30-Somethings - 3 mo old and finding time to exercise

04-29-2009, 02:59 PM
I haven't been on this forum in about a year... (Last time I was here, I was poking around on the 20-somethings board - Not anymore! Now I am a 30-something) I went and got myself PG and had a baby boy three months ago! He is, of course, the cutest baby ever, but somehow he manages to keep both me and my hubby busy every second that we are home. How do those of you with children find time to squeeze in the exercise? :exercise: Finding time in the evenings just is NOT working out for me.

I am thinking about trying to do it in the morning - before I leave for work, but after my hubby leaves to drop our son off at day care. I am also thinking about trying to squeeze in a jog here and there on my lunch breaks (but there's no shower, so I would have to bring in extra deoderant and hope no one notices!).

04-29-2009, 03:33 PM
Hey there,
Boy can I relate! I have a 10month old daughter and it has been a struggle in general to get exercise in. I keep going back and forth, but I found it worked best for me to get up early and do it then. I felt better about not having to give up time with my daughter in the evenings and way too tired after she went to bed.
I kind of fell off the wagon when she started teething and I was getting less sleep, but getting back into my routine and have been feeling pretty good.
Good luck!

05-06-2009, 01:40 PM
I am the proud mother of 3 kids. Ages 15, 5,& 2 and the owner of 2 dogs so you might as well say that I have 5 kids. *LOL* Life in my house is anything BUT ordinary. It seems like as soon as I am ready to workout somebody needs something and I end up not being able to exercise. I finally put my foot down and held a family meeting so that everyone, including the 2 year old could understand that mommy needed to get in shape or there would be he** to pay, (smile)
I then had an honest chat with my hubby and explained what I needed from him so that I could exercise and I was very specific. I started working out in the mornings again and life is so much better since I have. Most of the time I am able to get in an AM & PM workout.
I used to walk at work and on the warmer days Id make sure to have those handy disposable cleansing cloths on hand. Id freshen up in the ladies room, touch up on the deo and all was well; no shower needed. Im much more busy now so I barely have time to eat let alone walk.
Exercise with kids is possible, you just have to balance everything with your hubby, set a schedule, and stick to it.
I wish you well!