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04-25-2009, 06:50 PM
I'm really happy, because tomorrow I'm driving down to my old theological college (seminary). Actually, it's for a memorial service for one of our tutors, and I'm really sad that he died young and suddenly. So we're having a memorial service followed by champagne and cakes, he was a really hospitable person.

I hope lots of people come, and from my year it's going to be a 15-year anniversary for most of us! I got my old photo albums out to take with me and had a good smile at all the people, all the good times. Most of all at how I looked, then and now. When I knew I'd be going to this, it really made me concentrate even harder on sticking to my plan. At least one of the guys who'll be there knows that I made it to 136 5 years ago, although he never saw me.

Hey, I'm going anyway, the person who died was really important to me - but I was sure I'd have to shrink inwardly, cos I've put on so much weight.

The photos ~ I'm So much fatter in them than I am now! woohoo! OK, I sure don't look like 136 but I don't look like I spent 15 years eating either.

So, up early tomorrow and off. In 15 years they've actually built a quicker motorway to get there but I'm choosing to go the longer way for old times' sake. Even stopping at the same service station!

I've checked out the calories in champagne! I'll pass on the cakes.

Because I live so far away, I'm staying in college over night. I'm looking forward to resisting the fried breakfast and taking the cereal and fruit instead.

Took the dogs into kennels this morning, that's the only weird thing tonight, the house is sssooo quiet, no wooflets.

It's not exactly going to be re-visiting my youth, I'd had 2 previous careers before seminary, but it was The Best Time in my life, and I'm looking forward to going back - and being a BIT thinner!!!!!

04-25-2009, 08:09 PM
I am so happy that you will get to go and do some visiting. It's very sad why you have to go though :(

Good job on the planning aspect and I hope it's a good break for you!

04-25-2009, 11:08 PM
Sounds like a nice trip down memory lane, unfortunately for a sad reason.

But it sounds like you've made good plans to allow yourself to indulge without going overboard.

I wouldn't worry about how much weight you've gained in 15 years. Nobody looks the same and I'm sure there will be lots of folks there looking different for many reasons.

04-26-2009, 03:56 AM
Off I go. Catch you all tomorrow, God willing.

04-26-2009, 10:12 AM
Don't worry about gaining weight - no one will care. All your friends will be happy to see you. I know that's how it was when I went to my 20th high school reunion. All the boys were bald and all the cheerleaders were chubby and the cliques were erased. :)

04-26-2009, 11:51 AM
I hope you have a wonderful time and reconnect with some great friends.

04-27-2009, 12:21 PM
I had a wonderful time! (This may be long)

I drove gently down yesterday, making a couple of pit stops on the way. The sky was blue, blue, blue and - big, if you know what I mean. The clouds were big white fluffy ones, like a child might draw. I think I smiled all the way down.
At the last pit stop, I took off my compression socks, ack old lady, and put on the black slinky ones under my trousers, and slipped in my dog collar.
I kept looking over the horizon to the right for the first sight of the college buildings, and suddenly, there they were in all their 19th century splendour.
Tracked down the person who had the key for me and met one of my best friends from that time and his partner just driving in.
As we walked down to the church we kept staring at people and they at us, you could see us all trying to work out 'do I know you?'
It was a good service, and we sang the hymn I most associated with G., which made me shed a couple of tears.
Then we went back to the common room for cakes and champagne.
My former boss was there, somewhat unexpectedly, and he and I and the 2 other friends went out for dinner at the village pub afterwards.
It was glorious being back, very little has changed.
I was disappointed more people didn't come - but on the other hand, the product of seminaries is clergy, and Sunday afternoon is not the easiest for clergy to get time off on. Yes, I know I did, I'd have walked on broken glass to get there. I slept the night in college, and it was some time getting to sleep. First, the few occasions I returned to college in the early days, visiting G. was part of the deal, so it was really odd for him not to be there. Secondly, I had the best, the happiest, the most wonderful time of my life for 2 years at that college and G. was part of those happy times. I guess, although I knew some people weren't so ecstatic at the time, I assumed a lot more people were having the same good time as me, and maybe not. However, I decided not to over-think this: the good times are enshrined in my memory, there is no need to spoil them by shining too much realism on them!

Now food-wise, this is going to sound really dorky but saying no to cp has become my new hobby, I really enjoyed, really got a thrill from making healthy choices 100% of the time! A silent enjoyment, I don't make an outward show if it.

In the past, road trips always involved food stops at service stations, with maybe a nice big hot dinner with fries at one, a slice of giant cake and creamy coffee at another.

This time I had black coffee (I asked but the Costa franchise didn't do skimmed or semi milk) and a 130 cal biscotti at one stop; a roast chicken breast without skin plus salad at another.

At the memorial I had one 90 cal max glass of champagne and no cakes.

At dinner, despite pressure and complaints from my ex-boss, I didn't have anything to drink bar water (wine's a waste of calories to me if I don't know my exact cal total); I ate grilled asparagus as starter, and then steak, hold the garlic butter, and salad, with a few, very dryfried french fries for dinner. I would have had the fish but they'd run out, and all the other dishes came with thick sauces or stuffed with high fat cheese; or both.

At breakfast, I ignored the fried breakfast and toast, and had oats and allbran and black coffee.

Only one stop coming home, and that was a roast chicken portion with 2 veg, hold the potatoes.

I'm fascinated that my current relationship with food has changed from omigod that's fat and rich and creamy and I must have it, to now, what do I want? what of this can I choose to eat? yummy, this is good. I'm proud of myself!