Dieting with Obstacles - PHYSICAL CHALLENGES ~ May's Thread

05-01-2009, 12:04 AM
:wave: WELCOME EVERYONE ~ Please join us in our thread: to give support and encouragement; to share ideas, and/or just chat with one another about everyday issues ...

This special thread is for anyone with any kind of physical obstacle and/or challenge like SB, CP, MS, MD, PK, Lupus, Osteo, Arthritis, Rheumatism, or any other condition (s), whether genetic or acquired (like injuries), that causes some physical limitations and/or difficulties.



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05-01-2009, 12:09 AM
HI EVERYONE ~ WOWIE, can't believe it's that time again ... time to start another brand new month! Yah, May has finally arrived, and we are starting to get nicer weather; and the snow is finally melting. You would hardly believe how much has melted in just over a week's time. We had a bit of light rain today, and even that helps to melt what there is left of it, mostly in ditches and where snowhills were ...

So, spring is finally here for us too -- hope you all have a lovely, spring day tomorrow as well!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

05-01-2009, 11:37 AM
Hi Ladies

Wow yet again another month is upon us in a flash so Happy 1st of May. Today here the weather is lovely so no complaints there, went out on our daily walk today though the weather did look as though it was going to turn to rain at one point and we were going to get drenched for our troubles ;) The weather held off and we had a pleasant walk after all thankfully. Must have been our day to see smoking vehicles on the way there a car exhaust was chucking out smoke and smelt horrid to boot. Then on the way back a bus with a police escort was pouring out smoke via the exhaust causing a plume of white smoke in its wake.

Been busy really today since the moment I got up as after breakfast was our daily walk. Then shortly after returning I was doing the preparation and cooking of dinner. Decided to do a twist on a dish I have made before which uses frozen raspberries. This time I used a mixture of frozen berries and it turned out lovely. All you do is thaw the berries until they are very nearly defrosted. Then you drain the juice and discard this. Then mash with the back of a fork to a jam like consistency. This takes a bit of elbow grease or shall I say wrist :D Or you can cheat like me and use a hand blender or ordinary blender to achieve the same thing in less time and less hard work. Then if necessary use a little sweetener to sweeten especially if you have a sweet toothed DH like mine ;) Then you just layer a spoon full of the fruit mixture and then a spoon full of plain yoghurt (or low or zero fat substitute) into a desert glass continue to do this until you have the desired amount. There we have it a simple dessert which is easy to make but looks pretty.

After lunch I have then gone on to prepare vegetables for a casserole, and for serving steamed alongside the casserole. That seemed to take a long time you do not realise that the preparation for a casserole takes so much of your time. I have then gone on to make sandwiches for tea also so now I can spend most of my time relaxing now the bulk of the work is out of the way.

VALDINE So nice to hear from you and sorry to hear that you are having a tough time of it due to the fatigue element of MS. I know a little of what you are experiencing and I do not have the added element of working full time. So I have the luxury of sleeping or resting when ever I need to due to the fatigue. I have also been prescribed amantadine 100mg one tablet twice a day. I do get some benefit from it though it is not a miracle worker. There are other medication out there on the market so if this does not work for you for whatever reason don't give up talk to your doctor to try another route. I can not suggest medications as here medications are under different names frequently and secondly they may not have been licensed in Canada

I can understand your dilemma in telling people at work about your MS but like you are finding out you maybe cornered by your illness into telling them. I am sure it will not be as bad as you have imagined telling them and their reaction. Though I know that we play through our minds the worse case scenario but so frequently it is not like that at all. I don't know if people view the illness differently there to the UK but I find people have been very helpful on the whole towards me. Maybe a bit too helpful if you know what I mean at times but I know they mean well. I did have to address the issue with my parents but did it in a nice manner saying I will ask for their help when I need it. They accepted it well and no friction caused between us. You may have to be prepared to address the same issues as I have but I am sure if you do this tactfully the outcome will be positive. Let us know how you go on with this matter.

ROSEBUD The spit chicken sure does sound nice though I am not sure if I could get hold of it in the UK. Sounds like you still remain busy and kept out of mischief ;)

Reading of the sad scenario of the gentleman your mum cared for whom was quadriplegic makes me realise how lucky I am. I was reading in a book at the MS centre about a lady now whom has taken up the new scheme we have for disabled people who need care from nurse(s). It now allows the the person in question to be in charge of their own care as they are the employer effectively. They get x amount money for there care and they can employ who they want and they call the shots so to speak. Like the lady in the article said now I choose what time I get up and what time I go to bed rather than being told what to do. Yes she said at the beginning she went through a learning curve but she is now a 100% happier. She now employs 4 people to care for her daily needs and socialization to coffee mornings, church etc. For me this is a move in the right direction allowing people to have the same basic rights as some one who does not have challenges in their life. She also said for the first time since she had required help she had began to "live" and even persuaded nurses to take her on some of her more hair brained schemes as she put it such as sailing in a square-rigged tall ships especially adapted to take a whole host of disabled conditions.

It is sad to see that food banks have popped up all over due to the economic climate. I am not sure that we have such things here but we do have drop in centres where you can get a warm meal daily. Plus on the streets the salvation army and such organization (some none religious) have "soup kitchens" where they give out warm food in the evening. They were called soup kitchens from the times past when soup was given out, I still think soup is given but other things maybe also.

I will have to close now as I have become very tired and need a little lie down to recharge those batteries. So take care till next time

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05-01-2009, 10:59 PM
:wave: HELLO LADIES ~ Thanks to RUTHxxx for red-stickying our new May thread to the top of the forum for us. MEOWEE is still away, but Ruthxxx says that she should be back next week sometime.

Well, DH was very upset this morning ... guess what we woke up to today? Yeppers ... some of that ***** once again. Dh comes in the room to wake me up, no less, to inform me that we have *****, and they are big, giant flakes too! :lol: I told him not to worry becuz they will melt as soon as they touch ground -- well, that was a bit of an exaggeration, but they were all gone by tonight becuz the sun came out just in time to melt the few that stayed a while! I hope that's a sign for tomorrow that maybe we will have some sunshine ... sure hope so!

HI PURPLE ~ glad you were able to go out walking today and that you had good weather too. Since our weather was rather yucky, we just stayed home, except DH did run one small errand for me today. I just did regular daily stuff, as I try to rest after a day where I did lots of walking becuz me feet and legs hurt so much now that I must rest them as often as I can. My doctor told me that he would like to see me put them up at least three (3) times a day; at first I thought that was a lot, but now, it has become a necessity at least two (2) times minimum. I am trying for three times now to see if that will help my situation some.

Tonight, DH is over at a friends and they are working on one of his hobbies, which has become a group effort now. I am glad for him that he has found some friends that have the same interests as him, and are so helpful to DH (may GOD bless their hearts for all the help and encouragement they have given DH lately).

Yes, as I think I shared with you before, my mother worked with disabled persons (as a homecare provider through the government); and she was very good at it. Things are somewhat better now from what I hear, but as you know, it's hard enough to live with so many physical challenges, but not to have enough income for basics like food and good personal care, would be an added burden these people just don't need!

You are fortunate to have such a special home. I have such difficulty getting in and out of our tub; I have to lean on my geri chair or I would definitely fall. I just sit on that and have a shower. I would love to have a walk-in shower like you have and so much room too; oh well, maybe some day we'll find such a place, but there are so few in this town and so many who need them, that it's unbelievable.

DH and I are trying to find out how I can get an electric chair or scooter so that I can get out more. Right now, I can't go to a mall, or to a large department store, or around the neighbourhood, becuz my feet and legs and back just hurt way too much for that. I am kinda stuck at home now and only go out 1 day a week when I feel up to it and I have to take some pain meds before I go to be able to walk around the grocery store. If my feet hurt too much, then we just leave; and DH goes back later and gets what we missed. We have had to do that many, many times ...

Sometimes, I go out for a ride in the car, but I don't go walking anywhere. We do that just so that I can get out of the house, or I would go 'stir-crazy' -- :lol: That's also why we go up to the lot and my Dad's cottage so much: becuz we need to! I love hearing about your trips all over the place as it's like travelling vicariously through your stories. ;)

Anyways, DH just got back and it's time to go for now. Hope you all have a SUPER-DUPER SATURDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

05-02-2009, 07:50 PM
Okay - so I actually started taking a coworker's (with MS) amantadine on thursday. (she gave it to me a week ago -- which really freaked me out/bursted my 'I'm fine' bubble) But the woman reminds me of you purple - she's younger but she has dealt with TM symptoms as well. She told me the ms clinic gives out amantadine for fatigue as soon as it comes up and didnt even blink handing over her meds. She is resiliant just like you. (and everyone else on this thread!)

I started 100 mg twice a day and it's not a drastic change.. but it's something.. along with a little bit of insomnia. I went into my GP last month who ran some regular bloodwork and shrugged... now I'm waiting for my MS clinic to call me back and give me my own amantadine px. I didnt want to start it without their permission.. but things are desperate -- I'm sleeping, eating, exercising as much as possible.. and napping whenever I can so desperate times called for desperate measures.

I told my boss i have ms.. he said 'I know' lol. So either he has an exceptional memory - I was open about my dx at my last job, where his organization overlapped ocassionaly -- or people talk. Either way. he knows. I dont know what accomodating fatigue looks like.. but I dont want to cut my hours since I'm the only one supporting myself.

sorry im rambling about my health. i'm kind of hoping to just ride this out.. maybe tomorrow will be better and my energy will come back leaving me mentally capable to do my job the way I'm capable.

the last thing confirming something really is wrong is that i've lost six pounds this week without trying. (I only lose big numbers now when I'm really struggling with some sort of MS symptoms)

things are good. I hope your snow melts fast rosebud - Ours was offically all gone YESTERDAY yyyaaaay!

05-02-2009, 11:36 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ Well, we had a mishmash of weird weather today: we started out with sun, then some nasty clouds rolled in from the west and brought rain, then this afternoon, some big snow storms rolled in with lightening and thunder ... even. :yikes: And indeed, the flakes were GIANT in size ... tres, tres, weird. Most of it melted except the last big fall just before dark.

I had to disconnect my PC, but when it all stopped, I hooked everything back up. I had put our chicken in the oven to heat up while I cooked veggies and new potatoes, but a fuse burned out and when I went to get out the chicken it was still cold. :( So ... we just heated it up in the microwave; thank goodness it was precooked! Dinner was a tad late becuz of that though ...

:hug:HI VAL ~ See, we thought as much: that your boss already knew about your MS; things like that get around, and not necessarily for a bad reason, and if someone told me they had MS, that IS something that I would recall. I'd bet many people admire how hard you try while living with such a challenge as MS. I also think it's nice that you have a co-worker with the same condition that can be a good support to your right there in your work place as well.

I also think it's better if you get your own px for MS meds; for safety reasons and to make sure your doctors know all the meds you are on. I have had to accept that I can't do what I used to, and it isn't easy; it's a daily thing sometimes. My faith is what gets me through really; and I don't know what I would have done without it all my life, and even more so now.

Don't worry about ranting about your illness and stuff like that; that's what we are here for. Purple and I commiserate about our daily challenges all the time; and how can we support each other if we don't know what the other is going through at the time? Sadly, the move we had to make last fall really set me back physically. I was hoping that over the winter, with lots of rest that things would improve, but they haven't yet so far. I actually find it harder to walk now and don't get out as much as I would like to.

I am having to face that I need some more assistive devices now, like I mentioned in my last post. Some days, I have to use two canes just to be able to walk around my home. I hate to take too many pain pills, so I only take them when I absolutely have to or when I am going out. I try to go out walking/shopping once a week and from spring to fall, will try to get out for at least a drive. I hope to do short walks (about 5-10 minutes) out at the lot this summer, but we are gonna see if I can get an electric scooter type thing ... I just have to accept this.

I'll be honest with you that this has made both me and my DH very sad, and we have both cried a lot; but we just have to accept it ... we just have to! And like I told DH, if I can get a scooter, that would likely IMPROVE MY QUALITY OF LIFE, and that's a positive thing really! I know like BEVERLYJOY, that the adjustment will be hard for me, but I'm praying that GOD will help me and keep my spirits up.

And eventually, my tears will turn to joy when I see that I can actually do more with more mobility. We are trying to find out where I can get such a thing or how, and we are now looking into this. I know two people who use an electric chair/scooter to get around and canes to access the few places they can't take the scooter like Tim Horton's, which really should do something about the lack of accessability, I must say.

I think that's one thing that I have been afraid of -- what family and friends will say or think when they see me in one; and the other is, will I be able to go to places I'd like to go to? So ... we will see what happens, and I will keep you all posted as we go along.

Anyhow, that's enuff crying for tonight: my broken heart will mend in time; and my sweet JESUS will carry me through some how, some way. And, DH has nice hoppin' music on and it is very pleasant to listen to. He is feeling much better tonight; his back is getting stronger; and we are so grateful. We figured it would take a good week.

We hope that you all have a peaceful and serene SUNDAY tomorrow. We will make it my friends, we will make it! Take good care and have a nice Saturday night! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

05-03-2009, 06:08 AM
Hi ladies

Well I have gone and got myself right confused this morning and though a previous post had been munched by the cyber fairies so proceeded to type a new one I then found out if I had used my eyes, plus brain properly this was not the case and could have spent a whole lot less time posting this. So I have had to start again.

Yesterday turned out to be a rather busy one as we went to the farmers market to get some bits and pieces. Namely the jam (apple and blackberry) plus some no added sugar wholemeal scone. After the farmers market I went for coffee and due to the business of the cafe asked a lady to join us. The elderly lady was lovely so interesting to talk too and she was from Yorkshire but not far from where we are to holiday later this year.

Then I cracked on with some housework and that seemed to take a good long while longer than anticipated I must admit. Then I cooked dinner by then I was all done in. Not a lot of energy in the pot I must admit. For tea I did a casserole, then had some stewed apple/blackberries which was lovely.
I am so glad we went blackberry picking they are coming in handy now.

VALDINE Glad you have dropped by to tell us of your plight. I know how debilitating fatigue can be. Sorry you feel it calls for desperate measures. I really hope that things get sorted quickly for you regarding a prescription for amantadine.

I do not think myself as resilient strange how others view us. One attitude I have had is I will not let MS rule me I will rule the MS and that is my take on it which has held me in good stead.

Do not underestimate yourself look at what you have achieved and done in your life. You have a full time job, you own your own home and do things on the council they are things to be proud of. I had not achieved so much at your age plus deal with the ups and downs of MS. I think we all think others cope far better than we do but in fact not always the case we forget our own struggles we have overcome.

Glad your boss knows about your MS and so "telling them" was not so bad after all. I am sure that is a weight off your shoulders now you have let them know and your not worrying about that. Your not rambling on about your health we know what struggles we have all to over come with dealing with different challenges. Having a sounding block is sometimes good and helps you sort the matter out. In a way having MS or other disabilities can be isolating as frequently we know no one with the disease itself. Up until just over a year ago I knew no one with MS and that was hard at times.

ROSEBUD Yes the period of adjustment has been hard for me as I am miss independent and a stubborn old moo :moo:. Though eventually even I realised the time had come to use a walking stick full even with DH. A bitter pill to swallow but at least I am mobile. We have talked over about the future my DH and I about the possibility of needing scooter. Though if that gives me the mobility and quality of life I need I will use it. I am sure though I will not go so gracefully into using one though ;) I can understand the heart ache and the tears your DH and you share. I am sure though the scooter will give you the quality of life that you do not have at present plus open up a whole new world of things you can do together which at present you can't as your unable to walk that far. I am sure when you do some things together that you haven't for ages due to your decreased mobility you will be so pleased that you took the step to use the scooter.

I am sure my DH is worried about my MS and my future but never lets me see typical British man stiff upper lip and all that :D Men here in the UK do not show their feelings they translate that as being weak for some bizarre reason :shrug: I am sure that the MS centre has been a great release for him being able to talk to other carers in the same boat as him.

Time to go and do my hair as at present looks as though I have put my fingers in the socket and had a fright :fr: So take care of yourself and will drop by soon.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

05-03-2009, 10:56 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, today was a much nicer day; we had some sunshine on and off all day, which was way better than ***** and even though there was a bit of a breeze, it was still around 60 F for most of the day. DH cleaned the car out and then got it stuck in some wet mud in the back yard, so then had to wash the outside as well. A nice neighbour came along with his truck and pulled DH out.

I just stayed in and rested most of the day. We had roasted chicken leftovers with a pan of roasted veggies; very filling and low-sugar chocolate pudding for dessert (only I saved mine for my snack as I was full at dinner). Our weather is supposed to be good for the next two days, and I hope they are correct as we have to take some friends to see a doctor in the city this week. I want to go for the fun of it, so hope we have good weather.

NIKO and I spent a little time on the porch this afternoon (he more than me), but I came in before him as the wind picked up a bit, but it was nice for some fresh air and a bit of sun. Did a puzzle and some reading today as well; really tried to make this a fun and relaxing day to get our minds off things.

PURPLE ~ yes, my DH is like your DH, in that he tries to hide how he feels, but eventually it all comes out. He said that he noticed that my pain issues were slowly getting worse. This happened to me once before and I bounced back with an extended rest; but I did have to start using the cane(s) as you know. I agree that a wheechair and/or electric scooter (which is what I would prefer to have) would likely make my life even MORE enjoyable giving me more mobility than I have now. DH says that we should get both, and I think he's right.

So many times, we haven't gone somewhere just becuz I cannot get around as I would like. People always ask why they don't see me out: that is the reason. I keep telling them but some of them just don't get it. I tell them -- on the bad days I stay home and don't go anywhere; you will only see me out on those rare days when I have less pain issues.

I totally agree with the things that you said to VAL -- we don't see ourselves as resilient, but others do. Yes, I may get down for a short while but my faith helps me to bounce back; and like you, I am trying to keep a fighting attitude. There are many people who have had setbacks and live in similar situations and are living joyful and victorious lives: JONI ERAECKSON-TADA comes to my mind often (I read her first book and have seen her on TV many times). She was a skiier and had a terrible accident and ended up in a wheelchair most of her adult life. She admits she has bad days like anyone else, but she has also been a great inspiration and example to many people over her lifetime.

BTW, thanks for the encouragement and the good laugh about the hair too! Laughter is a great healer, isn't it? Helps to make life so much more pleasant. The night skies cleared up and we could see the stars and the just over half-moon, and it was pretty last night. I really like looking at the stars and the moon, especially on those occasions when they are so close they look like you could almost reach out and touch them.

Anyhow, it's time for me to go and put my legs up again; gotta rest them as much as I can. So, take good care ladies, your friend :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

05-04-2009, 07:32 AM
Hi Ladies

Typical bank holiday weather here it is raining :rain:. My DH went out early this morning to go and get a newspaper whilst I was still in bed. He took Rizzie for a little stroll DH said was very reluctant to get out of bed and then was even less impressed when he found out it was raining :D Though on the walk he was as good as gold. I think that was due to last night on the walk in the evening he was in the preverbal doghouse after his antics. We have one of those extendable leads it was not on full extension only out a little way. Though for some reason he chased after a cat :fr: pulling on poor DH shoulder. Normally he never reacts Rizzie unless something makes the first move as he is very placid. So whether the cat took a swipe at him and that set him off I do not know. The next door neighbours have 2 cats but he has never chased them the only thing he does is stand and stare at them virtually nose to nose on several occasions :dizzy: Needless to say the cat shot up a tree and Rizzie was told off.

Made some muffins yesterday that were very low in fat, only used egg white and pureed pear instead of fat. The only fat came from our semi skimmed milk. Need to tweak the recipe more in my opinion as it is a little high in sugar for my liking with 6oz of sugar (3/4 cup). I did use half and half sugar which is half sugar and half sweetener but still I would like to get it down somewhat. I made blueberry muffins and they tasted good. Another sneaky way to get fruit into DH what with the pureed pear and blueberries I thought that was quite a bonus. All DH see is muffin not the sneaky bits of fruit I have put in :rofl:

ROSEBUD Yes some people just don't get that our disability stops us from doing things due to the pain or it is just too plain far to walk. They see you on your good days and think that you are like that all the time so just are making excuses.

I don't know about you but you just gradually stop doing the things that you liked to to as your are unable to walk the distance it isn't until you stop and take stock do you realise how much you have given up without realizing. I am sure when you do eventually get the scooter and do various things that you haven't done in such a long time will you understand how much you had stopped doing. I am sure that is going to be the case for for me whenever I have to use a scooter. I think the first time I will use one is hire on from the scheme we have in our city called shop mobility where you hire for a small deposit of 5 (about $8) which allows you access to the shops around Nottingham without having to walk the great distance that some are.

I had never heard of Joni Eareckson Tada until you mention this inspirational lady so I have been to the internet search engine and enlightened myself further. Yes your right we all have our bad days even those people like Joni who are great advocates of channeling our negative energies in to positive ones. Like you I have my bad days and have a little weep and then pick myself up. I often get like that if I am exceptionally tired and then mole hills can seem like mountains. With a good nights sleep things are in perspective again no longer are those mole hills mountains to climb. I realise we are human and this happens to everybody whether they have a disability or not. It is just part and parcel of life and the path we all travel along. Thankfully I don't often feel that way so I have been blessed and someone is looking over me.

Glad I made you smile about my hair :lol: at the moment I am trying to grow out a fringe (bangs). I plait my hair every night to go to bed so it keeps it tamed but my fringe part at the minute is not long enough to catch into the plait. It has a long way to go and like watching a kettle boil it seems to take forever when watching it :D. So until the moment I can tame it my hair in the morning is very unruly ;)

No further news at present I can think of. So I will close and go off and make a cuppa :coffee: Hope your all having a wonderful bank holiday dispute the weather not being exactly sunny :sunny:

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

05-04-2009, 11:19 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had a gorgeous sunny day today -- all day, so I got lots of good things done today. I did some laundry and washed my cushions for my couch/sofa as well. NIKO and I stayed home and rested whilst Dh took our friends to the doctors in the city. We sat out on the porch in that warm & cozy sunshine this afternoon too. Then I put my legs up for a rest until DH got home.

Just had a lighter dinner tonight, with some coleslaw; also make a lovely, homemade veggie-beef soup and it that for lunch: very filling and yummy. NIKO got into some muck outside tonight and left paw prints everywhere, so DH washed the kitchen floor for me as I was soooooooooooo tired. That was very nice of him, since he let him out there to play! ;)

HI PURPLE ~ you are so right, as my health problems increased, I started avoiding going to certain places. Some places are just not very accessible ie too many stairs for me, so I stick to those places that are better. They win in my books, simply becuz they thought about accessibility when doing business.

We have looked into some things; no place around here loans wheelchairs or rents them anymore, but two companies from the city will rent you one by the month or year. We don't know the cost of that though. They send a rep down here once a week or month and you go and arrange for this. We have also decided to look into something second-hand to buy as that may be an option if we can access them. I'll have to call first and see just how much they charge per month.

Well, it's time to get these legs up again; and that's all the news for now from here, so take good care, ladies ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

05-05-2009, 08:30 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we had another beautiful :sunny: day today; and the temps reminded us of an early summer day -- 73-75 F. Spent a while on the deck to catch some rays. Decided to really make today a 'rest' day and didn't do any extra chores, just the regular daily stuff like meals and dishes. Did do a light tidy of the bathroom which I do regularly anyways.

We had a lovely steak dinner tonight with mushrooms & onions and salad; plus a few 'small' new potatoes (I made DH hamburger steak, which he prefers). THis is a perfect dinner for a hot, summer-like, Spring day ... :D

I was good and put my feet up twice today already, and will do this again this evening. I also had a bit of special kind of cool hops concoction just before dinner, and that really helped my feet and legs feel much better ~ a very pleasant side effect, I must say -- and this is something DH says that I would do well to remember! Haha! :lol:

NIKO and I are going out onto deck for some fresh air to take in the last of the sun for this evening. We got my stained-glass suncatcher put up in my kitchen window today -- finally. Dh kept putting it off, then he'd forget and so on; I told him that that was his first job this morning and that's that [oh dear, what grammar; that's probably way too many thats in one sentence]. It looks really pretty there though too; the suncatcher, that is...;)

Well, other than putting out some food for my birdies and watching them fight over the NIGER SEEDS (and, we can't believe just how much they Looovvveee Niger Seeds; so it looks like we will be buying a much bigger bag next time), we had a nice, leisurely and uneventful day. Hope all you ladies are also having lovely weather and enjoying yourselves outside a bit as well.

Take good care and have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!!:hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

05-06-2009, 02:31 PM
Hello, Friends! So sorry it's been so long since I've been here. I just seem to be unable to keep up with everything I need to keep up with:dizzy:. I've read all the postings, though. There seems to be a theme with fatigue. I've been very tired lately as well and my MS symptoms don't seem to be resolving as they usually have, in fact, some have gotten worse in the last few weeks. Is there any seasonal connection with fatigue? I've wondered if some of the fatigue was due to our excessively long winter this year.:dunno: But, my numbness and stabbing pains have become more frequent in the last couple weeks and I've had food stick in my throat much more frequently than during what had been normal for my "attacks". Oh, well, just more to get used to, I guess.

Rosebud-some of your posts brought tears to my eyes. I hope you are feeling better emotionally about your situation. It's always hard to come to terms with limitations. I've had some teary days myself since getting the final diagnosis. I also hope your DH is feeling better. Those back pains are hard to deal with. My own DH hurt his back again playing baseball with the boys and has had to take off a couple days of work, as he couldn't bend at all. He went to a chiropractor and it seems to be helping some.

Purple-I also had to laugh about your hair issues:lol: because it's such a familiar scenario to me. Mine's short, but that just seems to make it stand up worse when it misbehaves! Having your DH working at your MS center probably helps him immeasurably in understanding what you go through and in knowing how to give you support. My DH is still at the "ignore it and maybe it'll go away" stage, but I'm hopeful he'll come around. I have really liked some of your ideas on reducing sugar in what we bake. I'm going to have to try to modify some of my recipes for baked goods, so we can enjoy them more often. Right now, I really only bake sweets for holidays, but DH misses his muffins, etc. He can't seem to finish a meal without eating something sweet for dessert, like Oreos or some other cookie or candy bar. I have to pack his lunch with a nice variety of fruit and sweet things or he thinks he won't make it through the day;)

Val-I hope the meds help your fatigue. I've not ever thought of asking the doc for any kind of med, as I seem to get a lot of negative side effects from any med, even just OTC stuff. I wish I was like you in the losing of weight when things act up category, but I'm just the opposite. I've had a bad few weeks here with going down 1, up 2, down 3, up 2 and on and on. It always seems that the worse I feel the more I want to eat, which is bad, bad, bad! But, good job on 6 pounds gone!

Well, hope you all have a great day! Take good care of yourselves and enjoy whatever spring is bringing at the moment, because it's sure to change without much notice!:lol: Hugs to all:grouphug:

05-06-2009, 03:45 PM
Hi rosey from alaska,i found your thread and can relate and wondered if u mind if i join in your group? I usually post in the diabetic section(one of my many issues) but i am also handicapped using a wheelchair and the last yr my whole life has turned unside down and im now going down a diff road not of my choosing..i found your comments inspiring and the issues we have similar to mine and thought maybe i found a home and some support for myself here with u 60,married,2 daughters whoalso are married,4 grkids,live in a log home with 3 fuzzy(dogs) children.. i have had back injuries and pain all my life and 1 leg partially paralized,last april the injury flared up and i lost the feeling in the other leg..which led to surjury x 3 and a hospital stay for 4 1/2 moths,infections and catching mersa..was told i would never walk again and was to be put in a nursing home..after many dark hrs all i wanted was my home and family..and begged to be given a chance in rehab as the surjury cured the pain but my legs and feet are still numb..anyways with the help of family,drs and therapists i am now walking with a walker and using a wheel chair and most impt im home..i was sent home with home health care,iv,s and lots to weeks later iwas back in the hospital for another surg as the infection traveled to my wrist and i could get around..another 2 weeks in the hosp and then home to pick up my life..after crying and feeling sry for myself i decided that God had given me a 2nd chance that i survived for a reason and i to find joy in the cards dealt to with the help of my dh and friends and my sil and dd we made my home handicap acessable,bathrm chairs,rails wheelchair ramps,lift took awhile but i have learned to do all i did befor and then some just in a diff way..this winter was hard on me as i couldnt get out becus walking on ice with numb feet is i went from completely dependent(couldnt even go to the bathrm alone:?:) :?:to being able to stay by myself for days as my dh enjoys the outdr things he loves..not every day is an A+ day.. and i dont want to be a burden on my family..somedays i just need :?:a sympatheic ear..those days when everything falls on the floor and i cant reach them..or want to go shopping and cant u know those days and your words in your posts inspire life is good but somedays i just want to cry for what was and what isnt and u all seem to understand what diets do you follow and are u able to exercise any advice would please me so..and can i give kind words to all of you :hug: rosey :hug::wave:

05-06-2009, 07:26 PM
HEY VAL ~ I want to apologize for missing that you lost 6 lbs!!! I know that you are concerned about the reason, but still overall, that is a good thing, as Martha (Stewart) would say ... ;)

HI RONNI ~ thanks for the encouraging words; I didn't mean to sound so glum, but the truth is, we all have those days when we are just EXHAUSTED! I think I was just physically and mentally exhausted from trying to battle all the daily pain and kinda feeling like no-one cares. I decided to take some pain meds and that helped a bit, but more rest and believe it or not, an old remedy came back to help me again.

I don't know why it's working for me, but it is; and I know it isn't for everyone, nor would I say that everyone should do it ... but yesterday, I drank 1/2 cup of BEER and the pain in my feet and legs went away. Now, why is that? :?: I decided to put my feet up more; and today, they started to hurt again by about 5 pm so I drank another 1/2 cup of beer, and the pain went away again. DH said not to worry about it, becuz 1/2 cup does not an alcoholic make! :lol: He does like to tease me, that's for sure.

Oh, DH is back home for dinner, so gotta go for now, but will BBL to finish my post ...

05-06-2009, 09:22 PM
OK, I'M BAAAAAAAAAACK ~ just like a proverbial pest ... :lol: We had our dinner (I had cabbage rolls and DH had Lasagna, as he doesn't care for CR's too much); I had baked apples for dessert and DH had a chocolate pudding. Then I did the dishes and filled up the birdies feeder, fed NIKO; and now I can do whatever I want for the rest of the evening ... phew!:D

HI ROSEY ~ from one ROSE to another, :welcome: to our thread; it's nice to have someone new join us who understands our issues and predictaments so well (as much as I wish we all didn't have them). You've been through a lot over the last while too. I'm so glad that your family came through for you and have helped you to modify your home so you can live at home where you should be (IMHO).

I have worked in four (4) nursing homes or long-term care facilities for those with serious health issues (not just age-related); so, I can really relate to why you want to stay in your own home: that is my greatest desire as well. This place isn't too bad, but there is room for improvement and it is hard to make them in a private, rental place. We have good landlords though, and we'll stay here as long as we can live here comfortably. So far, we are adjusting pretty well ...

I am following a portion-based program, whole foods, volumetrics-type (lots of low-cal veggies); watching my sugar and processed carbs as well, as I was pre-diabetic [my numbers were good today -- 5.3], but have to keep my eye on them regularly. It's like the old diabetic portion plan from years ago: I find it very easy to follow; but I do measure things like cereal and cooked pasta, and so on.

For exercise, I have hand-weights, do chair aerobics, toning reps like tummy & butt crunches :o, ez yoga-type stretches (of course, for the physically challenged ;)) , Tai Chai for beginners, and plain walking -- when and as I can do that. I like the chair aerobics as you can do reps and make your arms stronger; and I also use a stretchy band a little as well.

This may sound crazy, but I'm thinking of buying myself A SET OF DRUMS, as I love music so much and someone told me that playing the drums is easy to learn and burns lots of energy. I have wanted to do that for quite some time, but just never did it -- it was one of those secret little dreams that I always wanted to make come true some day, ya know :D. I think this year will be the year ...

Well, DH is feeling much better; actually, looks and acts like his old self to me. Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts. He's been out and about doin' his hobbies the last few days; tomorrow he is going to stay home as the weather has gone from :sunny: to cloudy right now .... hmmm. May be in for some :rain: tonight.

Well, that's all the news for now and that's a lot to read anyways; looks like a novel from here. :lol: So, take good care ladies, and isn't it nice to know that we can come here and there are people who not only care about us, they also truly, truly understand what we are going through too! Have a great evening and a THRILLING THURSDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

05-07-2009, 10:27 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, the :rain: held off til this afternoon for us. We did get to do a bit of shopping; didn't have much to get really, but I did get my tall garden hook for my bird feeder. Don't know if I explained that to you in this thread: but we have an overly-friendly cat around here that wants to chase my birdies. He is so big that he can touch the feeder with his paws so we ordered a much taller (84") hook.

While I was picking that up, I found a lovely cast-aluminum bench for our front deck. I was constantly having to bug DH to carry my heavy metal chair out there for me; but now I won't have to worry about that anymore as this stays out there all the time. They are supposed to be delivering it here sometime tomorrow.

So, the morning was warm and a bit :sunny:, but by noon the clouds started to roll in; and we had that :rain: for the rest of the day, but as far as my eyes can see (including any fields near by), all the ***** is gone now! Yeah! :carrot: So, we should take a jaunt out to our lot and see how it is out there; I'm pretty sure it must be all gone out there as well, as we had record deep snow in town this winter.

Everyone is saying how hard this long winter was on them -- in one way, I'm glad to know that it wasn't just me. Others were also getting ancy about spring arriving here too. Now the nicer weather is here, we can enjoy ourselves a bit more too. DH was being a party pooper tonight, by saying that the skitters will be coming out soon. I reminded him that they don't usually come out until June; and now that we are in town, there aren't near as many as where we used to live (oh yah, and I don't ever recall having midgies in town before either)! :D

Well, I see that everyone is busy; and I hope that you are all feeling better today, and getting nice spring weather as well. The grass is starting to turn green here already. I wanted to try and rake the front a bit (if I can, that is); but it started to rain on me. Our front lawn is very, very small -- I would say about the size of a large rug, so I thought I might be able to handle it! :lol:

I wanted to also share the GOOD NEWS with you all that my legs and feet felt much better today too; I took only one milder pain pill before we left, and I managed 2 stores today (one small and one medium). And -- my feet are NOT hurting right now; and I have been resting them more too, which seems to be helping as well.

WELL, it's time for me to go put on my tea and then put up my legs for this evening, while doing a puzzle and some reading too. This will now become my daily routine as it is helping me so much; and I have been going to bed a bit earlier each night, so the combination of all these measures is probably helping too.

So ... take good care, my friends; and do have a FANTABULOUS FRIDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

05-09-2009, 10:45 AM
Hi Ladies

The past few days have been really busy schedule. Firstly DH surprised me and took me to Meadowhall in Sheffield a huge shopping centre. Then we took my mum to have a nerve scan in a Lincoln county hospital. Mum had been experiencing numbness and pain in her hand. The doctor suspects she has trapped the ulna nerve in here arm this was a test to confirm this was the case. Now just awaiting the results of the scans. The next thing that has kept me away was my dad went in yesterday for his second cataract operation on the other eye. Operation went well and it was done as a day case. He has experienced more pain this time and is more blood shot. Dark glasses do help with the issue of pain. Now for the healing process to take place and then for a eye examination to see what prescription he needs. At the minute he does no longer wear them all the time only for close reading work. I must admit after all my life time of him wearing glasses it sure does look strange to see him without any glasses on. Slowly getting use to the new look.

Really feeling drowsy today as yesterday proved to be a bad day with my trigeminial neuralgia so needed two extra doses of medication. Sure did not want to get up this morning and now definitely flagging. The weather has been nice the past few days but very windy. The wind did have a tendency to be rather chilly. So this is possibly the culprit of my face pain but will never know for sure.

Back to the trip to Meadowhall in Sheffield we both had an enjoyable time. I bought 3 tops to go with my new skirts. My DH bought 3 shirts, he does wear tee shirts occasionally but prefers shirts. He is the Imelda Marcos of shirts I reckon can not resist buying or looking at shirts :lol: Though I must admit the last few days have not exactly been very healthy regarding food. So making a conscious effort this weekend to be as clean as possible and stay on plan to counteract my bad eating.

ROSEY :welcome2: to the thread nice to have you on board. Thank you for sharing your story regarding your own health issues.

I can not blame you for wanting to remain independent as possible and do this within your own home. I have the same desires as yourself in this department. I am forgetting myself I better introduce myself. I am a 44 year old lady who lives in Nottingham UK. I was diagnosed with MS in 1999 aged 33 but looking back I had it for much longer. I am not on any medication for MS at this present time but on treatment for trigeminial neuralgia (pain in the face that effects the trigeminial nerve).

At the moment I am able to walk with the aid of a stick but I am now for the first time seriously thinking about using an electric scooter on shopping trips. This is because I am finding that I can not walk around far before the need to sit down and rest. I am willing but my body is not ;)

I am very fortunate that I have a wonderful DH who looks after me and blessed with a lovely family who have rallied round to help me. There has been no history of MS in the family so came as a bit of a blow for me. Prior to the MS I was a registered psychiatric nurse in a medium secure unit looking after clients who where mentally ill and found to have committed a crime whilst ill. The crimes I am talking about were not for minor offenses but more serious ones like rape, murder or GBH (grievous bodily harm). So I think that is me in a nutshell all be it a huge coconut one :D as I tend to waffle on a bit ;)

Looking forward to getting to know you better over the coming weeks and having your input on disability issues.

RONNI Life sometimes goes at 90mph not to mention our MS wiping us out now and again for good measure.

I know that food can get lodged in your throat with MS but I have not experienced such symptoms or know anyone with those. If it persists I would speak to the neurologist or your doctor treating you for your MS. They maybe able to shed some light on the matter and how best to manage this horrible issue. I hope the matter resolves quickly for you.

My hair is very long as it reaches just about at my base of my spine. So hence I have to do something with it at night like plait (braid) it otherwise I would never get a hairbrush through it in the morning. Though short hair also has it draw backs and can look like a hedgehog who has met with the electric socket. No amount of brushing or combing will get it lying in some order it just wants to stick up on end.

My DH went through the same stage as your DH the ostrich syndrome of burying your head in the sand and hoping the problems will go away. In the beginning he did not want to talk about it and would not face up to the fact it may deteriorate. Though slowly but surely he came to accept the fact and will face facts. I think it is a stage that all carers go through and it is part and parcel of getting to the stage of acceptance. In a way it is kind of grieving for the person you was and will no longer be. All the plans you may have had now have to be adjusted which all takes time.

Hope your DH back is on the mend with the aid of rest and the chiropractor. It is so easy to hurt your back but a slow process for them to heal again. You do not realise how much you use your backs in your day to day life.

Glad some of the recipes you have liked for reduced sugar or fat for that matter. I enjoy cooking and like you I have a DH who loves a dessert. Though he is trying to lose weight so I really do have to be inventive and play crafty. If it looks like a dessert then it must be a dessert. But in actual fact it is one of my concoctions which have fruit in ;)

ROSEBUD Sorry to hear that you have been in pain. I do not blame you for using a small amount of beer to help. Years ago when I first started in nursing I did a drug round with a difference. No tablets but beer and spirits. I would give a small tot or glass of beer to those patient who liked a little drop. A friend of mind her brother is in hospital at the minute aged 95. He is as bright as a button but he sure does love his whisky tot at night. So he has now been prescribed it. So it has gone full circle from stopping it to allowing it again. They realise that if someone finds it useful it aids their recovery. Providing other medications do not prevent it. Last night my face was murder so I delved into last resort mode and had a small tot of apricot brandy :T It did the trick just a few sips worth because I am normally tee total a very small amount effects me very quickly.

I hope your dream comes true about getting your set of drums. Like you say we all have little wishes mine is to learn the british sign language. I love languages and to me this is an extension to this. Unfortunately course are expensive and funds are limited so off bounds at the minute but maybe one day.

Thanks for keeping the thread going whilst I have been MIA with one thing or another in my life. On Monday it has come time to have the car MOT and serviced. Every year a car has to have an MOT to prove that it is roadworthy. The only ones exempt are brand new cars (3 years exemption). This will be our first MOT since we had the car. We are due to change our car shortly as you know but this is always done before we hand it back to the dealership. We have a courtesy car for the day whilst this is being done also.

Now further news for now so time to go and put my feet up and rest. So take care ladies till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

05-09-2009, 09:12 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ Sorry, I didn't get in last night; by the time I remembered that I hadn't posted, it was well after midnight and I was on my way to bed and so tired that I just decided to wait until today to come in.

We had a BUSY day yesterday as we were sorting out some more boxes and were able to give away one large box and two bags today to Goodwill; plus throw away a box and a bag as well. That can make a huge dent in one room, so we are really starting to see the end of this plight. I even found some new socks and other things that we couldn't find.

I lost my new Baby Jane running shoes that I bought last year, in the move somehow; so I was blessed and found some while shopping on Thursday. They had two different styles and both were on sale, so I bought one of each kind. I may be lucky yet and still find that other pair when we're not looking for them, as that's usually what happens. ;)

We also emptied two boxes from one of the sheds as well and DH has been doing some sorting out there too. We are trying to get as much done as we can before they start doing the floors in here so there will be less to move around; but it's hard when you are sick or sore, or end up hurting yourself at the same time. Today, I went through 4 small boxes of my books; 2 are cook books and 2 are books I bought to read for fun and interest.

I think I will look for a nice small bookcase with glass doors: they call them lawyers bookcases; and they are affordable and come on sale fairly often too. I think that would look nice in the livingroom too, as I really need a nice place to put my most favorite books.

HI PURPLE ~ My grammie was Irish and she used to have what she called a hot toddy or just a 'toddy' before bed at night. She always said that it 'could always heal what ails ya!'

BBL ~ DH needs my help for a few minutes, I'll come back and finish this post then ... :hug:

05-09-2009, 11:46 PM
:wave: Yah, I'm finally back ~ Well, that few minutes turned into a couple of hours, and not exactly how I wanted to spend my Saturday night either. DH decided that he wanted to move some stuff around and something that should have taken only minutes ended up taking 1-2 hours; and then DH had an accident -- dropping a case of tapes on his head and cut his forehead: oh, he's alright, but he does have a little mark to show for his efforts. I don't think it's wise to start these kinds of projects so late at night when everyone is tired; and you know where that leads (to irritability which inevitably leads to tiffs & spats), so we will finish this job another day ... ;)

HI AGAIN, PURPLE ~ I'm glad that a wee nip of brandy was able to help your TRIG PAINS; and did you know that even in the Bible, there is a mention that liquor can be used as a form of pain medicine? Now, I'm a traditional Tea Totaller like yourself, but a very small amount can have amazing effects. When I was working in some nursing homes, they also would use this same method to help those patients who were suffering a bit, to help them sleep and/or just give them some much-needed relief from chronic pain. I think it's amazing that is actually works so well! My Grammie said that it not only helped her sleep better, but it also helped her get through menopause too! :lol:

My -- you have had a few busy days. Prayers that your Dad's eye heals very quickly; I'm so glad that it is working so well for him. I had a friend who had that done and found it extremely successful also; wishing that she could have had it done years earlier, but it was a fairly new procedure when she had it done. You mentioned your MOTHER has a 'trapped' nerve in her arm -- what causes that to happen? I haven't heard of anything like that before.

Glad you and your DH had a fun time shopping at the mall. Did you find that you had much trouble getting around? I know that the last time I went, I was in terrible agony; I had to keep looking for places to sit down or lean against. I only made it around one large department store, and barely that one. That was when I realized that I was having big troubles; so I just went and sat on the nearest bench and told DH to go look where he wanted whilst I waited for him with a friend.

DH and I have discussed that I must have a scooter if I ever want to be able to go to a mall again. We have heard that we may be able to get one from a community service provider, but we'll have to investigate that much further to see how that works out before I get my hopes up too high. First, I have to get some type of form filled out by my new doctor, so there's some process to go through first.

Anyways, we had a treat tonight ~ we had CHINESE FOOD for dinner; and there's even enuff left over for tomorrow as well. We haven't had any for almost a year, so we decided to give ourselves a night off from the regular fare. You won't believe it, but we had a wee bit of ***** fall during the night, but thankfully, not too much of it. The sun came out this afternoon and melted it all away ...

Well, it's getting late, and it's time to get my feet up for the night, and I'm already late as it is, so take good care ladies; have a good night, and I hope you have a LOVELY SUNDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

05-10-2009, 10:41 AM
Hi Ladies

Not such a nice day today but the wind seems to have dropped so seems much warmer outside than in previous days. Managed to do a few chores yesterday but left the ironing to do though there is not a huge amount to do. Did a load of washing last night whilst in bed as the electricity is cheaper at that time of night. It was the bed linen after stripping and remaking the bed. I like to do that at least once a week to strip the bed. Only one tiny load of washing to do now so caught up with that. So housework is about squared up.

I have been spending time playing a computer game called dream chronicles 3 . It is a game with a story in which you have to find items and solve puzzles. I love the challenges of solving the puzzles it stretches the mind. I admit once or twice I have had to cheat and look at a walkthrough for that section to get me moving again in the game. I must admit I have been hooked on it and the graphics are really pretty.

ROSEBUD Not envying you sorting through boxes and getting squared up. You inevitably lose something whilst moving only to find it again months later. I expect that will happen with your baby Jane shoes. I tend to find them when I least expect them and not looking for them of course. Sorry to hear that your DH had a mishap during all of this.

Not sure what causes a trapped nerve. Not that Mum does anything energetic so whether she just moved wrong and it caused it I am not sure. Mum started with symptoms when we were on holiday in September. At that point mum was in a lot of pain the only blessing the pain has subsided somewhat since then and some of the feeling has returned.

Yes I did struggle going round the shopping centre finding the need to sit down like you did. I did try to order a scooter prior to going but you have to book a week in advance as they are so popular. So it looks like I will have to be more organised when going on trips such as shopping until I get a scooter of my own. So shopping had to be confined to a small area and taking long rests in between walking. At least DH is understanding and does not get upset that I can't do what I use to do or keep up with him. We have an easy scheme to hire scooter through shop mobility. Showing some form of identity and a current bill with your home address. Some have a small deposit to lay down whilst others don't just depends which area you are. So no big rigmarole to go through no medical background need or doctors notes. It is a charity organization run to ensure disabled people have excess to shopping areas like others. They even have staff who will walk round with you if you are visually impaired. Like my friend who worked for them used to say a guide dog can't tell you if your bum looks big in this skirt or that colour suits you :D He loved work there but not the hours which were not as they had stated at the interview :( Our friend now works at the ms centre I attend as deputy manager) He is good with people with various challenges as he has a daughter whom is disabled after a serious motorcycle accident. So he understands what it is like having challenges as he has had this has part of his life since his daughter became disabled aged 17.

DH at the moment is watching the grand prix which is from Spain which is good time wise as the time difference is only one hour. The grand prix from places like Australia, Hong Kong etc are not very good time wise for us but the same goes for them when it is in our part of the world so it is swings and roundabouts.

Made another fresh fruit salad yesterday with a mixture of fresh and tinned fruit. I used tinned pineapple then everything else fresh which was apples, bananas, raspberries, strawberries and grapes. It was really nice I must admit. Earlier in the day I did some stewed apples with some sultanas and spiced up with a bit of cinnamon. I must admit I love apples with cinnamon they go together so well. So plenty of fruit eaten yesterday as we also had banana as a snack another part of the day. This is because no so much vegetables eaten yesterday only a few in the sweet and sour. We had chicken sweet and sour I thought it was lacking in the vegetables department so added some butter beans. They went beautiful in the dish I must admit and I cooked a double portion so one went into the freezer for another occasion.

Time for another cuppa :coffee: I think as my throat is getting dry as per usual ( the joys of the side effect of my tablets constant dry mouth). Good job I drink tea and coffee black with no sugar otherwise my calorie intake would be much higher per day :fr: I hope your all having a lovely weekend so take care ladies and see you soon.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

05-10-2009, 06:01 PM
Hi everyone from sunny alaska at least today its nice,im going to sit out on our deck in alittle dh will help get me there..its always a production to get me out..i can walk in the house using my walker and out i use a wheel chair..u all metioned scooters when u are shopping..most of our bigger stores have riding scooters with baskets for the handicapped right as u come in the stores..they sure are helpful and a"hoot" to drive..i can really zip around on them and its is agood day,at times im depressed over what has happened but most days are 11 yr old grdd spent the night fri and we watched movies,baked cookies,made mothers day cards..sure was fun..shes afiesty red head and gives me great joy..Hope u are all having a good day and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY..:hug: rosey :wave:

05-10-2009, 11:14 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ WELL, we had a gorgeous :sunny: day today ... all day! We spent some time out on our deck on our new cast-aluminum BRITISH-STYLE PARK BENCH; it's even comfy and very sturdy and DH loves it, as it's just cozy for two persons! ;)

Then later this afternoon, we took a nice ride out to our lot and took a short walk around, and everything looks sound and secure. We discussed our immediate plans and then had a nice leisurely drive home; we were gone 3 hours but it seemed to pass by so fast. Then I reheated those CHINESE FOOD leftovers for dinner -- yum, yum. We only ordered a dinner for two, but they are so generous here that you can get two meals out of one.


HI ROSEY ~ that sounds like you and your DGD had a lovely time on Friday night; I remember doing the same kind of thing with my Grammies, esp the Irish one quite often. We had a blast together; and we got along so well, as we both just loved to have fun and giggled a lot! My grandfather would get annoyed after awhile and would ask, "Are you two ever gonna quiet down and go to sleep?" and that would just make us laugh even more ... :D

Yes, I have heard that some places have scooters for rent, but I just have never seen them anywhere yet. I had some numbers here for a mobility place in our nearest city, so I will have to check that out (if I can find them as I misplaced them somewhere). I'm afraid it's a bit more complicated here, and I'm not really sure why that is. I'm glad that you were able to get out on your deck and enjoy the good weather; I do that every day there is decent weather too.

HI PURPLE ~ hmmm, I am puzzled about your mom's pain in her arm; I'll send up some prayers about that too, that not only will she find some relief from her pain, but that the doctors will find the source so that they can help her soon. A pinched nerve comes to mind, and I sincerely hope it's nothing more serious than that, which is bad enuff really.

We've had some problem with water leaking in our spare room again; and that's why we HAD TO sort some more boxes. We are having a time really. So I got DH to pull out my Rubbermaid plastic bins (boxes) to put my stuff in; and we are going to pick up a couple more to put the rest of my good stuff in that I can't find room for but would like to keep for our cottage, as no water can get in them. OUr landlord sent over some wooden slats to put on the bottom of our shed so we can use it again. Then we are looking to find a way to use waterproof tarps or something to protect things from rain and snow.

This is why we have had to move the boxes around so much; out in the shed; back in the house; out in the porch; having to change wet boxes three times now; and so forth. DH was fit-to-be-tied (very annoyed/angry), so I called the landlord myself and explained to him what was happening as DH doesn't want to do that himself for some reason. :?: Well, they are coming over tomorrow to see if they can find the cause and fix it for good, becuz if they don't, any new flooring they put down will just get ruined.

That computer game you've been playing sounds like a lot of fun. I don't play too many myself as lately I have only been doing my crosswords and such. I think I have just had too many other things to get done instead. I'll be so glad when we get all this stuff done around here so I have more time for things like that.

I made a fruit salad of pineapple chunks, clementine oranges, and banana slices: I really like that combination. I also just love apple chunks in raspberry yogurt too; and I love baked apples too (always do them with cinnamon as well). Think I might make a roast beef tomorrow as we had so much chicken this week.

Well, that's all the news from here for now; do take good care ladies and I hope you all have a MARVELLOUS MONDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

05-11-2009, 04:24 PM
Hi Ladies

Happy belated Mothers Day for yesterday sorry that I missed that as here in the UK this is celebrated earlier in the year than for you. Though Father's day to my knowledge is on the same day. I hope all you Mum's (aka Mom's) had a lovely day. Here in the UK it is a day we throughly spoil our Mum often cooking her dinner or taking her out for lunch. Also gifts and cards are given as well on this day. I suppose it is celebrated somewhat similarly in the US and Canada.

I had intended to come on here earlier today but DH decided to take me to Macro wholesale supplier after lunch. I of course was in what I deem my scruffs so I had to dash round and get a little more dressed up. When I am cooking I do so in my work clothes but when I go out I have another set of clothes. Bought a few bits and pieces from the store but off course it kind of set back my planned schedule for the day. I notice that tomorrow it is having a planned outage to change servers but I do not know how that will effect me time wise and whether I will be able to get on all. I have only a small window to come on tomorrow with it being my treatment day for oxygen therapy. (Just to let Rosey know I have hyperbaric oxygen therapy or in English ;) the treatment prescribed to divers who have the bends .Although it is useful in a whole host of ailments including MS autism and healing wounds to name a few)

Today we had bolognese sauce with penne pasta weighted out of course due to my heavy hand in this department. Then I served it with my special chocolate dessert. (all this is is one banana per person with 2 teaspoons of unsweetened cocoa powder and 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence though I have made without if I have run out of this. Then all you do is blend this until a smooth paste then place into small pots, like yoghurt pots. The riper bananas are ideal for this recipe as it makes the dessert nice and sweet. You can eat immediately or pop into the freezer to freeze. If you would like it frozen it is best to take it out about 10 to 15 minutes prior to wanting it. This way it has thawed just slightly. :T This is a great sugar free dessert, the only sugars are natural sugars which are much healthier. ) Trying to say on plan for a few days after having several bad :nono:days last week in the food department not picking the best choices. The scales have reflexed my bad choices :yes: so hopefully days on plan will see the couple of pounds drop off. I must admit I feel better after eating healthy for 3 days in a row. As much as the junk food is nice to eat it sure does leave me feeling sluggish and saps me of energy.

ROSEY Glad you had a good day and were able to go onto to the deck with assistance to enjoy the Alaskan sun shine :sunny:. Here in the UK most of the big supermarkets have scooters but I have yet to try them. I have poor hand to eye coordination so me and scooter driving might not mix :D I have vision of me driving right into a display which comes crashing down around me :fr: I know very shortly that even supermarket visits will require some assistance of a scooter but whilst I can still manage to walk around them all be it slow I will do so. The trouble for me is the big shopping centres (malls) with shops all under one roof. Great idea but oh boy I can't enjoy them. Time I have been in 2 shops I am needing a break as I am totally wiped out. It saps all my energy, especially if it warm in a shop it wipes me out so fast.

I think we are all like you we all have our moments where we get down about our disabilities. I know for me those moments tend to be linked with my menstrual cycle and I can get a bit tearful. Though thankfully they are very few and am happy with my lot in life I know it could be worse and I see others whom are in a much worse predicament than myself. I have so much to be grateful and thankful for in my life.

Sounded like great fun was had with your granddaughter they sure do keep you on your toes. I think grand children can be such a joy to you and help keep you youthful. I do not have any children myself, partially my choice as I was a career lady as a nurse but planned maybe I would have them later. Then I became rather infertile after getting PCOS ( polycystic ovarian syndrome) shortly after that diagnosis I was diagnosed with MS. So I decided that it maybe was not in my interests to have a child with my health and having to have fertility treatment. I am lucky enough though to have many nieces and nephew to bring me pleasure and joy. I hope you had a lovely Mothers Day yesterday.

ROSEBUD Thanks so much for the prays for my Mum regarding the nerve in here arm. If they think it is the ulna nerve that is causing this trouble then surgery is the only option. Not sure what the operation entails or how big it is. Will keep you posted as soon as I know anything. Though things do not move fast here with our health care system. It is a blessing that it is free for all but there are small down sides to this. Though considering it is free it does a remarkable job.

Sorry to hear that you have continuing woes with leaks in your home and shed. I hope that the landlord is able to repair it once and for all. You certainly do not want to have to move things into other boxes etc again. Not only that things can get ruined that you own. Not to mention that floor covering tend not to like it either. Many places here have carpet throughout their homes. Though much of the younger generation have wood flooring throughout. Wood flooring is easy to keep clean etc though for me I find it a more slippery surface to walk on. Due to the slippery nature of the this flooring I have erred away from it from fear of falling. My sister has this type of flooring throughout her home. Mind you here husbands job is laying tiling and wood flooring. My sister and her husband home is beautifully tiled with pretty intricate patterns and a lovely colour wood flooring. My home is carpeted throughout with the one colour carpet. I decided that with it being a bungalow that it would look more coordinated if it was one colour throughout. The carpet layers did a wonderful job and we were very pleased with their workmanship.

Glad you enjoyed your treat of a chinese meal, I know like here the portions tend to be very generous so I could make more than one meal out of a portion. Especially now that I eat smaller portions. I think I will be having chinese on Saturday when we go to friends as she mentioned this is what we would be having. Not sure if she would cook it or buy it. So good job I am on plan this week if we are being a little naughty next Saturday ;)

:T your fruit salad sounds delicious a great combination together. I am a big eater of fruit I have to be careful I do not eat too much otherwise I will give myself tummy ache. I will be having a banana and apple later on tonight with my evening medication to stop me feeling nauseous from the tablets.

You know we were talking about the plight of people being hungry due to the cost of food and the food banks set up. It seems that I was more ignorant to the state of affairs in the UK of people starving and to the degree this was occurring. I was watching secret millionaire and the millionaire in question helped at an organisation whom gave out food parcels to those who were on low incomes and could not afford to feed themselves properly. One family in particular upset me as it was an immigrant couple from Poland. Now they have joined the EEC (European Economic Community) you are allowed to work in other countries within that. The husband and wife had 2 small children living in a one bedroom apartment. She had a small command of English and all the gentleman could say when he first came to the UK was I want a job. He quickly found work but that was only on minimum pay 5.73 per hour. This might seem OK but when you have paid the bills there is not much left for food. Here in the UK it is very expensive and maybe this came as a shock to the couple how much the cost of living was here in the UK. They now where in between a rock and a hard place. The organisation who gave out a food parcel to this couple was a god send to them.

It made me so sad to see hard working people still not having enough money to feed themselves. They also would not get help off the state like other UK citizens would probably due like child benefit which all UK citizens get who have children. The millionaire lady has taken them under her wing and gave them a helping hand. She gave them a big sum of money 13,000 I could see that the husband was very reluctant to take it as he was a proud man. So it looks as though I need to open my eyes that there is more people living below the bread line than I care to think about. This makes me so sad to think in a first world country this should be happening.

No further news today, maybe MIA tomorrow due to outage as I mentioned earlier. so catch up with you soon ladies. Take care and look after yourselves.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

05-11-2009, 05:09 PM
Hello! Hope you all had a nice weekend and Mother's Day! Unfortunately, I spent most of the night Saturday and all of Sunday sick. Came down with the boys' cold, but then also started :barf: Saturday night. The doc & I think my colon has started to be affected by the MS, as I've been very irregular for the last couple months (which is definitely not normal for me), but things seemed to come to a complete halt over the weekend, which is causing the nausea and etc. Have any of you other MS'ers had issues like this? The doc's advice is to start drinking some of that Metamucil (the fiber powder you mix in water) every day, so I got some today and will see what happens. Sorry if that's too much info:o, but this is one symptom that my sis and I don't share, so not sure what a good solution is.

Rosey-:welcome2: Glad to have you here! It is very nice to have support from people with similar issues. I'm married, 2 DS's at home (and we homeschool 90% of their schooling) and 1 step-ds, who's married with 2 step-kids and 2 dd's. As far as what plan I use, it's simple counting calories, of course with eating whole grains, lots of veggies and fruit, no artificial sweeteners or pop. I log everything in a notebook to keep track. When I started I was at about 245 pounds (my highest was 260) and I was eating around 2000 cal per day. Now I cycle between 1300 and 1700 each day to average around 1500/day for the week. It's really the only plan that has worked for me and I've tried almost every plan know to man:dizzy:
Hope to get to know you better!

Rosebud-sounds like you're very busy sorting and sorting and sorting;). But, it does feel good to get through it and weed out stuff, doesn't it? Have to tell you that our house finches are in the family way! There's at least one egg in their little nest and she sits on it all the time. He brings food to her and feeds her like a baby bird-I didn't know the males would do that! Glad you're enjoying your new bench-that sounds wonderful!

Purple-your banana dessert sounds delicious! Putting that on my list of things to try (after I get over the tummy trouble). Will be praying for your mom's arm and your dad's vision after his surgery. DH's dad and uncle both did well after cataract surgeries, even after a couple complications with the uncle, so I imagine the pain and redness will resolve in time. glad you were getting out and about earlier! Sometimes those spur-of-the-moment trips are the most fun, simply because they're unexpected and out of the norm!

Hi to Val, Numpster, and Beverlyjoy, too! Hope you all have a great day!

05-11-2009, 09:16 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had another lovely :sunny: day with temps in the 60's F. NIKO and I sat out on the porch for a little bit to catch some rays this morning while the guys did some work in the house.

Well, we finally found out what was causing the mysterious water leaks; it was our washer, and there it was leaking from more than one place. The hose had two cracks in it which you couldn't see with the naked eye, so we bought a new rubber one, but then we turned her on and found another leak where the water taps attach to the machine. The last place we lived at had so much rust and dirt that the water pump mechanism was seized up with it. Our landlord took it home and cleaned it out and after putting it back in, it was working just like new and no more leaks.

HI RONNIE ~ the blackbirds in our yard have become real pests by knocking all the food on the ground and eating it all before the smaller birds can get some, but we do love all the different kinds of finches that are here and there singing is very pretty. We have a lot of the sorting done; one issue is that we don't have as much room for furniture so we've had to downsize drastically. As soon as we get the base floor down in the shed, we can put our extra stuff back in there and out of the house and back porch, then we should be OK after that ... I hope!:D

HEY PURPLE ~ yes, this site is changing servers, so they will be down from noon tomorrow until the evening. I may try to come by in the morning for a short visit if I can; not sure what DH has planned for tomorrow yet. Our landlord is putting in what they call 'click flooring' here; it's a kind of plastic fake wood flooring. I like the color he has chosen, but like you I prefer carpet; so we are just gonna put done some long carpet runners along side our bed to make sure we have a firm grip where we need it.

I bought a nice area rug for our livingroom as I would slip a bit when I tried to get up from our couch which is a bit low for me, but will have to do until we buy a new one someday. This one is quite nice still and will do for now. I find the CHINESE FOOD can easily be kept in our daily plan by having smaller portions too; we just divided the meal in half.

HIYA TO VAL ~ hope you are feeling better this week; and NUMPSTER & DH ~ hope you are all doing well down there; HI to ROSEY ~ hope the weather is nice up there in Alaska; and HI to BEVERLYJOY ~ sorry we haven't seen you for awhile; hope all is well with you and yours!

Not much else going on here; just did a little housecleaning today like the bathroom and such. Had a good OP day foodwise. So take good care and have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY!!!:hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

05-12-2009, 11:49 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we have another lovely :sunny: day today, perfect for sitting on our porch to read and had my morning coffee out there too. Just doing some laundry today now that my washer is all fixed up good with no leaks again. DH is running some errands for me so I could do things at home.

We hope that I can find my tulips so we can plant them for next year. My landlady just came by to tell me that there are some kind of perennial flowers by the front deck but she's not sure what they are anymore. To me, they kind of look like they might be tiger lilies or something like that; I'm gonna try and find some more types of bulbs like daffodils, tulips, and tiger lilies for here and our lot too!

Well, it looks like we will have a nice day to just do fun stuff around here today, and DH is back with my pick-ups. We may not see ya until tonight or tomorrow morning, so we hope you all have a good day, and A WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!! Take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

05-12-2009, 11:19 PM
:wave: Just wanted to pop in and say that the site was back up and running much earlier than expected. We had a gorgeous day -- :sunny: all day long, so spent some time outside reading for a while. Had a good OP (on plan) day again today (wow, 2 days in a row -- shall we go for three?); am happy about that!

Gotta go get my legs up as they are very tired and sore from too much walking that last couple of days. Overall, we still had a good day though. Hope you all had a good day too. :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

05-13-2009, 09:37 AM
Hi Ladies

Well today weather wise it is horrid blowing a gale and throwing it down with rain. Not a great combination I must admit, been to do my grocery shopping and just this minute popped it all away in cupboards etc. Starting to get things in ready for DH when he has his surgery on his mouth and enforced soft diet. So I have been forward planning and trying to think what things to give him that still stay within our food plan as much as possible. Making a big pan of homemade soup will cover some of the lighter meals. Plus doing meals that have minced (ground) meat in should fit the bill. I was thinking of doing cottage pie for one day, bolognese, a mild chilli con carne and maybe a mince casserole. To be honest your mind goes blank to the soft diet meals to do so ideas would be welcome in this department. As I do not know how many days he will be eating soft diet. I am thinking quite a few days due to having sutures (stitches) in his gum. If it turns out to be less than I envisaged then it is a bonus but I am preparing for worse case scenario.

RONNI :getwell: I hope you start to feel better soon. The trouble with having MS if you pick up any bugs or germs they takes some shaking off.

I can fully sympathize with you on the colon front. Like you I am having difficultly in this area. Especially since having a relapse last year. I try to eat a diet high in fibre and drink plenty of fluids but I seem to have lost the sensation if that makes sense. I do eat flaxseed which helped for sometime but now things are not good in that department. I am glad that you have broached the subject which many MSer's are prone to for one reason or another. I am going to see my doctor shortly for a review of my medication so I will be talking over the issue of constipation. It does not help either that all my medications have the same side effect you guessed it constipation ;) So I will let you know when I have the review as to what they do suggest. So therefore I am unable to offer much help in this department I am afraid.

Thanks for the well wishes regarding my Mum and Dad. My Dad now seems to have recovered from the cataract operation which he had on Friday. In his opinion the second one was more painful than the first. Though he is glad that it is all over and done with providing everything goes OK. I think in a months time he has got to the opticians to have his eyes tested to see what strength of prescription he needs in his glasses. His eye sight seems to have improved dramatically so it has been worth while.

Glad you liked the sound of my banana dessert which is sugar free and will be trying it when your feeling better. It is a good one for children as well as they feel they are not missing out on the sweet stuff that kids enviably like.

ROSEBUD I see you have the same predicament as me with low seating. It is not so bad the sitting down but oh boy the getting up is another matter. I do not have the strength to get myself upright without assistance. I know here in the UK the social services will raise your 3 piece suite. This is simply achieved by someone with a bit of woodwork skill. All that is made is for a chair 4 equal high boxes that have an open end. I have include a picture to show you what I mean as I am not to good at describing things. Or it can be a solid wood block. For something like a settee you would need 6 or more of these. So how many legs/wheels there are you put a block or box beneath it. The same can be done with the bed if this is an issue for you. The social services do it for free once they have assessed your needs then come and fit it for you.

These are issues that I never really thought about too much until this came knocking on my door. Now I am all to aware of the difficulties that disabilities can present. Whether it be mobility , the way other people perceive you and the difficulties it can present in day to day living. I have had so many stares, dirty looks, muttering under their breath as you are a "young person" ( well I was when this all kicked off when the dinosaurs roamed the earth ;)) parking in disabled parking. I think people think that disabilities and being young does not go hand in hand. Like we know you maybe born with a condition or acquire it later in life no one person is exempt.

Glad you have managed to string a few days on plan together I am sure they will pay dividends. Keep up the good work. I am afraid in more resent weeks I have been less than good more times than I care to remember. So this week I have made a really conscious effort to stay on plan. Today will be my 6th day if I manage it. I can not remember how long it is since I have stayed this much on plan. It is so easy to let naughty bits creep in here and there and before you know it you can be back to your old ways. I have always kept a eye on my weight and have the figure 182lbs as my warning bells figure. Everybody has fluctuations in their weight and so this takes this into account. After creeping very close to that figure the scales are now looking favourably this am at 176lb so my days on plan are playing dividends. so looking forward to your next weigh in whenever that maybe as I know you do not do this as regularly as me. I am sure you effort of being on plan will show especially now the warmer weather is upon you and you can get out and about a little more. I know last weight in was excellent news about your weight loss of which I was so pleased for you.

No further news or gossip ;) to tell you so I will go and make a cuppa and relax before going out this evening. So here to staying on plan and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

05-13-2009, 05:11 PM
Hello! :wave: Starting to feel much better and not nearly as much nausea. Now, it's just those irritating cold symptoms-stuffy nose and scratchy throat, so able to get some things done now! Yesterday, I managed to plant some green beans and potatoes, as well as pull weeds from the flower beds (with some help from the boys, thank goodness). We have purple allium, yellow iris, and white cosmos in bloom right now and it sure is nice to have some color other than snowy white :lol:. I'm going to put some begonias, coleus, African daisies, and gerbera daisies in pots and in with the perennials in the beds as soon as it dries out from the rains yesterday, but it's still too early to try putting in tomatoes or peppers yet, as it's too cold at night, but soon, very soon;).

Purple-glad to learn I'm not the only one with digestive "issues". It just makes me mad that I have to have symptoms that are embarrassing to have to talk to the doc about. Oh, well, I know it could be much worse, so I'll try to look on the positive side of things.

I'm trying to think of softer meals-one that comes to mind is chicken noodle soup with really, really small chunks of the chicken. Also, scrambled eggs or pancakes go well for suppers as well as breakfast. Baked potatoes or sweet potatoes are good and soft and can be topped with cheeses and sour cream or cooked broccoli florets. I'll think about that some more. Hope your weather improves!

Rosebud- Glad you've been enjoying some warmer weather, too! Feels so nice that spring has at long last arrived, doesn't it? Our little finches have at least 3 eggs in the nest, but we don't know how long the gestation is, so we just keep waiting. We've found that a couple of the local rabbits like to "police" the area under the bird feeder and clean up all the seed that falls. They're fun to watch too, but they'd better stay out of my garden or I'll make hausendphfeffer or however you spell it :lol:

Well, everyone have a great day!

05-13-2009, 05:14 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ Gee, it seems that it is windy in many places today; we have had a mostly cloudy day with fierce winds (thankfully no rain though) swirling dust and dirt around, so not nice to be outside today. The sun has been trying to peak out now & then, but with so many clouds comes for a few minutes only.

DH decided to go get some of our wood ready for his small shed and drop off some other stuff in storage, so that he can use his trailer if we need to. I made him a picnic lunch and he'll be gone for the afternoon, I think. They are working on the floors next door, so there was a bit of noise for awhile; not sure if they are done yet, but I don't hear any more noise coming from there right now. I guess our place will be next, but we have no idea where we are gonna put everything. :dizzy:

PURPLE ~ I was thinking about your soft meals, and yes, it is more difficult when you are watching your weight. Homemade MAC & CHEESE CASSEROLE came to my mind right away, as did a cream of vegetable soup, poached or scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes in a gratin or scallop (plain or with cheese), any pasta dishes really (like creole pasta which is crushed soft canned tomatoes in hot, cooked pasta); plus bread pudding or rice pudding or custards or pureed peaches for dessert. [I also kept thinking of the pureed meals they served people in the nursing homes I worked in, but I don't think your DH would like that just yet. LOL. ;)]
If I think of any more, I let you know ...

Those blocks look like a terrific idea; I put a copy of the picture of them in a file to show my DH when he gets home. He is pretty handy with wood and I'm sure he could make those himself. We did put new legs on this couch, as the ones on it were not that sturdy, but they were higher, so we lost some height (and the ones we put on, DH had made himself on a lathe some time ago). I see the little blocks can be put in to adjust the height as well. Thanks for finding that picture for us as that will be a great help for me. Our new bed is higher (it's a platform bed and very heavy, but sturdy), so I have little difficulty getting up off of it right now, except for stiffness in my muscles on some days.

Wow, you have all kinds of helpful things for your disabled persons over there; I have never seen things like this before, but there is a "mobility" shop in the nearest city, but I have never been in there, so who knows -- maybe they have stuff like that there too and we just have never seen them. DH says that the next time we go to the city, we could try to drop in and see what they have there that might be helpful to me. I do think they rent most things though, from the sounds of it; I'm just a bit concerned about that cost, but if it's nominal, it would be worth it. I'm pretty sure DH could make those blocks, as he even made my end tables for my couch.

I should take some pictures of some of the things he has made and put them on here. I think he has a natural talent with wood, but there are just so many things you need in your house. Here's what he made me so far: under the cupboard paper towel holder, set of end tables for livingroom, one small round cocktail table, a rocking chair, spice racks, candle stick holders, oak recipe box (he made some as gifts too), calabashes (look like cookie jars), mortar & pestle (for crushing whole spices), board games, a foot stool/bench (he made several of these and gave some to friends as gifts), a cassette tape display case, a video cabinet, a linen cupboard, and a portable closet.

He also put a new seat and brace on my piano stool (which is very old), repaired my big rocking chair, turned a stereo cabinet into a credenza (which is in our shed right now becuz we have nowhere else to put it), and repaired other chairs and things like that. We used to make handmade wooden toys and plaques as well -- many, many moons ago; but there's not much call for that anymore, as it seems they can be made for almost nothing in other parts of the world now (although, I think DH's stuff was unique and much nicer).

He also made some book shelves and totally restored our 100 year old grand, upright piano. He restored it; he did not refinished it, as there is a big difference. Refinishing it would have removed all its value, but restoration allows the age value to stay in tact; although today people don't seem to be interested in these things as much as they use to becuz they are big and bulky in size; but this one, rolls very nicely on its original wheels. The guys who moved it here said it was easy as pie; it was the freezer that they had the biggest problem with (as it weighs a ton). ;)

Well, I think I have rambled on for long enuff. I think I should take a picture of all the things DH has made for a record of them. Many board games and such, we gave away as gifts and never took a picture of, but I could do what we have here still.

Anyways, hope you all are having a lovely day; take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

05-13-2009, 05:53 PM
HI RONNI ~ you posted whilst I was typing my post (which got quite long), so I didn't see your post until aftewards. Glad you are feeling so much better, esp to get some gardening in too. We just have buds coming up on our stuff here; no flowers here but I have seen some in our neighbours right next door, but I think her garden has been there for quite some time and she was putting in some additions just yesterday. Our landlord said to go ahead and put some flowers in the garden they have here already and maybe some earlier ones like tulips and daffodils would be nice too. Are the alliums, irises, and cosmos all perennials?

I bought a perennial book some time ago, so I'll have to get it out and take a looksee what I might like to plant here and at our cottage lot. We went out and checked our trees; most of them are still doing good, but we lost a couple that we will replace with some more from my Dad's old farm as they seem to be doing the best, and the bigger they are, the better they are doing too.

Anyways, have a great evening ... :wave:

05-14-2009, 04:54 PM
:wave: JEEPERS ~ where is everybody? I must have one boring life, since I am the only one who has time to come in and post, while others don't. Seems MEOWEE has decided to have an extra-extended holiday in Ontariariario ... ;) (that's the name we called our province when we were kids, and it just stuck).

Anyhow, did some laundry today and made some muffins for our trip to our lot this week; gonna make a picnic lunch to take with us as usual. DH got some wood that we will take with us and start putting up a small storage shed for our stuff and to keep out of the elements. We want to have something on our own property that is handier for us.

A friend of DH's took him to his camp today to show it to him so he could see how he and his son and another friend all built themselves small getaway places (cottages) for very little money, just to get away from home for awhile. Another friend of our took us to see his last year and they built quite a nice cottage as they had the money too. They just took their time and it is quite a nice place really. I'm glad they did this, so now DH sees that it can be done and you don't really need to spend a lot of money and it can be done in phases so you don't over-exert yourself physically either.

It's raining here today and the winds are quite forceful too; some people are losing their wind turbines and bbq covers and car covers, and the trees are doing the Watusi (dancing about) as we speak. Well, we now have a plan how we can move stuff for the floors by doing one room at a time. If we move the bedroom furniture into the spare room, we can do the floor, then move it back in; and do the reverse in the spare room for the next day (as long as the landlord goes along with our plan, that is).

Anyways, we are doing a bit of moving today as rainy days are good for the indoor stuff; we are trying to get as much done now as we can ahead of time, so we can go to the lot on the :sunny: days.

Well, I hope that all you ladies are feeling well. HIYA VAL ~ how are things going at work now? HI ROSEY ~ how are things up in Alaska right now? HELLO to NUMPSTER and her DH ~ hope things are going well for you guys too! HI RONNI ~ hope you are feeling better today! HEY PURPLE ~ are you on a delivery trip or visiting somewhere today or catching up on that ironing?

We might have pasta for dinner tonight, as we didn't have that yesterday, as per usual. Our hydro went out on us two times this morning, so I had to postpone baking until this afternoon; sure hope it doesn't go out again today. Take good care ladies and do have a FABULOUS FRIDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

05-15-2009, 05:19 PM
Basically, I'm still MIA . . .

The two weeks in Ontario where extremely hectic and stressful. I probably should not have gone -- but, we don't always get to make the 'best for us' choices when family matters intervene.

The trip certainly did nothing to ease my ongoing medical situation which was finally diagnosed as Pneumonia. Since returning, I've had two rounds of two different antibiotics and still no relief in sight. I'm getting weaker and more pain ridden as each day goes by. Afraid I don't spend much time sitting upright let alone on the computer.

Back to the doctor on Tuesday, the 19th and will see what he thinks he'll try next. Personally, I think this must be a viral rather than a bacterial pneumonia so there may not be much to do for it except wait it out and keep the :crossed:

Hope to check in again soon. :grouphug:

05-15-2009, 11:31 PM
:hug:MEOWEE ~ sorry to hear that you are still so sick; I was concerned that you might have Pneumonia when you said that you had some kind of flu and wheezing in your chest. Am continuing prayers for you that your immune system will get stronger to fight this virus off. There are many flu viruses going around; one of my cousins and her partner caught one that turned into pneumonia last year and they had to go on antibiotics as well. Thankfully they are better now.

All this time, we thought you were still in Ontario, and I thought you were feeling better becuz you were gone so long. So ... prayers are ascending for you!!! Can't hurt and can only help, in my books. :hug:

We had a very busy day today. DH and our landlord fixed the floor in our shed using the plywood DH picked up from the old farm the other day, so then he was able to put our extra stuff out there. I was right -- it all went in there with room to spare once we had a nice floor in there. All that is left in our bedroom and the spare room is our furniture and clothes in the closets which we will move on that day.

They have decided to do the floors Monday and Tuesday; and one at a time is the best way. We can move the furniture from one room to the other that way. The biggest and bulkiest thing is our bed, of course; it takes up more room than anything else we have to move. So, we do have a few extra things like our favorite books and music tapes in the livingroom and we put the food pantry in there as well; this all makes for less things they will have to move.

So we are both very tired tonight and DH has hit the sack early tonight; he is worn out. I made a nice oven dinner tonight: roast chicken and veggies with baby new potatoes; very handy meal (all in one pan) so less cleanup when you are already tired. We had a lovely :sunny: day today; the temps were a bit cooler, but it was still very nice and we sat on the porch a bit this AM to catch some rays.

Well, that's all for tonight; take good care ladies and we hope that you all have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!!:hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

05-16-2009, 03:37 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we have been having :rain: here all today so far; cool and yucky, but the grass needs it to grow better. Our neighbour just had a boy sprinkle down two bags of grass seed, so I'm sure she loves the rain today. We need to get some grass seed for our lot and some is on for a very low price this week; hope they ordered lots this time.

Well, we just after we put all the stuff in the shed, we have rains and we found 2 leaks in the shed roof today; DH had to quickly pull a couple of boxes back into the house and covered EVERYTHING up with plastic tarps. Phew ... that was a close one; didn't lose anything though. He also put a pail under each place that leaks to catch any water.

We didn't know it was gonna rain today; usually, I check the forcast for the next day, but last night I was so tired after reorganizing the porch so we could put more stuff in there, that I just went to bed. Anyhow, now we know for the future and DH says he's gonna see if he can do something about those leaks.

Today is gonna be our rest day; we were gonna go pick up some groceries (esp veggies and fruits), but it's just too yucky -- maybe tomorrow, if it's nicer than today. They are predicting some :sunny: for most of next week on and off, so we'll see.

Anyways, that's all the news from here for now; time to put my legs up and do a puzzle or some reading. Take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

05-16-2009, 03:43 PM
:wave: HI MEOWEE ~ I hope that you are in bed getting lots of rest today. I have asked some good friends of mine to join me in prayer for your health; hope that's OK with you, as we really want to see you get better and come back and join us on 3FC's site.

You are a wealth of good information and I know that everyone here really appreciates all the time and effort you put into all your posts and sharing so much good information with us all. Get lots of rest and remember that good ole chicken soup is fantastic for things like this. I even buy some CHICKEN SUPREME Chicken Noodle Cup-a-soups and have them on hand for times I'm not up to making a huge pot of homemade chicken soup, especially when sick. Take care ... :hug:

05-16-2009, 03:49 PM
HIYA VAL ~ hope you are feeling a bit better this week; and that you can use this weekend to recupe somewhat. Sure miss you coming in and posting now and then. You are doing quite well maintaining your weightloss and that is a great feat in itself; and you should be very proud of yourself for that. I bet it's so nice to know that you have so much support at your workplace.

How's your brother doing? How is his job cleaning buses going? How's your weather up there. Is all your snow gone? We have some flowers budding up in our front; can't wait to see what kind they are ... take good care; and sure hope that you are well! :hug: Rosebud :hug:

05-16-2009, 03:52 PM
HI RONNI ~ Boy, we sure have lots of folks who are down with flus and colds and pneumonia right now. DH and I caught a wee cold, but we are feeling much better. We have been very blessed and never got any big flus this year; so glad for that. Hope you are starting to feel better, and are getting lots of rest too. Seems like REST is the order of the day this spring for many of us.

Hope that family of yours is giving you some love and care just as you deserve for taking such good care of them. Hope to hear that flu is gone real soon ... :hug:Rosebud:hug:

05-16-2009, 03:57 PM
:wave: HI ROSEY ~ how are things going way up there in Alaska? Hope you are getting some nice weather this spring. Is all your snow gone up there right now. We have been getting some rain and a few light sprinkles of *****, but thankfully, none of it stays for very long. Some perennial flowers are actually starting to bloom and our trees have been budding for some time. We had a robin on our deck today and I snapped a few shots of her before she flew away.

Hope all is well with you and yours. Take good care :hug:Rosebud:hug:

05-16-2009, 04:01 PM
:wave: HEY PURPLE ~ I was just thinkin' that your PC may be down on you again becuz you didn't mention about going away. How is your mother doing? I recall you mentioning that she had to have some tests done. I hope it's nothing too serious and that she OK. Glad your Dad likes the results of the laser therapy; I have heard others say that they could see so much better afterwards.

I also hope that you are feeling well this weekend too and are able to enjoy this time, and that your weather isn't too bad. We are just starting to get our traditional :rain: season here that helps all the flowers and trees get going for the summer. Hope you and your DH, and Rizzie are all well ... :hug:Rosebud:hug:

05-16-2009, 04:06 PM
:wave: HI TO NUMPSTER and her DH ~ I haven't heard from you in a while; guess it's time to get the phone ringing again to find out what's up. Glad you had such a lovely time last weekend with both your girls home. Both your girls are good kids and so nice of big sister to fly little sister home too. Hope your DH is starting to feel better and things look optimistic in the new career front for him.

Got a phone call this week from our DB (dear brother); he sounds very well considering. He had a few good suggestions for our building plans to make things go smoother for us as well. Very appreciative of that; more heads make for better progress and greater success, I think.

Hope all is well with you and yours (including the other two step-kiddies as well). Take good care of yourselves ... :hug:Rosebud:hug:

05-16-2009, 04:08 PM
:wave: HI BEVERLYJOY ~ I am still sending up prayers for your DH that he may find a job that he would really like and can make best use of all his talents and skills. Hope your teaching jobs are going well for you and that your health is improving measurable as well. Take good care and hope all is well with you and yours ... :hug:Rosebud :hug:

05-17-2009, 09:51 AM
Hi Ladies

A BIG THANK YOU TO ROSEBUD for keeping the boarding going strong. I have been missing in action as I did a delivery which was a long one and it totally wiped me out. I think today I have finally found some normality and getting back on my feet.

Last night I went out to friends to have a meal. She cooked a chinese which was beautiful. Not sure though what is going on with my weight at the minute as I have up until Friday been on plan for 7 days in a row yet it just creeps upwards. I am hoping that it is just water retention or something like that. Though after a week on staying on plan I would have thought I would not have gained weight. Oh well back to the drawing board and nose to the grind stone. Today I am having roast beef with a selection of steamed vegetables. Then I have some galia melon to have as a snack later. I bought 2 as they were on offer at the supermarket. In recent months melon has got rather expensive so I have steered away from it. So when I see good deals on them I grab them as we do like melon. Not so fond though of water melon but do like all the other varieties which I have tasted.

I mentioned that I went on a delivery which turned out to be a nightmare as it was on a Friday and then ended up going through the centre of London through the congestion charge. This delivery seemed never ending and by the end of it was so stiff I could barely move. This is the first time that it has effected me so badly in the joints department. We were delivering to a McClaren the formala one team. They then in turn were shipping this to Monaco grand prix in 22 other articulated lorries which stock the team. The lorry they were loading when we were there was full of drink like bottled water and soft drinks etc. Gosh it must be a logistical headache for someone making sure everything is pack for each and every grand prix.

MEOWEE :getwell: I do hope you make a speedy recovery from pneumonia. I know how much it can knock you for six, we have just had a lady at the MS centre recover from this and still she is getting back on her feet. So take care of yourself and wrap up warm. To take things easy and it will take time to get back to full health again. So will be thinking of you and hope you are feeling better soon and back to your normal self.

ROSEBUD. Many thanks again for keeping the board going when we have been MIA. The delivery was sprung upon us last minute so that is why I did not mention it. so it was one made rush to get everything ready and even then I forgot something. I forgot to bring Rizzie some water. So we stopped and bought some bottled water which our Riz lapped up like nobodies business. Well if Rizzie thinks he is getting bottled water regularly he can think again ;) He can get use to tap water like the rest of us :D

Mum has had no further news regarding the nerve test done recently. Though that is not uncommon in the UK it does take a while for things to move it is the price we pay for a free health service. The only one I know that moves quickly if you are diagnosed with cancer your in like grease lightening and having treatment or surgery.

Thanks for the ideas on the soft diet for DH when he has had his dental surgery. No I do not think he would appreciate pureed food :lol: The only thing I ever puree is a soup to create a smooth one and also I puree swede sometime if it will not mash nicely. Otherwise I steer clear of pureed food. I know the food may not be so healthy as normal during this time but as long as I make an effort to go in that direction. I have just thought of one after you putting down suggestions it is an old childhood favourite of bananas and custard. I could make the custard from low fat milk and add sweetener to make it a tad healthier. The bananas are fine so no problems with them. Like you say it is hard to think of strictly healthy version of low fat healthy food.

Today in the UK is a horrid day weather wise it keeps raining and it is cold and winding. So not a nice day to go outside so best kept wrapped up indoors. The weather has not been nice for quite a few days in a row so not great for doing the laundry in I must admit. Hope the weather picks up tomorrow as I hope to go out shopping health permitting. So I intend to go to bed early tonight to get plenty of rest. I know it will be a tiring but enjoyable day. Gosh to think I could do all of the shopping for clothing in one day at one time now it is two or three trips to achieve this.

Yes here in the UK we have all sorts of aids and gismos for aiding disability even many I am sure I do not know about. There are also benefits (money to help you live and with mobility) also that you can apply for to help make life that just bit easier for you. Like DLA for example is disability living allowance which is made up of two components. One is your mobility and two is level of care. I receive this I get high rate (you get either high medium or low rate) in mobility and medium in care. This is a big help with getting around as you can afford a taxi or may decide to join the scheme and get either a car or a mobility scooter if you receive the high rate of mobility. This to us was a godsend and without it I would virtually be house bound.

Someone like yourself now would in my country contact social services and they would see that you were getting all the aids to help you free of charge to make your life easier and still remain independent as long as possible. Not that I am saying that it is a bed of roses over here in the Uk as we have our own issues like any country. We know that we have a very high cost of living compared to many countries and we are streets behind when it comes to light or diet foods. I here so many things on here that we can not get hold of in the Uk and there is not really a good alternative for it. So there are pros and cons like everything in life.

Your DH does sound very accomplished in the art of wood work. Is is all self taught or has he been on courses to aid that natural talent of his. My DH can turn his hand to a little DIY but his real talent lies in computer most of which is self taught or someone has imparted the information and he has learnt from there. He seems really happy to be pottering around with some computer reformatting it or fitting bits and pieces in there. I take one look in a computer and think of a something a charge nurse once told me. He asked me what if I found someone who had committed huge self harm with cutting there tummy and their contents where now hanging out. ( Sorry if that is too much information ladies) I at that time a real green horn and wet behind the ears student nurse pipes up I would push them back in there. He looked at me horrified and said no nurse only God knows how they go in there and leave well alone. So that is how I feel about looking inside the workings of a computer and the parts only God know how they go in there ;). I feel God gave us all different talent the only shame is if you don't use them. I think my talent is cooking and baking. The only thing I haven't really mastered is the art of pastry which tends for me to turn out like something you should shoe the base of your soles with :D

No further news here I am afraid. so time to go and do some washing up from lunch just a few pots to do. bye for now and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

05-17-2009, 10:27 PM
:wave: HI PURPLE ~ well, I'm so glad to hear that you are well; and I kinda figured something like what happened -- that you were on a big trip, but the longer you were gone, I started to think that maybe your PC was down again or that you were very ill. Yes, I'm doing my best to keep this thread going as I think it's very important for those of us with challenges, and I know that many others (in the hundreds) do come by and read this thread for support and ideas on a regular basis, even if they don't always post ...

It is comforting to hear how others with physical challenges are able to handle them, and maybe find some tips that we didn't think of at the time. I really enjoy the every day normalacy of this thread as well. I feel very comfortable chatting about the daily challenges I have; and they are daily! It almost seems that challenges come up every few days and then repeat in cycles.

We managed to almost empty the bedroom over the weekend; DH just emptied our clothes closet after dinner tonight. We put the winter coats, jackets, sweaters and like on top of our desk; and put all our good clothes in the spare room closet for now to protect them from dirt and dust. Now, this just leaves the bed and my end table and lamp. DH even got the bottom trim off the walls off; he did very well!

We had leftover roasted chicken for dinner with a mix-mash of veggies; DH and I really love this kind of dinner. I had a couple of treats this weekend for my snacks; but I'm hoping to try and watch better during the week, so I passed on dessert tonight as well to make up for that. I didn't go down this month in my weight, but I didn't really expect to either. I was concerned that some of that 7 lbs was water weight, and wondered if any would come back. So I'm gonna have to be a bit more diligent with my snacking for the rest of this month, as this is my issue for sure.

DH said that he did take a woodworking class in grade school which formed an interest in working with wood, but he did a lot of experimenting; and we picked up some patterns at the library too, but he really did a fabulous job creating some pieces from his own imagination with only pictures or an idea in his mind. I took some pictures to show you; I just have to download them and resize them yet.

I spent this afternoon downloading 2 songs that I got FREE from DH's Hunts pudding cups; they had free music download cards in each pack, so I went in and picked out 2 songs today. One was Aaron Neville's 'Ave Maria' for DH and 'Amazing Grace' for the second one. I was trying to get LeAnn Rimes' version of 'Amazing Grace' but they didn't have it yet; maybe it's still too new. That took up most of the afternoon to get that all done. :lol:

The day started out cold and we had some more light ****, but the sun finally came out late this afternoon and started to warm things up a bit. They are calling for more sun for tomorrow and this week; hope they are right. So tomorrow will probably be a busy day for us, or should I say DH and whoever is putting in the new floors. NIKO and I have the job to try and stay out of the way really. DH says that he's gonna go to bed early and I think that I will too!

So that's all the news from here, so take good care ladies; and I hope that you all have A MARVELLOUS MONDAY!!!:hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

05-18-2009, 02:13 AM
Had my first MRI a year ago and confirmed what I had suspected for several years. I would be near tears after a walk through Walmart. Following a full hysterectomy two years ago, I was sent home with Lortabs and found that it worked for the pain in my back and legs. Had my second MRI on Friday as have to take something for pain now almost every day. Waiting for results of that. At 57, I've pretty much ruined my metabolism with yo-yo dieting and binge eating. No more Adkins, ever. WW seems the best way for me to allow more freedom of choice. Exercise ideas from others with this issue would be welcome!

05-18-2009, 01:34 PM
Hi Ladies

Been shopping again to Meadowhall in Sheffield which is about 40 miles away. The shopping trip was not as successful as I hoped but never the less had a lovely day. My body shape now I have lost a lot of weight still is heavy around the hips and thighs department. My once buxom bust has shriveled away and I never imagined that I would be considering push up type bras. Ever since they developed in my teens they have been what you would call now what's the word I am looking for I've got it big :lol: There was always a friendly banter between my very slender sister saying because I was the eldest and first in queue that I stole all the boobs :D My sister bless her has never been blessed in that department and has had fried eggs has she puts it ;) I suppose my breasts have been a casualty of my weight loss mind you I did know I would not come off scot free with being very over weight for the majority of my life.

Tonight I am going out for a family meal (my DH side of the family) which we have every now and then. It is nice to get together and catch up on news and generally have a chatter. It has been a while since we have had the last one. I know we often try to do it as well when my DH Auntie comes over from Cyprus as it is a really good way for them to see all of us. That reminds me I must start to write her a letter as I have recently received one. When I say I , I mean we but my DH never writes letters as he is not a letter writer to say the least.

BLAZESTARR :welcome2: to the thread nice to have you on board. Sorry that your having a torrid time at the moment after just receiving your diagnosis. This is a tough time for anyone as no one envisages having health issues so plans or dreams you have change due to this. Give your time to adjust to the diagnosis ( sorry not sure what this was from reading your post) and grieve. Yes we all have a period of time when we do that after a diagnosis. I know I did and it took time for me to adjust to the fact I have MS and I could no longer nurse. I was like a bear with a sore head for many weeks until I had come to terms with it.

Sorry to hear that you have damaged your metabolism through years of yo-yo dieting. I can not envisage what this must be like for you as I have no experience of that but I do think Rosebud (Justwant2Bhealthy) does but I can not speak for her. I am glad that though you have found a "diet" that is for you and the best way forward with no restrictions to this food or that food but x number of points per day.

Look forward to hearing from you in the forth coming days and weeks.

ROSEBUD Glad your making head way with the bedroom now. I must say that the chicken meal sounds good especially now as I am really hungry as I am awaiting to go out at this point.

Yes I do find challenges come in cycles as you say as your condition has its good days and its bad days. The best thing is to over come these challenges and rise above them as we are more than the illness or syndrome that we have. I try to be in charge of the MS and not let it rule my life. I know you do the same and have the same attitude by the way you speak.

I do love the song Amazing Grace and Ave Maria. I do like those songs with religious overtones. My favourite hymn of all time is Jerusalem I have loved that song since as long as I can remember. The song Amazing Grace has nearly been sung at all the family funerals on my Dad's side of the family it has kind of become a tradition

Must run sorry just a short post but time limited today.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

05-18-2009, 10:59 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we were up with the birds this morning; guess it was on our minds that it was the day to get the new flooring. DH says that at 5 AM I told him it was time to get up and NIKO jumped right up and went to the door. Poor DH comes slumbering out and discovers that it was only 5 am ... oops; that's my talking in my sleep thing again. It was on my mind before I went to sleep last night that we should get up a wee bit earlier to make sure we had the bed out of the room, and I had a heck of a time getting to sleep at first. So, I'm sure that was why that happened. :lol:

Anyways, the lovely new floor is down in our bedroom; it's a rich medium oak color, similar to Mahogany hew. Very nice! It went pretty well until the end when they were getting tired and the very last row didn't want to fit right, but they finally got it and put the trim back up at 3:30 pm. Another fella was supposed to help but didn't show up until about 3 pm to tack the trim up; that's why it took so long.

We will be doing the other room on Thursday or Friday if the weather is good becuz they have to cut the end pieces outside and it's going to rain for the next couple of days. Actually, we started out with sun most of the day and just about an hour ago big dark clouds rolled in and it's starting to :rain: a bit now. Dh is back at moving things around again; that guy hates to be idle for long. We had a rest earlier, then had a very simple and quick dinner of Italian sausages (he has his on ww buns and I have mine with beans).

:welcome: BLAZESTAR ~ sorry that you have been having so much difficulty with your back and walking. I can sure relate to that, as PURPLE has already mentioned. It will take some time to get used to your diagnosis; especially when a condition is deemed a permanent challenge. PURPLE is also correct in that I have been on diets from about the age of 15 y/o (was put on one by my DM and her doctor at that time). I really didn't want to go on one, but I did lose the weight, but within a year I had gained it all back and even got bigger than I was before.

Later, I asked nurse why that happened and she said she didn't know but recommended a high protein plan to me and I went on that and lost all of the weight, but slowly over 3 or 4 years it started to creep back on again, so I'd try again and that was the beginning of what I call the yo-yo years. After a decade or so of that, I got very discouraged and stopped dieting altogether. Eventually, I gained all the weight back plus dividends; and quit smoking twice and gained with each of those times. It wasn't until the last time I quit permanently that I actually lost as I decided to change my eating style at that time as well (about 6 years ago).

At first, I just watched what I ate so as not to gain; but about 2004-2005, I started to really try to lose some weight; albeit slowly at first. I lost about 25 lbs a year for about 3 years in a row. The last couple have been much slower, almost to a halt at times. I have just been using a portion-based style of eating (of about 1800-2000 cals at first); trying to find some balance and some semblance of normalcy, if any such thing even exists? :dizzy:

I have also added tips from whole foods and Volumetrics to help me, and try to have more protein snacks when I can. I just keep tweaking it as I go, and hope in the long term (my life) that this weight will eventually even out. I am on Metformin, as I was Prediabetic (which has normalized for me); and my doctor believed that indeed my metabolism was lowered through years of yo-yo dieting, and I have to say that I have always believed that as well. Now, I don't have any science behind this plan, but I'm just doing the best I can ... :D

HEY PURPLE ~ glad you had a pleasant day shopping in Sheffield. Yes, that is one of the side effects of losing weight; everything rearranges itself, but I'll take it. I'd rather be healthier and more comfortable even at that price. I was talking to NUMPSTER this weekend and she also went clothes shopping, but her DH helped pick out and match outfits for her as she hadn't been shopping for herself for some time. She has lost some weight since last summer and needed new clothes, but didn't know what size she was anymore.

Hope you had a nice time with your DH's family tonight; that is so nice when you both get along so well with both sides of the family. That's a double blessing in my books; you are very fortunate in that area.

We do see (DH visits his sister here often) and hear from Dh's family regularly (DH and his brother talk on the phone a few times a week as he lives over 500 miles away from us). Most of DH's family have already passed away (both parents), but he still calls one of his great aunties in Quebec just to keep in touch with her as she is the last in his Dad's family that is still living; and all his Mother's family are gone. He has one cousin here in town that he sees regularly. As you aleady know, my family is very spread apart across this country, so we keep in touch by phone and internet most of the time.

Anyway, not much else going on here right now, but I did take some pics of the new flooring. When I get some time in between moving things around and my daily chores, I'll post some of them. We do have to go shopping some time this week as we are getting terribly low on some basics. We put off becuz of the weather, but then have been busy too. It is supposed to rain tomorrow but maybe we can skoot out to get a few things.

Well, time to put my legs up and rest awhile; very tired tonight. Take good care, ladies ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

05-19-2009, 04:44 AM
Good Morning Ladies

Gosh this is not morning to me it's the middle of the night :lol: It is 7.30am here and I really did not want to get up this morning and all I wanted to do is stay in bed. I went early to bed but still my body craves more sleep. Why up at this early hour? Well today I have to be up early as it is my treatment day at the MS centre. I know I will be fine once I come round so to speak just awaiting that magical moment :D or is that a miracle as it has a mountain to climb today ;)

Oh last night was a lovely evening and gathering of the clan alright we are not Scottish so not strictly a clan. There were 11 of us in total just a couple a members missing. One nephew was not there due to a prior commitment and DH brother's partner was not there. She is a doctor studying to be a GP so has grueling hours to do not to mention fitting in study somewhere in between. One big thing both DH I noticed about our nephew apart from the obvious he had at finally long last had his hair cut. He had a right mop of unruly hair that he refused to have cut as it was trendy and cool. ( he thought that but us oldies thought it looked like a hippy ;) ) Though now he has joined the RAF cadets (royal air force) and they have told him he needed a regulation hair cut. So off to the barbers and came out with a short back and sides. Wow he does look grown up now I must admit. The other big change in our nephew was now he was so much less introverted and joined in the friendly banter that we all have.

For the first time I had the search party out for me after I went to the ladies toilets. My DH had become concerned that I was a while so asked a lady member of our party to take a gander. I didn't think I had been gone long but obviously my DH now worries as he knows I have taken a couple of falls in the toilets. I must admit I did feel a little awkward having the search and rescue party. Though I do know why he would do it especially if the shoe was on the other foot and I was his carer.

ROSEBUD Glad you are having your flooring down it sounds a lovely colour. Your so like me Rosebud when it comes to having to be up that wee bit earlier for something. It tends to take me a long while to drop off to sleep even then often it is broken sleep. So by the time it is for getting up I am worn out now my DH doesn't suffer in that department. He can sleep on a clothes line I swear and nothing phases him like being up for a tradesman etc. I on the other hand whittle that I will be late up or don't hear the alarm. I imagine every bad scenario none of which happen I hasten to add the only thing that happens is me not sleeping :D

It was interesting reading your years of yo-yo dieting and the outcome of that. I do not think many people realise what they are doing to their bodies until it is too late. I think many people have the same issues as you especially if they have been overweight for many years. I on the other hand had another technique which was bury my head in the sand and pretend I was a like this 155lb goddess. All the time I was not really happy about my weight but to afraid to start the diet in case I failed. When I did start a diet I always cheated as I did it to please someone else. This time was different as I did it for me, I wanted to do it and I didn't know if I was going to fail but If I didn't try I was never going to find out. Now that I have lost the bulk of my weight I still have to be mindful and the battle is a new one to stay at a maintenance weight. I would like to lose a little more but at the minute I have hit that proverbial barrier.

Like you say it is a blessing when you get on with both sides of the family. I think of DH brothers and sisters like my own sister. It is so nice when you have that relationship. My DH gets on with my side of the family. He and my sister are always having funny banter between them. Just like he does with his own brother and sister. It is so lovely that they have taken me under their wing so to speak. They have become especially caring about my health issues and without them I would not do many things. The helped us move into this bungalow. I never lifted a bean all I was was chief tea maker and pointed to where furniture was to go etc.

Like me my DH parents have passed away but I am lucky in the fact the family all live in a 30 mile radius apart from a brother who emigrated to America. So we are able to see each other often and not just use to phone to stay mainly in contact. You tend not to get the great distances apart in the UK as we are a much smaller country. Though we have stayed a very insular family compared to many.

No further news here at the minute I can think of as my brain isn't working on all cylinders at the minute :lol: So take care till next time
:wave:purpleorc :hug:

05-19-2009, 09:25 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we woke up to ***** and cold temps this morning, but thankfully, the sun came out this aft and warmed things up a bit and melted all of it. Just stayed home and did stuff around here getting the spare room ready for new floors. We misplaced the shelves of our bookcase: DH put them away so good, he lost them! :lol:

Anyway, we had fish and coleslaw for dinner tonight; I had a good on plan day today and yesterday, so I was happy about that. I hope I can keep it up for most of the week at least. I'm hoping to do well for the weekdays and maybe have one treat for the weekend and see how that goes. Just a wee experiment really ...

HI PURPLE ~ glad you had such a great time at your family gathering! It's nice that your DH sends out search parties; this is good practice for him and it shows how much he cares. Yes, indeed -- you would do the same for him, I'm sure.

Speaking about the YO-YO Years: I am now trying to keep a better balance and fool my body into thinking it doesn't have to worry about getting enuff nourishment by eating healthier foods; more often, in small amounts; and by taking basic vitamins and minerals to help with shortages (which is a problem I do have in my body, from my European heritage supposedly).

You know, we were all just doing what our doctors and dieticians (I went to both) and other so-called experts told us to do, and some still do. My lifelong experience tells me that diets don't work longterm WITHOUT some plan how to maintain that lost weight. I actually think maintenance is even more important, or all the hard work and sacrifice is lost if you gain it all back. That's why I'm trying to keep to small snacks, mostly of protein foods to see if that will help me, but it is a challenge to stick to longterm.

I also believe it is harder the more you weight when you start out, and if you have other challenges as well; but I am hoping that perseverance or persistance, as it may be -- will help me. You know the motto: practice makes perfect: I'm hoping with practice, I will get better. I'm actually trying to keep to my plan for about 90% of the time, not really expecting perfection which is too hard for most people.

Well, that's all for now; time to take a load off and rest for a while. Think I'll do a puzzle and read some. DH is back at preparation in the spare room; took up the carpet and now the floor trim. Likes to keep busy that guy. So take good care, ladies; and please do have A WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!!


05-20-2009, 10:10 AM
Hello Ladies and good afternoon

The weather here today is very changeable one minute brilliant sunshine the next it is throwing it down with rain. So difficult to know what to dress in when it is this type of weather. Did though manage to get a small amount to washing dry today despite the changeable British weather.

Just bagged up some bay leaves today that I had been drying. My mum and dad have a bay tree in their garden to give them this aromatic herb. I like to put them in casseroles to give a nice flavour to the dish. If you look in the shop to buy this herb it is very expensive I can see why they bought a bay tree to grow their own. Last time I was there at my parents mum was salting red cabbage prior to pickling it. They pickle onions (shallots really) and make their own piccalilli. I must admit I prefer the home made variety so much better than the shop bought one.

Just returned from shopping and put all that away from my trip. Then taken out some loin of pork ready to put into a sweet Thai chili that I am making. I am thinking though of adding some vegetable or beans of some sort to make it more healthier for us. Quite looking forward to making this chili as I have never had it before it is a shop bought sauce I must confess but I thought it sounded nice and it is suppose to be mild.

ROSEBUD It is so interesting to hear about your woes with years of yo-yo dieting and yet still you have a positive attitude which is so admirable. I so agree with you that the more weight you have to lose at the beginning it has more issues alongside it and different ones with someone with say 20lbs to lose. Maintenance is also just as hard as healthy eating as was losing the weight the same battles rage in my head and the same craving still exist. Though no one said this was going to be easy when we started. I go through patches when I find it easier than others and that can also be linked to what is going on in my life. I am a emotional eater and always have been and probably always will be. It is just being aware that you are and not to keep the high calorific foods in the home so when you go on the trip of munching away it is less damning so to speak. So damage limitations in my book is the best I can do.

Lots of building noise going on at the moment as they still continue to do the road and install the bumps. We have one just to the left of our bungalow and that is the one they have been working on lots today. Not to mention the building works going on at the back of the property so we are being bombarded from both sides today.

Hope your DH has ferreted out the bookshelves that he put away so brilliantly that no one can find them :lol: What sort of fish did you have with the coleslaw? Here in the UK the most popular fish I suppose is cod and haddock. Though I do know other species of fish are eaten in different parts of the world.

You talk of taking vitamins due to shortfalls in your own bodies metabolism. The only one I take at present is garlic capsules only because it is suppose to aid the bodies immune system. With MS being an auto immune condition I kind of though anything that might help in that department was not a bad thing. I also eat flaxseed with goji berries in as it is suppose to help the central nervous system. Not sure how much they both help but I will say I don't touch wood get too many ailments.

Well I am going to put my feet up and have a cup of coffee now after a busy morning so take care ladies till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

05-20-2009, 11:41 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we've had a busy and very tiring day today getting things ready for the last new floor; so, it will be done tomorrow and then we can get things back into order again. We did so well finding ways to put things in small spaces and still have room to live at the same time. Tomorrow will be a bit more crowded as our linen cupboard and larger storage pantry will have to come out of the spare room (one to the hallway and one into the kitchen). This will be fun ... :lol:

Anyhow, it will all be done soon, but we sure are tired. Poor DH went to bed extra-early (8:30 pm) to be ready for tomorrow. We also managed to get some more things sorted at the same time and got rid of some more things while we were at it, which is a bonus!

HEY PURPLE ~ glad you got some shopping in; DH picked some things up for me yesterday but forgot a few things which we can pick up later this week after all the rooms are done. It was also cold and damp here today; boy, our muscles just can't stand the damp and cold weather these days. We had to put the heat on to help our aches and pains today. The sun did peak out at us around dinner time a bit; gee, why does it do that so often so late in the day? I'd much rather see it earlier in the day when I can enjoy it; not in the middle of the night when it's so dark outside. :dizzy:

Clever idea of your parents to grow their own bay leaf tree and pickling their own stuff. I used to do a lot of that, especially my own chili sauce which is much nicer than storebought and the chunky tomato kind is nice too (I forget the name of it tonight though -- too tired). I will remember it sometime in the future, I'm sure. ;) Never tried TAI CHILI; never even heard of it, but some kind of beans would go nice with that pork (like maybe Navy, Kidney, or Black Beans).

I'm afraid we still haven't found those shelves yet, but maybe when we start putting things back in their place, hopefully we will find them again. This winter, DH and I took chewable Vitamin C and I also took Vitamin D3 with them, and neither of us had any big flues this year! Yeah! Just a few milder colds that we seem to be handling better this year. I just found out though that we should take 250 mg of Vitamin C in the morning and evening as the body can only use that much at once and the rest gets wasted out of the body, so we changed to that way of taking it (half in the morning and half after dinner).

Well, that's all the news from here for now; so tired, likely won't get much reading done tonight. I'll likely fall right asleep. So take good care, ladies ... and hope you all have A TERRIFIC THURSDAY tomorrow with great weather too!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

05-21-2009, 12:24 PM
Hello and good afternoon fellow chicks

It is another changeable day here but not so violent changes. The rain is just tiny showers barely enough to wet the ground and next the brilliant sunshine. Not long come back from a lovely walk during a sunny spell must admit I enjoyed it and it was not so bad as I imagined it would be. To tell the truth it was one of those times when I did not want to go walking but when I went I found I enjoyed it never the less. Now I feel good for the exercise. I have just been preparing some vegetable ready for the weeks use. I often do that so that all I have to do is go to my fridge and grab whatever vegetables I fancy for that meal. It makes it so much faster and can help you get a meal ready swiftly. Not that I prepare all vegetables one I do not do until required is parsnip as it tends to go brown on contact with the air for too long.

DH has done a bit of gardening today mainly raking one of the lawns. Though it is a balancing act not to aggravate his shoulder otherwise he is in agony for days. Tomorrow we are going to spend the day at mum and dad's then on to play cards in the evening. I played cards last night though I did no good. My DH on the other hand did very well and got first prize winning 2 chicken breasts each with his team of 4. This is a slightly different game as each game you play for flags. If you win you gain a flag if you lose you lose a flag. DH played against my team 4 times last night. Winning in total 5 flags from me. If you win with a big enough score you win 2 flags needless to say he did this twice too me :lol:

ROSEBUD I bet you be glad to get your flooring down and get your house squared up. It is alway awkward when you have tradesmen in doing work as good as they are at their job it creates "mess".

We have never tried sweet Thai chili until day and I must say it was lovely. It smelt very similar to sweet and sour sauce but was redder in colour. It was very filling and it is a definite keeper recipe. I do enjoy trying and experiencing new foods that way it keeps your diet varied and less likely to get bored.

I am sure that you taking vitamin C would have helped during the winter months trying to stave off flu's and colds. I am sure it is due to the fact there is not the fresh fruit about in winter like summer. Well that is affordable shall we say and don't need a mortgage to pay for it. I try to eat a lot of fruit whether it is tinned or fresh. Plus I have the flu vaccine every year. Today in the food department I have had a fruit medley of galia melon, mandarin oranges and banana :T

Like you last night I did not get much reading done as I was so tired I was falling asleep at my pc last night prior to going to bed. I did manage a few pages before lying my head down on the pillow. I have just started a new book and this is about two sisters and their families. The two sisters are total opposites and it is set in 1939 at present when I reading it. Not sure what year it ends. It is proving a little more difficult to get into as I had an exceptional good book to read prior to that. If that is ever the case I find the next book I read hard to get into the characters and story line.

Watched a programme last night called embarrassing bodies. The show tackles different ailments and conditions. Trying to demystify tests and examinations to make you less fearful of going to the doctors. This is in hope that you will not sit and suffer in silence for years with a problem that is treatable. This for me is great if if gets just one person to go to the doctors and not sit and suffer. I am sure watching the series that it will help many get over fears of the unknown about certain tests. Like blood, urine and faecal ones to name a few. We all maybe asked to do these type samples at one time in our life.

No further news must go and make tracks and start preparing tea. So till next time take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

05-21-2009, 04:20 PM
Hello! We've been having some nice weather here the last 2 days-in the mid-80's F-so finally got all of my veggies planted, as well as flowers in the beds and some pots. Got a little sunburn at the same time, too! Just a few more days and DS2 will be done with public school for this year and we've been done with the homeschooling part for a couple weeks, so I'm ready for a break! Tomorrow, DH and I are going with his sister to take their father to Mayo Clinic for consult with an oncologist. He's been diagnosed with lung cancer which is inoperable and they're afraid chemo will kill him as well, so he may not have much time left:cry:.

Rosebud-so glad your floors are almost done! I'm sure you're looking forward to putting things back together and relaxing. Tell your DH he's not the only one who puts things away so well they can't be found later-that seems to be the norm in our house:dizzy:! I've been taking vitamin D, calcium, flaxseed & fish oil and I'm sure they help me feel better, especially mood-wise.

Purple-I loooooove piccalilly! So funny to hear someone else mention it, as most people here don't know what it is (most people don't grow, can, or freeze their own foods, anymore). My dad always made it and it was just the best tasting stuff to put on burgers, hot dogs, or eat right out of the jar! Since I've ended up with more cabbage in my garden than usual this year, as I forgot that I had bought some plants and then bought some more:lol: I'll have to write myself a note to make a batch this summer-mmmmm! That show about medical tests sounded interesting and I agree that we are all too embarrassed about certain things and scared to bring them up to the doctors, especially men! I'm sure that's why my fil didn't find out that he had lung cancer until it was too late to treat it.

Well, I need to go get something else done today, but not sure exactly what. Might just go take a walk;). Take care everyone! We have a long weekend this weekend for Memorial Day, so it's kinda the "summer kick-off" so to speak, but also remembering those who have given their lives for our freedom, as well as loved ones who've passed. Have a great weekend, whatever you do!

05-21-2009, 09:48 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, the weather ruined our best-laid plans for today: it poured :rain: all day long! So the landlord had to cancel the floor until tomorrow (Friday) as they have to cut the pieces outside and he can't breathe well as it is and the rain makes it much worse for him.

So, we decided to go shopping instead to make use of the rest of the day. We got up very early and moved the desk and cupboards out of the room to be ready. DH even took up the carpet and removed all the moldings and scraped up the foam backing, so all they have to do is start laying down the floor. When they finished the other floor, we did a touch-up on the paint before taking the furniture back in.

DH is trying to round up a paint roller at our local dollar store. We have the pole, the metal holder, and we just need the replacement rollers. Hope he finds one, so we can put one coat of paint on the walls tonight before they do the floor. I wanted both rooms painted before the new floors were put in, but that didn't happen as it was supposed to ...

Thank goodness, the master bedroom wasn't too bad and we were able to touch it up and it looks OK for now, but this room is really aweful; so DH and I want it done now before we put any stuff back in. The landlord says they will reimburse us for the paint which I had already picked up myself. DH is back and he did get some rollers; so now he's in there doing some painting as we speak, as we think it's better to do it BEFORE they put down the new floor.

We picked up a great deal on the deli spit BBQ chicken today; I got two of them for half price each, so I put one in the freezer, and re-heated one up for dinner tonight. We also had veggies and a cucumber salad along with this as well. Baked a light apple crisp for dessert too.

PURPLE ~ would love you to share that TAI CHILI recipe with us -- also do you remember the site you shared with us a while back? I lost the sites name somewhere; it's one you have mentioned for recipes a couple of times. I could see how preparing some veggies and putting them in sealed containers could be helpful. I also prepare fresh veggies up and put them in small freezer bags; and then toss them into the pot as I need them (so they're all ready to go: I do carrots, turnip, broccoli, cauliflower, and snap beans this way).

You can also prepare celery and onions (sliced or chopped); and put them in a small snap container for whatever you need them for. I buy sweet peppers (all colors) and chop them into small pieces, then put them into baggies too and freeze them; when I need some, I just break a clump off. This is great for tomato sauces, chili, pizzas, stir-fries, and yes, even salads.

Yes, that show about medical tests sounds interesting indeed; and could prove to be a very helpful tool for many people, especially if they cover tests like colon rectal exams, and stomach exams and so forth that people are very nervous about having. I think that is a terrific idea!

RONNIE ~ glad to hear the home schooling is done for this year -- now you can take some time to enjoy yourself and do some gardening and other things that you want to do. The gardening sounds like it's going very well already -- you are a way ahead of us this year. I haven't even started yet, but we do have a later and much shorter season than many areas. I haven't even decided what I am going to do yet; I have only picked up onion sets so far (mulitipliers and reds).

DH found one of my garden drums and brought it here this week to take to the lot. We have a garden here along the side of the house already made, but we have to decide what we are gonna put in it and get at it as soon as the floors are out of the way; we still have lots of time left though.

GOOD NEWS ~ DH was so upset that he lost the book shelves, that first thing this morning, he got up and went out to the shed and rambled through all the boxes and EUREKA -- he found the shelves. They were wedged between two boxes he had piled on top of each other, then covered with a plastic tarp to protect it from rain. That's why he couldn't see them, but they are now back in the book shelf again.

ANYWAYS, that's all the news for now; take good care, and we hope that you all have FANTASTIC FRIDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

05-22-2009, 08:21 PM
Hi Ladies

Just a quick drop by as it is late here. So you will have to forgive my spelling errors and my bad grammar :lol: OK so you probably won't notice as it usually bad ;)

RONNI Sorry to hear about your FIL and his dx (diagnosis sorry nursing shorthand dx for that) Yes like you say men often bury there heads in the sand and hope it will go away. Mind you it is pot calling the kettle black. I started with the symptoms of MS and in my heart of hearts I knew what it was. So if I did not go to the doctors I didn't have it :dizzy: Well eventually it became so bad I could no longer hide it from anybody and off to the doctors I had to trot. I think we have all been guilty of it at one time or another with not going to the doctors about something hoping that it would go away or convincing yourself it is not bad enough yet to see the doctor.

Has you say cancer is a dreadful disease though so many more advances have been made in curing the disease. I hope the Mayo clinic can have some positive news for you to hang on to. I am thinking of you during this stressful time.

I am sure your pleased that home schooling is done for a while and you can turn your attentions to something else or fit in a bit of well earned rest. We are lucky in the UK we can virtually grow vegetables all year round as our climate is what is called temperate and not the big extremes of hot and cold. I see you mentioned a sun tan. Here in the UK at the minute it is more likely to be rust :D we are having a spell of wet weather. It is more like April showers one minute raining next sunny talk about not knowing what to wear for the best :dunno:

Gosh my grandparent use to do all sorts of home made products shamefully I do not do they as I do not have a vegetable garden like they did. Beside I do not have green fingers. My parents do but all I have to do is look at a plant and it withers and dies on me. I use to hate the dreaded words from my parents can you look after the green houses whilst we are away. Inevitably I would kill something either the cucumber or some of the tomato plants :o I think the green finger gene missed me completely. My grandparents would pickle lots of different vegetables. They would preserve runner beans by slicing them and then salting them. Store apples on brown paper. Make jams, chutney, sauces, bottle fruit in kilner jars the list was endless. I so wish I had learnt that. I have learnt some of the skills from them but not all as when I was a child I was more interested in baking and cooking dinners. Now I wish I had paid more attention to the other skills they processed.

How are you with the heat? You said it was about 80f /26c. I am afraid I am badly effected by the heat. I soon wither and have no energy and feel lifeless. Some msers have no problems with the heat. If we do have those high temperatures that effect me I have a portable air con unit. Here in the UK very few homes have air con as part of the home. Mainly because we seldom have the temperatures that require it to be honest. You watch it now I have said that we will have a scorching summer :yes: Seeing as I have tempted fate.

One thing I will say we do have some good television programmes here in the UK though we do have to pay a license fee to own a television in this country. So no one is exempt it is 142 or roughly around $200. When I say no one is exempt that is not strictly true their are concessions if you are visually impaired or are over 74. My father is over 74 so they do not have to pay for one due to his age.

ROSEBUD I hope you have managed to have your floor laid to day landlords health permitting. It is horrid having a condition that is effected by the weather. Arthritis comes to mind when cold damp weather makes the pain much worse.

I must say lunch sounded lovely and the baked apple would have gone down a treat. I love that especially with cinnamon sprinkled on it :T I am afraid I can take no credit for the Thai chicken recipe as it came out of a jar :o I do not know if the brand exists in Canada but it was uncle bens. The site I have mentions regarding lovely recipes is by a lady in the same position as ourselves trying to lose weight or maintaining not sure what mode she is in. She lost a fair amount of weight so is in the same boat as us. I have used many of her recipes or just tweaked them to include ingredient I can get in the UK. Great idea though of freezing different vegetable, pepper etc to use in meals being be prepared. Anything that will help us as we may not be able to stand on our feet for hours on end as others may in preparing food.

Yes I thought it was an excellent programme covering all sorts of medical examinations that often we have heard about but not actually seen. So this programme takes you into that world of medical procedures and technical names and demystifies them. Like ronni said men are renowned for not going to the doctor they would rather suffer. This I find bizarre why they should do this :dunno:

Glad Sherlock Holmes has been on the case of the missing cases :lol3: It is so frustrating when you can not find something. I have misplaced two pieces of costume jewelry. A purple necklace and a clear stone magnetic bracelet. I have looked high and low for them but still they do not come to light :nono: I bet I will find them when I least expect and when I am not looking for them :yes:

I see from what ronni mentioned it is memorial weekend the equivalent of our remembrance sunday to honour our service men and women.

Time for me to finish this is turning into a long post so much for a quick stop by :rofl: You know me once I get typing I waffle on and on for England :D So goodnight to you all and catch you soon.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

05-23-2009, 07:30 AM
Hi Ladies

Today looks like it is going to be another of those changeable days weather wise. The weather reminds me of what was traditionally our April weather of having showers then spells of sun shine. Must be what global warming has done to our weather. I know growing up we did have a little more snow not like in Canada or US don't get me wrong but now we so seldom see any. Not that I am complaining too much on that front as now snow keeps me indoors as I am like bambi on ice at the best of times :D:

I have woken up to a gorgeous smell this morning. I have been slow cooking a piece of lamb. Well a huge piece of lamb really. I suspect I will be putting a lot back into the freezer for future meals. I have just about go all the vegetable done as I said the other day that I had prepared them. I need to go a wee bit later and see to those last minute things like peeling parsnips and washing new potatoes.

Tomorrow I am having lemon and ginger pork. Cheating again :o as it comes out of a jar the sauce. Though I will be adding pork and some vegetable to this. I have a couple of very lean piece of pork to dice, I think it is the loin of pork so no fat to speak of.

Dropped my prescription in yesterday at the doctors and DH made me an appointment to go and see the doctor. This is for a medication review which has to be done by law in the UK. This is to stop repeated years of getting the same medication when maybe it is not needed any more. Normally most people go every 6 months but I go every 18 months as I have a chronic condition which is not curable at present. My medication also was prescribed by the hospital MS team and not them so they tend to leave well alone. I have drugs which are known to be addictive but the hospital told my doctor that does not matter providing I have a quality of life worth living. Prior to that life was very difficult without them as I was in so much pain. It is now so much better in comparison.

This weekend I have to catch up on one or two chores. I have a small portion of laundry to iron and I need to strip the bed and wash the bed clothes. I normally leave tasks like this for the weekend as during the week i maybe on a trip out delivering to some place or other. Time is creeping on I noticed it was only 5 weeks yesterday till we get our new car. Gosh it does not seem nearly 3 years we have had this car. Not long now till we drive away our new one. The day after I think I go to hospital to see the MS team for my 18 month review. Not normally do they do anything but it keeps me on the books and allows me to talk over any difficulties I was having. The last big deterioration in my condition they sent me for an MRI scan just to check it was MS rather than anything more sinister going on. The scan came back negative just showing up the MS plaques in the brain and spine.

No further news going on in my neck of the woods all that is left for me to say is hello to ROSEBUD, VALDINE, RONNI, NUMSPTER, BEVERLYJOY,ROSEY, BLAZESTAR and MEOWEE. Now if I have forgotten to mention someone sorry :o I was trying to do the list from memory which as more holes in it than swiss cheese :D Take care one and all and have a lovely bank holiday weekend. (oops not sure if that is the case else where in the world but monday is a bank holiday here in the UK)

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

05-23-2009, 07:19 PM
:wave: HI PURPLE ~ we have had such a busy week and Friday was filled to the tops for sure. Yeah, we finally got the second floor done yesterday. At least, we had everything out of the room and ready to start. I was so tired afterwards that when I put my feet up on the sofa after dinner, I fell asleep and didn't wake up til 3 AM; then went bed and didn't wake up til 8 AM this morning ... does exhaustion come to mind??? ;)

Boy, are we glad that is all done! The floors do look quite nice; the spare room is a rich chesnut color (they all look like hardwood), and he made sure to get flooring that have a builit in grip on them (so they are not at all slippery like the one in the livingroom and hallway. I guess they have been perfecting this kind of flooring, and have realized this as a flaw; and have corrected it. This will be much easier to take care of too: today, I just whizzed through with my big DUSTING MOP. :D

Yes and thanks ~ that was the site I was talking about; I just realized as I was reading your post, that I have likely already designated it as a FAVORITE site as well. Funny how things come to mind after the fact. That lamb and pork dish both sound very yummy.

WE spent most of today putting back all the furniture in the spare room; then all the linen back in its cupboard, plus the food back in the pantry, and I'm exhausted again. DH is gonna pick up something quick for supper tonight and I don't care what it is right now, as long as I don't have to cook and walk on these poor feet.

We just had our May longweekend on the 16-18th; it's usually this weekend, but for some reason they put it back a week. The US has a memorial weekend now instead (we have our memorial day in NOVEMBER in Canada).

The weather was a bit cool yesterday but nice enuff to do the floor. We had a wee down pour :rain: first thing this morning and then things cleared up for the rest of the day, we had a lovely :sunny: day with temps around 60F.

Time to go have dinner; take good care ladies ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

05-23-2009, 11:34 PM
:wave: HI, it's me again ~ my last post was so rushed that I see I have some mistakes in it and DH came back with dinner, so had to cut it short. We had something really, really naughty, I must say (homemade chips & gravy) but that's all we had so this will be a maintenance day for sure (sure was yummy though).

We managed to get all the furniture back in our room and the cupboards filled except one; we had the luxery of taking our time and ended up with one cupboard empty (the newest one), so I am gonna take that and use it for all my computer and desk stuff (stationary and such). My desk/ table is so cluttered and we had some stuff in boxes with nowhere to put them, but now we do. DH said everything went back much better than taking it out, but I think that was becuz we were so rushed.

So our livingroom and kitchen look more like they should and I'm so glad for that; I hated them being cluttered up like that. Our landlord says that he is selling our building to his son, who came by with a truck today and took all the garbage away to the dump from both place (all the old rugs and such from the work). Have to say that DH did a good job helping with the floors; the landlord really pushed him hard. Poor DH didn't get to even stop for coffee or lunch. I went to the trouble of making a pile of sandwiches and bought DH some mini-donuts and made a pile of coffee, most of which I ended up drinking. DH finally got to have his lunch mid-afternoon ... :dizzy:

Anyways, over the next week, I will put back all the small stuff like the books on the shelves and such while DH gets his wood for his new shed. He likes to keep busy and that's his newest project. We really need a small shed out at our lot to put our things in, so he is gonna start on that pretty soon.

PURPLE ~ thanks for helping me carry the thread while I was so busy and tired. Don't worry about waffling on; I can ramble on quite a bit myself when I get going. You don't even realize how much you have written until you get to the bottom or send up the post. ;)

I put my legs up for two hours; worked on a puzzle and just had a really good rest. Poor DH went to bed early as he was zonked. Think I'll go and make myself some tea and do some rockin' for the rest of the evening.

HI to all our friends out there; hope you all are having a SUPER-DUPER SATURDAY NIGHT!!! And, have a great long weekend for those who have this weekend for a holiday too ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

05-24-2009, 11:14 AM
Hi ladies and good afternoon.

Well I fibbed about the weather yesterday when I said it was changeable it turned out to be an absolutely lovely sunny day no rain after that at all. Today is also a really sunny day, wow shock two days in a row. Don't know what I am going to do without any rain to keep up my rusty finish :D Not complaining though nice to have a lovely sunny spell that is not too hot.

Must admit this weekend I am really feeling the need to my oxygen therapy and jobs I had planned are on the back burner at the minute. I have done the essentials and thats all. I am hoping that I get a burst of energy sometime soon. Today ate the lemon and ginger dish with rice. Oh it was lovely and then we had pineapple for dessert. I had some ripe bananas so I have made our special frozen dessert to use them up.

I had a walk yesterday afternoon just before tea. Now I really did not want to go but made myself as I must make the most of the good weather. Part way round I started to feel better and by the end of the walk it was the best I had felt all day. So I am glad that i gave myself that swift :kickbutt: kick up the proverbial as it did me the power of good. It was nice to see all the gardens in flower and looking so beautiful. Plus we saw how much work they had completed on the traffic calming system on our road. My road is a little bit on the long side but you can not see to the end as the is a curve in the road that prevents this.

I have just watched a medical programme of a doctor who works part time in our health system and then all over the world in third world countries. He has been forced to look at old techniques and treatments which are cheap. With the fact they are cheap they can be afforded in third world countries. One of the concoctions he had invented for wounds to promote healing was very simple. All it used was sugar, vaseline and glycerin mixed into a paste and applied onto the wound itself. After a couple of days it takes the smell or odour out of a wound that is infected. This is very cheap and effective treatment. The other treatment was using something used as a primate type of skin graft. It may not give such brilliant results but at least the wound would heal. The final treatment was that for club foot instead of operating he used plaster casts to manipulate the foot into the right position.

ROSEBUD I can see that you would be absolutely shattered after all the upheaval it all takes its toll. It may take a few days to actually get back on your feet so too speak. Glad you like the end result, I must admit the colour is sounding lovely. I love that colour I must admit so I bet the finish is beautiful. I suppose like you have said they have rectified the problems with the surface being like a skating rink in previous wood flooring. See the landlord is a bit of a slave driver when it comes to work. I hope your DH has no ill effects of all the work without a wee break. The one blessing as you mentioned the easiness of keeping them clean and it only takes a few minutes. No lugging around heavy hoovers to clean them just a light weight floor mop.

The children are off from school this week for half term holiday. Our school year is broken up into what are called terms. Half term holidays tend to be just a week off school. Though our summer holiday tend to be shorter than many countries at 6 weeks. My niece whom is 15 is taking her exams at the minute. She has taken 4 already though has 9 after the half term holiday. She needs to obtain 5 exams A to C grade to get into a course at college. She has had the interview at college and she has a place on this course providing she gets the exams results. The course is a social care course that gains you entry into several course to do with the caring profession. She would like to do one of these career midwifery, social worker or nursery nurse. Though on the completion of this course she may find that she will take a different career path in the caring profession. Here in the UK you can not start nursing etc until you reach the age of 18. This course takes 2 years and so she will be that age on its completion.

Now I think I will go and put my feet up for a rest so take care till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

05-24-2009, 09:06 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ just a lazy day here for us; we did have sun on and off with cool winds and temps around 60F (I'll take it; it's actually one of my favorite times; well, before the hot temps come and no buggies at all). We shouldn't have too many buggies here since we are in town now; there usually aren't very many from what I remember from living in town before.

I stayed home and rested while DH went and picked up some of our wood with his trailer; he was up and gone before I even woke up this morning. We have decided to build a small 8' x 8' shed to put all our stuff in (storage) at our lot; and DH says it should take him less than a week (a few days) to put up, even if he takes his time. If the weather is nice, we might go up early this week; this is a good time of year for such a project.

We just had a light dinner called CREOLE PASTA: pasta with tomatoes and cheese sauce; this is a very quick and easy dish and very yummy too. When I was putting all the food back in the pantry, I noticed that we have piles of pasta that needs to be eaten up, so it was pasta for dinner tonight, instead of chicken. A good meatless meal is very healthy for us anyways.

Well, there's not much else to report from here; just gonna have a quiet restful evening at home tonight as next week, we'll be busy at our lot as we can (according to health and weather, of course). Also getting things ready to lay the floor on the cottage as well!

It was DH's birthday, but he was confused and thought he was one year younger; I finally convinced him of his right age (the calculator never lies unless it's broken). ;) Anyways, we will be celebrating a bit later than we usually do (tomorrow); his favorite is hamburglers (and will make a very small cake so we don't splurge too much).

Take good care, and hope you all have a MARVELLOUS MONDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

05-25-2009, 10:49 AM
Just a quick little :wave:

I'm definitely with you all in spirit, gang . . . :grouphug: . . . unfortunately the flesh part is still feeling a bit weak.

05-25-2009, 01:25 PM
Hi Ladies and good afternoon

I was a bit late coming on here today as normally when I come on here DH and I were out in garden. DH was mowing the lawn and I was chief supervisor ;) The council had cut the lawn the other day but unfortunately they leave the grass. He tried a couple of days ago to rake one of the lawns and all he got for his troubles was a big blister. He has to be careful as he has high percentage of burnt skin although the accident occurred years ago and it is healed wonderfully the skin is fragile. The skin now that has had the blister on will take weeks to heal much longer than most folk do thats for sure.

Been lazy on the food front as I had a prepared home cooked meal that I just had to zap in the microwave and reheat some gravy. I have the same for tomorrow as that is my treatment day so I always want something that is quick so it fits the bill. If I cook a meal I often cook extra so that I can plate it and have it later in the week. Or I will plate the vegetables then just cook either something meat or vegetable dish to go with it. It saves on the electric but more importantly it gives me time away from the kitchen. It is my version of a prepackaged meal but at half the cost plus it is healthy.

Tonight I will endeavour to go to bed early as I am up early, I have already been organised and made sandwiches to take with. This is because DH does voluntary work at the centre and he works over the lunch time period. If I didn't take sandwiches and a yoghurt I would be tempted to go dibbing in the biscuit tin which is sitting right next to where I am situated.

MEOWEE Nice that you have managed to drop by, I have been thinking of you. I know that it takes a long while to recover from this. I have been vaccinated for pneumonia :crossed: I will not get it. Though the vaccine is not 100% effective. My doctor recommended I had that and the flu jab. So one day on visiting the doctor I ended up with two jabs which was rather unexpected I must say.

ROSEBUD Never heard of the dish creole pasta, I don't know what made me think that it was a fish based dish with something like prawns. Like you say it is an excellent meatless dish that is health providing you don't go to heavy on the cheese and maybe weight that out so not to be heavy handed like me :o

I see your DH is going to be busy the next few day erecting a garden shed. Like you say it will give excellent storage for those things you want to keep. Wow your ready to lay the floor on your cottage. I am sure your looking forward to the day it is completed and you can have breaks away.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your DH "now I have heard of ladies knocking years off their age" ;) I must own up I have to stop and think. I can work out DH quicker than my own as he was born in 1960 and I was born in 1964. I normally now make on my DH birthday a fatless cake such as a swiss roll mix to make the treat not so calorific. I then put a thin layer of a good quality jam, not so nice as the cakes I used to make in the past by it is the thought that counts. His eyes light up at the sight of cake so it makes my day.

No further new to tell here or gossip for that matter ;) So take care till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

05-25-2009, 11:49 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we had one long day today; we woke up to clear skies and sunshine so DH wanted to go to the lot and boy, he got a lot done. We were gone almost 12 hours in total including travelling time. He got one row of cross-blocks done as a brace for the floor (only one left to do); and he unloaded all the wood on top of that as well. He was one very tired puppy tonight. Made him a quick dinner of his SUPER DOGS and then he sauntered off to bed. I just had a toasted BLT for dinner as we didn't get home until just shy of 9 pm.

HI MEOWEE ~ glad that you popped in and let us know how you are doin' ... still been sending up prayers for you for restored health. There have been some real doozy flues going around this year and that 'SWINE FLU' has been going around as well, but they now think that it has been around for a while (some years; that only makes sense really). Hope you are getting lots of rest and taking good care of yourself too.

HI PURPLE ~ I should explain that DH is 62 y/o this year; he thought he was only turning 61 and kept telling people that and I had to convince him that 2009-1947 is 62! ;) Once he saw it on his calculator, he believed it; I think it bothers him a bit that he's in his sixties. I try to encourage him to remember that his grandfather lived until his nineties, and one of his Aunties is there or almost there now also. This is the first time that I have ever heard his age bother him so far; and I tell him that he's just a young chickadee ... ;)

I don't know if we have a vaccine for pneumonia here; I'm sure with having MS, your doctors would recommend that to you. I was reading a news release that says these pervailing flues and viruses are especially hard on seniors and those with compromised immune systems (like cancer survivors) and those with other underlying illnesses (and MS may be one of several of them).

Yes, I served that pasta dish in a bowl to make the serving seem bigger than it was; but it is very filling anyways and healthy too. We don't put very much cheese in it; just enough for flavor and some creaminess. I don't have any quick dinner in the freezer right now; usually I do, but had run out. This week I'll do up a roast or something like that and make something out of that as well. I do have one chicken that could be baked as well one day we are home, but would need some other dish to go with that.

These long days away make it harder to prepare a dinner that is quick when you get home so late; don't want to be eating at 10 o'clock at night. As it was, it was pretty late tonight, so we opted for something quick that wasn't too unhealthy. DH wanted homefries & gravy last weekend, but next time, I think I'll opt for something healthier for myself.

Well, I spent some time cleaning and organizing my Dad's cottage a bit, so got a bit of a work out today and a little bit of walking in. I hope to increase the walking each time I go out to get myself going again. The weather stayed pretty nice and around 7 pm, there was a lovely rainbow around the sun with lovely clouds that looked like rays eminating from the sun down to the earth; next time, I will have to take my digital camera with me to get a picture of phenomena like that.

WEll, it's time to go put my tired legs and feet up; take good care ladies and be well ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

05-26-2009, 01:10 PM
Hello, Everyone! Sounds like everyone has been very busy over the weekend! That's good, as I'm sure it keeps us out of trouble;)! Spent Friday at Mayo Clinic with FIL and SIL. He had more tests and unfortunately, they found that the lung cancer is the small cell carcinoma, which is very fast growing and fast spreading and has already metastasized to his brain. He has a PET scan today and DH has gone up to help his sister with their dad, as he has to use a wheelchair to go more than 20 or 30 feet. He's scheduled to begin chemo this Friday, but the oncologist says that depends on what these last tests show, but in reality, he's only expected to live at most with treatment about 6-9 months. :cry:

We did try to do some things to keep from dwelling on the negative and focus on the boys a little. Saw the new "Night at the Museum" movie- it was pretty good. I do like Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller. They're just funny to me!

We also had a small fire in our backyard and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows last evening, which is just a relaxing thing we try to do frequently during the summer. Good thing we did it then, as it started raining later and was still raining when we got up this morning-and cooler too:p.

Well, must go. Really hope Meowee keeps getting better (you've been in my thoughts and prayers) and Rosebud and Purple recover from the activities (don't get run down and catch something!). Hi to Val and Beverlyjoy and Numpster, too! Have a really nice Tuesday! Oh, and Happy Birthday to Rosebud's DH!

05-26-2009, 02:27 PM
Hi Ladies

Good afternoon, well this is a swift call I am afraid as today I had treatment so doesn't leave a whole host of time. Though I wanted to drop by if I could to pop in a small post. Afraid no time for personal replies today so I will have to leave that to next time.

Today has turned out to be a nice day though a little on the windy side I must admit. I definitely need DH to keep me upright on more that one occasion as we walked to the car from the treatment centre. Normally for me my lunch time at the treatment centre is quiet as others are having their treatment. So often I am out in the seating area alone. Though today I had two fellow MSer's to talk to. One had had treatment with me and the other was waiting for her friend who brings her. Normally she has oxygen therapy but she had block up feeling in her nose. If you are the slightest bit congested it will catch you out and give you pain in the ears. So we all steer clear not being fond of pain any of us :D

We are going in the next ten minutes to go and play card so will be out for the best part of this evening. So as you see a full day for me on a Tuesday. I certainly take no rocking that night when I go to bed I can assure you.

Time to run otherwise I will be late :o So take care ladies and I will drop by soon

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

05-26-2009, 09:02 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we stayed home to rest today; my feet were really bothering me and DH was very tired also. DH ran a few errands for me today while I tried to catch up on our laundry. While doing the floors, I just let it pile up a bit -- did a couple of loads today and will do a couple more later in the week as well. Thankfully, we have enuff clothes and linen that we never have to worry about running out, but I had lost some clothes while moving things around, but we eventually found them today. We had more than normal as we changed the linen again when we moved the bed; and I like to change my bedspread set in the summer to a lighter one and we put away the heavy comforters, so they have to be washed up too.

Anyways, we had a really healthy dinner of nice tender sirloin steak (DH had hamburger steak), mushrooms & onions & kniblets corn, and other veggies (sliced tomatoes & cucumber) on the side; so had a good OP day today. I had to put my legs up for a couple of hours this aft, and will again as soon as I post here and have my evening tea. Not much else to report here as it seems we need at least a day to recuperate after a long day at the lot. We may follow last year's schedule again, so we don't totally wear ourselves out.

HI RONNI ~ glad things are going well for you and yours; and yes, we are keeping tres busy and I like that. DH says thanks for the birthday wishes, and says that he's aging too fast and not looking forward the next one, but I'll keep encouraging him about that too. Sounds like you had some fun with the boys; that's a good way to alleviate some of the stress you've all been under lately. I'm kind of glad that they may try the chemo for your FIL, esp if he wants to try it; will continue to send up prayers for him and your family. :hug:

HEY PURPLE ~ nice of you to stop by when you have such a busy day and I know Tuesday is one for you. So glad that you have met so many people at the treatment center that you can talk with about MS, and compare your experiences with them too. Yes, my legs have been bothering me too; the stairs at my Dad's cottage are way too steep for me, and they stress my legs and feet every time I go there. DH says that he wants to build some better ones with rails on each side for added support.

Anyways, it's time to go rest again; put my feet up and maybe do a puzzle and some reading too. Oh and have some tea too! Take good care and have a great evening ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

05-27-2009, 10:06 AM
Hi Ladies

What a miserable day weather wise it is blowing a gale which makes it feel cold not to mention the rain showers that we keep having. So all in all a horrid day. I feel sorry though for my two nieces who have gone to a seaside resort of Skegness. They have gone on this trip as one of their sisters is disabled and it gives the girls a breakaway from them. Though the child whom is disabled does not need huge amounts of care unlike some children. Children whom have siblings who have life threatening diseases it has more of an impact on them. My niece whom is disabled has something called Perthes Disease which effects the hips and makes them soft. They are not able to walk so far and get pain from this. I hope they have an enjoyable day despite the weather. I will have to ask the girls what other activities they had to choose from to do.

Just finished my weekly shopping trip it was rather busy in the shop today. Tried to find disabled parking which was mission impossible I am afraid so DH parked as near as he could to the entrance for me. On returning from the shopping trip I have taken out some frozen mince beef ready to make a bolognese tomorrow. I am making a batch of it so the remainder will go in the freezer for a later date.

RONNI Well more time today so I can answer your post you made the other day. Sorry about the news of your FIL, it is always tough when loved ones are sick. You feel helpless as there is not a lot you can do beside be there for them which in my professional opinion means a lot to the person concerned. The most important thing is to stay as positive as possible and have things for FIL to look forward to. People who have things to look forward to do so much better then those who don't have those goals to strive for. Not sure if I have made that very clear as to what I mean but it is difficult to put into words. I will be thinking of you during this time.

I see you have been busy of late by the sounds of it. I have seen night of the museum but not the sequel to it, I noticed it has been advertise in the UK on billboards. The last film I watch was star trek :o I know but I like the star trek series for my sins :D The last film I saw with Owen Wilson in was Marley and me. Oh boy did it has some funny moments in and anyone with a dog could relate to some of the antics they get up to.

ROSEBUD Nice today to have the time to answer posts today I must admit. I see your DH is 62 the same age as friends of ours who hopefully we will see playing cards tonight. Well when I say same age one is 62 the other 62 in December. Yes your DH does have long living relatives on his side of the families. My great grandfather and grandma got to the age of 81. Otherwise my Dad is the longest living one after that and he is 75 now. So not so favourable on ages in my family I am afraid biggest killer being heart disease. I am glad now that I have lost the bulk of my weight at least that way I will have reduced my risk. The one thing now is that there have been so many advancements in medicine we all tend to live longer at one time 62 may have seemed old but now it is regarded as young when many are now living into their 90's or even 100's

Yes my doctor recommended that I have the vaccine for pneumonia as MS is an autoimmune disease. With my immune system being somewhat impaired I had the vaccine as a precaution. DH also has the flu jab even though he is at low risk but because of me it is highly recommended he has it. It took me all my time to persuade him to have it as he had heard some stories of people who had the vaccine then getting a cold. I eventually told him that it has nothing to do with the vaccine getting a cold and that that person would have got the cold regardless of the vaccine. The most this vaccine may do is just make you feel generally off colour but nothing more than that and that would last no more than 48 hours. Fortunately he had nothing more than a reaction to the injection site which came in the form of a lump than went down in a couple of days. This area was painful to touch but apart from that nothing more.

Gosh busy time up at the lot doing work, it was a long day not to mention tiring. I know how tiring long days can be from traveling doing deliveries. No wonder early bed was in order that night. Well it is another step closer to it becoming useable for breaks away.

Just before going to bed last night I was reading a magazine called ABLE which is about disabled issues and people. I noticed their was an article on spina bifidia. It was getting to late to read it last night so I will save it for later today. This is a free magazine which I picked up at the MS centre or you can pick up at the shop mobility I have noticed.

Time to go and get the needle and cotton out. Need to do a small alteration on a half slip. Just walked outside the house today and guessed what happened. I found the slip around my ankles :o It is a size 14/16 but it is a little on the big side though if I go a size smaller I feel it will be too tight. So I am going to put a small tuck in the waistband to stop further incidences of red face ;) Bye ladies till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

05-27-2009, 06:45 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had lovely :sunny: weather today and warm temps too with a pleasant light breeze. I could only sit on the deck a little while as the south sun was hot, but it would be nice now as the sun is on the west side. One nice thing is that the hot southern sun doesn't come into our house directly becuz of a nice soffat and fascia (I'm not sure which part is the part that sticks out though, the soffat or the fascia, but fascia sounds right -- :lol:). So, we can see the sun and get the bright light from the sun, but not the heat; that will be good for the hotter summer months.

DH went to the old farm and picked up the wood needed to rebuild the steps on my Dad's cottage and start the small shed. Right now, he is helping our landlord with some project; not sure what it is though. So we hope to go up to the lot one more day this week, but not sure which one it will be as a friend of DH's needs his help for something tomorrow.

Anyways, I just stayed home and did small chores around here. We are having some lovely boneless and skinless chicken breasts with roasted veggies tonight for dinner (carrots, onions, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, and new potatoes). I also made some of my very own special coleslaw that I call --"HEAVENLY COLESLAW". I made two small batches for the week using my new mini-hand chopper/whizzer thingy I got for Christmas, but if I was making a large batch, I would use my regular Food Processor (FP).


1/4 large red/purple cabbage, minced in Food Processor
2 x carrots, peeled and minced in FP
1 small onion, also minced in FP
*salad dressing of choice*

*I like to use either Miracle Whip salad dressing or light CEASAR salad dressing you buy from the store. You could also make your own light version of dressing with oil & vinegar and herbs OR light sour cream with herbs too. Also, if I am making this for a crowd (which isn't too often these days), I add some green minced cabbage too. This is a very bright and pretty coleslaw and the onion makes it nice and pungent too, just the way we like it. ;)

I prepare this ahead with no dressing and keep it in sealed containers in the fridge. It will keep at least a week in the fridge very well, but I eat it almost every day so it goes pretty quickly. Just before serving, I mix in my dressing of choice for that day.

HI PURPLE ~ Yes, even DH's mother lived to her early eighties, plus his Dad lived until he was 77 y/o and he had lots of bad health all through his life. DH is blessed that while he looks like his Dad in many ways (facial features and extremities), he has inherited his slim body and thick hair from his mother and grandfather, who both lived right long lives; and he has had pretty good health most of his life, especially since he stopped smoking over 6 years ago.

That is why I am trying to eat heathier now, as they say every lb less helps our longevity that much more; as does just eating well itself. DH used to have an issue with cholesterol, but that has been remedied by our change in diet as has my blood sugar levels.

BBL ... DH came home; had to go put supper on the table; it was lovely. Dishes done and now Dh is searching high & low for my sewing baskets which are somewhere in never-never land (aka -- the sheds). :lol: Someday, I will have all my stuff back!

Never heard of that magazine called ABLE; maybe they have a net site somewhere. Maybe I'll try and google that later too. Hope you have a lovely time playing cards tonight.

Anyways, not much else going on here; the sun is getting pretty hot out there; think I'm gonna have to pick up a window blind for my kitchen window as that western sun comes beating down on us and the temps go up to the roof. ;)

DH just came in: he found the sewing basket (thank you, helping Angels). Hope all you ladies are feeling better today; have a lovely evening and a good day tomorrow as well. :hug: ROSEBUD :hug:

05-28-2009, 12:46 PM
PURPLE ~ did you happen to catch a UK documentary that aired yesterday (Wednesday, May 27, 2009) called "10 Things You Need To Know About Losing Weight"?

The show does have a net site, but I can't watch videos on my PC (not enuff speed or something like that, so I'm told). I heard about this show on another thread and this is all I could find out so far, but I would really like to know the other tips and more specific details about them, if you can find them out for me, I would appreciate it a lot; so thanks, in advance --

1) journaling what we eat is often very inaccurate, as we often way underestimate how much we actually eat each day. I know that I have found that myself as well.

2) eating soup has a physical benefit to help us feel fuller (which I have already noticed and that's why I have soup almost every day).

3) changing little things in your daily routine can help you burn more calories (walking instead of taking a ride; using stairs instead of elevators; and I'm sure there are many more, and would like to know what they are ...)

4) eating low-fat dairy products helps to extract fat from 'other' foods we eat as well (would like to know what specific dairy items they are talking about).

5) how the brain reacts when we skip meals (I have always believed that it thinks we are starving, and panics by lowering our metabolism to save on energy, which doesn't help us lose weight at all). So I believe that we need to eat more often, not less (grazing on smaller amounts and on healthier foods).

PS ~ I found the site for the 'ABLE' Magazine by googling it last night; and was able to read an article by a man who has spina bifida who is a farmer (works with his Dad on the family farm); and he also started his own MOBILITY AIDS company in the UK, so that he could find better quality wheelchairs to help him get around on their farm. 'Find a need and fill it', comes to mind ...


05-28-2009, 04:14 PM
Hello fellow chicks

Rather late for me coming on here today just things got in the way as life can do.

It started off with some sad news unfortunately my next door neighbour whom had been in hospital for over 8 weeks was discharged on Friday after having open heart surgery to drain the heart and repair the tear in it. On Monday evening Steve passed away at around 8pm when his wife had gone for a shower. His wife Audrey told us this morning things are still up in the air for her as it has gone to inquest so thus a post mortem will be carried out. Until this post mortem has taken place a death certificate can not be issued so hence you can not plan any further with the funeral. I will sorely miss him as he was a kind and friendly neighbour and you could not wish for better.

Took a walk today whilst the weather has been good and saw how the work is progressing on the traffic calming scheme on our road. It is coming to a close by the looks of it and today they filled one of the two raised areas next to our house. It still has a cage around it which I suspect will stay like that until it is completely hardened off. This afternoon I have done the ironing but this morning did some washing. Not washing I had planned but our Rizzie is off colour and was sick over the throwover. Good job the weather was good drying weather as it is quite thick bed linen to dry. He has spent most of the day asleep and generally not himself. Not poorly enough to take to the vet but I am keeping a close eye on him. He does not appear to have a temperature and his appetite is somewhat reduced.

ROSEBUD I read the article on spina bifida which was different from the one you came across on the internet. The one I read told you of the different types of this condition and what effect it may have on a person with it. It told you of the known causes and ways to reduce the chances of this. It when on to explain the risks if you all ready had one child with the condition and what was the likelihood it may occur again. Then it went on to explain the probable treatments the child may need if born with this condition. To be honest I leant quite a bit for starter I though there was only one form of spina bifida but this is not the case as I read in the article.

No I did not see the UK documentary on the BBC called "10 Things You Need To Know About Losing Weight"? Though I should be able to view it for myself through the BBC iplayer. BBC iplayer is on the BBC site and it allows you to watch programmes that you have missed off that channel. Yes it is highly likely you would have been unable to watch it as if I remember right you are on dial up which is not fast enough to watch this. I am unable to watch from the BBC programmes that are in "high Definition" even though I have broadband it just is not quick enough. I certainly will be interested in watching it as I think it will prove interesting. I then will be able to glean the information that your interested in too.

Thanks for the recipe we do not have miracle whip or the caesar dressing here in the UK. I do not like anything like salad cream or mayonnaise for that matter. I think I would like something that is vinegar based type dressing for this.

Enjoyed my playing cards last night though neither of us did any good last night. Did have one or two nice hands of cards to play. The main thing for me is the company and getting away from the 4 walls (house)

No further news so till next time take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

05-28-2009, 07:38 PM
HI PURPLE ~ I managed to find the list after searching the net; and another lady (ANGELEYEZX) helped me with the last one. So here's the full list for --


1) Journal EVERYTHING you eat -- journaling what we eat is often very inaccurate; we often way underestimate how much we eat each day (up to 40-60% each day). Be sure to mark down every snack and nibble and dab of sauce you eat ...

2) Eat lots of Soup -- eating soup has a physical benefit to help us feel fuller longer (which I have already noticed and I have soup almost every day). Soup stays in the stomach longer than regular food + water.

3) Make small Changes in your daily activities -- changing little things in your daily routine can help you burn more calories (walking instead of taking a ride; using stairs instead of elevators; walk while on the phone or talking; walk while taking breaks; count daily chores as activities, spreading them over the week, etc).

4) Eat LOW-FAT dairy products -- helps to extract fat from 'other' foods we eat as well. The calcium binds with the fat from other foods we eat and cannot be digested, so it is eliminated from the body (good to know). {the reason for eating low-fat dairy is to make sure you don't gain from the fat in the dairy itself, ie lowfat Yogurt, skim milk, lowfat cottage cheese & sour cream and creme fraiche, and cheeses, etc}

5) Don't Skip Meals -- the brain reacts when we skip meals ~ it thinks we are starving and actually URGES us to eat high-fat foods to get some nourishment.

6) Eat Much Less -- watch how many calories you eat over all; many people think they have a slow metabolism when they don't. Larger people have a higher metabolism, and even though they may be as active as a slimmer counterpart, slim people just eat much less (up to 50% less each day).

7) Watch Your Portions -- use smaller plates and bowls (measure amounts); and watch out for super-sizing: choose the small size of all servings.

8) Limit Variety and Choice -- can encourage us to eat too much ie buffets, bbq's, potlucks, and freebees. Remember to choose lean proteins, low cal veggies, and low-fat dairy meals; and watch portions (one smaller plate).

9) Eat More Lean Protein -- in all your meals; protein helps you to feel fuller much longer, ie ham and eggs is a better breakfast than puffy cereal and orange juice for satiety.

10) Do some kind of regular exercise each day -- (ie many experts recommend at least 60 minutes now); as the effect can last overnight and well into the next day. Carbs are used up first; then later on, fat stores are used up until we re-fuel again.

Many of these we already know, but it was interesting to learn the scientific proofs behind some of the research done on these aspects. They didn't study a lot of people, but I guess they just wanted to test out some theories.


05-28-2009, 07:51 PM
Hi ladies

I'm back like the proverbial bad penny just for a short post

I have watched the programme about 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT LOSING WEIGHT. I wrote a detailed account of the information given on the programme and found out that you have beaten me Rosebud to imparting the information to the group.

One or two of the facts I knew like the soup and I had heard about diary providing you choose low fat varieties did something to the fat in our bodies. Some of the issues mentioned I did not know about like the after burn of calories after you have done some exercise. This is interesting to know. I will think I will try and encorporate a little more activity into my day. Maybe not sit for such long periods just get up and have a little walk about in the house or walk up the garden path and back. I often walk about whilst I am on the telephone :D

Well time for my bed as I am getting tired now so take care ladies till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

05-28-2009, 08:04 PM
THANKS PURPLE ~ thanks so much for taking the time to watch the program for us and write the notes too. I agree some of the stuff is very interesting. Hope you have a lovely sleep tonight and a good rest ... :hug:

05-29-2009, 11:13 AM
:wave: GOOD MORNING LADIES ~ we had :rain: all day yesteday, so I just stayed home and did stuff around here. DH had to go help a friend out and they did very well, but they both got drenched in the process. Had a good OP day yesterday as well; that's three in a row, at least. I'm trying to tweak things a bit more to see if that helps for awhile. DH is running some errands as we speak.

We woke up to :rain: again this morning, but it has stopped for quite a while; yet it is still cloudy out there. Maybe it will clear up sometime before the day is out. Gonna go and put on some laundry right now. Have a great day -- and I'll try to come by later tonight too ...


05-29-2009, 06:56 PM
Hi Ladies

Good evening well nearly bedtime here for me :o Been busy today this morning did the laundry and popped it out on the line. Then cooked dinner so that was the morning gone in a flash. The weather has been glorious today so excellent drying weather. Made the most of the most of the weather and took a walk this afternoon to pick up my prescription. I had to rest part way going round the pub walk makes an excellent perch for me believe it or not a I was a good girl not a drop of alcohol passed my lips :rofl:

Try to incorporate some of the ideas from the show today so have kept on the move a lot more than normal. I have made a carrot, leek and parsnip soup for tomorrow and the next day. I have pureed it as recommended to make it last longer in the system. Not such a good day on the food front I must admit though I have been on plan all this week so hopefully this will score me some brownie points ;) Tomorrow I will incorporate some more low fat dairy produces. I know this is an area I can work on, I have a tendency to steer away. Not because I think they are fattening or anything like that. Ever since I was in my early teens I have been reluctant to eat those sorts of foods. I take tea and coffee black and virtually have only a splash of milk in my cereal and would need a magnify glass to see it :mag: I checked the measurement of my lunch plate as they recommended reducing the standard 12" to 10". My plate I use on a daily basis is 9" so I am ok there. We do not skip meals as I need to eat regularly with having tablets to take 4 hourly.

Spent ages peeling carrots nearly 40 minutes as that is what we had in the soup plus for lunch tomorrow. I have prepared most of the vegetables for tomorrow lunch just to make it a wee bit easier. Tomorrow need to get some bread to eat with the soup so I expect we will take a walk to the local shops. There is a cafe with outside seating if I need to take a break or a bench just down the road from there. With the weather being warm it is beginning to affect my MS if it gets any warmer then the air con machine will take an outing from its chubby hole.

Good for you Rosebud having 3 days on plan that is excellent news. More days we can both string together the better. Hope the little tweaks to your menu pays dividends. What sorts of things have you done? It is the small changes that we make in our life that make all the difference. That way we are more likely to stick with the healthy eating plan as you have time to adapt to them. I know that helped for me though still have to be mindful and probably always will be with the tendency to overeat thus put on weight. Been watching all this week Britain's got talent maybe you have something similar in your country to view on television.

Well time for my bed so good night ladies here from England and me :D Till next time take care and look after yourselves

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

05-30-2009, 12:20 AM
HI ~ I'm back ... like a perverbial bug, as they say -- the cloudy weather cleared up by dinner time, it was very cold today (only 40F), but the :sunny: came out to shine for us until dusk, which was nice. I saw the quarter moon out there; hope it stays that way for tomorrow. We had made some plans to go to the lot tomorrow, but DH is doing some more favors for people tomorrow.

He's spending more time helping others get their odd jobs done lately than getting things done that we need done; it seems that he is having a bit of trouble saying "NO", so I may have to put my foot down pretty soon. I don't mind him helping people out, but it is starting to become a habit for some of them. This has happened to him in the past; he tends to get used like an old rug becuz he wants to please his friends but then complains to me about it later on.

Anyhow, he was just falling asleep here beside me, so I said that he might as well go to bed; that's no company for me on a Friday night. So ... I decided to come in here and see if there were any messages instead. I think that I am going to order the cable in for the TV for the same reason. He says he doesn't miss it, but that's becuz he goes to bed so early. Yet, often he goes over to a friends and watches TV or a movie with him. :dizzy:

HI PURPLE ~ I am trying out some of the things they mentioned on the show as well (more soup and the lowfat calcium thing). I also have been cutting down my complex carbs and may have one less for breakfast or lunch, alternating on different days. Some nights I may have a small potato and alternate that with nights with rice, pasta, or beans; but the other night, I just had meat and veggies and no grain carb.

Tonight, we had hamburglers on whole wheat buns; sometimes, I skip the buns altogether. When we have sausages or hot dogs, I often skip the buns and have a salad with them instead. Sometimes, I just have fruit or yogurt or nuts or cheese for my snack and omit the grain carb; or may have only half a grain carb (say 3 or 4 whole crackers instead of 8, which is 100 C's). Lately I have been having dried banana chips and almonds for some of my snacks (again, avoiding the grain carbs). This is just some of the things I am trying; and of course, like yourself; I get up and walk around quite often just to keep in motion as much as possible throughout the day.

I am also counting items and measuring more meticulously than before; and having the more starchy carbs less often each week. So I may have pasta one night (1 cup cooked), but omit the starchy carb the next night. These are just experiments to see how I do with that. So far I am feeling Ok with it and haven't been feeling too hungry as long as I still eat my one plate of meat and veggies/salad. Also, I had cut my lean meat down, but I have increased it by 1-2 ounces (ie instead of 3-4 oz, I may have 5-6 ozs of fish or chicken), and this seems to help me not to feel as hungry for a longer time.

Well, not much else going on here, just me doing the daily stuff; and I rested up much more today and that seems to be helping my legs. DH was upset today becuz he went to the store to buy a tool they had advertised and they don't have it or any like it and won't order it either (saying the company won't send just one item; that's their excuse anyways and it sounds a lot like false advertisng to me and of course, they tried to sell him another item that cost 100's of dollars more, so he walked out). So DH was a bit down for a while; hopefully he will find one somewhere else, as he has to take a friend to the city in early June to see a doctor again.

Anyways, time to get off here and go do a puzzle and put my legs up again, as it's getting late for me; and I can only sit here so long before my butt starts to hurt and go numb on this chair. ;) Take good care ladies, and have a SUPER SATURDAY!!! :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

05-30-2009, 02:21 PM
Hi Ladies

Another lovely sunny day with temperatures of around 21c though a nice breeze to go with it. I have had a busy day have laundered two loads and got them dry outside. I have managed a little exercise with a short stop at the cafe for coffee. Poor Rizzie had his worse day in his eyes having a shower well at least he smells a whole lot sweeter. I have scalped my DH aka home hair cut with trimmers. It looks much better it was getting so long that it was sticking up on top of his head. DH has what is called a double crown which if you do not keep your hair reasonably short has a tendency to stick up no matter what you do to it. Talk about having a will of it's own. Later I am having a shower myself, though DH has already had his after I cut his hair.

DH is watching the FA cup final which one of the football highlights of the year. Football or soccer is the national sport in UK. My DH supports Leeds not that he goes to the matches as they are so expense to attend to now days due to the huge wages these football players have.

Yesterday we had posted through the door a piece of paper from the team that is carrying out the work on the new school being build behind our home. It is a news letter letting us knowing what is going on and the phases of building. We have had several of them during the build which is kind of them and keeps up good relations between neighbours and builders. Today they have been putting the central roof to the school. There has been a huge crane on site to carry over the roof to its situ.

ROSEBUD Thanks for letting me know of your tweaks. Today I have added more dairy into my diet consciously. plus keep carbs to a minimum which are complex. I have found this the hardest the thing to do in changing my healthy eating as I love carbs like potatoes bread pasta well the list goes on but I have reduced those considerably. I have had a tad more protein than I normally have and going to see how that works. I normally have 4 or 5 ounces of meat or fish for my main meal of the day which I finds keeps me full until my next meal or snack.

Talking of your husband taking a friend to see the doctor reminded me I have to see two next month. One on the 17th which is just for a tablet review the second is the 30th which is to see the neurologist regarding my MS. Nothing much goes on at the MS clinic but it keeps me on the books and allows me to bring them up to speed how I am.

Well must run I am afraid I still have a few things I need to do. Top of the agenda is washing the lunch pots not many left now as I wash up as I go along. Till next time take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

05-30-2009, 08:26 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we woke up to lovely sunshine and DH thought that he was going to help a friend with some stuff, but other helpers showed up and he wasn't needed after all. Then we were gonna go to the lot, and go pick up a tool that I had ordered (a generator), but then he couldn't get his trailer lights to work right. So then our plans were greatly changed; and then, just as he was trying to repair the lights, big dark clouds rolled in and it started pouring :rain: on him. :dizzy:

Poor DH, his day was awash in troubles (no pun intended). So he had to come in and wait; but the rains never stopped until well after dinner tonight, and so he will have to try again tomorrow as it's gonna be dark soon. He got drenched the other day helping a friend and didn't feel too good the next day, so he doesn't want that to happen twice in one week.

BBL ... gotta go for a sec ... I'm back; had to take a wee ladies break. ;) My bladder's working overtime today (that may have something to do with a visitor named TOM, who I haven't seen for 8 weeks and he just decided to drop by for a visit a couple of days ago; so I'm very tired and drained and hungry).

Anyways, enuff of that; sorry if that's TMI. I just took it easy today; needed the rest, so just did more daily stuff around here. DH is playing with NIKO right now; they are having a bit of a wrastling match; it's very funny to watch.

HI PURPLE ~ I have the same issues as you -- watching my complex and starchy carbs is my biggest challenge (esp in my snacking); I have to measure as well, as before I would just put whatever would fit on the plate :o ... oh dear ... just eye-balling it! :lol: Now I measure as much as I can.

Tonight, we had bangers (lean dinner sausages) for supper; and I had 3/4 cup beans and 1 cup coleslaw with mine, but DH had his with ww buns which he prefers. DH eats two and I have 1+1/2 sausages. He's so active and can pretty well eat whatever he wants and stays around 130 lbs all the time I've known him.

Well, not much else going on around here right now; I come on here in the evening to pass time and I also do some reading and puzzles in the evenings as well. Like you, I also do my dishes as I go along as I find that if I keep them up throughout the day, it only takes us a few minutes to do the dishes after dinner.

This is a trick I learned from my professional cleaning days: #1 -- half of keeping a place clean is NOT messing it in the first place (meaning, put things away as you go). #2 -- everything needs a home and things must be put back there (so they don't get lost). #3 -- tidying and cleaning up regularly EVERY DAY, makes for less work and takes less time overall.

Once one of my friends asked me how I managed to keep my bathroom so clean all the time; and I told her the secret -- I go to the washroom several times a day; I have to wash my hands each time I leave, so I check the sink to see if it needs a quick wipe and do it then, as it only takes a few seconds. I keep a cloth on the side of my sink for this purpose (just a rag really). I wash my toilet once a week, but check it at least once each day to make sure it stays clean (again, when I use the toily, which is very handy).

And lastly, both DH and I clean our tub out right after we shower or bathe, so it's predone for the week (I learned this trick in my Nurse's Aides training: after we bathed a client, we all had to wash out the tub so it was clean for the next user; it was such a great idea that I did this for the rest of my life, and I shared this tip with DH as well). I dustmop the floor and/or clean it as I see it needs it (usually only once a week; and it only takes a few minutes too).

Well, that's all the tips for today; hope all you ladies have a SUCCINCTLY SERENE SUNDAY!!!:hug: ROSEBUD:hug:

05-31-2009, 03:55 PM
Hello Ladies

Another warm day here with temperatures at around 20c :sunny:. Gosh not use to these many days with sunshine we normally get dull grey days often with rain :rain: Been nice though to have our doors and windows open to air the home and get that gentle breeze blowing threw. Even our dog loves it he sits at the door watching the world go by. He is well know by the neighbours for sitting there. The trouble is when he goes to the gate or fence to be patted he makes such a racket as he is so excited. He virtually screeches in such a high pitch tone talk about embarrassing :o

Today went out for lunch but picked a healthiest option of a roast chicken dinner, I only ate a small portion of potatoes but ate all my vegetables of cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage. Tonight for tea I have made a mixture of fresh and tinned fruit salad. It comprised of peaches, mandarin oranges, pineapple, blueberries and strawberries. I must admit I throughly enjoyed it as it was a nice combination together. Managed today to get all but one garment ironed so that is me up to date with the ironing. So tomorrow will be a lazy day really as I have worked hard this weekend. I think I will mop the kitchen and bathroom floors tomorrow and run the hoover through. I already have a prepared meal so that is seen to for tomorrow. Glad really as I am really beginning to wind down now and in need of my oxygen therapy.

ROSEBUD Like you I have to measure those foods that are ones I tend to really over do it like cereal, rice, pasta. I am sure prior to me measuring it I was eating something like 3 or 4 times the amount I should have . So I dread to think what my calorie intake was per date I think it was something like 6000 in stead of no more than 2000. Obviously with losing weight I try and aim for more like 1500 to 1800 per day. At the very beginning I started at 2000 calories and of course lost weight as I had been eating way to many calories. When the weight loss slowed down I dropped my calorie intake by about 100 per day. Even though my diet is far from perfect even now it is certainly is so much better than I was munching my way through never giving it a though.

Your DH and my sister are pretty much the same in the weight department can eat virtually what they want and stay around the same weight. My sister is about 130lbs also though this is the heaviest she has ever been. This is part down to the fact now she is well in tune with her body and can recognise the early signs of urine infection. We would just feel generally unwell with one but she has only one kidney and it just floors her. During this time she loses a lot a weight as she is so unwell. At the age of 15 she had to have an operation to re-site the tubes from the kidney to the bladder wall as they were plumbed wrong. This resulted in night time bed wetting 2 or 3 times every night. They of course say to the parent your child will grow out of it and it is not until they get to around her age do they start looking for other causes. Needless to say she had her own children scanned at a few days old to see if they had the same condition. Fortunately none have so lucky there. The other reason is that she is heavier is she does not burn off the calories like she did when working. She had to give up work after a road traffic accident which has left her with a back injury.

Like you I try to put things back in there place each time so I can keep on top of things. This way it is no big job to keep things clean and tidy. I titivate when going to the bathroom like yourself so it always looks clean and tidy. I have two elements that make things untidy in our home. Firstly Rizzie he is like a child with the amount he can create and the other is my untidy DH :lol: Bless him he is not blessed in this area of keeping things tidy, I have given up trying with his computer desk cos every time I did it he reckoned that he could find nothing!! So for keeping the peace I leave him too it, all friends and family know that that mess on his desk his of his own making. I must admit I hate to see it and really itch to do something about it as it is in my nature to be clean and tidy.

Never really thought about it I just always clean after bath or shower but I suppose it comes from the days of nursing and to lower the risk of cross infections. I still make my beds in the hospital manner, and have my pillowcases openings away from the door as I was taught :D Some of things that was drilled into my my nursing sisters who were a bit like battle axes one or two of them. You were in awe of them and you were the lowest of the low as a student. Initially when I started on my first ward all I seemed to do is clean and scrub. My hands were so sore from being in water so much. Friday was the worst day on this ward I had all the commodes to scrub top to bottom, yes that included wheels. Then the worse job that you need to just hold your nose because the smell was horrid. There were net knicker that kept incontinence pads in place, so it does not leave much to the imagination what they were covered in. They were steeped for a week in sterilizing solution. It was your job to wash each of these net knickers and there were loads of them. I am sure this job as it was so horrid was kept for the student nurses as it was part of your baptism with fire. So Friday's you were barely out of the toilets or sluice area, oh joys of joys :lol: You stick at it as you so much want to become a nurse, the next ward you go on you are slightly up the pecking order not by much but it is such a good feeling knowing your not the lowest of the low. Though this strictness and diligence to work made good nurses. Unfortunately now in my opinion they have gone in for to much for giving nurses huge volumes of academic work during their training and not so much ward time. So hence I think they miss out on so much. I think that is why cross infection rose a one time as the importance of cleanliness was missed. Nurse are now realising that cleaning is a big apart to play as nursing someone.

Well that is all for now time for a cuppa I think. So till tomorrow take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

05-31-2009, 10:17 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ just takin' it easy today; the day started out with ***** -- can you believe that? Thankfully, it stopped by this afternoon and none stayed as it all melted as it hit the ground. Unfortunealty, DH had nothing but trouble with our car today; the gear safety switch blew for some unknown reason ... hmmm ...:dizzy:

Anyways, he says that he will be biking up town tomorrow to buy a new part; the parts he bought today cost over $20.00 and that was just for 2 bulbs and sockets. Nothing I dislike more than car repairs; all that money going out for what? What I really don't like is the guessing game part of mechanics ... oh, it may be this or it may be that. Give me a few hundred bucks and I'll try to figure out what it is ... that gets me :mad: the most!

Anyhow, I was a bit stressed out today about the car not working, and so I started munching a bit tonight, nothing big, but I had done the day well until that point. I did well both Friday and Saturday too. Oh well, hopefully one day won't be too bad. We had a lovely Roasted Chicken dinner tonight with long green beans and baby carrots; lots left for tomorrow night too.

HI PURPLE ~ yes, in one nursing home I worked in, the administrator insisted that all workers had to train as Nurse's Aides (today they call them Health Care Aides or Personal Support Workers), so I still use the same methods as I learned there too (we make our beds with nice hospital corners too :lol:). Once you learn these methods, it's hard to ever remember doing things any other way. ;)

I worked in every department, so being careful about cross contamination was something I had lots of training for (especially in the laundry and janitorial departments). Of course, in the kitchen, we had to be diligent about salmonella as well. I didn't really like having to clean the portable urinals or testing for the blood sugar with the urine strips that much, but it was part of the job.

We had a special disinfecting cleaning solution; and when I worked in the laundry department, we had to soak those special bed pads and what we called 'adult diapers' -- only we only had to soak them one day and washed them with javelle to kill germs as well. We often had to wear gloves and today, they wear gloves all the time now.

When I worked as a professional cleaner in offices, we learned how to clean desks without disturbing people's stuff. We would lift and wipe and return EACH item back down where we got it from. If you did it correctly, people didn't even know that you had cleaned their desks; but there were always a few sticklers who insisted that under no circumstances were we to touch their desks -- so we didn't!

Well, it's time for me to go make some tea and put my legs up for a rest; hopefully we will get that car working again tomorrow (right now it won't move as the gear mechanism isn't working at all). Hope you all have A MARVELLOUS MONDAY and a great week too! Take good care :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

06-01-2009, 05:53 AM
Hi and good morning

Looks as though it is turning into another nice day suppose to have temperatures of about 23c today and slightly higher tomorrow at 24c. So till remaining nice and warm here. I am up a little earlier than I have been the past couple of days. DH sister was away at her caravan this weekend so she has had a lovely time weather wise. It was her husbands birthday this Thursday so their eldest daughter looked after her youngest. Mind you not take much looking after ;) as he is 16 going on 17 in December. His sister is in her mid 20's and far stricter than his mum :D so not much chance for him getting into any mischief.

Just taken out a couple of bread rolls so I can make our lunch for tomorrow at the MS centre. Gosh it sure does come round quickly my treatment day. Next Tuesday is D day for DH as he will be having his surgery on his face. He is taking my oxygen down and up to pressure then we will be going rather than stopping on for another 2 more dives as we normally do. I know that he will be relieved in a way to get rid of the infection just not the added pain that is going to come with it. Plus there is no guarantee this method will work, he can go through all this only to have to have his teeth removed anyway :cry:

I will go and get dressed in a moment as I am still in my night clothes :o I want to get cracking on with the housework I want to do before it gets to warm for me to attempt it. I also want to go to the post office today to mail a letter to aboard namely Cyprus as DH Auntie and Uncle live there now. At the moment they are in the process of moving place from a 3 bedroomed to a 2 bedroom apartment on the ground floor. No mean feat moving especially when you are in your 70's with no family in that country.

ROSEBUD Yes car repairs can be so expensive especially as you pay for the part of their guessing game. Like you say is it this part or that part guess what you pay for them both :fr: I am sure in this day and age they would have been able to pinpoint it so much better :?: I am blessed I no longer have that worry of paying out for car repair bills as it is part of the scheme that I belong having my car on motobility. Though I can barely believe the price they charge when my parents have repairs done on their vehicle.

You got me remembering how precious gloves were considered in the beginning of my nursing and they were only used for the worse jobs and not for everything. Like you say they are used very widely now for everyday tasks in hospitals. Yes things like hospital corners are hard to forget especially when you are making something like 30 beds a day on your own! I remember that I had not made this bed properly as a student nurse and the ward sister did was just stripped the whole of the ward beds. She said maybe next time I would make them properly and to a nursing standard. That hard lesson from the nursing sister taught me to do things properly every time not just when I felt like it. Never did I make beds or do anything but to the way I was shown. Good lesson learnt even if it did mean making nearly 60 beds on my own.

Those stickers you got from some of the worker about not cleaning there work desk reminds me of my bomb site of a husbands desk :D Some of the things that we learnt growing up he didn't. This is because he and his father never saw eye to eye. So he would run away constantly and eventually was taken to live in a children's home. This for him was good but everything was done for them and they were not taught basic chores. He has learnt to do basic cooking and he can now rack up some nice meals if I am out of action.

Right time for me to shake a leg and get myself into action. So I hope to drop by tomorrow so take care till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

06-01-2009, 11:17 AM

Hey ROSEBUD are you going to start a new thread for June??????

Yep . . . I am still alive, but definitely not kicking very hard . . . my doctor is still dithering between Asthma and Pneumonia, or some combination thereof, as being the basis of my problems.

At least he has finally decided to refer me to a Respiratory Disease specialist and I go to see this new guy on Thursday. I also have an appointment next Monday for a CAT scan. Obviously my constant 'at home cat-scanning :lol:' doesn't cut it.

In the meantime, the GP took me off Prednisone, an oral steroid, because it's one of the worst things you can give a diabetic and it has so many other side effects as well (however, it was working wonders for the wheezing and coughing after only four or five doses) and put me on Symbicort which is an inhaled steroid, combined with Salbutamol, an inhaled bronchodilator. I do get a tiny bit of wheezing relief from the Salbutamol, but nothing but high blood sugar levels from the Symbicort.

Other than that . . . nothing going on in my world. I am thinking of you gang.

06-01-2009, 08:25 PM
HEY MEOWEE ~ I have started the new thread for JUNE, albeit a tad late; hopefully someone will come along and put the new thread up as a RED STICKY for us too ... ;)

Had lots of problem going on up here and didn't get in today until now. First our car stopped working and DH was fit to be tied (complicated story); and then he was so anxious this morning that he accidently let NIKO get away from him and forgot he did it ...:?:

Anyhow, we spent the entire morning roaming about looking for our lost boy, only to find out he was right next door, just like I had told DH twice that he likely was. This has happened to us twice now. DH says that he went there and couldn't see him; but truth is, that he just went to the edge of the property becuz he was afraid of the neighbour's big shepherd-husky dog that they told him was viscious!

So guess who found him ... yeppers ... moi! I went down there a couple of times, but he was behind their garage so we couldn't see him from the street or laneway. They have their dog tied to a chain behind the house and garage so nobody can see him unless they go all the way around the back. Anyhow, long story short, on my third looksee, our boy came bounding out, but he was injured.

During their 3 hour ruccous, he sustained a bad tear/cut on his right ear so we ended up with blood all over our kitchen: the cupboards, the fridge, washer & dryer, and our floor ... you get the idea. Even on me (my face) as I tried to halt the bleeding; I used an old trick ... PEROXIDE -- it's the only thing I know that works.

Anyhow that took me another hour plus to wash all that up and myself; then NIKO just crashed out and slept the rest of the afternoon as he was totally exhausted from his excursion. The nice mechanic from our garage did a house call and fixed our car too -- turns out it was what I thought, just a silly little FUSE!!!

DH showed up in a taxi he had to hire to deliver the generator we had ordered; the trailer wiring is what caused the fuse to blow, so we won't be hooking that up any time soon. So ... we have had a very busy day. I just got supper in the over at 6:30 and thought I come in here to get that new thread up. My mind had finally cleared enuff to remember it by then.

Anyways, thanks for the SHOUT OUT ... glad to hear that some progress is being made in some direction. Hope the tests can help your doctor find out what is really wrong; and sending up more prayers ...

HEY PURPLE ~ see you in the new JUNE THREAD; will answer your post over there ...

THIS IS THE LAST POST FOR THE MAY THREAD LADIES -- see you all in the new JUNE thread!!! :wave: