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04-20-2009, 11:42 AM
Hello! We are a group of chicks who love our bikes...and scooters! We are a diverse group from one coast to another, with two things in common...we are working on getting smaller and fitter; and we love our knees in the breeze :D

04-20-2009, 11:46 AM
(ChopperChick's last post)

OMG Holly that is so awesome, I don't do much cooking but have been to a "Taste of Home Cooking" show and it was awesome, I did buy a couple of their books and there are some awesome receipes none of them to heathly but very good :)

Oh wow that would be way to scary for me driving in the dark with absolutely no lights I would have probably pulled over and started walking but not sure that would have been any better though...... Local Swap Meet that probably took up a day but it is always nice seeing people and socializing- I love to socialize :) Nice to hear Pickles was able to show and also rode in what 50 degrees- go girl :)

Tammy I am a district supervisor for 10 convience stores. So really that keeps me busy as I am on call 24-7 but I honestly have a super great area, all my managers are very reliable and have been around for awhile some even longer than I have been - I just started with the company exactly 5 years ago as a manager and just after a year got offered this job - A few of the managers wanted this job so I thought there would be a little trouble but now they all say they wouldn't change it for the world, we all really get along great, I do love my job most days but of course it as with any job it has its days.......

Vegas in 2 weeks and 5 days oh I am so ready for vacation, but it is all brought on myself, like I said we are busy but most of it recreational. It is one of those live life things because it can be shortened at any time..... DH father passed about 8 years ago at the age of 50 just went to bed and didn't wake up??? MIL decided not to have autopsy done so we don't know the cause, also DH grandfather and greatgrandfather both passed away in their late 40's early 50's so with that we just decided that we need to enjoy and be involved. :) Sorry got way off track there alittle

Ok well I am not still on track--- Saturday was fine, but today well we had Taco Johns for lunch and for supper HuHot- we weren't home went to pickup a new motorcycle for our friends and bring it home then of course we had to go for a ride it was 48 degrees today but hey I put the stocking cap and gloves and leathers on and away we went :) :) YAY

Ok better getting a few more things done before going to bed, talk to you tomorrow

04-20-2009, 11:49 AM
(my earlier post this morning)

Good morning! another sunny day before we get two days of rain. We have been lucky with the sun, so I won't complain about the rain too much. I did more yard work yesterday, it is an instant gratification thing at least, when the yard looks so much better with a little effort. Also dug up four young pine trees I found in the woods (our property, so I wasn't stealing them :D) and planted them between our house and the road. More yard work to do today.

Reda, I absolutely agree with your LIVE LIFE NOW! That is an awesome motto and you are doing it :carrot:

Tammy, I am sure you will grab hold of your dedication and keep going down As I need to do about food. We will do this!

Hi Mandy, Gina and Jill!

I will check back in after I exercise...and then...maybe I'll get up my courage and start a new thread for us, which I think I've done maybe once in my 6 years here :devil:

04-20-2009, 11:50 AM
(Ladyrider's earlier post this morning)

CC: My sister used to do the same thing you do, but she is in NM. She loved it too, but her husband had a brain aneurysm and then she broke her ankle and wrist. I hope she gets back to it one day. I agree with the live life now..... you never know. My ex husband (the boys dad) died of a massive heart attack at the age of 39. I am forcing our whole family to eat healthier partly b/c of this. His death made 4 generations that I know of that had a heart attack--- which by itself is not good for my boys, but my dad also died the same way..... those boys have a target on their heart and they know it.

Holly, I would soooo hate to have to do with your friend had to do--- that would be scary! I don't ride much after dark but if I do I am not alone..... yet anyway. Thanks for starting the new thread, I have not done one yet....

I binged all weekend, so in these last 19 days before I leave for Vegas (we are going!) I am going to try to eat better....... I got some books at the library yesterday and now I am "re thinking" my stay at the Stratosphere b/c it is so far away from the strip (which could be a good or bad thing). I am not sure yet. But, I do know I am soooo ready for a vacation and ready to get married!

04-20-2009, 11:54 AM
OK, into our new thread! We really pushed the limits on the last one, lol. Almost up to 500 posts. anyhoo...

Tammy, OMG your ex was only 39??? TOOO young :( But that sure would be an incentive to try to change wouldn't it. I am sure you are gonna find your 'groove' in the next 19 days before hitting the wedding chapel :D Are you going to do one of the Elvis themed ones? :D:D

This morning I did Day 6 Level 3 of The Shred...and then...(drumroll) did a Cathe DVD, the Cardio Circuit. So I did an hour and 20 minutes of working out :strong: I am sooo glad that I can now! it takes being sick to make you glad to be able to work out for an hour :devil:

04-20-2009, 11:55 AM
wow a new thread, cool. Holly, congrats on getting your recipe published, thats awesome. Well its Monday which means weigh in day for the BL challenge, had to post a GAIN!!! YUCK!!!! I reset my ticker to make it look like I am just starting from my current weight to see if that helps get me back on the wagon. I sucked at keeping track of my calories last week started my period on Friday so I am sure that had something to do with all my eating and not caring. Today I am baby sitting a 3month old, she is the sweetest little girl, I love it. I also just bleached the kids bathroom, EEWWW. Why the previous owners but white tile and white grout, I will NEVER know.

04-20-2009, 12:04 PM
good morning Mandy! I also sucked at the calorie challenge ... with no plausible excuse. Kewl that you get to baby sit a sweet baby girl today! :) and lol at the white bathroom. HOpe you have a great day :carrot:

04-20-2009, 01:41 PM
Mandy, girl, you should hunt those people up and ask them if they are "ate up with dumb". Dang, white? Whew.

Too bad kids can't stay that sweet huh?

You are a step ahead of me though. I did not weight this AM b/c I did not want to post a gain, nor did I want to see a "2" before my numbers. I am doing damage control with Slim Fast today..... but back on the horse tomorrow.

Holly, We are going to the Little White Wedding Chapel (you can see on the website), we are going to do the "bikers special" where we drive thru the "tunnel of love" on our bikes. We thought, hey we love to ride, we have not done this before... so lets go for it. I don't know that I would do it for my "first" wedding, but it is appropriate at this time.

Thanks for starting the thread! Great job on the exercise! Don't get too spoiled to staying at home :)


04-20-2009, 08:39 PM
So, i think I read back on the last thread about a challenge? what we gonna do?

04-21-2009, 01:17 AM
First off, Thanks Holly for starting the new thread :)

Mandy that bathroom would be a never ending cleaning job in my house since DH is a mechanic so I would be cleaning everyday....

Tammy wow 39 is very very young and so sad, so sorry but it really does make you look at the road ahead and the whole picture and scheme of things.
So exciting about the wedding :) It sounds so awesome. Stratosphere is quite away from the strip- Excalibur is a very nice Hotel and right across the street from New York- New York and MGM. Usually rooms are very cheap there, I think you can get for like $39 a night during the week. We also like to stay at Four Queens down on Fremont Street. Hooters was also really nice but a little more expensive. Anyways just some insight on some hotels. One thing with Excalibur they have an awesome show- It is a magical with knights on horses and wizards, it also comes with a meal. Blue Man group is also a great show to so see as well. Anyways can't tell we haven't been there several, several times :)

Holly great job on the exercise, all i can say is you go girl:carrot: Are you enjoying your time off?

Well I will be traveling quite a bit this week, so probably won't be on every night but I will try

Oh we are suppose to get 70-80 degree weather on Wednesday and Thursday and I am thinking maybe a cough could be coming on :) But I will probably work but I will def be home to go riding at a decent time (I hope)

Well have a Great Week

04-21-2009, 08:57 AM
good morning chicks!

Mandy - I don't remember what we talked about challenge-wise...I'm ashamed that I did so cruddy with the calorie one..but I'll try again!

Reda - I sure hope you get finished work in time in the days ahead so you can ride in 70 and 80 degree temps!! and YES I am soooo enjoying my time off!

Tammy - I looked up The LIttle White Chapel, and saw the pics with the bikes in the Drive-Thru - too kewl!! and okay I'll try not to get too spoiled with this time off :D

We had SNOW last night briefly - ugh! only a couple little pockets of it still around this morning and it's s'posed to get to 50-ish today with rain(which I guess we do need, and already the lawn looks greener) ...and we're also s'posed to get to 70 this Friday and weekend!

haven't exercised yet but I will and I will check back after I have.

04-21-2009, 10:42 AM
Mandy, I talked a little about a July 4th "challenge" but not many replied so I figured I would just try to wing it. How is the boxing going?

Holly, gosh the snow...... if I were you I would throw a little :tantrum: not that it would work, but it would make you feel better!

Reda, I am hoping I get to ride too. It is supposed to be 70-80 through the weekend! I am cleaning out my "fat clothes" from my closet today after work, but I am riding to work the rest of the week. Thanks for the hotel advise...... I am getting down to the wire! 18 days.......

Okay, I cannot gripe the rest of the week about my son..... he bought me the 6 weeks of fitness bootcamp for my Mother's Day and b-day present. I am going to start it 4 days a week when I get back from Vegas. That will put my 6 weeks ending right at the week of my 36th bday. I talked to the instructor yesterday and told him I have lost almost 70 pounds on my own (today was 69.5-- but not posting b/c I am still teetering) and he said go ahead and come on in girl and we will get the last 20 you want to lose off. If I can get 20 off...... I will not be OVERWEIGHT anymore...... woo hoo! I am hoping that it is as fun and "doable" since I am a blonde and I am NOT coordinated. Anyway, it was nice of him to get it for me.

04-21-2009, 11:02 AM
Oh, I forgot. I am reading a cool book. It is "How to eat like a hot chick". I don't have it with me to tell you the authors, to me it is almost comparable to "Skinny B's", but it is not as "food bashing" as they are and not quite as rough. This one does have bad language, but it is funny. Their main thing is if you eat like a pig for bfast then eat just spinach for supper..... it is kinda like I do on the weekend, when I pig out on the weekend, I try to do damage control on Monday.... it is that theory. I am on chapter 4.... it is not a big book. It is entertaining. I got it at the library Sunday.

04-21-2009, 11:57 AM
Tammy, that was soooo nice of your son! And I am down for a challenge...I'll give it a try!

This morning was day 7 or 8 (?) Level 3 of The Shred, and then I *tried* to do a step aerobics tape, but gosh..I sometimes have a pain, and I'm afraid to admit it might be sciatica, it feels like a cramp that runs from my butt (right side only) down my leg, and I just had to stop the Step tape after only 11 minutes :tantrum: but I did do the Ab section.

Our son actually was able to ride home at his usual time last night, he said that the snow stopped and it felt warmer around midnight, and the roads were just wet.

Tammy, my goal of 150 is because that means I'm not "overweight" either :) I surely would love to see the scale be below that (so that I can say I'm "140/something") but once I'm 150 then I'm no longer considered overweight.

well time to clean the kitchen I think. Have a great day chicks!

04-22-2009, 11:02 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

Holly, here is my disclaimer--- I am not a doctor..... however I have had sciatica off and on. I have been told by numerous doctors that fish oil is an anti inflammatory, heart healthy, and anti depressant treatment. I did not "listen" to well b/c I hate to take medication on a regular basis, but I started taking fish oil caplets (not from WM-- they need to come from a healthfood store or drug store) 1000mg three times a day for my hair (I am losing it due to the rapid weight loss--- however I have thick hair). Anyway, I have been taking it on schedule and "poof" the sciatic/ left leg pain is not there! Knock on wood! Just keep on top of it. If you believe in chiropractors and have insurance I would do that while you are off since you have to go so much. You can email me if you are not sure about them. I will give you my private opinion.

CC: I hate you are so busy.... does it keep you out of trouble? ;) Did you get to ride today? I did. It was a little chilly coming to work, but it will be beautiful going home!

Mandy.... hope you got that bathroom.

04-22-2009, 01:21 PM
Tammy - thank you for that suggestion!!! could I get them from Rite-Aid, do you think? can they be Rite-Aids own brand, or choose something that seems better (more expensive :D) I will definitely try it, because I am feeling that sensation right now :( after yard work, and also because of the anti-depression benefits. thanx again!

today I did Day 9 of Level 3 of The Shred, that leaves just one more day. And except for not being able to work out for 6 days because of too sick, I did it every day. Now what? :devil: because I did not limit my calories, I did not lose weight. But I know I have more strength. I NEEEEED a direct order from someone, to STRONGLY SUGGEST that I need to keep under a certain amount of calories or else I just will not lose. And I don't seem to be listening to myself :p

I didn't do much yesterday, it was cloudy and wet so I didn't do yard work. But today I did more raking, about an hour's worth.

Our friend Pickles is coming over this afternoon, she is a hair stylist and she is wonderful that she comes here to cut DH's hair - hair house calls!...but we don't tell anyone because she doesn't want others to bug her for that service also :D I use someone else as my stylist, but even after my two cuttings in a week, it STILL isn't how i want it. So I asked Pickles when I could make an appt. with her, and she said she'd do mine also here, isn't that nice? So I have to clean up the living room :) and we'll have her to supper here, and I will sneak some $ into her purse because she won't take money from us if we try to hand it to her
I just need my hair to be shorter on top, more layers on top and side, I dont' know why I couldn't communicate that to my regular stylist, twice.

Don't know if you recall, but our older son has a V-Strom, and he rides even when it's colder and wetter than I will - I am proud of him!! He also loves to mountain bike ride, and just bought a new one; now he wants to see if he can find a mount/bracket to put on his motorcycle, to carry his mountain bike around :devil: If he does, I will certainly post a pic. We're also really proud of him that he has lost weight, he's not sure because he didn't weigh himself in the beginning but it must be something like 30 or 40 pounds, he was getting too heavy for being so young (25) and Im' sooooo glad that he is adapting this very very healthy lifestyle now :carrot:

well that's it for now, need to vacuum and such. Preparing for a guest is the best motive for me to clean :)

Hello to Mandy, ChopperChick, Gina and Jill!

04-22-2009, 02:32 PM
Holly, you should be able to get them at Rite Aide. The way you can tell if they are good is put them in the freezer..... if they freeze they are not all oil, there are additives in there. I forgot to tell you--- it maybe a 1-2 weeks before you see the difference, but like I said it will help with anti inflammatory--- and in the midst of all that stuff with my kids I started taking Lexapro--- but now I am off of it (only being on it about 6 weeks). I feel fine now.

That is so nice of Pickles! I am going to my hairdresser for a trim this Friday before Vegas. My hair is so long...... and DF does not ask much of me-- except that I keep it long (of sort). He knows that I am not going to keep it this long forever though. I am a natural blonde and it is turning white in places, so when it goes completely white.... it is getting cut. It has never been dyed, but I cannot handle seeing a blonde that has grey at the roots and the dull color on the ends. I will have to go one way or the other.

The key to me not eating a lot is I have to stay busy..... so I am cleaning like no ones business. I am trying to lose this one pound before Vegas so I will be at 70 (steady). Not sure what I am going to do about the trip exercise wise.... besides walking in Vegas.... but I know I don't want to have to post a gain when I get back! That would sooooo make me :mad:

I have to get back to work.

Mandy, Jill, Gina, :wave::wave: Hope all is well. (CC- I know you are just busy as "all get out").

04-23-2009, 12:12 AM
Hi Ladies :) Well we got to ride this evening - YAY- so of course that is why I didn't get time to log on earlier..... Tomorrow DH is taking off work an hour early so we can go for a ride as well, it is going to be like 85 degrees tomorrow, but then Friday we are back down to 50-60 and rain on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday so gotta get the rides in while we can :)

Hair well I was growing my out again but yesterday I decided I couldn't take it anymore and went and cut it off again- It was only about 3 inches this time but my hair grows super fast.

Holly great job on staying with your exercise program and all - I wish I had that motivation :) Hope you get the haircut that you want - I am sure Pickles will do an awesome job :)

Tammy you will be surprised at how much walking you actually do in Vegas - you are doing a great job with your weightloss one of these days I will get back on track but right now again I have no motivation - I have lots of reasons but no motivation.. :(

Well my oldest (19) decided he wanted to get a new motocycle so we went to his bank where he has his checking and savings account but they told him that he didn't have enough credit with just having a pickup loan and then looked at both of us and said he really should get a credit card that would help- Of course I was like NO absolutely not he does not need a credit card if he can't pay for what he is buying then he doesn't need it (of course excluding major purchases) and then I looked at my son and said NO. So he really found a bike that he likes so today we went to the bank that he has his pickup loan through for the last year and they pulled his credit rating he is at 720 and never been late on his pickup payment and his debt ratio is 10% so they approved him and at a 6% interest rate- I don't ever remember being 19 and getting a 6% interest rate for a recreational vehicle so KUDOS to him. He is very excited but we can't go look at the bike that he really likes until tomorrow night so hopefully it looks as nice in person as picture :)
He is so excited -

Ok well it is after 10 and I have to be on the road early tomorrow so better be getting ready for bed-

Have a Good Night and a Good Thursday!!!

04-23-2009, 08:54 AM

Tammy, I went to Rite Aid yesterday with Fish Oil in mind but didn't jot down what you had I spent time in front of all the fish oil capsules reading and debating..and decided to just come back here and write down what you said and then go get em!

Reda, congrats to your son! I know the plan of getting a credit card, making small purchases, paying them off promptly is a great idea for young people to build credit, but what a temptation! so I'm glad he got a great rate for a loan. And I also hopes the bike looks as good when he sees it .

I am happy with my haircut! it's alot shorter which is fine, and she did razor cutting which resulted in alot different lengths so lots of volume. Now if I just get it highlighted again I'll be set . I asked her , how do stylists feel when you switch to someone else? are there hurt feeings? and she thought that my stylist should be OK about it...or I could say that Pickles and I were doing shots one night and I 'dared' her to cut my hair, or something like that :rofl:

Chicks today is the last day of the 30 Day Shred. Except for when I was sick, and missed 6 days (but made up the six days) I've done it every day. BUT I did not deny myself any food. I don't know why I just can't do better in that respect. But I know I have gained strength and endurance from doing the Shred, and I guess I will measure today and post the measurements. Maybe that will make me more accountable on the food end.

Or I need to make a countdown for our first road trip/biker party, the Harley Rendezvous in New York, it's in the middle of June. I've got to, at least, be comfortable in a tee shirt!! (I've always been self conscious of my arms)

I will come back and post after I exercise :strong:

04-23-2009, 12:23 PM
Reda, Congrats on your ride and your son's new ride. It says a lot about him in this day and tie about his credit being able to pull an interest rate like that. Give him a big pat on the back from a biker chick in Arkansas that he (nor you for that matter) has ever met in person. Girl, don't beat yourself up over the "no motivation" you have done great with as busy as you are.

Holly, I can't wait for the measurements! I bet you did awesome. As I was riding my bike to work today, I was wondering if I told you to put the whole bottle or just a pill in the freezer----- it is just a pill if I told you wrong. I don't know what I was thinking.

I booked a room last night. I booked at the Stratosphere (even though it is far away) the walk does not bother me, but it will DF..... however it was just too cheap to pass up and he was okay with it. It was a $225 a night room for $48 a night..... I booked for 3 nights. It has my requirements of a King size bed and jetted jaccuzzi (spelling?). I chose it also b/c it is close to the marriage license place and the chapel. That will keep us and the bikes off the strip more (instead of us having to go back and forth). All 3 nights with all the fees they throw in are $188. I thought it was great.

Honestly, I would like to have my hair a little shorter, but DF does not ask for much and he gives me the world---- so I will keep it long :( I am going for a trim Friday though.

Holly, I have cheated on my hair stylist and I always tell her someone gave me a gift certificate for a package (which is normally true) and oddly enough after that--- she does my hair exactly like I want-- go figure.

I am truly getting excited about getting married now. A few weeks ago I think I was getting cold feet b/c of my age and the fact that this is #3 for me. (I married the first time at 15---- I was not pregnant but my mother was an alcoholic and not the mothering type). I married a pathological liar the 2nd time and raised his kids--- but I could not do it any longer). I swore off men and then this lovable biker cop showed up in my life..... the rest is history.

04-23-2009, 12:24 PM
Okay, putting my measurements out for all to see :p

Starting stats, March 16 2009

Weight - 155
Bust (with sport bra) 35 1/2"
Under bust 31"
Waist 30 1/2 "
Lower waist (the fattest tummy part) 37"
Legs together, biggest visual part at thighs 41 1/2"
Left thigh 24 1/2"
Right thigh 25"
Left arm (extend arm; find fattest part) 13 1/2"
Right arm 13 1/2"
Left Calf 16 1/2"
Right calf 16 3/4"

Today April 23

Weight - 155
Bust - 35" (1/2" loss)(oh crap! I don't wanna lose here. Unless it was back fat!)
Waist 29 3/4 (3/4" loss)
Lower waist 36 3/4 (1/4" loss)
Legs together 41" (1/2" loss)
Left thigh 24 1/2"
Right thigh 25"
Left arm 14" (1/2 inch gain?? and it's not muscle...yet)
Right arm 13 1/2"
Left calf 16 1/4 " (1/4" loss)
Right calf 16 1/4" (1/2" loss)[/QUOTE]

Maybe I can do better with food now, seeing the above..that even with eating cookies, ice cream, a homemade dessert one night, big dinner portions and even seconds sometimes, a bowl of cereal before bed...I still lost a little space here and there :D I will try harder!!!

04-23-2009, 01:29 PM
Holly, that is awesome!

04-23-2009, 07:05 PM
Holly, that is awesome!

thank you Tammy! I guess it's not too bad. Okay, I'll give myself a dancing carrot :carrot:

... and then this lovable biker cop showed up in my life..... the rest is history.

duh to me, I guess I blipped over somewhere knowing that he was a cop...and is he a motor cop? that would be doubly awesome. Please let him know that people appreciate the danger that LEO's put themselves in, for the public's good.

and my god, you are due for a good husband!!! :devil: and :hug:

what are you wearing for your wedding?

04-23-2009, 07:24 PM

Sorry for the misunderstanding. He is a cop. He is not a motor cop-- although when gas was getting high they were considering it. He is just a cop who is a biker as well. Thanks for his recognition of service. He has been in it for 18 years. He has a personality that treats like a human (b/c some don't). No matter what they did, he tries to talk with them and not be judgemental-- while keeping his guard up to do his job. We live in a meth infested part of the country..... and he has a lot of people that ASK to be arrested by him b/c of his demeanor. He is also the D.A.R.E. officer and the kids love him. Okay, enough of me bragging on him. Thanks.

We are wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I did the "white gown" and it made no bearing in the longevity of the marriage (ha ha), so we are going to be comfy! Neither of the other times I got married did I do so with the intention of getting a divorce, but it happened. This is both mine and his 3rd time, we were married to each of the other spouses for the same periods of time..... for the same length of time. BUT when we started dating and saw it was going to be serious, we both agreed that if we got married, it was not going to be undone by man---- it would have to be by God. I am ready for that and so is he.

We are planning on marrying first thing in the AM (never done that before), then just doing whatever the rest of the day-- which may entail a tat. Not sure on that....... we are having problems finding a place that we can look up the review to that is going to be close to us.

I am not sure that I posted he was a cop before. I don't say much about it-- although I am very proud of him and his reputation.

I think I read somewhere that you have been married for a long time--- hats off to you and CC! You are certainly people that will be role models for youth (including your kids) to look up to in the days of the dying marriages.

Off my soap box now....

04-23-2009, 07:55 PM
:D you are allowed to brag about that man, he sounds wonderful! and for kids to like him...well we know what a big deal that is! and you should feel free to talk about your upcoming nuptials all you want, we want to hear and share your joy with finding such a great mate for life.

I've been married for ... a long time :devil: in November it will be 30 years :faint: :D we each just got lucky, I guess :)

my food so far for today -

1 cup yogurt
can of tuna fish, 2T lite mayo, salad greens and raw veggies
1 cup yogurt
big chicken breast, with 2 Tbsp cream cheese inside
big green salad

This is sparse for me!!! but I feel okay. I made up some cups of sugar free jello and have those ready for 'have to eat something' attacks.

04-23-2009, 09:45 PM
Anyone but me think Holly looks some where around the age of 12??

04-23-2009, 11:01 PM
Mandy, :wave: And I DO! No, I am not practicing for Vegas...... I have always though Holly looks MUCH younger than she is. And to be married almost 30 years that is phenomenal. Time has been good to her. We have a joke around here, there is a Pizza Inn (of course it has to be about food) commerical that says "thirty years ago-- he proposed to me at Pizza Inn" and the girl sounds about 12. Now I can put a name and face with it as Wayne is kidding about him picking her up in daycare. Holly, hope you don't mind us saying so--- but you do look good/young for your age.

How have you been Mandy? Boxing?

Y'all please say a doggie prayer for my female weenie dog. She hurt her leg somehow tonight before I got home and she is just laying around shaking. I hate that for animals when they are in pain. She is 9 years old and she and her male partner have been the best couch potatoe dogs a fat girl could ask for. They don't quite understand why mommy don't sit with them as much as she used to..... they are the best.

04-24-2009, 08:24 AM
Y'all please say a doggie prayer for my female weenie dog. She hurt her leg somehow tonight before I got home and she is just laying around shaking. I hate that for animals when they are in pain. She is 9 years old and she and her male partner have been the best couch potatoe dogs a fat girl could ask for. They don't quite understand why mommy don't sit with them as much as she used to..... they are the best.

oh I'm so sorry to hear that!! :( :( :( i HOPE it is maybe just a strain and that she will be okay! :hug:

04-24-2009, 08:29 AM
You chicks are too nice!! you should see me without my contact lenses and no makeup :fr: but thank you! :D

I'll check back after I work out :) OH and ONE on-program day under my belt.

04-24-2009, 10:18 AM
Thanks for the weenie dog prayers. I hope it is a strain too. She still won't get up. She is shaking--- so I know she is in pain.

Holly, every barn looks a little better with paint---- so don't go discounting you looking younger on contacts and make up. You really do look much younger than your age. Hey-- speaking of age--- has anyone done your "real age" on that .com website. It takes a little time to do it online (I don't suggest you doing it at work), but it is neat. With my weight like it is now--- my body thinks it is 6 months older than it is. BUT, I did it with my weight like it was when I started and there was 10 years difference! OUCH! :(

My "ex- step" daughter is in the hospital today having her 2nd baby. I will be going there after work.


04-24-2009, 10:22 AM
By the way Holly----- CONGRATS on the one day on plan. :carrot::bubbles: (I just thought the bubbles were cute).


04-24-2009, 10:45 AM
Good Friday Morning- finally

Tammy that is awesome that your DF is a cop- some don't really like cops but you know that is because they have done something wrong in their life so not the fault of the cops..... I couldn't imagine, I would be worried everyday that he left. Stratosphere that is an awesome price and like you said everything is close by there, that is good because sometimes the traffic is horrible in Vegas and trying to drive in it is even worse...
Not sure about a tattoo place there, we have been to a couple but not down by where you are staying, I am sure that there has to be something but not knowing what kind of work they do would make it a little scary but you may luck out and they could be doing some when you walk in that you could watch for a bit.....

Yes prayers out to the weenie dog- hope her leg is feeling better?

Holly great job at the end of your Shred - there were some inches lost and that is what it is about. 30 years that is awesome our best friends (scott and carol)will be married 30 years this summer, ya they are a little older than us but we met about 17 years ago and we are riding, racing and partying together :)
Actually we met at the race track my hubby was racing 2 tracks and he blew up saturday night but sunday night track was championship night and he had to race because he was only in first by like 5 points and that is how we met Scott, after he blew up Scott went over to him saturday night and offered him his motor out of his race car because we did not have time to rebuild a new motor since he raced on sunday so it was only like 18 hours away and we are about 17 years later, we got them into riding motocycle together then about 5 years ago she started riding her own as well :)
But anyways 30 years is along time and that is awesome because you just don't see that happening much anymore. We have been married for 20 years, yep the out of high school marriage that no one thought would last and then it was oh once kids leave house it won't last either but we have lots in common and do lots of stuff together, that is what makes it :)

Tammy take pictures so you can post a few when you get back-

Well late for work so better get my butt going- racing tonight so not sure I will be able to check back in till tomorrow :)

04-24-2009, 11:23 AM
back again - I did Level 1 of The Shred, because I wanted to see if it was "easy" now - not really! - and then I did Karen Voigt's step/strength tape, its about 40 minutes.

Hi Reda!! good to hear from you :) and congrats to you on your 20!
When you speak of husband 'blowing up' - that means blowing out the motor, and not the whole car, right? yikes!

continued good healing thoughts going out to little Missy Weiner dog...can dogs handle people aspirin for pain I wonder?

those bubbles are cute, we have so many smilies here to choose from.

I've seen that 'Real Age' thing, and was hesitant to click on it because I didn't want to open a flood of spam because of it, or find out that it costs it free?

Beautiful sun here and warming up, it's almost 50 now, and s'posed to be 70 degrees today and tomorrow! woo hooo, now if I can only get my bike back from mechanics without a murder being committed...
me ------>:kickbutt:<-------mechanic

04-24-2009, 04:14 PM
Hey ya'll remember that International Female Ride Day is May 1st

04-25-2009, 11:12 AM
Hey ya'll remember that International Female Ride Day is May 1st

I did NOT know about that! thanks for the word! May 1 is also Storm the Statehouse, it's really big in Mass. and we're trying to make it come alive here.

good morning chicks! parts STILL have not arrived for my bike, so I'm just going to pick it up and ride it for three days. Ive been assured that riding with the fork seals leaking is just messy at this point. And today is TOO beautiful to give up. I don't really mind riding behind husband, but I'd rather ride my own.

this morning I did The Biggest Loser Cardio; warmup, then 20 minutes with Bob, and THEN for the first time, 10 minutes with the blonde lady instructor; and then cooldown. Her moves were kickboxing style and I don't really love that, but I'll do it.

I did not do as good yesterday with calorie restriction yesterday. Two steps ahead and one step back will eventually get me more ahead :D

have a great day and BE SAFE!

04-25-2009, 10:18 PM
Hey Holly, way to go on getting your bike..... I would have done the same thing.

And you are not doing to badly on your eating even if you are taking a step back. You kick butt on the exercise.

04-26-2009, 12:53 PM
Good morning! It was 83 here yesterday :faint: We hardly get that even in July, lol! DH, our friend Pickles and I rode for 100 miles. It was GREAT. It was so warm I wanted to ride without jacket and gloves, but Pickles reminded me that it's still early in the season, and cagers aren't really aware of us better to be safe than sorry.

Tammy, how is little Miss Weiner dog doing with her hurt leg?

Today is 20 degrees cooler, and it rained overnight. Our lawn is suddenly green!

Laundry needs to be done bigtime, and general household stuff.

Oh right, this morning I did The Biggest Loser Cardio, warm up and then 20 minutes with Bob. I wanted to get that out of the way before I went grocery shopping which I just got back from. Maybe I'll do an additional workout this afternoon.

have a great day!

04-26-2009, 02:00 PM
Holly, I swear you are in Arkansas with that kind of weather, snow one day and 80 something the next! :?: But, we will take it when we can get it.

Lil Miss Weenie dog is going great! Thanks for the prayers! She is up and running. I had been giving her baby aspirin when she was down. It took her a good 24 hours to get up and move around. I was worried. But, she is herself again. Thanks for asking.

I am not as dedicated as I was, and I am struggling to exercise and eat right on the weekends. I guess the man upstairs is pushing me to go back to eating right. I ate Krystal burgers yesterday and I have been paying for it every since then--- my tummy is NOT happy!

When I get back from Vegas (listen to me-- it is like the pre diet-- when Monday gets here I am going to diet), I am going to hit it hard like I had before.

Most of the deal is we don't stay home much on the weekends. It is hard to eat good when we are out. I know you girls understand. When we are riding, it is not likely we are going to stop at a Mc ToFu place, we are at the roadside stores or mom and pop places that have awesome food..... I am still trying to make an adaption to it. I am heading off the big weight gains with SF Monday...... but I am not sure that is a real life style. Anyone with suggestions?


04-26-2009, 06:19 PM
"Mc Tofu" :rofl: And I have to ask ... what are Krystal burgers? we're so isolated wasn't until being in Ohio that we had a White Castle burger, a friend got them for us when he learned we had never had them.

I don't think that having a specific day for SF is that IS hard when you're out riding and don't have that many choices. Yesterday I made myself eat lunch here before we left, because I knew that I'd get hungry out there. We still did stop for ice cream :o so I wasn't perfect either :devil: Just keep doing your best when you can!

OH this is funny. I use a Mac Apple laptop, and had NO idea that there are ver strong magnets in the upper right and left corners of the top 'lid' that aid in snapping the whole thing shut. Well just now I had the laptop on my lap, and leaned down to pick up something from the floor, and SNAP! my earring and the magnet connected, and I was slightly freaking out because I didn't know what was going on :devil: DH disconnected me, while laughing pretty hard :devil::devil:

have a great evening!

04-26-2009, 07:20 PM
:rofl::rofl: Holly, thanks for the laugh! I work on a mac laptop at work when I am not on the treadmill desk and I did not know they had a magnet either, but thanks for the warning. Us blondes have to stick together! Now, I will fess up and tell you my blonde story. I was driving to work Friday after I brought the dogs in from playing in the yard. While going down the road I noticed a flea on my finger (our neighbors never treat their dog), and I went to roll down my window to get it out. Well, it was on my left hand, so I took my hand off the wheel and got the flea with my right hand and put it out the window. Well, like a genious I thought I would roll the window (electric) down further and shake my hand just to make sure the flea was not clinging..... and I hit the button the wrong way! Those freaking power windows HURT and work quickly. I was panicing so here I am driving with no hands on the wheel trying to gather my senses enough to get my hand out. I finally did, but when I did it was numb. Like a true biker chick :bike:all I could think of was can I use it to brake with (forget that I make a living typing) :comp:...... anyway I felt like such a blonde b/c I hit the button the wrong way and was in a panic! :stars::yikes:

Krystal burgers are very much like White Castle.

Now I have a question and confession at once. I feel soooo bad on the weekends. If we are not out and moving on the bikes I am soooo sleepy and lethargic. I wonder if you all think (this is probably a no brainer) that it is from my not exercising near as much and the food choices? Do you experience it too? I am thinking that it what it is and I am going to have to do better b/c it is almost like my "fat" days when I feel like this..... I just want to sleep!

Reda, how was your weekend besides BUSY?

Mandy, how about you?


04-26-2009, 07:53 PM
Now I have a question and confession at once. I feel soooo bad on the weekends. If we are not out and moving on the bikes I am soooo sleepy and lethargic. I wonder if you all think (this is probably a no brainer) that it is from my not exercising near as much and the food choices? Do you experience it too? I am thinking that it what it is and I am going to have to do better b/c it is almost like my "fat" days when I feel like this..... I just want to sleep! Tammy

I know for one that if I eat too many simple carbs (breakfast cereal as a 'snack', more than 1 piece of bread a day, second helpings, or at the worst really no-no stuff) I absolutely feel so lethargic; I can feel my heartbeat and it feels like sludge is moving through my system; if I park myself on the couch I do NOT want to move.

And I definitely should not eat until full; that gives me the same feeling as above.

Not working out doesn't affect me the same way, but I beat myself up mentally and that's almost as bad.

04-26-2009, 09:48 PM
well the simple carbs have been part of the weekend diet. I am sooooo going to do SF for at least tomorrow and get my body back in sync and then try once again to not do this to myself next weekend. It is odd---- even though the SF has a lot of sugar (compared to other shakes and things) I am okay with it and it seems to work for me--- and that is how I have lost weight this time-- not sticking to one plan and doing what works for me. I am going to hit a solid 70 pounds before I leave for Vegas if it--- well you know.

I am hitting the hay early.

Night y'all.


04-26-2009, 11:18 PM
Well Hello Ladies

Geez summers are so busy I feel like I am missing out on so much here. But racing with great Friday he got 5th could have been way worse. He did get to lead one lap as well. I downloaded a 4 minute clip on youtube so I will post link.

I did get my 3 miles in everyday but Friday, today was busy catching up on everything before work week starts back up. Just sat down and logged on computer to download race and thought I haven't logged on yet all weekend so thought I had better drop in and say Hi;)

Glad to hear that you got to ride Holly, our weather has been all over the place Friday we were in the 70's then Saturday back down in the 40's and nothing but rain today:( Rain on Monday and Tuesday as well.:(

You know I have not been eating right or exercising the greatest and I am feeling just so tired and lethargic and I know it is my food choices.

Well I suppose I should get off here and finish up dishes and all. I will try to log on tomorrow.
Have a Great Monday;)

04-27-2009, 08:19 AM
good morning chicks :) Reda, that was great to watch!! I caught my breath also at 1:56 when his car got sooo close to the other one. thanks for sharing!

cloudy here, but forecasters insist it's gonna clear up by noon and be 80 again! I will do my household 'have-to's" this morning, then go riding this afternoon. I actually have more flyers about Storm the Statehouse to post anywhere, so that gives me a wonderful reason to ride :D

I'll check back in after I work out.

04-27-2009, 08:42 AM
morning everyone! Its Monday and I am still so tired from Saturday. We rode 260 mile round trip, and lots of walking. Did I mention we went to Leesburg Bikefest? We first stopped at breakfast Golden Corral then rode down, parked on main street, walked a bit, saw some vendors, ect, got back on the bikes, rode to a barbecue place and ate dinner, then rode back home. left at 7am, got home at 9:30. I can't seem to muster up any will power when it comes to dinning out, why is that?? I will be weighing myself in a little bit and I am not looking forward to it. I seriously want to commit to 1 day on plan with diet AND exercise. I haven't managed that in weeks. actually, I really wish for 2 days on plan since Wednesday is a trip to Disney and no chance of op that day.

04-27-2009, 10:13 AM
It is sooooo hard to stay OP during the weekends with rides and LIFE. I am glad I am in good company not being able to get that part done though. I am doing the SF damage control today.... my scales are screaming a 2.4 pound gain. I don't care much for salt but it seems that I am eating salt all weekend. I am hoping some of it is a water gain. I am going to work my butt off this week though to get those extra pounds off to get back to where I was. When I think about it on Monday's I think of how nuts my eating is on the weekend and it starts with 1 meal. How nuts is that?

I am going to get busy at work. Hope you all have a good day!

04-27-2009, 09:38 PM
good evening chicks! first, Tammy, I :rofl: at the flea/window episode! :devil:

Hi Mandy! whoa 260 miles is a long day!

And this morning's exercise was 30 Day Shred Level 3, and then some Cathe abs.

Today...we got to...88 degrees :faint: it was too hot!! I cannot believe I just said that! too warm for a jacket and gloves, but I kept them on anyway. And did over 100 miles by myself, just tooling all over central Vermont. What a way to while away the afternoon :D

I intentionally 'reviewed' three creemee places (up here, we call 'em creemees, the soft-serve ice cream that comes out of Taylor machine) It seemed to be the thing to do on such a warm day while biking around Yes, I had three small ones today. Well it was in the interest of public knowledge, letting folks know who has the best! Oh, and the House of Pizza in Hardwick has THE BEST. The texture and taste is just amazing for a $1.90 cone. And you may all remind me of this incident when I am complaining about not losing :devil:

04-27-2009, 09:52 PM
good evening chicks! first, Tammy, I :rofl: at the flea/window episode! :devil:

Hi Mandy! whoa 260 miles is a long day!

And this morning's exercise was 30 Day Shred Level 3, and then some Cathe abs.

Today...we got to...88 degrees :faint: it was too hot!! I cannot believe I just said that! too warm for a jacket and gloves, but I kept them on anyway. And did over 100 miles by myself, just tooling all over central Vermont. What a way to while away the afternoon :D

I intentionally 'reviewed' three creemee places (up here, we call 'em creemees, the soft-serve ice cream that comes out of Taylor machine) It seemed to be the thing to do on such a warm day while biking around Yes, I had three small ones today. Well it was in the interest of public knowledge, letting folks know who has the best! Oh, and the House of Pizza in Hardwick has THE BEST. The texture and taste is just amazing for a $1.90 cone. And you may all remind me of this incident when I am complaining about not losing :devil:

yum, soft serve! I had 3 scoops of ice cream the other day when it was free cone day at Ben and Jerry's so I understand. Congrats on getting a ride in, I cant believe your temps, wasn't it just snowing there?

I tried to pick up 30day shred at the library, no luck though, anyone want to mail me a copy?

04-27-2009, 10:04 PM
Hello Ladies

Mandy that was quite the trip you had this past weekend :)

Holly 88 degrees all I can say is WOW!!! You got some riding in as well and some dessert- If we were getting 88 degree weather I would have been having ice cream as well :)

Well today was really busy at new store, met up with pop and beer vendors to get planograms done and all. :) Very exciting we will open on May 21st -- YAY

Tammy I have same problem with staying OP on the weekends we are so busy - I do pretty good during the week- I can say I am not losing but I also am NOT gaining but I just don't want to be maintaining very long at this weight -

Well girls talk to you later

04-28-2009, 08:31 AM
good morning chicks! sunny and warm here, then rain this afternoon and back to more 'normal' temps.

Yes Mandy, it WAS just snowing here it seems! and there is still plenty of snow up on the higher peaks. I went for an hour ride last night at 7:00 pm and it was 70 degrees...incredible!

Aw, I wish I could mail you my 30 DS, hope it becomes available to you soon!

Reda, congrats on the new store!

Hi Tammy :)

I will check back in after I work out.

04-28-2009, 10:11 AM
Good morning ladies.

You are so not going to believe this. We have a flash flood warning and I don't have flood insurance..... it is getting close to the houses, but I am hoping the weatherman is correct saying it is going to stop for a little bit around noon. DF got called out b/c people cannot drive on dry pavement-- much less wet or ice. There were 5 wrecks this AM at once waiting on a deputy. I hate it when he has to work like that. He normally gets sick--- which this is TOO close to Vegas to do that (not that anytime is a good time).

Mandy, that was a good ride you had this weekend. How far do you live from Disney?

CC- girl, you just keep getting busier! Whew. I guess it is good in these economic times.

Holly- When do you have to take your bike back? Do you think there are any job openings as ice cream tasters? That would be an awesome job! :D

Okay, we were talking about Vegas last night..... and DF is now proposing we try to ride 12 hours a day (my butt is drawn up just thinking about it). What is the longest period of time you have ridden? I know that we have to stop every 150 miles for fuel and stuff..... I am not sure if I can do 12 hours though. Getting there in 2 days would be great though..... It would not be worth it if I could not get married b/c I cannot sit on my bike for a month :)

I am going to get busy while it is quiet in the office...... Have a good one ladies.

04-28-2009, 10:39 AM
FIRST - prayers to your area, Tammy, for no floods!!
(((((no-flood mojo)))))

exercise check in - did Biggest Loser Cardio, 5 min. warmup; 25 minutes with Bob; 5 minutes my own ab work.

I decided not to take my bike back until mechanic calls and tell me that the parts are in! and Ice cream taster/ reviewer...LOL! but I"d probably have to spit as the wine tasters do :rofl:

Tammy - that is a long day, I have done that ... but it is very fatigue-ing! Is your bike seat comfy on the length of rides you have already done? If it is, then it should be okay for the long runs.

The every 150 mile stops are imperative for us to 'shake it out' in between. Do some light stretches at every stop to release stress, tension and to keep blood going. Do some jumping up and down on your toes. Some arm swings/windmills.

I do use ear plugs when on the road for long distances. They help ALOT because of eliminating fatigue that is caused by the wind. If you don't have any, I could mail you some cheap disposable ones, husband can snag them from the shop workers.

I keep glove changes handy, even if it's not raining, just switching gloves can make things more comfy. On these long hauls, it's all about anything you can do to make the ride comfy and protect yourself from elements.

Eat lightly and often, so much better than having a big meal, that sits heavily and makes you feel sludgy.

Keep eye drops handy. Keep a water handy.

can't think of anything else right now..but i will add anything else I can think of.

I'm gonna shower now and head out on bike, to a second hand shop about 20 miles away, it's the home of the anything for $2 place - jeans, tops, whatever! It's definitely 'hit or miss' but some days are great (remember my black shiny high heeled boots :D)


04-28-2009, 02:52 PM
I'm back from my ride to second-hand shop, and it was good! five t-shirts, a Tamilee Webb abs tape (looks like it's from the 80's :D, I don't mind) and two skirts. woohoo! My t shirts gets so trashed at summer work from butter, chocolate, whatever splashes around that I consider disposable. And for $2, I can.

It was almost too warm again in the strong sun, lol! a little cooler than yesterday, it's 76 now, but it has clouded over alot and the wind was trying to blow me all over, so I guess that rain is coming.

Tammy, what is the flash flood alert at this point? I sure hope it has subsided!

And I thought of another little tip that works for me. I will tie a bandanna on my face (bank robber/cowboy style) and even that diminishes the wind factor on your face. I for one feel tingles on my face when stopped, from the wind, and I don't get it as much when my face is covered.

You can use a girlie colored bandanna so you don't feel so criminal :devil: I love my light pink, deep pink,light purple, and turquoise bandannas for that. I have the bottom edge of my sunglasses resting about a 1/4" of the bandanna at the upper part, and I tuck the bottom point under my helmet strap and makes sure it's not gonna flutter (horribly annoying!)

04-28-2009, 05:07 PM
That was a good ride for this AM with a good flea market find.

The raining has stopped for the moment, thank God. It is supposed to start up again. I was hoping to have a yard sale this weekend, but I guess not.

I just thought of it...... 14 days from now I will (hopefully) be in Vegas. Then 15 days from now my last name will no longer be "Lance" (Thank God) Woo Hoo!

I will be using a bandana. I don't want part of my face burned and the other part not.... .and for some reason I don't get ANY sun on the top part of my face at all, even where the helmet is not. I will probably go for a HOT PINK! That is my color--- since I am one step away from being an Albino (naturally). I have been going to the sunbed forever and I think I am just now out of the "fair skin" category.

I have done badly on my eating today (SF, strawberries, roast beef sandwhich, baked lays, CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE, and almonds). I was going to do another SF day but I decided I am not going to use them as a crutch.... and they have a lot of sugar in there so about 2 days into it---- I have this sugar aftertaste in my mouth no matter how hard I brush. I am just going to try to maintain and not gain--- while still being a little active until I get back from Vegas.

04-28-2009, 10:40 PM
a day on plan has paid off, i was down from 173 to 171.3 this is the lowest I have been ALL month. Tomorrow is my birthday and I am spending it at Disney with my husband and children(this is the first time the kids have ever been)so I may not see this number or anything lower for the rest of the I do have snacks like baked tortilla chips, sun chips, salsa, turkey burgers(to cook for lunch) some low fat string cheese and lots of water. I need at least 1 decadent meal though, after all it is my birthday. Disney is 2 1/2 hours away and we are getting there when the doors open till the doors close. Im so excited

04-29-2009, 11:33 AM
good morning chicks! Mandy, it sounds like you will have a wonderful day tomorrow with dh and kids @ Disney! What a great day for a birthday :carrot:

and congrats on being down!!, that is the proof isn't it, that if we do what we should, we get results.

this morning I did Level 3 of the Shred, and then an OLDIE but a GOODIE - Greg Smithey's Original Buns of Steel. This came out in 1987, ladies :devil: It is entertaining now with the total 80's workout clothes, girls with full makeup and mall hair but the workout is killer for legs! I used to do this tape years ago, and that was when I had actual definition in my legs.

I have 8 weeks until our first rally, Harley Rendezvous, and I'm making that my challenge/goal.

Tammy, what is the rain situation?

Today I'm going out to lunch with the girls, Sweet Stacy, Pickles, and Dumplin. We all ride our own except for Sweet Stacy, and as us riders have not had much if any practice with passengers, we decided to all go in one car, instead of 3 bikes and one car and having Stacy feel left out. We can have fun gabbing in the car :)

have a great day :)

04-30-2009, 11:00 AM
first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANDY! :bday2you: I know you're long gone, to have your birthday day at Disney.

I am late in posting today because...I have had an irritation above a tooth (a root canal tooth) and sometimes this happens, and I just baby it for a day or two (don't chew on that side) and a few Advils, and it's fine...but not this time.

During the night the pain got BAD and this morning (woke up at 1:00, then 4:00, then finally 5:30) my right side of face is swollen terribly, I've never had anything like that, horrible! At 7:15 I left here and drove to doctor's office, and just sat outside til the receptionist came at 7:45, and nicely begged for an emergency visit.

bless her, she said of course and within 20 minutes I was with the doctor, and he called in a 5 day Z-pack prescription for me.

to give you an idea how swollen my face was...if my boobs were even close to being that tight and round and firm, I'd be a happy camper :rofl:

so I am gonna take it easy today, it is a beautiful sunny cool day but i am just going to chill and thank the Powers That Be for medicine, and every day after this I am going to offer up a prayer for feeling good!!!

04-30-2009, 11:25 AM
Mandy, Happy belated bday! Girl, I hope you cut loose on your Bday! It only comes around once a year (Thank God it only comes once a year after 30)! Do tell how it went.

Holly, I am so sorry to hear about your tooth. Girl, be careful with that--- those are not anything to mess with. And, you don't want to be exercising a lot with it b/c of the potential of spreading an infection.

CC- are you still keeping the roads hot with work?

Can you believe it is 10 days (depending on how you count the days) until I leave for Vegas? It is getting close..... Now I have a story to tell you about a chiropractor friend I have. He pretty much hit on me yesterday and told me I did not belong with a "fat" guy now. That bothered me--- I don't mind that attention from losing weight (the sunbed guy told me he had never seen a weight transformation like mine), and that is okay---- but for him to say that it bothered me. We have been friends for 6 years...... I thought. He then went on to say that he wanted a tall blonde haired, blue eyed, girl........ It was odd.

04-30-2009, 08:25 PM
Tammy - that was pretty inappropriate of him, wasn't it! :club: If he says anything like that again, I hope you can resolve it in a way that lets you feel good and in-control. But that was nice, what the tanning person said to you.

thanks for the warning about infection and exercise. I didn't do anything today...I wanted to but no way, my head pounds when it goes below heart level and my cheek/face is still puffed out. I hope hope hope the swelling goes down tonight! Since I have 2 of the Z pack pills in me, do you think it would be okay if I worked out tomorrow, if I feel better?

Our big Storm the Statehouse ride is tomorrow, and wouldn't you know it, the first day in four, that it won't be sunny. In fact it will be rainy :( but not too cold, mid 50's. It will cut down on attendance SO much, even though we told people to come in cars, that is fine. We'll see. We have lots of bullet point info that we've memorized to back up our cause.

Mandy, hope your birthday outing was great! Hi ChopperChick!

04-30-2009, 10:47 PM
Holly, I really hope the Storm the Statehouse turns out good, in spite of the rain. It sux that it will be raining!:tantrum: :rain:

Truthfully, I think you need one more day of the Z-pack to knock the stuff out of you (do you have antibiotics for the infection too?). I know you want to get back to it and I understand...... I feel bad and I make worse food choices when I don't move, but you don't want to mess with an infection..... especially if you feel weird when you start exercising. Do 2 work outs when you get better if that is what you want, but I really would take one more day off. :(

I have been thinking about the chiropractor and I guess I will have to get another one (I don't use one a lot anymore-- about once every 4-6 months). I hate that he feels that way. You know if someone has not been FAT, not just minimally overweight but when the charts say "obese" or "overweight" they have no clue. You know...... I have really cold feet, and I am stressing and stress eating :ink: , but one thing I know is I want to be on the front porch or on the riding trail for the rest of my life with this man....... bottom line. I want him to be healthy, but if he does not lose another pound, I love him and I am soooo attracted to him. He is really a hottie, whether overweight or not.

I just got back from the sauna.... :hot: but it makes my skin feel so darn good..... and I hope it takes some of my stress "poundage" off!

I am turning in for the night :yawn: Talk to you tomorrow

04-30-2009, 10:54 PM
I am not sure how to start a thread.... what are the requirements? Can someone point me in the direction of starting one?

05-01-2009, 10:55 AM
Happy May everyone!

Whew...... the days are dwindling down. I have 8 days from today until we leave! I am in need of a vacation, but I will be glad to get the "deed" over with :)

I reaped the benefits from a lot of prayer and the sauna last night! I am not posting the weight b/c I am trying to see if I can maintain it for a few days.... but I am UNDER my 70 pound mark, which is the goal I made after I won the bet. Even though I ate a lot the past couple of days..... it seems to have taken some of that off. We will see. If it doesn't do anything else, it put me back on track (I hope until I leave). BUT, we are taking Wayne's mom out to dinner tomorrow to Japanese for Mother's Day and her Bday since we will miss them both.... and then we have our final biker's breakfast as single people (lol).

When I get back from Vegas (trust me I am not rushing that), I am going to do the bootcamp 4 or 5 days a week for 6 weeks to hopefully boost the last 20 pounds off. The bootcamp owners says he can do it, which is a little scary! :yikes:

Well, I am going to get busy. I am only at work until noon..... need to get some stuff done. Bring on the

05-01-2009, 10:56 AM
my last comment was supposed to be "bring on the :coffee:"

05-01-2009, 08:04 PM
"You know...... I have really cold feet, and I am stressing and stress eating , but one thing I know is I want to be on the front porch or on the riding trail for the rest of my life with this man....... bottom line."

Tammy, that was really sweet! I guess it's natural to have cold feet when you're coming down to the wire, but it sounds that you KNOW he is the one and you are due for a sweetheart for your life mate!

About starting a thread...I think you just go ahead and do it wherever, whenever you want. I have started ones over in the Exercise section, with questions about working out, or making comments about exercise videos. I can't help but feel hurt though when I will see something like my "Oldie But Goodie, Buns Of Steel" thread, with 27 views and NO replies :rofl:

Well, the Storm the Statehouse was a wet ride there, we had on all our rain gear, but at least the rain wasn't in our faces much. Then it dried out once we got there. But, for all the promises from people, we had....9 people, included me and dh. Freakin, flippin 9 people. Yet when we're at events, all we hear are people b*tching about wearing helmets. Well darn it, people, DO SOMETHING! WE ARE!!! :mad:

But we got lots of looks, because all of us had on our custom made green t shirts with this -


pretty catchy, huh! and we were prepared with our handouts of statistics and statements, bumper stickers and helmet stickers, etc. The legislative session ends next week, so it is too late this season..but it begins the time for us riders to wear our shirts and distribute our material to other riders all summer, and then when the session begins in January, make an effort to go to the Statehouse at least once a week to make our presence known there again.

You know, after we first got there, and went to the cafeteria and got coffee/and, the Sergeant-At-Arms came over, said hello, and then said that our shirts were .... borderline. That they were okay this time, but maybe not next time. I stood up and said, 'suck' is an acceptable word in the English language when used in this context...sucking money from the State" and he hemmed and hawed and asked, 'how's the donut?' :rolleyes:

well mister, we will be wearing these shirts each time we are in the Statehouse, and I will make a BIG scene if told to leave or take it off! No I didn't say that to his face but that was what we were all thinking.

Oh! speaking of swelling is down ALOT. I am so glad. Did I tell you that even the wrinkles by my right eye were GONE because it was so swollen out?!? I'll be glad to have those wrinkles back :D

05-01-2009, 10:51 PM
Some pics of my birthday trip to Disney.
Let me know if it works or not

05-02-2009, 07:46 AM
Yes, it works! My favorites; #12, #30, and #52. Your children are beautiful, your husband is cute, you're beautiful, you and your husband look just a few years older than your oldest DD :D Glad you had sunny weather and I hope it was a wonderful day!

05-02-2009, 11:23 AM
Finally I can work out again! :carrot: The swelling is almost totally gone.

I did The Biggest Loser Cardio, 20 minutes with Bob...then about 20 minutes of legs/hips/butt with Buns of Steel; then 10 minutes abs with Abs of Steel.

05-02-2009, 02:04 PM
Mandy, glad you made it back okay. I was not able to open the pic, but I will try on my laptop in a little bit (I am on our family computer now). Glad you had a good time.

Holly, that does SUCK about only 9 people showing up....... I think the next time I invited people I would tell them of the sorry turn out this time and nothing will ever change unless people get more proactive about it. As for the sergeant at arms...... I would wear the t-shirt again and let him tell you to take it off..... just have some eyeliner to write something about helmets to put on your chest area (under bra :D) and see how much attention it gets then. Also a copy of the freedom of speech act would not hurt to have handy.....

That is funny about your wrinkles (Mandy, are you aware 12 year olds have wrinkles? :D) I am glad your face has gone down.

Okay, I have a food idea. Not that it is rocket science or anything and I am sure you all have tried it..... but I just thought I would throw it out there. We all go to "rallies or rides" of some sort..... this is a way to limit a few carbs.... nothing that is going to make us a size 0 over night but every little bit helps, right? It is not too hard to wrap a "carb balance wheat tortilla" in aluminum foil and stick in our purse or whatever for hot dogs when we are on the run.... and it saves A LOT of the white bread carbs and in WW points it is only like 1.... as opposed to the 3-4 a white bun has for a hot dog. I just made DF turkey dogs wrapped in these and he LOVES them. So, that is my idea for the day.

CC: I hope you are having some fun and not having to work all this time.

The countdown continues...... we leave 7 days from today. I went and got my ring from being sized yesterday (went from a 9.5 to a 7).

05-02-2009, 02:27 PM
Hello Ladies, didn't realize it had been that long since I logged on last

Mandy, you have a lovely family and looks like you guys had a blast :) Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Holly first glad the swelling is down and you are feeling better
But sorry to hear about only 9 people showing up - Helmet law you would have thought more would have shown up than that????
We do not have helmet law either if over the age of 18 and they try to
push it through all the time but doesn't fly- YAY;)

Tammy 12 hour day rides are long and exhausting.... I agree with wearing something over the face as well, and ear plugs or ipod earphones. I do when on long rides wear my ipod, this is only when out on the hiway and all not in town - it doesn't distract me at all. But it sure does keep my mind off
the long day alot better. One thing with motorcycles is you do have to take breaks for gas stops which gives you some relief every couple of hours.

Tammy love the tortilla idea because those don't need refrigerated, I may have to try it, I don't eat hotdogs but where there is hotdogs there are hamburgers and I can always just put the lettuce, tomatoe and stuff in it
Great Idea

Well our first rally is also in about 8 weeks so I really need to get butt in gear:o

We are having a great weather day to day so off I go then we have races tonight - Oh and tomorrow is our first Rider group ride - it is only going to be 90 miles one way but had to postpone it last week to this weekend.
Then of course we have races tomorrow night so I might not get to check back in till Monday:(

Have a Great Day!

05-02-2009, 10:16 PM
Mandy, I was able to get the pic on the laptop. Your family looks great. Girl your profile pic does not do you justice. You and your husband make a great looking couple with georgous kids!

CC: Glad you liked the idea. I have not tried the hamburger, but i would not rule it out..... a "hamburger wrap" maybe good! Will have to try. I am so glad you are having good weather and are you and about.

It is still raining here.......


05-03-2009, 11:04 PM
good evening chicks!

Tammy, that is a great idea about the low carb wraps. Especially that they are so flat, they could go anywhere!

and thanks for the support and thoughts on our helmet bill actions. Definitely at our Toy Run in August, when we have the chance to address 1000 bikers with the microphone, we will! and love your words about the t-shirts and the dude in the Statehouse :D

Hi ChopperChick! good to hear from you :cool: Where is your first rally?

Today I did Gilad's Step and Tone, it's step with light weights (I used 5#'s) for upper body and then lower body leg and butt. But then I ate too much.

Oh hey! This Wednesday I start the summer job at the Trout Club :carrot::dance::dancer::yay: The Club doesn't actually open until next Wednesday, but there is prep work to do. Can I bend your ear about it for a bit?

The Club is over 100 years old, and they have sooo many traditions they stick to. First, during Opening (which is next Wedneday, Thursday, and Friday) it's men only at the club, no women allowed (of course, except staff). Isn't that crazy? It really made me steamed when I first learned of it, then over the years I've mellowed. Whatever! It's not like the members are having prostitutes there or anything :rofl: They just like to start drinking Bloody Mary's first thing in the morning, and not have their wives nag them all day about whatever, I guess.

The food traditions that I need to follow are, that first Wednesday, the dinner dessert has to be some kind of cheesecake; I'll probably do a classic cheesecake with a sour cream topping and a raspberry sauce. On Thursday, the dinner is a Thanksgiving-type meal, so dessert is pumpkin and mince pies. Then on Friday, the lunch dessert is Apple Spice cake, and the dinner is the Lobster Night. Usually there's close to 150 ppl that night, so I offer to work in the dining room as waitstaff.

So the prep for this week will be making the pastry for the pie crusts, the filling for the pies, the cheesecake graham crust mix, and then the breakfast items; big bin of granola, muffin batter, and some cookies for the staff since they haven't had Holly's cookies in 8 months :D and to bring in all my cookbooks and recipe binders, my special pans and forms, organize stuff, help the chef with glass and china inventory...Yeah baby!!!!! Isn't it great when you look forward to your job?!?

Today I got to be passenger on my bike :) We doubled up on my bike to ride to pick up husband's van, which was inspected a couple towns over. I don't mind being a passenger once in a while because you don't have to do anything but hang on! (no backrest on my bike, so I did have to hang on)

I am very chatty tonight because I fell asleep reading this afternoon and slept for 2 hours :o so I am wide awake at 10:00 pm, lol.

05-04-2009, 10:27 AM
Holly, I am glad you are looking towards your job. It sounds great! I am like you--- it would be hard to swallow the "no female" part, but as long as it is not like a stripper/hooker haven then I guess I would learn to live with it too.

I don't ride too many people on my bike either. It just feels weird and I don't want the responsibility of having someone else on there.

My DF maybe going to get a new bike today. It is an 09 electra glide or something like that..... I call it an "old man's bike" b/c it has the flaring on it. :D It does look cool though b/c it is flat black. I normally don't like the flat black but it looks good on this bike. If they give him enough for his bike, he the payments will only go up 25 a month, which is not bad. Going from an 06 to an 09 (without warranty to warranty).

I ate so much this weekend! It is horrible at what I ate. BUT, I have made a promise to me that I am NOT doing this when I get back from Vegas. I have to cut the carbs and most definately not eat them first thing b/c that sets the pace. I could see how I could easily fall back into the morbidly obese category if I did not watch it...... so that is what I am going to do.

We leave in 5 days counting today, unless we leave Friday night. I have googled the weather. There is a 0% chance of rain in Vegas when we are getting married....... and not too much along the way. We may run into some winds. Please say a little prayer that the weather will continue to stay New Orleans rain PLEASE!

I have rattled on long enough. Gotta get to work.


05-04-2009, 11:58 AM
Good morning! Tammy, best wishes to DF on getting the new bike! sounds real nice...haha, old man's bike, also known as Geezer Glides :rofl: Also known as EXTREMELY comfortable and nice bikes!

ANd we will all be wishing and praying for good weather for your wedding trip! :carrot:

today I did Level 3 of The Shred, and then Gilad's 45 Split Toning tape.

have a great day!

05-04-2009, 10:52 PM
no work out for me today, what else is I dont go get my body fat analyzed in a machine called a bodpod. here are my results

Weight:173.4(I knew that already)
Fat Weight:66.1
Lean weight :107.2

Percent Fat:38.1%
Percent Lean:61.9
Est RMR:1376 calories

Est RMR x activity level= Sedentary-1706
Low Active-2091
Very Active-2848

05-04-2009, 11:20 PM
Holly glad to hear that you are excited to start your summer job :)
I would have probably been alittle upset as well about the men only thing but you know if the wives were around they would nag and when the guys wanted to start drinking in the morning and all- Us on the other hand would be okay with it but not everyone is as open........
Great Job on staying on top of your exercise you rock girl:carrot:

Mandy did you have to get that done or was it something you just wanted to do?

Tammy did you DF get his new bike? We just sold our 06 Electra Glide and went to a brand new Street Glide, I use to call them old folky bikes but boy are they comfortable and can they haul the crap..... I don't mind riding on the back of DH bikes but usually don't ride to much with him I am usually on my own ;) Sending good vibes for the best weather on your trip boy is it coming up fast:D

Well racing weekend went great on Saturday night he got 3rd but last night was the best he got 1st. Last night was the first race of the season at this track which was his first night in this car on this track and he won- first pic of him and pit crew getting trophy and 2nd pic of him getting out of car:)

Well our first ride yesterday for our Riders Group went great, we had lunch and then decided to take 30 minutes to gamble, I lost 3 bucks but DH won $200 that was awesome!!!! Had to get headed back home so that we could jump in pickup and head to races. It was all worth it when he won:carrot:
Here is a pic of the group that went yesterday- we had 19 bikes show up and 28 riders

Ok well I have probably posted enough for tonight- I should be able to get back on here tomorrow afternoon- Have a Great Night

05-05-2009, 09:18 AM
Mandy, that bodpod sounds cool. Where did you do that at?

CC: I misquoted the bike name...... it is an 09 Ultra Classic, he traded his 06 Road King in for it. He likes the flaring on it. I do like the bike better. He is not going to put a sissy bar on it so it is going to stay "sleeker" (if that is a word). But, that poses new challenges...... the trip. We just gave up 1/2 of our space. He had a luggage rack on the RK and a sissybar for us to strap stuff to....... but we think we have it planned where we are going to make it with what we have. I rode "b" on it last night, it rides smoother than the RK did. When he was "looking" at it on Sunday the salesman said it has the same motor as hers.... b/c since January when I got the SuperGlide, the big thing is my motor is bigger and tranny has more gears..... now we have the same motor..... but the salesman was being typical (trying to sell the bike and convince me it was okay)--- he told me that my bike would still be faster b/c it was lighter.

Thanks for the weather well wishes. I am keeping a close eye on it. It looks like our biggest chance for rain is the day we start out.... and it is 30%.

If things go as planned...... we will be getting married in a week and 45 minutes from now (8:00am on 5/12). If not, it will be the 13th probably.

Holly, enjoy your last day of being "unemployed". I really am glad you like your summer job so much.

05-05-2009, 09:38 AM
Okay ladies, I may have just done something that gets me in "trouble" with 3fc. I PM someone a pretty opinionated letter. I just run across this lady that is very inspirational on here (I won't tell you the post or the poster), but she has lost a HUGE amount of weight and I found her posts very positive..... until just now where I saw that she said she would never be hot b/c all she could get to look at her were old men and (here we go) hairy "biker" men..... I found it distasteful.... so here is what I PM her. If I am taken off here, you can email me at my login at

:mad::mad::tantrum::tantrum: (Maybe it is the cold feet stress)

First of all let me introduce myself, my name is Tammy. Since being on 3fc since February you have been an inspiration. I want to tell you congrats on your weight loss.

I just read one of your posts...... and it really put a bad taste in my mouth. I am a conservative person, I work in an office, I am a professional....... but I also happen to be one of those "biker" people.... with a big "biker" man (who by the way is a clean cut Deputy Sheriff). Most "biker" people are the most generous people you will meet who are very involved in charities such as March of Dimes, Bikers Against Child Abuse, D.A.R.E., etc. So while all most "biker" people want to do is ride their bikes in safety, we are branded with a label that is not fair. See, most people do not have their hobby attacked as much as a "biker" person. In fact, most people cannot afford 10-20k for a "toy". So, please don't take this offensive, but it is not fair at all for you to classify a "biker" man and refer to him as if he were someone you would not have scrape the dirt off your feet, b/c most of them are the best mates around.... in fact there are only about 1% of the "bad bikers" around.
If you want to see how "we bikers" live, we have a spot on this forum, just type in the word HAWT, you will see we are normal people who enjoy motorcycles.

You think they will give me the boot for this? I did not post it for everyone on that thread to see, but in private for her and on here....... :(

05-05-2009, 11:10 AM
Tammy, I also read that post ... and I commend you for speaking up, and I think you did it politely and respectfully. I feel a little ashamed that I didn't take issue with it also .

What a good point that we have a bit of disposable income to invest in our hobby, that we are not dregs, we are very generous and donate time and money to charities; we are doctors/lawyers/nurses/govt.workers/state workers/business owners/chefs/accountants/office admin/IT specialists/mechanics who keep your Saturns and Volvos in safe condition/Statehouse Guards/bank officials/telecommunications repair/master woodworkers/dental assistants/cosmetologists/ those are occupations of people I know who ride.

Lori Bell
05-05-2009, 11:16 AM
Ladyrider I don't think you will get the boot. You did nothing wrong except voice an oppenion. As I told you in my reply private message, I truly didn't mean to hurt anyone. I should not have stereotyped. You should see how many PM's I get from the atheist on 3fc if I mention the name God outside the Religion forum. You think I would learn to only talk weight on here.

Oh, and I did edit my orginal post to remove any offensive wording. Sorry again I offended you so badly.

05-05-2009, 11:22 AM
May 4, 2009 (WAUKEGAN, Ill.) (WLS) -- A motorcycle driver was killed when she was rear-ended by a driver who was allegedly painting her nails.

The distracted driver ran a red light and crashed into the bike, according to police, just before 6 p.m. Saturday in northwest suburban Lake Zurich.

The crash happened in unincorporated Lake County at Route 12 and Old McHenry Road.

The victim, Anita Zaffke, was wearing a helmet, but it did not save her life.

No criminal charges have been filed against the driver responsible for striking and killing Zaffke, 56, who was a Lake Zurich resident.

Prosecutors are waiting for blood and urine test results as well as the report from crash scene investigators before they decide to file criminal charges.

According to Zaffke's family, she was leaving her son's apartment. He lives in Waukegan, and she was heading back to her home. They had been there talking about plans for the upcoming Mother's Day.

Relatives say Anita Zaffke had a passion for the open road and motorcycles.

"It was pretty much disbelief at first. We went up to the intersection, just went up and down, to try to see how this could possibly have happened," said Greg Zaffke, son of Anita Zaffke...

rest in peace Anita...

05-05-2009, 11:29 AM
Story and video here ... le-6795601

05-05-2009, 11:36 AM
good morning chicks, I've been so steamed about that vehicular manslaughter (it was NOT an 'accident') that it was the first thing on my mind here. That dead motorcyclist could have been Tammy, or Mandy, or Reda, or myself...I think I always check my mirrors when I am stopped, but good god, I will remember this..

Today I did The Biggest Loser Cardio with Bob, then Gilad's Hips/Thighs/Buns (I HATE doing it so I should do it more often) and then 10 minutes of Cathe abs.

thank you Tammy, I have enjoyed these weeks off SOOOO much!!!! There was alot more I could have done chore-wise here, but I did accomplish some things that look alot better. And I am much more serene in my mind :D

Reda, BIG congrats to your son's victory! and what a nice line up of bikes for your group ride.

Tammy, ooooo wedding bells are gettin closer :carrot: and congrats on the Ultra Classic. hmmm, sorry that you lose some carrying space, but you're smaller now, your clothes take up less space :D

Mandy, that was very kewl! was that a water immersion thing? and those are your calorie requirements for the different actiity levels?

05-05-2009, 11:38 AM
email addy for the prosecutors office, I sent one expressing my outrage and HOPE that a more applicable charge be made on the driver.

05-05-2009, 11:55 AM
Holly, thanks for the great posts. Even as a rider, I catch myself doing something stupid.... however riding has made me much more aware. I think if everyone would use the Golden Rule--- it would make a HUGE difference in life and in riding! If everyone who intentionally cuts off a rider would remember that on that bike, whether the "cage" driver wants to appreciate what we are doing or not, on that bike is someone's mother, daughter, sister, aunt, WIFE, significant other, etc. Things would go a lot smoother.

The wedding bells are closer! Woo Hoo! I am hoping I can stop stress eating--- I need to maintain until after Vegas and then I will be on here telling my exercise stories of how bootcamp kicked my butt! But, as long as the butt is smaller.


05-05-2009, 12:01 PM
Lori Bell,

I appreciate your attentiveness very much. Thanks for being considerate.

By the way...... I would be under fire with you (not literally :D) with the athiest. I guess in my own way, I am "chicken" pardon the pun...... I avoid the religion sites for that reason.

I don't want you to have to only speak about weight, that is one of the great things about 3fc that is great, we get to know each other....... my intention was to let you know that bikers are not like they used to be. And, if only one person understands that bikers are normal people with a heart and a family and passes that word along..... then that makes me :D By the way, if you would have told me 5 years ago I would have been on a :bike:--- I would have not believed it!


05-05-2009, 06:15 PM
Wow lots going on- and Tammy I believe it was all well said and I do sincerely think Lori Bell totally understands now.....

I am feeling so sad right now after reading Holly's post - so with that I will take a few minutes of silence.... It really does put thinks in perspective
but I also would have to admit that sometimes I am do stupid things when driving as well and know better but it just happens-

Well going to get bike out for a bit it is 70 and cloudy but no rain right now so off I am going. Talk to you later

05-05-2009, 06:35 PM
On another forum I am on, a womans son sent her an email with the link to the story and just said time to sell your bikes. So how come everytime someone dies in an car crash, no one says 'time to sell your car" or even another extreme, when a plan crashes, do loved ones email private plane owners and say "time to sell your plane" (this statement is funny coming from me since I refuse to fly cause I don't want to die in a plane I am curious to know what her injuries were. Makes me realize even more how blessed I am that my husband wasn't injured when he was rear ended recently. My prayers are with her family.

05-06-2009, 10:35 AM
Happy summer job day Holly!

Mandy, you are truly blessed to have a great family, and to not have had your husband seriously injured when he was hit.

Reda, thanks for the moment of silence for the slain motorcyclists.

You know, I wish their was a way for a motorcycle education class to be mandatory for new licensed drivers, and renewals. It is an education issue first and then a lack of concern second..... but I believe most is the education issue. People do not realize how much more difficult it is to stop when someone pulls out in front of you to prevent a laydown. They cut motorcyclists off like they would a car-- and I have to believe it is b/c they do not understand. I have to admit until I started riding, I did not understand. I think in general as Americans, our driving style is like our lifestyles, it is so rushed and carefree--- many people do not even think about driving to work or watching out for other people in general...... they are on their iphone, ipod, blackberry, laptop, fiddling with their sattelite radio, TEXTING, putting on makeup--- painting their nails, yelling at kids, etc........ Again, I don't think in most cases they mean to hurt or kill a motorcyclist, but it happens! And, like Mandy said, when we hear of a car crash no one says lets sell all the cars..... oh, and my favorite comment is "well, it is their own problem, they chose to get on those things". No one says that when a cheerleader falls on her head and dies or has brain injury..... no one says that when someone is skydiving or anything dangerous.

Okay, I am off my soap box. Sorry to rant.

05-06-2009, 10:56 AM
I have to announce I EXERCISED!!!! last night i went up to my church with a couple of friends and we walked 3.5 miles, run up and down stairs 12 times and did 30

05-06-2009, 01:14 PM
Mandy, You go girl!

05-06-2009, 05:22 PM
Way 2 Go Mandy!!!! I did not get any exercise in last night decided to go riding instead....

Well DH is going to start racing now this weekend as well. A car owner called him up last night and asked if he would race his car- we don't have to buy it or take car of upkeep so that is great, all he has to do is get in and drive it :) YAY -- I told him to go for it he hasn't been in a race car for a quite a few years but hey we are already at the track to watch our son race. This Saturday will be his first night out :) All I can say is GO Karl (DS) and GO Todd (DH)

Well I believe we are going to go mushroom hunting tonight so that will be my exercise today.

Holly how was first day back to summer job?

05-06-2009, 11:26 PM
Go Todd and Karl, win those checkered! CC: Is mushroom hunting what is says?

Holly you did a fabulous job on the post about not paying attention killing! As I posted on that thread, Anita's son is painting his nails black in support of her. I will be doing the same after I get married.

Mandy, thanks for the updated link information.

Wayne, my DF (for a few more days) is lying in bed ranting about her not being brought up charges yet! Normally he tries to stay more objective than me in regards to things like this..... but not this time. He is MAD!


05-07-2009, 08:17 AM
I really think that they are making sure to get the most charges filed against her that they can.

05-07-2009, 08:27 AM
good morning chicks!

Mandy - way to go on exercising! :carrot:

CChick - that is so kewl that your DH gets to 'exercise' a car :D best wishes to him this Sat. And thanks, I had a great first day back at the Trout Club!

Tammy - yes!!! Mandatory motorcycle education IS included in a few states' driver's ed programs, but it should be all states! AND mandatory charges for violating our right of way, and mandatory criminal charges for taking a life.

Mandy - I don't have it right in front of me, but I believe she died of internal injuries, chest and back. Head injuries were not mentioned.

I only did 40 minutes of a 60 minute Cathe dvd yesterday, and ate too much again grrr. I am running late today so I HOPE to work out this afternoon when I get home from work.

Mandy and Tammy - great point about no one saying 'hey, time to sell your car/plane/bus/' etc. And the State of Missouri is close to passing a bill -

SCS/SB 202 - This act provides that operating a motorcycle, in and of
itself, shall not be considered evidence of comparative negligence. The
act also provides that when investigating an accident or settling an
automobile insurance policy claim, no insurer, agent, producer, or claims
adjuster of an insurer shall assign a percentage of fault to a party based
upon the sole fact that the party was operating a motorcycle in an
otherwise legal manner. This provision is similar to SB 505 (2007).

this seems elementary to us but that is the 'they were at fault because they chose to ride a motorcycle'.

gotta run!!! ttyl

05-07-2009, 04:11 PM
Well, my diet went out the window today! The girls at work ordered Chinese today...... and they got me an ice cream cake with a Harley on it. It was sooooo good! :devil::hat:


05-07-2009, 06:54 PM
Tammy - that was nice of the girls! and of course you had to have some! :yes: yummm

05-07-2009, 07:17 PM
I did work out after I got home from work!!! I did Level 3 of 30 Day Shred, and then some floor leg lifts; and then some ab work.

I am soooo pleased at the reactions and revelations over in the General Chatter, under the Distracted Drivers Kill thread!

05-07-2009, 09:53 PM
I am also pleased at the reactions. I hope if we save one motorcyclist from being hurt it was well worth it!

Got to make it short, downloading music for the trip! I cannot believe it is here......

05-08-2009, 07:17 PM
good evening! It did NOT rain fact it turned out bee-you-tiful! I did not take bike to work because rain was forecast...and the dirt road my work place is at the end of, was in pretty messy, sloppy shape yesterday.

I did exercise when I got home from work yesterday, I did Level 3 of 30DS and then some floor leg work. This morning I did Level 1 of 30DS and then Gilad abs (14 minutes) and a couple leg lifts (as many as I could until I was groaning :devil:)

This afternoon I decied to tackle the lawn, and our lawnmower started on the second pull! that is a miracle. So I did most of it, I left a small part for #1 or #2 son to do. It looks much nicer. It wasn't too long, just in a couple areas, but looks good all over now.

hope to hear from everyone :)

05-08-2009, 07:18 PM
Got to make it short, downloading music for the trip! I cannot believe it is here......

:carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot::c arrot::carrot:

05-09-2009, 01:30 AM
off to Vegas. I am very tired and emotionally drained. Leaving about 5 in the AM.


05-09-2009, 07:56 AM
sorry I didn't get up in time to wish Tammy a final farewell! Wishing her blue skies, no mechanical problems and smooth riding to the chapel :D

05-09-2009, 08:47 AM
aw man, I should have wrote her some well wishes yesterday. I can't wiat till se gets back and tells us all the details.

05-09-2009, 08:54 AM
Its going to be in 90's here, not sure if we are going to the pool of the beach. I would love the beach but its quite a drive and gas has went up. Either, I will get in some swimming exercise.

05-09-2009, 10:06 AM
yes, we'll have to throw her a big welcome home!

this morning I did Denise Austin's Sizzler, which is cardio and strength mixed. About 40 minutes. Then I did brief floor leg work.

90?! whew! enjoy the water :) we have sunshine until about 2 pm I think so I want to *rouse* husband for us to ride!! (sometimes he's hard to get movitaved...I say, lets' ride! and he says, 'where? how long are we going to be?" who cares!!! we've waited 7 months, lets go freakin anywhere!):devil:

05-09-2009, 10:21 AM
Holly I think that must be all men??? My husband is the same way, and he always wants to know where and how long- I tell him where ever he wants that I just want to go for a ride......there has been a few times that I have left without him for a ride though

Mandy 90 degrees and swimming at beach (possibly) oh sounds so good :)

Oh darn I was not on either to wish Tammy a Safe trip but can't wait to hear all about it when they get back;)

Well better start some laundry and all
Have a Great Weekend

05-09-2009, 02:44 PM
Well Cchick, I guess it's good to hear that some other guys are like that also!

We just got back. I am filthy, our bikes are filthy, because we got caught in two big showers but other than that it was a nice 3 hours out! We rode to Lake Willoughby in Westmore, Lake Willoughby is small but gorgeous, a classic glacier lake (deepest in Vermont, it's 300 feet deep) and such a nice drive there. Here's two pics, a distance shot and a relative closeup. The road is on the left mountain, you have the lake on your right and on your left are the cliffs, and there are 3 spots on the left where little waterfalls come cascading down.

I just stood in the kitchen with all my gear on, with a big pot of water and Murphy's oil soap and sponged off my jacket, leather pants, and boots. When they dry I'll treat them with Doc Baileys.

05-10-2009, 12:04 AM
hoping that Tammy had a good day riding!! I went back and saw that her last post was after midnight! and they were going to leave at 5:00 am!

05-10-2009, 11:24 AM
Happy Mothers Day!!!

Your ride looked awesome :) To bad you got caught in some showers but from the 2 pics it would have been worth it....

It is only 49 degrees out but we are going for a ride today leaving at 10:30 which is an hour away so we may warm up a few more degrees but hey I need to get some riding time in to toughen up my tush :)

Oh update on racing last night my son got 1st in his heat and 4th in his feature he rocked again!!!! DH came out and got last in his heat and got 10th in his feature-- not bad since it has been like 7 years since he has raced so all in all it was a good night.

Tonight DS races again and with coming off a win last week everyone will be gunning for him so he will have his work cut out for him :) Go Karl

Not much exercise been going on around here lately but sometimes just riding wears me out so it has to count for something???

To all you ladies out there have a Great Mother's Day !!!!

05-10-2009, 12:04 PM
good morning and Happy Mother's Day to all mothers :)

CChick, congrats to your son! and DH! Must be exciting (and maybe heart-stopping sometimes) to see them out there!

oh I agree, riding MUST burn more calories than just driving. brrr, hope it warms up for you!

wet and gray and 50 here, a day to stay inside and veg out!

DH made awesome breakfast; coffee and one donut (Bad me) at 7:00; then at 10:00 (after I worked out) scrambled eggs with sauteed vidalia onions, and random chunks of cream cheese; sausage; thin sliced potatoes; sausage gravey (not my fave but def a dave of DH)

Every Mother's Day for the past 4 or 5 years we'd be in Myrtle Beach for Bike week on this day. And the above breakfast is kinda what we'd have at Mammy's Restaurant. I'm not missing MB that much, though; mainly because I'm soooo glad we're not racking more debt on the credit card.

Today I did Level 1 of 30DS but I made the cardio more intense by holding weights. I admit to kinda wussing out by doing Level 1 instead of 2 or 3!

I can feel my legs being firmer which is wonderful!!!! but until i limit my calories I will not lose fat.

Hope Tammy is doing well!!

05-10-2009, 06:46 PM
I called my mom to wish her Happy Mother's Day, and she thanked me for the card I sent...then told me that NONE of my three siblings sent her a card!!!:( She apologized for coming across for 'feeling sorry for herself'.

we chatted for about half an hour. After I hung up, I jumped in the shower and got ready in like 15 minutes, and then was in my car to go visit her. (she's only 25 miles away)

she was sooo happy and surprised to see me, and just about talked my ear off :devil: but that's good :) :hug:

05-11-2009, 12:38 PM
That was so sweet of you Holly :) I called my Mom before leaving on the bikes and she didn't answer - she was probably still sleeping so I texted her that way when she woke up she would see that I called and then texted and that I did not forget.

Update haven't been getting much exercise in but I have been maintaining because my eating hasn't been great either lately.

DS got a 2nd and a 3rd last night so he is still whooping some booty out there :)

Well can't be on long just stopped home to pick up some paperwork will check back in later

05-11-2009, 04:24 PM
good afternoon! congrats to CChick's DH! :) Glad you're maintaining too, that's always better than a gain. I too am maintaining...exercising like a maniac and eating like one too! :rolleyes::nono:

this morning I did Denise Austin's Sizzler again ( I think it just did it Saturday) and again when she and her cheesy assistants :devil: do the silly dancy stuff, I sub Jillian-type cardio, using one pound hand weights.

Rode to work, though I waited till it warmed up! It was 36 here early; when I left at 10:00 it was a good 46 in the shade, and alot of strong sun. I had on enough layers that it was comfortable.

I would like to cut some grass, but the blackflies are pretty fierce :mad: I'll make a deal with myself, either cut grass outside or do an inside workout.

have a nice afternoon!

05-11-2009, 07:27 PM
I did another workout! :strong: I did The Biggest Loser Cardio, 25 minutes. And didn't pig out! (yet)

05-11-2009, 07:37 PM
good job Holly. I cant keep my food under control I did add exercising back in last week though.

05-12-2009, 07:12 AM
good morning and extra :dust: to us all! I kept OP for one full day yesterday, first day in a long time. Yay Mandy for getting the exercise back into schedule! :carrot:

just finishing up my coffee now. Need to choose a workout then go to work :D
if I dont check back in, have a great day chicks! :hug:

05-12-2009, 08:30 AM
okey dokey, I did 30DS Level one, but held weights for the cardio. Big whoop de doo, huh :D ttyl!

05-12-2009, 07:37 PM
CC, congrats on the family race results. That's must be fun to watch.

Enjoying your summer job Holly?

I sprained my ankle last night, and did something to my wrist. this really sucks

05-13-2009, 09:08 AM
good morning chicks! Mandy, sorry to hear about your sprain and your wrist! :( :( sure hope they heal up soon! and yes I am enjoying being back at the summer job, thank you very much! :D Today is the official opening day, and besides baking I am also doing waistaff in the dining room tonight and the next couple nights, to make some $.

this morning I did Level 3 of the Shred...That makes the sweat fly off my nose :eek: ! TMI perhaps? lol.

have a great day chicks and talk atcha tomorrow

05-14-2009, 06:57 AM
good morning chicks :) Mandy, how are your hurt parts this morning?

it is absolutely gorgeous out right now at 5:45 am, it's almost 50 degrees with the son coming up but it's going downhill in a few hours, rain and wind all day. oh well.

I survived my first long day at work, baked from 9 to 3, had an hour and a half to goof off, then dining room from 5 to 8:30. I'm doing that through Saturday to help out and make some extra $.

a sign of the times though, it's a tradition in the dining room to 'pass the basket' , we literally pass out wicker baskets to the tables and the members pull out $ to put in the baskets that the waitstaff divides up. Usually you see a few $20, alot of $10 and $5...last night there were the majority of $1. oh well :devil:

i'll try to check in after working out this morning to make myself accountable, but i have to deal with the garbage and recycing first. The guy comes on Thursdays at like 7:30 am, too early!

05-14-2009, 08:30 AM
okay I'm back..I did almost all of level 2 of 30 Day shred, I bailed on the last two minutes of cardio ...oh well!!

have a great day :)

05-14-2009, 09:49 AM
Good Morning

Sorry to hear about ankle and wrist Mandy, how were you so lucky to sprain both of them?

Holly great job on exercising and staying OP- Glad to hear your job is still
fun for you, hopefully tips will get alittle better as time goes on. Is it usually same people that come to the lodge every year or different people
all the time? Just curious

Well DS races Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this week. DH races Saturday only. My laptop the last couple of days won't connect to internet but the other 2 computers will so not sure what is going on there, and I hate sitting in computer room it is boring.....

Ok I will check back in later hopefully
Have a Great Day :)

05-15-2009, 06:59 PM
Hello- It finally Friday but the home chaos will just begin..... Well this week we have races tonight through Sunday, plus we have our Eagle Rider group ride Sunday as well.

Hope everyone else has a relaxing weekend and gets to get out and ride

05-16-2009, 07:04 AM
good morning! best wishes to your crew racing, CChick! and I sure hope you have nice weather for your group ride.

I did not work out yesterday and I won't today. So there. :p :D I just didn't have the energy yesterday, and I didn't make the time this morning. Something about leaving the house at 8:30, and then getting home at 9:00 pm or later, wears you out! but i know the consistant exercise has helped me with endurance for these long days.

CChick, it is the same people each year, they have a very limited membership and at this point, people have to pass away before another slot is available, and there is a long waiting list.

oh, the first night when we 'passed the baskets' I noted that there were alot of small bills? well each night they have increased, very nice to see. Either our service sucked the first night, or we just had to get them warmed up, lol. Tonight is my last night in the dining room, thank goodness!!!! I couldnt do it full time.

I want so much to ride to work today but it is pretty 100% rain coming in later, and I just don't want to deal with extreme fatigue, darkness and rain coming home.

do we know when Tammy gets back?

Mandy, how ya doin'? :hug:

HEY Gina...are you OK? and Jill, do I need to PM you again sister? :)

have a great day chicks and watch out for those cagers!!!

05-16-2009, 12:12 PM
Im doing much better, my ankle popped yesterday and it feels much better today, I can put some weight on it and I have a bigger range of motion. I think it must have been dislocated or something.

Last night, my husband took Christian to the ER to get his nose stitched up. He fell into the front door handle, and it sliced through his little nostril. it not a sharp object so I am pretty amazed at the damage.

if anyone is curious, here is a pic of my son with his stitches

05-16-2009, 03:35 PM
Holly glad to hear tips were getting better as the days went on. Those are some long days glad to hear they are just about done. Mine will just be getting started next week, we start stocking the new store and open on Thursday, finally :)

Mandy oh that would have hurt boy little guy. I wouldn't have thought that a door handle could do that kind of damage either.

Well DS got 1st in his heat and 3rd in his feature last night- so he is still
doing an awesome job :) YAY

Well I think I may try to take a nap before leaving we are going alittle early, need to run into next town to pick up refrigerator for river camper. Not a bad price acutally $350.00, but got to have a working refrigerator.

Well ladies I think Tammy should be getting back any day now. I hope she posts pics for us????

Talk to you girlies later

Oh and weather is suppose to awesome for us tomorrow- 75 degrees and sunny

05-16-2009, 08:01 PM
Hey Ladies, I am at a public computer so I will only be able to post once. We left last Saturday, got in Vegas on Monday night. The weather was brutal on Mother's Day..... but we got blessed by a HD dealer in Amarillo, TX (which is where we are now b/c of the rain-- been here since yesterday afternoon-- hopefully leaving early in the AM for home). I will go into details about the blessing when I get on my laptop, which I kick myself for not bringing! Anyhoo..... we were married on Wednesday AM. It is not on the web yet b/c we did not want to pay the $150.00 extra for it. I do have the DVD in hand.... the wedding pic may be a problem, they could not print them they were going to mail them to us (say a little prayer we get them, there are some good pic in there). The preacher did a beautiful ceremony, it was not like some drive thru hurry up job..... it was great. We left Vegas Thursday and we were doing good on time until we hit this storm. It produced tornadoes about 25 miles ahead of us and it runs our entire course home. So, there is nothing to do but wait it out. I have a lot to tell you guys..... I have missed blogging with ya. Thanks for your well wishes. I am going back to the room now. I hope to be home tomorrow night..... if not hopefully Monday AM. Miss you all.... have a great night. Btw, I have been eating horribly, I bet I have gained 10 pounds! No exercise besides walking down the strip and fighting the desert winds! Oh well, it has been worth it.

05-17-2009, 07:51 PM
Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Tammy!!! :D:congrat: thank you so much for checking in from the road, so sorry to hear of the terrible weather! looking forward to hearing ALL about your trip and hopefully some pics :)

Mandy, so sorry about your little guy!

CChick, congrats to DS! and gosh, another store opening, congrats on that too :)

last night was my last night waitstaffing, and I had a couple hours between baking and then waistaff, so I was able to come home for a one hour nap, and that made all the difference.

I did ride to work today, the rain was over but was still kinda windy, and all the way to work I was avoiding stuff on the roads, like branches, pine cones, small saplings broken across the road, a dead beaver :eek:

I was so pleased that DH and DS#2 cut most of the grass yesterday, I knew it really needed it but I just have not had the time lately. As I pulled into the driveway I noticed right away, doesn't a freshly cut lawn at your house look so nice :)

I have off tomorrow, yay! first day off in seven days. I have alot of laundry to do, and I haven't worked out in 3 days, so I will get back to regular working out :strong:

have a great night chicks :carrot:

05-18-2009, 01:42 PM
good afternoon! I slept two hours later than usual and that felt great. Lazed around a bit, then did The Biggest Loser Cardio 25 minutes with Bob, then about 10 minutes of Cathe abs. I still have hours of laundry to do, and to make an appt. for my car, the heat shield is loose and rattly but I also hear something like a hole in the muffler. I hope it won't cost too much! (futile wish, I'm sure :D)

hope everyone's doing OK :)

05-19-2009, 06:23 PM
good afternoon! today and Wednesdays I leave for work at 6:00 am so I won't be saying hi til later. And making myself exercise later. I swear, I dragged myself kicking and screaming into my workout today. If I could, I would have thrown myself on the floor and drummed my heels and whined. I was truly seriously resisting!! finally after about 15 minutes into it, I started to smooth out and put more effort into it. And completed it! It was the Denise Austin cardio/weights/abs. I"m glad I MADE myself do it.

This morning it was 30 degrees when I left. I had to pull over about 15 miles from here, to defrost my fingers but that was all that was cold. But I wanted to ride because it was going to be beautiful on the way home, and it was!

have a nice night chicks!

05-19-2009, 07:57 PM
Hey Ladies, I am home. I got home LATE Sunday night and after riding from Amarillo, TX to home (733 miles) in one day I was beat!

First of all, the wedding. I have not been able to get around the encription of the wedding video to post on myspace or facebook. To top it off, they had a problem with the computer and the pictures so they are mailing them. So, I have a big fat ZILCH right now..... but I do have the DVD in hand. The ceremony was beautiful, but we were told one price to have it put on the web and got there and it was much higher for a shorter period of time. So, we did not do that. My boss is confident she can get around the encription.
It was awesome....... I cannot even tell you how good the wording of the ceremony was........ and of course HE cried..... which made me tear up. My youngest son so kindly pointed out the tears in my eyes...... b/c I am a bawl bag by nature.

I have the true biker face going on..... the pale eyes and the sunburned face--- by the way...... I burned through the bandana with sunscreen on---- so that tells you how hot the sun was.

I have to tell you...... I had major cold feet, but it was the best trip and the best bonding experience either of us could have wished for.

We gambled a whole $25 away (20 for me, 5 for him). We just looked at the sights and enjoyed each other's company and not having the everyday life bothering us! We are both not going back to work until our original date of next Tuesday, so we are just home hanging out and having mini vacations. I did go in for a few hours before daylight this AM and will do again on Thursday..... I just don't want the cash flow in the office to be interupted.

As far as the trip, you know he got the new bike right before we left. We were going to have to strain to get to Arizona to have it serviced b/c everywhere I called was not open on Sunday's until June or so--- which included the dealership in Amarillo Texas. However when we went by there were bikes outside so we stopped. Wayne told the guy what was going on he actually was eating lunch and stopped eating and did Wayne's bike and did it for $150 less than it should have been as a wedding gift. They are not open but for 2 hours for their HOG meeting and not to the public, but they were so kind and did what we needed. It was such great customer service.

There were points of the trip that we froze to death (Amarillo Texas!) and points that we were roasting (desert of NM and AZ). And there were tornadoes (Amarillo Texas), but it was a great journey!

I am sorry I have missed so much. I have not had time to read all of the posts but I do plan to do so later this week.

Thanks for helping me before the trip gals, I appreciate it! :hug: You rock.

Btw, in Kingman AZ their service guy was ran over by an 18 year old "under the influence of something" and killed 2 weeks ago. And Sunday their was a couple killed by a 17 year old that pulled out in front of them while they were on a ride. I am thinking seriously about doing a letter to the editor for the paper...... just about my thoughts and feelings.... any suggestions?


hello pinki
05-19-2009, 08:54 PM
I just wanted to post up a hello...Biker chick here. I have a CBR600 Smokin' Joe Replica and a Yamaha R1. I'm looking at getting a cruiser though because alas, I'm getting old, have a bum knee and it locks up after too long of a ride on a sportbike. Hehehe....

Are any of you ladies on I'm sexnstillettos on there, founding member of the pussy posse...hehhe

05-19-2009, 09:11 PM
Welcome 'hello pinki'....... sorry, I drive a cruiser...... I am an old woman at age 35--- too old for a sport bike. :welcome3:

05-19-2009, 10:37 PM
Hello and Welcome "hello pinki", well I to am to old for sport bike my 19 year old just got a Yamaha R6 and it is way different riding than riding a cruiser.
I personally have a chopper, but I do consider it a cruiser still. :)

Tammy so glad to hear your had a great "super" trip. Sorry to hear about the weather you ran into, sounds scary. But on a good note that sure was nice of the guy in Amarillo, TX and wow that was a super price $150 shoot to have our service done here it is about $280 + tax
Hopefully your pictures do come or you get disc un-encrypted so we can watch :)

Well again I have been super busy but new store opens on Thursday so I can't guarantee I will be on here much this week, but will try.

Have a great night

05-20-2009, 06:08 AM
good morning chicks! big welcome to hello pink! Cruiser chick here also, though I'd love to test ride a sport bike.

Tammy - 733 miles in one day is a record buster!! cant wait to see some pics :)

hi CChick!! thanks for saying hey :hug: we know you must be super busy with the new store opening.

thank goodness it's 20 degrees warmer now than it was yesterday at this time!! (50 instead of 30!) that will make riding to work alot more comfy. have a great day.

05-21-2009, 08:25 AM
good morning! it is BEAUTIFUL out there this morning. 60 degrees at 6 am, bright sun, blue sky, everything is green now, lilacs are blooming..this is a day to remember in the dead of winter.

I have off today, and have a out, first! cut grass, wash bike, a little grocery shopping, tan, still havent made that appt. for my car, . we'll see what I accomplish.

Riding home from work last ngiht, I didn't need chaps or anything around my neck, and light gloves. It felt sooo good.

have a great day!

05-21-2009, 08:43 AM
hey yall, sorry I haven't been around, SUPER busy. getting caught up on all the stuff I didn't do while laid up with my ankle, and my daughters last day of school is today and Christain gets his stitched out this afternoon

Welcome Back Tammy, You're and honest woman now...LOL

05-21-2009, 09:59 AM
Hi Mandy, I'm glad you're back in action! congrats to your daughter on last day of school, does she go to private school? best wishes to your cute, cute little boy on getting stitches out.

I did Level 3 of the Shred just now, sweat flying off my nose on the last part of floor strength; and then a long set of Cathe abs.

I am moving my ticker DOWN ONE POUND. A tiny victory but i think it will give me incentive to stop the bites, licks and nibbles at work!

05-21-2009, 10:32 AM
Hi Mandy, I'm glad you're back in action! congrats to your daughter on last day of school, does she go to private school? best wishes to your cute, cute little boy on getting stitches out.

I did Level 3 of the Shred just now, sweat flying off my nose on the last part of floor strength; and then a long set of Cathe abs.

I am moving my ticker DOWN ONE POUND. A tiny victory but i think it will give me incentive to stop the bites, licks and nibbles at work!

YAY Holly!!! I worked at Morrison's several years ago, I opened in the morning then worked in the pie room. So I cooked fried chicken, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, some veggies corn bread ect then off to make cakes, pies, ect. I ate a the largest fried chicken breast, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, Mexican corn bread and Boston cream for dessert(chocolate cake, Bavarian cream in the middle, whipped cream for icing and drizzled with chocolate syrup) everyday for lunch and I was also the smallest I have ever been. Probably because I only ate that once a day and worked 11 and 12 hours a day, some days open to I miss being that skinny, but not working like that.

05-21-2009, 05:47 PM
Hey Mandy, congrats on your daughter's last day of school..... and your son's stitches. Do you ever think that when you ate what you want and did not worry about it...... that is when you weighed the least? That is how it worked for me. When I got on the "diet" band wagon that is when it skyrocketed! Maybe just in my head.

Holly, congrats on the pound! Woo Hoo! I keep gaining and losing the same weight since before my trip, but at least it is not a huge gain!

CC- I hate you are so busy--- but the vacation time is not too far away!

Today is Wayne's mother's bday so we are on our way to eat at a Japanese Steak House.... no weight loss today :)

I got the wedding pic! I am not sure how to get them on here..... so, my myspace name is tammy frazier........ I will add you as a friend-- or you can wait forever until I figure out how to get it on here. :D If you access my myspace, it shows my "before" pic are and the wedding pictures are the "after" it is a transformation if I must say so myself... except you can see my muffin top :) Wayne got a medium shirt for me and he wanted to be married in them, I had intended on the medium being my target size-- oh well, gives me something to work for.

05-21-2009, 05:48 PM
Oh yeah, Mandy, it feels great to not be the "shacked up" lady anymore. :)

05-21-2009, 06:35 PM
Hey tammy, there s more than 1 tammy frazier on My space. Which is you?

05-21-2009, 10:32 PM
the last of my ulr is "thenewmrsfrazier"

My DOB is 7/11. From Trumann, AR

05-22-2009, 07:04 PM
Tammy - I joined MySpace just so I could see your wedding pics :D they are wonderful, and you look sooo good! And from your before HAVE done a transformation!!! :bravo::cheer2::yay:

05-22-2009, 07:59 PM
YAY Holly!!! I worked at Morrison's several years ago, I opened in the morning then worked in the pie room.

...drool....The Pie Room ....:D

05-22-2009, 11:01 PM

Thanks for the compliment.

I am doing the "back to work countdown"..... 3 days after today. :(

How is everyone?

05-23-2009, 06:43 AM
good morning ladies! a little cooler here this morning, around 40.

Oh, I hope you fully enjoy your remaining days before returning to work, Tammy! (and its so nice that I have a picture of you in my mind now, that I'm 'talking' to :) )

An special shout out to those who Mandy knows, those in the military. Memorial Day is for us to honor those who gave their lives so that we are living in the (in my opinion) greatest country in the world and we have so many freedoms.

I do work today and tomorrow, but this afternoon we are getting together wtih another biking couple at their house, for steak on the grill and liquid refreshments :D Hopefully we will ride there (about 40 minutes away) but not sure of the weather .

have a great day chicks!

05-24-2009, 02:44 PM
First off WOW Tammy that is an awesome transformation, I to just joined MySpace to see your pics- so when will wedding pics be posted???Way to go:bravo:

Holly you are doing great and you even got to move your ticker- cudos to you to:bravo:

Mandy glad to hear that you are getting back up and around, ankle must be feeling better:carrot:

Well got through opening the new store, now we will have Grand Opening next Friday and Saturday. Races got cancelled last night which was good because my dad is in town for my nieces graduation so it was nice to hang out with him and visit. Not cancelled yet for today but dad wants to go watch so I hope they don't get cancelled tonight.

Well nice to see everyone is staying on track, I again will shoot for starting back up OP this week I hope. I did buy the Wii Active this morning but haven't opened the box yet will do that after lunch.

Hope everyone is having a Great Memorial Weekend;)

Oh ya almost forget we took family pictures yesterday late morning while everyone was home for grad party- I also asked photographer if she would take some of us with our bikes, she said yes so we had my MIL go get her trike and we went home and got our bikes, I just hope they all turn out we haven't had family pics for like 15 years of my family and it has been like 7 years since my immediate family pics. Anyways can't wait to see them done

05-24-2009, 04:49 PM
Hey ladies, Thanks so much for the comments. I still have another 20 pounds to go. I am hoping to get back on track when I go back to work :(

Mandy, tell your husband and every friend of his you see that I said thanks for their service. We are fortunate to have men like your husband and my son serving (although my son is not full time-- he is going full time).

Speaking of my son..... he laid his bike over last night. He drives it back and forth to work b/c he is fixing the motor in his truck (it was a human induced blow up of the motor--- CC I really think he should be on the track with your DH and son). But, anyway he gets off late and he was coming home and a "dog" ran out in front of him. What I really think happened is he lost control b/c the pavement was wet..... and his back tire is not what it should be. He had a full face helmet on, which is good b/c it would have grated his face. He has some deep cuts and "chunks" gone, we thought his ankle was broken but it is not..... It could have been much worse than it was. I am so thankful that it was not! I feel a little guilty b/c I pray for the boys everynight before I go to sleep b/c they need all the help they can get (they are careless boys) and I did not last night. I am hoping that this "little" spill gives him a bigger respect for the bike. Maybe now he will put a new tire on it as well as the brakes it needs. I am so thankful it was not worse! I got a blessing BIG time--- and he knows how bad it could have been. Btw, the bike got a few scrapes too. It is a 2003 HD anniversary sportster and it now needs a clutch handle and a cover on the motor from what I seen.

I am a "big" girl and it is hard to feel feminine sometimes when you are built like an Amazon...... so I love pretty nails..... well, I had to clip them b/c they are just hard to deal with. I hate that I had to clip them, but oh well.

If you cannot see all the pic on myspace, I do have a facebook account. I don't think you have to join for it.... it is under my new and old name (new- frazier.... old-- lance).

Mandy, I am glad your ankle is better.

CC- glad your store is finally open-- maybe you can breathe a little easier. Way to go on getting the MIL on the bike! Can't wait to see the pic.

I still cannot get the DVD to format correctly. I am hoping my boss' wife can help Tuesday.

Holly, glad you are liking your summer job and way to go on moving the ticker!

I think I am fixing to hit the library. It is free and I like to read.

05-25-2009, 08:09 AM
good morning and a thankful thoughts to the Memorial Day heroes.

Tammy, OMG so sorry to hear of your son's fall! Hope he heals up quickly and isn't hurting too much.

I meant also to comment how pretty your fingernails were in your wedding pics, and I was going to be rude enough to ask if they were real:D I have never ever been able to have nice nails, and was going to ask for advice, that if they were artificial, how they work out, etc. I don't think you need ever ever to not feel feminine, you are so pretty, you've got that gorgeous long blonde hair, you've got curves, you're a hot chick on a bike!!

CChick, congrats on the new store! and that is great about fam pics on bikes, that rocks!

we are meeting with friends in Montpelier at 10:30 to ride, so far it's me and husband, another couple whose wife rides behind husband, another couple who both ride their own, and a woman who rides her own. I love how our posse has a high percentage of lady riders :D

it is beautiful and sunny but still cool here, a little over 40 . Not supposed to get much over 62 or so today but the sun is beautiful.

have to do a workout, didn't yesterday, so need to now so I have a clear(er) conscience!

05-25-2009, 10:23 AM
Good Morning and Happy Memorial Day to all! A special Thanks to ones who serve and who have served and have given the ultimate sacrafice. We had a local soldier killed in the last bombing. I did not know him, but he grew up 15 miles from here. He left behind a wife and EIGHT kids!

Good thing I have been on a bike for two weeks, no riding today-- or the rest of the week. It is fixing to storm here again..... for Pete's sake, I wish it would go away.

My son is better. I am taking him to get his ankle x-rayed but I think it is fine. Thanks for the well wishes. :hug:

Holly, you are so dedicated, I am trying to work my way back up into that dedication level. I know this sounds twisted, but in a way I am ready to get back to work (please don't remind me that I said this) so I can get back to some sense of normalcy. And, I think that the lady rider ratio is great in your group!

Girl, you can ask me just about anything...... I don't think it is rude. And, thanks for the comment on the hair and curves-- I appreciate it. The fingernails are different than acrylic. They are called Angel Love, but from what I gather they are comperable to gel nails. They are not as strong as the acrylic ones ( but they did make it to Vegas and back on a bike). The plus to them is they do not use that dremel tool to file your real nail down, they are all hand crafted to you. They are not glued on..... they are made just for your hand. The lady that did mine said the chemical in them is what they make eye glasses from. You can use acetone or anything else with them, they will not melt down like acrylic. BUT, they are not meant to be long and do housework. Mine real nails were breaking b/c I had pre wedding jitters and chewed them off..... once I grow my real nail out they will be stronger. I won't have them as long as the wedding pic b/c I use a computer for a living, but I will have them a little longer than what they are now. Btw, I am enjoying not having to be a professional--- my nails are hot pink today! So, I am going to keep the nails, just shorter. I am going to let my real nail grow out a little over the fingertip and keep them that length, until next vacation. :D

CC, I hope you can take a day or so off before you go to Sturgis, just to unwind.

DH (first time I have typed that for me) said that we should start taking our vacations every year (we never do) and go somewhere....... he asked where to go next year, I said how about Sturgis (he goes to Lil Sturgis, but not the "real" one), I thought it would be a cool thing to do.

Mandy, do you have a big Memorial Day planned?

When I was on my trip, we wore our ABATE shirts, that are flourescent yellow and say "Look Twice Save a Life" on the back with a motorcycle. They were made in honor of a guy that DH knows ( I was not around then) who was killed. His nickname was bear, so they have a teddybear on the sleve, but other than that they are not "marked up". You would not believe the comments we got on them when we stopped...... it was great! We had drivers say they saw us clearly with those on. I am thinking of trying to come up with a lady rider version of them....... just to get the ladies noticed too! Whatcha think?

05-25-2009, 09:48 PM
good evening chicks!

Tammy, those shirts sound great! do you have a pic of your current one? and how nice that you can now type DH :D

Oh, I understand the wanting to get back to 'the usual schedule'. It is sooo easy to go off plan when you're not in the usual schedule, I know.

continued healing wishes to your son :)

thanks for the info on the nails, also. Geez, we female have so much to maintain! I just love the look of a french manicure on others. But I feel I already have my hands full maintaining highlighted hair, body color from tanning and self-tanners, twisting and beating this body into some kind of shape, whitening teeth with strips, keeping legs and other parts shaved, makeup, jewelry, hooboy the list goes on and on :devil:

my husband mounted a little camera to his handlebars and did a video of our ride through Smugglers Notch yesterday, and put some music to it (unfortunately the music is a little repetitive, he's usually much better at choosing music) It's not too exciting but kinda fun. Boy you're really worked up to see it now I bet, LOL! Just setting you up to not expect too much.

05-25-2009, 09:57 PM
:( This is very sad, as we were riding on Rt. 17 through what we call the App Gap (Appalachian Gap) we came upon an accident scene, we saw a crashed bike, and a body covered with a sheet. and later found this info -

An East Calais woman died today after the motorcycle on which she was a passenger crashed on Vermont 17 in Buels Gore (the Appalachian Gap)

Vermont State Police said Sharon Gall, 56, was pronounced dead at the scene and John Gall, 55, also of East Calais, was transported to Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington with “severe life-threatening injuries.”

Police said John Gall was operating a 2006 Harley Davidson westbound on Vermont 17 when he lost control of the motorcycle and left the roadway at about 11:30 a.m.

Police said the road conditions were clear and dry at the time of the crash.

We came upon the scene less than an hour later. The poor husband, what he must be going through, if he is conscious. Our thoughts and prayers to him and his extended family. :hug:

05-26-2009, 09:45 AM
Good morning ladies! I am back at work-- so I am going to make this one quick.

I am going to give it a go to get back on plan! I have to! Next week I start bootcamp and I don't want to be in complete body shock.

Holly, that was so sad about the lady dying, I bet that husband will have such a horrible time dealing with her death, if he makes it. It is such a tragedy. I hate that so badly. My prayers are with them all!

I watched the video your DH made...... that is awesome. I was thinking when I watched it how cool it would be as an education tool to go through town and film how many times a car pulls out in front of a bike or how close they get intentionally. If it saves one person it is worth it.

I will get a pic of the shirt, you know I am a bit computer challenged so it maybe a little while before I get it posted.

I am with you with the maintenance. I do not have to do much to the hair, as it is natural---- but I am getting scared b/c I have BIG white spots (gray)...... I hate to see a blonde with 1/2 blonde and then the roots growing..... my beautician assures me it will not happen to me, but if it does, I am heading for the dye! I have to tan or I look like and Albino, although I think after this year I am going to hand in my tanning goggles, I keep reading that blonde hair, blue eyed people have a significantally higher chance of skin cancer, and that is me! I love me some nails though.... I consider myself low maintenance, but I still have to maintain-- ha ha. Especially with weight!

My son's ankle is just sprained. I think it did scare him somewhat and give him a little more respect b/c he spent the day fixing his truck yesterday and it is now running.

I am going to quit gabbing for now. I have to get some work done. :(


05-26-2009, 07:00 PM
Hi Ladies I to have to make this a quick one....

First so sad about the lady and boy if the husband is conscious what he
is probably going through :( Same here thoughts and prayers are going
out to the family.

On a good note the movie looks awesome, that looks like a really nice ride :) We had 80 degree weather yesterday but DH wanted to go golfing instead so we went golfing, boo hoo

Not so good note I am 39 and headed to ER this morning, my heart was beating really fast and made me light headed and dizzy but it was not constant so I waited about 2 1/2 hours before going then when I get there they lay me on hospital bed and they quit, imagine that......
Well they put my on heart monitor till tomorrow then I go back, all tests came back ok so really were not concerned greatly except for my blood
pressure is really low like 90/60 (that is bp of a 1 year old) it did spike up right after getting there to 105/63 but came back down after I calmed down. My bp usually does run low but not normally low 90's and low 60's so of course they said we will talk more about that tomorrow as well....
I am however feeling pretty good this afternoon :)

Tammy glad to hear your son if ok and I bet that was an eye opener for him but so sorry it had to happen.

Ok better get going take care and talk to you later- I will let you know what doc says tomorrow

05-26-2009, 08:48 PM
Reda - !!!! :hug::hug::hug: damn girl that is did right by going to ER though...can't even say how much I want to hear that everything is OK!!! my gosh that IS an extremely low BP..holy cow...well you listen to what the docs say, and then maybe get a second or third opinion, until you feel comfortable with what is being told to you. BIG HUGS and well wishes!!!

05-26-2009, 08:49 PM
Tammy, I do like that idea about just filming a typical day on the road, and pointing out ALL the hazards that come our way.

05-26-2009, 10:51 PM
CC- I agree with Holly! It is a good thing you went to the ER and you need to watch those abnormalities with your BP. And, again like she said, don't take a diagnosis from a doctor if it does not seem right to you. YOU are in your skin 24/7 and you know what is right and what is not. I am in the medical field and there are fantastic doctors out there, and there are not so fantastic doctors. Do you know what the definition of the diagnosis is? It is the doctors OPINION--- it is true most of them base this on the tests...... but it is their opinion and there is room for error. I cannot say it enough, if you feel something is not right with you keep on until you feel comfortable with what they are telling you. Even if you get in the office or ER a million times and it stops, if it scares you enough to go---- then there is a reason for it. Remember the squeeky wheel gets the grease. I am not telling you to be obnoctious b/c that is a turn off--- but be firm in what you believe is going on with your body. I have learned through this weight loss thing and when I went outside of my specialty of neurosurgery that heart attacks do happen more than you think to 30-40 year old somethings. You have been under a lot of stress and this is not good on the ticker at any age! I am praying for you. I know we have not met and I have not been chatting long with you but I feel like you girls are friends and I don't want to hear something has happened to you. Some of my former staff members still work for the cardiology doctors in the multi specialty group I worked for. I don't mind to start a chain and ask them to ask the doctor if what you are told matches what you are feeling if you are uneasy with what they tell you. It could be that they tell you something the first time and it correlates to what you feel and there is a simple fix for it. I just want you to have options. Okay, I know I stay on a soap box, I am off it now.

I am going to get off here. It is storming outside (again). CC, let us know when you find out. Best wishes!

05-27-2009, 10:29 AM
Good Morning ladies.

CC- I hope things turn out good for you today.

I want you girls to know that I am crawling back on the bandwagon today. I have been playing a numbers game with my weight and just "messing around" for about the past month. It is time to get serious and get this done and MAINTAIN! So, I am limiting carbs starting today. I am not going to do Slim Fast unless I am dying for chocolate-- b/c it is loaded with sugar. Since I have been eating junk the past 2.5 weeks, I feel like someone has put a "downer" in my body and I am moving in slow motion. I know it is the food choices. We have been eating out A LOT--- and that has to stop not only for health but finances. I am trying to get all of our CC paid off by the end of the year. So, this is a big year for me, married, at my goal weight, and out of CC debt--- :cheer2::cheer2::cheer2::cheer2: ( I needed those cheerleaders to motivate me).

I have to get busy...... can you believe I have been married for 2 weeks today? It is going by fast...... but you have NO clue how much better I feel since I am an "honest woman" and I don't have to deal with cold feet anymore..... it was rough!

I hope everyone has a great day!

Oh, please say a prayer that my son gets the military job he wants. I don't know all of the dynamics of it, but I know it is FT (meaning he won't go to college right now) and it is what he does when he goes to drill. He is a helicopter mechanic and a crew chief-- which is rare since he just got out of AIT but b/c he scored so high on his ASFAB he got that job. I just want him to get the job FT so he can get his life in order..... and I don't think he can do it living under mommy's roof!

05-27-2009, 07:27 PM
Tammy sending those good vibes to you and your son that he gets the job he is wanting;)

Thanks for all your support and yes I did go back to doc today and turned in heart monitor but it will take a couple days for results to come back. However I do feel much better today and haven't had any other episodes since yesterday morning. However my blood pressure did come up some today it was 104/63 so we will watch that and I will have to go get it taken daily to see what happens over the next week. I really think that it is stress/anxiety related even though I really don't feel stressed, I know I have alot of it going on right now between work and my youngest son. Oh and to top it off AC is not working so we have to get a new one so there goes a couple thousand dollars, darn....

Well I suppose I better get going, I hired DH and my managers DH to come help us out at the old store getting stuff moved to new store and getting alot of it boxed up to donate to food pantry (they will actually take the candy, jerky, and bag snacks that we didn't sell). I will try to log back in later

05-27-2009, 09:46 PM
Prayers to your son, Tammy, on getting the job he wants!

and hugs to ChopperChick :hug:

05-28-2009, 09:37 AM
Good Morning - off to work but at least tonight we get to ride, it is our Eagles Supper Ride and it is suppose to be 80 degrees and sunshine today, couldn't ask for more today.

Hope Everyone's day goes good :)

05-28-2009, 11:58 AM
Good morning ladies.

Believe it or not..... not much going on here in my neck of the woods. Except I am having a major problem getting back on the diet bandwagon! I start boot camp on Monday, maybe that will help!

CC- I think a ride would do you and your health good!


05-28-2009, 12:36 PM
good late morning ladies! I delayed logging on here until I worked out and made myself accountable. I did the 30 DS, level 3, and then some Gilad abs.

I'm so glad someone is having nice weather! our last nice day was Monday, it's been rainy ever since.

not much to say...I'm glad I have today off, but I don't like it when my day off is rainy and gloomy. I need to learn to ignore what's going on outside, so it doesn't affect my insides so much :dizzy:

I realized that our Harley Rendezvous trip is in four weeks! I am not rally-ready yet :devil: need to tighten up/lose some more, tan more, get hair highlighted again, maybe do the teeth whitening strips again..geez so much work :D

05-29-2009, 08:08 AM
good morning chicks - how was your ride yesterday Cchick? it is STILL raining here :(

I just finished doing The Biggest Loser Cardio workout with Bob, so that's 25 minutes, and then Cathe abs, about 10 minutes.

gotta shower and get ready for work. On Wednesday, I made two big pans of rhubarb crisp at work, for last nights dinner dessert. It was the first time I tried that recipe, and it looked awfully gloopy when I poured it in the pan. But I know the brownsugar oat crunch topping is good, so hopefully it wasn't a disaster. I'll find out when I get to work :devil:

have a great day and stay on plan!!!

05-29-2009, 11:58 AM
Holly, sorry it is still raining there. It looks like we may have a weekend without rain here. The weatherman is saying it is the first one in 6 weeks! Dang, that is a long time. I think we are going to the jail's chaplains vacation home tomorrow, which is about a 80 mile ride. It should be a good one. I sure hope so.

Rhubarb cobbler, can't say I would try it....... but I am sure it did fine- You seem to be an awesome cook! I love "crisps"-- I love the topping! Apple is my favorite! MMMM.... okay, got to quit talking about that!

CC- I hope you have been enjoying your rides. Is it helping your stress level? It usually helps mine. I think it is great that you were able to give what you did not sell to a food pantry...... a lot of people these days would not allow that to be done.... it says a lot about your company.

Mandy, how are you?

I have to get back to work. Ttyl

05-29-2009, 04:49 PM
good afternoon chicks! well Tammy you were right, I should have more faith in myself :devil: without me even bringing it up, the club manager/president told me several people told him it was the best dessert they had in a while (hopefully they weren't comparing it to my other desserts, lol)

Did I tell you all that our older son *finally* got his own place, I saw it today, it is cute but very small, but we all start small right. It is $600 a month, includes heat and electric. It will be an adjustment not having him here, especially for Eddie the dog :)

Tammy, I do hope you get to have a rain free weekend! I was so psyched that as I was driving home from work, it had cleared, the roads were dry and actually a few little blue patches up there. BUT instead of suiting up to ride, I was a GOOD responsible adult and cut the whole lawn :carrot: and then cut down a big section of these stupid plants that grow like crazy by the driveway and block our view of on coming traffic.

CChick, I agree, that was great that your company donated that food. Good people :)

Oh, I finally got my first paycheck from summer job place. We get paid every two weeks, and I actually had almost three week's worth of hours, including those dining room hours. I'm happy to say it was worth it, my eyes widened at the amount and I happily deposited it, keeping a little 'mad money' for me :devil:

Yeah, Mandy, how are you girlie? :cool:

and what has happened to Gina :( and Jill!! :(

05-30-2009, 07:53 PM
good evening chicks! I rode to work today, successfully dodging showers. There was a huge downpour at around noon, but then the sun came out and 40 minutes later , all was dry. We met friends at a restaurant/bar, I had two Coronas and some BBQ pork and french fries...they were good :devil:

todays exercise (this morning) was 30 Day Shred, level 2.

have a great night!

05-30-2009, 09:10 PM

check it out, it's in the Just Chatter section - my husband's niece is home from Iraq and reunited with her little girl :carrot: :hug: :)

05-30-2009, 10:37 PM
Holly, I knew your dessert would be good. Good cooks are always critical of themselves!
So, are you going to have an empty nest now?

Okay, I am fixing to be whiny! If you are down-- I would not read this! I got to ride today and the first part of the ride was great. It is a beautiful day-- we went to the jail chaplains summer home and had lunch (my DH, Zeke, the sheriff, chief of police, another guy).... so we were on the way home and Zeke's license plate broke off his bike and we all ran over it..... but he nor DH noticed it. I sped up to DH to tell him we lost Zeke's tag-- but in speeding up to him I started to fishtail a little. I thought it was the road, so after we all got back on the road, I heard this clunk, clunk, clunk and then a grind then I started to fishtail again..... well I stopped and the other men behind me started to shake my bike, look at my tire, etc. By then DH and Zeke came back to us..... DH got on bike and it did not do it with him-- so of course it must have been my female imagination....... as I was the only female here. So, they put me in front and we went about 10 miles at 55mph and there it went again--- the very same pattern-- clunk, clunk, clunk, then the grind and the fishtail. So, I pull over again--- this time DH seen the fishtail. So he got on it and it just started fishtailing from the get go. The jail chaplain had started riding back with us for them to go home and luckily his wife was coming behind us with their mcycle trailer---- so we loaded it up and we decided to take it to the HD dealership tomorrow. As bad as I hated to, I got on the BACK of DH bike and rode "b" the rest of the way home, knowing my 09 Dyna was being trailered back........ that is the bad part. So, we got home, got our truck and went to the preacher's house to get the trailer and my bike. We got it and on our way home the tie down (which the chaplain did) came undone and my bike fell over in the trailer going down the road. It did not fall out, but now I have a HUGE dent in my new bike! Our insurance has a thousand dollar deduct, so there goes the CC I paid off with our left over Vegas money. WAIT, it gets better! :tantrum::tantrum: When we got it home and DH and Zeke start going over the bike--- they think they know what it is--- my axle bolt is warped or lose-- which normally would fall under the warranty right? But my DH decided to be cheap and do the 5k maintanence himself and did not take it in..... and that would have been something they checked...... SOOOOOO my warranty will probably not cover the bike and now my bike has a DENT and scratches the size of a man's fist! Isn't it great? I am sooo upset. I went to the chinese buffet and I am suprised they did not tell me to leave I ate so much! I am so upset. I know it is "just" a bike....... but you girls know how we start to feel about our bikes......... It is our hobby, it is prideful that we can ride our own, we get noticed, we get conversations started, we "own" the road when we are on it...... and now my bike is going to be in the shop for a LONG time! :(:censored::tantrum::(

I guess my answer to this problem would be to learn to maintain and STRAP DOWN my bike myself! MEN!!!!! I swear!!!!!!:tantrum:

05-31-2009, 06:19 PM
Oh, Tammy!!! that sux soooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!:mad::mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: I am so so sorry to hear that, your poor bike , and poor you having to do without her for a while, and that it might not be covered under warranty :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

I can't think of anythign right now that would make you feel better :(

05-31-2009, 08:52 PM
Okay, here is the bike update...... sigh...... My back wheel barren went out. From what they say this is almost unheard of in a bike this new. They had that in stock and they were going to fix it today, BUT when they took it apart, it must have been shifting around in there for awhile b/c it ruined my wheel, which they did not have in stock. So, my bike has to stay in the Harley Hospital until they get the new wheel in. Thankfully, it is under warranty and nothing that DH could have missed in the 5K maintanence......

Now for the tank. It costs $800 b/c we get a 15% MVP discount. AND it will not be in for 8-12 weeks! That means when the bike gets out of the hospital I have to drive it with a huge dent in the tank.

DH had been on the HD forum to see what the problem was (basically a 3fc forum without the fc :) ) and they said not only am I lucky that it did not lock up or break completely and throw the wheel off, but I must have riding skill to know a) there was a problem and b) that I was able to keep it upright. Which of course he bragged on me about.

I hate to drive it with a dent in the tank..... in fact last night I told him I WOULD NOT, but if I don't..... the whole summer riding season will pass me by.

So..... what is going on in your worlds?

Thanks for listening to me vent.

06-01-2009, 11:17 AM
Tammy - first I am so glad that the wheel bearing will be covered by the warranty!

for your other issue, not wanting to ride it because of the big honking dent :( of course that's up to you, but I think you'll be missing it so much..and I HEAR you on how proud we are of our ability to ride, and proud of our machines...maybe if you think of the 'injury' as a battle scar, it would make it easier to accept until it can be replaced ( a long time, I know!) Don't know if my rambling helps at all...but hugs to you and Ms. Dyna :hug::hug:

I have off today, and I did 30 Day Shred Level 2, plus the Gilad abs (another 12 minutes).

I checked the new plants I potted yesterday, to see if they survived the night ...we did not have frost but it was 39 degrees, two of the morning glories (that means half of them) look wilty and sad. Well they were only $1.99 each but I just didn't want to do them again.

I have a few phone calls to make; last month we received in the mail a bottle of some kind of supplements...?? I did not order them; husband did not order them. They're one of those acai berry supplements. No packing slip or invoice. Well I opened our MC bill today, and there is a charge from "PILLS" for $80.00!!! So I gotta straighen that out. And there was another suspicious charge on there, I couldn't even decipher what it could be from the name. But it was for $100. It's a brave new world out there isn't it.

Well the sun is shining and the sky is a beautiful blue, but it is barely 50 degrees still, at 10:15! come on, warm up.

hope everyone is having a good Monday :cool:

06-01-2009, 04:11 PM
Holly, sorry you are having a hard time with the CC "ghost". My employer had the same thing happen over coffee. It was just charged to her MC and sent to their house. Just don't take no for an answer.

Mandy, I am beginning to get worried!

CC- I guess you are just working your butt off aren't you.

Our computers are down here at work (our software) so I am just waiting.

I did not get my butt out of bed to go to boot camp...... but I am going this afternoon at 4.

I think I will have to swallow my pride and ride with a dent. He is looking on the internet to see if he can find anyone who may have one to sell...... I will just have to see. I saw all kinds of riders yesterday and I cannot let Ms. Dyna sit in the building alone when it is pretty out!

Thanks for all the advise!


06-02-2009, 11:29 AM
Hey everyone, sorry I have been absent. I have just been busy. having friends over, going over to friends, ect. I haven't ridden in WEEKS but that's because I kept forgetting to get my registration renewed...LOL I got it in the mail yesterday so its all good now. Saturday I get to ride, going to Starke Bikefest. Its a fairly new bikefest, I think this is the 4th year for it, the area is only a an hour or so away and its area I ride through often. its a really nice area and ride, ya'll should google it :)

06-02-2009, 11:57 AM
Mandy, Glad you were just busy and nothing bad happened.

Ladies, I did it! I made it through the boot camp that we have here in town. This extremely in shape PT guy owns it and i was a little intimidated b/c of the people that go there being "skinnier and smaller and younger" than me..... but I did it for the first time today and I LOVED IT! We do it for 7 weeks, 4 times a week. I sooo hope this helps me get back on track. I got a free sample of all of their nutritional meals/supplements and I just finished the oatmeal... it was eatable. Not something Holly would cook (lol). The only part I did not like (aka could not do well) was the yoga type position (like the downward dog?). It was really hard. But, I think I can do it for four times a week. I am actually excited!

I hope you all are well!

06-02-2009, 06:02 PM
Hey Holly, Tammy, are any of you on Facebook?

06-02-2009, 09:20 PM
Hi Chicks, Hi Tammy, Hi Mandy! Tammy, hey that's really awesome about the Boot Camp, and that's you're psyched about it!! Mandy, I will google that bikefest.

yes, I am on Facebook, do I send you a friend request? I'll pm my name to you right now...and to Tammy also.

Today was one of my early days to get to work to cook breakfast, so that I didn't do a usual tape this morning, but husband and I did just take a walk on the nice dirt road that goes halfway around the lake, with the dog Eddie. I think it's almost 1 mile. Not a huge distance but it was something.

How about this was s'posed to be sunny today, after morning cloudiness...well it never got sunny, and the clouds were like 9 miles thick..and I was kinda chilly at work (windows open with the hood fan on creates quite the draw of air into kitchen) and when I was on the way home from work, I was just darned cold.

So I went to the tanning salon, and put all my gear into the tanning bed with me :rofl: to help warm it for the rest of the ride home :D and it worked real well, and the warmth in the bed felt sooooo good. I'm up to 10 minutes now, and I fell deeply asleep for 8 of those minutes! I still don't tan my face or neck, and I wear socks on my hands to keep from ageing them. I wonder how weird that looks, especially when I have my boots, chaps, gloves, jacket in the bed with me :devil:

06-02-2009, 11:18 PM

That is soooo funny about the sunbed. But, I never thought of doing that.

I made it through bootcamp and LOVED it! I will be returning like I am supposed to. the only part I was not crazy about was the yoga moves..... had a hardtime keeping my body up. But, I guess it comes with time.

I have to go to Little Rock tomorrow for an auditing course. Will gab at you later.

I am on face book.

06-03-2009, 08:00 PM
Hi Girls :wave: I have missed you ;)

Tammy so sorry to hear about your baby- but you know I don't think I could not ride it because of a dent...... I think you are the right track with seeing if you can just find a new one that way all you have to do is put new one on and not send or leave it anywhere to be painted.
Great Job on your boot camp workout and it is good that you are liking it

Holly I see you are still staying on track with your exercising that is awesome-:carrot:

Hey girls I to am on Facebook - I PM you my name as well so you can look me up, of course my avatar is the same one as on here

Grand Opening went good put in 15-16 hours each day - Once I got off work I got home changed clothes and off to the races- Saturday night DS only had 3 laps left and transmission broke - darn it
Got that fixed and Sunday he got 1st:carrot:

Our supper ride last Thursday was great we had great weather and ate HuHot if you ever heard of HuHot it is a mongollian grill buffet- so good

Well I am still just maintaining but really need to get butt in gear our first rally of the year is over 4th of July. I am so not ready for this yet.

Well tonight I am home because we have to get our new air conditioner installed I suppose another couple grand down the tubes :( oh well got to have air otherwise I can't sleep when it is to hot- but then again sleep has been over rated this past week

Oh ya great news Holly on your son getting his own place - wow though $600 a month

Well since everyone is talking about tanning I really think that I just may take time tonight to go tan - though I am suppose to look at Vegas flights for October- we can get flights for 69 buck one way per person but since it so cheap now everyone wants to go and as usual I am the one that does all the planning:) not that I mind because then I get to be picky about it:o

Well girls look me up on facebook and I will confirm

Have a Great Day

06-03-2009, 09:19 PM
:D:D:DHey CC! Glad to see you back. Girl, you have done awesome maintaining through all of the stress you have had! I remember the 15-16 hour days and I believe I put on about 25 pounds during them..... so kudos to you for maintaining! :carrot: And congrats to your son for winning first place!

I have decided my pride is not worth missing out on riding so I will ride when they get the wheel bearing fixed and the new wheel on. It has been good riding weather up until today and I didn't have "Ms. Dyna" (Holly named my bike and did not know it). My DH said maybe the HD dealership will drop something on the other side of the tank and they will have to replace it.... that would be funny!

I think that is a great buy for Vegas tickets..... unless you ride bikes

I was reading another thread and saw a thread on points cycling. Have you all read this? I think I am going to do a form of it. I was doing this before I started 3fc and was losing steady..... I am having problems getting back on it since back from Vegas.

Oh, I am sore as all get out from boot camp. Tomorrow is arm day...... I am sore everywhere but my calves and my head..... but I am going. I really liked it. I am sure I look like a doof doing it, but oh well.

I am going to shower---- I am tired and I have to get up early to go to boot camp.

06-04-2009, 11:23 AM
Can you all tell me who your motorcycle insurance is with?

06-04-2009, 12:50 PM
ours is with progressive

06-04-2009, 01:22 PM
good afternoon chicks :) Our insurance is with Dairyland (they're from Wisconsin)

I'm glad I was instrumental in naming your bike, Tammy! LOL, *I guess* at the thought of an HD tech dropping something and then they're responsible :devil: Poor you, being sore all over except your head :rofl: I will remember that one and use it someday:D

congrats again on new store opening, CChick, and for dh's win! HI Mandy! And now we're all on Facebook. Have to warn you though that I'm a poop and never respond to all the requests, drinks, glitter-throwing, quizzes, you know all those invites :devil:

I have off today, it is beautiful out and I geared up (boots, work gloves, eye protection) to cut the grass :rolleyes: but the #@%$^&*!@#%@^+$#@ mower won't start, as usual!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: this ALWAYS happens when I'm alone, and don't have anyone to help. God knows I have Some arm strength but there's something about pulling the starting cord JUST right with aLOT of strength and snap and I JUST CAN'T DO IT and I shouldn't care, except when you've accepted that you have to do a chore that is kinda strenous and at least an hour long, then you CANT follow through....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr can you tell how frustrated I am :devil:

We were at our Motorcycle Rights Organization meeting last night, and someone made the motion that husband and I should be given a free ticket for our annual Harley raffle, for our work/dedication on doing the meal for the event each year. Pretty kewl! tickets are $100, we usually buy at least one, sometimes 2 if it was a good economy, but I was very happy to graciously accept the gift.

I didn't work out on Tuesday morning; took an almost walk with husband and dog in the evening instead; and didn't do anything yesterday; so today I did Level 3 of The Shred; then Gilads Hips Thighs and Buns tape (20 min) and then some Cathe abs (about 9 minutes) and now from yankin on that @$%^&*!*^$@!#$ mower that got my heart rate up and my arm sore :devil: so that is my workout for today.

talk atcha's later!

06-04-2009, 04:41 PM
Hello well it is 2:30 in the afternoon and I am already home and logged on :)

Our motocycle insurance is through State Farm- Everything we own is through State Farm, DH has been with them since he was 14 years old.

I do have to follow suit with Holly, I do reply to messages but I usually ignore all the requests of drinks, quizzes, and tests.

It is gorgeous out today so getting the bike out to go tan since I didn't go last night. I am starting my exercise today with Wii Active it is the new part of the Wii Fitness that came out so giving it a try then tonight DH and I will start walking again :)

Mowing it does seem like everytime I go to mow I am home alone and my mower won't start so then I have to dig the charger out because we have way to much to mow by push mower so we have a rider but still it is a pain in the butt when they don't start...... Pulling and Pulling though is alot of work in itself- Kudos to you Holly

Tammy how did Boot Camp go today?

06-04-2009, 10:53 PM
Girls, I am with you too. I don't send quizzes or anything like that. I have taken a couple b/c they were medical quizzes and I took one other one, but I consider them like "forwards", I am not real fond of them.

Today was arms day, it was not as hard as legs. It was okay. I made a horrible mistake though..... I stepped on the scale and I am a bit discouraged. My eating is so bad--- it shows a 5 pound gain.... on top of what I have gained and lost from Vegas. I am starting tomorrow anew with eating. I cannot let this get out of hand. Tomorrow is legs day at bootcamp too. I ran into my old WW leader there. It was good to see her. I felt bad b/c I did not lose the weight under her "direction" b/c she is awesome, but when I had so much to lose it just seemed impossible with "points".

My ins is with progressive, we were looking around, but I think we are going to stay there.

Holly.... at least you are getting an arm workout with the lawn mower. :) Sorry you had issues with it though.

06-04-2009, 11:44 PM
Well just thought I would drop in before heading off to bed. I am scheduled to be off work tomorrow but I am going to drive about 60 miles to pick up bonus checks so that next week I can had them out to managers. I hope they are good but really any bonus is just that a bonus....
It will pay for our plane tickets plus food to Vegas in October. We are going to buy tickets tomorrow and I am hoping to surprise DH but somehow I will have to get him the time off work???? All the guys there can't keep anything quiet so it won't work for me to just tell them he needs off without
them asking DH what for....

Well I am going to do a little shopping tomorrow as well so I probably won't log on till afternoon time- Have A Great Friday!!! :)

06-05-2009, 09:59 AM
CC- have a great Friday off! And you are right...... any bonus is good.

Gosh, boot camp was brutal today. The guy that does it kinda "raps" :coach: while doing it. I know this place would not be such a success if not for him. While I was in the floor dying in "ab pain" from Tuesday (yes, from that pain), he was doing his little rap sayin..... girls if you want to be little-- stay away from the McGriddles--- and the skittles...... but while I was lying there in pain :stress::workout::workout::exercise::exercise: I was thinking, come on Tammy this is going to pay off! New leather-- hot leather, you will be the hawt biker, smaller jeans, cute clothes, feel better, not the fat girl and NOT OBESE in the doctor charts- things were all running through my head. I could not have made it if not! I was dying I tell ya! If I was a quitter, that would be the time! I can't tell you how bad my body was rebelling and cursing :tantrum::censored::censored: But, I made it! I did it! Now, thank God it is Friday and I don't have to do it again until Monday.... actually it is not something I dread to do.... I like the "runners high" I get from it afterwards.

Well, I will quit rambling about boot camp. Before I go.... there is a slight "chance" I may get my bike back this afternoon. We are going to Memphis so DH can go to the WL doctor and we are going to drop by to see if it is ready. I hate to drive Ms. Dyna with a dent in the tank, but I really like her and the stress relief I get from riding. So, I will ride but everytime I see someone stare..... I am telling them I did NOT lay her over!

Y'all have a good Friday!

06-05-2009, 10:01 AM
CC- I can't pull off a surprise either for DH (gosh that is weird to say). His co workers (cops) cannot keep a secret from each other for nothing in the world. His valentine's day present blew up in my face BIG time! I know they wouldn't keep a trip secret. I hope you have fun and much needed stress relief and relaxation..... even if its not until October

06-05-2009, 05:32 PM
good afternoon chicks! I think it is so funny that guys can't keep secrets worth a hoot, either :D YES any bonus is always appreciated!!!

This morning I did get up on time (5:00 a.m.) and after the requisite coffee and web surfing, I did Keli Roberts Step Aerobics tape, and held hand weights, and did the whole thing. My legs and butt are feeling yesterday's Gilad workout. ow-eee.

Poor Tammy, getting rapped at :rofl: I'm sorry but with the McGriddles and Skittles and gettin little - I think I would have lost it :devil: but I know laughing uses ab muscles too, so that probably would have hurt too much :rofl: KUDOS to you for attending boot camp! and I know that I also HATE HATE HATE seeing the scale go up, but we know the scale does wild and crazy fluctuations sometimes that do not reflect truly on what we have been eating, so I'm glad you don't sound discouraged, you sound determined which is great.

Today it was chilly on the way to work, not much sun and still only about 47 degrees, but it has warmed all the way to low 70's and it felt so good to not have to wear chaps on the way home.

well have a nice afternoon and evening chicks. Enjoy your shopping tomorrow, CChick!

06-05-2009, 07:56 PM
Hello just got home from shopping - I was only going to be shopping till noon but it ended up being until 5pm. I bought the boys lots of clothes not much for me that is ok, it was relaxing for the most part.
Well getting bike out and riding to Tanworld to tan for 5 minutes then home to exercise- I started the Wii Active yesterday and boy the squats kicked my butt or should I say legs they hurt like crazzzzy today.

DH went golfing so I will log back on later - hope you are having a good Friday so far :)

06-05-2009, 11:40 PM
Hey Ladies,

I got Ms. Dyna back today........ good as new--- well except for the dent in the tank!

I am so glad CC got a day off, she was making me tired..... like I had been through a boot camp or something :rofl:

Well, I have to make it short. I am sleepy...... Wish me luck. DH and I are restarting diet tomorrow.

06-06-2009, 03:33 PM
Tammy hopefully you get to go riding then - Not here it is 40 degrees and rainy- The races haven't been cancelled yet they will decide at 2pm - It is way to cold to be racing tonight or even just sitting there. Besides today is Karls 20th Birthday, he says count down is on now only 1 year left before he is 21- he doesn't even really drink....

Well I suppose I need to get going we have to go get river cabin cleaned so we can get furniture moved in and start going to the river on Fridays when there are no races.

Hope everyone has a good weekend :)

06-06-2009, 10:45 PM
good evening chicks! Yay that Ms. Dyna is back! and Happy Birthday to CChick's son :)

Today we had a great ride, we rode down to Killington where a friend is going to be set up as a vendor at the Killington Classic bike show this September. It was an absolutely beautiful day, and we took Route 100 which is just a great bike road, nothing but farms, forests, fields, cows, red barns, white churches and village greens, etc. It's about 80 miles there, so it was a nice long ride. There were 9 bikes.

One of the riders, an experienced 50-ish guy, dropped his bike as we entered a parking lot! He got it right back up but scraped up his hand a little. Just goes to show that all it takes is a crazy parking lot angle, some loose gravel/sand and anyone can have a little spill.

This morning for exercise I did 30 DS, Level 2. I do find that program so convenient, cause it's so quick.

06-07-2009, 02:27 PM
Good Morning, nice to hear that someone is getting to go for a ride :) Not here again today it is still cold, wet and cloudy :(

I did however get all laundry, dishes and email done this morning so now the rest of the day is relax time, but I do have to make a trip to walmart at some point, DS just reminded me that we are on our last bar of body soap and we go through a bar a week.

Well I am going to go for my walk again today, races got cancelled last night and I am kinda hoping they get cancelled tonight to but not as of yet

Talk to you later girls

06-07-2009, 04:56 PM
Hey CC: sorry it is raining. At least you are getting housework done. :(

I need to be working on the house, but my back is really stiff. I am trying to baby it so I can do bootcamp tomorrow. I don't think it is bootcamp making it sore-- I sat in a car all day yesteray and sitting is the kiss of death for my back. So, I am trying to be ready for boot camp tomorrow. We will see.

It is pretty here and I don't feel like riding---- that sucks.

I will yell at ya later.

06-07-2009, 10:15 PM
good evening! this morning I did 30 Day Shred, level 3.

I guess I was tired out from yesterday's ride! today was a regular day at work, I got there at about 8:30 a.m., and made some squares for 32 ppl for lunch, a birthday cake for tonight, and 75 eclairs for tonight. and it took me like 6 hours :rolleyes: and after riding home, I laid down and slept for almost 2 hours!

sorry you do not have riding weather, CChick :( hope that changes for you soon! and sorry about the pain in your back, Tammy.

06-08-2009, 08:31 PM
good evening chicks! this morning I did a Cathe dvd, I haven't done one of them since I started 30 Day Shred-ding! It was 40 minutes and challenging (sweating buckets!)

Rain coming here tonight, and for tomorrow, so I'll be in the cage.

VERY sad, today a local motorcyclist was killed when a guy in a car, who was proven tested for drug / alcohol use, crossed the center line and slammed head on into the biker :( RIP.

have a great night chicks :hug:

06-09-2009, 09:55 AM
Good Morning!

Holly, that is so sad about the motorcyclist. It is very sad that someone that had no business on the road!

I did day 4 of boot camp. I really like going...... but I had been playing with the pounds from Vegas (the same 4 pounds) for almost a month now.... and now I am up 1 from that. I am hovering over that 199-200 mark. It makes me SOOOO mad :tantrum::tantrum::tantrum::tantrum::tantrum: I know it is not true "fat" but my gosh it is frustrating.

I am trying to keep my head up and stay off the scales daily....... I am NOT quitting boot camp though, I really like it. I get that "runners" high when I get done. And the instructors are really great. The owner (man) is soooo funny! Monday and Thurs are arms, Tues and Fri are legs...... and he does legs. When we were stepping today he was yelling, "no more fried chicken- huh- no more fried chicken-huh" to the beat of the music and our steps. He is just funny!

Well, I was going to ride to work today but there is a chance of rain.... so I didn't.

Holly, I have to hand you a fist full of kudos! :carrot::carrot::carrot: I would never be able to lose weight if I were a cook/pastry cook! NO WAY!

I am going to get busy!


06-09-2009, 04:08 PM
hey yall

I got up this morning at 6:30, hopped on my bicycle and road 8 miles, last night took a long walk with hubby, night before that, I walked 3miles, ran up and down some stairs, some tricep dips, ab work and pushups(routine me and couple others have at night after church)

Dont' worry Tammy, just keep at it, the body will let go of those pesky pounds eventually, you tell them who's boss

oh wow holly, so sad about the biker, I hope the drugged driver is punished accordingly

06-09-2009, 08:31 PM
Thanks Mandy. Boy, you have been kicking that exercise in the butt haven't you?

Holly, keep us posted on what they do to the dope head that killed the motorcyclist.

CC-- I know you are in the middle of a busy week.

Hey ladies, I am in a diet "funk"...... kicking around a few ideas. Do y'all journal or write your food down? I am trying to eat healthier, but once I find something decent I usually find out it is JUNK.... I soooo need Holly's cooking talent :) I can cook if I really put my mind to it, but I am about as creative as a brown paper bag. :o

I am going to get off here for now. No boot camp on Wednesday...... so I get to sleep in a little--- but I still need to take Jake for a walk.

06-11-2009, 10:24 AM
Good Morning running a little behind today but wanted to jump on here quick because I don't believe I will have time again until maybe this weekend sometime.

Sounds like everyone is kicking some butt on exercising that is great :)

I will check back in later have a GREAT DAY!!!!

06-12-2009, 04:46 PM
Hey chicks! Hi from rainy Vermont, it's been off and on since last Sunday I think!

I haven't heard any updates on the status of the case against the impaired driver...

I skipped 2 days of exercising this week. Eh. :D I did level 3 of the Shred today and of course that kicked butt! MY butt.

Tammy, I wish I was creative at 'good' food cooking; my interest lies solely in the sweet stuff, unfortunately! lately we've been having chicken breast, and salad. It can get boring.

I don't journal my food, I should.

RIGHT NOW outside there is sun, and it's been out for about an hour, maybe the grass is dried enough to mow it...that is, if the @$%&*!*! mower will start for me :devil:

have a nice afternoon chicks :)

06-13-2009, 11:15 AM
Good Morning all, had some friends call last night about a poker run today but not having much luck talking DH into going. We were out late last night had our State Eagles Convention this week and it has been super busy getting off work at 4 and going straight there till about 11 or so each night. Last night though we didn't get home till about 1am. I did deal blackjack last night and made about $100 in tips. Sold a $500 pull tab as well yesterday and that wonderful nice lady gave me $30 bucks. So yesterday was profitable even though it all went back to the auction but hey it was for a good cause (diabetes research)

Ok well going to try to talk DH into going on ride one more time then I guess I will start cleaning up the house :(

Have a Great Weekend

06-14-2009, 01:32 PM
Ya I talked him into going on Poker Run yesterday it was so nice and the money raised was going to send care packaged to our Siouxland Soldiers

We finally had a great day for a ride- only had to wear t-shirt and jacket put about 200 miles which was a perfect distance for me yesterday with the long week I have had.

Of course after poker run we headed to the races and DS got 1st in Heat adn 2nd in Feature - they also sponsered Kids Night last night and gave away a boy and girl bike and also had candy toss the kids loved it :)

Well getting laundry and stuff done this morning so better get going- Have a Great Sunday

06-15-2009, 11:53 AM
CC: I am glad you are getting to ride more. You stay so busy. And congrats on your son getting 1st.

sorry I have been MIA, been busy. I am guessing by the lack of posts from Holly and Mandy they are too. Summer is busy for us "hawt biker chicks".

I am loving boot camp, but hating this scale funk. I must be in some form of plateau. I knew it was coming, but hoping it would not be here for this long! I keep teetering no matter what I do! :tantrum::tantrum::tantrum: I keep thinking if I get mad that will burn more calories...... but it is not happening! I am not quitting boot camp though b/c I like the feeling I get after doing it. It is a sense of accomplishment.

CC: your trip is getting closer.... I wish mine was not behind me. I miss being out on the road and time alone with DH! I hope you have a great time!

06-15-2009, 05:20 PM
Ya we are only like 2.5 weeks away from our mini bike trip to Algona (Freedom Rally) that is just that a weekend party getaway :) What a blast

But in the mean time yes Sturgis is getting closer and closer that is our main summer vacation we go for 9 days and just enjoy the riding, camping, and meeting new friends and seeing all of our old friends :)

Also now this week I got Vegas trip also planned out and we are going over Halloween that should be a blast.

Well my weight loss has not been happening one bit- I have been maintaining and my exercise has been on some days and off alot of days just haven't had alot of motivation - Summers well they are super busy for us we do not hardly ever get downtimem till after September 1st.

Well I think Holly should be getting ready for her rally this weekend, not real sure though?

Talk to you later

06-15-2009, 10:36 PM
Hey friends! :hug: I love being busy, although it means I'm not here so very often! Lets see...last Saturday I did my regular baking at work, then stayed to work in the dining room. Which was only from 5 to 8:30, but it had been a long day, and it started raining :tantrum: so I decided to spend the night at the Club, up in Staff quarters.

It was cozy and nice to have no snoring going on next to me :D I don't mind sleeping anywhere else. I can sleep just about anywhere. I was a little worried about not waking up on time because of no alarm clock; no worries! at flippin' 4:45 a.m. the sun was coming up, the birds were yakkin, and I was awake :devil:

I showered, and padded downstairs in my t shirt, shorts and socks, to just start two pots of coffee, 1 reg. and 1 decaf. Then the early risers started coming in!! FIVE pots of coffee later :devil: I was able to get away, get dressed for real and start work. LOL, I never knew the guests started charging in so early and had their big thermoses to fill, to take out on the porch or out in the rowboats.

Let's see if I can remember my workouts lately. Friday - 30 day shred, level 3. and then grass cutting. Saturday, 30 day shred again, level 3 again. Sunday, nada. Today, a Cathe dvd, the long one, 45 minutes, its cardio and strength.

But the scale has not budged. I'm not gaining, so that's something to be thankful for, right. IF I kept to 1200 calories I know I'd lose. It's just so hard. Okay, enough whining :)

Tammy, I'm so glad you're still enjoying bootcamp! and ChopperChick, I'm so glad you had a nice long ride, with warm weather!

My rally is in two weeks, well a little over two weeks, I'm leaving Friday the 26th (husband is leaving a day early) and we get back on Sunday afternoon. This is the Harley Rendezvous, it's outside of Amsterdam, NY. I've been tanning, though I'm so fair I don't really show much color, so I will be relying on bronzers. Got my hair cut and lightened yesterday, and I know I did say 'short on top' and 'lots of blonde' and now I am a very short-haired, very light-headed :devil: person :D I hope I adapt to it :D:D

I had off today, and it was forecast to be potentially very rainy. It was sunny for a while in the morning, but I was very focused on stuff to do here. I worked out first, then cleaned!!! Don't give me too many accolades because I let it go for so long, that I couldn't stand it anymore! Looks better in here, more comfortable. Can't stand sitting and looking at the mess :devil:

When out today, I did buy a few more flowers/plants for the deck. I got some vivid pink petunias, white ones; pink and white impatience; a vinca; and some more pansies. Then after dinner even though I wanted to veg out, I went out and potted everything up, then tidied up the deck, and then attacked some ferns that have gotten out of control. WHY do I have so much energy some days, and I'm a lump many other days??? :dizzy:

Well I have to make up our bed with the nice clean sheets I laundered today, and tomorrow is my early day to cook breakfast for the masses :cool: have a great night friends!

06-16-2009, 09:51 AM
Wow Holly you have been busy.

I am like you...... I tanned for 2 months before Vegas faithfully and as you can see by my pictures, I am still fair skinned. I am really thinking this is going to be my last year tanning. I just don't want the cancer or the wrinkles or the leathered look when I get older. I hate to see an attractive woman and when you see her face you are like "dang" what happened. That happened to me on Saturday. I won't say who it was, but from a distance she is really good looking, but her face is like a 60+ year old on a 20 year old body---- and that is not for me.

I applaud you for sticking to your work out! That is awesome. And, I bet the guests at work really like you. You sound like a hoot to be around.

CC: I dig the picture of you and the pizza! I think it is on facebook? It is a good pic of you.

Mandy: Hope the summer is going good for you.

I don't have any rides planned, but I am planning to begin riding to work. I have not been b/c of the freaking rain! I am hoping we are doing with that spell now.

06-16-2009, 10:08 AM
Good Morning Chickies

Well I agree weather is the pits- we are under thunderstorm/tornado warnings with hail today- but this weekend is looking Great in the 80's and sunshine - that would just be great since we are on another poker run for
Awesome Biker Nights -

Pizza Pete ya that was from Grand Opening, picture not so good after working that many hours but I thought I would get them posted a few have asked about them. And ya I finally got them posted last night on facebook

Holly you have been busy and at least for the most part you are still working out and you are maintaining that is important. 2 weeks till your rally are you getting excited? Dh leaves before you so do you ride out with friends?

Well I started tanning last week one day then haven't been back since- I really do need to get back there, just a few times will do, but then again I probably don't have to worry to much because we haven't had warm enough weather to go riding without jacket or leather coat.....Hopefully this weekend though

Well got my heart monitor report back and made doc appt for this morning at 9am to go over it the letter said it was normal except for the over 3 hours of tachycardia where my heart rate was as high as 150 beats per minute but then also that I had over 6 hours of bradycardia of which my heart rate was as low as 44 beats per minute- I guess I am not sure if this
is normal or not so made doc appt to talk about it.

I will check back in later, Have a great day

06-16-2009, 10:49 AM
CC: During those 3 hours of tachycardia is it possible that you had something like a Mt. Dew or energy drink or coffee with extra expresso? We had a patient who's heart beat was off the charts (when I worked at a group practice) so much that the neurosurgeon would not see him, she sent him directly to an ER for tachycardia. Turns out he had 2 Mt. Dew back to back and did not tell her. I never thought they had that much affect on a person, but apparently they do on some.

Just thought I would throw that out there for ya. Let us know how it goes.

06-16-2009, 01:05 PM
Just got back from Doc and he asked the same question however I do not drink or take caffeine- Haven't drank pop for like 10 years now and I am not a coffee/tea drinker either. The odd thing is I did not feel it either and over that 3 hours period they would last anywhere from 1.5- 2 minute periods. They drew more blood today but I really haven't had any other episodes so at this point not going to see a cardiologist.

I did talk to him about having no motivation lately but my thyroid test in Jan all came back normal, he is going to have some other blood test done to check my blood levels and all.

Thanks alot for the insight though- I really think most of it is just stress with everything that has been going on and all

Well deciding whether I want to go to work today or just take it off.....I really don't feel like doing much though so probably just stay home.

06-16-2009, 10:09 PM
I don't blame you for staying home. I should have stayed home today too.

We had a blow up at the office today. Had a girl walk out. Rough day...... I think I am going to bed so I don't have to sleep.

06-16-2009, 10:38 PM
hi chicks! Cchick, that is scary about the heart stuff :( sure hope the doc(s) can get you right!

Tammy, sorry to hear of the strife in the office today. Stuff like that is always upsetting to me. Hope it doesn't leave you too shorthanded.

I am mostly excited about the upcoming trip, I sometimes feel that the getting ready part is too overwhelming. I'm just lazy I guess :D CChick, yeah, DH is riding out a day early to partake in the 'pen party' - it's the 'holding area' where everyone waits and parties until the gates open. That is on Thursday the 25th. Then I will ride out on Friday, hopefully with a friend or two, and meet up with DH a hundred or so miles from here; DH will have our site set up and I like that idea, just to arrive and immediately start partying :carrot:

I am lucky that I can cover my work responsibilities by making dessert ahead of time and freezing them.

well that's it for tonight, hope everyone has nice weather so you can ride tomorrow! :moped:

06-18-2009, 12:13 AM
Holly - I am so lazy right now as well but I just don't feel like doing crap....
So DH going early to get the prime camping spot? :) How far do you have to travel for your party?

Tammy sorry to hear about the blow up at work- I did stay home but we had some severe thunderstorms last night so we were dealing with tornados and all that crud :(

Well we went on our supper ride tonight it was a nice ride didn't get any rain until our way home but it was just sprinkles so that was good :)

Not much else going on until Saturday we will be going on another poker run and then going downtown for awesome biker nights, it is also kind of like a mini sturgis in a controlled atmosphere- no nudity but you can have open containers, there is a bike show and several bands, lots of vendors (food, clothing and accessories) This just gets us all vamped for Algona and Sturgis :)

Well Ladies have a great night and I will talk to you later

06-18-2009, 10:02 AM
CC: Glad you made it through the storms. Girl, we have had them constant for 2 weeks. Everyday we have had tornadoes or warnings in the area. Today it was finally sunny enough for me to ride (dent in the tank and all). Speaking of riding-- I came straight from boot camp and I still had my work out clothes on. You know as lady riders that we get glanced at more than usual when we are on our bikes....... but men were STARING AT ME today! :yes: just out and out staring without hiding it. I was like, wow, it has been awhile since I had that many stares in a day.

Knock on wood, cross your fingers, and all that stuff...... I think the scales are moving again. Just when I gave up on them, I had to weight and they moved. I hope they continue to do so.

I had a meeting with a female doctor that I used to work for yesterday, she is all of a size 2-4 at all times. She told me how different I looked and so on. She said are you done losing? I told her no my goal was another 19 (the scales had not moved yesterday)---- but for me to not be OBESE anymore I had to lose another 29..... she was like there was no freaking way. It was nice coming from her.

CC you and Holly are doing awesome with your exercise!

Holly I hope you are doing well. I am excited for your upcoming trip!


06-18-2009, 11:51 AM
I got so excited a little bit ago I forgot to tell you the good news!

I just calculated my BMI and in October it was 38.4..... now it is 28.3! I am going to toot my own horn! That is awesome! :cheer2::cheer2::cheer2::cheer2:

I know it is mainly b/c of the support I get here! I don't know what I would do without you girls---- :bike::bike::bike: (one for each of you).

Have a good day!

06-18-2009, 09:32 PM
WHOA Tammy!!! what a huge drop in your BMI! that is awesome!!:carrot: and I do hope the scales are moving down for you, you've earned it doing the Bootcamp! and that is so kewl to have a tiny petite female doctor give you kudos! AND to have all those guys STARING at you :D damn girl:congrat: :cloud9: , you're on fire!

06-18-2009, 10:01 PM
okay here's my day :D I did the 30 Day Shred, level 3 this morning, and suited up for riding to work, knowing it would be raining this afternoon but I rode anyway...

At work, we have a surprise (they're always unannounced) Dept. of Health Inspection...the guy is a silly little bureaucrat who is sooooo subjective each time on what he writes you up on! We have a beautiful, CLEAN, well-kept kitchen at the Club, and he took 5 points off because I wear a's not jewelry, it's a $1500 timepiece!!! and a small bowl of mushrooms that was not covered with plastic wrap in the walk-in...and we didn't have the official test strips for the bowl of sanitizing water (water + bleach) So we got a 90 out of 100, which isn't that bad, but my pride is involved! And that it seems so unfair about things he does.

If there were points taken off due to me being a sloppy worker, or bad practices in the kitchen, I would totally take responsibility and feel bad, but NO WAY do I feel remorse at wearing the nice watch my Dad gave me.

On the way home, it was gently raining ('a nice gentle summer rain' I told myself) and I wasn't struggling too bad with not being able to see...and then came into a stopped line of traffic entering the small village where it usually takes me 2 MINUTES to go through...40 MINUTES later, after sitting in that soft summer rain, I see that they're paving. Okay, that means smoother road in the future for me :D

Got home, and husband called from the village..he was stranded because his solenoid cut out; AAA needed to get a flatbed because it's a 7 passenger van...not too big a deal we hope, it's something he can fix. And he can do it tomorrow, because....

we WERE going to take a day trip to Laconia NH for Bike Week...BUT it's been raining nonstop, and 70% chance of rain tomorrow :( Oh well.

I did act out badly and ate 2 pieces of pb and j toast and had a bag of popcorn. Some people would have cracked a few beers or mixed drinks, I have carbs galore :devil:

well I will talk to you chicks early tomorrow :) Oh right Reda, you asked about the Harley Rendezvous next week; it's about 200 miles from here. Yes, DH will enjoy the party of the Holding Pen on Thursday, then go in and get a good spot, set up camp, then come and meet me on Friday.

06-18-2009, 10:42 PM
Holly, I am sorry for the 90 b/c I know you are very prideful and it is not FAIR :tantrum::tantrum: for him to take off 5 points for the watch..... but I would just do what you did and take the deduction off. Be proud of those 5 points! I would love to get my hands on the criteria of the point deduction. It seems a little harsh for 5 to be taken off for the watch and 2.5 each for the mushrooms and the strips of stuff missing. That is not right--- but way to stand your ground. So, what did your boss say?

I have to tell you I think you are an optimist..... which I am sometimes, but I guess I tend to be a little bit more of a pessimest. If I were stuck in the "light summer rain" while they were paving--- trust me I would not have been thinking about them making a better road for my future. :devil: Way to go on the positive thoughts.

You know, carbs or not..... I think you and CC do awesome eating and exercising.... . YOUR JOBS INVOLVE FOOD it is not easy to lose when you are around food all of the time!

I tried those "full bars" today. They are eatable and they do make you not want to eat quite as much, but to me they are not worth the money. I will just do what I have been doing and TRY to exercise portion control.

I am going to see if my 15 year old will allow his dear OLD mom a roller skating date tomorrow when I get off. I decided I would not get my nails done to do this. I miss spending time with him------ even if he doesn't me!

Thanks for all of the congrats...... I do feel much better, and like I said I could not have done it without you all! You all are awesome and you are doing sooooooo good!

06-19-2009, 12:12 AM
Tammy Congratulations girl, for a doctor friend to ask that, you know you are going in the right direction..... And of course guys looking at you, well that is a plus as well :) YOu go GIRLIE :)

Holly hope you get to make to Laconia without rain :) Our rally trip in 2 weeks is also about 180-200 miles away plenty far enough for me then it is a big huge party......

Tammy hope your DS goes roller skating with you but boys at that age really don't want to hang with moms any more, we just have to remember that it is not US :)

Well Awesome Biker night start tomorrow so we will be really busy again this weekend but hey at least some of it is fun and we are going to get to going riding all weekend then off to the races afterwards :) :)

State Health Inspectors well each of my stores get visited 3 times a year and I really do not accept anything less than 88- but shoot we get docked like 3 points for just having their drinks in the kitchen without a lid- go figure - Depending on what inspector we get we have one that comes in with white gloves and picks the kitchen and coolers apart, then we have another inspector that is not so rough - Shoot we always get docked for having bleach water in a spray bottle and not having test strips readily available- we do always have sanitizer strips available though.

Well i think I am going to head off to bed, I am tired and think I could fall asleep sitting here-

You ladies have a great weekend if I do not get back on here tomorrow!!!

06-19-2009, 10:25 AM
good morning ladies! well we might ride to Laconia today, it's overcast but a lower chance of showers. We'll decide around noon, it takes a good two hours each way.

I just finished doing Gilad's Step and Tone, haven't done that baby in months! it's a good one, step with hand held weights, then I did leg/hip work on the floor, then abs. And it's an hour long!! about 30 minutes of the stepping/lifting and then floor, and abs. It's good to feel the difference, when you haven't done a particular routine in a long time, to then feel the change in how you work it.

Tammy, I neglected to tell of one more 'violation', and it's crazy, because it has to do with the lodging portion of the establishment, not the kitchen; the restrooms out in the hallway don't have self-closing doors; but that counts against the kitchen! My boss the chef jokingly says to me, 'you know, I rarely prepare food in the bathroom, don't know how the doors apply to my kitchen score' :rofl: Then we couldn't help but joke about the thought of us taking the big prepping chores into the bathroom :rolleyes: :D

so if the watch was five points off, I don't know how the other violations add up to five..and I was assured that no one was irked at me, the watch thing was new to everyone.

CChick, as soon as I saw the guy come in, I quietly and invisibly took my pitcher of icewater from my work area and dumped it :devil:

06-19-2009, 12:19 PM
The bathroom door not shutting automatically counting off on the KITCHEN :doh: I see the correlation :rolleyes::rolleyes: I swear some people are just eating up with stupid! I am glad the chef is taking it in stride...... lmao food prep on the thrown! Ha ha.

Have a great day and weekend everyone. I hope everyone gets to do what they have planned and that Ms. Mother Nature is kind!

Oh, I do have a date with DS. He is not like the typical teen in that he doesn't want to be around me (I am sure that day is coming though--well maybe not b/c my older one is not too ashamed--- could be b/c I do not look old enough).

06-20-2009, 07:27 AM
good morning! We did ride to Laconia, though we hemmed and hawed and didn't decide until like 1 pm, so we left this area at 1:30 pm, and got there almost 3 hours later...forgot how long it takes, and took 1 wrong turn, so that put us about 40 minutes behind..anyway, met with friends and have a good although short time. Got home at 10:30 last night, I love the free feeling of riding at night but not the threat of critters, and there was about 10 miles of rain - rain at night on a bike is not the best :rofl:

Tammy, your new chick avatar is great, look at that 70 pounds lost!! :carrot: And that is so nice that your sons still are OK with being seen with their mom in public, prob because she's a tall spectacular blonde biker chick :cool:

Well it turns out that the van getting fixed is not as simple as was not the solenoid which is a cheap part, it's maybe the starter. I'ts always something, isn't it! Life always throws you something, and I guess this is a small thing. Just money, right :D

Today at work I need to prepare one dessert in advance and freeze, to get ready for my days off next week. Think today it will be ice cream pies...they freeze well :devil: I'm very lucky that I can prepare this way. Just about anything can be frozen, then I make a very detailed typed list, so the lunch chef and dinner chef can tell what to serve for whatever meal's dessert.

HI to everyone else, and we miss Gina and Jill! :( :hug:

and thanks Tammy for your continued support of those who work around food, delicious, tempting, yummy, calorie-laden food :devil:

06-20-2009, 10:24 AM
Holly you are very fortunate to work where you can freeze ahead..... hey I wonder if that would work with some of my patients? They wouldn't be in as much back and neck pain----- okay that was not nice. :devil:

Thanks for the compliments.... I appreaciate them! I know you all have been hawt for quite some time now. I am just stepping into it :D

I really mean it---- Holly, I can tell you are small framed and you did a great job losing from the 170s. Not many people could do that at all in your line of work. You do great. And as bad as I hate to admit it...... I am in a routine of exercise and I feel sluggish if I don't get it in.... and I bet you feel the same.

My son did go with me yesterday and he is going with me to boot camp here in a little bit. I ate pizza and ice cream last night so I figure I NEED to go tihs AM. I have not been to a Saturday class so I am not sure what to expect. We are going to a crawdad and shrimp cook out :barf::barf: at the sheriff's house. I don't do much seafood --- so I won't over induldge there, but I need to find me something that I can take with me. They know in advance I don't eat things like that.

06-21-2009, 07:18 PM
good afternoon chicks! Tammy, how was the crawdad/shrimp cookout? Hope you enjoyed it without eating crawdads :D

this morning I did 30 Day Shred, level 2. I find parts of that one harder than level 3!

and you're right Tammy, I do feel 'not right' if I don't do a workout. Don't know if it's not getting the endorphins, or because I feel guilty about it but I do!

When riding home today, rode through a brief shower that left me wet from the knees down. But because it was WARM today (like 80! finally!) it felt good being a little damp and then riding in the warmth.

I feel very virtuous, I cut the grass as soon as I got home (after having husband start the mower for me) . It needs cutting almost twice a week now, I can't understand how it grows at all without any sunlight :D

well time to veg on the couch. I would love to ride out for soft serve ice cream for Father's day, but DH doesn't seem to wamt to, so that's probably for the best!

06-21-2009, 10:45 PM
Hello Chickies

Well the races got cancelled tonight, I am not sad at all because I needed to rest some :) Went on poker run yesterday it was an all day event then went to the biker night thing- that was fun left there in time to make it to watch Karl for his race only. Not so good thing one of our friends that always go to the rallys with us, well when we got to race track last night he was going to park his bike got on a little hill and tipped over his new bike (well it is a couple months old) broke his fairing from top to bottom- i was just sick about it but he said nothing I can do about it now- I know he was sick about it to but didn't want to show it.

Glad to hear everyone is still on the losing streak - I am hoping to get on track tomorrow and stay on track would like to try to lose 10 pounds before Sturgis this year :)

Tammy I am with you I do not do seafood at all- and even just looking at crawdad - ewwwww gross they have beady little eyes - just gross

Holly that is great that you can prepare ahead for them so that you can take a day or two off to go have some real fun- And noone goes without at the lodge either :)

Well I took a long nap this afternoon- waking up at 7 pm so now I probably will not be able to sleep tonight but sitting here I think I may still be able to feeling a little tired still.

I will try to check back in later this week but I do have a busy week ahead of me again we will be again busy everynight but Wednesday night. I am going to have to give in some year and say enough is enough but I am the one that does not stay home so it is my fault....

Have a Great Week everyone

06-22-2009, 10:30 AM
Hey ladies,

Well, the cookout was fair. It was sooo hot! I did eat some corn and sausage. Not much to eat there if you didn't like seafood.

I have a BIG confession.... of sort. I had such a hard time at boot camp this morning. I know it was because I was a :ink: this weekend. I think since I have been back from Vegas, I was trying to convince myself that I was at a plateau..... which could be the case but it was self induced. I am going to give this all I have to get these last 20-30 pounds off..... whatever I decide MY healthy weight is. So, I bought a "Hungry Girl" cook book which is 200 meals under 200 calories. I am gifted like Holly, I have to have someone to tell me to do something.... like I never would have thought to put sugar free fat free hot chocolate in oatmeal with a banana to make a "chunky monkey". But, I think these meals are do able. The theory behind the 200 calories is you should eat several mini meals, and at 200 calories each, these should fill you up and tide you over until the next mini meal. I think I an do this..... I am sure going to give it a try! I don't want to struggle with boot camp again. :stress::stress:

06-23-2009, 10:04 PM
Hi chicks! Tammy that sounds like a great idea. Many mini meals of 200 cals or less, that is thinking!

CChick, hope you're doing good, you busy chick :)

I have only 2 more days of work, then I leave Friday morning for our NY rally. I am actually at a good point at work, with my production schedule! so hopefully Thursday will be a short day at work, cause you know how last minute things take more than a minute :D

06-24-2009, 09:48 AM
Good Morning. How are you hawt motorcycle chicks?

Well, we know how CC is BUSY.... we should call her BCC for busy chopper chick.

Mandy, are you okay? Should we call you busy willow? :D

It is great to be able to get out in the summer time and not have to be cooped up! That is if the air conditioner is working. Last night I got home from work and went into a HOT house. The air had not been working and DS did not think it was important enough to text or call to tell me...... (although he texts and calls for every stupid reason under the sun)..... SOOOOO we did not have a/c until about 10. But, I was thankful we did not have to do without it all night..... and DH worked really hard to get someone there to fix it.

Holly, I hope you have a blast on your trip! Be careful!

06-24-2009, 10:46 AM
Hello Ladies :)

Well taking a minute to check in - I see everyone is busy not just me, but I guess that is what summers are about sure can't do this stuff in the winter :)

Well just in case I don't get logged back in by Friday which is a very good possibility just want to say HAVE A GREAT SUPER TIME on you trip Holly, I don't get to leave till next Thursday for ours but thats ok got tons to do before then.

Well talk to you girls later have a great Hump Day :)

06-25-2009, 07:07 AM
good morning chicks!! CChick, if you aren't able to log on again before tomorrow's over, I will talk to you after Sunday! thanks!

and for some really kewl news for me - I got on the scale yesterday,expecting to see the same hovering 154-155 mark - it shows 150 :faint:

Right now, 2 minutes ago, I got on again....149!!!! and that's even with the semi-occasional unnecessary bowl of cereal and banana in evening, and random bites of goodies at work!!! I am sooo psyched at breaching that 150 mark!

06-25-2009, 09:43 AM
Way to go Holly!!!! and right before your trip you go girl!!!!!! Have a great weekend and can't wait to hear about it when you get back-

06-25-2009, 09:48 AM
Yay Holly! :grouphug::cheer2::cheer::cheer: You go girl! How awesome is it to see that ticker say you met your goal? You rock!

I hope you have a great SAFE trip!

06-28-2009, 02:40 PM
HI!!! we're back, we left at 7:00 this morning and got home right before 12 noon, that's good time for us, we were hauling a**. We had alot of rain :( and you would not believe the MUD. Still had a great time!!! and was sooo glad I had worked hard for so many months because I got comps on my tummy :) I need a nap now, and will talk at cha's later :)

06-28-2009, 07:03 PM
Wow Holly you did get back early..... To bad for the rain and mud but I am sure you had a good time anyways :)

Just got home myself, had a babyshower to attend today but now I have to get ready for the races- we are having warm weather and no storms which is nice. We will be getting ready for our holiday trip this week - haven't packed anything on this bike before so will have to do a pre pack before an actual pack probably.

Well hope everyone had a great weekend :)

06-29-2009, 10:16 PM
good evening chicks! I was happy that when i went to work today, I saw that there was plenty of desserts and they didn't run out of anything.

Today was our younger sons 19th birthday :) I made him a chocolate/chocolate cake, with sprinkles :D

today was the first time i worked out since before the trip. I did 30 Day Shred, level 1, but subbed some harder moves and some weights. Just don't want to get too used to Level 3 ya know :devil:

Reda, glad you had some nice weather! we have just too much rain :?:

How is everyone doing?

06-30-2009, 09:49 AM
Good Morning :)

Well getting ready for our trip this weekend, which means I have to get bike washed and shined up, get clothes and all together, then pack tomorrow night- yay

Holly nice to hear you had enough and noone went without :) and that you came home and got right back on track with exercise...

Well better get to work, talk to you later

06-30-2009, 09:57 PM
CC: Hope you have a good trip this weekend.

Holly: I am glad it went well with your desserts while you were gone.... see you were sweating for nothing.

I have been in a funk here lately. Not posting too much (well, not as much as I had before). Went to the doctor today. He gave me Lexapro. He said that if I calm down and take a breath or two---- my weight loss will start back up.... hair loss will stop and I won't be on edge so much. I sure hope so. I am frazzled at the moment. It is too much to put on here.... .but my oldest son is having vehicle/money/ and possible deployment issues. Taking a toll on me.

I am going to try to coast until my bday and then I am going to see if cutting some of the sugar out of my diet will help. I have been looking online about it and it seems sugar is not good if you are already "down".

I will gab at you later.

07-01-2009, 10:08 AM
Tammy hope your son can get things figured out and deployment well just hang in there :)

I haven't been on to much at all this summer but you know summers are very busy especially since our favorite past time can only be done during the summer months for the most part....

Well off to work one more day to go-

07-02-2009, 08:11 AM
Good Morning CHickies

I have already been up for a couple of hours - just can't sleep thinking of stuff for trip this weekend and don't want to forget anything but also can't take to much only have one bike to pack the stuff on.

Well have a meeting all day which getting up this early is going to be tiring I am sure plus then the drive home about 80 miles. OH well just have to think the fun that is coming :)

Well if I don't log back on have a great Fourth of July everyone

07-02-2009, 10:40 AM
CC: Be careful and have on your trip!

Okay, I have been whining about the scales...... and they are still playing games with me (which in part is my fault), but I had to get my measurements done at boot camp today and I lost 4 inches in my waist and 6 in my hips! OMGosh! I am soooo happy. I knew my jeans were fitting differently--- but I did not realize it was that much. They even measured me twice at my request b/c I did not believe it. I was challenged by the owner to lost 2.5 pounds this week (maybe I just need some accountability). I am going to try to get it done. The next week won't be a big loss though b/c for my bday we are going to Lamberts and I am sure with all that Southern Cookin the pounds will not be coming off. :drool::drool:

Holly: How are you?

Hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th!

07-02-2009, 12:26 PM
Tammy - WOW!!! 4 off waist and 6 from hips!! I'll take inches lost over pounds any day!!! You've worked hard and see your rewards!! :dancer::congrat: I'll bet your instructor is proud of you too :D I can only imagine this will give you even more resolve to keep on keepin on! :carrot:

sorry I haven't been on much lately! I've been really lucky that even though for forever it seems there has been a low pressure system just cycling over and over again over New England, there is the daily forecast of rain, rain rain but I have lucked out and even though it's perpetually cloudy, I haven't ridden in rain since last Friday.

I have let my goal weight 'go to my head' and I haven't been strict with eating in the past few days, that is stupid to start to slide already and I want to stop it right now.

Reda, gosh 80 miles is a long way to drive for a meeting, but you do what you have to, and yeah fun is coming for you this weekend!:carrot:

oh yeah, I just finished doing 30 DS Level 3, and part 1 of some chick TammiLee's abs. They mostly focused on the lower abs, and OMG they are tough. But challenging ourselves is what makes us stronger :strong: right?

Well I have off today and before I worked out, I vacuumed for about half an hour, I swear I would have bet that a smooth-haired dog like our Eddie would not shed at all..but that's all I'm emptying out of the vacuum bag!

Oh and Eddie, that naughty dog...we left our bedroom door open by mistake when we left for work yesterday, and he got in there and up on the bed and pulled the remaining stuffing/filler out of our comforter; he had already gotten most of it a month ago and I didn't even think there was anything left in it for him to pull out ; but there he was in a pile of fluff looking so very guilty :rofl: Now the poor comforter just looks as flat as two sheets sewn together :D gotta love them and the naughty things they do.

I still have laundry to do, and clean up the kitchen, and this afternoon we're taking our younger son out to dinner for his 19th birthday (which was Monday) It will be at a pizza place, I hope I can exert some self control!

have a great day and evening, chicks!

07-04-2009, 06:53 AM
good morning chicks and Happy Fourth! I do have to work a regular day, though the weather's been so crummy (rainy) that we weren't going to do a Fourth ride like we did last year (hot and sunny)

here is a pic of our older son about to be backed over by an inattentive cager!:mad:

see the glowing reversing lights of the gray car? that stupid idiot had just gotten in his car, while our son was backing out. Our son is checking for cars coming from the other side, we had seen them zipping around that corner as we ate dinner. DH didn't have a pic yet of our son on his V-Strom so that was why he had the camera out. DH YELLS 'STOP!!" and the stupid inattentive cager stopped. If looks could kill, that man would be dead on the spot, with the murderous look I gave him as he drove by.

07-04-2009, 09:43 PM
Happy 4th. We are not doing much today but enjoying the time off.

Holly sorry you had to work.

That pic is a "once in a lifetime" pic. I am glad your DS is okay and did not get hit. I would save that pic for a "letter to the editor" for education purposes.

I am going to make it short today....

07-06-2009, 10:09 AM
I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th!

CC: I hope you had a good trip. We are looking forward to hearing about it.

Holly: How are you today?

I made it through bootcamp this AM. It was a little tough b/c I splurged this weekend (more than I should have-- but what is new). I have been thinking about the whole "food and mood" correlation. I think after my bday this weekend I am going to switch to SB and track my mood. I am told if I will cut out the refined stuff my mood will lift. I started taking Lexapro last week but I am such a Zombie on it...... I am hoping if I cut out the refined junk to a bare minimum it will help and I won't need to take anything. I hate having to take anything on schedule. So, we will see. It is worth the try.

07-06-2009, 10:55 PM
Hello chicks! Tammy, your BD is this weekend? kewl! I took Lexapro for 2 years...and I was ALWAYS SOOOO SLEEPY on it! Driving, working, sitting, I could and did fall asleep at a moment's notice. Just my .02 I had very good success with SB.

CChick, how was your weekend?

We have another 'little' rally this coming weekend, its right here in Vermont but a blast. Only about 200 people but its growing each year, thanks to our posse :D We have convinced people from NH, MA, CT to come this year.

I"m kinda cranky now because this evening I devoted to making some breakfast treats to bring for this weekend? and although I bake professionally at work, when I'm home I'm just sooo frustrated because I don't have the space (take something out of the oven and where the heck do I put it??) and the oven's bottom rack will burn things black on the bottom if Im not careful (and yes that happened tonight) and I ran out of parchment paper, etc. It's frustrating that I know I can produce nice things at work but at home they're kinda s*cky :rofl:

this morning I did 30 Day Shred, level 3.

07-07-2009, 09:56 AM
Good Morning Chickies :)

Had a blast this weekend, it did rain for half the trip there which sucked then it quit long enough for us to set up camp, go to town and get some supplies, and then set up to listen to the bands. After a couple of hours here come the rain again and harder then earlier so that sent us to the tent a little early. Saturday well it misted most of the morning then the rain quit again, we had cloudy skies but hey it wasn't raining..... I didn't ride my bike after I parked it, after the rain it was a mess and didn't want to take a chance so rode with DH on Saturday. It was a crazy weekend but gets us all excited for Sturgis only like 25 days away now for our week long vacation :)

Congratulations Tammy on the inches lost that is awesome- I would take inches over pounds any day as well. :)

Holly, shoot didn't get to ride on the 4th, the rain is just ruining so much :(
Good thing you guys were right there to stop that car as your DS may not have noticed in enough time to stop them or move himself......Cagers just don't pay attention most of the time

Well off to work talk to you later

07-07-2009, 10:09 AM
Holly, I know what you mean about cooking at home, even though I don't cook at work---- I hate cooking in a small space. It is sooo hard. (Not that I cook a whole heck of a lot anyway), but I "might" :D if I had more room.

Thanks for the advise on Lexapro. I am going to give it a little more time. If the sleepiness does not improve it will have to go. It is to the point that I don't even have the "umph" or alertness to want to drive my bike-- and that is BAD. Btw, my tank came in yesterday, but we won't get it until this weekend.

CC: Sorry it rained most of the time. At least you got to go and have a little fun.

Anyone talk to Mandy or any of the other biker chicks on myspace or facebook? I have not. Just wonder if they are doing okay.

07-08-2009, 09:08 PM
good evening! CChick, I am glad you had fun despite the rain. That is making the best of a situation, isn't it.

Hi Tammy, oh gosh that is a bad side effect, that you don't have the will or desire to ride...I hope you can get what you need to help.

I did find out that our Gina (chick-in-the-hat) reads (lurks :D) here even though she doesnt' post, so I guess she is still 'with' us. I miss our Jill though!

MOre rain yesterday, more rain today. They are scattered showers but even when it's not raining, it is cool and overcast. Very un-summery.

I have not worked out in 2 days, bad me! Still trying my best to limit carbs. At lunch today the cook served us chicken BBQ sandwiches on toasted sub rolls, and I wanted to eat those rolls so badly but I only ate the chicken and tomato and lettuce from the insides and left the bread. I feel bad that it seems like I am plundering the sandwiches :rofl: