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05-01-2009, 07:26 AM
"Hooray! Hooray! The first of May!
The outdoor starts today!
You fill the blanks! It's a Delta expression. :rofl:

Not much will be happening outdoors today as it's pouring rain and is supposed to last until this afternoon. Once my knees stop grumbling about the weather, I am going to town to finally get rid of my frumpy dress. I have a few other things to pick up at the same time but will avoid the garden centres until later in the month. Remember you heard it here first!

Just realized it's Friday too! TGIF!

05-01-2009, 07:30 AM
Good morning chickies!!

Yeah Ruth! What a great start to the day! I won't tell you how I filled in the blank.

I'm off with my DD to the airport....leaving in 1 hour for FL!! (the joys of a small airport)

No internet at mom's....see you monday!

05-01-2009, 07:38 AM
HAPPY MAY DAY! :flow1:

The day is greeting us with showers and thunderstorms, but at least they're Spring showers! :)

I'm getting the laundry done now and packing an overnight bag for the weekend. I'm spending the weekend with my DD, Monica, and we're going to their Farmer's Market that opens tomorrow with a festival, and tomorrow night we're going to my SIL's show. :) It should be a fun-filled weekend, and I hope the rain showers hold off, but we're not going to let that stop us. My major challenge will be trying to stay OP, but I vow to be strong!

Ruth, I hope you finally get to return that dress today!

Have a safe trip, Twynn, and have fun in Florida!

05-01-2009, 07:46 AM
Good morning :coffee2: It's a rainy day here too, much needed rain.

Ruth - Sometimes I think I should just tattoo National Weather Service logos on my knees. :wave: bye bye frumpy dress. Hope it's happier with a frumpy person!

Twynn - Have a wonderful weekend :)

Cottage - you too! I won't make it to our Farmer's Market this weekend sadly but will next weekend.

I'm in a bit of a funk today. I think getting together with my 2 long term co-worker buds this afternoon will help. As my bf says it's a wine and whine date ;) I've also declared it the annual free chocolate day (don't tell the scale). I think this one afternoon I need to let loose within reason, and that is the plan.

I'm hoping the rain will stop for awhile because I have broccoli, collards and kale that want to get into my garden! Woo hoo, let the planting begin!

05-01-2009, 08:07 AM
Good Morning Peeps :)

I am so freakin tired but can't sleep and it's because of a guy I've been talking to on the net that I happen to have met in person last night. For some reason I couldn't stop thinking about him while we talked on the net, and can't stop now seeing him in person. I dunno what it is about this guy but I think I have a big crush on him or something. I emailed him and told him basically that I liked him alot. I'm not sure he likes me that way back though. I hope so, I can't freakin sleep or eat worrying about if he likes me or not. Uhh, and the funny thing is I've never felt this way about anyone before having a relationship first.
Well anyway, he gained weight as well as me and now I may have a diet buddy in my town, haha.. that'll be good cause I looked damn good thinner before.

Well today I have to go shopping with dad, then to his thyroid doc (it was confirmed that he has type 2 diabetes AND an overactive thyroid). I'm not gonna get no sleep today, and if that guy calls me up wanting to watch a movie or something I may end up falling asleep on his chest, LOL..

05-01-2009, 08:14 AM
Jelly, Be very careful about this guy you met on the internet! He could be perfectly safe, but you don't know him, so make your meetings in a public place and try to have someone with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cyndi, :hug: :hug: :hug:

05-01-2009, 08:18 AM
I was safe, I had my father with me to get to know him, LOL.. my dad seems to like him, and he does seem decent. I don't see him as a threat, I actually feel quite normal around him, LOL

05-01-2009, 08:56 AM
Good morning everyone,

Ruth- thanks for the great wakeup

Twynn- Have fun in Florida with DD

Cottage- Have fun Monica this weekend

Cyndi- :hugs: hopefully your wine and whine will help everyone to feel better

Jelly- Please be careful and take it slow, glad your dad is going with you.

As for me at work and then tonight we are going to see Wolverine :wink: Love Hugh . Today is day 7 for me on phase 1, feel so much better now.

Have a great day everyone

05-01-2009, 09:45 AM
TGIF!! Still raining off and on here, what was supposed to be a rain free weekend now looks to be scattered.

Hoping today flies by, I have what I expect to be a nightmare closing today but hey a nightmare one is better than none right?

Getting rid of all the junk in the house this weekend and going back on P1 for a spell, I'm done kidding myself that I can just cut back and make it work.

Shoot work calls already. Check back with you all later.

05-01-2009, 10:23 AM
Good morning ladies!!! Happy FRIDAY!!!!!

Ruth - Thanks for the chuckle this morning.....Now GET RID OF THAT DRESS!!!! Have a good Friday!

Twynn - Have fun in Florida!

Cottage - Have a great time this week with your DD. Sounds like you'll have a really good time!

Cyndi - Your funk is valid. Just remember to not stay wallowing for too long, or you'll start doing some serious damage to the progress you've made. But for today.....I do believe chocolate is in order!

Jelly - Please be careful. Make sure you have ways to get out/ways to get home. Don't find yourself alone with this guy.

Pearlrose - Great job being back on phase I. Good to know you're feeling better about it!

Stephanie - Hope work today isn't too heinous for you! May it go by quickly!

Me - So we found out yesterday that my FiL has to go in for open heart surgery either today or Monday. He's had a series of heart issues starting with a heart attack 20 or so years ago. Since then there's been a variety of procedures that he's gone through. But this one for me is scary. He's not in good health, and I just don't feel real good about it. Just say some prayers today, if you're so inclined. They would be seriously appreciated.
Have a good Friday, ladies!!!

05-01-2009, 10:24 AM
Good Morning, Friends!

I'm tired of being the last one to comment on a day's thread! :D

Hi Ruth! I hope your knees feel better.

Twynn, Enjoy Sunny Florida!

Cottage, Your festival and farmers market sound wonderful! We're going to Spring Fling tomorrow in downtown Oneonta, Alabama. I'm hoping for kettle corn.

Cyndi -- Chocolate and wine day. You live the life! :) I used to have wine and pasta night once a month. mmmmm

Jelly -- I'm glad your dad is with you. Have fun and be safe.

Pearl -- Wolverine looks like a fun movie. Next weekend, DH and I are going to see Star Trek! "Space, the final frontier..." :) I'm such a geek!

Pacer, good luck on ph1! I need to go there, too, but have to get ready between my ears!

Me: I'm in the office alone most of the day today. It's rainy and cool. Maybe I can sneak a nap. ;) But, not if the phone keeps ringing...

Hope your day is great! Don't forget to wash your hands! :D

ETA: Hi HMac. Your FIL is in my prayers.

05-01-2009, 11:02 AM
Well, there'll be no outdoor here, today! 63 and showers. Brrr. Is it June yet?

Was going to get up and go to the gym with Tommy this morning but for some reason, I couldn't sleep last night. So, here I am, up and at 'em, but was just 30 minutes too late. I have tea steeping, laundry going, and Tom and I have started our colon cleanse. Hopefully it revives us and gives us the energy it promises! Anyone else have experience with these?

ETA: Schmoodle, just saw your post from last night. I know. We're so lovey dovey, it's sickening. Literally.

Otherwise, just going to hit the stores I missed yesterday and do a little work around the house. Gonna be a great day! Would be lovely if the sun would come out!

Hope everyone is having a glorious May! :D


05-01-2009, 11:04 AM
Good Morning,
Ruth - great way to start the day. I filled in too.
Cottage - Nice weekend ahead for you. What is the show you are seeing.
Cyndi - sounds like wine and chocolate is what you need.
Jellybean - be careful, like everyone said.
Pearlrose - I'm glad phase 1 is going great, keep it up.
Stephanie - Getting rid of junk around the house is a great feeling.
Heather - my thoughts are with you. My DH had bypass surgery and the first few days were scary when I saw him all wired up.
Chelby - Sneak a nap, put the phone on call answering.

me - running errands today and maybe when it dries up I will transplant some perennials.

take care

05-01-2009, 11:33 AM
Good morning, everyone. I've already started May off on the wrong foot, but am going to make it better starting now!

Ruth: Get rid of the frump, my dear! Frumpy and you don't belong in the same sentence! Enjoy your day and I hope the knees are telling you that some nice weather is in store for the weekend.

Twynn: You're off to FL by now, but I hope you have a wonderful time!

Cottage: Enjoy your weekend with your DD and SIL! It really does sound like a great time!

Cyndi: I think your funk is understandable and I hope the wine/whine party lifts your spirits.

Jellybean: How great that you might have met a diet buddy. I'm sure you're being safe, but I'll just utter it once; be careful. That being said, I hope you have a lot of fun and enjoy the thrill of a potential relationship!

Pearl: Enjoy Wolverine. DH is itching to go, but I'm not sure if I can sit through it, so we'll probably just wait for Netflix or PPV to get it.

Stephanie: I hope the closing isn't a bad one. I need to follow your lead and get rid of junk.

Heather: Saying prayers for you and the whole family!! :hug:

Chelby: Enjoy your alone day at the office. For me it seems like the less employees I have, the more work I get done. Unfortunately our office is wide open for everyone to see, so no napping here!

Lisa: Don't you hate those sleepless nights? I had one last night as well. Good luck with the cleansing. No experience here, but I'm interested to hear how it goes for you.

Sophie: Have a great day!

Me: Just work, work, work today. We're waiting on boss-man to start printing the 17,500 appraisal notices that we'll have to fold, stuff and mail ASAP. Yuck. But at least it only happens twice a year!

Tonight is a tough workout and I'm going to do my best to cut down my time and make it more of a circuit rather than a slow weight routine. We'll see how that goes. 30 seconds of bicep curls with the bands are TOUGH!!! The good thing, though, is that I'm showing quite a bit of definition in my arms and my legs now.

Okay, off to get some work done. I can at least get the time sheets taken care of for the week.

05-01-2009, 07:08 PM
I didn't end up being alone today. I had an adventure: We have a ghost in the office. Everyone calls her Mrs. Petrie. I was typing at my computer. Suddenly, the adding machine at my desk went nuts! Clicking. Paper feeding up. I wasn't touching it! It freaked me out! Later, two of my co-workers were standing at my desk and the machine started running again! Crazy! Several weird things have happened over the years. Loud noises. Doors slamming. Music box playing. I told them that if spooky things happen while I'm there alone, I'm going home.

05-01-2009, 07:11 PM
Yikes, Chelby! I'd be leery of being there alone, too! It doesn't take a whole lot to scare me!

05-01-2009, 07:15 PM
That's my problem, Cottage. I'm a scaredy cat.

05-01-2009, 11:40 PM
I had a fun day today. Don got me in to his LA Fitness club as his guest and we swam and soaked in the hot tub. Relaxing and fun. Then a quick drink and I got Brian and took dropped him off for his campout. Tomorrow Don and I may try to measure the golf carts for camp. The store says it takes an 18 foot trailer but Don's big one is a 16. We'll probably also either get together for lunch or dinner. We're taking things a little slower than I'd like but we're getting to be really great friends this way and that is the most important thing. And having lots of fun too!

I fixed oven fried chicken and veggies tonight. YUM!