Now that I do it six days a week, it just didn't sound that thrilling. I think one of the guys from our gym won the men's division, not sure how everyone else did, though. Congrats on getting your first clients! :celebrate:

Mel, that was pretty rude of him. Glad you spoke up. If it really was his personal property, the least he could have done was bring you a comparable replacement from the bin, though the right thing, of course, would have been to wait until you'd finished your set. I mean, how long does anybody spend on pull-ups? Not that long, usually, so he could have found something else to do with his client while he was waiting.

Nelie, I have a Y membership like that. I've been holding onto it, with the idea of taking the boy there for swimming or something, but we haven't used it at all since February or so.

The CF gym was closed Saturday and Sunday, so my workout those days was yard work, lol. Today's workout was another dreaded girl metcon, this one apparently named after one of our trainers:

7 thrusters 135 lbs for men/95 lbs for women
2 rope climbs
5 rounds

I scaled to 50# for the thrusters, since 95# is way too close to my 1RM for push press. It turned out to be a good weight, hard enough for today. For rope climbs, I was stuck doing rope lowers (feet on the floor, lower hand over hand till shoulders touch the floor, and back up to standing). I really need to get my rope descent down, so I can do the rope climbs. It's a bit embarrassing to be the one who can't climb the rope and can't climb the ladder (which everybody else seems able to do right off the bat...me, I just fall off, since it's upside-down).

Okay, have to get off here. Promised the boy we'd do some reading together.

Shannon in ATL
05-18-2009, 11:25 PM
Lydia - did the treadmill HIIT again... wow... I'm going to really work to get that in my routine more often, it feels great! In that 'glutton for punishment, beat myself in the head' way... :rofl:

Mel - that is annoying about that trainer at the gym! People are just so rude.... Honestly, part of why I loaded my house up with exercise equipment instead of joining a gym this time around...

Cheryl - reading with the boy is cool. So many people just don't bother anymore. DH & I both love to read, and want to encourage it in DSS. :book2:

Nelie - High five on the renewed energy for workouts! I'm trying to have the same thing. How is the trike going? I saw one on the road today, first one I've seen in person on the roads around here.

I'm doing pretty good with the 4 days on/1 day off pattern. Today was day 3 of this 4 day cycle. I got off track and did strength training and yoga the first two days with no cardio, so cardio today and probably tomorrow. This will be my third set of four days in a row! How long until it becomes a habit again?

I had to have DH open the spaghetti sauce for me this weekend. :o There goes my illusion of strength from doing as much as him on the Weider... he wasn't working at 100% and I was probably overworking. Oh well. I'm pleased with where I am anyway. I still lifted heavier boxes than the younger boys at the golf tourney I volunteered at last week!

Good evening everyone!

05-19-2009, 12:05 AM
Ha! And as one in the library profession - I encourage you all to read to your kids. It's so nice to see kids reading. They'll never lack for a way to entertain themselves - never mind a way to learn something new. :)

I have my new printer, life is good for the moment. Amazing how much you want to print when you don't have one.

05-19-2009, 07:43 AM
Light cardio done...I'm trying crossfit again after work and don't want to be already exhausted! I think there is no permanent shoulder damage, but I sure won't be doing the hanging knees to elbows again! The grinding, clicking sound plus pain put me of those! :p

Pat- you'd love my family. My son's entire summer job proceeds were spent on books. Our beef is that the local library is very light on sci-fi and it costs us a lot to by-pass the library! Books are crowding us out of the house. None of us can bear to throw or give them away. Every once ina while, I find one that I know someone in particular would love, and I part with it. But we are being gradually forced out by the books. Luckily, kids are leaving, making more room :)

Gotta scoot!


05-19-2009, 09:36 AM
Pat: We :love: our library. Both of them! Columbus and Upper Arlington. I currently have just about every kinesiology and exercise science book in the library system. :lol: Seriously though we have so many wonderful programs for our kids here too. Our lives are truly enhanced by our libraries!

Shannon: Glad you are enjoying the intervals. It really is a great way to knock the dust out of the lungs. It is kind of a sick sort of pleasure. Just don't expect to be able to do that interval more than two or three times a week.

Cheryl: Wow, you were working late! How can you keep such late hours and still get going for your workouts? I always feel it when I try to get just a few more things done in the evening. I can cut myself some slack but you have a CrossFit trainer to answer to. Yikes. You should be winding down by 9:00!

Mel: Congratulation in reclaiming your space from all the kids books. Bittersweet perhaps. We are in transition. The massive Little Tykes stuff is almost gone from my home. ~whew~ I never want to own anything plastic in my backyard again. :lol:

Make it a great day everyone. :wave:

Okay. Enough of the Mom lectures here. I'm off to get some toys for my peeps tonight. I'm SOOO excited I can barely stand it.

05-19-2009, 11:14 AM
Mel - I like the gym atmosphere too except when we moved here, the Ballys sucks :) I'd be more inclined to go if it was closer and wasn't so small/cramped.

Shannon - The trike is great! I actually have to start riding by myself because my husband isn't always available. I like riding with him though and I need to build up some more endurance.

I recently looked into the Sergeant's program around here. Its an hour long workout with a lot of emphasis on body weight and other things. No idea how much it costs but its 5 days/week, starts at 5:45am... hmm thats a lot of commitment when I snoozed until 8am today.

05-19-2009, 08:47 PM
I think I'm going to try making Tues and Thursday cross fit days. I love it! but getting home at 7:15-7:30 at night is a problem at this point.

Today's workout:
warm ups
3X21 overhead squats (Boy, does that sound impressive...except that I was using only a 20 pound bar and nearly dying by the third set! My form needed a major overhaul.)

5 rounds:
15 pull ups (I used the green band, Cheryl)
9 burpees

On the last set of pull ups, I felt every bit of energy drain from my body. There was NOTHING left. I managed the burpees, then dissolved into a heart pounding sweat mess :D:p

Finished with "kettlebell gladiators" which is a fancy name for a side plank while holding a light kettlebell straight up in the air with the arm that is not supporting you.


Food is on, life is good :cool:


05-19-2009, 10:03 PM
Gosh, Mel, sounds like I should consult your DS when I need to purchase SciFi - it's an area I sort of approach blindly, relying heavily on reviews and patron requests!

We were at staff training all day, and a good part of the afternoon was a "tech fair" where all kinds of internet sites were checked out, and lots of electronic toys were available to play with (no Kindle though :( ). And as I expected, I totally love the Wii! And I was quite good at the bowling and tennis. Didn't get to try the fitness though I did watch some. Hmmm, I need to save up. We have only a small TV too. The iPhone is also something that I'd love, but don't have a need for - heck I don't even get that many calls on my cell phone (which is provided by work).

05-19-2009, 10:54 PM
The iPhone is also something that I'd love, but don't have a need for - heck I don't even get that many calls on my cell phone (which is provided by work).

Oh PAT! Pat! Pat! You WOULD BE SURPRISED at how much you would use the iPhone. Okay. IT IS NOT A PHONE! This thing is a minicomputer that works everywhere!

(okay, getting a grip on myself here) :lol: I am not a gadget sort of person but DH is a techno God so I benefit from this. :s: He decided this spring we should upgrade to iPhones. I truly never used my cell phone. Would never have it turned on and no one ever could reach me when I was out. Why would I need an iPhone. :dunno: Then I began thinking of how this could help me as I began to train with clients. OMG. This thing is a tool I never leave home without. Do I use it as a phone? Sometimes. Can anyone every get a hold of me. Sometimes. I still forget what that noise is when it goes off.

But! The apps. (applications) It has a web browser on it. I can access YouTube videos of exercises keep them in my favorites and take them to the gym for my workouts! :carrot: When I need some motivation/inspiration I look into my favorites and there it is! Sweet!

I was also able to download an application of a metronome that came in very useful during the testing/assessments of my clients (step test). Lots of free apps, some that cost but are not too expensive.

And Games! These are more for my DSs when we go out to dinner. DH and I hand over the phones and the kids let us have a real conversation.

Anyway, just thought I'd put in my 2 cents. Seriously never thought I needed/wanted one either. It's one of the rare items we purchased that I would miss if I no longer had.

Mel: Thanks for posting my workout for tomorrow. Sweet. Oh wait. Tomorrow is leg day. Shoot. Okay, Thursdays. :yes:

05-20-2009, 08:31 AM
Lydia - I'm envious of your iphone! I have a Blackberry (paid for by work) and I know DH would love an iphone but here they're still just so ridiculously expensive! Not the phone itself but the monthly plans. Right now here you still have to pay some money (maybe $200) up front and still lock into a 3 year plan. The costs for the plan (with all the fees, taxes etc) are about $70 a month. We just can't seem to stomach those costs. The accountant in me makes me calculate that the cost of the phone over three years is close to $3000!!! Is it cheaper for you?

Mel - going back a few days, I'm glad you told that "trainer" off. What an :censored:! I also wanted to make sure you got to see the last Grey's Anatomy episode...they are available online, as far as I know. I loved it, by the way...you?

Pat - we're readers in my family too! I remember growing up my mom would either take me to bookstores and by whatever I wanted (how great is that?) or we would go to the library and take out stacks of books. I still love to read and can't imagine not reading every day.

Well, it's BBQ season here so I find that helps with eating some good protein every day. This past weekend I cooked up steaks and chicken and it's getting us through at least three dinners...and it's so yummy!

Workouts have been good lately but weekend eating is a challenge, as always!

It's a beautiful day here but I don't think I'll make it out for a run :( hopefully tomorrow.


Shannon in ATL
05-20-2009, 10:13 AM
I find myself coveting the iPhones my friends and boss have... I'm eventually going to have to give in and buy one...

05-20-2009, 10:59 AM
Only way I'm getting an iphone is if work pays for it and I don't see that happening :)

I had an exhausted day yesterday, not sure what happened. I ended skipping my workout (nothing major planned) but then I overate in the evening and the evening is usually when i don't over eat! Then I went to bed early.

05-20-2009, 02:10 PM
Elisa, iPones are ridiculously expensive in Alaska as well. They require a 2 year contract, ~$350 for the phone, and then whatever for the phone plan $60 and up, plus $30/month for the internet access. And we do not yet have the latest iteration of the 3G network, so they are not as fast. Still.... I'd love one. :) My City pays for our cell phones, and for the Palm Treo (what our phone company offers for Blackberry-like device) for those who "need" it. I'm not one of those. :)

I still love to read and can't imagine not reading every day.

Me either. :D DH is the same, fortunately.

05-20-2009, 05:51 PM
Mel, glad to hear that you found a way to work the CF into your routine. Those OH squats are killer, aren't they? Especially with the high reps like that. You did good!

Our WOD today was to practice handstands first, then run 400 meters for time, 3 times, with whatever rest in between that we needed. I haven't attempted a handstand since I was in elementary school, but with help kicking up to the wall, I was able to hold it, which I thought was a major victory. probably lasted 30 seconds on my longest one. I was surprised I could hold myself up at all, so I was happy with that!

Oh, during my warm-up, I finally, finally, got the blue band pull-ups together, and did the full set of 10 on both sets without a miss! Hopefully I'll be able to keep that going, so I can switch to the blue band for workouts soon.

When it was time for a group to go out for a run, somehow, somebody had the brilliant idea that instead of doing the 400s, we should run the "Hill Mile", which is half mile uphill, half mile downhill, so we ended up doing that instead of the 400s. My time going uphill felt slow, and I had to walk twice to get my legs going again, but the downhill made up for it all, because I was able to run the whole half mile back at a faster speed than normal. I made it back in 11:52, which is less than 30 seconds behind my time for the flat mile we did 2 weeks ago. I guess this crossfit thing really works! ;)

I asked my trainer, after the workout, if I could somehow put more heavy lifting into my days. Seems like all we've done the last few weeks is running and metcons, and I was actually contemplating not signing up for June because of it, though I didn't tell him that. I know his programming is making me stronger and faster, it's just that I LIKE heavy lifting and really want to do more of it than has been showing up in the workouts lately. He said that I should feel free to put anything I want more of into my warm-up, and suggested that I could do something like do deadlifts instead of back extensions, be adding weight to my OH squats, or practice cleans or snatches instead of the OHS, something like that. So, I'm going to do that. I'll get my fix for heavy lifting that way, and then can still do the assigned WOD afterward. Sweet!

Edit: Sorry, not trying to ignore everyone else, but I get so longwinded, then feel like I should just shut up, so somebody else could post, lol. So a :wave: to the rest of my peeps!

05-20-2009, 10:16 PM
My legs are sore for the first time in ages! :carrot: Not sure if it was the overhead squats (even though I was doing them pretty light) or this morning's treadmill intervals with STEEP inclines a la Lydia, but I'm good and sore:D

Today was back and chest. Tomorrow is elliptical and crossfit again. Friday may be whimpering at my desk :rofl:

Elisa- I just finished watching the second part of the Grey's Anatomy finale. sob.

I loved dd's iPhone when we were out in Colorado. GPS, camera, web, email...and it even works like a phone! She scared me to death when she took it out of her pocket way up high on the chairlifts, tho. I was sure we were going to have to crawl down the mountain looking for the darn thing! Her company pays for it. As a phone, it sounds a lot better than the Blackberry she had for a while before it. The Blackberry always sounded muffled. I was always shouting "WHAT???" at her and she was accusing me of going deaf.

OK, time to crawl up the stairs.


Shannon in ATL
05-20-2009, 11:00 PM
More treadmill interval for me this afternoon. Five days in a row of exercise, I'm really feeling like I'm getting back in the groove.

Tomorrow is going to be an at the hospital all day event, so probably won't get any exercise in there.

05-21-2009, 01:46 AM
Shannon, when my DH was training for his hiking trip in Death Valley, he used to go to the medical center attached to the hospital and do the five flights of stairs for 1.5-2 hours..... :faint: Talk about boring!

05-21-2009, 09:45 AM
Mel: Sore legs! Wow. Now that is a wonderful thing! I completely forgot about the workout you posted for upper body when I went in this morning. I just need to print it out so I have it. Today I just wanted to sleep in so the fact that I went in anyway is pretty good even if it was just straight heavy lifting front and back. Did have a nice core/yoga session during my cool down though. I can catch the sun during it's ascent in to the morning sky in a room usually by myself. Love it. So much better than doing downward dog in the middle of the floor of a busy gym like last year. :lol:

Cheryl: I hope you are able to find a good way to combine your heavy lifting needs with the CrossFit training. I have found that switching back and forth every few weeks has helped a lot. Both physically and psychologically. I give you a ton of credit for running up and down hill. :yikes: It's one thing to do intervals on a treadmill, I can control how long I want to do that. But a hill. uhg. That's real training. :lol:

Elisa: We really don't have a better phone plan either. In our case though DH is studying the platform in which the applications are created. He has made two apps so far. One is "write chain" It's a word count application for writers. The second one is a game. He's putting the finishing touches on it right now and will send it off for approval in the next few days. I'm amazed at how efficiently he picks this stuff up. I can barely turn on the tv if there is more than one remote control involved. :lol:

Off to save the plants I transplanted a few days ago, write some documentation, teach my son how to read, train a few clients, and start planning the course of the rest of their workouts.

Have a great morning everyone. :coffee:

05-21-2009, 11:10 AM
My legs have been sore all week. Yesterday was my second to last physical therapy session. I've been going for a while and I think its helped but I generally just have a lot of structural issues that can't be helped. I did a walk/run with the pups yesterday, about 2.5 miles. Today is my NRLW workout.

05-21-2009, 04:08 PM
Nelie, I just wanted to say that you are doing so well with the exercise! Walking, running, NRLW, and the trike..nice work!

Mel, it could be the squats. Too many squatting movements in one week, and I feel like my knees are broken, lol. Most days I can't even do my warm-up squats until I've been for a walk/run and a little preliminary stretching...it takes a few minutes before I can squat down that far.

Lydia, I hope so, too. I didn't get to the gym early enough to try any lifting today, but hopefully can get out of the house quicker tomorrow morning. I'm going to think about it today, and come up with a plan. I need to think about what I want to work on, and how to fit that into my warm-up/free time before the WOD.

Speaking of, here was our WOD today:

AMRAP in 15 mins of:
-20 Overhead Walking Lunges 25# women/45# men (we held bumper plates overhead for this, elbows locked out, shoulders in the ears, trailing knee touches the floor each step if able, otherwise just as low as you can manage...these sucked!)
-20 KTE, aka knees to elbows hanging from a pull-up bar, or knees as high as you can get them counts at our gym. I am getting better at these every time, as my grip improves.
-20 Double Unders (with a jumprope), or 150 Singles with a jumprope. I did singles, since I cannot do the double-unders yet.

I got 2 full rounds, plus 3 OH walking lunges, before time was up. I used the Rx'd women's weight of 25#, which sounded like NBD, but turned out to be killer. My hands were killing me on the KTE the second round, so I could only do a few at a time, but it was a great workout!

I hit 169.8 today, my first 160-anything, so I am super happy about that! I know I'll still be looking at 170s for a while, but this gives me hope of leaving them behind in the next few weeks!

Shannon, Elisa, Kim, Pat, Fran, and anybody I'm forgetting, :wave:!

05-21-2009, 09:37 PM
Hi chickies! :wave:

I have missed you all. I can't believe that it has been almost 2 weeks since I showed up here. I have completely preoccupied with some personal life issues and as you know, due to redesign of our workstations at work I really can't do forum gazing at work as anybody can see anybody else's monitor from afar. Plus, I am switching telephone and Internet service providers at home which resulted in me being cut off from online access for a week (I won't bother you with the stories) and now I am actually on [gasp!] dial-up access so that I can pay my bills etc.

I don't have much to report other than I am sticking to my exercises as much as my foot allows. There are not so bad days and there are not very good days, but I am hanging in there. I am at awe when I read how much you all do.

But, I had to smile the other day when I remembered how shortly after I started to visit this lovely corner of 3FC I posted about a young lady at my gym who obviously had been working out for a long time and how the muscles in her back "rippled" when she moved. The other day I looked at my own back and there is a similar ripple going and that made me happy to see that I am getting somewhere, albeit slowly. :)

It's getting hot here and no rain. I am hoping to go for a swim tomorrow and then do some upper body workout (if I still can move my arms). Backup plan would be abs, and spinning class on Saturday.

I hope my online access should be resolved early next week and until then I can live with the dial up.


05-21-2009, 10:09 PM
Alena, I was wondering where you were. Dial up???? That has to be annoying. Welcome back. And congratulations on seeing rippling back muscles :carrot:

Lydia- Can you create world peace somewhere in that schedule? or solve the economic woes? You are one busy chickie!

Cheryl, my shoulders are more sore than my legs now. This morning's elliptical session seems to have cured my legs. I'm absolutely loving crossfit- but I alternate with heavy gym time. and :bravo: on the scale!!!!

Today's crossfit workout:

5X5 push press (this is the motion at the top of a clean and press. Kind of like an overhead press with a hip and leg sproing! to get the bar up there, then lockout.)

10 rounds of:
10 push ups
10 sit ups

stretching with bands

This workout actually felt easy after Tuesday's pull up extravaganza.

I feel so good when my food is totally on track. I Don't think I've ever derailed on exercise, but food is such a different issue. Why can't I remember how great this feels when I work my program?


05-23-2009, 12:28 PM
Mel, can you share how you're working the two together, the CF and the heavy lifting sessions? Are you still doing your usual upper/lower split? Today is going to be my last day at the CF gym for a while, since there's just no way I can afford even the gas to get there, much less the training fee this coming month, so I'll be doing my own thing between home and the Y. I'd like to get back to some heavy lifting, anyway, but this time know enough to incorporate some oly lifting and other cool stuff I learned at the CF gym. :carrot: I'd love to hear what you're doing to mix the two, as that might give me some ideas for making my own program, if you don't mind sharing?

05-23-2009, 12:57 PM
I'm not sure I've enough experience under my belt at this point to say if it's going to work, Cheryl. I felt beat this week, but it's my first week.

Monday: legs heavy
Tuesday: crossfit (and hope they don't do a lot of legs!)
Wednesday: back and chest
Thursday: crossfit
Friday: um, whatever doesn't hurt.
Saturday: either a full body with my friend or crossfit 300 if she cancels on me. I haven't tried the 300 class yet and am a bit terrified of it.

I do cardio 4-5 days in the early morning. on crossfit days, I've just done ss.
On Wednesdays, I do a major interval/incline treadmill run.

My split used to be:
Monday: back and chest
Tuesday: legs
Wed: shoulders
Thurs: back and chest
Fri: stupid gym tricks aka "watch Mel fall of stability balls in new and creative ways".
Saturday: full body
Throw in intermittent sets of abs all week.

This is a LOT of training volume, more than I'd suggest, but I'm slightly crazy.
:rofl: Working out is therapy for me...and the only way I can eat more than 1200 calories.


05-23-2009, 01:48 PM
Yesterday was a very good day indeed. I left work at 2 pm (had 3 lieu hours) and went to swim. Swam for exactly 1 hour and I wasn't even tired but I knew it would kick in later. Oh, and I purchased a 25-visit pass. It won't be as easy sneaking out the next time without the time off, but hopefully I can manage at least one 45-minute swim a week, maybe two once I am done with the foot therapy/massage sessions.
And I went to the gym in the evening. I admit it was only a half-@$$ workout as my shoulders were starting to get tired.
There was a young dude with a very admirable physique spotting his buddy. So I approached him and asked, more or less jokingly, how much he charges per hour. That I would take lessons from him any time. He said, 'Are you serious?' and I said yes. So I gave me my email addy and he promised to get back to me and that he will suggest a work out routine for me. Why not, eh?

Spinning class this morning and I made a mistake wearing wrong shoes. Well, I will do better the next time. My shoulders and arms are feeling the double workout from yesterday, but I am loving it.

I am planning on doing some gardening this afternoon. Bought a small kiddie pool for the dogs - my spoiled princesses. I hope they will appreciate it.

05-24-2009, 01:15 PM
Alena, congrats on the swimming! Your dog is very cute, but it looks like you might have to bring the pool to her, lol. ;)

Mel, have you seen Depalma's exercise logs lately on the accountability thread? He does his warm-up, then one lift focusing on strength/heavy weights, then some type of crossfit style workout to finish. I'm thinking I might use that on crossfit days. Now, I'm just deciding whether I want to do some traditional upper/lower workouts and maybe alternate those with crossfit days, or just do crossfit days most of the time. I think I will have to try a traditional lifting split day, and just see what I think of it now. It's been so long since I did one...I have fond memories of it, but not sure if I'd be able to do it after doing crossfit for so long... "BFL upper body workout for time...3-2-1-GO!" :lol3:

05-24-2009, 07:47 PM
Cheryl: Good luck with working you new lifting plan. I know you will do great. With the CrossFit experience you now have so much more variety available to you. The risk of becoming bored with exercise is very low for you and after all this is one of the most difficult road blocks for people.

Alena: Love the picture of your dog. And skipping out to swim sounds like a great idea. Your new trainer sounds like fun. :lol: Have a great time.

Mel: I never want to have to eat only at 1200 calories ever again. I'll do intervals five days a week if it means I can be a little less stringent with my diet. Actually, I'm always surprised at the high number of calories I should be able to eat to lose as well as maintain. :faint: Oh, and about world peace, yeah, I'm working on that too. They say it starts at "home" right. Read two young boys...~sigh~ :lol:

Shannon in ATL
05-24-2009, 11:58 PM
Shannon, when my DH was training for his hiking trip in Death Valley, he used to go to the medical center attached to the hospital and do the five flights of stairs for 1.5-2 hours..... :faint: Talk about boring!

I thought about running the stairs at the hospital, actually, but my family already thinks I'm a little over into the crazy side with diet and exercise sometimes. That would have really added to that... :dizzy: I took the stairs instead of the elevators whenever I went anywhere, but as we were on the first floor most of the time that didn't add to much... I did get in 45 mins of elliptical HIIT on Saturday before we went down. I completely crashed today though and napped instead of the planned exercise...800 miles in the car in three days right at the start of TOM really added up to drained and achy today... My grandmother came through the bypass surgery well, I'm really happy about that. Now they are trying to figure out how you do the necessary rehab for Friday's open heart surgery on top of the needed rehab for the full knee replacement she had Monday. Cardiac patients are supposed to be up and walking the next day after surgery, as are knee replacement patients, but she has a lot of fluid in her knee from the blood thinners they had to give her for the bypass surgery. Looks like she is going to have to do in-patient rehab for a while...

Hi to everyone!

05-25-2009, 11:19 AM
Happy Memorial Day to everyone! But careful with the :burger: LOL.
I have to report an incident with vanilla ice cream on Saturday ... :rollpin::rollpin::rollpin: Arrgh... when will I smarten up.
Other than that, my eating was ok.
I am going swimming today and I think that will be all exercise wise ... I need to do some more work in the garden as it is supposed to rain for 2 days (wishful thinking is it will rain for 3 days).
Shannon, :hug: to your grandma!

05-25-2009, 01:34 PM
Morning, ladies. Well, I have not done a workout since Saturday. Came down with some sort of congestion thing, so didn't want to go to the gym on Saturday and spread it around. I have been doing yard work, though, lots of weedwacking other physical stuff, so I don't feel like I've been totally skipping the exercise, except for the cardio element. I will come up with some sort of workout to do at home today, though, since I don't want to fall off the workout wagon just because I'm not in a gym setting. I'm thinking of something with 1-arm DB Snatches, and I don't know what else.

:wave: to everyone. Hope you enjoy the holiday today! I've got an exciting day of chores planned, lol, though the boy and I might find something fun to do later, to celebrate.

05-25-2009, 04:40 PM
Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Cheryl - my day is filled with chores as well. Some inside, some out. I did some yardwork yesterday, and my flower beds are sooo much happier. :) TOday I need to mow. DH ran an electrical line out to our greenhouse last weekend, and it didn't get buried til yesterday, so I was hesitant to mow near it - yowser that would have been exciting! :rofl: I also have a washer full of jeans to wash. No sense doing it before the weekend is over....

05-25-2009, 04:54 PM
50 minutes of laps in the pool feels great when you are doing it but not so great afterwards. I am feeling so relaxed that may fall under the desk. Coffee to the rescue!

05-26-2009, 12:10 PM
Pat, yes, it's best not to run over live electrical wires with a lawnmower, very wise! :rofl:

Alena, WTG on the swimming. Sounds nice, actually. That is the one advantage the Y has over the CF gym: the pool and the hot tub! :beach:

Well, I'm still sick, and still haven't done a real workout. Yesterday I made myself run, but was dragging after 10 mins. I pushed on to 30, then called it quits. My wrists were still too pissed off from the weedwacker experience to handle push-ups or pull-ups. I would like to be "all better" now. I hate being sick!

05-26-2009, 01:04 PM
Hope you feel better soon.

I once went over the cable with my lawn mower. That was back in Europe where the voltage is 220 V, not measly 110 V. It was not pretty. I have been more careful since. :-)

The dude from the gym got back to me and we start training together next week. I am so excited! That's the next best thing if I can't train with Lydia, Mel or Meg. :-)

05-26-2009, 03:23 PM
The dude from the gym got back to me and we start training together next week. I am so excited! That's the next best thing if I can't train with Lydia, Mel or Meg. :-)

:lol3: :rofl: Naw, I'd take the dude over any of the three of us. No offense Meg and Mel. :rofl: Oh. Wait. Is DH reading this. :o :lol3:

Seriously though, is this guy certified or does it matter to you. Just checking. Make sure you run something by us if anything he tells you seems off in left field.

Cheryl, sorry to know you are feeling ill. Get rest. Running yourself down when your body is trying to recover is conterproductive. I know you know that but still. Take a little rest, let it run it's course and you'll be back working out again much sooner. Besides, youve earned this rest right? Sure. I believe that if we fail to schedule breaks to our programs that our bodies force us to at some point.

Pat: What's this about you, a lawnmower, and an electrical line? I'll have to read the previous post that scrolled off. Will you please be careful out there.

Okay. Just read it. Glad you are fine.

Alena: So relaxed you could fall under your desk. I have often wondered how people who workout with a lot of intensity in the morning make it through the rest of the day.

It's a beautiful day here. I hope it holds out. I'm training four clients this afternoon outdoors. Following that is the last week of my workshop. Hello summer. :sunny:

05-26-2009, 04:21 PM
Ah, you can all relax - the electric line is safely buried in the ground, and I mowed that part of the yard yesterday (as well as the rest). We are stuck in :sunny: weather, and the lawn is suffering - but not the people, we're loving it! Plus we're over 18 hours of daylight now, so more time to enjoy it. (THere are mosquitos to deal with though)

My sister arrives tonight, so I'm off the next two days (have a training I can't cancel on Fri) and we'll be doing a bunch of running around. She's never been to Alaska before and is only here for 5 days, so we're cramming in as much stuff as we can. Formal exercise may be on hiatus for a few days.

Good job on the swimming Alena. Last winter I took some "improve your stroke" lessons at 8:30 at night - it was all I could do to throw on some sweats and drive home and slide into bed. Don't know why swimming makes one more tired.... I enjoy it though.

Cheryl - hope you feel better soon.

Gosh, Lydia, you are a busy person! At least you're training outdoors so you can enjoy the sun!

05-26-2009, 10:08 PM
That's a long time to swim, Alena! My last similar experience almost killed me.

Good grief, Pat- be careful out there! Have a wonderful time with your sister.

Cheryl- I made you a pot of virtual chicken soup ;) ope you feel better soon.

I had another great cross fit workout this evening. I LOVE it!

warm up
5X5 power cleans
100 medicine ball clean clean and jerk (:p:p:p)
abs, abs, and more abs (kettle bell get ups alternating with kettle bell gladiators)

100 is too many of anything! And I kept losing count :rofl:


05-26-2009, 11:15 PM
I wish my gym had some kettle bells. I think there is a medicine ball somewhere but I think it's downstairs in the studio and not to be removed from there. Beats me why there are no kettlebells or medicine balls upstairs in the weight area. Oh well.
I did a bit of cardio on the elliptical and then some abs on a mat and with a Swiss ball. A decent number of side planks, swinging the free arm underneath my chest and then up to the ceiling. I am sure it has a name but I have no clue. I think I am at almost 2 minutes per each side.

Now I need to gather all my will power to peel myself off the container with the cottage cheese.


05-27-2009, 02:35 PM
Good afternoon (EST)!

Cheryl and Mel inspired me to try a cross-fit WOD today. Only, I had to do the Workout of Yesterday (WOY), because today's WOD was a rest day.

WOY was "Barbara." Even scaled down 50% and trimmed to four rounds (instead of the prescribed 5 rounds), it wiped me out.

My version of "Barbara" looked like this. 4 rounds for time of the following 4 exercises:

* 10 pullups: I can only do 6 pullups from a dead hang unassisted right at the moment, so I used the assisted pullup machine. Obviously, these weren't kipping pullups, which I gather is the cross-fit default.
* 15 pushups: I did these with my feet elevated. They were still easy relative to the rest of the workout, so next time I'll increase to 20 per round.
* 20 situps: I did Roman Chair situps, no weight
* 25 squats: @bodyweight

Times were 3'14"; 3'25"; 4'25"; and 5'15", with 3' rest between. I was dangerously close to losing my breakfast after round 3, so I took some more time to rest between rounds 3 & 4.

It sounded like fun when I read the description.

Oh, and I forgot that they turned off the steam this week in the annual transition from winter to summer. So, I got to enjoy an extremely cold shower afterward...

Be strong,

05-28-2009, 02:12 PM
Hello? Anybody home?

I tried the crossfit WOD again today: 7 single-rep max "thrusters" (an explosive front squat to an overhead press). Can't say that this experiment was as much of a success in terms of a good workout. It took me a lot of fuddling to come up with my one-rep max, and I also never felt like my technique was right. I've been doing front squats for years, but with crossed arms instead of the bent wrist, high elbows hold required for thrusters. And coordinating the squat into the press part was hard for me -- I pretty much felt like I was doing a (lightl) front squat, then an overhead press versus one motion. I guess the good news is that I got a new PR on my OH press out of the deal! :)

I didn't feel like I got a great workout, so I did some technique work and ab work afterward. In the end, then, it wasn't a terribly efficient use of my gym time. Wish there was a crossfit trainer nearby ... or even someone to show me the Oly lifts. Darn small towns.

Be strong,

Shannon in ATL
05-28-2009, 02:33 PM
Hi there! I spent an 1:40 last night with my swiss ball, Weider & kickboxing bag. First time non-cardio I've done since last Tues - running all over the place really threw the schedule off track!

I'm thinking about looking up the crossfit info, but don't know if I have the space or the right equipment. Hmm.

Hope everyone has a good day!

05-28-2009, 04:19 PM
Hi ladies!

Pat, enjoy your time with dear sis!
Kim, I will pretend that I understand what you are talking about. :-)

I didn't anything yesterday. Bad Tomato! I was very frustrated at work and although I try hard not to bring work frustrations home with me, this one was a bit too big to just leave behind.
Spent lovely 50 minutes in the pool - God bless the person who invented swimming pools! I don't have time, after the swim, to work on my appearance so I just comb my hair and jump in the car and drive back to work. Today, it didn't look suspicious that I look like a drowned rat - it has been rained for 2 days (heavy at times). Yay!!!

I am thinking I will go to a Zumba class tonight - on Thursdays it's only 45 minutes so my foot shouldn't complain too loudly (and there is always ice pack).


05-28-2009, 10:28 PM
Kim- I've been discovering all sorts of form glitches and the difference they make. I learned most of my oly lifts from videos or from another trainer who was a pure body builder. Not the best way to learn. I'm having a blast with this, but wondering about my overall strength and muscle definition. For now, it's just plain fun.. Sometimes that painful kind of fin, but fun. It's not the kind of workout that I would willingly do on my own for some reason.

Today's wo:

5 sets of kettle bell Turkish get ups, 10 each side. (yikes- I was drenched already!)

for time: (3 rounds)

15 single arm KB swings, each arm
15 KB high pulls each arm
15 KB cleans each arm (I HATE these. No matter how good my form, I get bruises. I'm buying "gauntlets" this weekend!)

My time was 6:08. Middle of the pack. But I've probably got 15 years on the next oldest person there :dizzy: We have one female baseball coach in her late twenties who is amazingly strong and fast, and one 22 yr old guy who is prepping for Marine boot camp- leaving in a month. I think he is in better shape now than most of the Marines at the end of boot camp! Then a bunch of sort-of in shape and sort of out of shape folks. And me.

Have a good one!


05-29-2009, 04:04 AM
Mel, that sounds like an awesome time to me...nice work! I was sympathizing on the med-ball cleans...those are killer deep squats. I love the variety, and never knowing what the workout will be, though sometimes I did get frustrated when there wasn't enough lifting. I'm planning to use this time at home to work out a new warm-up routine that includes more heavy lifting.

Kim, the max rep days are just recovery days, and not meant to be killer workouts. It usually means there will be a killer metcon the next day, and you will need your rest, lol. It's always assumed, too, that you are doing a CF style warm-up, as well as some specific warm-up sets for the lift you're doing, before starting your working sets. In all, it's still a good workout, it just doesn't leave you on the floor like the metcons do. Congrats on the overhead PR! :)

Everybody else, :wave:

Well, I'm still coughing like a sick racehorse, which is annoying, but today the boy and I did an easy workout together: there were push-ups, some running, and sit-ups involved, and I could still breathe, mostly, so it was just right for me today. Afterward, we played with handstands and pull-ups, and big surprise today, I got a real chin-up! unassisted! Woot! Still have to work on the kipping and deadhang pull-up goals, but this is a big milestone for me, all the same!

Tomorrow, I'm going to be optimistic and do a real workout. I figure, if I have a coughing fit, it will just take longer to get through the workout, but it probably won't kill me. I'm still too contageous with the crud to hit the gym, so I'll have to make do with what I've got at home.

05-29-2009, 05:03 AM

I'm new to this thread: is this primarily to post about weight lifting or are people posting their cardio routines in addition to weight lifting?


~ tea

05-29-2009, 08:25 AM
Hi tea :wave:

This thread is everything :) weights, chat, cardio, gardens, travel, lawn mowing over electric lines, food, pets, what ever is going on in your life!

Welcome ;)

05-29-2009, 10:01 AM
Morning, all!

No workout to post yet, but I just wanted to crow about The Boy (age 7). He finished his Marathon Miles yesterday (26.2 miles, but spread over 2 months) with a 1-mile family run as part of our local "thank god the college students are gone" parade and festival.

The Boy *crushed* the miler. It wasn't a timed event, which would require way too much organization. (It was more like an extremely cute mob of kids and assorted parents running down the street together, all with bibs that said "#1".) But, when The Boy passed where I was standing to take pictures, he was easily 30 seconds ahead of DH, who had lagged behind to run with another family we know. DH said that he sprinted for the last 1/4 mile and still couldn't catch The Boy.

Not bad, for a kid who managed to be born into a speed-challenged family!

Have a great day, all.

Be strong,

Shannon in ATL
05-29-2009, 11:38 AM
Kim - High five to your son for his race! :)

Tea - I post about all kinds of things, and no one has kicked me out yet! Welcome!

Cheryl - chin up! Woo hoo! Hope you feel better soon, though!

Mel - that sounds like a great time to me! Wow!

Alena - I don't have access to a pool, wish I did. Sound like fun!

Pat - enjoy hanging with your sister!

I have had a blazing eadache since Sunday, part stress, part allergies, part TOM I think. It has tamped down some to a dull ache with flares of raging, I hope that means it is on the way out. I used to have headaches almost all the time, but for the last few years I have been mostly free of them. This week has been a reminder of why I wanted to get in better shape and take better care of myself in the first place... I have exercised the last three days, last night was Lydia's treadmill interval and incline HIIT. I'm digging that. Today I'm planning on some heavy duty yoga, maybe some kickboxing. Still a little sore from the Weider on Wednesday, so the yoga might be lighter impact on the sore arms. Or, might not. We'll see. :) My vision is to exercise for four days in a row with one day off, I have this idea of two days of cardio, one day of Weider, one day of the power yoga (45-55 minutes long videos, pretty intense. No relaxing, focus on your breathing poses in these videos!) in every four day set. I'm going to see how that works out. Four days in a row seems a good max for me before a break. Five pushed it a little I think. Or at least that is what I'm telling myself. :)

Have a good day everyone!

05-29-2009, 05:36 PM
I hope your headache is history by now. I hate headaches and I used to have really bad ones, bordering on migraines. Blech.

Hopefully you are feeling better, too.

I stopped at Winners at lunch time today - had to scoot to the mall to get a book as a gift - so I quickly looked at swimsuits and there was one that calling my name. In aqua/teal colour, my favourite. I prefer very sporty swimsuits and this one is a tad more dressy but the straps are crossed in the back (actually as if tied in a knot) so at least it has the racerback.
But, I feel like a sausage in it. (they had only one piece so no choice in sizes) I bought it but I think this will require at least 10 pounds off before I can wear it. hahaha. I haven't decided if I am going to keep it - for $20 it's not a bad deal - I will have to do some thinking.

The rain is over - it was LOVELY the two days it lasted - so west coast-ish, sunshine on the way blech. I like rain.
Arms, chest and back tonight.

05-30-2009, 02:38 AM
Alena, move here, and you can have your fill of rain about 9 months of the year. Personally, I'm enjoying the sunshine, after a long, wet winter.

Kim, congrats to the boy, on his smokin' mile, and completing his marathon miles! That's about how long it would take me to run a marathon, and that would be without breaks, lol!

TeawithSunshine, welcome to the thread! We are obsessed with lifting, but we talk about everything, does that make sense? Jump right in!

Shannon, hope you are done with the headache soon. Let us know how the 4 days on/1 off plan works out!

Well, I did a CF workout at home tonight. I picked this off my gym's website, it was a metcon from last summer, so I figured it would work. In the remains of the heat today, it kicked my butt and had me sweating buckets...great metcon!

My Warm-up:
Run 400
ROM and stretching
2 sets of 10 OH squats and 10 push-ups
2 sets of 10 chin-ups (unassisted, so they were all singles, but woot!)
(skipped sit-ups and back ext, since it was getting dark)

the WOD:
Run 400 meters
50 Sumo Deadlift High Pull 75#/55# (scaled to 50#)
40 Sit-ups (did GHD style sit-ups, but on the floor)
30 Wall Ball (no med ball, best I could do today was a basketball)
20 Tire Jumps (normally 24", had to sub 10" box, best I could do at home)
10 KTE (knees to elbows, did these full ROM on floor, instead of hanging)
Run 400

I was hoping to finish under 20 mins, but came in at 20:04. Still, very happy that I was able to do the workout, and only had to stop once to choke to death.

05-30-2009, 02:46 AM
Jamsk8r-- I also hail from the northwest part of the US! (*Three hours south of Seattle, across the Columbia River). Btw, what is a "CF" workout & what does "wod" stand for? I know terms like "nrlw" (new rules for lifting for women") and "bfl" (body for life), but that's basically it!

Cool thread you guys got going here! :) I'm definitely a newbie to weight lifting (having joined a gym in mid march), but it's addictive!!!! :cool:

My workout today left me quite sore, lol. I took it a bit easy cardio-wise (since yesterday was a harder workout on the elliptical and I knew I was going to be doing weights in addition to cardio today). I recently graduated to 20 lb dumbbells for some tricep exercises and from 110 to 130 lbs on the leg press machine, so I'm feeling some sore muscles here! But I love it! (*Is that one crazy comment to write or what? LOL!)

I've been doing 1,500 calories per week until I went on vacation last week in Seattle and did big calorie cycling. That allowed me to lose 2.4 lbs after weeks of half a pound to just barely a pound. So I'm doing calorie cycling again this week in the hopes it helps me lose another 2 lbs or something by Monday's weigh in! (*Honestly, I'd just like at least ONE pound so I can say I'm in the 160s!!)

The weather in my neck of the woods has been just terrific so I took a 20 minute walk in the neighborhood after dinner the other night :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

~ tea

05-30-2009, 08:11 AM
We seem to have our own language here :lol:
WOD = Workout of the Day
CF = Cross Fit
metcon = metabolic conditioning

Cheryl and Kim- great job on pushing yourselves. And congratulations to both Boys!

I'm stiff and tired. Last night was my son's senior prom and I was awake all night and morning. If they leave the post prom party at school before 5am, the school calls the parents. So I lay awake waiting for the call. I finally got up at 6:15 wondering if he'd gone out to breakfast with friends, only to discover his car in the driveway, the bedroom door closed, and his keys on the kitchen table. I don't remember a call, but did here some noises around 5:15. He's usually not very quiet, so I figured it was the cat at our door.

I'm skipping the CF gym this morning and heading for Gold's (with arrogant trainer dude!) to meet my friend. We do a "chat and lift". :rofl: OK, we really do lift!

Then groceries, laundry and the usual. Plus trying to stay awake!

Have a good one :)


05-30-2009, 12:08 PM
Tea, sorry for the code talk. We've been chatting up the Crossfit workouts for a while, so I forget that not everybody knows the abbreviations! We are practically neighbors, well, 2 hours apart, lol. I live between Tacoma and Puyallup. I am also hovering at the cusp of the 160s, so I know the feeling! Congrats on the heavier weights on those exercises!

Mel, have fun with the heavy lifting today. I will be glad when I can come out of my self-imposed quarantine and hit the gym for some real weights. I might do a BFL style UB (upper body) workout today, just for old times' sake, and to see what I think of it. If I like it, then I could switch it out with some crossfit days this month.

I went to bed about 2am, not meaning to stay up that late, but figured I could sleep in, since it was Saturday and no pressing appts today. Well, I woke up at 6:30 am and that was it, no going back to sleep...bummer! I'm feeling good right now, but I bet I hit a wall after lunch, lol.

Just doing chores and laundry and such at home this morning, then my nephew has a softball game this afternoon, so I'm going to cheer him on and take pics, then will do some kind of workout this evening when it cools off some. That's the optimistic plan, anyway!

05-31-2009, 09:23 AM

I'm curious: what is everyone's weight lifting schedule? Do you lift 2 or 3 times a week? Or do you spend one week working out say the upper body 2 times and the lower body once, then reverse upper/lower body the following week? Anyone follow a particular weight lifting program like Body for Life or New Rules for Lifting for Women?

Which program/weight lifting schedule has given you the most benifit in reaching your (weight lifting/weight loss) goals?

My trainer currently has me lifting weights 3 times a week, though I confess I'm interested in doing "new rules for lifting for women" at some future point to vary my routine & help me increase muscle/decrease more body fat % :)

~ tea

05-31-2009, 07:40 PM
:wave: ~ tea

I usually do a 4-day split
back: deadlifts, pullups, a row, and back hyperextensions
chest: flat bench, dips, incline bench, and one triceps isolation exercise
legs: front squat or overhead squat, stiff-legged deads, lunges, and calf raises
shoulders: overhead press, shrugs, and YTWL to strengthen rotator cuff, and heavy ab work (2 exercises from roman chair, hanging leg raises, weighted incline situps, planks)

- I throw one more ab workout in there, depending on when I have the time.

I usually follow something like a 3-on, 1-off, 3-on schedule. When I'm trying to lose fat, I stick high-intensity cardio in a couple of days per week, and do light cardio on the rest days or weekends. When I'm not trying to lose fat, well, I tend to slack off on cardio, or rely on walking/hiking/biking/kayaking or some other outside family activity, instead of sweating puddles at the gym.

A couple of weeks ago I got a little bored with this routine, and started playing around will full-body workouts or with crossfit (www.crossfit.com). It's too soon to tell.

I know I sound like a broken record, but Krista Scott Dixon (www.stumptuous.com (http://www.stumptuous.com)) has a plethora of fantastic and practical information about lifts, routines, nutrition, you name it. I can't recommend Krista's site enough. And, it's free and ad-free.

Be strong,