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losin it for good
04-14-2009, 11:25 PM
Hi all. :wave: New to SB. I have successfully completed the second day and begin number three tomorrow. Besides the withdrawal headache yesterday - all is going well. I am always a little worried for weekends, but I have a plan and think it will be okay. I am optimistic and motivated...and really really really really want to adopt a way of life that works for me and is successful! So far, I can see this working for me! Woo hoo!

My quick dieting history: I started Atkins in '04 and did it for a few months...lost about 20-30 pounds and gained super high blood pressure so I stopped (I'm not going to place total blame on the diet though - one of my favorite lunches was two double cheeseburgers from Micky D's sans bun and ketchup :?:). However, it did turn me on to Diet Soda, so that was a plus. In '05 I started the Six Week Body Makeover and that lasted a few days and THEN in early '06 I tried SWBMO again and had a ton of success, I was really motivated and "in the zone" and lost about 40 pounds in 4 months! Awesome! And then I did that thing that so many of us do when we lose weight...I got comfortable. I like how I looked (don't get me wrong I still had 40 more to go, but was down probably 75 from my very heaviest), I was more confident, I was dating more and going out to dinner more and I wasn't really gaining weight which gave me this "free pass" and false confidence...then a pound here and there and now I'm up ~ 20 from my lowest adult weight and I want to get back there and beyond! I still have much love for 6WBMO but I can't wrap my head around it right now and I think that SB fits my lifestyle better.

Blah blah blah. I like to talk. :blah:

Okay - HI again! Look forward to getting to know peeps and working through this together!

04-15-2009, 07:29 AM
:welcome: and it's great when people introduce themselves so nicely. I'm sure you will do well on South Beach.

Check out the stickies in the FAQ section and be sure to read the book if you've not done so already. We also have a Phase I Thread where the Phase I Beachies share tips and menus, slippages :( and successes. :cheer:

It's great to see an enthusiastic new Beacher!

04-15-2009, 07:32 AM
:welcome3: to the Beach, losin it for good! We look forward to getting to know you!

Midnight Heart
04-15-2009, 09:40 AM
Welcome to the beach, I'm just on day 7 of phase 1 today, I always thought days 3-4 were the hardest for me, I found it easier with a diet soda or a sugar free sweet on hand and making sure I filled up on snacks between meals.

Wishing you much success! :)

Midnight Heart

04-15-2009, 10:03 AM
:welcome3: Losin' it for Good! (great name, by the way!)

I agree with Ruth--it's wonderful when a new member introduces themselves so well, so thanks! Sounds like you're working your way in the right direction. Many of us (myself included) have fallen into the trap of getting too comfortable. We'll have to talk about ways to avoid that--I'm ~16 lbs shy of my lowest weight, and I'm starting to think about that issue as well. :chin:

I'm glad you're picking a plan that you think will work well for your life right now. I totally believe the sisters who started 3FC: "any diet works, so what matters is that you pick the one that suits you." :D

04-15-2009, 03:31 PM
Welcome to the beach. This is a very supportive group. I'm sure you'll love it! :welcome2:

04-15-2009, 04:20 PM
Welcome, Welcome!!
When you get used to the new lifestyle, the weight will fall off and you'll feel like a new person. The thought of that double cheeseburger will be revolting... It soooooo works!!!
Happy Beachin'!!!

losin it for good
04-15-2009, 08:14 PM
Thanks for the warm welcome wishes!!! I love the support system I see here and look forward to engaging more and more.

Day 3 - with dinner yet to go and I'm going strong!

:0) losin it for GOOD :0)