South Beach Diet - Newbie and I feel soooooo down!

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04-28-2009, 06:10 PM
Today is my second day of phase one and I am just so out of it!:( yesterday seemed like the longest day of my life. It must be the carbs withdrawal or something like that. Did this happened to all of you too?
I was thinking about what I was eating before and I guess I really enjoyed my carbs and now I actually don't enjoy eating at all. I cook, I sit down to eat and I have no appetite. Maybe it's good, since I am trying to lose weight...
could it be just a transition phase?

04-28-2009, 06:27 PM
It is a bit early but you may be feeling what we call the SB flu. This too will pass. Make sure you are getting enough dairy and beans. I know you know this but you need to eat. Trust me when I say that by day 5 or 6 you will be amazed at how much better you feel.

It's so worth it, don't let a couple of days get you down! Good luck!

04-28-2009, 06:29 PM
It will pass and is a normal part of Phase I. I went through it on day 3.

04-28-2009, 07:49 PM
i hate the first week of phase 1, but i love the second week! i just went thru it last week, for the second time since i initially started sbd last may. if you just fight your way thru it, eat all your meals and snacks, get in all your requirements (protein, veggies, beans, dairy) then the second week you will feel awesome, and totally glad you did it. I'm on day 10 of phase 1, and i think i actually have more energy than before. i'm not as hungry between meals (i was ravenous for the first 5 days, opposite of your problem) and i just feel lighter! hmm, i sound like a commercial ;)

04-28-2009, 08:45 PM
Thank you!
You did it, so can I!:carrot:
Thanks for the support.

04-29-2009, 11:34 AM
hey, How was day three?
I'm in the same boat as you. I just started. I'm going threw withdrawl from the carbs and sugars big time. I am totally cranky and aggie. I know it will pass and its good for us right?!?!!!
We can do it!
What is the SB Flu anyway? I keep seeing refrence to it in post.

04-29-2009, 01:05 PM
Jennie, the "SBD Flu" is kind of a joke name. It's our way of referring to the myriad symptoms of detoxing from sugar (headache, crankiness, tiredness, etc.).

Adaminu, while I understand the lack of interest in eating food that doesn't appeal to you, I think your experience in P1 is showing you some things you didn't know--that you are finding emotional satisfaction in food (which isn't where we can find any lasting emotional satisfaction) and that carbs gave you psychological/emotional enjoyment.

That's not surprising, since simple sugars/bad carbs raise levels of chemicals in your brain that make you feel happy, calm, confident, and more. But those effects don't last, driving you to eat more and more sugars in hopes of getting the same "high" you used to have. In other words, it becomes an addiction. Many, if not most, of the people in our forum have had this experience and that's why they're here--in other words, you're among friends! :D

As to the emotional part, you may want to check out Geneen Roth's exceptional book, When Food is Love. She addresses the issue very well.

In the meantime, do your best to make your meals as palatable as possible, while including as many good carbs as you can within the Phase 1 guidelines. Try to have at least one of the following with every meal: tomatoes, bell peppers, beans, legumes, and low-fat (LF) or fat-free (FF) dairy. This helps with the detox and will make you feel better.

Check out our recipe forum for some awesome recipes to help make meals more exciting. Some of my husband and my favorites are the Taco Bake, Chicken Divan, and White Bean Chili. The Peanut Butter Cup makes a great dessert in Phase 1, too.

04-29-2009, 11:00 PM
Hi everyone!Thank you for the great info and support! Day three has been pretty hard since I had to eat out at lunch and that messed me up because I don't think I had enough protein and I've been hungry all day since lunch.
I also found out that nuts seem very dangerous for me, once I have a few it does seems like I want to have more and more just like it happen with my "carb addiction". It is amazing how you start to really get to know yourself, I am a mom and I knew I was using food as my reward but now I see it was almost one of the few pleasures in my life which is very sad. I love my kids and my husband very much but I do feel empty sometimes, like I've lost myself, and being overweight just makes it even worst. It's been six years since I had my last baby and I haven't been able to lose the weight I gained.
Thanks for the encouraging words, it is ngreat to know I am part of such a nice group of people.

04-30-2009, 11:24 AM
Adaminu, one thing that taking the excess food away does is reveal the feelings underneath. It's really hard to deal with them and you want to cover them back up with more food. The truth is, as Cyndi so wisely shared with us this morning, "lack of food didn't cause this feeling and eating won't fix it." Right? There's nothing wrong with feeling empty even when you have a family and a great husband. Many women feel that way! You need a passion of your own...and it helps if it's one that doesn't hurt your health and make you feel bad about yourself like overeating does. In the meantime, maybe you can start brainstorming things that would make you feel as good (or better!) than taking a bath, reading a good book, taking a walk in a beautiful garden, talking with a good friend, painting (or other creative endeavors), watching a funny movie, writing in a journal, sitting on a porch swing while the sun goes down, petting a dog/cat, etc. It's true that most of these take more time than eating does, but you can do many of them while parenting...some you can even do together with your children. And you'll be setting a really good example for their future. :)

My mom has been in your situation for much of her life. My dad didn't make much money and my mom stayed home with us kids. She didn't get to do many of the things she loved either because of the money issues (and her feelings about not being able to keep up with the Joneses) or because my dad didn't enjoy them. Food became her one enjoyment and, as a result, she has always been very overweight. Now, she's retired with plenty of time and enough finances to enjoy whatever she wants--and my dad has even come to enjoy some of the things he didn't like before--but she's unable to do so because she has so many health issues that are directly related to being so overweight for so long. It's so sad to me...and I'm sure it's sad for her, too. I hope that you keep working on this so that one day you'll have the ability to do anything you want because you'll be in great health! :D