30-Somethings - 30 Something's Daily Chat: Tues, 04/21

04-21-2009, 10:26 AM
Mornin' ladies! :wave:

How's everyone doing today?

It's cold and rainy weather here today...I'm feeling blah and I've got a tonne of work to do! Ugh! :(

On a brighter note...it's a friend's 37th bday today, so we're going out for dinner...healthy choices here I come! :wave:

04-21-2009, 10:57 AM
Wifey watch out for that birthday cake, it's a killer! lol

It's rainy here today too and cool. The sun is trying to pop out from behind the clouds, don't know if it's gonna make it.

Yesterday evening Amber (dd) and I went to the vet's and picked up our new pooch. Half beagle, half Jack Russell. She looks more like a JR but has beagle coloring. Such a sweet little girl. She's house trained (woohoo) and really shy and timid. Not the barker I was looking for. Maybe when she's get's settled down she will alert us to strangers, that's what we are hoping anyway. She wasn't picked at the shelter because no one wanted a barker. I wanted a barker and now she's home, no barking! LOL Perhaps it's just the meds they gave her yesterday at the vets, she was spayed. She slept all evening but Amber would faithfully get up every two hours and take her out to potty. She slept with Amber last night and I am happy to say no potty accidents. I just can't imagine no one wanting to this little girl. I am wondering if she was someone's baby but got out and they couldn't find her.

I did 45 min. yesterday on the Wii fit. I also made some killer grilled chicken with low sodium teriyaki sauce we had baked potatoes and green beans. I did very well yesterday.

Tomorrow I go for my 1 mon. recheck with the weight management group. I think I am up a lb or so from last weigh in but I had a little derailment when the murder happened and AF wasnt so kind to me this time. All in all I am down from what I was last month and I am happy about it.

I have also been the one to think that small loses don't matter, but finally understand that even just 4-5 lbs a mon can really add up over time. Just think if you lost 5 lbs a month for 6 months that's 30 lbs. So no more trying to lose by breakneck pace. Small steps for me and eventually I will get there. I will also be happier and not feel as deprived, which causes me to lose all self control.

Sorry guys about the novel. I love to talk and it shows in my posts!

Ya'll have a good day.

04-21-2009, 01:29 PM
:lol3: No worries Beth...she's not having a cake :) and therefore NO temptation! ;)

I enjoy reading novels... ;)

04-21-2009, 03:08 PM
oh! No cake? What's wrong with her? lol

At least you won't be tempted by it. Someone had some left over reception cake here today. I took one look at it and thought, wonder how many people have breathed on that? I didn't get any at lunch. Just a few minutes ago I had a weak moment and I thought "wonder if any cake was left?" I even went as far as to go see and it's all gone, thanks goodness! LOL

I saw a show on Food Network a couple weeks ago. It showed two different people blowing out candles on a birthday cake, then they put it under a black light. It lit up with germs, seriously, then they took cakes the same people had blew out candles on and put them on a counter for a couple days. The germs had multipled. Yuck.. I try to think of that when ever someone has cake.

04-21-2009, 03:20 PM
Check out my avatar that's our new baby, Roxy. She's so cute.....:D

04-21-2009, 07:46 PM
aaarrgghh I think you may have completely turned me off of birthday cake and I loooooovvvvvveeee birthday cake! LOL!