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04-27-2009, 11:20 AM
How is everyone doing this morning?

I had a decent weekend food wise but didn't get my workouts in over the weekend. I'll be getting back to the gym this morning. How about everyone else?

04-27-2009, 11:34 AM
I'm doing okay.

Same here, I didn't get to the gym. I had a few treats this weekend.

We had a lot of house chores and renos to do, so we were on the GO all weekend. My achilles heel is still bothering me a bit...I don't want to push it quite yet. I've been trying to stretch it out for over a week.

I think I'll try the gym again on Wednesday and just stick to walking my puppy after work. :cb:

We had beautiful weather on Friday and part of Saturday, but there was rain here and there over the weekend.

Violin Jenn
04-27-2009, 01:57 PM
Hi Ladies,
It's been toasty here in SE PA since Saturday in the 90's! I don't know why, but I just feel..blah:(:( I know that I shouldn't, I start a new temp job on Monday the 4th, my semester is ending so more free time and when I got on the scale yesterday I lost 1lb! I should be on top of the world. Lately, I just don't want any part of exercise, which is strange because I do enjoy it. Oh well, maybe once I'm back into the craziness I'll feel better.


04-27-2009, 06:58 PM
Hi All! :wave:

It hit 94 degrees here today! DH will definitely have to put the bedroom AC in soon. I can handle the fan at night, but I can't sit here all day in the heat. :( NO central air sucks. :(

Had to take #1 to a bday party this afternoon, so #2 & I went and walked around some stores to stay cool for an hour or so. I've got a killer headache now too. Welcome to spring and the pollen dust of NJ. :tantrum: I've been sneezing like a mad woman all week!